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CLUB SHO - Part 5

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Club SHO 5

Part: Part 5

Summary: Caprice talks Josh into performing on-stage with three boys.

Keywords: Mmbb(15/11/9), exhib, bi, cum, ped, incest, cons

Date: 05/16/2016

[If you don't like m/m, you may want to skip this part.]


"Oh. My. God!" Caprice gasped, falling back in sweat-soaked exhaustion. It'd been a busy night - exhausting for both of them as she and Joshua reviewed the raw footage, several times. Watching her man fucking the angelic little girl, drenching her down with (what looked like) gallons of cum, then her father following along and doing the same had gotten her so worked up that they'd had to pause the playback several times as she satisfied herself with fingers, toys, and Joshua's cock, time after time.


Now, as they lay together in the disheveled bed, her own skin aglow with the shine of Joshua's cum rubbed into it (she had, of course, wanted to get sprayed down while watching the little Angela getting sprayed down), they talked, caressed, kissed, and played with one another's bodies like lovers who had been together for years rather than weeks.


Joshua was a happy guy. He'd been 99.9% certain that Caprice would react like she had to seeing the performance, but there was always that little 0.1% of doubt that wouldn't go away until he'd shown her the video. She might have gotten jealous or something. But she hadn't. She'd just gotten horny as hell, proving once again that she was a pervy as he was.


As it turned out, perhaps pervier.


They were cuddling together, sharing kinks and stories and fantasies, enjoying one another's bodies late into the morning when, half asleep and working his cock with her tongue, she sat up suddenly and with a playful grin asked, "So John, I got a question for you. I know you like girls - so do I! And you know I like boys... but do you like boys too?"


He knew she'd ask this eventually. They'd touched on such things briefly before, and she'd even told him about some of the times she'd dressed up as a boy, sometimes playing with boys, sometimes with girls. He in turn had told her about some of his youthful "experiments" (though truthfully, they'd gone on much longer than mere "experimenting" could explain) and even about his infrequent sexual trysts with men. So it was really just a matter of time before she would get around to this.


To be sure, he wasn't too sure. Sure, he liked watching such things on the stage at the club, and he even liked a little "gay porn" from time to time. But to actually be with a young boy, sexually? That would be both new and not-new. After all, he'd done such things when he was a boy. How would it be different now that he was a man?


Well for starters, he'd have no difficulty taking the full length of their cocks in his mouth, he supposed. Or even, he though, in his ass. While he'd never been much fixated on anal, he had of course done it with women and some of them had done things with his ass with their fingers and tongues. He'd always enjoyed it, of course. And when Caprice had mentioned she might "peg" him one day, the idea of her fucking him like some sort of underage futa had sent a rush of excitement through him. He might well enjoy some young boy poking his posterior, he supposed. At the very least, it'd be fun to see, if it was recorded!


He gently caressed her hair, enjoying the sight as much as the sensation of her mouth on his cock. Caprice seemed to never get tired of licking and sucking him, even when it wasn't really to get either of them off. For her, sucking cock was, sometimes, just another way of kissing him. Where another woman might give him a peck on the cheek, Caprice would suck his dick into her throat, holding it there several seconds before releasing it. It always made him smile, both from the sensation it gave him and for the smile it gave her.


"Yeah," he said finally, his musings complete. "I suppose I do. I mean, I suppose I would, if I ever had the chance to try it out. Why? You got something in mind?" It was a mostly rhetorical question. He was pretty sure she did.


Grinning girlishly as she released his cock from her mouth once more, she confessed. "Yeah, actually I do. There's these boys I play with sometimes who told me they'd like to be with a man sometime." She wrinkled her nose. "I told 'em I know a guy who cums bucketloads, and they seemed really interested."


Josh's cock was swelling even more fully than her mouthing his cock had caused. She'd drained him dry more than once tonight, but the thought of doing this... this new thing, had got his attention. It was like she'd found a whole new reserve of pervish desire in him. Plus, there was this...


"Boys?" he asked, his pulse thumping excitedly. "As in more-than-one?"


