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CLUB SHO - Part 7

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Club SHO 7

Part: Part 7

Summary: Angela joins The A Team.

Keywords: Mg(11), anal, ped, cons, cum

Date: 07/12/2016

[Author's Note]


"But da-addy, why not?" Angela whined. But it wasn't a real whine. Pete knew his little girl all too well, and knew that the tone of this particular whine was insincere. Well, he'd play along and see what she was up to.


"I told you babycakes, it's not that you can't, it's just that it'd be unfair" he said in that reasonable tone every parent uses when trying to argue reason with an unreasonable child. After all, his little platinum-haired honey was only eleven, so even when playing along, he had to abide by the "rules" for parent/child "discussion". At least, at this stage of the negotiations.


"But she gets to do it!" the child complained, pointing at the monitor. The quad display showed in crystal clarity what she was talking about, as well as her grievance which, he had to admit, was reasonable from a certain perspective. After all, the cute little brunette on the screen was at least two years younger than Angela, but was receiving that which Angela claimed to want even more than a pony.


Pete turned his attention back to the screen. It was one of the archive videos his Diamond-Plus Membership at Club SHO afforded him access too. And of course, it would be completely unfair to not grant that same access to his daughter, since she was the reason he had that access in the first place.


The kid did seem to be enjoying herself, that was obvious. Her frail body glistened with what must surely be part sweat and part body oil - but only partly. Pete had seen this video before, and knew as well as his daughter that the naked little nine-year-old was mostly shining from several coats of cum, which the five naked men surrounding the child had supplied. The spattered mat they were on gave a clue as to how much cum they'd supplied, though of course, the amount rubbed into her skin or shot down her throat didn't show. And surely there was still plenty of the stuff packed into her tiny little pussy, even despite the puddle her shiny little ass was splashing in with every downstroke.


Of course Angela would pick this, or another video like it, to make her case. The kid was a first-class cum-slut. She couldn't get enough of the stuff. And while she loved to drink it, or have it squirted into her pussy, her real love was to wear it. She loved to see it spraying onto her bare skin, and loved even more to feel it massaged in, soaking into her. She claimed she could feel it seeping into her all over at once and that feeling gave her the best orgasms of anything ever, but that was probably bullshit - at least from a scientific point of view. But since when was sex every scientifically accurate?


Pete, of course, indulged her as often as he could. But he was only one man, and her craving for cum far outstripped his ability to produce it. That's why she loved their mutual friend Joshua so much. That guy could spray it out in quantities not to be believed! Pete had hours of sweet footage of him doing exactly that - Pete was something of a photo/video hobbyist, and loved to record his little girl's sexual adventures. He'd documented most of her milestones: Her first handjob. The first time she sucked his cock. The first time she managed to get his cock into her prepubescent pussy. Her first time with another man - Joshua of course. Even her first time with another woman - Joshua's sexy little girlfriend Caprice. And he was very much looking forward to documenting her first gang-bang - in due course.


But of course, kids have no patience, and Pete still had to try to be a good parent to her and help her develop a personality that would serve her well in life. Part of that included setting limits and goals, and teaching her how to consider the needs of others. So when she'd first come to him, eager and excited, telling him she wanted to do a gang-bang scene, he'd considered it a "teaching moment".


He explained to her that while many men would climb Mount Everest naked for a chance to have sex with her - any kind of sex - still, it would be patently unfair of her make them wait any longer than necessary to take their turn fucking her. She'd known, of course, that she wasn't ready to try everything sexually, but wanted to eventually, so he advised her that while he would support her having the gang-bang she wanted, he'd be happier about it if she could please at least three of the five guys at a time, so only two would have to "wait on the sidelines". She'd agreed.


She had already had a variety of toys, ranging from tiny to man-sized which she'd used to "grow" her pussy until he could fit inside her, as well as using them to practice her oral skills and, of course, just for fun. To those, he added anal-specific toys, lubes, and so on so that she could practice and "grow" her asshole until she could fit a man there as well. But while he'd mentioned it a few times in passing, he never actually saw her doing anything with her ass. No finger-banging, no wearing butt-plugs while they fucked. Nothing. She never complained when he slipped a finger or tongue in her back door though, so he figured she was just working on other things, and would get around to it in her own good time.


