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01/23/18 Cam Chatter_1

01/23/18 PETHouse_1 (4 Stories)

12/20/17 Movie Night 1

12/11/17 The Gift 2

12/11/17 The Gift 1

12/11/17 Reasonable Girl 3

12/11/17 Reasonable Girl 2

12/11/17 Reasonable Girl 1

12/11/17 Kidnapped 1

10/04/17 Reunion 1

10/02/17 Ellen's Fantasies Fulfilled 1

09/02/17 After Mom's Date 1

07/26/17 Size Queen 1

06/28/17 Becky Rider 3

06/26/17 Thirteen 2

06/25/17 Thirteen 1

06/24/17 Too Good to Be True 2

06/22/17 Too Good to Be True 1

06/03/17 Tips 1


05/31/17 Returning Home 3

05/28/17 Returning Home 2

05/27/17 Returning Home 1

10/26/16 The Resort 1

10/21/16 Good Neighbors 1

09/14/16 Club SHO 8

09/07/16 Conversion Therapy

08/09/16 The Happy MILF

07/27/16 Kelly and the Judges

07/24/16 Elf and Giant

07/22/16 Bro Share

07/17/16 Problem Solving 1

07/12/16 Club SHO 7

07/07/16 A Proper Little Slut 1

07/03/16 Andi: Ch.3-Overcoming

07/03/16 Andi: Ch.2-In Absentia

07/01/16 Andi: Ch.1-The Dare

06/07/16 Club SHO 6

06/06/16 The Threesome


05/16/16 Club SHO 5

05/10/16 Club SHO 4

04/23/16 Club SHO 3

04/19/16 Club SHO 2

04/11/16 Club SHO 1

01/05/16 Charlie 1

10/13/15 Peekers 4

04/10/15 Peekers 3

02/23/15 Peekers 2

02/16/15 Cici Sees 3

02/10/15 Cici Sees 2

02/01/15 Educating Daddy

01/08/15 Peekers 1

01/02/15 Cici Sees 1

12/22/14 Becky Rider 2

12/12/14 Neighborhood Watch

07/29/13 Filial Fun

04/01/13 Becky Rider 1

03/28/13 LLG Forest

12/13/92 Arcade: 1-5


Detailed List:







A Proper Little Slut 1


Not all little girls are innocent, not even the ones who appear to be perfectly behaved little ladies.

Mg (9)

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Inspired by a fan who loves to play as a slutty little girl.

After Mom's Date 1


Mom comes home with her date and gets carried away with him and her son.

MFb(12) - Incest, Oral, 3Some, Straight

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Andi: Ch.1
The Dare


During a sleep-over, the girls are playing a little Truth-or-Dare, and Andi gets a little more of a dare than she expected!

fff, Mf, ggg, Mg, bi, lez, cons, exhib, voy, ped, preteen, pt, teen, slow

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

More "erotic" than "sexual". More of a prequel, I think. Still, it was well-received, especially by females, and I think it's pretty erotic. But then, I would! :) Age is not specified, so read as "f" or "g", according to your tastes.

Andi: Ch.2
In Absentia


When Andi gets back, she's a little busy, so the other girls find something to do.

ff, gg, mast, lez, cons, ped, preteen, pt, teen

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Age is not specified, so read as "f" or "g", according to your tastes.

Andi: Ch.3


Andi goes on a fact-finding mission with a competent guide - lol.

Mf, Mg, bi, cons exhib, voy, ped, preteen, pt, teen, mast

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Age is not specified, so read as "f" or "g", according to your tastes.

Arcade: 1-5


Hanging out at the adult video arcade can be fun. You meet such interesting people!

MM, MF, gay, bi, bd, reluc

Written over several years under pen-name Loki Odin. Please forgive the writing style. It's changed over time.

Becky Rider 1


A PC with a virus leads the Tech to an interesting situation.

Mg(8), ped

Date uncertain. Only know it was sometime in April 2013.

