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Problem Solving - (Complete)

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Problem Solving 1

Part: 1

Summary: When Michelle tells her father she's been knocked up - by an older man - things get... interesting at home!

Keywords: Mf(14), Inc

Date: 07/17/2016

[Author's Note]


Michelle: Daddy we need to talk. Serious.


The text worried Mike. It wasn't like his daughter to "cry wolf", so it probably was important, at least to her. Problem at school? She'd been doing well enough, grade-wise. Maybe she got into a fight with another student or something. Hopefully nothing as serious as she thought - he didn't have a clue where to hire a sitter if she was temporarily suspended, and he didn't think fourteen was old enough to spend whole days at home alone, though she'd doubtless disagree.


Actually, she probably could be trusted "home alone". Michelle was pretty mature for her fourteen years. She'd had to grow up fast and early when her mother had passed away when she was ten. Ever since then, he'd been doing his best to raise her as a single father, and he was pretty sure he'd fucked up plenty. The fact that she turned out so well was far more a testament to her intelligence and good heart than it was to his parenting skills.


Well enough worrying. He'd been fretting since he got the text around three, and had stressed over it all the drive home and the wait after. Michelle's mother had instigated a rule - any serious matters would be discussed no less than an hour after dinner, so everyone would have a fully tummy and would have time to de-stress from the day. She was a wise woman, and Mike had kept that rule. So he'd come home, showered, made dinner, made idle conversation about inconsequential subjects with her, ate dinner, and they were in the living room watching TV.


Finally, the time arrived. Michelle had tried to be calm, but had seemed a little nervous since she'd got home from her after-school time with her friend Becka. But she'd gone through her own shower-change-eat-mellow routine, knowing it'd be pointless to try to start early. When he clicked the TV off, she sat up, ready to begin.


She really did look more mature than fourteen. Part of that was her posture, part her demeanor. At 5'3", she was about average height, but her excellent posture made her seem taller, more poised. She had her mother's long, straight blonde hair as well as her clear blue eyes. And she was starting to get her mother's curves as well. Like her mom, she was slim, with a high, firm butt, but she had yet to develop much upstairs. Her mother had had a full, though not overly full chest, high and with perky nipples that she loved to share with the world by going braless whenever she could, which was most of the time. Michelle had the nipples too - he'd seen her braless often enough! But of course, the school made her hide that aspect of her body. Pity.


"So what's up hon?" he asked, sipping his tea. "Something serious you said? First of all, are you okay?"


"Uh, sure. I guess," she answered uncertainly. That was odd in itself. Usually she was pretty straight-forward. She shrugged. "I mean, I am so far..."


"So far?" He lifted one eyebrow. What the hell did that mean? "Okay cherub, spit it out. You know tough stuff's easier if you just puke it up and deal with the cleanup after."


This made her giggle for a second, which seemed to help her muster her courage. She took a deep breath and without looking him in the eye said in a voice a lot softer than he'd expected after that deep breath, "Daddy, I'm pregnant."


Cleanup was the immediate word, as Mike's teacup crashed to the ground. Fortunately, it didn't break on the carpet, but it still meant an interruption while he grabbed a towel and patted up the spill. Then he took another few badly-needed minutes to get his mind around the announcement by making another cup of tea before returning to the living room.


"Okay," he said, sitting down. Her face was pink but she continued to sit straight. She seemed more embarrassed than ashamed - an attitude he privately applauded. One should be embarrassed by one's mistakes, but not let such mistakes fuck with one's self-esteem. "So," he said, proud of himself for sounding so calm. "Guess we'll need to work it out somehow. First of all, I guess, are you planning on getting married, or having an abortion, or giving the child up for adoption, or what?" He tried to cover all options in one statement, sticking to his principle of throwing it all out there and dealing with the details afterward. He figured he knew the answer, but he'd always been very clear that she made decisions about her own body - nobody else had that right.


"Oh, I'm keeping it," she said so matter-of-factly that it brooked no discussion. It was what he'd expected anyway, but the was she said it troubled him.


"I? Not we?"


"Uh, now. He's gone."




"Left town." She looked decidedly more nervous now.


"Left town? What'd he do, run away from home? If so, he'll likely be back in a few days. Not many run-aways actually escape."


"Uhm, not exactly," Michelle said, sipping her own soda. "He uh, just left." Her cheeks were definitely pink now, and ever the tips of her ears were coloring.


