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Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: A Reasonable Girl

Part: Part 2

Summary: Ellie gets caught spying on her sister playing with some boys and joins the fun.

Keywords: mmbfg, Ped, Oral, 1st, Lez, Group, Voy, Exhib

Date: 12/11/2017

[Author's Note]

It was mid-afternoon by the time Tom had to leave, and she'd spent the whole times cuddled up against him, listening to him talk. Mostly he went on and on about how dangerous it was, them being boyfriend and girlfriend, and how if anyone every found out, they'd take him away and she'd never see him again. Like she'd ever let that happen!


Still, she promised him like a zillion times that she'd never tell nobody, and all the while she was touching him and letting - no, encouraging him to touch her. She just couldn't get enough of how nice it felt to be touched by Tom. Not just the naughty parts - though she loved those best - but anywhere! And how great it was to kiss with him too! So losing track of time was pretty much inevitable.


When she finally noticed, it was past time to go home, and she knew she'd be getting into trouble. Still, she didn't want to leave, and wouldn't have, if Tom hadn't insisted. He promised he'd see her again, and soon. She'd told him all about her, where she lived and went to school and everything, and he promised he'd find her, then smacked her on the ass to send her scurrying back to the park.


As she'd feared, Eileen was nowhere to be seen. Her older sister had probably already gone home - maybe she'd looked for Ellie, maybe she hadn't. But Ellie knew one thing for sure. If she went home and her sister was still at the park, making out with some boy, there'd be hell to pay. She'd been trying to get back on her sister's good side after her mess up the other day - if she showed up without her now, Eileen might never talk to her again! So she decided to make a search of the part before going home. She was already late, so it wouldn't matter much.


Knowing her sister liked boys, it wasn't too surprising to find that she was still at the park. Or rather, in the adjoining lot where they stored the construction equipment and materials they were using to expand the park. Ellie found her by her giggles and squeal, in a concealed spot between piles of wood, bricks, and a shed.


Unlike the incident she'd accidentally told her parents about, this time Eileen wasn't playing nakie games with two boys - she was playing nakie games with three boys. They were all older and bigger than her thirteen-year-old sister, but it was clearly she who was in charge. All three boys were as naked as her, and were standing around her, facing her as she sat on a cinder block.


It took a little time for Ellie to figure out what was going on. Partly because she didn't want to get close enough to get caught, and partly because it didn't make any sense. She could make out that the boys had their penises out and aimed at her sister. Ellie hadn't actually seen a penis in real life until now, but she'd heard descriptions and seen drawings, and really, what else could they be? They seemed to be taking turns, stepping forward, and her big sister would put their thing in her mouth for a little while, then she'd push him back and turn to the next guy.


It was all very interesting, and even though she didn't understand it, Ellie knew it to be sex-play, so watching it made her start to get excited. Now she knew what that meant, she recognized the signs immediately. The tingling, the warm flush, the itch between her legs. Then she saw something that really made her tingly - Her sister's hand was between her own legs, and it looked like she was moving her fingers, rubbing herself just like Tom had rubbed Ellie earlier. She knew what that felt like, and the idea that her sister was making herself feel that was awesome!


She watched with fascination and growing arousal for a while when it dawned on her - Eileen was touching herself. Ellie could touch herself too! She'd never done that before, but now that Tom had showed her how, it just made sense! Her hand slid down into her panties and at the first touch, it felt so amazingly good that she gave a loud gasp of pleasure.


"What the fuck?"


"Who's there?"


Before Ellie could come to her senses, she was surrounded by three big, angry-looking boys. She went from aroused to terrified in a heartbeat, and was about to flee when Eileen's voice rang out, "Ellie? Is that you? Aw crap guys, it's my little sister - again!"


Pushing between the boys, she grabbed Ellie's hand and dragged her into the middle of the clearing where she'd been sitting. "Spying on me again, eh bratface? Dang it, why can't you ever let me have any fun?" Her eyes were brimming with tears as she gathered up her things and started getting dressed. "Sorry guys, but Ellie here is a tattle-tale, and I'll be in for it now. She already told on me once - I'll probably get grounded this time!"