He was wrong. When he turned his attention back from the cum-covered brunette who was getting spit-roasted on-screen, back to his own little darling, he saw the grin on her face and knew she'd set him up. Angela saw his look of comprehension and burst out in a fit of giggles. "Oh daddy, did you really think I wasn't practicing? I'm totally ready! Really I am!"


Pete's cock had already been swelling from the sight on-screen. But his heart would always belong to his little angel, and here she was, implying that she was ready to take his cock in her arse. His manhood surged. "Seriously honey," he asked. He didn't want her forcing herself to do something she wasn't really ready for. Kids did that and hurt themselves every day, though not usually in this particular fashion.


"Uh huh! I aready texted Mr. Joshua, an he's on his way over. I knew you'd wanna record it!" she grinned mischievously. She held up her phone. "See?" she asked, showing him the text, which was accompanied by a picture of her. A selfie actually - one of her pushing back onto a dildo he knew to be nearly seven inches long - and it was halfway up her ass!


He had to chuckle. "Angela honey, you are a scamp!" She leapt into his arms happily, snuggling into his lap and kissing him hungrily, in that way where she sucked his tongue deep into her mouth. He knew that mood, the girl was horny as hell, and needed fucking bad.


As she sat in his lap, kissing him deeply as an adult would, he felt his hardness pressing up against her and meeting another hardness. It took him a moment to work it out - the child had one of her butt-plugs inserted! No wonder she was horny as hell. His fingertips quickly affirmed both points - that it was a butt plug, and that her pussy was soaked and her nipples rock hard. He'd never get tired of feeling up his little girl of course, but it was a new thrill to feel the way her asshole was drum-tight around the neck of the plug. He could feel the lubricant she'd used, the shape and coolness of the "gem" and the heat of her asshole and pussy. Playfully he took the handle of the plug and shook it inside her a bit, eliciting a moan from deep inside her as she sucked even harder on his tongue.


The fresh flow of warm juice on his fingers and lap confirmed one more thing. Not only was she horny as hell, she also seemed to really get off on the feel of the plug in her behind. Still... He broke the kiss and looked at her closely. Her face was flush, her pupils dilated, and she had that sort of crazed look she got when she was well on the way to her next climax - not there yet, by a considerable way - but definitely started down the path.


"Honey?" he asked with his serious voice, "Are you sure you want to do this? Now? With me?" He might be a pervert, but Pete did have some rather firm ideas about forcing children - especially children he loved dearly - to do things they didn't want to. It was her body, her choice. He'd done his best to instill that idea into her from moment he'd discovered her interest in sex. He didn't mind if she decided she wanted to be the biggest slut in the world - provided it was her choice.


To his undying pride, Angela actually stopped and considered the question seriously. "I thought about it a lot daddy," she said finally, "and I really do. An I want it to be with you." She knew that would be his next question because it was always his next question. He'd asked that every time they tried something new, and she knew it meant he really loved her lots - but more importantly, it meant he respected her; which was a big part of why she knew she could try new things with him.


Pete kissed her quickly, before she could see his ears brimming with tears - tears of pride. How many full-grown women dealt with sexual things in such a mature fashion, he wondered. Much less how many eleven-year-old girls! Leaning back, he brushed the hair from her face. "All right doll-face. Then tonight's the night you lose your other virginity." She smiled up at him, her face glowing with her own pride at having such a wonderful daddy.


Before they could do anything else, the doorbell rang, and Angela hopped off his lap before he could even say anything. He just hoped it actually was his friend Josh. The happy cry that rang down the hall answered that question readily enough though, and in a moment, the bright-eyed beauty reappeared, practically dragging the man behind her.


"Someone call for a cameraman?" he asked Pete, smirking.


"Funny," Pete shot back. "You up for this?"


"I thought you were doing the honors!" Josh said. "But if you really want me to..." he leered at the young girl, who looked up at him with a toothy grin.