Becky Rider 2


Becky gets another ride, and so does mom.

MF, Fg(8) Mg(8), exhib, voy, ped, ageplay


Becky Rider 3


Dane freaks out, splits, works it out, returns, and they all come together, pun intended.

MFg(8), inc(m/d), cons, exhib, voy, ped, ageplay

More than four years late, an ending.

Bro Share



Brian had an inconsiderate older brother with an extremely hot girlfriend. They would fuck all night in the next room, keeping Brian up all night. But one weekend big bro decided to share the wealth.

MFm(13), Straight, Threesome, Teen

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

This story was written by request, so may vary from my more typical offerings. Note the keywords!

Cam Chatter 1

[PDF] / [TXT]


Jim loved jacking off on-camera with women, but he found something even better!

Mg(7), Ped, Mast, Voy, Exhib

OrigPost: ASSTR

Silly little one-off. No plans to continue.

Charlie 1


A mother observes her cross-dressing son, and discovers she's also a pervert.

bF, inc (m/s), Ped, Mast, Voy, XDress, Oral

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

No other parts planned, but there have been several requests for one, so who knows?

Cici Sees 1


When Cici sees something, daddy has to explain.

MF, Mg(8), voy, exhib, mast


Cici Sees 2


Cici naps with daddy, then mommy comes home and she gets an eyeful of her parents' kinkiness.

MF, Mf(8), voy, exhib, mast


Cici Sees 3


Mom's gone for another work trip and Cici has many questions for daddy. And what good are questions if you can't put them into practice?

MF, Mf(8), voy, exhib, mast, cum


Club SHO 1


The Diamond Dolls room in the SHO Club - a (mostly) legit live-sex-show club - has some very special shows for some very special clients. Josh is a patron with a problem - he cums a LOT. Fortunately for him, some girls really like that sort of thing!

M, mast, Mg(11), cum, ped, incest, cons

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Club SHO 2


Josh has some doubts about this new chapter in his life. He meets someone at the club who helps him work out his doubts, and in the process, opens up a whole lot of possibilities.

MF, ageplay, cum, gush, cons

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Club SHO 3


Caprice and Josh put on a show. Our favorite father/daughter team observe and enjoy.

MF, ageplay, exhib, voy, Mg(11), cum, gush, ped, incest, cons

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Club SHO 4


Josh and Angela make a pedo-porn video, shot by Angela's own father, who then takes his turn with her too. Messy!

Mg(11), exhib, video, cum, ped, incest

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Club SHO 5


Caprice talks Josh into performing on-stage with three boys, who also happen to be brothers.

Mmbb(15/11/9), exhib, bi, cum, ped, incest, cons

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Club SHO 6


Angela tries girls for a change, her chosen partner makes it fun!

Fg(11), bi, gush, ped, cons

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Club SHO 7


Angela joins The A Team.

Mg(11), anal, ped, cons, cum

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Club SHO 8


Angela finally gets her wish cum true.

MMM+g(11), ped, gangbang, cum, cons

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Conversion Therapy


Dad catches son with another boy, and takes him to Dr. Clara for Conversion Therapy.

Fb(11), pedo, preteen

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Educating Daddy


When a young lady finds out what's been kept secret from her, she teaches herself, then she teaches her father.

Mf, Mf(10), ff, ped


Ellen's Fantasies Fulfilled


Ellen had this fantasy thing. Turns out, so did Billy!

Fb, Ped, Ageplay, Inc, M/S, Straight

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Elf and Giant

[PDF] / [TXT]


When the giant finds the little elf in distress, he comes to her aid - and falls for her in a big way. Of course, not everything is as it seems.



(Other codes intentionally omitted)

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Written for a very special friend who is very adept at making me think naughty things!

Filial Fun

[PDF] / [TXT]


Dad watches, then is invited to join, as his twins play naughty games together.

bg(12), ped


The Gift 1

[PDF] / [TXT]


The early delivery of a special toy brings a father's dearest fantasies to reality.

