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Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: A Proper Little Slut

Part: Part 1

Summary: Not all little girls are innocent, not even the ones who appear to be perfectly behaved little ladies.

Keywords: Mg (9)

Date: 07/07/2016

[Author's Note]


He didn't even realize he was doing it. At least, not until she moved, causing his own eyes to move, and he realized she was looking at him - straight at him. That was when he realized that he'd been staring straight at the little girl's panties for... well far longer than he should have been, that was sure! Ten seconds? Twenty?


His face flushed with embarrassment, all the more so when he saw that hers didn't. If anything, hers seemed pleased. As if she'd accomplished a goal. And perhaps she had. The skirt was really pretty small for so young a girl, though he knew they were wearing them short these days. Still, she couldn't have been more than what, eight? Nine perhaps? And she sure has hell shouldn't have had the fabric of her panties tucked so deeply between what must have been quite puffy labia! That was what had really caught his eye. He'd always been a sucker for cameltoes - pun notwithstanding, and when the little girl had plopped down into one of the chairs in the waiting area, her legs splaying wide, she'd shot him a view his eyes had shot to automatically.


The reason for her moving became apparent as she got up, grabbing her bag, and heading for the boarding gate. The chime had sounded, and now the announcer was telling them to begin boarding. Clark grabbed his own carry-on - a satchel filled mostly with papers and his tablet, and made his way to the crowd as his hand sought out the ticket in the side pocket.


He was tired - exhausted really. The week-long seminar had taken its toll. He was really too old for this sort of thing. Even at forty he'd been able to party and whore with the younger crowd, but it seemed like once he'd hit fifty, he'd lost interest. Not so much in the girls - they were always young, attractive, and willing to do some really interesting things - but the partying no longer appealed, and really, to get seminar groupies, you had to do the seminar parties. So in recent years, he'd generally satisfied himself with calling an "escort" to his room for some good - and less rowdy - exercise on a more intimate level.


This time though, the last few days of his schedule hadn't really allowed, and he could feel himself growing restless for some sex. He was looking forward to getting home to that cute little intern Emily, who had some sort of "Boss Crush" on him. She was only seventeen - far, far too young for him. But as long as she was willing to give it out, he sure as hell wasn't going to turn it down!


After getting his ticket scanned by the conductor, he made his way to his cabin. It'd cost far too much. Every year the rates went up and it seemed like the cabins got harder to find. But he'd managed to get a single-solo this time, and was looking forward to a good meal followed by several hours of uninterrupted sleep. He wasn't so much physically exhausted as emotionally. It'd been a harried trip so far, and the seminar hadn't gone according to plan. They never did, but this time had been particularly bad, and he'd had a ton of stress. As he opened his cabin door, he felt eyes on him, and saw down at the end of the car, the same little girl he'd locked eyes with in the waiting area. He stumbled hurriedly into his cabin.


After the train had got up to speed and the utilities were available, he spent a productive time washing up. It was refreshing, and he felt more human as he made his way to the dining car. This particular line, though modern, had some old-fashioned ideas about their trains, and still had dining at tables available - to those who could afford it. The rest generally ate at the counter or in their seats or cabins. Clark took an empty booth and was tucking into a wonderful veggie lasagna. Part of the reason he liked this line was the cooking.


He was almost finished when the same little girl slid into the seat across from him. "I'm Julie," she said as if he'd asked.


Clark frowned. It was bad enough she'd caught him staring at - well, where he shouldn't have been staring. But now apparently she thought that had made them friends somehow. It wasn't that he didn't like kids, it was just that he didn't really like them much. They were typically loud, rude, and far too energetic. Still, common courtesy pretty much dictated that when one met someone on a train, one was as pleasant to them as one could manage.


"Clark," he said gruffly.