"Nuh uh! You gonna record it, but first time always goes to daddy..." she playfully scolded the man.


"I know honey," Josh interrupted, "and I wouldn't have it any other way."


"...but after that," she continued coyly, "if you wanna."


"Uh, Pete buddy?" Josh said, turning away from the girl. "Your daughter has just implied that she'd like me to fuck her ass. Could you please explain to her that if you want any sort of decent camerawork today, she's going to have to resist the urge to target me with her teases. Hell, just the idea of watching you take her butt-cherry is almost enough to make me fire off."


"She's not teasing," Pete said with an evil grin, knowing full well it would do nothing to calm Josh's libido. "But keep it in your pants for now," he relented, adding, "you have some serious work to do first."


The three of them adjourned to the studio, where Pete did the majority of his camerawork with his daughter. Having been together several times before, none of them was shy about being nude around the others, so Pete and Angela were stripped down in moments, while Josh focused on setting up the lights and equipment. He wasn't the cameraman Pete was, but the other man had been teaching him, and he was a quick study with such interesting subject matter.


"Woah!" he said when he turned back and saw the pose. Angela was standing, bent forward with her hands on the bed as her father knelt behind her, spreading her lovely ass to better show off the handle of the plug embedded in her behind. It appeared to be stainless steel with a large faux-gemstone in the hilt, giving the impression that someone had shoved a large aquamarine into the child's anus. He assumed the color was chosen to match the girl's eyes, which it did nicely.


Moving in and around, Josh got some nice footage of the girl posing and moving, with and without her father, highlighting her lovely, pale arse and the fact that it was filled already. He'd known what would be expected of him, so he'd taken the precaution of tucking a washcloth into his underwear to keep from drooling precum down his legs while he was shooting. One of the reasons Angela liked the man so much was that he came in buckets, and pre-came in a steady stream, once he got worked up. But he didn't want to be distracted at this occasion. He knew he'd have his chance later - the girl was nothing if not a complete cum-slut, and he was sure she'd want him to fill her with his seed later.


Pete rubbed and caressed the girl's behind, spreading her cheeks and rubbing around the ring and around and into her pussy. She was also a wet one - so much so that the lubricant in the bottle on the table was probably redundant. Still, this would be her first time, and her father was going to make sure she was as slick as possible. Taking the hilt of the plug, he gently began to pull and twist. Clark panned over to catch the way her hands gripped the sheets, then to her face, which flushed anew, her breathing becoming shallow and rapid.


"Okay honey?" Pete asked, noting her reaction.


"Uh huh," she said. "It's just... different... when someone else is moving it, y'know?"


"I do honey. Remember I explained it to you the first time I rubbed your pussy, and you didn't believe me until you felt the difference yourself! So... good or bad feeling?"


"Good!" she enthused, then giggled at her own reaction. "It feels good when you move it in my butt daddy. Really good."


Pete grinned. "Okay honey, daddy's going to pull the plug out of your bottom now, so try to relax. You'll want to clench, but try to fight that okay?"


"I know, daddy!" Angela said with a touch of exasperation. "I've done it to myself lots of times to get ready! I know what it feels like!"


Pete just chuckled. She'd already forgotten what she'd just said about it being "different" when someone else did it. But she got a reminder as he started to pull, drawing it from her rectum, the wide base stretching her ring wider and wider, until it crested and popped most of the way out. If it was lighter and Pete hadn't had a grip on it, it likely would have shot out of her tight ass and flown across the room!


Neither men missed the way the girl gasped, shuddered, and bend down to scream into the bedding. They knew her well enough to know it wasn't pain she was experiencing, but a sharp and sudden pleasure. A little direct stimulation on her clit right now and the child would be in the throes of a shaking climax. But when Pete moved his hand to give that to her, she pushed his hand away. "N-not yet daddy," she managed to get out in a shaky voice.


