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CLUB SHO - Part 8

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Club SHO

Part: Part 8

Summary: Angela finally gets her wish cum true.

Keywords: MMM+g(11), ped, gangbang, cum, cons

Date: 09/14/20166

[Summary: Angela finally gets her wish cum true.]

[Final Part of 8-part story]


Angela looked in the full-length mirror, hardly believing her eyes. She looked so... so different! But then, that was the point. Most noticeably, her usual platinum blonde hair was nearly jet-black, fading to fiery red tips at the ends of both long pig-tails - tails that were somehow longer than her hair actually was! Less noticeably, her cornflower-blue eyes were now a burnt-honey brown, and the makeup gave her a definite Asian appearance that was also somehow feline, though there were no ears or whiskers - and yet, it seemed as if there might be.. If she didn't know it was her, she wouldn't have recognized herself.


This was, of course, all according to her father's requirements. Fortunately, Mr. Mann's costuming and makeup department at Club SHO was both expert and dedicated. So when her father had specified that if they were going to do this, Angela had to be unrecognizable, they'd done their very best - and it showed. The eleven-year-old girl looked just as sexy as ever, and yet nothing like she usually looked.


Her body, of course, wasn't modified other than a spray-on tan expertly done and a couple of fake birthmarks and tattoos. Nothing gaudy, just enough to ensure that she didn't look like herself. But her small body was every bit as sweet and sexy as ever. They'd even added some sort of color to her nipples and areolae to make them show more clearly despite the darker skin. She'd wanted tan-lines, but that would have defeated the purpose of the tan. The point was to make her look like her natural skin-tone was darker.


"You guys are amazing!" she enthused, turning around to catch every angle. It was like looking at some other naked sex-angel mimicking her movements in the mirror.


"They really are," Pete said from the side. He'd just arrived, not wanting to be there for the full hour of preparation. He might be Angela's father, but he trusted Mr. Mann's crew completely. After all, they'd been setting this whole thing up for weeks.


When Mr. Mann had approached him with the idea of Angela being the one to christen the new Diamond Dolls Arena, Pete had at first been uncertain. He'd met with Mann about finding guys to gang-bang his daughter. He was very specific - five guys in reasonably good shape, endowed close to six inches, of kind and gentle temperament, who came in quantity, and who would be willing to be recorded fucking and cumming all over his little girl.


Mann had counter-offered. The Diamond Dolls Arena was a project over two years in the making - an extension of the highly successful Diamond Dolls room at club SHO - the room only available to the highly-vetted elite of the club who were into boys and girls under the age of fifteen. Even though the public-face of the club claimed all performers were over eighteen, it was an open secret that many were as young as fifteen.


The Club staff was very careful who they allowed regular membership. For Diamond Dolls membership, that care was increased a hundredfold. And yet, the interest in child-sex was so prevalent, once one got past the facade people showed, that fully 80% of the Club's regular clientele would have been thrilled to get into the DD room. But Mann too no chances. Anyone who showed any incaution, instability, or otherwise dangerous tendencies of any type weren't considered. Background checks were made, Private Investigators were utilized, even hackers were used to dig into the potential client's secrets to make sure they'd be safe before they even learned that Diamond Dolls existed.


And even after all that, fully a third of the Club's clients were Diamond Dolls members. The original DD rooms couldn't handle the bookings. So Mann had constructed The Diamond Dolls Arena.


Like the original Diamond Dolls room, it was a sex room with everything one could ask for a sexual encounter. But where the original DD room was about 15' square, with a small stage behind glass where uncertain performers could put on shows for observers they weren't too sure of, the Arena was a showroom.


The 20' octagonal room was had leather sofas against all walls, facing the large circular bed in the middle. And like the original room, there were cabinets containing sex toys, lotions, lubes, snacks, drinks, and so on. It could easily accommodate 25 people - twice that if they were all interacting together, and even before the final plans were laid, groups of clients were trying to book it for groups of fifty - major kiddie orgies. He was going to make his second fortune on the room even without special events, videos, and so on.


Additionally, it was equipped with fixed cameras covering the entire room, and of course the bed from every angle. Plus there were plenty of mirrors, so where a camera might not show an angle you wanted, one mirror or another certainly would. Those continued up the walls to the domed ceiling which was capped with a large video screen for those who wanted to actually see themselves having sex on screen.