"Nice to meet you Mr. Clark," she said politely, extending her hand. It surprised him both because the tone was so polite and cultured, but more because her hand wasn't angled for shaking. She expected him to kiss it - or he was grossly mistaken. He took her fingers between his fingers and thumb, and as expected, she didn't even flinch as he brought it to his lips. He was surprised to find that she smelled of lightly-scented soap - she'd clearly washed up before dinner, unlike most people did these days, and his estimation of her went up a notch. She apparently wasn't one of "the great unwashed", in either the literal or figurative sense. His smile was actually sincere as he released her hand, and he was again surprised to see that hers was both sincere and calmly accepting of the kiss just above her knuckles, as if it happened to her every day.


He released her hand, and she spoke again, her voice calm, measured, and yet still bright and fresh with her youth. "I'm terribly sorry to intrude, but I was hoping you could help me out," she said. It sounded like something out of an old movie.


"Sounds like something out of an old movie," he accused.


It elicited a merry laugh, almost a giggle, that brought a smile to his own lips. "Busted!" she said. Then in a lower voice, "But you seemed like such a gentleman that I didn't want to come across as some dumb kid." She had a conspiratorial look to her eyes, like they had some sort of shared secret. It was probably some silly kid-game, he figured, but she was a charming little thing.


Her eyes were huge and deep golden-brown, high-quality caramel while it's still in the hot, liquid phase. Her hair was a deeper brown, though with highlights of a similar deep golden-brown tone, and not curled, but more curly than wavy. It covered her shoulders in a beautiful mane and fell half-way down her back. Straight, it probably reached the vee of her behind.


Her face was too pink to be called tan, but too tanned to be called pale, with a brief scattering of freckles which were already fading. By the time she hit mid-teens, they'd likely be gone. Pity, he thought. They added something to her appearance which while pretty enough, was otherwise fairly standard in terms of what "pretty" meant. She still had a bit of childhood roundness, and it was clear that she'd end up with laugh-lines early in life - her demeanor was far too happy for it to be otherwise.


Naturally she had nothing to speak of in the way of curves yet, though when he'd seen her walking ahead of him in the station, he saw enough to know that under that little skirt was a very nicely-rounded behind - not big, like the kids liked them these days - but round. Her legs were nice enough as well, for a kid, and her posture was far better than most girls. She must go to an excellent school. Or perhaps she was a model or something. At any rate, she carried herself well, which did wonderful things for her appearance. Even though he knew she couldn't have anything under her top to speak of, her bearing made it seem as if she might.


The outfit likewise spoke of culture and class. It was simple linen for the most part, snow-white and with only enough embellishment to actually embellish, without overpowering. The skirt was some sort of blend, a dark beige that went well with her hair and eyes, and light enough to flow, even though it was short enough to reveal - as he'd discovered at the station. The thigh-high white socks and tan Mary-Janes completed the ensemble, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. The only jewelry was a gold chain which fell into the opening in her top, hiding whatever the pendant was, and a pair of gold studs in her ears. All-in-all, she was very pretty, as well as damned cute, though in a somewhat subdued manner.


"So what am I rescuing you from," he asked, his tour of her form and fashion complete. "Highwaymen? Some sort of dragon? A plague of locust?"


"I wish!" she rolled her eyes. "Try utter and complete boredom! My parents are schmoozing - daddy is hoping for a promotion - and they expect me to completely disappear after making a good first impression." She took a sip of his untouched water and Clark noticed for the first time that she was wearing lipstick. It was so subtle and well-matched, that he hadn't realized it until he saw it on the rim of the glass.


Clark's patience had suddenly run its course. He was not about to stick around an entertain a child, no matter how charming she might be. He'd nearly finished his supper, and was looking forward to that nap, though at the moment he didn't feel the least bit tired. "I'm very sorry Julie," he said, managing to keep the irritation from his voice, "but I won't be staying long. Now that I've finished," he tossed his napkin on his plate indicating he was done, "I'll be returning to my cabin for a much-earned rest. Now if you'll excuse me..."


