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Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Conversion Therapy

Part: Part 1

Summary: Dad catches son with another boy, and takes him to Dr. Clara for Conversion Therapy.

Keywords: Fb(11), ped

Date: 09/07/2016

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"Do you think you can help him?" The man's face was red, though it was hard to tell if it was from shame, embarrassment, or anger - perhaps a mixture of the three. Clara could tell he was all mixed up - in more ways than one.


"I believe so Mr. Berry," she said. "I'm glad you brought him to me. I'm sure we can do something positive here."


The guy looked relieved. it was bad enough he'd caught his son doing... that. But with the son of one of his political rivals from the other side of the aisle! If word ever got out... But Dick Berry was nothing if not a smooth-talking politician. He stifled his true feelings, put on his happy-face, and shook the doctor's hand. After all, she was the best in her field - and the most expensive. Naturally the two went hand-in-hand. After palming her a card and a "Vote Dick" button, he slipped away, leaving his son in her care.


Clara turned to the young man sitting nervously in the waiting room. "Come on in Phil. Let's chat." Her manner was easy-going, which seemed to surprise the boy, who got up and followed her inside.


The next half-hour she spent putting the kid at his ease, letting him choose his own seat, offering him his choice of a variety of drinks, then chatting with him amiably. As Phil grew more secure that she wasn't going to press him, he relaxed, and their discussion grew almost friendly. This was not only Clara's therapeutic training in action - it was also her honest personality. She liked kids, especially boys, and had a knack for putting them at their ease.


Gradually she steered the conversation toward the reason he was there, coaxing a full confession out of him. Sure he was embarrassed, but her gentle reassurances worked their magic, and it wasn't too long before he was recounting the story. At first it was halting. Stilted even. But between her continued look of non-judgemental interest, and his natural desire to "get it off his chest", the boy warmed to the telling.


"Well Mark and me, we been friends for like, six years or so. Best friends really, tho pa don't like that on account of his folks being... well, he don't exactly agree with 'em onna buncha stuff.


"Anyways, Mark and me, when we started getting interested in girls, we ... you sure you ain't gonna tell no one?" After yet another reassuring nod, he went on. "Well, you know, pa, he gots all kinda stuff blocked on the puter, so Mark, he got some - you know - naughty pics of girls and stuff on his tablet and he'd share 'em with me..." he ground to a halt.


"And, of course, you found that exciting, and started to play with yourselves..." Clara prompted. "Don't worry honey, it's perfectly normal and natural behavior for boys." She paused to sip her tea. "You seem terribly embarrassed, though you needn't be. Would it be easier for you if I tell you how it usually progresses, and you can just tell me when I'm wrong? Would that be easier honey?" She'd been moving closer to the boy on the sofa for a while, and now reached out and put her hand on his knee gently. That and the "honey" were designed to give him a sense of intimacy, so he'd be able to share with her more fully. What also helped was that she was a very attractive woman in her early thirties, with dirty blonde hair, clear blue eyes, and a body which would have been at home in any of the "naughty pics" sites the boys had been perusing. While not "bimbo" level, her curves were full and clearly outlined in the her blouse and skirt. Most importantly of all though was the fact that this sort of discussion turned her on immensely. And she made sure to wear undergarments which were thin enough that the boy couldn't help but notice her nipples pressing outward - as was evidenced by the fact that his eyes returned there often and lingered long.


"Uh, sure... Miss..."


"Clara." she interrupted firmly, emphasizing that they were on a first-name basis. "Okay." She left her hand on his knee as she went on. "Usually it goes something like this. Boys get together, most often in pairs, but sometimes in threes or fours if they're a group, club, gang or whatever. They look at naughty pictures, and naturally they get turned on. Their cocks get hard."


Phil's slight gasp was as expected as the flush of his cheeks. Words like that from an attractive woman? Boys in his age range, that is, beginning puberty, weren't used to that sort of thing, and Phil was no exception. At eleven, it was unlikely he'd ever heard that word from any woman - unless it was in a porno video. She would have bet a good deal that his penis was swelling up too, though of course it was impossible to tell in those jeans. Too bad!