Mann wanted the Grand Opening to be something special. Not so much in numbers, but with an attraction that would set to tone for all future use. When Pete had approached him about finding five guys to fuck and spray his daughter, he'd counter-offered with the idea of letting them do their gang-bang - Angela's first - in the Arena.


At first, Pete had been uncertain. He'd been thinking that Mann would have difficulty enough finding five guys to satisfy his daughter. He had no idea just how many guys Mann had already vetted who loved preteen girls. Mann assured him that he could find five easily. Fifty less easily but still do-able. And he hit Pete with the idea of not only letting Angela be the first in the room, but of recording it as well - and selling the recordings. Naturally Pete was dead-set against it, until Mann explained that they could make her completely unrecognizable - and proved it with many photos and video clips of others his team had altered for video.


Pete knew his daughter well. She was an absolute cum-slut, and was absolutely dying to do this gang-bang. But she was also a complete show-off. She loved showing herself to others at every opportunity, and it turned her on immensely. It did the same for Pete, who'd taken many, many hours of video of his little girl performing sexually on himself and a few others. Here was an opportunity not only to give her the gangbang he'd promised her before her twelfth birthday, but to make it a near-public event. The kid would lose her shit completely, knowing that others would be watching (and masturbating to) the video for years. They shook on it and got down to planning.



Taking his daughter's hand, he knelt down before her. She looked totally amazing - it was like looking at his sexy little girl, who he loved deeply in every way, and at the same time, looking at an unknown naked eleven-year-old girl with the same petite, sexy body that he knew so well.


"Okay honey. It's not too late. If you want to change your mind, you should do it now."


Angela giggled merrily. "Are you kidding daddy? I'm so ready I can't even..." she interrupted herself, unable to tell him in words. Instead, she took his hand. Kissing it, she guided it between her legs to her perfectly smooth pussy. It was warm. It was wet. And she shivered, her eyes closing in pleasure, as his hand met her sensitive spot. It was as if she achieved a mini-gasm from that one bit of contact.


He grinned. "Yeah, I guess my little slut-girl is ready for the world to see her getting molested by five perverts." He stood up, adjusting his camera-strap. The event would be recorded by the fixed cameras of course, but there was no substitute for a live cameraman!


He pulled his own mask on. All the guys would be wearing them of course, as a precaution. Since the video would be going out into the world, everyone needed to protect their identity. Not that it mattered - nobody would be looking at the men's faces. The only face they'd care about was Angela's.


Entering the room, they found the men were already there. Pete hadn't been sure how to start off, and Mann had suggested just jumping right in. Gangbangs were pure sex. There was nothing "artistic" about them, and trying to make them "artsy" usually just made things seem silly and fake. He could see by his daughter's bright smile that this had been the right choice as she saw five naked men, their cocks already erect, watching her enter and approach the bed with obvious excitement. He moved back to get a good camera angle and watch, his own erection swelling in the open air, so Angela was actually getting an eyefull of six men - the last one being her own father's well-known cock.


There was some gentle banter, but no introductions. This was supposed to be anonymous after all. Angela climbed up onto the bed eagerly, and Pete was surprised to see how small it was. It was about the size of a single. He'd thought the Arena bed was supposed to be at least King-size. But as the men approached her, he realized that Mann had swapped out the bed for this event. Having five men crawling around on a big bed with her would have obscured her and minimized her, whereas having her on a small bed which was surrounded by the men put her on display. Wise move!


In moments the men were touching her, caressing her, exploring her tiny body with their hands, and Angela was eating it up. She'd never had ten hands on her and she was squirming with pleasure. It was easy to see the shine of her wetness and the hardness of her nipples. And when the men's hands began to touch her in those places as well, her gasps and moans of pleasure were heartfelt.


Angela was in pure bliss. She couldn't even focus on where she was being touched - she was being touched everywhere! And their touches were nice, gentle, squeezes, caresses, light pinches, tugs on her nipples. She felt like she was in one long, continuous climax as every inch of her body was being touched. More, she was being seen! Five grown-up men were ogling her body! And they loved it, she could tell! Their cocks were so hard!