"I... see..." Mike said, mulling it over. Maybe the kid had a car. Michelle was fourteen; it wouldn't be unusual for her boyfriend to be old enough to drive. "Still, even if he has a car, they'll find him. Probably faster actually. License plates, y'know. We'll just call his parents and get the ball rolling."


She looked down. "Uh, no daddy." She was using her scared-mouse voice. "He... he's not a m-minor."


Were those tears brimming in her eyes? Damn, he didn't need her breaking down before he had all the details. He backed off and offered some support. "Okay honey," he said, trying to keep the anger out of his voice. "We'll work it out, don't worry. And don't think for one little minute that this means you'll be getting out of school!"


That worked. The sudden unexpected change of tack wiped out the self-pity and fear. "What?" she asked, shaking her head.


"Honey, the reason teen pregnancy is so awful is that in most cases, the mother doesn't finish school. That typically means she can't start a decent career and so it messes up her whole life. Damned if I'm gonna let that happen to you. Whatever happens, you will finish school, even if I have to babysit the kid myself so you can do so. Got it? No daughter of mine is going to raise a kid while flipping burgers for a living!"


She almost smiled at that. She had plans on becoming a Vet, and knew how important school was. More important, his statement told her she was welcome under his roof, even with a kid. She seemed to be breathing again, always a good sign. "Kay daddy," she said, then she actually did smile, though it was a bashful one.


So this guy wasn't a minor. Fucking pedophile! Then again, Mike wasn't sure where the line was drawn, legally. He could be only four years older than her and be an "adult". He thought he'd read somewhere that three years was the limit when the "magic eighteen line" was crossed though. Not surprising that he'd fled though, if he was going to land in jail for sleeping with Mike's daughter.


They'd had "the talk" when Michelle was twelve, and he'd found out then that it was totally unnecessary - at least from an information perspective. She'd already known the fundamentals, and he'd just given her a few more details. He'd also explained that if she was going to participate in sexual practices, she had to be careful not to get pregnant. He'd even gone so far as to lay in a supply of condoms, explaining their use and why. A few had disappeared over the next couple of years, though if it was for her own use, he didn't know. He hadn't inquired, but had replaced the missing ones.


And like any father, he did worry about it from time to time. But he wasn't the type to try to "shame" her or ask her for one of those ridiculous "chastity contracts" some of the backwards folk tried. In all of history abstinence had never worked - he didn't expect is daughter to be an exception. And he sure as hell wasn't going to risk alienating her.


Still, she had got caught after all, and now they had to deal with it. "So okay, the father's gone. Maybe he'll show up after you're eighteen, maybe not. We shouldn't count on it though. So we'll have to deal with this ourselves. Thoughts?"


The way he kept saying "we" seemed to really help Michelle and she tackled it like an actual problem, not a moral issue, which was Mike's intention. "Well, I guess I'll have to get a job..."


"No. I'll support you and the child. Next issue."


She actually did smile. "Daddy, I have to help out!"


"Not till you finish school. And college. Don't worry, we'll be fine money-wise. Heck, I'll adopt the kid if necessary, and get a nanny if need be."


She practically beamed at this, then burst out laughing. "You want to be the father of your daughter's child? Daddy!"


It was his turn to blush. She'd known what he meant! But it showed her "fighting spirit" was returning as she tackled the issue, so he let it slide. "Back on task honey. You'll need a tutor when you start showing - unless you want everyone in the school to know you're knocked up."


She grinned. "I'd be very popular! All the guys will know I put out!"


He shot back, "Yeah, and they won't have to worry about knocking you up either, right?"


Now that the ice was well-broken, and she knew she wasn't in trouble - or rather, in trouble and her father would help her with the trouble - they discussed planning and the future, even tossing around some baby names. The discussion went on for a while before Mike once more brought up the touchy subject of the missing father.


"So... If the father returns, say after you're eighteen and legal to marry...?"


"Won't happen daddy," Michelle said with certainty.


"How do you know honey? Some men are honorable, and most men want to play a part in their children's lives. Don't you want him involved?"


"It's not that daddy," she said. Her cheeks were turning pink again, but she blurted it out. "He's married." Her eyes dropped to the floor.


WHAT? He didn't shout out the question - that was only in his mind, but he was sure his eyes bulged. She'd been sleeping with a married man? Holy shit! So it probably wasn't a kid from the local college, as he'd expected. It was his turn to bite the bullet and blurt out the tough question. It was important.