"Three actually," she grinned, her hand slowly working his cock as she felt it stiffening once more. "The oldest is fifteen, and his brothers are nine and eleven." Her eyes danced with mischief. She knew she had him, but had to ask just to hear him say it. "You interested?"


Instead of answering with words, he showed her by flipping her onto all fours and taking her like a boy.



"Ladies and gentlemen!" the MC called out. "Introducing in his first stage appearance tonight, Mister Joshua!"


Josh's pulse thumped nervously. How the hell had he let Caprice talk him into this? Well, it was too late to back out now. And besides, he'd been thinking about getting on stage for a couple of months now. He hadn't expected it to be with a boy though! He'd thought that for his first truly exhibitionistic "showing", he'd at least be with a girl, possibly with Caprice herself!


But in the wily ways of women, Caprice had somehow talked him into doing this. If nothing else, she'd said, seeing him with a "young man" would make many of the women and girls at the club wonder if he was interested exclusively in males. In short, it'd hugely increase his appeal to them, and he'd be deluged with offers - or so she claimed.


More importantly though, Tim and Tom would be watching (via video feed) as he and their other brother Terry performed. And little cum-cravers that they were, once they saw him cum for Terry, they'd be screaming for the chance to be with them himself. Joshua wasn't really convinced of that, but really, he was falling hard for Caprice, and he could tell she'd wanted this. So he'd have done it even if he didn't really want to - though of course, he did.


There was a certain thrill to being seen by others in the act of having sex. He'd experienced it many times, from jacking off in public as a youth behind the bushes at a park, to fucking his girlfriend at the local "Lover's Lane" in high school, sneaking peeks into other car windows and knowing others were doing the same with them. As an adult, he'd been to "swingers clubs" a few times, and the sexual excitement of fucking in a room crowded with other people fucking, watching, and showing along with them was intense. And of course, he'd gotten more than a few "handies" (and more) from Caprice in the club while watching the stage show (and other audience members doing naughty things at their own tables).


He'd also gotten a real thrill out of fucking Caprice in front of the cameras the first night they'd been together. But this time was different. This time, he'd not only be the center of attention, but he'd also be the physical presence of the ones watching him. Them. And of course, there was the fact that he'd be performing with a boy. Not even a man! Sure, according to the club, everyone "understood" that Terry was "over eighteen". That was the story everyone at the club stuck to. But they knew. More, they knew he knew! Oh sure, there might be one or two people new to the club who thought it was legit, and possibly a few others who actually did manage to keep the delusion alive in their minds. But the truth was that almost everyone there would know he was fucking around with an underage boy - and that too only added to the excitement!


So it wasn't surprising that he was both shaking with fear and trembling with excitement as he parted the curtain and walked out on stage. Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as he'd expected. The lights weren't blinding, as they'd been on stages when he'd been in drama club. In fact, the entire club was dimly lit and the people respectfully quiet, giving him a round of applause that was somehow more supportive than boisterous. A few, of course, made "Whoo-hoo" sounds and commented on the erection that was tenting out his robe, but that was to be expected and he grinned, shaking it back and forth a few times, which earned him some chuckles and claps.


"And welcoming him back to the stage, a Club SHO favorite and complete cum-dog, Terry!" the MC called out.


Even though Josh had seen pictures, when Terry actually slipped out from the other curtain, he was surprised. The boy was, well, "beautiful" was the first word that came to mind. With a swimmer's build, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed carried himself with grace and confidence, his own body uncovered except by the gleam of oil. His cock was rock-hard, completely devoid of hair, and nearly six inches long - and also beautiful, the light-brown shaft tapering gradually to a deep pink head that somehow looked... tasty.


Without a thought, Josh dropped to one knee and motioned the boy over as the music started. The club would cater to almost any sort of "scene" the "actors" wanted to perform, but since this was Josh's first time, they'd decided to keep things simple. No acting, no script, no narrator giving play-by-play. Just him and Terry doing whatever they felt like with some casual music playing and lights that played with slow fades and climbs. Nothing to distract them.