He was starting to slide out of the booth when he felt her foot on his leg, stopping him more in surprise than anything else. She leaned forward and whispered, "Did you like the view in the bus station?"


Suddenly he got it. She was going to blackmail him into keeping her entertained! Why, of all the low-down, sneaky, underhanded... he could feel his face reddening, more in anger than embarrassment.


But she'd read him well, and spoke again before he could attack. "Don't worry Mr. Clark," she said mildly, "I'm not going to make any fuss. I just wanted to know if you enjoyed looking at my panties as much as I enjoyed showing them to you. Was the fabric tucked deeply enough? It was hard to tell by touch, but you seemed to think it interesting enough to keep looking."


"I... er... uh..." he said, fumbling, caught completely off-guard by her admission of setting him up that way, as well as her claim to enjoy showing him. "I guess," he finally got out, "it was fine. I mean, not that I..."


Her smile lit up her face, and the foot on his calf slid upward. "Oh good, so you did like looking between my legs! I tell you, if the chime hadn't sounded, I'd have given you a lot more to look at!" In an even lower voice, she added, "It makes me really horny when men look at my naughty bits - or when I look at theirs!"


Clark was beside himself. How the hell was he supposed to respond to that? He tried to think, but that attempt was cut off by the feel of her foot on his crotch, where he could feel his manhood swelling at an alarming rate. Apparently she'd slipped her shoe off, as she was lightly kneading him and, he though, "feeling him up" with her toes!


Like a deer, Clark fled. He went from the table to his cabin door with no recollection whatsoever of having traversed the distance. He didn't think he'd run the distance, but the way his heart was pounding as he leaned against the cabin door, closed behind him, it wasn't impossible. After a moment to calm himself, he shook his head. Was he having some sort of hallucination? Thinks like that didn't happen in real life! Or maybe she was having some sport with him - probably laughing her arse off back in the dining car. Yes, that was probably it. She'd seen him looking at the station and really was bored by her parents' inattention. So she'd availed herself of a ready target for some entertainment.


Well he'd brought it on himself, he thought after the searing heat of anger had dissipated. He shouldn't have been looking at the gusset of a preteen in the first place! By the time he'd washed his face and brushed his teeth, his hands had stopped shaking and the pounding of his heart had subsided.


But what hadn't subsided was his painfully-hard erection. Truly, it had been too long since he'd been laid, if that tiny bit of stimulation had so aroused him! He couldn't recall that last time a little footsy-under-the-table had increased his heart rate!


He still needed the nap though, so he folded down the bed and stripped down to his underwear, smiling at the reflection in the mirror. His erection looked huge the way it was sticking his underwear out! Laying down in the bed, he reached for his tablet, dimmed the lights, and turned it on. A little porn was always nice, though he didn't think he'd need it.


None of his usual porn sites were appealing to him tonight though, which irritated him. He started four videos in succession, lightly stroking himself as each started, but none appealed. The fifth had just finished buffering when the door to his cabin clicked open - in his confusion and haste, he'd forgotten to lock it!


Julie slipped in, closing the door quickly behind her, and he barely got the blanket to cover himself before she turned around. Her eyes were bright with mischievous excitement as she giggled. "Made it without anyone seeing me!" Seeing the look of shock and fear on his face, she calmed down and tried to calm him too.


"Oh, stop fretting, Clark! I'm here for you, honest!" She began to undo the buttons on her top as if it were the most normal, natural thing in the world to be doing while standing in an adult's cabin on a train while he tried to hide his erection.


"What?" he asked, quickly replacing it with, "How?" followed briefly by "Why?"


