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Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Educating Daddy

Part: 1

Summary: When a young lady finds out what's been kept secret from her, she teaches herself, then she teaches her father.

Keywords: Mf, Mf(10), ff, ped

Date: 02/01/2015

[Author's Note]


Why are grownups so stupid? I mean really, I can understand why they don't get phones and computers and stuff - that's all new to them. But they're so dang thick-headed!


Take my dad. No really, take him! Seriously though, he acts like I'm still five. He won't even say naughty words around me, and God forbid he lets me know he's hot for me. He is though. I can see it plain as day.


And it's not like I'm a virgin or anything. I mean, I am, but not in any way that like, matters at all. I've been doing sex stuff with myself since I was like seven. No big, everyone does except if they're like from cow country or something! But that was when I learned how to get past all that crap dad put on the computer to keep me out of the fun places.


I didn't know it before or I would of broke out earlier. Lucky my BFF Trinny (short for Trisha - don't ask me how they got Trinny out of Patricia!) told me to check out a site and I couldn't, so I learned how to break out. It's not like it was a big deal or anything though. A few searches, a little poking around, and boom! Out like a rocket!


When I got out on the nets I found out they been hiding all kinda stuff from me! Cool stuff. Stuff dad wouldn't talk to me about and mom - well we're not even going there. I finally got to see what all the fuss was about, and I ate it up. I mean, like I said, I was already touching myself and stuff, but now I knew it wasn't just me - heck everyone was doing stuff, and way more besides! I felt like I'd fallen behind!


So over the next year or so I got me some educating done. I learned all the stuff they might eventually teach us in Sex Ed classes, like how babies are made and all that. But that's just the mechanics. Sex was way more than just that. I read and I watched and I learned all I could. I experimented alone at first, but Trinny chummed up with me for some of it like learning how real kissing works and stuff. We explored together and learned like, that we're different but the same. I would have liked to have a boy to check out, but we found out boys are totally full of it. They talk all like they want to do stuff, but then when you try, they freak and run. I guess they get over it later, cos I seen plenty of grown men doing stuff on vids n'things.


So anyway I was like eight or nine when I first started noticing the way dad changed. It wasn't all at once or anything, and he wasn't mean or nothing, he was just like, different. For example, he wouldn't tickle me like he used to, and when we cuddled watching movies, he'd be all stiff and uncomfortable and fidgety. It ain't kids who are fidgety, it's grownups!


Worst, he wouldn't even admit it, much less talk about it. Every time I tried to bring it up, he'd get all uncomfortable and make some excuse not to talk. It got so bad I thought it was me! Like I done something wrong! Daddy'd always told me he loved me to death and was proud of me and stuff, and we were really close, so this was really buggin' me out.


Well I finally told Trinny about it and we started digging into it. Daddy's always been proud of me cos I'm actually kinda not too dumb. I always do good in school except when a teacher hates me, and I don't gotta even work at it. They were gonna put me ahead another grade, but I asked 'em not to cos I was already the youngest in my whole grade, and that sucks. And Trinny's even smarter, tho she acts dumb. She says it's camouflage and one day she'll bust out and take over the world.


So anyway, it didn't take us long. It was pretty obvious that it had to do with sex, so we started checking that stuff, and found zip. So we started asking around. Well, I did. That was when I got interested in chat rooms. The guys there were SO trying to talk dirty, it was kinda cute and kinda sweet in a way - except the assholes of course. There were more assholes than sweeties, but I been on the 'nets forever, and know how to zap trolls.


So I'd talk to 'em, and most of them would freak out and disconnect when they found out I was nine. That pissed me off but finally one guy told me why. Apparently there's some stupid laws and stuff that guys - well grownups - aren't supposed to talk to girls about sex stuff. Well WTF? How are we supposed to learn? Anyway I learned not to tell 'em how old I was, then they'd talk to me.


I got really popular too! I didn't know why guys liked talking naughty to me so much, but found out that part of it was that there's way more boys than girls in those places, and most of the girls are bitches. Not their fault, they just got spoiled by all the attention. Lots of them don't even talk to boys anymore cos like I said, most of them are assholes. But they hit on me plenty! And I played back too, but it wasn't what I was really interested in. Trinny and me done all that already - and still did - so why talk about it?