Mg, Ped, Inc (F/d), Toy, Oral, 1st

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

The Gift 2

[PDF] / [TXT]


Danny's friend Rocky comes to visit, and the two of them fuck Lolly II, then Dolly.

MMg, Ped, Inc (F/d), Oral, Toy, 3Some

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Good Neighbors 1


Just a couple guys hanging out, spot a neighborhood girl and can't help but rub one out.

M, M, g(10), Ped, Voy, Exhib, Mast

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

No direct contact.

The Happy MILF


Juan was the luckiest boy in the world, with a MILF to fuck whose husband not only understood, but encouraged. But y'know, if one boy-toy is good, six is better!

MFmmmbbb (45/35/13/13/13/12/11/10), Ageplay, Teen, Preteen, PT, Ped

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Requested storyline. Quite condensed due to size constraints. To do this storyline justice, it would have to be about five times this long. :)

Kelly and the Judges


Competition is fierce in the Junior Miss Pageants. Sometimes a girl's got to make a little extra effort.

MMMg(18), ped, preteen, pt

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Kidnapped 1

[PDF] / [TXT]



A man is forced to watch videos of sex with progressively younger girls, then made to perform.

MMfg, Ped, Bond, Headgames, Voy, Toy, Inc

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get what she wants to get!

LLG Forest


When he stumbles across the fort in the woods, he thought the kids were just enjoying some innocent fun. Little did he know what was really going on there - or how he'd be drawn in!

voy, M, b, mast, bb+, Mg, con, ped

Originally written in support of an ageplay group and intended as the intro to a longer story which was to be primarily bi ped with variety as to who's with who. The intro may appear primarily bi/gay, but in the end I think you can see where it's headed.

Movie Night 1

[PDF] / [TXT]


A couple making out in a movie, spot (and are spotted by) a young couple making out too.

MFmg, Ped, Voy, Exhib, Oral, Group

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Neighborhood Watch


Crime in our neighborhood was virtually non-existent. That was largely because of our active Neighborhood Watch. Not only was it a great way to prevent crime, but it was also a great way to get to know my neighbors better. As it turned out, I got to know some of them very well indeed.

MF, mast, MFM, voy, exhib, cons, rom, slow, ap, ageplay, roleplay

Starts out as accidental peeping Tom, devolves into more. Ageplay is between adults. At least, so far!

Peekers 1


When retirement gets boring, a guy's gotta do something to keep busy.

M, MF, f, mast, voy, exhib

One of my more popular, so the first ported from ASCII to HTML.

Peekers 2


Being peeked at once may be an accident. Being peeked at twice is on purpose!

M, MF, f, mast, voy, exhib, cum


Peekers 3


In Part 3, she's getting bolder. Much bolder. And he fights to keep cool about it.

M, f, mast, voy, exhib, cum


Peekers 4


More FapChat, this time with a special little co-pervert.

M, f, mast, voy, exhib, cum


PETHouse Stories 1

(4 stories)

[PDF] / [TXT]


Four stories from "PETHouse Letters" - An imaginary magazine for Pre- and Early-Teen fans.

MFf(12), Fg(7), Mbbb+(10), Mg(8), MultipleStories

(Individual stories tagged in headers)

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Problem Solving 1


When Michelle tells her father she's been knocked up - by an older man - things get... interesting at home!

Mf(14), Inc

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Reasonable Girl 1

[PDF] / [TXT]



After a fight with her sister, Ellie gets a grownup boyfriend to "show her".

Mg(8), Ped, Rom, Touch

Mainly Romance. Not much sex.

Reasonable Girl 2

[PDF] / [TXT]



Ellie gets caught spying on her sister playing with some boys and joins the fun.

mmmfg, Ped, Oral, 1st, Lez, Group, Voy, Exhib


Reasonable Girl 3

[PDF] / [TXT]



Eileen teaches Ellie. Tom teaches Ellie. Ellie teaches Eileen.

g/Mg/fg, Ped, Inc (Sib), Lez, Mast, Toys, Fist


The Resort 1


First-time nudist Tony finds more than he ever thought possible.