That was fine with Josh. His eyes were riveted to the boy's cock. His mouth watered. He hadn't tasted a man for... years? He wasn't sure, but looking at this boy's sweet unit, he knew it'd been far too long. He might not be gay, but Josh certainly was eager to feel that thing in his mouth!


As Terry approached, he grinned, extending one hand. "Hi," he said in a firm, yet somehow youthful tone, "I'm Terry."


Josh grinned, taking the boy's hand. It felt small and slender in his own, yet also firm, the grip much stronger than a girl's would be. "Nice to meet you Terry," he said, "I'm Josh. But you knew that."


Terry grinned, looking down at the man. He'd dropped to one knee as if expecting Terry to just walk right up and stick his dick in the man's mouth. And while that was an option, Terry had his own agenda. He'd been promised that this guy could cum like a stallion, and he was eager to see the cock that would perform such a feat. So he stayed back far enough that the guy couldn't get to him without effort. He'd seen that look in men's eyes before - what was it about boy-cocks that got pervy old men so eager to put them in their mouths, he wondered.


"So, you gonna stay in your robe all night, Mister Joshua?" he asked coyly. "If so, I can just leave..."


He turned as if to go, giving Joshua his first view of the boy's ass, and it was magnificent. Firm and tightly rounded, both like and unlike a girl's. Josh knew that he'd have to sample that ass, and as Terry looked over his shoulder at the man, he grinned, knowing full-well what the guy was thinking. "You like my ass Mister Joshua?" he asked coyly, bending over to show it to greater effect. "Does it turn you on?" Josh nodded, and Terry laughed. "Then show me! Jeeze dude, you're still dressed!"


Josh laughed, and standing back up he doffed the terrycloth robe and tossed it at the youth playfully. Suddenly he realized just how much bigger he was than the kid, as did the audience, who cheered and clapped. Terry laughed, catching the robe and tossing it to someone in the first row, then turning back and coming into Josh's embrace.


The two hugged, their bodies pressing into one another, and Josh was surprised at how nice the young man felt in his arms. His body was firm, almost hard, in a way that women weren't. The oil made it slightly slippery, and he felt the boy's prick pressing between his legs, as his own cock slid up the boy's stomach as their arms wrapped around one another. It was nice! And then the boy reached up, pulling Josh's head down for a kiss.


The man hadn't expected this, but he went along with it, partly out of good manners, and partly from curiosity. In the few times he'd had sex with guys, they'd never really kissed. Well, once or twice, but it wasn't like this! Terry kissed him, slow and languid, his tongue slipping into the man's mouth like it belonged there. He found Joshua's tongue and they danced together for several long moments, and it was fun! There was a distinct but undefinable difference between kissing Terry and kissing a girl, but not a difference that made it any less enjoyable!


It wasn't for some time that Josh realized that in addition to kissing him, Terry was also moving his body against Josh, rubbing his stomach against the man's cock, up and down, his own cock pressing up against the man's balls at the apex. It was really - erotic! Josh had never really been "seduced" before, but he felt somehow that Terry was doing that to him right now. He felt like the boy was calling the shots, and he was thoroughly enjoying the sensation of "giving in" to the younger man's advances. So much so, that he could feel his cock leaking precum onto the boy's stomach! For an instant he saw himself dropping to his knees and licking his own precum from the boy's stomach while the audience cheered, and the idea made him shudder with excitement.


"Josh! Hey, man, down here!" Terry said, a note of amusement in his voice. "Stay with me man," he scolded gently, and Josh felt abashed. He was really falling for this boy's act - and loving it! He felt Terry's hand reach between them.


"You really have a nice cock Mister Joshua," he said softly. "I like it a lot! I hope you're going to cum a ton for me!"


"I-I'll do my best," Josh stammered. It wasn't lost on him that Terry kept calling him "Mister" - a gentle reminder that the man was so much older than him. It was incongruous that he was the older, more mature, and yet this boy seemed to be calling all the shots. And yet, it also felt so right! It was weird, and wonderful, and he knew that everyone in the audience was watching him be... well, not exactly submissive. But still. Kinda-sorta. It was totally out of character for him, and for that reason he supposed, crazily erotic.


