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Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Neighborhood Watch

Part: Part 1

Summary: Crime in our neighborhood was virtually non-existent. That was largely because of our active Neighborhood Watch. Not only was it a great way to prevent crime, but it was also a great way to get to know my neighbors better. As it turned out, I got to know some of them very well indeed.

Keywords: MF, mast, MFM, voy, exhib, cons, rom, slow, ap, ageplay, roleplay

Date: 12/12/2014

[Author's Note]




As a confirmed bachelor, I didn't really have much excuse to meet my neighbors, other than the occasional parties, of course. We had a few block parties, and some pool-parties. And of course, there were the expected Christmas parties. But really, how well can you get to know people when you only see them at infrequent parties? So when Charlie, the cop who lived down the street, started a Neighborhood Watch, I figured the monthly meetings would be a good way to get to know my neighbors better. Boy was I ever right!


The Watch Meetings were monthly, and after a few of them, I got to know most of my neighbors - some just to recognize, others somewhat better. Since most single men don't buy nice houses in nice neighborhoods, I was the only single man around. Consequently, most of the wives had some reservations about their man-folk hanging out with me. And of course it was only natural that some of the women tried to set me up on dates with their friends. I went on a few, but nothing much ever evolved from that.


Since I didn't have a family, and since I have a pretty lax schedule, what with me being an independent consultant and all, it was a no-brainer to volunteer for some of the patrols. These consisted basically of maintaining a "presence" by walking around the neighborhood for a couple hours every week or two. The schedule varied by who could do it (and was willing to do it) and when. Since I enjoy evening walks anyway, I volunteered for a couple hours every Thursday night.


THE INCIDENT - Rick gets an unexpected peek.


A couple of months into the routine, I was out on my patrol one night when about eight-thirty, I got a call on my cell from Dough's wife, Linda. She sounded worried and said she'd seen something outside her bedroom window, and she asked if I'd be willing to take a look. That time of year it was a couple hours after sunset, so she couldn't be sure, but someone could be lurking. Since Doug was out of town on one of his frequent business trips, she was home alone, and didn't want to risk it.


I wasn't far from their house, so I told her I would swing by. I then called the Charlie to let him know. He said he'd be along in about fifteen minutes, and not to take any chances. I promised I wouldn't, and would call him back whether I found anything or not.


As it turned out, it was just a plastic bag that'd gotten caught in a tree around the side of the house, where the shadows from the street lights made things particularly murky. I tugged it free, then called Charlie and let him know.


When I called Linda back to let her know, I found that she was actually watching me from her bedroom window. I couldn't tell, since she'd had the lights off "just in case". When I explained about the bag, she thanked me, the relief clear in her voice, and turned her bedroom lights back on. That caught my eye of course, and I turned to look, accidently getting an eye-full! Linda had apparently been getting ready for bed when she caught the motion in the dark through the window, and was still in her bra and panties.


Her body was amazing. At about 25, with a slim build, slight chest and hips, and long blond hair, she would easily have been model material if she'd been taller. As it was, she was too petite for that sort of work. Personally though, I thought she was breath-catching, and I must've said something to that effect over the phone, because her next words were a giggle and a "Thank you."


Did I mention she was married? Her husband Doug was a nice guy, and a friend, and I sure as hell didn't want an "incident", so I averted my gaze as soon as I realized I was staring. I must have jerked my head comically because Linda giggled again. Apparently she was so relieved that she wasn't being stalked or anything that she must've been a bit giddy. Understandable. What she wasn't though, was shy. She didn't immediately cover herself up like most women did when caught nearly-naked. I was actually a little embarrassed - mostly because I was uncomfortably aware of the tingling in my pants at the brief glimpse of her near-nude body. Like I said, Doug was a friend.


"Well anyway, you're all safe now Linda," I said, as a prequel to hanging up the phone.


"Thank you Rick, I really, REALLY appreciate you ... looking things over." But the way she said it made my mind race. I had talked with Doug plenty of times, and knew they had a pretty happy marriage, so obviously it was all in my head. Still, I wasn't going to let a possible flirt go unanswered.


"Entirely my pleasure Linda," I answered, letting my voice carry the wink. She got it and giggled again, so I went on. "Any time you want me to look things over, I'll be happy to lend an eye. Good night."


Now that should have been the end of it. But there was something about catching a glimpse of her body illicitly that just made my balls tingle. And what's more, Linda didn't seem to mind. In fact, she seemed to want to flirt. And she still had the light on, even though she knew I was outside and could see her.


So naturally I took another look - I mean, who wouldn't?


She was still there in her bedroom all right, just as nearly-nude in the soft light from the bedside lamp. She was preparing the bed, which meant some bending and stretching as she pulled down the bedcover and arranged the pillows. The way her back was arched made her small-but-curvy ass jut out, and her movements were gracefully erotic, nearly dance-like, which made my pulse pound.


I didn't realize I was staring again until she looked over her shoulder at me and our eyes met. There could be no question I was ogling her. I should have been half-way down the block by now. But to my surprise, she only smiled at me. Then she did something that really fired my imagination. She shook her behind - intentionally, mind you - then stood up and walked to the bathroom, closing the door behind her.


All the way home, my mind was racing. Had she shown off for me intentionally? Hell yes, she had! There was no doubt! My logic center told me she was probably just relieved, and perhaps it was just her way of paying me back for going out of my way on her behalf. But what if it was more than that? No, I wasn't thinking of cheating with her on Doug, but I did know that some women like being looked at. Maybe she was one of them. The possibility kept my pulse racing until I got home and relieved myself, visions of her sweet young body dancing in my mind.


THE INVITATION - Doug invites Rick to watch his wife.


Nothing else happened for a few weeks. Doug was back, and I strove to put it out of my mind. Like I said, he was a friend. But after the next Neighborhood Watch meeting, he took me aside and asked if I'd like to go have a cup of coffee with him. I hadn't seen him in a while, so it seemed like a good idea to catch up.


At the shop, we chatted idly as our coffee was poured and we bantered with the waitress a bit. I told him how my latest project was going, and he told me about the trip he'd just gotten back from. It was just the regular stuff, but I got the impression there was something on his mind. So like a good friend, I waited until he could get it out. Finally, he broached the subject on his mind.


"I wanted to thank you for going out of your way to check the yard a few weeks ago. Whenever I'm out of town, Linda gets a little skittish."


"No worries mate," I replied, hoping to disengage from this conversation quickly. Being reminded of the event had made my pulse quicken.


But he didn't let me go that easy. "Well, it was still nice of you."


I tried to laugh it off. "Well what's the point of having a Neighborhood Watch if you can't rely on your neighbors to ... uh... watch." My cheeks burned. That had most decidedly not come out the way I'd intended.


Doug laughed good-naturedly and clapped me on the back. "True dat," he said, his voice drifting off. "And she's really one to watch. I love watching her when she's in one of her show-off moods."


Now he had my attention. "Uh, show-off moods?" I encouraged, hoping he'd say more without trying to sound TOO interested.


