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Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Good Neighbors 1

Part: Part 1

Summary: Just a couple guys hanging out, spot a neighborhood girl and can't help but rub one out.

Keywords: M, M, g(10), Ped, Voy, Exhib, Mast

Date: 10/21/2016

[ Shorter than my usual, but I'm short on writing time these days. Still, hope ya like it! ]


"How long's a guy gotta wait to get fed around here," Jim yelled from the living room. "I'm fucking starving!"


"Keep your pants on," Gary replied gamely. "I'm not your fucking wife."


"Good thing - I'd so fire you!" Jim chuckled, sipping as he gazed out the window. "Well at least you got a nice view. The view from my apartment's not this nice."


"Yeah, I got lucky," Gary agreed, coming in from the kitchen. "Food will be on in about twenty." He walked over to join his friend in gazing out the large picture window that overlooked the small park. It really wasn't that much of a view, being cut short by the other wing of the apartment complex on the other side of the park. But you took what you could get in the city, and at least he got some trees to give him some pretense of privacy. Only a few of the windows across the way were visible. Even in the deepening twilight, as the lights started to blossom, the trees blocked most of it, giving him the opportunity to occasionally see a few stars.


"I'd say so!" Jim laughed with such enthusiasm that it made Gary look over at him curiously. He was looking intently across the way, and Jim's eyes tracked them to one of the few visible windows. It opened into a bedroom - obviously a girl's bedroom by the frippery; and of course, the girl inside it. She was completely oblivious to their gaze of course. Most people don't dance like that when they think they're being watched.


Gary could tell right away that she was a cutie, though she was far too young to think of as anything other than that, even though she appeared to be dressed in some sort of bikini. That was odd - he was pretty sure the pool was closed this week for cleaning. And while he got a bit of a thrill, as most people do, when they glimpse something they oughtn't, he felt a bit uncomfortable at the fact that she was definitely underage.


Jim though, didn't seem to mind at all. He continued to watch the girl with interest. It made Gary wonder if he'd misjudged the man. After all, he'd only met him a few weeks ago, by chance when they happened to be walking in from the parking area at the same time. They'd struck up a friendly enough conversation - an increasingly rare talent in this day of zombie-phone-walkers, and had quickly discovered that they had a number of interests in common.


The next time they'd bumped into one another, Jim had extended an invitation to dinner, having found out Gary was unmarried. He was going out to a nearby cafe' and said it'd be nice to have company. Since he'd moved here only about a month before, he hadn't had much chance to make friends, and eating dinner alone night after night was getting old. Gary had accepted, and the two had enjoyed a pleasant dinner. Their budding friendship extended the dinner to desert, then to a nearby lounge where they watched a game together.


Over the next few days they continued to back-and-forth over emails, texts, and a couple more dinners. They quickly learned that they had similar weird senses of humor, enjoyed similar sorts of movies and books, and even used a few of the same porn sites. They even liked the same sorts of girls - petites as they were called. Smaller girls, with modest breasts, often early twenties or even the "barely legal" types. They traded a number of pics each found sexy and even discussed masturbation techniques. In fact, that was one of the reasons Gary had invited him over for dinner this night - He had a FleshLight, and Jim wanted to see one. They were expensive, and he wanted to actually see one before ordering one for himself.


So Gary wasn't too surprised that Jim continued to look down into the girl's room, but it still made him uncomfortable. The girl's dancing gave them plenty of opportunity to determine that beneath the bikini, she was quite flat, and though he couldn't be sure from this distance and angle, Gary doubted that the girl was deep into her teens - if that.


"Dude!" Jim's hand gripped his arm, breaking Gary's reverie. "She's changing!"


Despite his discomfiture, Gary was still a guy, so his eyes automatically refocused on the window. Guys seem to have a genetic reflex to always try to see naked women (or in this case, girls), and he didn't even have a chance to think about it before he was watching the girl untie the top and let it drop to the floor. Her back was to them, so they didn't really get to see anything, even when she slid the panties down and off. Well, they got to see her ass, which was lovely - small, firm, and rounded. But asses don't count - much. You can see them on TV. Even children's asses. And from this angle, they didn't get an actual look at her nethers even when she bent down to pick them up.


Still, automatic reflexes are automatic reflexes, and Gary could feel his member swelling at the peek-a-boo show. Part of him wanted to turn away, but his curiosity was fully engaged now, and since Jim seemed determined to see what he could, Gary went along with it, watching as the girl donned a flimsy, filmy, flowing dress of some sort.