MMg, Ped, Nudism, Voy, Mast, Cum, Bi

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Returning Home 1


Rick returns to his childhood home, reunites with his first love - and her daughter.

MFg(10), slow, cons, rom, ped, mast, oral, 1st

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Heavy on romance, back-story, and relationship between adults before diving into the ped stuff.

Returning Home 2


Rick and Trish go to a swing club, and find a like-minded couple to join them.

MFMFg, Rom, Con, Ageplay, Swing, Rom, Con, Mast, Bi, Creampie, Voy, Exhib

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Largely focused on Swing Club and meeting the Gerry & Lisa before getting to the ped stuff.

Returning Home 3


Lisa finally gets her son to play, thanks to a little help from Trish.

Fb, Ped, Inc, 1st

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Mostly Mother/son incest with storyline bridging from previous parts. Also makes an attempt to bring the storyline around to where the title makes sense.

Reunion 1


Andy's best friends, Bob & Mindy invited him to stay with them while visiting for their 10-year High School Reunion.

MMFg, Ped, Ageplay, Mast, Str8, Story, Slow, Inc, 1st

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Size Queen 1


Some girls like it big even when they're little.

Mg - Pedo, Ageplay, Size, Straight

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Thirteen 1


Horny barely-teen lusts after sister, gets more than he ever hoped for.

MFmf, Fam, Inc, Ped, Mast, Voy, 1st, Pen, Cons, Group

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Thirteen 2


Kenny's first date, then mom, & him play, joined later by dad.

mf, mF, mFM - Fam, Inc, Ped, Cons, Mast, Oral, Cum, Straight, Bi, m/s, f/s

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

The Threesome


In a sexually adventurous couple, it's not always the man who's the kinkster. When Ken asks his wife to try a threesome, this wasn't what he had in mind!

MFg, swing, ped, inc

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Tips 1


Young girls can't get regular jobs - but they can work for tips

gg, Mg, Mgg, Ped, Lez, HJ, BJ, Cum, etc.

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Too Good to Be True 1


Start of series. A mysterious package is only the beginning.

M, gg, Ped, Cons, Mast, Lez, Voy

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories

Huge potential for branching out into large, many-part story.

Too Good to Be True 2


Ted meets his Primary Contact - and her daughter.

MFg(8), Ageplay, Cons, Inc, Mast, Voy, Exhib, Lez

OrigPost: r/Ageplaystories








Notes from The Author(s):

All of my stories are not yet posted, just the ones I've converted to HTML for easier reading. You may find others in the FTP section (link below). I've also written on other sites/systems under the same or similar pen names (some links below). So don't be surprised if you've seen some of them elsewhere. However, if you see any of these under any other pen name, please let me know, so that I can throw a hissy fit! :)


Please see my Mail Bag page for common Q&A items or responses to anonymous messages.



A number of readers have found typos (or just plain ol' bad grammar) and pointed it out to me. My heartfelt appreciation for those who took the time to do so.


Fair Warning:

Many (but not all) of my stories include taboo subjects such as ageplay, pedophilia or incest. You may find some of the subject matter offensive. Please note that I don't care if you're offended, and will simply ignore any complaints.


So I don't have to say this more than once, let me be clear. I draw a distinct line between fantasy and reality. Just like battling demons in a video game, there are lots of things that are fun only in fantasy. I do not find real animals or real children to be arousing in the slightest. Furthermore, I'm very much an advocate for the protection of children and animals from those who would harm them. So if you're looking for any real materials of that nature, you're in the wrong place. I'm specifically not interested in trading pics (of any type) or chatting about real-life pedo activities. Do not ask, invite, or offer!