She couldn't resist. She reached for the closest with one hand, the man groaning with pleasure as he felt her cool, gentle fingers touching his manhood. To her delight, a large dollop or precum appeared at the tip and then to her dismay, it dropped onto the bed as more precum oozed quickly out. She was about to go for the drop on the bed, but the man moved forward, bringing the cock to her mouth, so she opened her mouth eagerly, extending her tongue to taste the juice. It was odd - it tasted kinda like Daddy's and Mr. Joshua's, only different too! She licked it off, savoring it, experiencing it, and then going back for more as more appeared on the tip. Boy, this guy was making a lot! She hoped he came as much as he pre-came!


"Sweetie," came a soft voice from her other side, and when she turned to look, she bumped her cheek against another cock - it's tip also wet, leaving a smear across her cheek before she got it in her mouth. Yes! Another taste! It was incredible how they could taste the same but different! She raised a hand to take the second cock in hand as well, and then laid back as both men moved closer to let her stroke and lick them as she chose, both extending over her cute little face as she lay back on the bed.


It wasn't long before she noticed the screen in the apex of the dome. It was showing her, from a nearly straight-down view, as she stroked and sucked the two men's cocks! That reminded her that she was on camera. On camera! And daddy had said that this video was going to be seen by lots of strangers! The thought sent a trill down her spine to her pussy and she could literally feel her juices pouring forth, the idea was so exciting to her. She began to suck and stroke the men in earnest, rubbing their cocks together as she tried to suck both at the same time. She couldn't, of course, but she made a great effort, and the two men were given not only the feel of her tongue and mouth and hands, but the sight of a very sexy little pre-teen girl fighting to suck two cocks at once!


Even thought only a few minutes into the even, the guy on her left found it too much to handle. "Oh God girl, you're gonna make me cum!" he warned, expecting her to ease off. But the hands on her, the situation, the sight of herself sucking two cocks and surrounded by horny men was too much for her. Angela released the other one and twisted, forcing the man's cock fully into her mouth until the head was down her throat. She reached around with her hands, gripping his hips and forcing him even deeper into her. The feeling, sight and sensations drove the man over the edge, and with a holler of "Oh fuck, I'm cumming in her mouth!", he erupted into the little girl's eager throat.


Angela backed off after the first volley went down her throat, eager to feel the warm cream inside her mouth. Her hands on his hips told him to pump her mouth, and so he did, fucking her sweet little mouth as he continued to erupt, his cum spewing out over her hot tongue in spurts, each one making the man gasp in a fresh surge of pleasure.


When he'd shot his last, she sucked out the last drop, but before she could swallow, he said, "Wait honey, open wide for the camera - we all want to see you with a mouthfull of man-cum!" She did as directed, looking up at the screen to tilt her head in the right direction. He really did make a lot too! His single load had almost filled her little mouth!


"Now gulp it down, then open and show your mouth empty honey," her daddy's voice came from another angle. She couldn't see him because of the men surrounding her, but she followed his direction, opening wide and moving her tongue around so everyone could see she'd drank every drop. It was good too!


The other man she'd been stroking off moved back into position. "Would it be okay to fuck your mouth?" he asked.


"Uh huh!" she answered happily, then wiggled to assist as he and the others slid her up the bed until her head was hanging over the edge. The man offered his drooling cock, and Angela opened wide and took it in one easy glide, her tongue well lubricated by the previous occupant. In moments the man was fucking her mouth and throat in long, easy strokes. His balls were huge, and bounced and slid across Angela's face, which she thought was both sexy and funny at the same time. And his cock felt wonderful as he let her suck him. She was in bliss!


The other three men continued to molest her body, making her pussy continue to drool. They knew they were on camera though, and didn't want to distract from the absolutely beautiful sight of an eleven-year-old angel getting her throat fucked by the second guy. The first had been hot, but the angle wasn't that great. Now they could actually see the little girl's throat swelling with each thrust of the man into her mouth. The sight was intoxicating, and they took turns actually feeling the child-sized throat stretching around that man-sized cock.


Naturally the second guy couldn't see and feel that for too long before he too was ready to erupt. They'd all been briefed on Angela's likes though, so when his time came, he didn't feed it to her. "Gonna cum now child, give it back," he said, withdrawing his manhood from the little girl's mouth. With a long, low growl, he stroked himself and sent line after line of hot cum along Angel's flat chest and belly, reaching all the way to her naked little pussy. Angela felt the hot cum landing on her and twitched with pleasure, lifting her head to lick the bouncing balls above her in the hope of making the man cum just a little more.