"Sorry sugar," she apologized gently. "I didn't mean to shock you. But I think it's important to use the appropriate words, don't you?" She patted his knee, drawing attention to the fact that she was touching him. And on the leg! Nowhere near his penis of course, but there was a connection in the boy's mind suddenly - as she'd planned.


"You okay darlin'?" she asked gently. "We can stop..."


"N-no, it's okay. I... I was just surprised is all." He was so cute, trying to be all brave and grown-up for her. She wanted to just squeeze his cheeks!


"Okay honey," she rubbed his knee gently. "If you want me to stop - anything, at any time - you just say the word, okay?" After he nodded, she went on. "Well so the boys get aroused, get stiffies, and so on because that's what happens when you look at naked girls, right? And that's fine. Normal. But it's uncomfortable, right? So maybe you suffer through it a while, maybe even the first several such sharing sessions. But eventually one boy gets too uncomfortable, and has to 'adjust' himself, right? And once that happens and nothing bad results, everyone realizes it's stupid to be uncomfortable, so they all 'adjust' themselves at need. That goes on for a while, and the 'adjustments' become more frequent, and more open, gradually changing from adjusting to rubbing.


"At some point one of the boys gets so horny, and so frustrated, that his rubbing becomes more obvious. Maybe he slips his hand down his pants. Whatever. The point is that all the boys know he's playing with himself. By now they all are of course, but this one has decided he doesn't care - they all know they're all doing it, and he's tired of the big shared lie. He's usually also the first to actually pull it out, though that usually takes a while longer, and most often happens in the dark, possibly under blankets during a sleep over or whatever.


"It's all gradual, progressing in stages, with the boys getting more daring - possibly daring each other. But together, they progress from surety that they'd never do anything like that in front of friends, to not only playing with themselves, but discovering the added thrill of doing it where their friends can see.


"It may shock you to know that girls take a slightly different path, but generally end up in about the same sort of situation. So it's not like it's a 'boy' thing or a 'girl' thing. It's just a normal, natural 'growing up' thing."


"But pa said..." Phil started.


"Your pa's an idiot," Clara said firmly, with a touch of anger. "Your pa's a backwards, mis-informed dickhead who's so afraid of his own sexuality - which likely also includes some bisexual feelings, since almost every human has them to some degree - that he stuffs them down inside, where denying them turns them inside-out into this sick fear that his son's gay just because he was sucking his friend off!" By the time she'd finished, she was almost yelling.


"But I wasn't!" Phil objected. "We never..."


"You never got that far," Clara interrupted, calming herself. "Your father caught you before then. But trust me honey. If you'd been left alone long enough, you and... Mark? At some point, you and Mark would have wondered what it was like, and one of you would have dared the other, or perhaps you'd have made a deal. Whatever. You'd have experimented more and more over time. So what'd your old man catch you doing?"


"Uh... I was touching..."


"You were giving him an handy?" The boy looked confused. "A handy! Stroking his dick for him. Beating him off. Masturbating him."


"Uh, yeah, I guess." The kid's cheeks were flushed deeply.


"Relax sweetie!" Clara smiled, her own comfort and cheerfulness helping the boy find his way back to a more relaxed stance. "There's nothing at all wrong with making someone feel good by stroking their cock - or even more! Hell, you could have sucked his cock, gobbled down his cum, and still would have been perfectly normal. Almost every boy does that at some point, though most of them lie about it, 'cos, you know, the whole 'gay' thing..." she winked and grinned, obviously making a shared joke of it.


"So were you first with him, or did he do you first?" Clara asked as if it were the most natural question in the world. She sipped her tea, watching him. As expected, he answered without even a flinch.


"Mark did me first - I won the toss," he grinned.


"Felt amazing, didn't it?" she smiled.


"Sure did! It's so... different. Better when someone else..." he slowed.