She grinned at him. "Slow down old-timer. One question at a time." The top came off, exposing her braless bare chest to him. As he'd expected, there was little enough there in the breast department, but like all men since time began, his eyes automatically locked on her nipples, which seemed to him to be large, ripe, and tightening even as he watched. "What - That's easy. I want to make love with you. How - I'm pretty sure you know how. And Why? That's easiest of all. You're a nice guy. I could tell that immediately by the way you blushed when I caught you looking. You're clean, smell nice, and have been very nice to me even after I interrupted your dinner for no good reason. I think you'll make a great lover. I'm sure you'll keep my secret. And I know your cock is large and hard for me." With one swift motion, she slid her skirt down onto the floor, and stood before him in nothing but panties - still tucked into the crease to exaggerate her cameltoe, her socks and shoes.


Despite years of conditioning, Clark's basic nature was asserting itself. A lovely young lady was standing before him, offering herself to him, and his libido was all in favor of taking her up on the offer. His cock sent shocks down his spin with every slight movement of the blanket against it, and he couldn't have torn his eyes off her with a jackhammer. Then she dropped the bomb.


"Don't you think I'm pretty?" she said, her eyes full of sadness at his implied rejection. Of course, he hadn't rejected her - yet - and it was unlikely she could actually bring the tears her expression indicated to bear, but the male conditioning runs deep, and he couldn't help but reply immediately, "Of course I think you're pretty - hell, you're beautiful!"


Her face lit up, and he realized how he'd been played. Clearly this little girl knew enough how to manipulate him! One of his married-with-children friends had once told him that his daughter had been born with the knowledge of how to wrap daddy around her finger. Clark was getting a taste of that now, and wondered if all girls are born with that knowledge.


It was too late to do anything about it though. Julie had already hopped up onto the bed, jostling the blanked against his pecker enough to make him shiver with pleasure, and was quickly divesting herself of shoes and socks. In a few seconds she turned to him, flipped over, and crawled to him on hands and knees wearing nothing but her panties. "Don't worry Clark," she said in a voice that should have belonged to a much older woman. "I'll be gentle," she grinned, then, reaching him, pressed her lips to his.


The sensation was like an avalanche. Her lips were soft, warm, and opened immediately, her tongue slipping into his mouth before he could even think, and then it was too late - his own tongue responded and he was lost in the deep, sweet, and very, very adult kiss. Her mouth was fresh, warm, liquid, and much smaller than he expected. When he realized that, it drove home the realization that he was tongue-kissing a child, and it was an odd sensation to realize that it didn't matter. Or rather, it mattered - but in the exact opposite way it should matter. Instead of being turned off by the fact, instead it seemed enormously stimulating!


Somehow he'd gone from sitting up to laying down with this sexy little girl atop him. Clark had always had a particular fondness for the woman-superior position, and his hands automatically moved up to caress her, once again finding the smallness of her body to be exciting rather than the opposite. Her skin was smooth, her body lacking the curves that would be there later to soften the bones beneath. He could feel the muscles of her tummy, the ribs of her chest, and the rock-hard nipples with little behind them. His hands ran down her back, feeling the muscles, the dimples above her behind, and that exquisitely rounded and quite firm behind. Gliding over her panties, he continued his exploration, finding her calf-like legs, sans the rounder musculature of maturity, also exciting, and when he touched her feet, she jerked and giggled like a ticklish little girl - because she was one. Granted, many grown women have ticklish feet too, but their reaction isn't nearly as sharp - she almost bit his tongue!


For her part, Julie was busy getting the sheets and blanket out of the way. She wanted to be pressed against Clark, and soon she was. With practiced motion, she positioned herself so that her cameltoe pressed down on his shaft, and pressed his cock firmly against his tummy. Then, as she continued to kiss him, she grinded on him gently, the warmth and dampness within her panties transmitting though the fabric to his cock, sending the clear message of her arousal, leaving no doubt whatsoever of her desire and intention.


"God, but you're a sexy little... thing," Clark said as their lips finally parted.


"Slut," she corrected. "You meant to say it, so say it." She shrugged, then dipped her head, shaking her hair down on his chest to tickle him then flipping it back. "It's true too. I am! And I'm proud of it! Don't be a fraidy-cat Clark, we're in bed together. Treat me like a woman!"