"Uh honey? You know I love you more than life itself, right? And I'd never judge you - well, no more than I have to. But... married? Seriously?"


"I know daddy," she said softly. "I'm sorry. I didn't know he was married until after... we, uh... did it a few times."


Ah, so he was one of those types. Cheating on his wife, not telling the one he's fooling around with that he's married. "I see honey. Well, lesson learned right? Next time you'll know better."


She looked up hopefully, looking into his eyes and relaxing as she saw the sincerity there. "Yes daddy, I dang sure will!"


"That's my girl," he grinned, but he was dying of curiosity on one point, and it seemed the best time to ask. "So... your friend. Just how old was he anyway? Married, I'm guessing he wasn't in college?"


Her face turned a deeper pink than he'd ever seen, and she muttered something under her breath, looking hard at her feet. Clearly this was a touchy subject! Mike steeled his nerves and asked softly, "I'm sorry honey, I didn't catch that..."


"Thirty-six," she said more clearly.


THIRTY FUCKING SIX? He didn't scream, though the words fought to escape his head into the open air. Hell, he was thirty-six! His daughter had been sleeping with - or at least fucking - a man his own age! Jesus, what kind of pedophile, pervert, fuckhead, cheating, manipulative, fucking asshole was this guy? How could he even want a girl so obviously underage? He'd better skip down and never come back, or he'd find a shotgun shoved his ass, and not for a shotgun wedding! He'd sooner have his daughter marry a rabid wolverine than...


"Daddy!" Michelle sounded worried, and he looked up. She was looking at him with a concerned expression, and he realized she'd been calling his name several times - he just couldn't hear it from the ringing in his ears. His face felt hot, and his hands were cramped from gripping the arms of the chair so hard. Michelle pulled out her phone. "I'm calling 911 daddy!"


That shocked him out of it, and he croaked out, "No honey, I'm okay." She looked skeptical, so he forced himself to take several long, slow breaths. The oxygen worked its magic and he felt himself calming a bit. Dubiously she put her phone down, watching him closely. She'd obviously thought he was having a stroke or something, and the way his face tingled, he thought he'd probably looked like he was going to explode.


He continued to fight for control for a few minutes, even going so far as to sip his tea, though with shaking hands. Eventually though, he did achieve a measure of calm, and Michelle's worried expression smoothed.


When he felt he could speak again, he tried to explain. "I'm sorry honey. It's just that... he's so much older than you are. Hell, he's the same age as me!"


"I know daddy," Michelle said, though she didn't seem ashamed of it.


"Sweetie, it's one thing to like older men, but... I mean, that's more than twice your age!"


"How come it's wrong to have a boyfriend twenty-two years older than you when you're fourteen, but it's okay to have a girlfriend thirty years younger than you when you're sixty?" she asked, matter-of-factly. "Seems unfair!"


He wasn't even sure how to address that. "Well, for starters, I'm not sure we can call him your 'boyfriend' exactly..." he said by way of diversion.


But Michelle seemed to be feeling righteously indignant, and pressed the point. "Of course we were daddy! He and me went out on dates, and everything!" She giggled mischievously. "Most people thought I was his daughter though, that's true enough, even when I dressed up to look older. You know I can look older daddy; you've seen me in makeup." That was true enough. She'd always been interested in the theatre and had started summer camps and classes along that line at an early age. So she could do some amazing things with makeup. It occurred to him that this guy might be excused for hitting on her if she was out with her friends playing in "grown up" mode.


"Uh, honey? Did you... trick him?"


"Not on purpose!" she declared defensively. "We were just playing and went to the mall, made up and acting older..."


"You were trying to sneak into an R movie, weren't you!" he accused, and saw instantly that it was true. It wasn't the first time, and that was mostly his fault. He had no problem with her watching such things, and she'd been busted once, a couple of years ago. Apparently she'd cleaned up her game and could pull it off now.


"So he thought you were at least seventeen, and hit on you."


"Yes daddy," she confirmed. "And he was really nice, sweet, and an amazing kisser!" She blushed a little bit at that, seeing his expression, and hurried on. "Anyways, he thought I was eighteen and so... well..."