Having had a few moments to get her wits together, Ellie finally spoke up. "No Eileen! I won't tell! I didn't mean to tell last time - it just slipped out! I didn't know dad was going to get so crazy-mad, honest! I don't want you in trouble! I want us to be friends again!"


Eileen paused, looking at her little eight-year-old sister. She seemed sincere, with her own eyes brimming with tears. Still... "Then why were you spying on me?" she asked.


"I wasn't..." she started, then realized that wasn't true. She took a deep breath, wiped her eyes and started again. "I mean, I didn't mean to spy. I was looking for you, and when I saw... uh... what you were doing... I... uh..."


"She couldn't take her eyes off my big cock!" one of the boys said boastfully, waggling his penis in the girls' direction. The other boys busted out laughing. Now that it didn't look like they were going to be in trouble, the relief was making them a little goofy.


Ellie played along. "Yah, that was it! I just couldn't stop watching." That much was true at least, though it made her feel funny saying so in front of these boys and her sister. It was like admitting she'd been doing something naughty. Never mind that she had!


Eileen gave her little sister a long, appraising look, then asked in a low voice, "And? What'd ya think?" One of the boys started to say something, but she snapped a harsh, "Shut up!" at him and he desisted.


Ellie thought about it before answering. She wanted her sister to like her again more than anything, and she seemed to be making some sort of peace offer or something. "I... uh..." she said, trying to figure out the right words. "I thought it was neat?" she finished, ending it as a question.


Eileen smiled, leaning forward a bit, and Ellie was suddenly aware that her sister was still stark naked. Her breasts, though small, were firm and nicely shaped, and now that Ellie knew what it meant, the fact that her nipples were rock-hard gave her another clue. "Neat in what way, honey?" Eileen asked in a low, gentle voice.


Ellie recognized something in that voice, and in the smoldering look in her sister's eyes. Eileen had been aroused, then interrupted, and the arousal was returning. And she was wondering if her little sister was similarly affected. And if Ellie was reading the signals right, she was hoping Ellie was also feeling the heat.


Truth was, Ellie was, and the thought of her sister knowing it was only making the itching rapidly worse. It was like Tom had made her feel - sort of. A mounting excitement that got stronger as they took more chances.


"I think, like," she started in a small, timid voice, "like maybe kind of like you're feeling?" She tilted her head down, looking at the ground. She felt shy and small and vulnerable and the feelings made her feel shivery in a good way. She lifted her head slightly, looking up at her big sister.


Eileen was grinning. "Are you horny Ellie? Oh wait! That's why you made that sound, wasn't it? Were you - did you touch yourself?"


Her cheeks were aflame, and that was all the answer Eileen needed. She looked up at the guys. "Come over here boys. My little sister was playing with herself while watching us play! I had no idea she was so naughty, but I'm glad of it!" Ellie looked up sharply at those words, and saw Eileen looking at her with an expression of joy and - pride? It was! Suddenly Ellie felt a whole lot better. She relaxed, and smiled, and then Eileen opened her arms and they were hugging tightly.


"Woot woot! A little lezzie action!" one of the guys said, high-fiving another.


"Shut up Charlie," Eileen said. "If I was a lesbian, I wouldn't have been sucking your dick, would I?" she said scornfully. Ellie made note that that's what her sister had been doing. Sucking the boys' dicks. Still didn't make sense, but now she had more info. Meanwhile, Eileen was going on. "And my little sister's not a lez either?" she said, making it a question and looking at Ellie for confirmation. Ellie shook her head. She wasn't sure what that all meant, but she followed her big sister's lead. Eileen nodded to her, though there was a hint of disappointment in her eyes.


"Okay guys, we'll have to finish up later," Eileen said, her own disappointment obvious as she released her sister from her embrace. "Sorry about this." The guys began grumbling and "Aw darn"-ing immediately, and Ellie felt bad about interrupting their fun. It didn't seem fair somehow that she'd ruined their game. She was almost as surprised as everyone else when she spoke up saying, "You don't have to stop."


