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CLUB SHO - Part 3

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Club SHO 3

Part: Part 3

Summary: Caprice and Josh put on a show. Our favorite father/daughter team observe and enjoy.

Keywords: MF, ageplay, exhib, voy, Mg(11), cum, gush, ped, incest, cons

Date: 04/23/2016

[Author's Note]


Lying beside Caprice on the large bed, holding her, cuddling her, Joshua pondered the little treasure he'd found. He'd long considered his cum-production as a curse. It'd caused him no end of trouble growing up, and even though he'd found a few girls later who'd liked it, he'd never gotten over the suspicion that they'd been letting on, acting like they enjoyed it. But with Caprice there was no question. He'd never seen a girl cum so hard, so thoroughly, while giving head. Sure, her fingers had been on her pussy, but her mind had been on his cock, on his cum, on the way it filled her mouth again and again. There was no doubt, this girl loved cum.


And he was starting to think he might have similar feelings towards her. It wasn't just the love of cum, or even the way she seemed to thoroughly enjoy being his "little girl", or the fact that she enjoyed younger persons. No, it was the way she made him feel. The look in her eyes. The way their bodies just seemed to mold into one another. Hell, he hadn't even seen her naked yet, and yet he felt he knew her body intimately, just by touching through that thin dress.


As their post-climax high faded, they began to chat like old friends. Or rather, like long-time lovers. They might not know the details of one another's lives, but they were filling in the gaps quickly, and they just seemed to fit somehow. Josh wasn't a believer in "love at first sight", but Caprice was giving him reason to reconsider the possibility.


She didn't stay in "little girl" mode of course - that was just a fun affectation - fun for both of them apparently, which delighted him no end. It was one thing to have a girl play a role because you enjoy it. It was another to find a person who got as much out of the role herself. And she did. They talked about it, and he found that she'd always enjoyed such things, even when she didn't even have to pretend to be a little girl. Her childhood had been "adventurous" in the sexual department, and as she grew older, it just seemed natural for her to continue to play as a little girl - a fact which delighted her pervy lovers as much as herself. But she didn't limit her depravity to playing a little girl only. Part of the reason she wore her hair short was that she also enjoyed playing the role of "little boy" - whether she was playing with a man, a woman, or a younger boy or girl.


While Josh preferred girls, he'd had enough experience with other boys growing up to know that he wasn't exactly straight. Caprice seemed to sense this, and mentioned that if he ever wanted to get "pegged", she'd be up for it. He wasn't sure what that was, so she explained about how she could get a strap-on and fuck him like a guy would. It'd never really occurred to him. He had, of course, experimented with his own arse - all humans do, regardless of gender, and regardless of what they say. And a previous lover or two had slipped her finger into him, so he knew how it felt and knew he'd enjoyed that. Still, it seemed odd to think of this mere wisp of a girl banging him - and with more than a finger. Still, he filed it away for later consideration.


On the other hand, the idea of seeing her fucking others like that was definitely stimulating. She'd look like a - what was the word? Futo? Futa? Something like that. He'd seem enough anime and hentai to know he'd enjoy that look on her!


Caprice enjoyed telling him about her exploits. There were very few people she could tell, and even fewer that she wanted to share with to that detail. She was delighted with Josh, both physically and intellectually, and felt that they could build something solid together, given time. But this sharing - well, she was an exhibitionist, and this was another way of "showing herself" intimately; and it was making her horny as hell!


The way she was starting to squirm against him told Josh she was ready. He'd felt a little guilty about getting such a fantastic blowjob and not reciprocating immediately. But Caprice had wanted to cuddle. Now she was indicating her arousal - and he could feel her nipples re-awakening as he caressed her through the fabric.


"Sweetie girl?" he asked gently, lightly squeezing her nipple. "Is someone getting a case of the hornies again?" She giggled, squirming under his touch, her playfulness answering him fully.


"Yuh huh," she said, her cheeks slightly pinking. "Too soon?"


"Oh no!" he said, "Not at all! I've been hoping you'll let me pay you back soon!"


Her eyes danced. "Pay me back?" she teased.