Mike thought about it. These days many, if not most women kept themselves hairless down there, so when they got that far, the guy wouldn't have been put off either. Small tits? Lots of girls had small breasts. And if she was enjoying the attention, and wanted to do more - especially if he was a good kisser, maybe she got worked up and didn't want to ruin it by confessing she was only fourteen. Michelle wouldn't be the first girl to have landed an older man that way.


Still, it boggled his mind. While he'd known his little girl was sexually active - or at least, he'd suspected she was - the idea of her being with a man his own age was somehow... disquieting. Plus, there was something else she'd said that really bothered him.


"So most people thought you were his daughter?" he asked, feeling somehow nervous, though he wasn't sure why.


"Uh huh," she said, her eyes bright with mischief. "It was so funny!"


"And you didn't mind?"


"No daddy, in fact, that made it even funner! Like when they'd see us kissing!"


Mike imagined that was true. Seeing a man his age with a young girl like Michelle, people would naturally assume she was his daughter, and would be freaked out if they kissed like lovers! But what was more... interesting... was that Michelle seemed to find it amusing, though the look in her eyes didn't make it feel like "entertaining" was the right word. He was starting to suspect that it was no accident that this man was exactly the same age as himself. He had to know.


"So honey, when the man acted like your daddy," he used the word intentionally, noting the way her eyes lit up when he did so, "and he kissed you like a lover." another intentional word choice. "Did that make you feel..."


"Horny as heck daddy!" she said, confirming his worst fear. Worse, he noted that even talking about it seemed to be having an effect on the young lady. She was, as she often was at home, braless. And her nipples were becoming obviously erect. Too, her eyes were getting a definite aroused look, her cheeks that softer pink which indicates arousal rather that then darker, embarrassment shade. Fuck.


Mike was only human, and it was difficult to be sitting so close to such a lovely, sexy young lady who was in a state of obvious arousal, without reacting himself. Worse, he too seemed to find the idea of a man and his daughter "kissing like lovers" interesting - he couldn't get the image out of his head. Was he getting turned on by his own daughter? Fuck, how the hell was he going to get out of this mess?


He didn't really have a choice. "Daddy?" Michelle asked in that softer voice she used when she wanted something. "Am I a bad girl daddy?" she asked, blinking as if she was going to start crying.


Daughters have a near-magical ability to wrap their fathers around their little fingers. They achieve this ability at the ripe old age of "birth" and it never truly diminishes. Most use it for evil gains like toys, chocolate cake, or even ponies. Michelle had never done that sort of thing. So as a result, Mike had never really built up a resistance to that magic. Seeing her there, beautiful, forlorn, and aroused - it hit him with a triple punch that punched through his defenses in much the same way that Mike Tyson punches through tissue paper.


"Oh honey, no..." he said, reaching over and drawing her into his arms. His intention was to comfort her, but she flowed so smoothly, so eagerly into his embrace, that when she continued, tilting her head upward, he didn't even think. He bent to kiss her as his arms wrapped around her.


Michelle didn't hesitate. Her slippery little tongue slid out, and Mike didn't have time to think about it. Suddenly he wasn't holding his daughter, he was holding a passionate, beautiful, eager woman in his arms - one who was kissing him like a woman, and he reacted like a man. His mouth opened, and their tongues entwined.


He found that she did in fact know how to kiss - quite well in fact! He could barely hold his own as her tongue sought his out playfully, twirling around, exploring his mouth, plumbing his depths. Like any good kiss, it was a rush, exciting. Exhilarating. It honestly didn't even occur to him that it was his daughter he was kissing. The kiss lasted forever, and was over too soon, and when he came back to earth, Michelle was there, her arms around his neck, straddling him and looking radiantly happy, her eyes huge and all of four inches away.


He found that somehow his hands had moved from around her shoulders to one on her back, one on her exquisitely firm ass, the tips resting in the crease. He started to move it away, and she grabbed it, pressing it firmly back in place, grinning hugely. "Oh daddy, you do love me after all!"


"What?" he sputtered, the question so outrageous it caught him completely off guard. "Of course I love you honey!"


"I love you too daddy, more than anything!" the fourteen-going-on-twenty-year-old said happily, and suddenly they were kissing again, if anything, even more intimately than before. And then she was tugging his polo shirt upward. Then she had it off, and her hands were on his chest, touching him. Her fingers were small, light, cool, and knowledgeable. This was no "innocent little girl" - this was a woman. An experienced woman, who was doing her utmost to arouse the man she wanted.