All three boys and her sister looked at her, and she could feel her cheeks burning again. Hurriedly she added, "I mean, I can wait over by the swings..."


Eileen was smiling at her. "Or... you could stay and play with us," she said gently. "I mean, if you wanted to. You don't have to of course."


"Aw man!" one of the boys complained. "C'mon Eileen, she's just a kid!"


"She's my sister, and if she wants to play, she can!" Eileen said sternly. Then to Ellie, "Don't let them fool you Ellie. They're horny boys. They'll play with any girl they can - and they'll love it!"


Ellie was getting really itchy between her legs now. The idea of playing sexy-games with her sister and friends was way exciting! She was certain that if it had happened the day before, she'd have thought it weird, but her little tryst with Tom had changed her whole world. She wondered what Tom would want her to do - leave or stay and play. She almost asked Eileen, but remembered she couldn't tell anyone she had a boyfriend.


In the end, she decided that Tom would want her to participate. He wanted her to learn all about this stuff, she knew. She'd tell him all about it, and maybe he could even offer some insight and advice. She wished he was here right now!


"Okay," she said, "how do I play?"


Eileen grinned hugely. "Well first, you're the only one wearing clothes - does that give you a clue?" Ellie rolled her eyes. Duh. Ob-vi-ously! She doffed her clothing quickly, much to the delight of the boys.


She was really surprised that even though she was so small and skinny and flat compared to her sister, the boys still looked at her with that hungry expression. There was no question they found her older, more-developed sister far more appealing, but they seemed to like her scrawny little body okay too. It was more than she'd expected.


"Excellent," Eileen said, looking at her in a way that made Ellie wonder if her big sister wasn't lesbian after all. Then she looked at the boys. "Ellie's new, so I think Tim should be with her this time." Tim started to complain, but Eileen sweetened the deal. "You're the gentle-est Tim, and I want Ellie to have fun. So if you make her happy I'll..." she leaned over and whispered in his ear. Tim's eyes widened, and he shook his head exuberantly. "But you can't tell anyone - especially not these guys!" Eileen said, grinning; knowing she was torturing the other two. But they were enjoying it.


Tim was the smallest of the boys, blond, blue eyed, around fourteen. He approached Ellie with a timid smile, hand out to shake. "Hi, I'm Tim."


"Ellie," Ellie said, taking the hand uncertainly. They shook, then looked at each other, clueless how to proceed.


"Oh for cripes sake," Eileen said. "Kiss her already, you moron!" she said.


Tim looked at her. "You know how to...?" he asked. She nodded, but Tim didn't believe her. Still, he leaned in and kissed her. When he parted his lips and she did the same without hesitation, she could feel the surprise. In moments, they were kissing deeply, and Ellie was suddenly teaching this older boy things he didn't know - and that she hadn't known earlier today.


Kissing Tim was way, way different than kissing Tom had been. For starters, he wasn't anywhere near as sure of himself. His mouth and tongue were also smaller. But one thing was far better - when she and Tom had kissed, they'd been clothed. Kissing Tim, both of them were utterly naked. So even though Tim's touches were far less practiced, on bare skin they were at least as arousing.


So too was it interesting - and arousing - for Ellie to be touching a naked boy. Tom had been teaching her how to touch him, but he'd been clothed. Tim was naked - and also Tim was rock-hard from the kissing. His pecker poked lewdly against her again and again as they kissed and fondled each other, and the tip was wet too.


Tom had explained this to her while going into more details about her own juices. He'd told her all about how guys' penises can leak juices just like girls' cunnies can. Only for a guy, when he reaches that big, good feeling at the end, his penis squirts out a special juice that can make a girl preggers. No worry for her, of course - she was years away from that concern. But he'd explained that different girls felt different about this juice - he called it "cum". Some don't like it at all. Others love it. Some like to drink it, some like to rub it all over themselves, and most like some of these things (and others) and don't like others. He said she'd have to experiment and find out what she liked and didn't.


Here was her chance. She got the clue from Eileen earlier - she said she'd been sucking on their dicks, so if Tim's penis was already wet from making juices, she could find out now what it tasted like and if she liked it.