Naturally that doesn't mean I don't enjoy ageplay between adults. I do; and have engaged is such roleplaying (with real-life adults) in person, by voice, and of course, via email, message, text, and so on.


That being said, I do enjoy some stories and artwork like you might find on Gelbooru (loli+uncensored), or even some of the audio stories like on Chirbit (pumpkinplz). Again though, that's because I know it's fantasy. If you're unclear on the distinction, I invite you to do some soul-searching - and seek professional help!


What You Won't Find Here:

Everyone has things they like and things they do not. I generally tend toward the "vanilla side of kinky". :) So here's a few things you probably won't find here, as I don't find them interesting even in fantasy. If you're looking for these things, seek elsewhere:

        Scat, Watersports, Potty-Play - I don't play in dumps or sewers!

        Necrophilia, Zombies, Vampires - They're all dead and smelly!

        Puke, Blood - Some fluids should stay in the body!

        Snuff, Rape, Torture, "Hard" BD/SM - Just not my idea of "pleasure".

        Non-Con, Control, Drugs/Alcohol - Even in fantasy I believe in free will!

        Hyper-Sizing - Whether it's giants or just giant tits, if it's too big, it's not appealing.


Less-Often Included Subject Matter:

Pretty much everything else is on the table. That being said there are some other things that I'm just not much interested in, so I don't typically include unless a co-writer requests it. Consequently, if you're looking for the following, you will rarely find it in my stories:

        Zoophilia, Bestiality - I mean "real" animals. Furries, Neko, etc. are always welcome! But "real" animals are neither a "turn on" nor a "turn off", so I don't generally include them in my stories.

        Spanking, Discipline - A little of that goes a long way. I'd rather write about happy, cooperative play.

        Impregnation and/or Lactation.

        Aliens, Tentacles, Insects, Non-Humans - Elves are an exception. Oh those pointy ears! :)

        Anal - Yeah, it's great and all, and I include it sometimes, but it's not one of my primary kinks.


Favorite Subjects - Things Found Most Often In My Writings:

These are the things I write about most often, as they either excite me or make me feel good to think about. It doesn't mean I do them in real life, of course:

        Playful - Cute, Cuddly, Playful - Regardless of ages and genders, sex should be fun! (And yes, I know I put "playful" in twice - I like playful!) Beware, this means there may be occasional bad jokes and even (shudder) puns!

        Bisexuality - M/F, M/M, F/F, and all sorts of other variations are in the offing. Non-Standard genders (Futa, etc.) are fine, but not typically on my mind, so don't usually make it into my stories.

        Multi-partner - One-on-one is fun, but as the story progresses, other characters usually get involved too.

        Showing Off / Watching - PDA, Exhibitionism/Voyeurism, Photography, Modeling, Beauty Pageants, etc.

        Ageplay - Including Pedophilia (pre-pubescent), Hebephilia (11-14), Ephebophilia (15-19), Jailbait, Preteen, Tweens, First Time scenarios, and adults roleplaying any of the above.

        Often includes the grownup struggling with his/her conscious about sexual contact with minors.

        Incest - Daddy/Daughter, Father/Son, Mother/Daughter, Mother/Son, Brother/Sister, Uncle/Niece/Nephew, Stepfather/Stepmother/Stepchildren, etc.

        Oral - What can I say? I'm orally inclined! Blowjobs are great, but my primary characters are typically more interested in giving than receiving.

        Bare/Hairless - Regardless of age, I'm not a big fan of body/pubic hair. My female characters are usually shaved/waxed down there (if they're old enough to have pubes). Males may or may not be, or it may not even come up. (Get it? Come up? Oh, never mind!)

        Cum & Gushers - Male or female, guy-goo or girl-grool, many of my characters are into it. Whether it's in their mouths, on their skin, or in their ____s. Also, I'm a big fan of gushing girls. Big fan. Big.