"Oh yeah," he continued, amiably enough. "Linda's a bit of a show-off, if you know what I mean." He winked to make sure I knew what he meant. "In fact..." he looked around to make sure nobody was nearby. "Can you keep a secret?"


Hell, if it was the type of secret I hoped it was, I'd carry it to my grave! Still, it wouldn't do to appear too eager, so I shrugged. "Of course I can. Why?"


"Well," he said conspiratorially, lowering his voice. "The truth is that that's how we met. You see, Linda used to be a stripper."


I was lucky I didn't bruise my jaw, because I'm pretty sure it hit the floor. Doug examined my expression, apparently glad to find no disapproval there - it seemed like he'd been wanting to share this tidbit with a friend he could trust, because he went on eagerly.


"No really, it's true. I saw her at a club one night, shaking her booty and fell head over heels in love with her." He paused. "Well, in lust with her anyway. The love probably didn't come till I got to know her a bit." He grinned sheepishly. "Do you have any idea how hard it is to meet a girl at a strip club?"


I shook my head. I'm sure it was near-impossible.


"Well, I was smitten, and went back the next evening, and the next, and the next. It wasn't one of those all-nude clubs or anything, it was fairly classy. Which also means it was expensive. But I just couldn't help it. She was just so fucking hot!" He looked at me expectantly.


It took me a second, but finally I agreed, nodding. "She is a beautiful woman," I said, my throat a bit dry.


"Heh. If you think she's hot now, you should have seen her at eighteen! Can you believe she was working in that club while she was still in high school?" He didn't wait for a reply; probably afraid I'd call him a pervert. Instead, he pushed on with his story. "Anyway, it didn't take long before she noticed me, and when she realized I had eyes only for her, I guess she took it as a compliment. She'd even flirt with me a bit while she danced. She couldn't serve drinks or I'd have been able to actually chat her up a bit at least. Thank goodness she made the move though."


"Oh? How so?" I was seriously intrigued.


"Well, one night while I was sipping soda and watching her hot little body, she sort of nodded in the direction of the restroom. I wasn't sure, but of course, I went anyway!" He grinned. "Anyway, when she finished her dance, I went over to that hallway, and she came into it from the back. She didn't even pause. She just walked up to me and said, 'I'm off at ten if you want to get coffee.'"


"No fucking way!" I said.


"Way!" He retorted. "Anyway, it was all I needed. We met for coffee, and as they say, the rest is history."


"That's so fucking cool Doug!" I said, clapping him on the back. "Well done old man!"


He grinned proudly and we sat for a while, sipping our coffee in companionable silence and relishing the story a bet before he went on.


"Yeah, she's a hottie. And she loves to be watched. In fact, that's why she danced. Not because she needed the money, but because she loved the attention." He grinned at me in a decidedly lewd fashion. "In fact, she still gives me private shows - only they're full-nude now!"


"Lucky bastard!" I said enviously. Out of respect for my friend, I tried to ignore the swelling in my pants caused by the thought of that lovely young lady strutting her stuff for his entertainment, though it sounded like she got something out of it as well.


"Indeed I am," he agreed. "Whenever she puts on a show for me, she's a wildcat in the sack afterwards." He paused to let that sink in, then continued. "Only that's not all. Pretty much whenever anyone pays attention to her she gets all worked up. Surely you must have noticed her perpetually hard nipples at the Thompson's pool-party last June!" I had, but didn't let on. "Anyway, that's actually one of our favorite foreplays. I'll take her out, with her dressed to the nines, and let the guys ogle her a while. Then I'll take her home, and ... well, half the time we don't make it home before she's working on me!"


"No shit. Damn!" There was a hard lump in my pants, and while I was keenly interested in hearing more, I didn't want to seem too eager to hear about my friend's wife. Still, I had to ask. "Does she get ... you know, really worked up?"


He laughed. "I believe you mean, is she wet down below when I get her home. The answer is yes. Soaked. When I say she loves being to be looked at that way, I mean it. She can totally get off on it. Hell, sometimes I just watch and let her play with herself!"


"Fu-uck!" I exclaimed with feeling. I've always enjoyed watching women, but watching them masturbate was a particular pleasure of mine. I believe my eyes may have glazed over imagining Linda touching herself.


There was a pause before Doug continued, "Which brings me to the point."


"What point?" I asked, shaking my head to clear it out. His change of subject had thrown me. Then it dawned on me. Either he was pissed I'd caught a glimpse, or he was okay with it. Judging by his look, it was the latter.


"Well the other week, when I was out of town, I hear you got a little peek."


I prepared to defend myself, but it wasn't needed. When he saw my back stiffen, he went on quickly. "No, no, I'm not mad. In fact, just the opposite. I wanted to let you know that she called me later and told me all about it. We had a nice bit of phone-sex. She was really turned on by you seeing her through the bedroom window. I suspect," he winked, "that you may have uncovered one of her secret fantasies."


"Wow Doug," I hedged, "I don't know what to say!"


"Oh, you don't have to say anything. I just want to know if you liked what you saw."


Again, I wasn't sure how to reply. If I said I did, some guys would get pissed. On the other hand, if I said I didn't, not only would it be a lie, but it'd be an insult. After all, he'd told me she liked being looked at for a reason. So I took the chance.


"I really did Doug. She's a very beautiful girl."


"Sexy," he said, matter-of-factly.


"Sexy." I agreed.


He grinned happily. "I'm glad. And I hope you got something out of it."


That confused me. "Well yeah, I got a very nice glimpse..."


"That's all?" he coaxed.


I was getting a little uncomfortable with this line of questioning. "Well what else would I get?" I asked.


He shrugged. "Well, I don't know about you, but what I get when I see a sexy girl mostly naked like that, what I get is... off!" He grinned at me hopefully.


Now I got it. He was hoping he'd be able to tell his wife I'd gotten off after seeing her so he could take that news home to her and have one hell of a bang session. After all, if she got off on being looked at, how much more excited would she get knowing guys were getting off over her? So I let him have his present for her, though I spoke slowly, cautiously, watching his face for any sign of disapproval. There was none. He loved hearing it.


"Well to be honest Doug, seeing her in the window like that - it did get me excited. In fact, when I got home, I rubbed one out thinking about it - about her."


"Excellent!" he said happily. "If you don't mind, I'd like to tell her so. I'm sure she'll love hearing it!" He laughed. "She's gonna be gushing tonight, for sure!" He clapped me on the back again, as if I'd given him some sort of gift for ogling his wife. I supposed I had, and to be fair, the idea of her getting excited over me whacking off kinda appealed to me.


"Okay man," Doug said, "I gotta get home and tell her this. Shit, I'm already rock hard thinking about the fuck she's gonna give me! Thank you very much!" He was sincere. For my part, I was already planning to go home and have a nice little jack-off session thinking about them going at it like bunnies. That was, until he dropped the bombshell.


"By the way," he said, "I know you're cool, and in a bit, she's going to know it too. So..." he paused for effect, "So it's cool with us if you want to peek at her again. In fact, she'd like it - a lot. And so would I. I love that she's so sexy she gets men off!"