"Oh yes," he said, rolling her onto her back and moving between her legs. "You drank deeply of me - don't you think it's fair to feed me back?" It wasn't grammatically correct, but who cared?


Her eyes twinkled and she nodded eagerly, but then got suddenly serious for a moment. "Joshua darling, can I... I mean, would it be okay with you if we... shared this?"


He was puzzled. She wanted to move to one of the watching rooms? Fair enough. While Josh didn't get off on showing off to the extent that she did, he wasn't shy about it either. It was sort of a thrill, he guessed, not having a lot of experience in being watched. He started to get up.


"Where you going?" she asked.


"Uh, didn't you want to go to a sharing room?"


"And leave our honeymoon suite?" she teased. "No way! Besides, I don't want to see people watching us. I want to focus on you and you alone. But it'd be cool to share it with others, don't you think?"


"Then how..."


She laughed. "I'm sorry, I forgot it's your first time." She leaned over to the side of the bed and slid open a panel. "These rooms have cameras honey - for when you want to record, or share your adventures. Pretty sophisticated too. They can follow the action, blur faces, all sorts of stuff. And they can stream in real-time or just record it for later review or edit. Cost us a pretty penny, let me tell you! But some people want to make movies and don't want another person in the room distracting them. And some, like me," she twinkled, "just like to share sometimes!"


She worked a few controls. "How about real-time feed, open to club members only? We won't let it out into the world, okay?"


"Uh, sure," he agreed, watching her work the controls.


"Faces blurred?" she asked.


"Well, if it's just for club members, I don't think we need to..."


Her grin was radiant. But she showed him how to blur anyway, so he'd know. Apparently the software needed to record a minute or so of your face in detail, but then could blur it out. Simple, elegant, and safe.


Once she slid the panel back, she pointed out the cameras. They shot from several positions, and it was important to know where they were so one could position their activities accordingly. While on, each had a dim red light so the participants would know they were on-camera.


"Well let's not keep our audience waiting," he said, eager as a school boy. His erection had returned in force with the anticipation of finally seeing Caprice naked, and of tasting her pussy. As much as Joshua produced cum, he likewise enjoyed consuming girl-juices. He'd been fortunate enough to have had a "gusher" early in his sexual career, and ever since had been delighted to find another. And he was certain that Caprice was one - that puddle she'd left on the carpet left no doubt. His mouth watered with the anticipation of it.


But first he took his time kissing his way up her bare legs. They were smooth and sweet to his lips and tongue, and he paid her back for all her teasing by circling around her most sensitive area, paying it no mind whatsoever as he slid the dress up, exposing her body by inches, and worshipping every inch - every inch except the place between her thighs!


She squirmed. She giggled. She gasped in exasperation when she realized her intent. But she knew what he was doing. He was taking his time, getting her really worked up and, as he whispered repeatedly, putting on a show; making sure any and all watchers were getting the opportunity to enjoy her body with their eyes as thoroughly as he was with his mouth and fingers.


He'd been right about her body. She was small, delicate, petite. And that included her breasts. While she was most certainly not "flat chested", her breasts were modest - except the nipples. Those were positively boisterous! Large and firm, sitting atop puffy areolae, they could put out a man's eye - or so he exclaimed before sucking each into his mouth, deeply, in turn as he discovered how best to please her body.


Every woman is different, and one might react positively to breast play and negatively to foot play, while another could be the exact opposite on both. To his delight, Josh found that Caprice was essentially one giant erogenous zone. In fact, it was possible that her erogenous zones actually extended beyond her physical body! It seemed like everything, everywhere, and every way he touched her elicited sweet sounds and squirms of pleasure.


Her pleasure and excitement continued to mount until she felt like she'd explode just from the caress of the light from the candles, she was so sensitized! Then he lifted his head, looked her in the eyes, smiling at what he saw, gave her a sweet kiss on the tip of the nose, and his head moved downward. She shook with anticipation.



"Angela!" Pete called out. "Get your tiny little ass in here. The show you wanted to see is on!"