Without warning, the boy slid down his body and took Josh into his mouth, looking up at him with huge blue eyes, his blonde hair framing his face in a way that made him look like something from an anime picture. He only took the tip inside, leaving most of it out in the view of Josh (and the audience) which only served to emphasize the size difference - a thrilling sight indeed! Then the boy took it out and rubbed it over his face, nuzzling his balls and extending his tongue to tickle the man's asshole in the process. Josh shuddered and with expertise, Terry dropped down lower, squeezing a dollop of precum from the tip of his cock, waiting as it slowly stretched and dropped onto the boy's tongue a foot below.


A smattering of applause sounded and Terry grinned up at him. "You make lots of juice, don't you Mister Joshua?" he said, not really asking. "I like lots of juice! I bet I can make you cum really good - so much it'll be all over me! Would you like that Mister Joshua?"


"Fuck yeah," Josh growled. His arousal was quickly growing past the "playful" stage. The way this kid was playing him was maddening, and he was turned on like crazy over it - and over the fact that there were several dozen people watching. He could see in the audience that many of them were playing with themselves, or with each other, and he was more than ready to get it on with this boy!


Terry grinned hugely. With a quick move, he slipped down onto the mat on the floor, his cock sticking straight up, rigidly at attention. With a grin that made Josh crazy, he said, "Ya know men cum more when their prostate's being rubbed, right?" Josh stopped. Was this kid asking him to do what he seemed to be asking? He looked at the boy's cock, rock-hard and shiny with oil. Could he even do it - assuming he wanted to? He was unsure.


It must've shown in his face. "Don't worry Mister Joshua, it'll fit - trust me. Especially after I get you nice and wet." He licked his lips lewdly. "If you'll let me, that is?"


Josh didn't need to answer - his cock did it for him. Another huge drop of precum fell, spattering on the boy's leg, showing both of them that the man was more than willing to let the boy ream him. He'd had girls do it to him before, and it felt good. And truth be told, there was a part of him that really wanted that beautiful dick inside him!


Carefully Josh dropped down to a 69 position atop the boy, eager to take the youth's cock into his mouth. It was as delicious as he'd hoped, the oil making it slip easily into Joshua's throat. It was slimmer and smaller than he'd thought, and as he sucked the boy, he began to think he might actually be able to fit this thing into his ass. Really, he'd had toys this big up there before, though that had been years ago, when he'd been experimenting with the idea.


Suddenly he felt the boy's mouth engulf him, only this time he didn't stop with Joshua's head. In fact, he didn't stop at all! One moment Josh's cock was in air, the next it was buried deep in the boy's tight, warm throat with the boy's nose pressed into the man's balls! Josh had to focus hard to keep from blowing his load in the guy's mouth right then and there!


He focused hard on the cock in his own mouth. It felt amazing. Warm and hard/soft, like velvet-covered-steel. And the kid's balls were so small and delicate looking. He wanted to lick and suck them, so he did, alternating between deepthroating the boy and licking his nuts. He could taste the kid's precum, and it was salty-sweet and delicious. Josh had always enjoyed sucking cock when he'd done it, but this was something special!


He had to focus again when Terry shifted position a bit and suddenly his tongue was on Josh's asshole, warm and wet and slippery, probing and working its way inside. Once again it was a battle not to cum, it felt so amazing! In retaliation, Josh let his own tongue probe the boy's asshole, and to his surprise, the kid relaxed, letting him in easily! It was weirdly exciting to feel the boy's sphincter squeezing his tongue - but he realized that the kid's tongue was deep inside his own ass at the same time - and it felt incredible!


Suddenly Terry withdrew. "Stop Josh, or I'm gonna cum all over you!" The boy didn't have the control he had, and Josh stopped reluctantly, but knowing full well that he didn't want Terry cumming yet. He wanted the boy to finish in his ass! "You got it kid," he said, giving his cock one more sucking-kiss before turning around. Looking down at the pretty boy he grinned. "You gonna cum up my ass while I cum all over you?"