I couldn't help it, I laughed. "You're a fucking pervert!"


"Oh, you have no idea!" His eyes twinkled playfully. "And I'm not the only one. If you REALLY want to see a show, let her catch you jacking off while you watch her!"


He laughed at my expression. Should I deny I wanted to? Because at that moment, there was nothing I wanted more! Letting the eyes of a pretty little lady like that ogle my cock as I stroked it was very appealing, and my cock surged at the thought.


"Just make sure you don't spray the house where I'll have to wash it off," he said, laughing as he turned to go.


CONFIRMATION CALL - Doug calls to confirm his approval.


My next patrol night I chickened out, not even going near their house. I guess it just seemed too good to be true, or maybe I was afraid they'd changed their minds


The day following my patrol, Doug called me. "You okay man?"


"Uh, sure. I'm fine," I replied. Part of me just knew this couldn't be real.


"I was just wondering. Linda really missed you last night. After I told her about our little talk, she was all ready to give you a good show - and hoping you'd give her one too."


"Oh. Ah. I wasn't sure..." I hedged.


"No worries mate," he said. "No pressure ever. If you don't want to, that's cool."


"Oh I do!" I exclaimed, far more eagerly than I'd intended.


There was another voice on the line. A soft, female voice. "You do what?" Linda said.


I gulped. My cock was swelling rapidly. Was I really going to admit to her my perverse desire to see her nearly-naked body again? "I want to see you Linda" I said, my throat dry.


She giggled. "That's wonderful! You know Doug says it's okay if I give you a full show. Would you like that?"


"Oh my God," I whispered. My cock was aching as it strove to push itself straight through my pants.


"Does that mean you want to ogle my wife's naked body?" Doug asked. There was a huskiness to his voice.


"Fuck yes," I replied. I squeezed my cock through my pants and couldn't help the little moan that escaped.


On the phone there was an answering moan. A female moan. Then some fumbling noises. Then finally, Doug's voice again. "Dude, I gotta go. Linda needs it bad. She thinks your whacking off, and she's grabbing for my cock. I sure hope you watch next time; she really wants to show you her body!"


With that, the phone went dead. My cock was in my hand in an instant, and exploding only moments later.


FIRST VIEWING - Rick watches as Linda shows off.


The thought of watching Linda haunted me all week. I had dreams about it, and I beat off more than once thinking about it. I couldn't wait until my next patrol night, and I planned out where I would watch from. I made sure there was a hand towel in the pocket of my long coat.


Finally, Thursday arrived. I took my normal walk, but found I was walking faster than usual. I forced myself to slow down, as I wanted to arrive at Linda's about mid-way through. That would make it plenty dark, and give me time to see her in all her glory. The time dragged on, and I was more than half erect the entire walk. It was actually getting uncomfortable, but I persevered, and finally, there was their house, and there was the dark space between her bedroom and the neighbor's house, deep with shadows, beckoning me.


I looked around to make sure I was unobserved, and slipped into the darkness beside the tree. Would she be there? She was! Linda had apparently been keeping an eye out for me, because after I got into position, she clicked the light on beside her bed and looked directly at where I was hiding with a mischievous smile.


Linda was dressed in a plain white robe that left everything to the imagination. That is, I couldn't see anything but her face and hands. However, I did notice that she'd put on a bit of makeup and had done her hair up in one of those styles that looks natural - which means it probably took a lot of work. I smiled and waved at her, not sure if she could actually see me - but I knew when she waved back.


She puttered around for a bit, and I found a rock large enough to sit on, on the opposite side of the shrubbery, so that I would be completely hidden from the street. The next time she looked out, she hesitated, then saw me and gave me a "thumbs up" and a smile. Then she reached over and did something with some sort of device, and suddenly I could faintly hear music through the closed window. That late it was so quiet outside that it didn't need to be loud for me to hear it.


The music was a thrumming, club sort of beat. Not my sort of thing for listening to, but it was soon apparent that she didn't put it on for listening - she began to dance to it. It wasn't much at first, just swaying as she went about the room, fiddling with this and twiddling with that. Apparently she was "setting the stage" in pretending she was just a girl alone at home, getting ready for bed. But her movements gradually became more rhythmic, her hips swaying alluringly. She really was a graceful creature, and it was evident that she'd done a fair amount of dancing. Had I not known from Doug that she'd been a stripper, I would have guessed ballet. Hell, for that matter, maybe she actually did have some ballet training.


She was so smooth and graceful in fact, that I didn't realize she'd untied the robe until, in a twirling movement, it opened and I got a brief glimpse within before her back was to me again. It was so quick that I wasn't even sure what she was wearing, other than that it was very pale pink, lacy, sheer, and mostly transparent. She looked over her shoulder at me, and I gave her a "thumbs up" back, which made her eyes twinkle as she grinned mischievously.


The while was a bit of a blur, and I lost track of time. Linda danced and stripped for me, slowly, teasingly, ever-so-gradually letting me see more of her outfit, and her body, as she doffed the robe bit by bit. I never knew a robe could be taken off so slowly, so enticingly. But I was sure as hell enjoying it. I was getting my very own strip show by a very sexy girl who was obviously enjoying it. It was the stuff of dreams. And so was she. By the time she was down to the actual outfit - a pale pink and white babydoll, with the bra and panties pale pink with white lace trim, and the rest so nearly transparent as to make it appear at first that she was in a bikini. It was actually quite fetching, and I noted that the makeup she'd donned was set to pink tones as well, which went wonderfully well with her light hair and pale skin.


Once I'd gotten a good look at her, I noticed something that made my stiff erection surge. The top of her outfit was not only pale pink, it was also translucent - just enough that I could see the darker circles of her areolae!


That was it. I was in pain below the belt line. If I didn't let my monster out, it was going to be permanently bent! So I continued watching the lovely girl's gentle dance-like movements as I reached down and unzipped my fly.


To my dismay, Linda stopped suddenly. She was peering through the window as if trying to see me, and I wondered if I'd gone too far. I froze. But she gestured for me to continue, and the smile on her face only grew bigger as I resumed tugging at my zipper.


All pretense of "innocent dancing" was gone as she peered out at me. She stood in clear view, and one hand rose to her breast, where her delicate fingers began to trace the evident contours of her erect nipples. The girl was touching herself, knowing I was watching and getting ready to touch myself! How fucking hot was that? But I didn't want to rush things - obviously this was a girl who really appreciated the spice of the tease, so I merely slipped my hand inside my zipper and adjusted myself so that my cock could straighten up, but not actually exposing myself to her. Then I just mimicked the way she was touching her nipples by lightly caressing the visible front of my shorts, making it clear that I was lightly caressing my cock for her.


Her smile grew broader, and she nodded her approval. As we watched me, her fingers worked her nipples more firmly, pulling and squeezing them through the fabric. I could see her breathing increase as her arousal grew, so I wasn't too surprised when she unclasped the front of her bra and gracefully (but quickly) bared her breasts to me, one at a time, before slipping the top part off completely and standing only in her panties in the window.