The men though, they loved to talk about it with girls. I know I talk pretty good and all, but I think most of them caught on that I was younger than I pretended. Some would ask flat out and when I didn't answer, they'd go away. Others were nicer and they'd say stuff like, "If you tell me you're over eighteen, then I can talk to you, even if you're not really. So tell me, are you over eighteen?" Course I'd say yes, and then we would get naughty.


But they knew. I know they knew cos they'd always end up treating me like a kid - but like a kid they was sexing with! And all while pretending they believed I was over eighteen in real life. It was weird, but a lot of fun, and I learned a lot! We didn't always just talk sex stuff, you see. Some talked about relationships and their experiences and stuff. And lots were willing - eager I mean - to explain stuff to me. Naughty stuff. They got off on it. Totally. So did I. Cos when they were talking naughty and explaining stuff, they were BEING naughty too! I mean like, rubbing their things and cumming right there on the other end of that connection we had!


And yeah, I did to. I even got Trinny to try it, but she wasn't that into it. I think it was cos she can't type for shit. But it was fun when we'd play together and I'd tell the guy all about it! Some of them wanted to see. No. I'm pretty sure ALL of them wanted to see. And to hear. But one of the good ones warned me early on why that was a bad idea, so we never did that. Just text. Sexting they call it on phones. Cyber they call it on computers. Short for cyber-sex. I don't get why they have two names for it.


But anyway, in all this talking and sexting, I learned what the prob with pops was. He was horny for me! Totally. It was obvious after I got a clue, and it really kinda pissed me off. I mean, I totally would have gave it to him, and he was avoiding it like I was a disease! So I started teasing him.


I know it was mean. Now I mean. Now I know it was mean. But then I was pissed. And horny. I knew I'd never do all I wanted to with boys - they were just useless. But a man like daddy, if I could get him to play along, all my dreams could be fulfilled.


Now you gotta understand, I'm not just pretty smart. I'm sorta advanced in other ways too. Good health and nutrition and exercise and really good genes made my boobs start growing early. That's why dad started freaking out. He probably figured he had at least a few more years of me looking like a little girl before he had to face his demons. But no. When my girls busted out (get it? BUST-ed out?) I went from nothing to a B-cup in less than a year. So there I was, not even ten yet with a chest that, on a small frame like mine, was pretty hard to miss.


And nobody did miss it. Half the girls in school hated my guts, half of them envied me, and I'm pretty sure half wanted to play with me. And of course all the boys claimed they'd fucked me. Did I mention boys are assholes? Well they are. Heck, I never even had a boy be willing to kiss me - real kissing - much less do real sex stuff! And thanks to Trinny, I knew what to expect. That girl has a crazy tongue, and likes to use it! For a while there, we had sleep-overs almost every night, and we always got up tireder than when we went to bed! But anyway, all the teachers noticed too. That's why some hated me. I know now that was probably cos they wanted to fuck me too, and in a way I guess they did. Just not the good way.


So yeah. Whether I was at school or the mall, there was always a buncha guys and some girls checking me out. And thanks to all the chatting and sexting I was doing, I was actually noticing them now. And daddy was still avoiding me, so like I said, I teased him. He didn't want to admit I was growing up (and out), so I'd dress like I did when I was a kid at night - literally. I used to use daddy's old t-shirts as nighties, so I went back to doing that. Only now they fit much tighter! And it wasn't like he could pretend, cos teasing him turned me on, so I was always flashing my high-beams at him!


And it worked. Totally. I was driving him bat-shit. I could tell by his face turning red, I could tell by the way he avoided my eye after I caught him staring at my chest about forty million times. But after one guy online told me to follow him and listen to his door after he got an eye-full, that's when I really knew. Daddy often had to rub one out after I teased him, and it was getting more regular as I got more daring.