And she was succeeding beautifully. Mike noticed his erection swelling further - it'd been growing for some time apparently - and Michelle was grinding down on it like she knew just what to do with it. His foggy brain admitted that she did know just what to do with it - she couldn't have got knocked up otherwise! For a moment he actually envied the guy who'd knocked up his little girl! Then he felt a pang of how wrong that thought was. And then the desire for her washed that away. Hell, someone else his age had fucked her, why shouldn't he? It wasn't like he had to worry about knocking up his daughter!


"Honey, I can't!" he panted, pulling his mouth from hers in one final bid for reason.


But he'd underestimated her again. As he pulled back to look her in the eye, he saw that she'd removed her own shirt as well, and he was lost. Her cute, small, perfect little breasts, with the most succulent, beautiful nipples filled his vision and his mind. They seemed to be growing as he watched, but then he found they weren't - Michelle was raising up, bringing one to his mouth.


It was ambrosia. The flesh was warm, smooth, slipping between his lips like it belonged there. A surge of desire rushed through him as he suckled and her gasp of pleasure echoed deep into his animal-brain. This girl was ready! He was ready too! His cock felt aflame, straining upward, stretching his shorts as his daughter lifted herself to feed him her nipple. It was like his manhood was seeking her womanhood! And her continuing gasps of pleasure, her hands in his hair, tugging his ears, her coos and cries as he worked her sensitive nipple and breast with his mouth - they all contributed to the next failed decision point.


"Oh God daddy! I've wanted this forever!" she cried happily. "Fuck me daddy, pleeease fuck me! I need you inside me so bad!"


He didn't - couldn't - think. His hands peeled his shorts down, his cock sprang up, smacking her in the gusset, making her "Yipe!" Then she giggled - since when did giggles sound so fucking sexy? - and she rose up to her feet, still straddling him on the sofa. With one smooth motion, she slid her own shorts and panties off, and suddenly he was confronted by a perfectly bare - baby-bare pussy. Either she hadn't started growing hair yet, or she waxed. Either way, he found he was mesmerized. Her pussy was perfect. Not only that, it was familiar. He'd seen her cunny a million times, changing her, bathing her, and had never noticed how sexy it was. How could he have missed it?


Possibly it was that it'd never been so close to his mouth before. Or maybe it just never smelled so delicious before. But it did now. She was a woman in heat and he was a very aroused man. He was going to fuck her - no doubt about that - but he just had to have a taste first!


His hands slid up her legs, making her wiggle and gasp with pleasure, then cupped her ass cheeks - more sexy giggles - and finally used that grip to pull her to him. His lips met her labia, his tongue slid into her slit, and met there the sweetest flavour the greatest chefs of all time would kill to reproduce. He pressed himself more fully to her, his nose digging into her cleft as his tongue sought the source of that delicious taste. Finding it, though the angle wasn't good, he managed to slip the tip of his tongue into her finding her soaking wet, and so hot she felt molten on his tongue.


More than anything he would have loved to plant her on his face and eat her deeply, but Michelle was needing more than the tip of his tongue. "God daddy! Oh shit I need your cock so bad! Please let me down!" He realized that he'd lifted her somewhat to get a better angle, and he lowered her till she regained her footing, then eased off as she lowered herself.


Ever the gentleman, he was about to ask if she was sure, when she looked him dead in the eye and said in a very serious tone, "And don't you dare ask me if I'm sure! I've wanted this for years!"


This revelation, which should have put him off, had the opposite effect. Everyone likes to be wanted, and he wanted to give his little girl everything she wanted. So instead of saying anything, he just helped guide her down, down, until he felt the heat of her pussy against the tip of his cock.


He had to remind himself once again - she wasn't a little girl. She'd done this before. With a man. She'd be fine.


"Besides," she said with a toothy grin, "if you're going to adopt my baby, you'll be the daddy, right? And I'll be the mommy! So it's only right that we should do this, right?"


Some logic, you just can't argue with. Not that he could anyway. His brain was overcome with the exquisite pleasure of her hot, wet, exquisitely tight pussy pressing down, the head of his cock suddenly popping in, and then the warm, tight sheath engulfing him, body and soul.