It was all the permission he needed. She gasped with pleasure as he grabbed a handful of hair, pulled her head back, and attacked her chest with his mouth. Clark quickly found out that while she might not have much actual mass there, the nerve endings were there in plenty, and she was soon gasping and panting at his licking, sucking, and biting her nipples and the surrounding tiny mounds.


He could feel the warm wetness seeping through her panties to soak his cock, and suddenly he had to sample her. Flipping her over onto her back like a little girl - because she was one, he knelt between her small, thin legs, and whipped her panties off. An instant later he was lifting and parting her legs and shoving his nose deeply into her cleft. She was so smooth! And she smelled delicious - and tasted even better. She didn't resist at all, moving with him as he thrust his tongue deep into her encountering no resistance other than that caused by the narrowness of the passage. But the quantity of juice made it easy to push in, and her body adapted quickly, stretching to accommodate his eager, thrusting tongue.


To his amazement, the little girl's juices increased, and in a remarkably short time, she was mounting the final rise to her first climax. Clark was good at this sort of thing, but he'd never seen a girl cum so easily, and it was invigorating! He increased his tonguing of her cunny, not even focusing on her clit, and marveled at how her body quaked and shook as her pussy milked his tongue, coating it again and again with her sweet nectar!


Her second climax followed the first even quicker, and though not quite as intense, led into a third and fourth almost before the prior ones had subsided. It buzzed in his brain, this child was multi-orgasmic! He'd heard of such things before, but he'd never actually seen it - at least not to this degree.


After several more - it was hard to say how many as they flowed one-into-another, she pushed his head away. He looked down at her, his face shiny with her juices, as she panted at him, grinning hugely. "Wow Mr. Clark, you eat pussy like a champion!"


"Julie dear," he said with complete sincerity, "I have to tell you, I have never had a finer meal than this exquisite - and quite beautiful - pussy of yours!" It was true too. Now that he took a moment to look her pussy was a work of art, pure and simple. He could have gazed at it for hours, save for the fact that Julie had other plans.


"Can I suck your cock now?" she asked in the direct manner of children, never mind that question was one no child should ever ask. He wasn't going to argue though. Her words brought his attention to his cock, now so hard it actually ached, though in a pleasant way.


Still, he needed a moment to regain his composure, so he delayed with playful banter. "I don't know little girl, do you think you can handle a full-grown cock like mine?"


To his surprise, she grinned and shot back, giving as good as she got. "I don't know Mr. Clark. I think so, but it's hard to tell, since you've been keeping it from me!" She made the cutest little pouty-face as she added, "Mean ol' Mr. Clark won't even let me suck his dick - and I'm sooo huuungry!"


He fell down beside her, laughing. "Awww you poor thing!" he said, letting his hands fondle her. She looked so small! Hell, she felt so small. Hell, she was so small! One hand could almost completely cover her chest, and he was pretty sure he could circle her waist with both! And yet, she was so vibrant and alive - she seemed completely capable of using him up and tossing his husk to the winds. And he was of a mind to let her do exactly that.


Rolling onto his back, he gestured invitation, and gasped in shocked pleasure as she made good on the invite, flipping over and engulfing his cock with astonishing eagerness. "Holy fuck Julie! Go easy girl, or you'll make me blast off before you even get started!" She popped it out, looked over at him, and stuck her tongue out like a kid. "Too bad! It's mine now!" she said, and that was completely true. She had both hands on it, and even without the warm, wet mouth, he felt she could make him cum in seconds!


But she didn't. The girl had talent. Using her hands and her mouth, she brought him lovely waves of pleasure, stopping shy of climax several times. The exercise made his precum flow more readily than he'd ever known, and the girl lapped it up greedily, as if it were the nectar of the gods, often looking him straight in the eye as if to thank him for the gift. Not only was it erotic as hell, it was also an amazing tonic for his ego, making him swell with pride to be able to provide such a beautiful girl the thing she so obviously adored!