Finally he too was spent, and returned his cock to the little girl's eager mouth to suck out the last drops. Another new-but-same flavour! While she was sucking the cock, she reached up to begin rubbing the hot cum into her skin, but her hands were gently knocked aside as the men on either side of her did it for her. She felt four hands rubbing the cum into her flesh and felt like she'd truly landed in heaven. Covered in cum, sucking the last drops of cum from the cock that did it - what could be better?


Suddenly her back arched and she almost choked on the cock in her mouth as a climax tore through her. The man between her legs and sensed her readiness and had suddenly and without warning thrust his long tongue deep up inside her drooling pussy. She was so warmed up and wet and slick there was no resistance, and the sudden rush of feelings sent her rocketing over the edge to orgasm in an instant, her juices gushing out in a huge gush that soaked the man's face and the bed between her legs. He tried to slurp and suck and swallow as much as he could, but it was too much, too fast. Still, he loved the taste of the preteen pussy and drank all he could get while he fought to keep her still enough for him get at those sweet juices.


"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!!!" Angela cried out after the huge climactic rush passed and she could breathe again. "Oh shit that was oh my God that was soooo Jesus oh my God wow that was ... Dang!" She thought she was making perfect sense, and the nonsense coming out in her darling little-girl voice as the result of her climax was so endearinly cute that all six men chuckled, grinning hugely


It was clear that Angela needed a moment to compose herself, so Pete grabbed a bottle of water and, lifting her head gently, helped her take a few sips as her racing heart and breath gradually slowed. He loved the sight of her flushed face and chest, shiny with the cum rubbed into it and the sweat from her exertions. She'd never looked sexier, though part of that may also have been that she looked different. But he did have to admit that he'd never seen her just explode without warning with such force before. Obviously she was thoroughly enjoying her multi-man fuck-fest!


After she calmed a bit, he leaned in close. "Okay sweetie, you ready for the main event now?"


She knew what he meant. She'd been asking for this for like, ever. And she'd practiced and practiced until daddy was sure that she could not only do it, but that she would enjoy it. And she was. Boy was she ever! She'd never been readier for anything in her life! "Yuh huh!" she said, her head bobbing enthusiastically.


Pete stood, smiling down at her a moment, then gestured the three men over and conferred with them a moment while she amused herself by diddling her pussy while watching herself on the camera in the ceiling. She loved the way the curve of the dome was covered in mirrors so she could see herself from so many angles, but mostly she loved the view on the screen which was currently zoomed in on her pussy. She angled her hips and used her fingers to spread herself. In her mind she was imagining all the men who'd be seeing this and jacking off to it, and that brought her to another climax, her fingers fucking her pussy with rapid abandon, legs wide to give the best view possible as she came.


When she got her wits back the men were back at the bed, with daddy a bit off, recording. She looked at his cock wistfully. It was still her favorite, and she wanted to make daddy feel good. But she knew he'd get his turn later.


The guys guided her to the one side of the bed while one of them climbed up onto the bed with her, laying on his back. With some maneuvering, she was soon straddling the man, her pussy rubbing against his cock as it stood up straight.


"Go ahead honey," one of them said, helping her to lift up until the man's head was pressed to her entrance. She shivered. This was a cock that had never been inside her before! Her third! She sank slowly, feeling it stretch her slick, wet pussy open. It felt so good! How could it feel so different though? It was about the same size and shaps as daddy's, and yet - so different! By the time her labes were pressing to his pelvis, she was shivering and covered with goosebumps from the intensity of feeling a strange man's cock penetrating her so deep, so full!


Pete moved around to get a straight shot between the man's legs and his daughter's legs. Her pussy was spread so beautifully, that he thought this shot belonged in the Met! Deep pink from the excitement, the cums, the stretching, her pussy was clearly strained to engulf this man-sized-cock in this little-girl-sized cunny. And yet, he knew she could handle it - if not easily, at least comfortably. After getting the shot, he nodded to the guys on either side who carefully helped balance and lift her as she began to rise and fall on the man's cock. If the sight before was beautiful, the sight of his cock actually sliding in and out of her tiny cunt was positively obscene! But obscene in the purest, most sexual sense of the word. He felt precum drooling out the tip of his own cock as he watched two men help a third man fuck his daughter's preteen pussy, and felt pride at the look of joy and pleasure on her face as her pussy drooled all over the guy's cock.