"Okay baby girl," he said in a soothing voice. If she wanted to wait a bit, that was fine with him. His own cock was rock-hard from the sight of her tiny little butthole stretching around the plug like that, and when he withdrew it the rest of the way and set it aside, by the lovely sight of her ring, deeper pink than he'd ever seen. He wanted to thrust his tongue into her butt and make her cum, but she had a different agenda, so he minded himself.


After a moment for Angela to get herself together, she looked back at the men. "Kay, I think I'm ready now."


"Ready for what honey?" Pete prompted her.


She giggled, used to her father's theatrics. She looked coyly back over her shoulder, directly into the camera lens. "I'm ready for you to get my butt ready for your cock daddy," she said clearly, distinctly, for the audience she imagined watching this at some future time.


Josh could feel the washcloth in his shorts soaking up the precum drooling from his cock, and he reached down to make an adjustment. Angela was so fucking sexy anyway, but when she said and did things like that! Well, he'd not be surprised if any future audience came right then and there. God knew he wanted to! But he had work to do.


Pete gently guided his daughter, bending her further over, trying to figure out what would be most comfortable for her first time, and what would provide the best camera angels. He knew his daughter would be thinking about the audience - she'd always been a complete show-off, and was taking that to full-blown exhibitionism as fast as he'd let her. As his father, he needed to protect her, and not let video out "into the wild", but she knew that he knew a number of men at the club now who'd love to see it - and she wanted them to see it. If it turned out well, of course. Finally, he decided she could stay on her feet for now, at least at first. If her knees gave out, she was small and light enough that he could easily take her weight with his arms. And Josh would be able to get more and better angles that way than if she was doggy-style on the bed with his huge body covering hers.


Taking the bottle of lube, he pumped several squirts onto the crack of her ass, catching it with his fingertips as it ran down the crease. Angela giggled at the unfamiliar, tickly sensation, then "Ooh!"'d sweetly as her father's now-well-lubed index finger slid effortlessly, full-length into her rectum.


He wiggled it around inside her. "Nice honey?"


"Very nice daddy!" she said, obviously meaning it. "Way nicer then my toys! It feels so... so different!" she said, not quite sure how to explain it.


"Of course it does honey. It's your daddy's finger, not an inanimate object!" He slid the finger three-quarters of the way out, then back in, eliciting another gasp of pleasure from the girl. Josh moved around, as he repeated the motion, gently, slowly finger-fucking the little girl's tight little asshole with the gentleness of a hummingbird, while the child made soft cooing sounds of pleasure. Pete worked the girl's rectum expertly, gradually moving from a straight in-out motion to circles, then gyrations, stretching her hole in all directions and pleasing his daughter greatly in the process.


She was enjoying it so much in fact, that she barely noticed when one finger turned into two. The double-digits looked amazing with the little girl's anus stretched around them. She was obviously tight as fuck, and yet also enjoying it and relaxed, letting her muscles permit the intrusion. She'd clench from time to time of course, and Josh got that on camera as well - any man watching that and imagining that sudden clench on his cock would be gasping and clenching his cock!


Pete applied more lube, moving his fingers and spreading them slightly so that when the liquid ran down the crack of her ass, it covered and dripped into her rectum. He over-applied by a bit, and some drooled back out, running down her thighs along with the drips of her own pussy-provided lubricant, all of which Josh documented in all its glory. Angela had one of the most beautiful pussies ever created - it'd be a crime not to include plenty of footage of that, so he did include it, though it made his cock ache with desire. He'd been in there, tasted it, licked it, and yearned for more. But... "work" first!


Pete's fingers were sliding in and out more rapidly now, twisting, turning, circling, gyrating, and the girl was shaking and shivering with the sensations he was giving her. They were new, wildly new, and quite intense. Sort of like fucking, only completely different. She was loving it, and once again barely noticed when he upped the ante again, slipping a third finger into her accommodating rectum amid all the other motions.


Both men were rather surprised at the way she took it. No whimper of pain, not a single sign of discomfort. She really had practiced and got herself ready! And as a result, now that it was happening, she was prepared and was able to focus entirely on the sensations of Pete's fingers in her asshole without the distraction of being stretched uncomfortably or even painfully. Consequently, her pleasure was undiminished, the wonder of discovering all those wonderful nerve-endings un-blunted by having them send negative signals


Pete was grinning as he twisted his hand in the little girl's rectum. "Josh, my friend, I do believe my daughter's ready for an actual man-cock. What do you think?"