Her breasts were every bit as beautiful as I'd imagined. High and firm, not very big, but very beautiful, and capped by puffy areolae of a darker pink, which were in turn capped by two large, engorged nipples which were even darker pink. That was probably because her fingers were working them - not just the nipples, but those were getting the lion's share of the squeezing and stretching as this aroused young lady played with them - not fifteen feet in front of her personal Peeping Tom.


The way she was working her breasts convinced me that she was one of those ladies who really enjoyed breast play, and judging by the way she was panting and flushing, she might even be able to achieve climax that way. And that thought made my eyes drop to her panties. Yes, there was the darker color where she was leaking. She was definitely soaking them! Doug had been correct, his wife really did get off on being watched!


My own arousal was beyond control now, and I eased my shorts down enough to let my cock out. No sooner had it felt the kiss of the cool night air, than Linda moaned loud enough to hear over the music and her body began to shake. Her hands never left her breasts as her back arched and her legs stiffened while her climax overcame her. To my surprise though, her eyes never closed - they remained riveted on me. Not on my cock though - this girl was making eye contact with me as she came! That was fucking hot!


Our eyes remained locked through her climax, until her gasping breath and shuddering body calmed. Her pale skin was flushed, breasts deeper pink, and I swear there was a look of gratitude on her face, as if I'd gotten her off instead of her own fingers. That was fine with me. If knowing I was stroking myself got this beautiful lady off, I was only too happy to oblige, as was obvious by the firmness of my erection as I stroked it with slow, deliberate motions. But I was curious - Doug had said she got soaked...


My eyes travelled down to those pale pink panties once more, only to find that she'd clenched her legs firmly together in her climax. I looked back up to her face, and the girl was actually blushing - deeply! She'd seen where I was looking, and seemed embarrassed. Then I got it. The girl was afraid I was one of those guys who didn't appreciate a really wet girl.


I looked at her sternly, then using my fingers, I spread them, indicating she should spread her legs so I might see. She hesitated, but the look on my face told her I would like what I saw - and did I ever! As her legs opened, I saw that her panties were, quite literally, soaked. So much so that there were gleams from the juices coating her inner thighs, and slow drops of liquid falling from the gusset itself.


I grinned hugely, and her face expressed her relief in knowing I not only approved of her climax, but I approved of her wetness. If she only knew how much I'd love for that sweet pussy to be drooling her juices into my open mouth!


The thought was all I could take, and my hand sped up of its own accord, stroking my long-suffering cock. Her eyes widened with delight as she saw me stroking, and one hand slid down to rub the wet fabric against her pussy. We were getting off together, the lovely young exhibitionist and her pervy watcher. It was insane. It was intense. And I exploded with a geyser of cum that easily travelled half the distance to the house! Linda again too, and I could see the droplets flying from her rapidly moving and very soaked panties as she rubbed her pussy frantically. It seemed to me that we were in sync, with my cum jetting out in time with her own convulsions of pleasure.


I have no idea how long I sat there, cock in hand, panting like a dog, staring at the sexy young lady, delighted as she did likewise. I only know that eventually, she came to, blew me a kiss, and pulled the curtains closed.


Somehow I managed to get out my towel and wipe myself clean, then stuff it back inside my pants - despite the fact that the damned thing didn't want to deflate like it usually did after a good cum. In fact, it stayed hard all the way home. So when I got there, I pulled off another mind blowing climax from the memory of her nearly-naked body cumming in the window. And then again, first thing in the morning, as I woke with that image clear in my mind.


DOUG'S GIFT - Doug visits Rick, bringing a gift. They make a little video. Rick discovers their other secret.


Doug came by the day after he got back, and the smile on his face told me everything was cool. I invited him in, and after he entered and the door closed, he proceeded to give me a huge hug, which took me completely by surprise. We went into the living room to talk.


"Dude! You totally made my day! Linda is totally jazzed about finding a guy who's willing to stroke himself while watching her! She really does miss that about stripping."


"What? You can't do that in a strip club!" I objected.


"No, no. Of course not." He grinned and punched me in the arm. "But you and I both know that some guys rub themselves off in their pants - and Linda always knew. Made her wet as hell! Oh, speaking of which... She said you weren't put off by seeing how wet she gets. True?"


"What kind of idiot wouldn't love to see that?" I said, with feeling.


"Oh, you'd be surprised. Guys are generally a lot more prudish than women. Linda says that really only about one in four really like a wet one, and even fewer like a gusher."


My eyes widened. "She's a gusher? Oh my God, that's SO fucking hot! You lucky bastard!" It was my turn to punch him in the arm, and I'm afraid I did it a bit harder than was warranted. But he took it in good humor.


"Yeah huh? You like that too? Tell ya what. Now that she knows you're that type, maybe she'll show you. One thing though. Linda keeps herself completely bare down there. So if you're a hairy-muff kinda guy..."


"God no! I love 'em baby-smooth! Naked pussy is the best pussy!"


"Righteous!" he grinned. "I insist she keeps it hairless because I just looove eating her pussy, and I don't want hair in the way."


"Totally with you there Doug." I agreed.


"Ah, so you like eating pussy too?"


"Ab-so-fuckin'-lutely I do!" I exclaimed.


"And how about wet panties?" he asked, with a strange look.


"Well, I like how panties look, but I prefer fresh pussy. A lot!"


He laughed. "I can't disagree with that. So I guess you don't want these." He pulled a pair of panties from his pocket.


I just stared.


"Linda thought you might like them. They're not the ones she was wearing the other night though. In fact, on my advice, she put these on fresh this morning, then masturbated with them, getting them nice and wet. That was less than an hour ago..."


I snatched them out of his hand as he laughed. Instantly I had them against my face, inhaling her sweet scent, which was every bit as lovely as I'd dreamed. Just as instantly, I was hard as a rock.


"Uh Doug? Can you excuse me? I gotta ... take care of something."


"Gonna rub one out while sniffing my wife's panties?"


My ears burned, but it was pointless to lie. "Do you mind?"


"Of course not," he said. "But if you're game, I have another idea. Would you mind if I recorded you whacking off to her panties? You got a good look at Linda, but she could barely see you - and she really wants to."


Now this was a totally weird twist of events! On the other hand, it was also kind of exciting. She actually wanted to see me beat off! And I was really horny as I kept inhaling her scent. On the other, other hand, I wasn't sure about whacking off with another dude in the room. Like most guys, I'd done that sort of thing as a kid, but that was long ago. Still, it wasn't like he was whacking off too, he was just filming it for his wife.


Maybe it was the scent of her in my nostrils, making my head spin, that resolved the dilemma. My cock was already leaking in my shorts, and I just had to get off. I nodded to Doug, who immediately pulled out his phone and moved to the side. "I want to get a good angle, where she'll be able to see you getting off, but where I won't get your face in the video - for your protection.


I nodded as Doug took up position on the sofa beside me, aiming his phone. When he gave me the thumbs up, I took another long pull of her scent - God her pussy smelled heavenly - and then pulled my shirt off. There was no point in having to wash cum out of it! Then I unbuckled, unzipped, and pulled my pants and shorts down.