"Enough!" said the guy on the bottom. He'd been the one chosen because he had the best staying power. But even he could only take so much! And he had a job to do. The others stopped, letting the girl settle back down onto the man's pelvis, his turgid member thrust deep up into her womb.


Pete looked at Angela. "Okay honey, ready?" She giggled and nodded. For some reason, she always giggled at the idea of what was about to happen. Pete didn't know it was because he'd been so over-cautious. Even now, the look of concern on his face made her feel giggly. He cared for her so deeply! How could she not feel warm and loved and giggly?


Having given her nod, the men did their job. Once more they steadied her, lifting her up, until the guy on bottom was in danger of slipping out. Then one of them reached down and took the wet cock in his hand, gently popping it out of the girl's pussy and re-positioning the tip at the girl's puckered asshole.


Pete and Angela had discussed this maneuver in detail. They'd done similar maneuvers at home, and the only real difficulty was that when Angela used her legs muscles to lift herself, it naturally made her asshole clench up. This way though, the men on either side were supporting most of her weight, so she could focus on relaxing her muscles, especially her sphincter. The same team that'd done her makeup and prep had also prepared her ass - she was well-lubricated. The only issue would be clenching.


It worked beautifully. Angela relaxed, and the man's cock popped inside her ring with near pornstar-like ease. They slowly lowered her, only needing to lift once briefly before she sank the rest of the way down onto the man's cock. He was now firmly and completely lodged in the girl's asshole! Pete moved in and recorded it as they guided the girl back, until she was laying on the man's torso, his cock still burried inside her. The sight of her dripping wet pussy, deep pink from fucking, twitched above her well-stretched asshole. The stretching of her ass spread her labes somewhat, but her pussy itself had no gape, though it'd just been vacated by a man-sized cock. She was still too young and elastic for that!


Eagerly, one of the remaining men climbed up onto the bed and carefully inserted his cock into her drippy pussy while Pete moved around, working to get the best possible angle of his child getting double-inserted. The guy went slow, asking several times if Angela was okay, and seeming surprised at how well she took it. He wouldn't have been if he'd known how much she'd practiced double-fills with her toys and her daddy's cock!


"Might have trouble holding her still," the man on the bottom chuckled. "She's slick from that cum-coating!"


"Don't be a pussy. She's small, you can hold her!" the other teased.


"Just put your arms around me and squeeze me tight," Angela suggested. She always loved big bear-hugs, and the guy below was so sweet to her - and felt so good in her ass! He did as she asked, and she was overcome with the amazing feeling of being held tight and sandwiched between two men with their cocks inside her. It was like a dream come true! She looked up at the screen but the angle wasn't good. She hoped daddy would be able to get good camera angles! She wanted everyone to see how she was being used by two men at the same time! The very thought sent another delightfully wicked shiver through her.


But then she had another concern. The third guy had moved around and was standing above her head, guiding her with his big hands as he slid his cock into her eager mouth. Oh God!, she thought, Not two men, but THREE!


And then it was too late to think. With one cock in her mouth, fucking her throat, another sliding in and out of her drooling pussy, and a third filling her rectum, the sensations were too many, too full, too complex. They melded together into a goulash of sexy, erotic, blissful pleasure. She could focus on any one only for a moment before another would preempt, changing her focus. Her ass. Her pussy. The arms squeezing her. The cock in her throat. The feel of three men pressing her, using her. She was a fuck-machine, pure and simple. She was there to be use. Her holes were being reamed. Her body violated. Man-sized cocks inserted inside her in three different ways. There was nothing of her, only them. Their cocks and nothing else existed. And every minute or so, an huge, intense rush as her delicate little eleven-year-old body erupted in yet another surge of climax.


There was no counting, but it must have been at least a million orgasms before she heard them, from a great distance. One yelled, "Getting close!" A moment later, the other two both hollered, "Ready!" or something like that. And then, like that, she felt it. All three of their cocks were swelling larger inside her, then erupting inside her, filling her with their semen! She was so lost she couldn't say which cock fired where in what order - to her it was all one big mish-mash of fucking. All she knew for sure was that every spurt of hot cum that sprayed into her - pussy, mouth, or ass - was another explosion of joy, filling her full to bursting with pleasure.