Josh gulped. "I don't believe I've ever seen any woman - much less any girl - more ready for a cock in her ass," he said with feeling. When Angela looked back over her shoulder, grinning, he winked at her. "Seriously honey, you're like some pre-pubescent porn pro! Well done!"


Her face went from happy to completely radiant at the words. It was what she wanted more than anything - to not only make daddy happy and proud, but to make all those other men who would see it someday equally happy. The thought of all those eyes on her - on her ass! On her daddy's fingers in her ass! So naughty! So nasty! And she knew they'd love it, and love her for sharing it with them!


"What say you Angel-face? You ready for daddy's cock inside your behind?" Pete asked.


"Yes!" she cried happily. Then at her daddy's look, she added, looking back and into the camera lens in a lower, breathy voice that reeked of arousal, "Yes daddy. I'm so ready to feel your big hard cock slide into my asshole! I can't wait to feel you fucking my ass. Please daddy, give me your cock, pwetty please?" The last sentence she'd changed to her "little girl voice" which, coming from an eleven-year-old seemed even younger, and somehow sexier than hell.


Pete rose to from his knees to his feet, his red-hard cock dripping with excitement. Taking a squirt of lube, he rubbed it over the head and shaft while Josh moved in to get it in close-up view. He did this all one-handed, the fingers of his other hand still buried in his daughter's anus. He didn't want to withdraw and risk her body reacting to the vacancy by closing up! Stepping up, he placed the fat head of his cock against his shiny-slick fingers, and with one quick move, withdrew his fingers and slid his cock into Angela's ass.


His fingers had only gone in about four inches, so he only slid his cock in about that far as well, at first. Placing his hands on her hips, he held still. "How's that feel sweetie? You okay?"


"Uh huh daddy! Is that your cock in there now? It feels nice! Better than your fingers somehow. Smoother. Warmer. I like it!"


Pete chuckled. It was probably psychosomatic, but it didn't matter as long as she liked it. She might feel different as he went deeper though. He couldn't stretch her out with his fingers where his fingers couldn't go, after all! Slowly and deliberately, he began to fuck the child's tight little ass, just to the same depth, as she got used to the new feelings.


He soon discovered that the sensations to his cock were quite a bit different than to his fingers. His fingers weren't as sensitive, and they had muscles and bones, making them stronger. So he was surprised to find that while he'd stretched her well enough with his fingers, to his cock, she was fucking tight as hell! He was glad he'd lubed her up so well, or he wouldn't have been able to move at all! Hard as he was, her teeny little butthole was like a steel vice!


But like a vice, her muscles only controlled from the sides. His movement was length-wise, and he slid into and out of her with fairly smooth strokes. Tight. Hot. And the sight was so hot he could barely look at it without erupting, so he focused on the small of her back instead. Most important of all though, was that she was loving it. He'd had a few women who'd let him fuck their asses, but while they'd liked it, they'd not really loved it. Angela though was absolutely into it. After she got his rhythm, she moved in time with him, encouraging him to fuck her, to keep fucking her, as she made sounds reminiscent of those cheap videos from Japan where the girl whimpers and cries out in a high voice endlessly. Only with Angela, it was not only softer and gentler, it was sincere. There could be no doubt about it - in addition to being a cum-slut, his little girl was also an anal-slut!


"Oh! Oh daaaady... yesss" she gasped as he began to push deeper into her. He'd expected her to feel at least a little discomfort as his cock invaded deeper than his fingers had prepared her for, but apparently the toys she'd used had done their job, blazing his trail in advance. She pushed back against him with greater and greater force, urging him to thrust deeper into her, and deeper again. The sounds as he went deeper changed from whiney cries to lower, deeper, more guttural sounds. Grunts. Growls. Like an animal. It was amazing! And he realized with a start that his own sounds were doing likewise. Despite his best efforts to stave off the inevitable, Pete was rapidly - and unavoidably - nearing his climax.