My cock sprung up like a Jack-off-in-the-box, swelling rapidly to its full seven inches, the head dark with excitement. I took it in hand and gave it a few preparatory strokes, and was surprised to see precum already beading at the tip. God, I really was horny! I was going to cum in record time!


"Rub it over the head. She likes that," Doug said, apparently thinking he was the director. I didn't object though. I knew some girls liked that because it made it more visually appealing. I even had one lover who said it made it more fun to suck cock because it made the cock already taste like cum. Some girls like that, I guess.


At any rate, I rubbed my precum over the head of my cock, making it nice and shiny. Of course, it kept oozing out - how could it not, her pussy scent made my head spin with desire! Anyway, as I stroked, the precum drooled slowly over my fingers. That happens sometimes when I'm really, REALLY excited - and I was!


"Dude!" Doug exclaimed. "You're as wet as she is! She's gonna love this shit! Can you cover your whole cock with precum?" he asked.


Truth be told, I didn't usually generate so much. But I had done that particular trick before, and it was pretty hot. It makes my cock wet and slick and cool at the same time. Plus, just the idea of my cock covered with cum before I'd even shot was somehow sexy. So I stroked my cock with long, squeezing strokes, milking my precum out and rubbing it along my entire length, all the while inhaling her scent and imagining her watching this and touching herself.


"Jesus, that's hot," Doug said in a low, breathy tone. "It almost looks like you already fucked her and she soaked your shaft!"


With an effort of will, I bit back the comment that I'd love to fuck his wife. I would, of course, but saying so could sour a good deal. Instead, I said, "I wouldn't know. I haven't even seen her pussy." Again, I held back the "yet" I wanted to add.


In a moment, Doug moved over closer, and on his phone, started showing me pictures of her. He had quite a collection, everything from dressing provocatively to full-naked, legs-wide, pussy-spread - and beyond. I was happily stroking as he showed me picture after picture of his lovely, exhibitionistic wife.


After a while, I noticed that Doug was getting pretty horny himself. As we perused the pictures, his hand strayed down to where he could "adjust" himself, though of course, he was doing more than that. This was bringing back some pretty horny memories of how me and the other boys in the neighborhood would get together, share porn magazines, and jack off together. Part of me wanted to invite him to whip it out just out of common courtesy. He was obviously getting pretty worked up, filming a guy beating off while showing him pictures of his sexy little wife!

But Doug beat me to it - sort of. "Dude, can you hold off long enough for me to use your restroom?" he asked, though he didn't have me fooled for a moment. So I called him on it.


"Well, if you need to pee, go ahead. But if you're going to beat off, why not just do it here. I don't mind, as long as you don't make a mess. After all, you get to see my junk, I'm not gonna freak out seeing yours!"


In an instant Doug had his shirt off, pants down, cock in hand. Yeah, he was pretty worked up. I was a little worried he might not be able to hold the camera still for my finale! But it was kinda cool to be jacking off with another dude again - and after all, he was letting me ogle his hot wife and sniff her pussy by proxy. In fact, in a weird way, it made it even sexier, and I could feel my balls churning. "Doug dude, I'm gonna jet off her shortly. Maybe you better get back to recording for Linda?"


"Shit yeah," he said, changing the camera's mode. "Go for it dude, let's see you spray your spunk!" He began holding his phone at different angles as I stroked, moving in and moving back. It was weird, but I sort of imagined Linda's face where the camera was, as if she was there looking at me at all those angles, and that helped a lot. It also helped that Doug didn't stop stroking his own cock, so I didn't feel like I was doing this alone. It added spice.


Finally I could hold back no longer though, and I warned Doug - and Linda. "I'm gonna cum dude! And Linda! You wanted to see me cum, well here it comes!" My hand was a blur on my cock now, as it made lewd wet sounds from the precum which continued to pour forth and coat the shaft.


"Do it dude," Doug said, his own hand speeding up. "Cum for us. Let us see you blow that load! Linda's gonna be cumming like a busted dam when she sees this!" The vision of Linda's now-familiar pussy pouring forth her sweet-scented juices was all I need. With a long, loud groan, my hips jerked and I began shooting my cum up and out, all over my belly and chest.


"Yeah dude! That's it! Cum good and hard for us!" Doug encouraged, moving back to get the full arc, then moving back and forth from my cock to my spattered chest. He began talking to Linda through the recording. "Look at all that cum baby girl! Daddy made all that for you! Don't you wish you could lick up Mr. Rick's cum? Daddy would love to lick his sweetie's lips clean after that!"


Apparently he'd completely forgotten I was here. He laid back on sofa, stroking his own cock, and talking to his wife. Apparently they were even kinkier than I'd imagined - and the idea thrilled me. I almost wished I hadn't just cum, just so I could cum again!


I'm not sure why I did it, but I reached over and took the phone from Doug and recorded him jacking off. For a moment he seemed to realize what he'd said in front of me and seemed about to stop, afraid of my reaction. So I returned the favor of encouragement.


"Look Angelface! Daddy's stroking his cock for you! Isn't that sexy? Uncle Rick is going to record it so daddy can cum really good for you without the distraction!" Doug looked shocked, then grinned hugely and began stroking like a wild man. Yeah, I'd gotten it right. I wondered how far these perverts went though. I decided to take it a bit further. "Come on bro. Spray your cum for us! Your niece and brother want to see just how much cum you can make for us! Do it bro! Do it now!"


That totally sent him over the edge. Apparently Doug loved family roleplay a lot. His back arched, and he practically howled as he covered his stomach and chest with line after line of cum. I'd never seen so much cum outside of a porn show, and I was impressed, and to be honest, a little envious. But hey, after all he'd done for me, it was the least I could do to return the favor.


While he was still panting, I got up carefully and grabbed a couple of towels. I tossed one to him and used the other to wipe up my own mess. I expected there to be an awkward silence, and if it had been up to me, there would have been. But Doug was totally cool with what had gone down.


"Damn Rick, you're fucking awesome. Linda is going to love that recording! I promise I'll doctor out your face if I got any glimpses, so don't worry. Your perversions are perfectly safe with us!" He grinned. "Or should I say 'our' perversions. Linda is going to love having an 'uncle' in addition to her 'daddy'". He grinned again. "Bro!"


I grinned back. "My little brother is a kinky little fucker!" I laughed openly. "And so is his daughter!"


He looked at me quizzically. "Little brother? So you're my big bro then?"


"Not cool?" I asked.


"Totally cool!" he replied with a smile on his face.


PHONE FUN - The trio of perverts take it to the phone, and Rick discovers Linda's "little" age is less than he thought.


I didn't know where this was going to end up, but I was pretty excited to find out! Doug and I sat around chatting about inconsequential a while, then he left. About three hours later, he sent me an email with a link to a file to download. It was the video we'd made.


