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ARCADE - Parts 1-5

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Arcade 1-5

Part: Chapters 1-5

Summary: Hanging out at the adult video arcade can be fun. You meet such interesting people!

Keywords: MM, MF, gay, bi, bd, reluc

Date: 12/13/1992

Author's Note: I wrote this years ago under the pen-name Loki Odin. If memory serves, I wrote different parts over a number of years, finishing Chapter 5 in December of 1992. Things have changed a lot since then, so you'll have to forgive the quaintness. You'll also have to forgive my writing style. That too has changed a bit over the years, I hope!


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After the glare of the fluorescent lighting in the mail room, the dark halls of the video booths was like stepping into another world. Pausing, I glanced over the display case to see what was showing. It really didn't matter very much, as I knew that whatever was playing would do what I wanted it to. Still, it never hurts to check.


Glancing over the titles, I saw that there weren't any that I recognized. Not being a collector or keeping tabs on the market, I usually found the titles to be new for me. Nevertheless, I got a pretty good idea of what was where. As usual, the first five channels were the regular humping and bumping, channels seven and eight were the kinkier selections, nine and ten were Sapphic selections, and eleven and twelve were gay men. As usual, channel 13 wasn't used. Some superstitions die hard.


After my eyes finally adjusted to the light, so I carefully wended my way down the hall, making my way past men with pure lust in their eyes. I could practically feel their eyes on me as I sauntered my snug-fitted ass past. Of course, it might have been my imagination as well. There's always the possibility that some of them were completely straight. Poor things!


The hall made a snaking S shape, doubling back on itself twice. I didn't want the first straightaway, as that was too close to the outside. Nor did I want any of the booths on the turns. The way they were situated would make people uncomfortable, having their backs to the open halls. The last stretch was also out of the question. Not many made it that far back, and those that did tended to be a little too forward for my tastes.


Scanning the booths in the central hall, I noted the ones that had stained or broken mirrors, which ones had people in the opposing booths, and which ones were reasonably clean. Finally I decided on one. As I entered, I glanced down the hall. Yes, they had their eyes on me all right!


Perhaps I should explain. In the video viewing booths of some adult books stores, they position mirrors so that the staff can see into the booths simply by walking down the halls, glancing left and right as they go. They want to make sure that nobody is jacking off, messing up the place for other customers, or that there's no illegal activities going on. That's pretty much regular. These days, they're putting the booths in the front rooms, with doors on them, so that the staff can look into them as someone comes out, thereby nailing the guilty. Or making them very antiseptic, and without any benches. Very much no fun at all. That's why I frequented the places I did. The long dark corridors that the staff only patrolled periodically, and the mirrors angled to see in fit my desires exactly. As well as many of the other customers. I've noticed that those other places don't do NEAR the business.


I squeezed into the booth of my choice, placing my tokens on the shelf provided. Inserting one, I started flicking through the channels. "First a little foreplay," I thought to myself.


On channel three, there was a nice scene where two well-built men were rubbing some pony-tailed blonde down with baby oil. That looked promising! Soon they had her skin glistening, accentuating her natural curves with clever lighting and photography. The shorts that the men were wearing were obviously well-filled, and as the play progressed, it became obvious that the men were enjoying the rub-down, as their cock began to swell. The camera angles were well-done, to show this without being TOO flamboyant about it.


The girl was also having a wonderful time, as her hardening nipples proudly announced for all to see. In a moment, each man had one of her ripe nips in their mouths, and the girl was rubbing her crotch with a big smile on her face.


After a time, the men hefted her up, showing off their muscles, and removed her dainty shorts. Then one of them got down and started licking her wetting muff while the other one pushed his hips forward, into the girl's face.


Eagerly, the girl pulled the guy's shorts down, displaying his proud pecker for all to see. It was only about a quarter erect, but she soon had that situation corrected by sucking it into her mouth and kneading his balls until it was stiff, hard, and lovely. Then she began cooing and rubbing it all over her face, alternately sucking it deep, pumping the shaft, and rolling his hairy balls in her hand. She obviously gave good head, and enjoyed it a lot.