"Heh heh, the little slut!" Jim chuckled.


"Huh? She's fully covered," Gary said, somehow feeling obligated to defend the girl's honor. After all, they were the ones being dishonorable.


"Fully covered - but she didn't put any unders on. You ever go Commando dude? Trust me, you're hyper aware of every move. Girls ain't no different. I never met a chick who went commando who wasn't enjoying it on at least the physical level."


"Physical level?" Gary asked, trying to give himself time to get his thoughts together. For some reason, he found it hard to concentrate. His mind seemed to run round-and-round the thought that the young lady was wearing nothing beneath the loose-fitting, flimsy fabric of the dress.


"Yeah, physical. Most of the girls I've known that go panty-less enjoy the feel of air and fabric against their pussies, but also enjoy the naughtiness of knowing they could be exposed at any moment. A chance breeze, a slip and fall, and every nearby man - or woman - might get to glimpse their most private spot. You know, kinda like when you go commando and you're hyper-aware that if you accidentally get a stiffy, it'll be obvious to anyone and everyone!"


Gary did know that feeling actually. It was scary, and yet exciting. Too dangerous to do often, but he had done it now and again when he was young and foolish. And thinking about it now was making his pecker swell further.


The girl returned to her dancing, twirling so that her skirts flew up and they caught several titillating glimpses of her naked legs and buttocks, and possibly even her young cunny, though it was too brief to be sure - but that only made it all the more exciting. "Jesus," Jim muttered softly. "With skills like that, she could grow up to be a stripper!"


After a while, she left the room, and the smell of burning food made Gary dash back to the kitchen in a hurry to prevent the smoke detector from going off. Jim stayed by the window, mocking Gary's cooking skills, tucking his phone back into his pocket when Gary returned.


"Well it looks like we're having canned chili tonight," he said disappointedly. "Unless you want to hit the cafe or something."


Jim pondered this, then suddenly focused intently out the picture window onto the window they'd been watching before. "And miss this show? Hell, I'll eat canned ravioli if necessary. C'mere, you gotta see this!"


With trepidation and eagerness, Gary returned to the window, looking out and down. The girl was back in the bedroom, and now she was wearing - well there was no denying it. A very tiny G-string and a "bra" that was about the size of two postage stamps connected with spider web. She was, for all intents and purposes, as close to utterly nude as a girl could get - and she was incredibly sexy.


As before, she began dancing and gyrating, though the dancing seemed to be taking a more erotic twist, with the girl running her hands over her little body in what were clearly "stripper-style" moves, though without the practiced grace of an actual stripper. The erection that'd subsided while dealing with the kitchen emergency sprang back to life in Gary's pants, and he found himself growing fully aroused. Until Jim spoke.


"Fuck dude, how old do you think she is?"


That put Gary right off. Or rather, he wanted it to put him off. But Jim seemed more interested in ogling her than ever. Hell, the guy was practically drooling! What kind of guy would ogle a young girl like that? But Gary did have to admit his own interest was "growing". It was like those anime pictures they'd shared - Loli girls obviously far too young to be engaging in the sexual debaucheries they were engaging in, and yet undeniably arousing.


"Uh, I dunno, maybe fifteen?" Gary said uncertainly, trying to give his friend the idea that he wasn't the pervert he was starting to believe he actually was.


"Yeah, in a pig's eye. She can't possibly be over thirteen - hell, likely more like ten!" Jim laughed, calling "bullshit" on Gary's false guess. "Sexy little slut for that age, eh? Look at her move!" At that moment, the girl had her back to them, and was bent so far over that her hands were flat on the ground. If they'd had field glasses, Gary was sure they'd be able to see her puckered asshole with only a thin string nominally "hiding" it. In fact, as he squinted, he thought he could see it. Too bad the cloth triangle actually did manage to cover her cunny from this angle, though barely.


The men continued to watch in companionable silence for a while, as the girl's moves mesmerized them. She eventually migrated to the bed, using it first as a prop to lean against or bend over, then to climb up on as she continued to dance stripper-like in ever-increasingly provocative poses. It was really no surprise to either when the top was removed, exposing the girl's little light-pink nipples.


With the top gone, they could finally see for sure that yes, she had barely anything topside. But the areolae were beginning to swell, and each was tipped with a definitely erect nipple, which the girl paid increasing attention to, first lightly touching, then rubbing, then tugging openly as her body gyrated.