Before he could get embarrassed again, Clara interrupted. "I know, right? It feels so much better when it's someone else touching your cock!" She giggled. "Yeah yeah, I don't have a cock. But it's the same thing. First time a girl ever touched my pussy, I almost screamed it felt so amazing!"


Phil's eyes grew so big there was actual danger of them popping out of the sockets. It was so cute! But Clara didn't want him to get too stuck on that point, so she went on. "Now Phil, didn't you hear anything I said? I said all kids - or at least almost all kids - go through this stage of experimenting with friends. So... why you acting so surprised I did it? I wasn't born a grownup you know!" They shared a laugh at that. "In actual fact though, it was such an amazing experience that I still get turned on as hell when I remember it. Can you tell?" She brought her fingertips up to her protruding nipples, lightly caressing the bumps-atop-the-mounds.


Phil looked away embarrassed and mumbled something.


It was time to sting him. "Oh!" Clara said. "I'm so sorry Phil! I didn't mean to embarrass you! I thought your father was wrong. I didn't think you were actually gay!"


His head turned back with a snap. "I'm not!" he said, almost yelling.


She giggled. "Then why did you look away when a woman's inviting you to look at her breasts?" She frowned. "Maybe you don't like my breasts? They're too small? Too big? Wrong shape?" She made a sad, pouty look, and it took Phil several seconds to realize that she was playing him.


When he finally did, he laughed, somehow relieved, and let himself actually look at her. She really was an attractive woman. Certainly prettier than some of the ones he'd masturbated to. His mouth felt try as his eyes drank her in, his mind extrapolating what she might look like sans clothes.


"That's better," she smiled warmly. "A woman likes to be appreciated by a sweet young man." She returned one hand to his leg, though to his thigh rather than his knee. "You're a fine young man Phil. And you've done nothing wrong. Your father though - he's a bit of a prick. He interrupted a normal, natural part of your maturing, and I just can't let that stand. I'm here to help you honey - it's what your daddy's paying me for after all."


"Yeah," Phil said a little sulkily. "He thinks I'm gay and you're supposed to cure me."


Clara giggled again. She might be thirty-something, but her giggles were both natural and charming. "Well honey, the only way I know of 'curing' you would be to prove you're not really gay!"


Phil's brow furrowed. "Is there, like some kind of test or something...?"


"Yes and no," Clara smiled. She leaned in closer, her voice lowering. "The only real test is for you to make love to a woman and find out how you feel about it. Does that... seem like a fair test to you?"


Phil was stunned. He was also confused. Part of him just knew she had to be messing with him. Another part was just as certain he was having one of those dreams. And the biggest part of him was praying fervently that it was really true - that was she seemed to be implying might actually happen.


Clara could see he needed time to work all that out, so she backed off, changing tack. She sat up straight, withdrawing her hand from his leg, and in a "strictly-business" tone of voice, said, "I'll let you think about that a bit. It's a real offer to help you work through this 'experimentation' phase. You should feel free to say 'no' if you don't find me sexually attractive." He started to speak, but she held up one hand, silencing him. "Let me finish. Now I wouldn't want to rush things. To let you fully explore everything you should would take probably ten to twenty sessions. Of course, you can discontinue any time you like. At any point I'm prepared to pronounce you 'cured' and fully heterosexual. But..." her eyes narrowed mischievously, "I'd like to offer you something else as well.


"Your father is a bigot. A homophobe of the worst sort. He's interrupted his only son's natural development, accusing him of being gay - which you probably are not, judging by the way you're staring at my tits - and even if you were, it's a fucked up way to treat your son, telling him he's messed up and needs to be 'fixed'. So... here's the deal.


"You probably know I charge a butt-load of money for this 'Conversion Therapy' bullshit. The actual reason is that I only keep half of it. The other half goes to my clients. Kids who actually are homosexual generally need something to get started on when they fly the nest - parents who aren't emotionally supportive aren't usually financially supportive either. So I put half of my fees into a bank account and keep them in 'therapy' until we've milked their parents for a decent starting nest-egg."


The way Phil's face lit up, it was clear he liked the idea of sticking it to such bastards - which endeared him even more to her.