When their kissing got to a good stopping spot, she pulled back. He looked at her, wondering why, then smiled as she eased herself down onto her knees, reaching for his pecker.


Eileen had never seen one before today, and it was all a mystery to her - other than that she knew guys were very sensitive there. So she took it gently in her hands and experimented. Glancing up at Tim's face often, she began to caress the thing, giggling as it twitched and jumped several times. "It's alive! she giggled merrily.


"It is," Tim confirmed, grinning. "And it likes you! Do you like it?"


"I do! It's cool! Well, warm, but you know what I mean!" she laughed.


Tim laughed too, but his voice seemed a little strained. "Would you like to... kiss it?" He seemed hesitant, as if she might take offense at the question.


"Nuh-uh," she teased playfully. "I'd like to..." Without warning, the little girl opened wide and engulfed Tim's penis, sliding it deeply into her mouth. All her practice kissing with Tom had made her somewhat familiar with having a mouthful so she didn't gag, though it did fill her mouth deeper than she'd expected. But she'd thought this through, and figured that a penis, being as sensitive as a tongue, might like the same sort of things as a tongue would. So she kissed Tim's cock the same way she'd kissed Tom's tongue. She sucked on it, and rolled her tongue around and around it. She licked up and down the side, and remembering what little she could tell from what her sister had been doing, she even tried bobbing her head so it slid in and out between her lips.


All of it was fun, and Tim made lots of interesting sounds. She could feel his penis twitching and jerking in her mouth, and she tasted the juices as they leaked from tip. They were strange-tasting, but not in a bad way. She thought she might grow to like the taste.


The last, bobbing motion - that was Tim's magic button. The boy groaned when she did that - so she kept doing it. And he groaned more. His hips began to shift, which was good because it meant Ellie didn't have to bob her head as much. Then she felt him take her head in his hands, helping the to bob on his cock. What a considerate boy! She smiled around his cock, looking up at him at the same time he looked down, and their eyes locked.


For one beautiful instant, they had a profound connection. It wasn't like the love she had with Tom, but it was really special. And then Tim groaned - and then in a panic he said hurriedly, "I'm going to cum! Watch out! It's... oh... oh... ohhh!"


The "oh's" were when Ellie felt hot cum spraying out into her mouth for the first time. It surprised her. She didn't know it would be so warm! Or that it'd be shooting out so fast! Or that it would be a gush-pause-gush-pause pulsating delivery, with spurt following spurt. But all of that - while unexpected - was merely interesting. What was fascinating to her was the way Tim's whole body went into convulsions. His hands squeezed her head. His hips thrust, shoving his cock deeper into her mouth. His knees and legs were shaking. His cock was jerking around in her mouth. And through it all, his face and voice spoke of pleasure so intense it looked and sounded like pain.


It wasn't though. Ellie's own experience had shown her that. Tom had explained in more detail, and also explained that men and women orgasms were much alike in some ways. She'd wanted to give him one right away, but he'd begged off, saying she'd already given him several orgasms - he'd just be experiencing them later tonight.


Tom had also explained that one big difference between boys and girls was that when a girl climaxed, she was often ready again immediately, while a guy was generally drained. He'd said something about their penises "getting soft" afterwards, whatever that meant.


Whatever it meant, Tim didn't seem to be doing it. As his climax wound down, his cock twitching it's last few drops onto the little girl's tongue, he withdrew it and it was shiny and hard as a steel pole.


"Jesus Ellie," Tim said with feeling. "You really can suck dick good! It must run in the family!" He chuckled, and together they looked over at Eileen.


The thirteen-year-old slut was on her back, with Charlie fucking her pussy and the other guy (Ellie still didn't know his name) fucking her mouth. All three of them were looking at Ellie and Tim, and giving them cheers. Ellie watched her sister for a little bit, and she wondered - if she hadn't interrupted, how would Eileen have handled three boys?


Oh well, it didn't matter. What did matter was that Eileen was getting fucked, with an actual dick inside her pussy, and Ellie wanted to know what that was like. Wanted it very much. And here was a boy with a rock-hard cock - an absolute case of being in the right place at the right time.