"In a minute papa!" she called down the stairs. A moment later, he heard the thumping as she raced down the stairs and into his den, slamming the door behind her in her haste. He frowned. He'd tried a million times to break her of that habit, but when she got distracted, she forgot. And at the moment, she was quite distracted.


It had been nearly a week since her night with daddy performing for Joshua, and she'd been dying for him to make another appearance at the club. Daddy had promised her nearly a year ago that she could make a real video. But there was always some reason they had to put it off, and she was getting tired of waiting.


First, she'd wanted it to be her and daddy fucking. But daddy objected, saying he wanted to be the one working the camera. He'd taken some classes in film and video in college, and though he didn't make his career of it, he'd been bitten by the bug and it was his hobby. That was, in fact, how Angela and he had started getting intimate. He would shoot her, and she would show off more than he asked, or even wanted - until he found himself growing aroused by it. Things had grown steadily since then, until they were in their current situation.


So they'd agreed it had to be someone else, but who? They'd learned in the four years since her first swimsuit photo till now, that in addition to exhibitionism, voyeurism, age-gaps, and a few other kinks, they both, and Angela in particular, had a real fetish for cum. She loved it, and the more the better. So she wanted her first video to have a co-star who could produce in quantity.


Pete on the other hand, was more concerned for Angela's safety, pleasure, and enjoyment of the experience. After all, if it went well, she'd want to do more. Unfortunately, finding a guy who was a considerate lover, was reasonably good looking (video was cruel in some ways), was big enough to look good on the screen but not so big she'd struggle, and was good at direction - well, he ended up vetoing her choices, and she ended up vetoing his, usually because the men involved who met the other criteria usually only produced average amounts.


They'd both been highly surprised - and delighted - when they saw Joshua's climax hosing down the glass in the Diamond Dolls room. Pete was fairly certain that if she'd been able to, she'd have ripped the glass out of the frame to get to him. It was all she could talk about that night and all the next day, so of course Pete started inquiring.


Mr. Mann was as helpful as ever, providing Joshua's personality profile summary (no specifics of course) and giving his own feelings about the man based on observation and the interview he'd had with him. He thought Joshua would make a swell co-star for the up-coming cum-queen, and told Pete as much. So Pete asked him to arrange for them to observe him with an actual girl.


The plans had been hijacked though, when Caprice met him and they hit it off so well. She was supposed to have got him in to see Mr. Mann, who was going to offer him a visit with one of the mid-teen girls, the room cost on-the-house, but under observation. The girl he had in mind was cute as hell, and he was sure from Josh's psyche profile that he'd be eager to cooperate, even though Mr. Mann didn't tell him why they wanted to observe, other than that he'd heard from Pete that Josh came a ton. Mann was to tell Josh that he had some girls who wanted to see it, since only one could experience it.


It all got derailed when Caprice dragged him off. But he did manage to have a little chat with her, explaining his wishes, and she promised that if Josh was game, she'd get the cameras on them so Mr. Mann & Pete could see. Frankly, at that time, she though Angela and Pete had been exaggerating a bit. Boy was she ever happy to be wrong!


So when it came time for round two of their evening, she fully understood why a cum-slut like Angela and a cam-perv like Pete were so eager to confirm Josh's suitability for the project. Further, she though it was something he'd enjoy a lot, and she hoped that their show for the father-daughter team would result in them moving forward with it. She was pretty sure she'd be able to land a copy of the resulting video too!


Angela giggled when she saw the first camera angle. It was high and behind Joshua, so as he was on all fours, kissing Caprice, his ass was high in the air, and the angle only grew steeper as he inched his lips down her chest to her tummy. Pete had to admit that it did look mildly comical from that angle, and he chuckled as he began to get undressed. He'd been through enough "screenings" with his daughter to be sure that she'd be riding his cock shortly, and didn't want to have to stop to undress then.


The camera angle changed to a side view, and Angela gasped. Josh's cock was rigid as his mouth moved Southward, with a steady drip-drip-drip leaking out onto the bed. Her eyes were wide as she said in wonder, "Gosh daddy! Mr. Josh cums more precum then most men cum when they cum!" The grammar was atrocious, but the meaning was clear - and correct. And more importantly, fascinating and immediately arousing his little angel. He began to undress her, but she ignored the process entirely, being completely fixated on what was happening on-screen.