"You're not in that position - unless you choose to be. I can pronounce you 'cured' any time you like, and you'll be welcomed back into the nest."


"Uh," Phil said uncertainly. "What if... well... what if we do that and like, you put my money to someone else who needs it more?"


Clara had to fight back the tears. "Oh honey," she said, hugging him tightly. "That's so wonderful of you!" She kissed him on the forehead, sniffed and sat back up. "God, I could truly love you Phil! But." She cleared her throat to give herself a moment. "Let's do half that. We'll split yours - half for others, half for you. After all," she smiled, "if you're that good-natured, you could still get disowned by that prick."


Phil didn't think so, but it seemed a fair compromise. Besides, he was still reeling from her comment about loving him. Could that even be? Ever? She was a full-grown woman after all! And from what she'd said, she wouldn't be his girlfriend - she had other 'clients'. But still, if she loved him at all, he'd still be the luckiest guy in the world. Of course, he couldn't tell his friends - but he would know.


Having arrived at an agreement on that point, Clara returned to the earlier discussion. "So what do you think sweetheart? Would you like to learn about sex with me?"


The side-line had distracted Phil enough to reduce his excitement, but this brought it back with a rush. He could feel himself swelling rapidly. "Y-yes please," he said with barely a stutter.


"Excellent! See honey, you're already more relaxed about it!" Clara slid closer to him on the sofa. That's really the secret to good sex, by the way. You have to be relaxed about it. Excited, of course, but relaxed as in not-scared. You're not afraid of me, are you Phil?"


"Uh, yes!" he said, then laughed as she rolled her eyes. "No, not really. I mean, I kinda am scared cos... it's new? And I don't know what... what to do? But... I mean, I think you're okay. Like, I mean..."


"You like me Phil," Clara asked in a low voice, looking into his eyes.


"Uh yeah, I do!" he said, blushing.


"That's good honey. I like you too. Very much. And I'm going to enjoy showing you sexual stuff. Oh! You do know you can't tell anyone, right? And I mean, not even Mark, or your preacher, or anyone."


"Duh!" he said. "Oh, uh, sorry. I didn't mean that like you're stupid. I meant like, that's really obvious. Yeah, I know."


"Okay honey. Just wanted to be sure." She reached up and ruffled his hair, then before he could react, moved in and kissed him right on the lips! She wished she could have caught that look on film. It was such a perfect mixture of shock and delight! It made her smile and her tummy fluttery at the same time. Part of her wanted to rip his clothes off and mount him right there and then! But of course, that'd be completely unfair to the kid.


She did notice something else that made her grin wickedly though. Phil was sitting with his knees pressed tightly together. "Honey?" she asked gently, "Do you have an erection?"


He almost denied it, then realized how stupid that would be. Clara as going to teach him stuff about sex - an erection was part of that. "Uh, yeah," he said, fighting the embarrassment. To his relief, she didn't laugh or anything. In fact, she seemed happy to hear it!


"I'm happy to hear that Phil. If it's uncomfortable, please feel free to adjust it. I don't want you uncomfy. Hell," she said after a pause. "You can even whip it out if you want!" She did smile then, to show she was joking, though it was a joke she also meant as true.


"You first!" Phil retorted playfully, then blushed again at the realization that he'd just spoken that way to a grown woman.


He was about to apologize when Clara asked in a soft voice, "Would you like to see me naked Phil? Is that what you meant? Obviously I can't whip my own cock out, so that can't be it. But if you want to see my body, I'll be happy to show it to you honey."


"Seriously?" The word slipped out before he thought, and when Clara rose from the couch and walked away, he was sure he'd fucked the whole thing up. But she went to the window and drew the curtains, then walked back to the sofa.


Standing in front of him, she casually began by releasing the bun of her hair, fluffing out the blonde curls around her shoulders. She kept looking him in the eye the whole time, with a look on her face that somehow told Phil that yes, she was going to show him her body. More, she was going to enjoy showing it to him. The idea excited him immensely, and he squirmed several times before he realized that she'd invited him to adjust himself!