"Damn, dude," Jim said breathily, "I almost wish I had that FleshLight right now. I could really enjoy taking it for a test-drive!"


Gary knew he meant it as a joke, but the idea of another man's cock in his toy while they perved on a young girl sent a jolt though him that caused a noticeable discharge of precum into his underwear. He was far more aroused than he'd thought, and the idea of actually doing something about it captured his imagination and wouldn't let go. He mulled it over for a moment or two, then realized that he wasn't going to be able to let the idea go.


"Well actually, if you wanted to..." he started, uncertain how Jim would react. He might be jeopardizing his friendship with Jim. Sexual taboos were strange things, and everyone had different "lines thou shall not cross". It was one thing to mutter "wishful thinking" while in seeing something so stimulating; it was another to actually suggest action.


"Really?" Jim said, his eager tone easing Gary's mind immediately. "If you wouldn't mind... Of course, I'd clean it up good after..."


"Damn right you will!" Gary said, exhaling explosively. He hadn't even realized he'd been holding his breath. "I ain't gonna be sticking my dick into nothin' that still has your cum in it!" That was bullshit too actually. Gary didn't have any problem with man-cum. He'd done a few threesomes in his younger days, and had discovered that he didn't really care if it got on him, or on his cock. Hell, he'd even kissed one girl after one of his buddies had filled her mouth with his cum. The taste had been odd, but not unpleasant. And like all men, he'd tasted his own. So really, he thought it might even be fun to use the toy after Jim jizzed in it - though Jim would probably gag at the idea, so it probably wouldn't happen that way.


His mind whirling, he dashed to his bedroom and got the toy, his lube, and a few towels, returning to the window only to find Jim already had his cock out and in-hand. "Hope you don't mind," he said bashfully. "But I figured that if I was going to be using your toy, you was gonna see my pecker anyway..." He looked at Gary for some sign, relaxing when his friend just grinned at him.


"That's reasonable. And I guess that means you won't care if I rub one out too...?"


"Fuck no! Go to town dude!" Jim grinned hugely. "Oh shit!" he said as a dollop of precum dripped from the tip of his cock onto the floor. "I'm really sorry man!"


Gary laughed. "Don't worry about it." He tossed a towel over the spatter and used his foot to clean it up while handing another towel the lube and the FleshLight to Jim. "Just try to keep it on the towels if you can - if you get it on anything else, you are cleaning it up." He unzipped his own pants and as he looked out the window, re-focusing on the girl, pulled down his pants and shorts, his cock springing happily free into the cool air. It was such a relief, and he could feel the precum oozing out even as he took his cock in hand. For a moment, he wished he was going to be using the FleshLight, and he laughed inside as the crazy thought slipped through his mind, "Let your friend use it. You're the host, after all!"


He alternated between Jim and the girl as, following his advice, Jim dribbled lube onto his member, then poured some into the toy, before rubbing his lubed cock-head around the opening and finally into the device. He sighed happily as the gripping toy slid along the length of his shaft, the nubs inside giving him some wonderful sensations. "Oh man, that feels good buddy! Oh yeah... yes-s-s-s..." He slid deeper and deeper, until the pussy-shaped opening pressed firmly against his groin.


"Okay now use the hole there to control the suction as you pull back out," Gary advised. "It takes a little practice, but after stroking a bit, you'll work out how much or how little feels best."


Jim experimented, his shiny, turgid pole sliding out lewdly, then back in. "Shit. I don't know how long I'm gonna be able to hold back, this feels amazing! So when I'm ready..."


Gary shrugged. "Your call. If you wanna clean it, you can fill it. Otherwise, you can pull out and dump your load on the towel." He didn't really care. Another time he might have been interested in the erotic sight of his friend's cock sliding in and out of the sleeve, but right now, he was watching an obviously pre-teen girl caressing herself lewdly on her bed. His own cock was achingly hard, and he could shoot off any time. But he wanted to make it last as long as she was showing off, and that required a careful balancing act, keeping himself close to cumming without actually firing his load.


Both men quietly watched as the little lady writhed on the bed, possibly in time to the music, but not really dancing. Her hands alternated between her tiny breasts and her thighs, which she'd spread wide and clench shut alternately. Gary was pretty sure the thong was soaked - it sure would have been on any woman he'd ever been with who'd been acting like that! There wasn't really enough cloth there to make a "dark spot" if it was wet though. First, it was all dark; but even if it hadn't been, it would take very little moisture to soak that tiny patch of fabric.