I enjoyed it a lot too, and could feel my meat beginning to swell in empathy.


The camera then switched down to the other guy, where he was eating her pussy. Like usual, the sound people fucked things up, making her moan and say naughty things while her body reacted differently. This is normal in fuck-flicks, and it's not at all uncommon to see a woman deep-throating a huge cock and carrying on a conversation at the same time. Oh well. I shouldn't be picky, but I am. After a bit of watching the guy eat pussy, I started flicking through the channels again. It's not that I don't like eating pussy. I do! But I don't really like watching guys do it. For starters, they usually don't do a very good job of it. And how can they, and still get the camera to show anything? Nevertheless, it simply doesn't do much for me.


As I clicked through the channels, I glanced out the corner of my eye. Nothing yet. Oh well.


I soon found a nice scene where some guy was sliding his cock between the fleshy tits of some babe. I arrived just in time to see him shoot his spunk all over her tits and face, and to watch her make a total slut out of herself by grabbing his cock and using it to rub his jizz all over her face, scooping some into her mouth, and rubbing it into her tits. Very nice. But over. What else is on?


After a couple of channels of bullshit (why do movie makers INSIST on putting shitty dialog into fuck flicks? The acting is invariably lousy, the plots suck, and it's damned distracting to have to sit through when you've got a throbbing hard-on and were just getting close to topping out), I finally ran across a nice Sappho scene where two beauties were getting it on. The sandy-haired one was currently rubbing her tits against the brunette's gash, the pointy little nipples sliding along the well-lubed groove like some sort of train. I'd swear that that girl wanted to shove her whole tit up there! But they were both obviously enjoying it.


Then the camera changed to show that the other girl was slowly running a long, double-header along her friend's snatch. After some long traces along her slit, she started working one end into her friend's sopping love-box, to the exaggerated sounds of the sound tech's recordings. Still, the way she was humping said it all. She was enjoying it.


I gazed at this spectacle of Sapphic lust a little longer, until the two girls were getting it on, with one end of that slinky rubber snake in each of their snatches. I was getting plenty hot watching all this, and had to re-position myself to allow my hardening cock room to expand. It was getting really uncomfortable, so I leaned back, worked my hand under, and pulled my briefs aside, letting my cock inch its way down my pants leg. Much better. It was getting pretty firm, and creating a nice spectacle of itself, there in the light of the TV screen.


Rubbing my cock a bit, then moving my hand aside for any prospective watchers, I then stole another quick glance in the mirror. I couldn't be quite sure, but I thought I saw two guys watching me. Great!


Shifting my attention to the screen, I saw that there was another talk scene going on, so I continued down the channels, finally getting to channel 12, where there was a nice scene of some blonde kid handling his friend's cock. That looked promising! And besides, the guy was cute. Kind of young and innocent looking, like he'd never done that sort of thing before.


Leaning forward, I popped in my last two tokens, turned up the volume, and settled back. I had to make sure to position myself just right, so that the guys out in the hall could see my bulge in the mirror.


After some mock-coaxing, the young guy on the screen took the plunge, and took his friend's cock into his mouth. I should meet an "innocent" that sucked cock that well! The grunts and slurping was getting to me, as well as seeing that thick, slick shaft slip down that guy's throat. He was a real pro!


Unable to control myself (and not really wanting to try), I moved my hand down to my own cock, and started rubbing it through my pants. There's an art to this. You've got to make it look like a natural, un-premeditated move, keeping your eyes on the screen as though totally immersed. Granted, I was enjoying the scene, but I was far from unaware of the guys watching me!


After a while, the couple on screen began stripping one another down, and got into a really hot 69 scene. I was fondling my cock shamelessly now, rubbing it and squeezing it, and sitting as though transfixed before the screen. My pulse was hammering from the excitement of being watched as I played with my cock, as much as from my horniness over the scene.


I could tell by the countdown timer that I wasn't going to get to see the guys finish up, so I concentrated instead on my own erection. I wanted to get as close as I could to cumming, so that my cock would be as hard, long, and prominent as possible when I left the booth, so that anyone interested could get an eye-full.