My friends online told me he was also just getting used to it. He knew that after I'd watch TV in a tight thin t-shirt and panties, squirming and moving against him just-so, he'd need some relief. So he didn't fight it. He'd just run to his room and I'd hear the light slapping sounds that meant he was fapping. The sound drove me crazy - I wanted to see! Heck, more than that! But how to pull it off?


This one guy online told me how to manage it. He suggested I start pretending I was having bad dreams and asking daddy to check on me at night. It worked perfect. I'd wait till I heard him peek in my bedroom, then I'd sort of mumble and thrash around a little. I kept the nightlight on - because of the dreams, y'know - so he could see me. More important, he could see when I moved the covers away in my thrashing.


It got to be like a regular thing, and I got more bold - and so did daddy. At first he'd only peek his head in, and I'd only show some leg. By the time a couple of months went by, daddy would stand inside my room, beside my bed, and I'd be kicking the blankets and covers completely off and even letting the shirt work its way up to show my tummy! It was fun teasing daddy like this, and sometimes I'd get in a position where I could actually see his bulging jammies! I'm sure that when he left, he totally beat his meat, but hey, so did I! It was hot having his stiffy so close I could reach out and grab it!


Over time I decided that I was going to have him. He didn't know it yet, but I would. So in addition to getting more bold - and not just in my room at night - I also started getting ready for him. My friends online warned me that if I wanted daddy to fuck me, I'd have to prepare. A ten-year-old girl can't just fit a grown man inside her - she ain't used to it. It would hurt like hell - the guys said for both of us. Well I'd been masturbating and playing with Trinny, so I kinda knew how my cun-cun could stretch, but yea, I'd seen man-cocks online, and no way it would fit - even if he wasn't of porn-star dimensions.


My online buddies came through though. There was a core of like four guys who knew me pretty well, and I knew them pretty well too - the perverts! We were friends, and once one of them suggested it, they all wanted to contribute. So we worked out a way that was safe for them and safe for me, and they got me three shiny new dildos to practice with!


Okay, I don't know if you've ever gone from fingers inside you to a vibrating thing inside you, but let me tell you, it is WILD. The first time I did it I really truly thought my head was going to explode right off my shoulders! I'm afraid I kinda lost sight of my goal for a few weeks, and even tapered off on the teasing and showing off for daddy while I was focused on my toys. Of course I started with the smallest, but in only a couple of weeks I was pounding my hole with the biggest one they had, a huge six-incher that they told me was probably close enough that if I could take it easily, I could fit daddy. And after all the gasms it gave me, I could fit that thing easy as pie - though it always felt really tight, especially when I first started.


My lack of interest was good for daddy too though. I guess at some level, he missed the teasing, cos he started trying to be closer to me more often. And even though I didn't remember to have "bad dreams", he still watched me in bed every night. I gotta admit, I was selfish there. I kinda wanted him to go away so I could break out the toys!


But after my initial love-affair with the toys had died down a bit, I was back on track and more determined than ever to get daddy. I was ready. My body was ready. I could take him any time, and I wanted to. But he was still resisting.


So I upped the ante. Instead of just showing him more of my body at night, my "bad dreams" started turning into "good dreams". I started tucking a pillow between my thighs - while daddy was watching, and rocking my hips, rubbing myself on it. A few days later, I touched myself "in my sleep" right out in the open where daddy could see it. I mean, I still had my panties on, but he saw I was touching my pussy all right. He practically ran for the door, and I know he enjoyed it cos he was back even earlier the next night. So I went from touching myself, to rubbing myself. From rubbing myself to rubbing my whole body. Daddy's visits grew from a few minutes to almost an hour as he watched my "sleeping dream" progress from a few light touches to me thrashing around with one hand tucked between my thighs while the other mauled my titties through the t-shirt.


Daddy was getting bolder too. He would stand right beside the bed now, his bulge in clear view when I could peek without him seeing. And he'd rub it through the fabric too! It was like he was teasing me back now, and I was the one going crazy. The door would barely close before I'd pull Big Boy out from under my pillow and jam it into my pussy! I had to have him... but how?


My friends conferred and came up with the magic answer. It was so outrageous though, I didn't know if I could do it. Okay, I'm lying. As soon as I heard the suggestion my cunny got wet all over again. I'd do it. I'd do it TONGIHT. We'd waited long enough.