"Jesus, yes!" the boy shouted, his cheeks flushed with excitement. He really was eager for Josh to gush all over him - Josh could tell. He'd seen that very same look in Caprice's eyes many times. Angela's too. What was it about these kids and their cum-fixation, he wondered, but not for long. He didn't really care. As long as they were wanting it, he'd try to give it to them. And he was about to try a whole new style here in front of this audience full of perverts!


He realized suddenly that he'd temporarily forgotten they were being watched. He'd been so focused on Terry's cock and asshole that he'd forgotten where they were. It was a rush to suddenly become aware that he was not only exceeding his own perv level, but he was doing it in front of dozens of horny people who were getting off on watching them! He looked around at the audience, noting that several of them had gotten off already, but most of the ones who were still with him seemed to be edging - teetering on the brink of climax, but not wanting to push over the edge until the "actors" had done their thing. He played with the idea of delaying a bit longer, but wasn't sure he could. His cock ached with need, and when he saw that Caprice was in the front row now, watching him with gleaming eyes while finger-banging a woman beside her in the booth, he knew he'd have to cum, and soon!


Positioning himself, he felt his cock dribbling on the boy's stomach. Terry helped, one hand holding his rock-hard cock steady, the other smearing the precum all over his stomach and chest. He lowered himself until he felt the slippery head of the boy's cock at his asshole. It felt very slippery. Had the kid put on more oil when he wasn't looking? Or was that all spit and precum? It didn't matter. The pointed tip of the boy's cock pushed easily into the man's ass, and as he slid down, Josh groaned with pleasure. It was insane how good it felt! And how deep it went! And how full it filled him! His cock was drooling steadily as he sank down, rose up, and sank down further, making a mess all over the boy's torso. Eventually he was fully down on the boy's cock, feeling it twitch inside him as the boy tried hard not to cum.


"Please," Terry whimpered, looking up at him with pleading in his eyes. He wasn't in control anymore. He was begging Josh to cum, to paint him, so that he could cum as well. It was almost heart-wrenching to see the look of need in the boy's face. The desire. The yearning so hard it was almost painful.


Josh reached down, cupping the boy's cheek with one hand. "Don't worry sweetie, I'm really close. You ready for me to give you my seed?"


Terry couldn't even speak. He could only nod. And the next moment, Josh was bouncing up and down on the boy's cock. In a moment, he howled out loud and began gushing, his cum spewing out in great gushing streams, his ass clenching tight on the boy's cock, which too began gushing. Feeling the hot cum spraying into his rectum was a new and amazing sensation for Josh, pushing his climax even harder, his balls churning as he simply covered the youth with spatters and puddles and lines of hot cum, from his belly button to over his head. His face and hair were covered and his hands rubbed it in and over his skin as he shook and strained, his bliss complete as the man atop him gave him more cum that he'd ever seen!


The roaring in Josh's ears turned into the roaring of the crowd as they stood and applauded and came along with the couple on stage, many of them spraying in unison with Josh's massive loads into hands, onto faces, into pussies and asses and mouths, the cries of pleasure mixing with the rushing of his own climax, and he knew he'd put on a winning show. With a flourish, he lifted himself up off the boy's cock, squeezing out one last dollop into the boy's open mouth before falling off to the side, panting. Looking at the audience, he saw looks of raw lust galore, and also looks of envy, many of them centered on the cum-covered boys. More than a few of them looked like they wanted to rush the stage and lick the boy clean. He glanced over to where Caprice had been and found her face buried between the woman's legs as she gasped and shuddered, giving Josh a weak thumbs-up sign.


Looking at Terry, he smiled at the boy - at the look of utter contentment on the boy's face. The kid grinned back, wiping a glob of cum that threatened to drip into his eyes from his forehead. "Wow Josh," he said, panting. "That was amazing. Tom and Tim are gonna love you!"


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