Naturally I played it immediately. It was odd, watching myself jack off. I'd never done that before. And in an odd way, it was arousing. I know it might sound egocentric or something, but watching myself jack off made me want to do it again. And when it turned to Doug's little display, I found that exciting too.


Now I'd never considered myself gay, or even bisexual really. I had a few gay friends, but the way they talked about other men just didn't really do anything for me. I mean sure, I could see that "so-and-so is a real beefcake" - I mean, that's just acknowledging a prime physical specimen. But looking at dudes didn't get me aroused in the slightest.


On the other hand, I'm minded of that old comedy bit about all guys being "a little bit gay". As the comedian points out, and I certainly acknowledge, when I'm watching porn, and some guy's banging a chick, I want her to be pretty of course, but I also want him to be attractive, well-hung, and hard as a rock. And when he blasts off, I want to see it spurting out - or at least leaking out of her pussy.


I don't think that makes me gay, or even bisexual - or at least not much. But I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy a "devil's three-way" - that's two dudes and a chick, in case you don't know. And if the other guy and I "crossed swords", I wouldn't have a problem with it. Obviously I wouldn't let him fuck me in the ass or anything like that! But it'd be pretty hard to take a lady in the pussy and the ass at the same time without rubbing dicks at least a little bit. And that's one position that I've always wanted to try.


So while I was watching the video, I wasn't really surprised to find that I enjoyed watching Doug spray his spunk all over himself. Especially with his "daddy / daughter" fantasy talk. I could almost see Linda there, playing the little girl while her "daddy" got off, and I got to wondering if they'd want to let "Uncle Rick" taste little Linda's pussy. I pulled those panties out and had a roaring good wank while my imagination ran rampant.


Afterwards reality set back in. It was one thing to let his wife - an exhibitionist - show off for a friend. But it was a completely other thing to actually invite that friend into the bedroom. Still, it was good wanking material for the rest of the week. And Doug helped me along by sending me a few pics of Linda in various outfits, any of which would be considered "Rated PG". His notes indicated they were intended to remind me and keep my interest "up" so that she'd have a happy audience "next time".


I appreciated the gesture, as well as the fact that the pics were more-or-less "socially acceptable". I noted that in the video, Doug had used some sort of pixelating tech to blur the few bits that had either his face or mine in it. Discretion was apparently as important to this naughty couple as it is to me, and that was a comforting bit of info.


The following Thursday, it rained. I was disappointed, but as it turned out, Doug was in town anyway, so I made short work of my rounds and headed home. While I was out though, I got a call from Doug, who asked me to call him when I got home.


After I'd got in, dried off, and settled down with a cup of tea, I gave him a call.


"Rick?" he asked immediately. I supposed he had caller ID.


"Yeah Doug, what's up?" I asked, sipping my tea.


He chuckled. "Funny you should ask." There was an odd tone to his voice, as if he were out of breath and talking low. The sort of voice I've heard called the "pick up voice". "Linda and were just ... talking, and she asked if you were only visually ... motivated."


"Huh?" My brow furrowed as I tried to figure out what the hell he was talking about. Then it struck me, and my pulse quickened. "You mean like, phone sex?"


Again the low chuckle. As I listened closer, I heard a light rhythmic squeaking in the background, and I wondered if they were fucking while he was on the phone with me! The idea excited me as the image of his hard cock penetrating her smooth little pussy flashed into my mind.


"Yeah well, phone sex is usually between two partners. I guess this would be more like a phone three-way. You know what a show-off Linda is. She thought it'd be exciting to actually have you on the phone with us while we fucked - sort of a new way for her to expose herself. It's okay if you're not interested, of course. Just thought I'd toss it out there."


"Fuck yes I'm interested!" I said, and it was true. The thought of Doug and Linda fucking and sharing it with me in this way was really exciting. I'd done phone sex before, of course - who hasn't? But this was different. This was sharing another couple's most intimate time with them. My cock throbbed.


There were some mumbles as Doug covered the mouthpiece, then Linda was on the phone. "Really Rick? You don't mind doing this for me - for us? I gotta tell you, it's really exciting for me! But be honest, if it's not your thing, that's fine. You'll still get plenty of shows from me - weather permitting!" Her cute little giggle after that was music to my ears, but the twitching of my cock took my attention.


"Seriously Linda. If you and Doug are willing to share that with me, I'd be delighted. I'm already rock-hard at the thought, and I hope you're soaked too - your naughty little show-off!"


The moan of her excitement at my comment brought a huge smile to my face, and there was a pause and a grunt from Doug, followed by him saying (muffled and distant) "Jesus Linda! What the hell did he say? And tell him to say it again!"


After some fumbling sounds Doug took the phone again. "Hey Rick, she's fucking dripping on my cock. Good work old man! Look, I'm going to put you on speaker, okay?"


"Of course!" While he was doing that, I took a moment to doff my pants and shorts and dim the lights. Tonight I was going to be watching porn in my head while my friends acted it out, and I didn't want any distractions.


"Okay dude, we're here. Can you hear us okay?" Doug asked, followed by Linda chiming in, "I'm here too Uncle Rick! Can you hear me?"


Oh shit. If she was going to be doing her "daughter" routine, I might blast off too soon. But damn if I wasn't going to play along!


"I can hear you fine, naughty niece! What are you and daddy doing right now?" My cock was in my hand, hard and throbbing, precum already oozing from the tip.


"I was on top of daddy with his thing inside me, but he made me get off." The pout in her voice was delightful - just like a kid who got her candy taken away. "He said we shouldn't be fucking until you had a chance to catch up. Are you going to catch up with us Uncle Rick?"


"Already well on my way honey," I replied, the evidence drooling down my fingers. I grabbed a few tissues and tucked them under my balls, as I expected this was going to get wet. Apparently there was just something about these two that made my balls churn up extra juice.


Doug chimed in. "Rick, you dirty old bastard! Are you saying you're stroking your cock in front of my little girl?" His tone was playfully stern. "What a sick old pervert you are! Don't you know she's only fourteen? She shouldn't be seeing grown men's cocks for a good ten years yet!"


Fourteen? That was Linda's "play age"? Holy shit! I thought they'd be playing like, eighteen or so. Sixteen at the youngest!


I must have paused, because Linda chimed in. "Uncle Rick? If that's not okay, I can have some extra birthdays..."


I thought about it. I've never been particularly attracted to kids. They're arrogant, unclean, undisciplined, and generally a pain in the ass. Some of them are cute, of course, at least physically, but all it takes is a word or two to put them firmly back into the "ick" category. On the other hand, Linda was in her 20's and sexy as hell, and the taboo aspect of pretending she was fourteen was ... intriguing. I decided to play along, at least for now.


"I... I guess I thought you were older honey, and it caught me a little off-guard is all. But now that you've told me... I think that is okay. Can I change my mind later if it turns out I have an age bias?"


"Oh Uncle Rick, you're just the BEST!" she cried out in perfect imitation of a girl who got her candy back. To my ear, she seemed to be playing it even younger than fourteen, but I'm no expert. "And if you feel the little teeniest bit icky, you let us know, cos we really want you to have fun too!" she enthused.