Daddy came in about the normal time, and got close beside the bed. The guys told me that was so he could smell my hot pussy, as they called it. I was absolutely shivering with anticipation. Could I do it? I caught a peek of daddy's already-swelling manhood - and I hadn't even shown him my leg yet! Oh yes, I could do it. I had to get him to introduce me to all those things I saw porn actresses enjoying!


I began my act, pretending the dreams were coming, that I was becoming aroused - that wasn't acting though, I was totally on fire. I could see daddy's cock twitching as he watched me, saw my hand slip between my legs under the covers. He knew what I was doing, all right, or he thought he did. I moaned a little louder as I touched myself, and following the advice of my advisors, I gradually changed the moans to words as I rubbed my pussy and breasts beneath the sheets.


"Ohhh yes," I cooed softly, blurring my words. I mumbled some incoherent stuff for a bit, then clearly, "Oh yes sir, it's so big!" then back to more mumbling. All the while my thrashing was growing more vigorous, and I caught glimpses of daddy squeezing and rubbing his cock through his pajamas. It was time for the coup de gras. My eyes still closed, moaning loudly as I rubbed myself, I kicked the sheets aside - exposing the fact that I was stark naked under the covers!


To my shock, exposing myself like this to daddy had an unexpected side effect. It was like a rocket went off in my head. My daddy was seeing me naked and playing with myself! Oh fuck. I came. Hard. My fake little whimpers and moans were forgotten as my well-practiced fingers went into overdrive, rubbing my pussy and clit, then jamming half my hand into my tight, wet pussy and pumping them while I cried out, "Daddy! Oh God Daddy! I can't hold it back anymore! Aaaigh!" and I came, and came like never before, my juices spraying out on my thighs and the bed as I worked my pussy like a jackhammer!


By the time I could force myself to face him, the front of his pants were soaked. I wondered if he'd cum! He started to turn to go, and it was suddenly all too much for me. I just couldn't stand it anymore. I needed my daddy, and he was rejecting me! I'm ashamed to say, I burst out crying.


It may not have been intentional, but it had exactly the right effect on him. He forgot all about his shame and reservation as his little girl was in pain. In an instant he was sitting beside me on the bed, pulling me into his arms, comforting me, probably not even aware that I was buck naked.


Being in daddy's arms had an immediately soothing effect, and I was suddenly over the tears and wanting him more than ever. I grabbed onto him hard, squeezing him tight. "Don't let me go daddy, don't let me go! I need you daddy, I need you so bad! I've been dreaming about you for years. Please don't reject me daddy! I know you want me to! I know you do!" I fumbled for his cock, finding it and squeezing, amazed at how big and hard it was in my hands, how hot despite the wet fabric. I was immediately in love with the first real cock I'd ever touched, even though I hadn't actually touched it yet.


"Nooo baby girl..." he started, but I interrupted. Releasing his cock, I wrapped my hands around his neck and kissed him. I kissed him hard, mashing against him, opening my mouth. He was so startled he didn't react - but his body did. His mouth opened, and in an instant my tongue was in there, searching for his tongue desperately, finding it, and kissing daddy like he was my long-lost soulmate!


Somewhere in that kiss that lasted for years, daddy found peace. I felt it first in his body, as his tension eased, then I felt it in his tongue, as he began to kiss me back with real feeling, and finally, to my utter joy, I felt it in his hands as they began to caress my naked flesh.


Daddy's hands on me were magic. Everywhere he touched, I tingled, and when he got to my breasts, I swear I came a little bit. I had to break the kiss even thought I loved his mouth because I had to breathe. But breaking the kiss made his mouth available and he ducked down and started sucking on my boobies and I can't even begin to describe how that felt!


I fell back on the bed and daddy's mouth stayed stuck to my breast, working it's magic and making me feel so amazing! And he moved to my other girl and did the same and it was like the same only different and just as amazing. I know I was moaning and it was like one long slow gasm only I never felt gasms from my boobies before so it was surprising and wonderful and I never wanted him to stop.