        Size Play - It's not so much how big as "how big in comparison to...". Bodies and genitals both. That being said, I don't generally find large breasts as sexy as more modest ones. And "clownishly large" is actually a turn-off for me.

        Etc. - 'Nuff said!


Sharing Is Caring (When Shared With Care):

In addition to stories I've written solo, I've also written a lot in mutual "roleplay" situations. I may publish some, as some of my co-writers are quite good! However, you can rest assured that any names or screen names in them will either have been changed or I will have that person's permission to use their screen name. Any such will be clearly marked and credited to the best of my ability.


Links & Contact Info:

Dayvid's Links:

        FTP Stories:...................

        HTML Stories:.................

        EMAIL:........................... - Link opens default email program.

ASSTR Links:

        ASSTR Main:..................

        Author Index:..................

        Collections:..................... - Many are by "Type".

        Loliwood Studios:........... - No longer "live" but still tons of stories.

        Loliwood Remastered:..... - Possible Loliwood replacement.

        Kristin Archive:................ - Tons of stories, many in specific subsections.

Other Writers' Sites:



HTML (Re-)Construction Project:

After trying out a lot of alternatives, I've decided that the results and ease-of-use in creating/maintaining HTML files in Word far outweighs the downside (file size). Sorry if you "purists" out there don't like it, but I'd rather spend my time writing than messing with it (and ending up with horrid results!) I've viewed the web pages created by Word in IE, Chrome, and Firefox, and they all render nicely, so I'm giving up on further experimentation. Thank you for your patience while I figured this all out.


Any pages I already converted using other editors, I'll convert to Word as time permits. Until then, they'll just have to look ugly! :-)


Asterisks & Etc. (Markdown):

I used to write most of my stories for the /r/Ageplaystories sub-Reddit, now-defunct.


Reddit uses "Markdown" formatting, which is a method of applying formatting which many websites use to allow their users to include formatting in their posts without having an editor that supports formatting. What happens is that you write your post, then the software applies the formatting behind the scenes so it appears in your post.


The most-used form of markup is surrounding text *with asterisks* to emphasize, which means putting it into italics. Likewise, **double-asterisks** put it into bold. Together you'll see ***triple-asterisks*** which is, of course bold and italic.


Why am I telling you this? Glad you asked! ASSTR has both HTML and Text stories, and I try to provide both versions. In the Text version, I often retain the Markdown codes so that Text readers familiar with Markdown can "see" the formatting in their minds as they read.


Parts & Pieces & Chapters, Oh My!

Let's face it. I'm not writing the "Great American Novel" here. I don't diagram out a story arc, and with few exceptions, there is no antagonist. Consequently, while I do try to end each part at a logical place in the story, I don't usually write in "Chapters". To my understanding, a "Chapter" is a logical segment of the story which breaks the overall story into reasonable pieces, progressing the story in steps. Typically, "Chapters" should be able to be named something relating to the segment of the story they tell about.


What I write here is porn, pure and simple. And in most cases, the chapters would go something like, "Chapter 1 - Sally and Sammy Fuck", "Chapter 2 - Sally and Sammy Fuck Some More", and "Chapter 3 - Sally and Sammy Fuck Again". Not very interesting or informative! Furthermore, few porn stories really have an ending, per se. If they end, it's usually not a good thing. We want them to keep fucking forever, right? I know I do!


So I write a few "Parts", then move on to a new story before the current one gets boring. That's why most of my stories have only a few "Parts" to them. I don't want to bore the reader (or myself) by carrying the story past the point where interest in their escapades diminishes.


This may not sit well with some people who require "closure". I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is. To this day, with all the many hours of porn I've watched, I have watched only one or two beginning-to-end, and for me, that wasn't a particularly fulfilling experience. I didn't feel enlightened or educated. I usually felt, "well that was a fucking stupid story!" I don't want to put my readers through that. I want my readers to have enough story to enjoy the characters' interactions, to get off with the characters, and then to go on with their lives, satisfied - for the moment!

End of Sermon