"That's right," Doug added. If it's not fun for one, it's fun for none. We're in this together, so to speak," he chuckled at his own wordplay.


Relieved that they were cool with me changing my mind later if I needed to, I got back into character. "So what are you and my errant little brother up to?" I asked, knowing full well what they were up to.


"Daddy's showing me how to make men happy!" she replied like a cheerful little eighth grader.


"Oh? And how's that?" I asked, leading her on.


"With my mouth!" she enthused. "He's showing me how to kiss!"


"Oh come on, Linda! Surely you learned how to kiss..." I hesitated. When did girls learn kissing? "Surely you already know how to kiss!" I hedged.


"Well du-uh! 'Course I do!" Her addition of some brattiness made me grin. "Me and my BFF have practiced lots! But this is different kissing!"


BFF? It took me a moment. "Best Friend Forever" is a concept that boys don't generally have. She was implying that she and a girl-friend had practiced kissing! I'd heard that was fairly normal for girls, though certainly not for boys - not when I was a boy anyway. The image of her kissing another girl - also probably fourteen - was intriguing. God, I really WAS a pervert!


"Ah, of course. And so you know all about kissing with the tongue, from practicing with your ... BFF?"


She giggled. "Men are so weird! It's just practice! Gotta learn somehow!"


"Of course. So what's Little Doug teaching you that's different?" I figured I'd remind them that her daddy was my little brother, though I'm not sure why. Maybe it was some sort of dominance thing. But Doug hadn't minded before, and he didn't speak up now.


"Oh! Daddy's teaching me how to kiss on his weenie! Did you know you can do that? He says it feels really super good!"


"Yes honey, he's right. Girl kissing on a man's weenie DOES feel really super good! Almost all men love it. But did he tell you about what might happen?"


Doug chimed in, "I was going to! Jesus Rick! I'm not a kid anymore! I'm not going to cum in her mouth!"


I could hear the frown in her question. "Cum in my mouth? What's that?"


Doubtless these two had played this roleplay enough that they'd done "Introduce Linda to Blowjobs" before, but apparently they were perfectly okay with re-playing it in this new context. I appreciated that. First-times were always special, even when they were replays.


I waited, but Doug kept silent. Apparently he wanted me to educate his "daughter". So be it.


"Well sweetie, when a man gets really excited, and his cock gets hard..." I stopped at the giggling. "What?"


"You used a naughty word Uncle Rick!" she chided me in that way that kids do.


I rolled my eyes. Damn she was good! Well two could play that game!


"Honey? Is your daddy naked?" I asked softly.


"Uh-huh..." she said, curious where I was going with this.


"And are you naked?" I continued.


A pause, then a shy "Uh huh..." She sounded for all the world like a kid who was afraid she was in trouble, so I hurried to reassure her.


"Well sweetie, when a boy and a girl are naked together, some of those naughty words become... sexy words. Cock is one of those words. You can't say it normally, but when you're kissing your daddy's cock, it sounds kind of silly to call it a 'weenie' or 'penis' or whatever. See?"


"Oh!" she said, apparently relieved. "So I should call it a cock when we're in bed together?"


For a moment the "we" made me think of her and me together, and I had to take a moment to keep from blowing my load prematurely. I took a couple of deep breaths, then continued intentionally misunderstanding her to change the subject a bit. "Or wherever you're playing naughty games," I expanded, knowing full well that as an exhibitionist, she probably played wherever they could get away with. "Now that that's settled, where were we? Oh yes. A boy's cock gets hard when he's sexually excited, just like your daddy's is now, right?"


Her voice took on a note of wonder. "Uh huh! It's really big and ... stiff! I think it looks really cool! And daddy says it feels good when I touch it and rub it and expecially when I kiss it!"


I was mildly ashamed as my own cock responded to the bit of intentional mispronunciation. It was baby-talk, pure and simple. I wasn't even stroking, yet precum continued to ooze out.


I cleared my throat. "That's right sweetie. It does feel really good! But really, while kissing it feels nice, SEEING a girl kissing it is also exciting to boys."


"Really?" While she tried to sound curious, I could tell that that comment resonated with her exhibitionism. "So I should kiss it a lot!"


"Yes honey, and look up into his eyes when you do."


There was a delay with some slightly exaggerated kissing sounds. A slight moan escaped from Doug before Linda was back.


"That was really neat Uncle Rick! It made my tweens really itchy!"


"Your 'tweens' honey?" To the best of my knowledge, a "tween" was kid - a kid considerably younger than the one she was portraying. Somehow I didn't think that was what she meant.


"Tween my legs Unka Rick!" she giggled. I could almost see her squirming, rubbing her legs together.


"Ah, of course. Sorry honey. Don't worry, I'm sure your daddy will take care of that itch in due course. You know what it means though? It means you like kissing daddy's cock! And probably that you like being watched kissing cock! That's really special honey. But then, I've known you were a very special girl since you were just a kid."


All kids like it when you imply they're not really kids anymore - and the younger they are, the more they want to hear it. So eager to grow up! Linda responded with a happy, "Thank you Unka Rick! But you never answered what's 'cum in her mouth' mean?"


I got the hint. I'm sure that Doug was in dire straits by this time, and she likely could see his need clearly. The woman in her doubtless wanted to give him relief, but the role she was playing shouldn't know that. She was supposed to be curious more than anything, and follow her elders' lead. I toyed with the idea of making Doug wait, but truth be told, my own need was growing stronger as well, and I knew myself well enough to know that when I blew, I was going to be out of it for a while. So I decided to have some compassion for my "little brother" and guide his "daughter" to finish the job. Besides, the sooner he and I got off, the sooner we could get off the phone and Doug could take care of her needs too.


"Okay honey. Well 'cum' is the juice that comes out of a boy's cock..."


She interrupted. "Oh! It's coming out now! It's been coming out for a while!"


"No, no sweetie, that's pre-cum. It's similar, and I understand it tastes like cum, but when he actually cums, there will be a lot more, and it will come shooting out." Part of me knew that a fourteen-year-old should already know at least some of this, but she was just so cute - how could I not play along?


"Oh" she said doubtfully. "But there's a lot of it already. How do I make it all come out - hey! Make it CUM out!" She giggled.


"That's right honey," I chuckled. "Well the usual way, when you're kissing his cock, is to actually let his cock go inside your mouth and suck on it. Kind of like a big popsicle."


I didn't even get to prompt her. I heard her sucking on his cock. It sounded like she took it deep then pulled back and off, making a loud popping sound. Doubtless she went deeper than a real fourteen-year-old would, but I'm sure Doug didn't mind.


"It tastes funny," she commented, not exactly complaining.


"Yes honey, that's what cum tastes like. Some girls like it, some girls don't. Like any other flavor, you have to decide for yourself if you like it."


There followed another long, slow suck-and-pop. I was gently stroking my own cock now, imagining the pretty little Linda sucking her daddy-husband's cock. I would love to actually see it, but I'd seen her, and I'd seen his cock, so it was pretty easy to imagine.