She didn't even have to ask. She laid down and spread her legs, and Tim knew exactly what to do. Apparently he'd done it before, and Ellie wondered if the penis that was about to go inside her - had it been inside her sister before. It was an odd though - as if they were sharing something terribly intimate. It made her feel somehow closer to Eileen.


And then, there it was. Tim was atop her. His cock was touching her pussy. Her terribly, achingly itchy pussy. She'd never wanted anything in her life as badly as she wanted that stiff dick inside her. She could feel how warm and wet she was, how eager and willing and ready. How hard his dick was. How hot and slick and drooly with slippy juice to make it go in easier. Tim had explained that the juices were to make it slide in easier, but she had no idea what that meant. Why wouldn't it just slide right in?


It did slide right in. Tim was a relatively gentle lover - for a fourteen-year-old boy. Which meant he had no clue whatsoever about how sensitive a girl's inner passage is, especially to its first penetration. Ellie felt like someone had ripped her open and poured molten lead inside her!


She screamed, thrashing ineffectually against the large monster holding her down, causing this torture. She could feel his giant member inside her, a pole of fire, of agony renewed with ever slight movement. Tears poured from her eyes and her throat was raw from screaming, wondering if the torture would ever end.


And then there was Eileen. Holding her head so she didn't bang it on the ground. "Jesus fucking Christ, Tim! Did you just ram it into her? You goddamn moron!"


"NO!" she shouted even louder. "Don't you EVEN pull it out right now! It's in. The damage is done. Now you just hold still while she gets used to it. And shut up. She doesn't want to hear your apologies right now.


"Honey, honey, honey, Ellie love. It's me. Eileen. I know it hurts sweetie, but trust me, it's only for a minute. In a little bit it'll be better - see? It's already getting better. I'm so sorry sis - he should have... well he should have done it different. Prepared you for it. Not just ram it in. But don't worry... see it's not so bad now, right? Kinda throbbing yes? Still hurts like hell, but not like it did a minute ago, right?"


Eileen was cooing, speaking softly, and kissing all over her face. It was ... well it was weird to be tended to like this by her sister. It was also very, very sweet. Ellie's heart filled with love for her sister, for being there for her now, when she needed. And she was right. It wasn't near as bad now, and though she was still sore and throbbing, it was... it was strangely good too.


"That's right baby sis," Eileen said - a name she'd used to call Ellie meanly, now being used lovingly, as a tie between them, bringing them together in this moment. "I can see it's better now. Has it started to feel good yet? If not, it will in a few moments..."


"Y-yes," Ellie said, then swallowed. Her throat was a little scratchy from her scream. "A... a little bit."


"Good honey. That's good. Here, this will help too." Eileen bent down and kissed Ellie right on the mouth! Ellie was surprised, but not shocked. They'd kissed before of course. The shock came when she felt Eileen's lips part and her tongue slip into her little sister's mouth!


She was kissing her sister! No, she was KISSING her sister! Or rather, her sister was kissing her. No, she was kissing back. No denying it. And she was loving it. Eileen was a way better kisser than Tim (though maybe not as good as Tom). And there was something - familiar about kissing her. Like they'd kissed this way before, only it was so long ago she didn't remember.


Eileen's tongue was every bit as lively as Ellie's, and as the sister's kissed, the big sister's hand slid down to rub the younger girl's flat chest, teasing the nipples back to erection, then squeezing them. Ellie was having a difficult time keeping up with all the shocks - first the pain, then her very own sister kissing her like a lover - then Eileen playing with her titties like - well like a lover too!


She was so surprised and distracted and aroused by this turn of events that she completely failed to notice when Tim began to very slightly begin withdrawing and returning. Mere millimeters at first, the boy's strokes were slight, gentle in the little girl, but as her arousal grew and he sensed it, he gradually increased the length of the strokes. By the time her big sister broke the kiss, Ellie was being fucked by the boy - and her own pussy was creaming up with the good feelings the fat cock was causing inside her.