It was on the seventh - eighth? - such cycle that, just as he expected her to ease off and lick, she instead dropped her head, engulfing his cock and shoving it straight down her thought with only the slightest hesitation to control her reflex. His fat cock felt like it must be stretching her throat mercilessly, and he was certain he could see the shape of it! But she didn't slow one bit. She sunk to the root, then beyond, pushing her cute little nose hard into his balls. Then she backed up and he could see it vacating her throat - but she only went about half-way before shoving it back to the root!


The first couple such strokes were slow, but she quickly increased her pace, fucking his cock with her mouth and throat, her skills on par with the best full-age "escorts" he'd ever employed. He didn't have a chance of preventing the inevitable, nor did he want to. Julie knew what she was doing, and what would happen. And Clark was learning that she was going to get what she wanted, so he best just enjoy the ride.


Still, it would be rude not to warn her. The pleasure she was giving him was interfering with his power of speech, but he did manage to finally gasp out, "Gonna. Cum. Soon!" Without breaking stride, she managed somehow to nod, and changed her position slightly so that she could look up at him as she bobbed her head up and down his turgid shaft. Her big, beautiful brown eyes, framed by her lovely mane, bouncing with her exertions, was the most lovely, sexy thing he'd ever seen. Their eyes locked, and after a few more strokes, he erupted.


It was unlike any climax he'd ever had. Her throat was so hot and tight, it was like fucking a virgin. Her eyes were so sweetly expressive, screaming of her joy in making him cum, like it was the completeness of her existence, that it ratcheted up his pleasure many times. And the sight-and-knowledge that he was firing his cum into the mouth and throat of a nine-year-old girl inflamed his climax as if someone shoved a firecracker up his ass. He literally exploded into her, his cum shooting so hot and fast it felt like it was searing the inside of his cock, and in such rapid succession he felt like his balls had been replaced by machine guns!


Despite it all, the intensity and the sheer violence of his climax, the little girl took it all. Steadily, greedily she sucked his cum out, shot after shot power-driving down her throat. After the first several shots, she backed up, her hands working his shaft as she sucked the fat head, catching his cum in her warm mouth, building up a reservoir of the fluid, swirling it over his cock head with her wild tongue, and swallowing hungrily when her mouth got too full.


Clark couldn't even blink, it was all too sexy, too beautiful to miss an instant. When she'd sucked out the last drop, the girl grinned - quite a trick with a fat cock stretching your lips, but she managed it - and let the cum leak out from her lips to drool down his shaft and over his balls. She then played a cute-and-sexy game of catch-the-cum, her tongue dashing all over his cock and balls to seek and slurp every drop of his seed.


Finally finished, she gave the head of his cock one last kiss, then slid up into his warm embrace with an air of complete satisfaction, resting her head on his shoulder as if they were old lovers who'd done this a thousand times.


Clark held her, caressing her as he slowly came down from the rush of his orgasm. He wanted to tell her how amazing she was, but just couldn't find the words. Hell, there were no words for what he was feeling. Sated, confused, blissful, scared, contented, and a whole range of other feelings were playing through him. Eventually though, he figured it out. She'd understand, though the actual words could be misunderstood by anyone else. She would know what he meant.


Tilting his head, he kissed the top of her forehead, squeezed her shoulders, and said softly, "Honey, if you were nine years older, I'd totally fucking marry you!"


It was right. She giggled happily, not taking it as a proposal, but rather as intended - as the highest compliment he could think of. He was of a different generation, where that was the best he could give a woman. So she accepted it that way, snuggling closer, then lifting her head up to kiss his cheek.


"Take that nap you wanted Mr. Clark," she said gently-but-playfully. "You're going to need your strength for round two!"


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