Of course, watching a guy eat pussy is fairly uninteresting to outside observers. Unless they're porn stars with a decent director, the man's face and mouth block the view of the woman's privates pretty completely, and vice versa. But that didn't matter to Angela. She had eyes only for the dripping cock that was so turgidly beautiful. Her mouth hung open as if it were a cobra that had mesmerized her.


Pete on the other hand, was more interested in the girl. He'd seen her at the club of course, but hadn't paid much attention, as she'd always been working. Doubtless she performed sometimes - all the girls there did, but he'd never caught one of those shows. She had a lovely little body and a cute face, and he'd have enjoyed being in Joshua's place - but that too wasn't what he was paying attention to.


What he was paying attention to was her reactions to Joshua's ministrations. Any man could eat pussy, just like any man could fuck. But to do it well required not just the desire to please, but some degree of skill at the art. And it appeared that Joshua was well-versed. Of course Pete couldn't see exactly what he was doing, other than that he used his mouth, lips, tongue, hands, and even brought his nose and chin into play. But he could see the results in the girl's face. She was totally loving it, and was sure it wasn't faked. At first she'd glanced toward the cameras occasionally - obviously she loved being watched - but over a few minutes, she appeared to have forgotten the fact that she had an audience, and was instead completely focused on what Joshua was doing to her.


Pete didn't even try to count the climaxes. Some were barely more than shivers, others threatened to peel the paint from the walls. But it wasn't long before his little Angela was noticing more than Joshua's dripping cock. "I think he must be pretty good at that," she said, her hand between her legs, unable to resist the urge to touch herself. "She really seems to like it a lot!"


"I believe you're right honey," Pete said. He settled back into the recliner, patting his legs and Angela grinned as she scrambled up after him. Turning her back to her father, she sat with her knees outside of his, easing her pussy back and down on the tip of his cock.


It was a sight Pete would never grow tired of. Her tiny little ass was an utter delight to the eyes, as was her smooth back, half-covered in wavy locks of sunlight-colored hair. He, as always, was tempted to play with her ass, but that would distract her - or rather both of them - too much. He wanted to see how Josh performed, and if he got all anal with his little girl, they wouldn't be able to watch the screens.


So instead, he guided her firm little butt with his big hands. Sure enough, her tiny slit was already warm and slick with her juices, and she took him easily - or as easily as she ever did. She was still a little girl and he was still a full-grown man. The physics of the situation demanded that they work at it somewhat, lubricating his cock and shaft with her juices over several drop-and-lift movements before he would be fully buried inside her.


Eventually he was though, and they sat that way for a time, watching the screens and simply enjoying the way they felt, joined so intimately. Her pussy was so tight around him, and she, being full of youthful energy, was inherently incapable of actually sitting still; so there was always some motion going on - enough that he could cum easily any time he wanted.


But he didn't want. He wanted his little girl to get off first. Not the little climaxes she got from this sort of thing, but the big one he knew she'd have when she got to see Joshua cumming again. Since it was unscripted, they had no idea if he would fill Caprice's pussy, or pull out and spray her down, or if she'd finish him with her mouth (they hadn't seen Caprice and Joshua's first climax, of course).


"She cums a lot too," Angela said, pointing out how Josh sucked and gulped, sucked and gulped, almost constantly as his tongue worked in and around her pussy.


"She does," he said, his hands caressing Angela's sweet, naked little body. "And you'll notice he's making her that horny and getting her off that much without rubbing her clitty raw. That's good technique, that is!"


Angela giggled, intentionally squeezing her father's cock rapidly several times with her pussy muscles and eliciting a groan of false-suffering from him. She knew he loved that - he was just complaining in his way that if she kept it up, he'd cum too soon, so she desisted. She didn't really need any more stimulation anyway - daddy's cock felt so good up inside her! Ever since the first time they'd fucked, she'd always felt a little bit empty, like something was missing, whenever his cock wasn't lodged in her tight tunnel.