The room still echoed with the child's shrieks of pleasure. When the men began exploding inside her, Angela had completely lost it, screaming like a lunatic. For an instant Pete had been worried, but he knew his daughter - knew her screams of pleasure from her screams of pain or terror or anything else. This was louder, shriller, wilder than usual, but it was a matter of degree, not of type. There was no question she was loving this, and so he encouraged the guys to continue. They were pounding her hard and fast, and erupted into her with all the gusto they'd fuck an experienced fourty-year-old whore with - and Angela took it all, loving every thrust. By the time they'd finished pumping their cumloads into her, they were as spent as she was!


Again Pete brought water to his daughter, working his way around the shaky, weakened men as they disentangled themselves, muttering "Thank-yous" and telling her what an amazing sexy slut she was. Cum was leaking from her pussy, her ass, and the corner of her mouth - and she never looked more beautiful.


It took a few minutes and several sips before she came to herself enough to be able to speak coherently. "Woah daddy, that was insane!" she said in a heartfelt voice, full of wonder.


"I know, right? Look at them honey, you completely wore out five grown men! Ain't you something?"


She giggled, and actually blushed, her eyes shiny and bright as she looked at the men lounging on the sofa, two seeming relaxed, three shaking and barely able to sit upright. She'd never really realized the full power she had at her disposal before, and was a bit in awe of herself.


Being so young though, Angela was already recovering from her ordeal. If anything she was more energetic than ever. She was practically vibrating with excitement. "Was it good daddy? Did you get good cam angles? When can I see it?"


"Woah honey. Take a breath," Pete chuckled, gently stroking her hair, which generally calmed her. "First let's take stock of the situation. Did you have fun honey? Was it a good early-birthday present? I promised we'd get this done before you turned twelve, and we still have a few months. So, did you like your prezzie honey?"


Angela grinned hugely. "Oh. My. God! Daddy! It was the bestest prezzie ever!" She opened her arms as if to hug him, but he held back. She looked at his face, and gave him a suspicious look. "What is it daddy?"


"Well honey, you know I know what you like... so... you had your birthday prezzie. You ready for a super surprise - call it your cake. Ready?"


"Cake?" she looke doubtfully around.


"Not really cake honey. Just... uh, a little something extra Mr. Mann and I cooked up." He couldn't hold back any longer. "Look up there honey." He pointed at the domed ceiling, at the mirrors in the top portion.


Angela looked, and is if that was the signal (because it was) the lights dimmed and shone through the glass, revealing it as one-way mirrors circling the top section as the lights in the observation gallery came on. As the girl's eyes widened and the lights brightened, she could see that there were people up there - about thirty or forty. As her eyes adapted, she saw they were men. Naked men. Naked men with their cocks out, hard, and looking down at her.


They'd seen the whole thing! They'd watched the exhibitionistic, slut-child being used by five men! Sucking their cocks, breing fucked in the pussy and the ass by them! They'd been there, seeing everything!


It took her a minute to take it all in, her heart swelling bigger and bigger as she realized her daddy had set this whole thing up for her. And they were still looking at her, naked and covered with cum, with it dripping out her pussy! Their cocks were so hard! She could see where a couple had even cum on the glass!


She frowned.


"What's the matter honey?" Pete asked. She'd seemed so happy a moment ago.


She didn't want to say, but with a little additional prompting from her daddy, finally admitted why she was unhappy. "All those men watching daddy... but only one came!" Obviously she wasn't as sexy as she thought, if only a couple of them had cum after seeing all that.


Pete grinned. "Oh honey, they were told very strictly not to cum! The ones who did are going to be in trouble!"


Angela's brow furrowed. "But why daddy? I want to make men happy, not make them frustrated!"


Pete made a signal, and the men began to disappear from the windows. "Because honey, I thought it would be better if they saved it." A moment later, the door opened, and men began filing into the room, circling around the little girl in the soggy bed, their cock's hard and dripping in their hands. Angela's eyes widened, looking at her daddy, comprehension dawning.


Grinning, Pete backed away, lifting the camera to catch the entire event as the thirty-five lucky picks stepped up, one-at-a-time to the side of the bed to spray his cum all over the naked little girl while she squealed with joy, rubbing the cum all over her body, finger-fucking herself with the juices, sucking cocks, jacking cocks, and swimming in a pool of hot, wet man-cum, just like she'd always wanted!




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