As he slid his hand under his waistband, Clara smiled reassuringly. "That's good honey! Don't be shy, that thing needs to be comfy!" He was surprised at how good it felt to adjust himself with a beautiful woman actually knowing what he was doing. Acknowledging it. He wondered what it would be like to masturbate with her watching. He'd discovered with Mark that it was much better when he had been watching - how much better would it be with this woman looking on?


Clara unbuttoned her blouse, neither hurrying nor dallying, then slipped it off. Phil was surprised how revealing the bra beneath it was. He could easily make out the points of her nipples, though he couldn't actually see through the silky fabric. But that was a momentary obstruction, as she unclasped the front, slipping easily out of the bra, her breasts if full view.


He had, of course, seen several different sizes and shapes on-screen and in magazine before, but he truly, honestly believed that these were the most beautiful breasts in the world. They were full without being too big, firm yet jiggly. The nipples were surrounded by half-dollar areolae which were pink against the pale breasts. The nipples themselves were a little larger than pencil erasers, and seemed firm when Clara's fingers strummed over them like guitar strings.


"What do you think so far honey?" Clara asked, her voice strangely husky. Her fingers continued to strum the nipples, as if she enjoyed it.


"They're... really pretty," he said, not sure what else to say. That much was true, they were really pretty. But he wanted to say it a thousand times, and even that wouldn't be enough. But he was eleven - he had no skill at expressing that sort of thing.


Fortunately, Clara understood more by his tone and expression, and knew the compliment he intended. "I'm glad you like them honey. They like you too! See how hard my nipples are? You know that means I'm turned on too, right? Like the way your cock gets hard? Not exactly the same of course, but still, it's an indicator you should know about."


"I... uh... heard something like that," the boy admitted, completely unaware that his eyes hadn't strayed from her breasts from the instant they'd been revealed.


"Don't cum in your pants honey," Clara said, and Phil suddenly realized that his hand was not only still down his pants, but that he had been unconsciously stroking himself while looking at her. He yanked his hand out, his face beet-red.


"Oh no honey! You don't have to stop stroking it! I just don't think you want to go home in soggy underwear," Clara said. "By all means, if you want to rub one out, I sure won't object! I just love watching boys jack off!"


"You... do?" Phil asked, surprised at the revelation. "Why?" He wasn't even sure why he asked that. It just seemed the natural follow-up. And he was curious.


"Well honey," Clara said patiently, easing down onto the sofa beside him, "I guess there's a few reasons. Uhm... Well I think cocks are pretty..."


"Huh!" Phil scoffed.


"No seriously!" Clara insisted. "You think my boobies are pretty, and you obviously like looking at them, so why shouldn't I think cocks are pretty?"


Phil didn't know how to answer that. He knew the difference, and didn't understand why she didn't. But he didn't want to argue the point.


Clara saw she'd won that point and went on. "And also, I like that you feel good when you do it. I mean, I know how good it feels when I play with myself, and I like you, a lot. So naturally I want you to feel that good too."


That actually made sense to Phil, and he smiled. "I want you to feel good too!" he said, and meant it.


"That's good honey, because you'll be helping me feel really good. In fact, you already are. Did you notice how I keep touching my nipples? Well they're hard because it turns me on the way you keep ogling them. And when I'm turned on and they're hard like that, they're more sensitive, and feel good when I strum them like this." She demonstrated by running her fingertips over them again, thrilling them as each finger bent the nipple, then suddenly released it so it sprang back into position while the kid watched closely.


"That feels good?" he asked.


"Oh yes honey, very good." She could see his desire in his eyes, and added, "Don't worry sweetie, you'll get to try that later - I'll show you how. But right now, you wanted to see me naked, right?"


"Oh! Right!" He shook his head. How could he have forgotten? But her breasts were... mesmerizing!


Clara stood again, facing him and smiling. She fully understood how the object(s) of immediate attention could make one forget other things. She was that way when giving head. The rest of the world just ceased to exist, which was why she often sucked to completion without actually intending to.