Michelle sank, slowly, inch after inch of her father's cock penetrating her, sinking into her, filling her, stretching her, lighting her with the fire of pleasure she loved and longed for. She rose, giving the juices of her pussy a chance to coat his cock, and sank further, deeper. Another rise, and another fall and she was down, her puffy labes pressing down on her father's crotch. She had it! She had her father's cock inside her! And it was better than she'd ever dreamed!


After savoring the pleasure of their join for several moments, they kissed. This kiss was slower, deeper, less impassioned and more intimate than before. It was the kiss of lovers. Not of fuck-buddies, but that indescribable first kiss where two people who love each other deeply find themselves joined in every possible way. Slow, languid, it transcended time and space, ages, relations. It was the truest yin-and-yang, the pinnacle of human achievement.


Michelle pulled back, tears of join filling her eyes as they gazed into one another's souls for another long moment. But the need they both had had only been forestalled, not banished. Mike's hands, still on her ass cheeks, squeezed. She smiled in response, and together they lifted her the slightest bit.


The pleasure was indescribable. Both gasped, and she dropped - another gasp of pleasure. And then it was on. Like a couple that'd been together for years, they had an instinctive, intimate knowledge of each other, and their love-rhythm was perfect. Gradually the strokes extended, growing longer. Each rise made Michelle cry with the loss of the fullness she loved so much inside her. Each drop made her gasp with fresh amazement of just how big daddy's cock felt inside her! Likewise, Mike couldn't believe his little girl could even fit it all inside - but she did so with a perfection the finest glove maker could only envy. She was perfect for him, and the sight of her was brain-numbingly beautiful. Her cheeks were rosy, her nipples matching. Two twin peaks his mouth watered for, found on the up-strokes, and lost again when she plummeted back down, mashing his balls with her soft cunny.


The pace quickened gradually but steadily, the couple needing no words, their gasps and growls of pleasure more than adequate. Michelle's pussy thrummed with her pleasure, rising to a crescendo that threatened to dislodge her as her legs quivered and shook with each climax. But her daddy had her, and she knew she was safe. Little girls are never safer than when they're in daddy's arms! And so she was able to let herself go to a degree she never could before. Her body shook, jerked, spasmed, and relaxed, beginning the climb to the next climax.


Mike, on the other hand, fought not to cum. To see his little girl cumming was ab-so-lutely the most beautiful thing in the universe, and he wanted to see it again and again. It filled him with joy to give her such pleasure, and somehow, with pride that she could cum so well, and so often! And every single climax seemed more amazing, more perfect than the last.


But all good things come to an end, and Mike couldn't hold back forever. Finally he had to speak, as his daughter continued to ride him like a cowgirl.


"Gonna. Cum. Soon. Baby. Girl..." he panted out, grunting the words with each slam of her amazing cunny on his turgid member. "Gonna fill you with cum!"


"Oh fuck daddy! Yes! Yes! Fill me up! Shoot your cum into me daddy! I want to feel it! I need it daddy! I want it so much! Give me your cum daddy! Gimme it nowww!" She was practically screaming at the end, as yet another of those amazing climaxes was ripping up her spine and out her mouth.


"OH FUCK YES!" he screamed back. "OH FUCK HONEY! HERE IT COMES! GOD I LOVE YOU!" It was true too. All of it. His heart and body were completely united in the moment of climax, as he launched an amazing volley of hot cum-shots into his little girl. With each blast, she squealed as she felt it pulse into her, building her climax, pushing it even higher, until as his last long groan of completion rang out, she grinded down on him with all her might, her cum-filled pussy stretched full of him in every way, and she came the championship climax of all time, driving her over the brink of bliss into a whole new realm of joy, her body spasming, twitching, jerking, as her father kept her safe and secure, planted on his pillar.



After returning to earth, they spent a good bit of time cuddling, touching each other, and enjoying their newfound intimacy. And when the time came, they each showered and went to bed in their own rooms. Without discussion, they understood that, while they were lovers now, they were also still father and daughter, and would need their own space as well.


Mike lay in bed, looking at TV - not watching it. His mind was too far blown to pay any attention to the show, whatever it was.


Meanwhile, in her room, Michelle was making a call.


"Hiya Becka?"


"How'd it go?" her friend asked.


"Perfect!" she giggled. "You're a genius! I'd have never thought getting pregnant would get him to fuck me!" Michelle was giddy.


"Hee hee!" Becka laughed. "I just wish I could be there when you tell him you made the whole thing up!"


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