"Fuck baby girl, you're amazing," he panted, leaning forward, his breath hot on the back of her neck. "You're going to make me cum with your amazing ass honey - gonna make me cum in your amazing ass!"'


"Yes daddy, yesss! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass hard daddy! Pump your cum into it daddy! I want you all the way in me, filling me! Oh God daddy, please give it to me! Pleeease!" She was practically crying as she pushed back as hard as she could with every thrust. Clearly this little cunt wanted - needed - her father's cock as deep up inside her bowels as she could get it!


He was slamming into her for all he was worth now, his grip on her hips so strong, his excitement so great that he didn't even notice himself lifting the little girl off her feet as he pounded into her. She didn't notice either. Both of them were beyond anything but the explosion building inside them, coupled in this most intimate way, sharing each other's bodies more completely than many couples married for decades. They loved each other, both emotionally and physically, and each was doing their utmost to give themselves utterly to the other.


When the explosion finally arrived, it was epic. Pete howled like a banshee, slamming into Angela as if he was spanking her tiny ass with his thighs, driving his cock far up into her innards as he erupted, spewing his hot goo in rapid-fire shots, his balls grinding into her sopping wet pussy as he strove to push even more of himself into her, sensing her need to have as much of him as possible.


Angela howled as well, though less wolf-like. Her cries were staccato, high, nearly shrieks as her father's cock plumbed her depths, hammering her ass, and then the insanely strange-yet-wonderful sensation of feeling his hot cream spraying inside her, filling her on the insides in a wonderful new way. Her pussy erupted as well, spraying both their legs with her juices as - with no direct stimulation - the child experienced a mind-bogglingly intense climax in her pussy just after the one in her ass peaked, giving her a one-two punch of pleasure so intense it threatened to fry her synapses.


Nothing goes on forever though, however much they might want it to, and so the two ended up falling forward onto the bed, utterly spent, Pete's arms wrapping around his child from behind and holding her tightly to him in a sort of reverse-hug-slash-spooning position while both of them panted and gasped for air, their bodies still joined.


An unknown eternity passed as the cosmos righted itself, and still the two of them were joined. Angela's ass was so tight that even with all the lube, Pete didn't slide out when he shrank. He was laying there, enjoying the sensation, as well as the feel of Angel's warm, sweaty body against his, when she spoke up.


"Go ahead Mister Joshua," she said, a giggle in her voice. "I don't mind!"


"But your dad," he heard Josh reply. Pete opened his eyes. Josh was standing beside the bed, dripping cock in hand, aiming it at his little girl. He understood immediately. The man was horny as blazes, and wanted to cum, and his little girl was offering herself as a target, knowing how much Josh loved spraying her with his cum - almost as much as the little girl enjoyed being sprayed. Unfortunately, with them so closely coupled, that meant that Pete too would get doused.


"Fuck it," he said, his voice hoarse from his ordeal. "Go for it man. Right now, I just don't care."


He didn't either. Josh's aim was pretty good, and most of it landed on his little girl's side and chest and thigh, but the streams and spatters that landed on Pete didn't bother him at all. It was just cum, after all. Lovingly he and Josh rubbed it into and all over the little girl, making her whole body shine nearly as much as her lube-covered ass and thighs. It was all a big huge mess anyway. All he could do was laugh as Josh rubbed the cum that'd gotten onto him into his skin, as if he were a cumslut like his little girl! He was far too happy and relaxed to take it as anything other than more sharing, just of a different type.


With all the rubbing, his cock eventually worked its way out of the little girl's behind, and he slid down to examine her for any sign of damage. There was none, of course. Her tight little pucker was pink from the stretching and workout, but no more so that her pussy was after a good fucking. He made Josh get the camera and get some footage of that, as well as of her now-cum-covered body laying back, relaxed and happy, eyes closed as she licked the cum from her fingers.


Then suddenly she stopped, her eyes opened, and she turned to face her father. "Well daddy? Now can I have my gang-bang?"


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