He didn't, but he did move, and because he was moving down, I was okay with it. Trinny had did this too, and while it was nice with her too, it was way more intense with daddy. Maybe it was because I wanted it for so long, I don't know, but I arched my back as his lips and tongue worked its way down. It seemed to take forever and no time at all and daddy was at my pussy.


He pulled back and my brain screamed, afraid he was going to chicken out now but he didn't. He just looked at it for a while and I swear I could feel his eyes on my pussy! I know she was wet and juicy and shiny and I hoped he didn't think it was gross and then suddenly his mouth was on me and his tongue was inside me and I was cumming so hard!


Fingers are great, and a dildo is better, but you know, it's always me. I always know what I'm going to do and there's no surprise. Trinny was better when she licked me down there, but different. Her mouth and tongue were light and soft and she always made me cum.


No, she always coaxed me to cum. Daddy's tongue MADE me cum. First, it was way bigger and longer than Trinny's. But also the way he used it inside me, licking me, sucking me, and literally tongue-fucking me was just crazy-good. And he didn't like, want me to cum, he needed me to. I could feel it. I swear, it was as if his mouth was screaming for me to cum, demanding it - and boy did I ever! I was screaming "Daddy" over and over and my hands were pulling his hair and I was thrashing all over the bed but daddy's way stronger than me and he never let me get away till I had cum so much so hard that I just couldn't anymore and I had to push him away.


My whole body was sweaty and I was panting. I don't know how many times I came. Heck I'm not even sure I was on the same planet anymore. Daddy was caressing me and I could feel his fingers exploring my pussy but she was just as wore out as the rest of me so while it felt really nice, she wasn't going to give me no more gasms for a while. But I loved what he was doing, how he wasn't all grossed out by how wet my pussy was. In fact, he seemed to enjoy playing with it with his fingers as much as his mouth and I was grateful that he didn't try to make me cum. I needed to breathe for a bit.


Then daddy got up, and I was afraid he was leaving. I guess I would have been okay, after all, he'd gone this far, he'd got the rest next time. But he didn't. He stood next to the bed and dropped his jammies, letting his big old cock out right there in front of me. Then he grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the edge of the bed so it was sticking out above my face! Holy crap!


My tiredness was forgotten as I reached up and grabbed it. It was so warm and so hard and so soft at the same time. I fell in love with it immediately and he seemed to like my touch too cos he moaned. I seen this done on vids before so I knew how to stroke it but it was different actually feeling it in my hand. Something in me knew, just knew, that this was what I'd been waiting for all my life. I wanted to stroke it, to suck it, to feel it inside me.


Daddy was so horny that soon as I grabbed it a drop fell from his dick onto my cheek. I seen this too so I knew he'd like it best if I scooped it and licked it off my fingers like porn girls do so that's what I did and I heard him gasp. But I was too busy tasting it. It wasn't bad like some girls said. I mean, it wasn't ice cream, but it was kinda good. I lifted myself up and licked the wetness from the tip of his cock for another taste.


I didn't get another taste. I mean, I did, but it was the smell, the sight, and the feeling of his cock against my tongue that completely captured my attention. Daddy's cock. In my face. I barely licked once before I just opened up and pushed that thing into my mouth. I had to. I don't know why. I just had to. And it was right. There was nothing in my experience like the feeling of having daddy's cock in my mouth. It was overpowering. I had to have more. I pushed as much into my mouth as I could, whimpering when I couldn't fit any more. There was more. I wanted it! I pushed and felt it against the back of my throat. I knew about this, and Trinny and me had practiced a few times as a joke. She said I was a natural and I guess I was because I didn't gag like she did. It felt kinda cool actually. But now, with a real one, it wasn't cool. It was hot. It was too big to fit in my throat though, so I forced it. I had to have daddy's cock in my mouth and throat. I just had to!