"Look babygirl," he said excitedly. "I think they're getting ready to fuck!" It was true. Caprice was gesturing Josh upward with her hands, and he was looking up at her. He seemed reluctant to give up his oral hold on her pussy though, which told Pete that he ate pussy because he loved it, not because it was a duty or anything. That explained the skill level. But he finally, reluctantly moved his face from between her legs, diving back down a couple of times playfully, to kiss and/or lick her nethers briefly.


Eventually his mouth made it all the way up to hers, and they kissed, deeply. It was then that Pete really got an idea in the disparity of their sizes. Caprice was tiny - at least for an adult - and Josh wasn't going to be able to bend far enough in this position to kiss her and fuck her at the same time - a struggle Pete himself was all too familiar with.


Instead, he kissed her - it looked like lovingly to Pete's eye - and then slid his cock into her in one smooth motion. Or at least he tried. He had to back-and-fill a couple of times just as Pete did with his daughter, no matter how wet she was. Caprice's pussy must be quite tight as well!


But once he was inside her, he eased down, letting his body press her into the mattress momentarily as his cock pushed full-length into her. And then suddenly Caprice was on top, as he rolled them over. They were laughing joyfully, not just fucking, but playing as well! Awesome! One of the problems with finding lovers for Angela was that some of them took sex so fucking seriously! Caprice "struggled" a bit as Josh's fingertips sought and found some ticklish spots.


"Daddy no! Stop!" Caprice cried out. Pete hadn't really been listening before, as the volume had been low. But when Caprice screamed that out, it caught his attention. They were playing daddy-daughter! Of course, it wasn't the same thing as he and Angela - they actually were daddy and daughter, but still, it meant full comfort with the concept, and being aroused by the idea - which meant this couple - or either individual - would be perfectly fine with his relationship with his daughter. Of course, he'd assumed Josh was, though he'd known men who'd always assumed Pete and Angela weren't really related simply because of their own discomfort with the concept of incest. But it was nice to have this unsolicited assurance of approval.


Angela looked back over her shoulder. "Daddy? Are they...?"


"Just play-acting honey," he told her. "But it means they like the idea." She nodded thoughtfully. She loved her daddy very much, and could never understand how anyone could object to them being physically intimate. But she knew it was so, so it made her happy that Josh and Caprice liked to pretend they were too. It made them almost like members of the same club!


Caprice was leaning forward and kissing Josh now, her fine little but moving slightly up and down, in no hurry to cum. The couple made sweet love for a while, their hands and mouths engaged in pleasing each other much as Pete was doing to Angela, though with her back to her daddy, she couldn't really reciprocate, other than stroking his legs or slipping her little hand down to caress his balls.


Pete was really enjoying the show, but more, he was enjoying the affect it was having on Angela. She was usually so boisterous, as is proper for an eleven-year-old. But as she watched the couple not just fucking, but actually making love, her own movements on her father's cock adopted a slower, more relaxed pace that he really liked. As much as he liked that she was letting his hands roam over her, pleasing her everywhere instead of her focusing on the "feel good spots" in particular.


Gradually however, the couple's pace increased as their lovemaking took its natural course. Caprice began to ride Josh's cock harder and faster, and Angela unconsciously kept pace, sliding her tight little cunny up and down her daddy's hard cock as he fought to keep from cumming too soon. Fortunately, it didn't take too long before the couple on the screens were fucking and wailing and talking dirty at high volume as their passions grew. Pete and Angela kept pace, but kept silent as they were both watching and listening to the others.


"Where do you want it baby?" Josh panted up at his divine little lover. "You want me to fill your hot cunt with my cum?"


Caprice groaned. She did want that! She wanted to feel his juices filling her to overflowing, like a water balloon! But she also wanted to wear his cum, shower in it, feel it splatting hotly against her skin. It wasn't because she was being considerate of the audience - she'd forgotten them long since. She just wanted to be completely covered in the hot, wet essence of her lover!


"Not this time Josh," she cried out. "You can fill my pussy, and fill my ass, like you filled my mouth and belly - but later! This one I want all over me honey! Daddy! Lover-man! Cover me with your juices! Make me yours by painting me! Let me soak you into every inch of my skin!"