Eileen looked down at her little sister's face - serenely happy, yet also with the tension of mounting excitement. She laid down close to her sister, but in the opposite direction so they could turn their heads and kiss one another, but also so that Tim could continue to fuck Ellie, and Charlie could get back into her own creamy, achingly-empty pussy. She gasped with happiness as the boy filled her once again. This was bliss!


Ellie had never been so happy. She was sharing with her sister more deeply than she'd ever believed possible. And the aching in her cunny had transformed into a sensation impossible to describe. It was like she'd been empty all her life, but had never known it. And now she had a cock inside her, and it filled that emptiness. And Tim was atop her, a wonderful presence pressing down on her sister to the side, mouth and tongue eager to share as she too was getting filled and fucked. She wondered if it felt as nice for Eileen as it did for her, and imagined it did - why else would Eileen be moaning so much?


She could feel the mounting pressure somewhere inside her, and knew that she was on her way to a climax of mind-blowing power and depth - and then she wondered what it would feel like to feel Tim's hot goop spraying inside her down there. She could hardly wait! She licked her lips, and realized that Eileen and she had shared the taste of Tim's cum from when he'd filled her mouth only a few minutes ago. She wished she'd saved some of the actual cum for her sister, instead of gulping it all down so greedily!


Suddenly Ellie had an idea. She lifted her head and spotted the unknown boy off to the side, watching the four of them fucking and she motioned him over. Eileen saw what she was about, and quickly directed the guy to kneel down and feed his cock to the two girls - a shared blowjob while they were both getting fucked.


"Jesus that's hot," Tim gasped. "Watching you two girls sucking cock together while we're fucking you? Incredible! I don't think I can hold on much longer!"


"You better not cum until my little sister cums Tim! Or our deal is off!" Eileen warned.


"It's... okay... sis..." Ellie gasped. The pleasure was mounting inside her, an avalanche in the making. She was new to all this, but she knew it wouldn't be long. "I'm... almost... there!"


Suddenly the unknown boy began gasping, and Ellie felt his hot cum spraying across her and her sister's lips and face. Hot, wet, slimy, gooey, wonderful boy-cum sprayed them both, and it was just too much for the little girl. Once again she screamed, only this time it was the scream of an orgasm tearing through her.


Eileen grabbed the unknown boy's cock and began using it to rub the cum all over her and her sister's faces, while she sucked up some of the cum, kissing Ellie and sharing the cum tongue-to-tongue while her little sister was climaxing. It was such a lewd, depraved act, so incredibly sexual and sensual that it brought her over the edge too, and her climax hit while Ellie's was still in progress - they were cumming together, bathed in cum, and filled with cocks and - sure enough, Charlie erupted into her, filling her own greedy cunny with his loads! All five of them had climaxed within the minute while Ellie's climax was going down.


Eileen was far more experienced, so recovered long before her little sister did. She propped herself up on one elbow, looking at her little sister. Such a good kid. Such a cute kid. She was so happy they'd mended fences and got together like this. And now she wouldn't have to masturbate just in the shower. The few times she'd tried to do it in bed while Ellie was in her own bed a few feet away, she'd disturbed her sister and had to stop. She grinned. Now she was sure Ellie wouldn't mind if Eileen frigged one out every now and then! Heck, she might even do so herself!


Suddenly an incredibly lewd idea hit her. What if Ellie and her could... what was the word? Be bi together? Eileen had never given it much thought, but the way they'd just been kissing - heck, Eileen was willing to give it a try! In fact... she didn't think there would ever be a better time to try it out than while her sister was completely relaxed from her first fucking! And Eileen had never tasted pussy (other than her own), but she loved boy-cum, so there was a treat down there for her either way...


She took a moment to steel her nerves, then shifted up and around between her sister's legs. Ellie stirred (she'd been staring up at the clouds as if she were up there with them), but Eileen just told her to relax - and she did.


Eileen had never seen a pussy up-close-and-personal before, other than her own of course. But she'd seen Ellie's pussy plenty of times when they'd been younger and had bathed together. It didn't look the same now, of course. it was puffier, pinker, shiny-wet and drooling girl-goo and boy-cum. In short, it was an unholy mess, and Eileen's mouth watered at the sight.