There was a pause after the pop, and I could envision her swirling the drops in her mouth, thinking about the flavor, and whether she liked it or not. Finally she said matter-of-factly, "I like cum taste Unka Rick. You said there's more? I think he ran out."


"Just stroke his cock sweetie, more will come out. And if you stroke his cock while you're sucking it, and maybe moving his cock in and out of your mouth, he will cum for reals, and you'll get a whole bunch of cum in your mouth!"


"Cool!" she said, in a voice of wonder and awe. I heard her begin sucking his cock in earnest, and in a moment, Doug's sounds of pleasure were growing in volume and intensity. I began to stroke myself as I imagined his cock sliding in and out of her little mouth. The sound-effects were a wonderful addition to my mental porn-show. But I knew it would be better for her if she knew I was still "watching", so I added some commentary while I watched them in my mind and stroked myself.


"That's a good girl Linda. Suck daddy's cock. That's so sexy! Can you see me rubbing my cock while I watch you honey? It's very sexy watching you suck dick like a little slut-girl!" Her moans made me think she was either one of those girls who could actually cum from sucking cock, or she was rubbing her pussy. Either way was hot as fuck, and made my balls churn even more. And she sounded like she really enjoyed being called a "slut-girl", as her moan peaked suddenly.


"Is she doing a good job Doug? Does little bro like his baby girl sucking his big ol' cock?" I was hoping Doug could give me some more details.


I was in luck. His voice was a bit strained, but he knew what I was after - and what she was after. "Oh yeah Rick. Little Linda's sucking cock like a pro! I can't believe how deep she can take her daddy's cock! That's right baby girl, push it into your throat - OH FUCK! Goddamn Rick, she did it! And you should see her eyes, she's so proud of herself! She's such a naughty little cock-sucker, just like her mommy was!


"Hey sweetie," he changed tone as he talked to her, "You know daddy loves you, right?"


"MmmHmm..." she apparently didn't want to let his cock go long enough to answer.


"Well honey, I'm going to blow a huge load of cum soon, so if you don't want it in your mouth, you should probably pull back and let daddy finish by hand."


"Mmm-Mmm!" The denial was firm, and so in-character. She wanted him to cum in her mouth and would not be denied! I was about to blow my load just from the way she so emphatically demanded her cum. This was clearly a girl who loved cum, and wanted it badly.


Doug chuckled, "Okay, okay! Daddy will fill your sweet, sexy little mouth with his cum!" He changed tone again. "Hey Rick. She wants me to blow in her mouth! And the little slut's rubbing her pussy too! What a naughty little girl I've raised!"


Linda was making little "Uh! Uh!" sounds, mixed with the sloppy wet sounds of her daddy's cock sliding in and out of her mouth and throat. By the sounds, she must be taking several inches at least, and in my mind, I watched her sucking his cock deep, bobbing her pretty little head up and down as her fingers diddled that sweet, bare pussy!


It was too much for me. I couldn't hold back any longer, and I cried out, "Fuck! I'm cumming you guys!" My hand pistoned up and down my cum-slickened shaft as an eruption of hot cum sprayed up, arcing, and spattering on my chest, just below my chin. At my cry, Doug also hollered, "I'm coming too bro! Oh fuck, I'm filling my little girl's mouth with cum! Fuck she's swallowing it! She's fucking sucking my cum out of my cock bro! Oh fuck that feels so amazing!"


My own climax continued on and on as I listened to his pleasure and hers. She might not be cumming yet - or maybe she was - but she was moaning and sucking and bobbing her head like a maniac. I could hear the sloshing and the slurping and the grunts and the moans as she gulped and gurgled and groaned her pleasure at her daddy cumming in her mouth.


As my last few shots were squirting out, Linda released Doug's cock and she screamed - I mean literally screamed out, "I'm cumming daaadyyy!" followed by an indecipherable round of grunts and gasps and groans. I've heard women cum enough to know that her climax was long overdue and very, very pleasurable. And I got confirmation when Doug (still squeezing out the last few squirts of his own juice by the sound of it), "Shit. She came all right! Ya made her gush, you dirty old fucker! Good on ya! Damn girl, you're like a geyser!"


Apparently her husband telling her voyeur was exciting enough to launch her into a secondary climax, as I heard her pleasure sounds increase as she peaked again. She was an amazing cummer, I could tell. And it wasn't just that she was a gusher - she really loved cumming. Furthermore, her high, light voice perfectly mimicked what an actual fourteen-year-old might sound like - it was fucking hot. If I hadn't just cum, that certainly would have sent me over the edge! I wished I had a recording of her climax to listen to again later!


We were all panting from our exertions, and I my chest and belly were covered. I just lay back enjoying it and listening to the couple in their bedroom. Doug was a gentleman, and I could hear him cuddling his wife, soothing her, complimenting her. Most of it was too soft to hear the words, but I got the tone, and was happy that she had such a caring, thoughtful lover. Women are often very vulnerable after a good climax, and a lover who is thoughtless at such a time is anathema to a pleasant conclusion. I didn't want to intrude on this tender moment, but I also didn't want to just hang up. I don't know if there's proper etiquette for such a situation, but I assumed that at least saying "goodbye" would be good manners.


In a few moments, I heard them kissing. There was plenty of tongue action and moaning, and I smiled. I know some guys won't kiss a girl after cumming in their mouth, and I've always thought that was the height of rudeness. After all, I've never had a girl not kiss me after I ate her out! I know Linda loved the taste of cum, and I wondered how Doug felt about it. From similar kisses in my own life, I know that I'm pretty much neutral on it. After all, I first tasted my own jizz when I was around twelve, and it's never bothered me.


To my surprise, Linda's moans increased - rapidly - and in a few minutes, she had another climax, albeit a more gentle ride than the former ones. That was nice. Girls often need a "top-off" to feel completely sated and loved. I wondered how he did it, and guessed he probably fingered her while kissing her. Her moans had remained muted throughout the final climax.


After a bit more kissing, I heard Linda ask softly, "Rick? Still there?"


"I am hon. I didn't want to just hang up without thanking you guys and wishing you a good night."


"Dude! Totally my pleasure!" Doug chimed in. His voice was a little hoarse. "And the thanks is to YOU. Linda here came like a fucking fire hose, and she's still shaking from it! We owe you one man!"


"Uh huh!" Linda chimed in enthusiastically. I'm gonna put on a show for you that's gonna knock your socks off next week! Uh... if you want, I mean."


I had to laugh. "Cum rain, or snow, or darkness of night..." I mis-recited the beginning of the Postman's Oath, making the two of them laugh as well. "I wouldn't miss it for the world!"


We chatted a bit, all of us relaxed and at ease. It was nice. But I figured they'd want some private time as well, and I had a mess to clean up. So I bade them good night, Linda blew me a kiss, and we disconnected.


As I was cleaning up, I couldn't help but wonder what she meant about her next "show". I mean, what could she possibly do that would be better than what she'd already done? While I wasn't exactly a praying man, I gave more than one half-assed prayer that it wouldn't be rainy the following Thursday!


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