Josh was panting and groaning at her words and at the mind-bogglingly power climax that was building, had been building up in him for some time. This invitation from this "little girl" - his little girl, he was coming to realize, so far off the charts he could barely believe it was happening. She didn't just tolerate all his cum, she reveled in it! Wanted it! Wanted him to "make her his" by showering her with it! It was too much!


With a howl like a banshee, he pushed her over, rolled on top and pulled his cock out as he felt the climax peaking! "Here it is honey! Here's your daddy's cum! All for you baby girl!" He shouted the words joyfully, proudly, as if she were really his little girl and he was presenting her with a "Best Kid Of The Year" trophy.


And then all hell broke loose. His balls began to spew cum in huge gushes which jetted out of his cock with the force of a super-soaker. Hot wet cum doused Caprice, splashing onto her skin as she screamed out encouragements. Every stroke was another jolt down his spin, another snapshot of his cum spraying onto this most wondrous, sexiest of creatures - a true cum-slut in her most perfect form. In seconds she was covered from thigh to chin in gobs and gushes of hot cum, and still the stuff kept coming. Her hands slid down her tummy, rubbing the thick fluid onto and into her pussy as she frantically finger-fucked herself, with Josh moving back to jet hot cum onto her engorged clit, each spurt sending jolts of fire up her spine into her brain's pleasure center.


As the couple went crazy on-screen, so too did Angela and her father. Pete would have loved to pull out and shower his little girl as well, but that would have required taking their eyes from the screen. Instead, as the little girl's climax roared through her, he fired his bolts of hot cum up into the little preteen girl's pussy, which only made her cum all the harder. Each time another shot erupted from Josh's cock to spray Caprice, Angel's pussy spasmed, and each spasm sent a jolt of pleasure through her father's cock, making it strain to deliver another spurt of cum into her already-overfilled pussy. Of course, Pete didn't produce on anything like the scale that Josh did, but even so, his little girl had encouraged him to do everything he could to increase his loads for several years now, so when he came, the results were well above average. And Angel's little pussy was so tight that even with all that inside her, not a drop leaked out.


When all the excitement was over, Joshua flopped down on his back beside Caprice, who was trembling and whimpering on the bed beside him. He was panting hard, but still managed to recover enough in a minute to roll over and kiss Caprice. Then he did something that made Angela whimper with an animalistic want. He began to rub the copious results of his climax into his little lover's skin while cooing softly to her. "There's a good girl. Daddy's best little lover! You're awesome Caprice, the best daughter any daddy could want." All the while his fingers were rubbing over her skin lovingly working his cum into her flesh as she lay there, utterly spent, enveloped in her "daddy's" absolute attention and devotion.


Pete felt Angela quivering and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her back against his chest, his cock still lodged deeply in her pussy. He knew her well, knew what she was feeling, so was unsurprised to feel the tear roll over her cheek onto his chest.


"There, there little one," he cooed softly into her ear. "It's okay honey. Daddy's got you."


"That. Was. So. Beautiful!" she sighed, her tears of joy still trickling. "They were just like you an me daddy!" She sniffled. "You gotta say he's okay daddy! You just gotta!"


Pete chuckled. No, he agreed completely. A man who could make love like that and combine it with some seriously kinky sex was exactly what he'd been looking for. He knew that Josh would take good care of his little Angel, work hard to please her, and give her his complete and undivided attention. He'd play with her, make love with her, and fuck her silly, finally giving the little dear the cum-shower that she so desperately craved. Not that she hadn't had cum-showers before of course. But he knew that with Josh, it'd be special. More importantly, she knew it'd be special. And he, Pete, could rest assured of that, freeing up his concerns so that he could focus on capturing it all on camera. It was going to be one of the world's best preteen cum-queen erotica pieces ever made!


"Don't worry sweetie," he said gently, kissing her behind the ear. "I'll make the call tomorrow. Judging by what we just saw, I'd be willing to bet that Josh will be more than happy to participate in taking your video virginity!"


Angela giggled. "Oh daddy, you're so silly!"


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