Again without hurry or delay, she slipped her skirt down and off. In the process, she slipped out of her low-heel pumps, nudging them aside with her foot. She stood there for a moment, letting the boy see her in only her panties. They were low-cut and stretchy, hugging her every contour in a near-nude color. She hadn't intended to dress particularly sexily, and when she dressed to go out, she liked to give the appearance of nothing on underneath without actually going commando - at least not always going commando! Still, this was the first time Phil had seen an actual, living woman wearing nothing but her panties. And while he'd seen girls in bikinis that revealed even more (at least down below), somehow it was much sexier because he wasn't supposed to be seeing this. it made all the difference.


Clara didn't want to keep her new friend in suspense though, so she slipped the panties off after a few moments, straightening, then turning around to let the boy see her from all sides. She'd always been happy with her body. The proportions were fit without being skinny, curvy without being bimbo-ish. Her butt tucked under nicely, neatly giving a good curve without carrying more weight than necessary. And of course, there was her pussy...


"No hair?" Phil asked curiously. He'd seen pictures of girls unshorn, trimmed, and shaved, so it wasn't a surprise, but he was curious.


"No honey. If I've got a female client around your age, seeing hair on me could make her feel immature." While this was true enough, it was completely not the reason she kept herself completely smooth. The real reason was that she liked little girl pussies very, very much. And so it was more exciting to her when she masturbated to feel smooth skin instead of fur - especially if she was doing it in front of a mirror or camera! Plus, without the hair there, her nerve endings got more direct contact. Of course, it was even better when the boy was hairless too - bare skin on bare skin was amazingly erotic!


"Oh, I see," Phil said. Even though she'd mentioned female clients, it hadn't really occurred to him that she'd have sex with them. Or rather, how she'd have sex with them. He wondered briefly what it would be like to watch such an event - but only briefly because looking at her naked body was far too distracting. As was the growing urgency in his own pants. He'd been pushed about as far as he could handle, and needed to get some relief before he ended up with soggy underwear despite Clara's earlier attempt to prevent it!


"So what do you think?" Clara asked.


"I think you're amazing. And beautiful. And... and so much more!" Phil said with feeling. He wanted to look at her forever, and ... who knew what else! But the urgency was growing. "I... uh... can I use your bathroom?"


"Of course you can honey," she smiled. "It's right through that door. Just don't masturbate in there, okay?"


Phil was crestfallen. Was he really going to have to wait till he got home? From what she'd said earlier, he'd though she'd understand that he really did have a need. He didn't understand her sudden reversal. Why couldn't he go in there and relieve himself?


"Why not?" he asked, horrified as the words escaped his mouth before he could stop them.


Clara smiled. "Wouldn't you rather share it with me honey?"


"Share?" Phil asked, confused.


"Your cum honey! Your climax at least, if you don't cum yet. I think it'd be better for you if you let me get you off."


That was almost the end of the issue. Phil could feel himself preparing to shoot without even letting it out. It was a close thing, but not quite. Probably part of that was because Clara was motioning him to get up and come to her.


He got up mechanically and walked to face her, stopping about a foot away. Her proximity was only making things worse for him - the closer he got to her, the more aroused he became. It was no longer a question of if he would cum, but rather, how many more seconds till it erupted.


Clara sensed the impending explosion and dropped to her knees before him, reaching for his belt. Glancing up to make sure he wasn't objecting, she quickly unbuckled, unbuttoned, unzipped and lowered his pants around his ankles. His cock leaped out like a tightly-wound spring, rock-hard, a beautiful deep pink, the tip shiny with wetness.


"Oh honey," Clara said, taking it in with her eyes. About four inches long, it was straight as an arrow, the head a deep, aroused-looking pink. "It's so fucking beautiful Phil!" It was too. More than anything she wanted to slid her lips around it and suck it into her mouth, but it was too soon. This first time should be a hand-job. His first hand-job by a woman. She couldn't wait to feel it though! It looked so smooth and warm, and every cock felt different and lovely in her hands.