As the men slowly stroked themselves, edging carefully, the girl suddenly glanced over at the side table. Stopping her gyrating, she reached over and picked up a phone. "Shit," Gary said. "Probably gonna take a call!"


But she didn't. She looked at the screen, grinned hugely, then tossed it aside to land on the bed as she laid back, spreading her legs wide. The way she was laying, catty-corner on the bed, aimed her pussy straight at the window, giving the men a perfect look at the small pussy barely covered. So when she reached down and pulled the panties to the side, they got a perfect view of her tiny, completely bare, shiny wet cunny!


Gary had expected little more than a slit, but the girl's spread thighs and the way she pulled the fabric aside actually spready her puffy lips, giving them a look at the pale pink within and even at the little hole. She was clearly aroused, puffy-lipped, shiny-wet so that when her two fingers slipped in, they did so with no resistance at all.


"Oh fuck..." someone said, though Gary couldn't tell if it was him or Jim. The sight was beyond erotic. Beyond sexy. Beyond belief! And when she clenched her legs together and her body started shaking as she climaxed, it was beyond enduring. Gary groaned loud and low, and his cum sprayed out, again and again as he stroked, watching the little girl cumming herself. Dimly he was aware that Jim too was groaning and pumping and cumming in his FleshLight, and somehow that only made it all the lewder.


The added stimulation made his climax stronger and longer than he'd ever experienced. He dropped the towel, needing the hand to keep himself from collapsing as his cock spewed and spewed. Fuck it, it was his window, he would clean it later. His vision fogged with the intensity and duration of his climax until after an unknowable number of spurts, he spent his last and used both hands to keep himself upright as his knees tried to buckle.


To the side, Jim was in a similar situation. He was stroking the toy steadily, his eyes closed as he fought to stay standing, his balls doing their utmost to fill the sleeve to overflowing with man-cum. Gary watched, still dazed, but able to appreciate his friend's pleasure just as if he were watching the money-shot on a porn video. The man was obviously enjoying the toy very much, and it made Gary happy to have given his friend that pleasure.


As Jim wound down, leaning against the wall and gasping, Gary's sense of propriety began to regain purchase. He saw that he'd shot against the window with such force that it'd sprayed and several drops of his cum had landed on Jim's phone, where he'd apparently dropped it. He didn't want to piss his friend off, so he reached down, picked it up along with his towel and began to wipe it clean.


"Dude, no!" Jim said, reaching for the phone with such alacrity that it puzzled Gary. Was his friend trying to hide something? Puzzled, he saw it was open to the messaging app, where Jim had been conversing with someone. His eyes grew wide as he took in the last entry.


"He's totally ready baby-girl, now show him your all and make him cum big!"


One look at Jim's red face told him all he needed to know. The girl was Jim's daughter! At first, he was so outraged that he thought he might simply explode. But seeing Jim there, the forlorn look on his face, his cock now free from the toy, still dripping cum onto the floor - the sight was so comically pathetic that all he could do was laugh. First a chuckle, then a guffaw, and as Jim looked at him with relief, he joined it too and the two men laughed long and loudly together. They had each learned something about the other. Both were perverts of the highest order! It was a relief, and a pure joy to find someone they could really relate to.


Gary handed the phone back to his friend as the laughter finally ran out and they both fought for breath.


"H-how old?" Gary gasped.


"Ten," Jim said. "Dude, you don't know how happy I am to have someone to help!"


"Help? What the hell are you talking about?"


Jim looked at him with an expression of hopeful gratitude. "Well, I assume you'll be willing to lend a hand - or a cock - in keeping my little girl happy!"


Yes. Yes, he would. He was a perv. He knew that now. So how could he refuse? Jim's wording had hinted that he'd been fucking the girl. He wondered what that felt like. What her smooth little pussy tasted like - felt like under one's tongue. Would they do her together? A threesome with a ten-year-old? The idea boggled the mind. Was her ass in the game too? What about that mouth? Could she fit him inside her little body's orifices?


Jim was laughing again. Gary looked the question at him, and Jim could only point, still laughing good-naturedly.


Gary looked down at what his friend was pointing at. At his own cock, already swelling and climbing back to life, eager for these new experiences.


He looked back at his friend, but Jim was busy dialing. He held the phone up. "Hello angel? Yeah, he came like crazy. You had dinner yet? ... Probably cold canned ravioli." He winked at Gary. "Put something on, and maybe we can warm it up by the time you get here."


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