Carefully, she leaned down, then in one long swipe, she ran her tongue from the lowest part she could reach, deep into the groove, and all the way up, over the clit, to the Northern pass.


Ellie gasped. "Oh. My. God!" she cried, giggling merrily. "You did not just do that - "Oh God!" she interrupted herself as Eileen's tongue made another such pass. "Eileen! Are you really going to lick my... Oh Jesus!"


Ellie finally just gave up. Every time she tried to say something, Eileen lapped her cunny again, and again, and then it was just stupid to try to talk because Eileen's hot tongue and lewd behavior had caused the younger sister's fires to rekindle. Soon Eileen's swipes along the groove morphed into diving expeditions into the little girl's depths, and she was licking, tongue-fucking, and sucking her little sister's pussy with gusto, making the little one generate even more juices for her to slurp away.


It took a while for either girl to realize that Ellie was climaxing, because it was a more gentle, rolling pleasure that rose and fell and rose again, rather than a long build up to a giant peak. But eventually even the two new-nymphs had had enough. Ellie's body was sweaty with her multiple rides, and Eileen's neck and tongue were both sore from their exertions.


Looking around, they realized that the boys had left them some time ago, which made them burst into laughter all over again - until they realized the time. They were at least an hour late - and there would be another half-hour walk home!


Quickly they dressed, and then realized their disheveled appearance and sexual scent would give them away. They walked slowly from the construction site, trying to figure out something that would keep them from the worst of their troubles.


"If only we had a shower," lamented Eileen.


"Or a bath - and a clothes washer..." Ellie agreed, trailing off as a thought struck her. "Come on!" she said, taking off running


Eileen ran after her, with no clue where they were going, or why. She just followed her sister as she headed down the path that circled the duck pond.


About a quarter way around, Ellie suddenly stopped, turning to face her sister as she came running up.


"What is it," Eileen asked, panting, then screeched as Ellie pushed her into the pond. "What the..." she yelled at her sister, gasping and sputtering as she treaded water. It was deep here, and she had to swim to a shallow area to walk out. She turned to do so when she was almost hit by her sister, who had cannonballed right beside her.


They finally got out, soaked and dripping, and Eileen was furious. "That the heck do you think you're doing? Aren't we in enough trouble already, you have to add to it? What is the matter with you?"


"Shhh," Ellie said under her breath. "Just let me do the talking."


"What?" Eileen said, then saw the figure moving toward them at a run. "Oh." It was their father.


By the time they'd got to the car, Ellie had spun the tale. She'd been duck-watching and had spotted one who had gotten entangled in some fishing lines. The place they'd gone in was a favorite for those who fished at the pond. She'd convinced Eileen to let her try to rescue the duck, and had succeeded, but had fallen in the pond herself. Eileen had immediately dove in to rescue her, and that's when their father spotted them coming out of the water.


"How did you do that?" Eileen asked in a whispered conversation on the ride home. "I've never known you to spin a yarn in your life, much less make up a whopper that would save my butt - you do know it would have been all on me, right?"


Ellie shrugged. "It seemed like the reasonable thing to do," she said simply.


Eileen kissed her when daddy wasn't looking.




Little girls have a nearly magical hold over their fathers. If there's any way a daddy can find to believe his daughter, he'll find a way to do it. And because he'd already been worried by their lateness, he'd mostly just been glad they were okay. So any story would do.


Naturally they got into a bit of trouble and had to do extra chores for a week, but even that sentence was reduced because their parents saw that the sisters who had always been close, and who had recently been at odds, were now closer than ever. That sort of thing goes a long way to cool parental ire.


Ellie had learned a lot from the whole experience, and was very eager to tell Tom all about it - and to continue her education. She'd always known she was way behind her older sister in these things - after all, there was five years difference in their ages. But she'd had no idea just how far behind she was. It wasn't just that she was a behind the curve, but her sister was apparently way ahead of the curve! She had some catching up to do! And she had some interesting ideas on how to do that - if she could get Tom to play along.


She's have to see how reasonable he could be!


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