Daddy was making grunting noises as I tried over and over again to fit him all inside my mouth. I backed a bit and shoved, then backed and shoved, and was making progress with repetition, but daddy suddenly grabbed my head and rammed it hard, and it all went in! I had daddy's cock in me completely! His hairs tickled my nose! I was in ecstasy! But he pulled back after a moment. But then he rammed it again. And again. Daddy was fucking my mouth just like in the porn movies, and I knew now why the girls in those movies did it. It was a-may-zing! So hot and sexy and ... well I don't know how to describe it, but I noticed my hand was on my pussy and I in a moment I was cumming again, and this time daddy's cock in my mouth made it like totally strange and different and awesome in a whole new way!


Daddy noticed when I came and waited till I was done before pulling his cock out of my mouth. It barely passed my lips when I missed it already and tried to lunge forward to get it back but he stepped back. "You're a horny little slut, ain'tcha hon?"


What could I say? I nodded. "I liked it daddy. Can I have some more?" I meant I wanted to suck his cock some more but instead he pushed me back onto the bed and was above me, his cock aimed at my pussy. "Oh, I'll give you some more, you little cunt," he growled. It sounded mean, but I knew he loved me and the words made me tingle. It was naughty talk like in the videos, and I was totally thrilled. Men only talk like that when they're really horny for you and think of you like a sex partner. He was so over thinking of me like a little girl now!


I threw my legs wide. Somehow I knew I shouldn't say anything right now. Not till he took the plunge. He could still chicken out, and if he did that now I would go insane. But he didn't. He pushed his cock down so the head was at my hole. It felt weird. Warm and soft and a little mushy. Like a tongue only not. And then he pushed and my world changed again.


There's no way I can explain what a cock feel like when it goes up inside you. Much less when that cock is huge, and stretches you as it forces its way into you. It sounds like it would be painful, but it wasn't. It was insanely intense though, and I screamed out loud as daddy's cock penetrated me.


At first it was just the girth. It was fatter than my big boy toy, and way fatter than any tongue, and it stretched me wide. But I expected that and was really wet and relaxed and I was okay. But then he pushed in. And in. And in. And in. It was waaay longer than any tongue or my fingers. And while big boy might go deep, it didn't go deep AND wide. And daddy's cock was longer AND thicker than big boy. And it was a cock. Not smooth plastic. It was flesh. It was warm. It had give. It felt so ... so RIGHT inside me. He wasn't even all the way inside me before I was cumming again, spasming and thrashing so he had to hold me down with his hands as he continued to feed that monster into me. I felt it hit bottom, and still he pushed. It hurt a moment then something shifted or changed and the last inch was able to go into me. Daddy was all the way inside me!


Then daddy was ON me too. He moved up and down a couple of times - an ecstasy in itself - then then he started fucking me. Not nice and sweet as you might expect from a sweet man like him. He hammered me. He slammed it into me over and over again. I lost it completely. I was screaming and thrashing as he pinned me down. I was cumming over and over - one would barely ease when another hit. I don't know what I screamed, but I'm sure it was obscene. I know I was begging him to never stop, begging him for more. I was complete for the first time in my life with daddy's cock inside me, and the way he was giving it to me was better than any porn star ever got. It couldn't get no better. It just couldn't.


Then it did. Daddy shouted out, "I'm gonna cum baby girl! Daddy's gonna fill your hot little cunt with his cum! Oh fuck, oh fuck, OH FUCK!" Then he did. I felt it. I felt it ALL. I felt his cock get even harder and longer. I felt him shove it in me so hard it made me grunt. I felt his balls against my pussy twitching. I felt his cock throbbing inside me. And I felt his cum spray into my pussy. Once. Twice. Again. Over and over.


Daddy's hands were on my shoulders from behind, pulling me down as his cock pushed up inside me. I couldn't move. It was like being in a big vice, being drilled like a piece of wood. His cum shot into me like bullets of fire, another whole new and wholly amazing feeling. More important, it was daddy's cum! And it was strangely wonderful that I was completely helpless in his grip as he shot his seed into me. After all my scheming and work to get him here, he was the one who took me in the end, and I gave myself to him fully. I was his. His little girl. His fuck toy as surely as big-boy was mine. He could do with me as he would, and he'd chosen to fuck me and fill me full, and I was truly fulfilled. Finally!


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