It was too late though. As she reached for his member, Phil's body jerked and spurts of hot cum jetted out, splashing against her in a rapid-fire volley leaving spatters from her neck to her belly-button! Phil reflexively reached out and took her shoulders in his hands to keep from falling over with the force of the pleasure coursing through him.


Clara had only a moment, she knew, to turn this early-fire from a defeat to a victory in the boy's eyes. "Oh my God!" she squealed joyfully as the hot goop splatted against her skin. "Yes Phil! Shower me with your hot cum! Oh fuck yes honey! Cum hard all over me! Cover me! Your cum's so hot on my skin! It feels sooo sexy and good!"


While intended to keep Phil on a positive track with the event, it was also true. Clara loved being cum upon. There was something just unspeakably lewd about it. And she loved the way the cum felt on her skin as she rubbed it in. She did that now, smearing it around and rubbing it into her flesh like lotion as the boy watched, even reaching for his member and squeezing out the last drops onto her palm. Her breasts and chest and tummy were shiny with the boy's cum and he stood there, watching this completely obscene act with wonder, unable to speak or act himself as he clung to her for support.


She finished by licking the cum from her hands while looking up into his eyes with gratitude in her own. "Thank you Phil honey! That was such a lovely gift!"


"I... I didn't mean to..." he started.


"Well I'm sure glad you did! What a waste that would have been to shoot into the toilet! Your cum is yummy, and I love the way it feels on me honey! We'll definitely have to do that again!" She paused, looking up at him shyly, "I mean, if you want to..."


"Oh heck yes!" he almost shouted. He'd never cum so hard in his life! "Whenever you want! Dang, that was..." he shook his head, once again out of words.


Clara motioned him closer, and as he bent down, she took his head in her hands and kissed him. She thought he might at least know the principles of French kissing, so she let her lips part and her tongue slip out to run along his lips.


She could feel him twitch in surprise, then a moment of confusion before he realized what she wanted to do and opened his mouth. Her tongue slipped into his mouth, seeking and finding his, and in a moment they were kissing deeply as lovers, the youth following the guidance of the experienced woman. He'd never French kissed before, but he was a quick study and the lesson was pleasant, as was the fact that he was kissing a naked, cum-covered, full-grown woman. His head spun from it all, and he was lost in the kiss, feeling dizzy and weightless, and spent from his climax and deeply, deeply in love with this woman who'd given him so much, so quickly!


Finally they parted, and Phil realized he could taste his own cum on his tongue, as well as Clara's own flavor. Both were mixed with the sweetness of the act itself, his brain cataloging them as "good" and worthy of pursuing more of the same.


Getting up, Clara took the boy into the restroom, and with a damp cloth, quickly cleaned him up and tucked him away. His cock was already ready for a repeat, as was the boy himself, but their "session time" was done, and she had to get him back into condition to face his father once again. So after she got him dressed, then re-dressed herself, she sat down and chatted with him for a bit to help him down off the rush and at least reduce the ear-to-ear grin a bit.



"Well doc, whatcha think?" Dick asked, obviously more concerned about his career than his son. "Can you fix him?"


Forcing the urge to feed Dick his own dick, she smiled sweetly. "I believe so Mr. Berry. Phil is a bright young man, and he really wants to be straight. While that might not ever be 100% possible, I think it's fair to say that I can guarantee that with continued work, we can ensure he'll learn to enjoy women at least as much as men. There's no reason he can't have a wife and family one day, if that's what he chooses to do. But it will take some work, and you'll have to refrain from interfering with the process if there's to be any chance of success. So your part will be to make sure he comes to see me once a week, and don't badger, bully, or mistreat him. Let him choose his own pastimes, and especially don't push him to do sports or activities because you like them. That would almost certainly push him back in the wrong direction. Can I count on you?"


Dick didn't like that. He wanted his boy to follow in his footsteps. The Right footsteps! But even more than that, he wanted to not be embarrassed by having a gay son. He nodded. "Sure thing doc. Same time next week?"


"I'm looking forward to it very much," she smiled, winking at Phil when his father turned away.


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