The timing was good, and when the screen flicked to snow, I had an outrageous swelling showing down my leg. I knew I couldn't walk like that, and besides, I had to go out front and get more tokens. So, making a show of it, I reached inside my pants again, slowly pulling my cock upwards and around so that it stood behind my belt buckle. It still showed quite clearly, but it was no longer a neon sign. I sat for a moment or two longer, to give my audience time to disperse, then made my way out of the booth.


As I travelled down the halls, back to the main room, I watched the faces of the other men. Yes, they had liked what they had seen, and I could tell that a few of them wanted me very much. That's what I like about men - they never fail to make me feel desirable. A couple of them were even fairly attractive. Maybe I'd let one take me home later.


Sauntering back to the main room, I browsed the magazine stacks for a while, making sure to spend a fair amount of time among the gay mags. That's a form of advertising in my game, sort of letting them know that I wasn't opposed to the alternate lifestyle. The same reason I turned up the volume in the booth after I switched to the gay channel. It lets them know I'm interested, though doesn't really confirm anything. Gay and bi men are generally cautious, and that's something I appreciate. I wouldn't want to be hit on all the time. I like to tease and taunt, and only occasionally offer my wares to the lucky few.


Finally, after browsing through the toys section, measuring and contemplating (another affirmation to some men's way of thinking, though I also had my eye out for anything that looked like fun that I didn't already have at home), I got some more tokens and headed to the booths again.


As I was going down the center hall, headed back for the same booth, I saw a pretty cute guy coming out of it. Seeing me, he ducked back in for a moment, then reappeared as I drew closer. As I passed him, he smiled sheepishly when our eyes met. I liked that. Shy, like me. I only get dominant when the other guy is shyer than I am, and I really want him. I filed it away for consideration. IF I went home with someone tonight, it MIGHT be him.


Climbing back into "my" booth, I noticed that the seat was still warm, and wondered for a moment how hot his bum was. Putting the thought away, I placed my token on the shelf, and noticed that there was another pile there. He had left his tokens in here! THAT was why he had ducked back inside!


I had several options here, as I saw it. One, I could track him down and give them to him. That would give me the opportunity to take the aggressive. Two, I could assume they were a gift (which they were, in a sense), use them to further my show, and thereby take a passive role, and allow him the possibility of an aggressive role ("Excuse me, did I leave my tokens in there?"). Or three, I could reject the offer from any standpoint by leaving them alone. Decisions, decisions... I put one of my own tokens in while I was thinking, and noticed that the tuner was on one of the gay movies. Another affirmation.


Watching a moment while some guy boffed another in the buns, my decision was made. I was horny, and the offer had been made, why was I hesitating? As I watched and rubbed my dick (again down my pants leg), my decision became firmer (as did my cock). I'd take the aggressive, relinquishing it if he acted like he wanted it.


When that token ran out, I quickly scooped up the rest, cramming them in my pocket as I ducked out of the booth. Apparently he had been watching me, for he was right outside, looking somewhat embarrassed. Good.


Taking a moment, I reached down my pants, adjusting my cock back to the upright position, as it was now so hard that it was painful having it bent down my pants leg. When I returned my attention to the guy, I saw that he had turned around.


"Pardon me," I said, tapping him on the shoulder.


As he turned to me, I gave him a further assessment. Yes, he was pretty cute, and looked to be healthy. And his eyes... Ahhh... Beautiful!


"I think that maybe you left something in there" I said, motioning to the booth with my head while I dug into my pocket with my hand. Making a great show of getting the coins out from right next to my swollen dick (which was still throbbing hard and showing very nicely), I started to hand them to him, moving closer than was strictly necessary. When he didn't move away, I took his hand and pressed the coins into his palm, closing his fingers around them, but not releasing.


You should be more careful where you put things," I said.


"Yea, thanks," he mumbled, not taking the initiative.


Taking the chance, I said, "You want me to put those away so you won't lose them again?" He was still unsure of himself, but after a momentary pause, dropped the coins back into my hand.


I decided to take that as a 'yes'. Glancing around to make sure that no staff was around, I felt for his pocket opening, getting lost a couple of times on the way to discover that his poor swollen cock was munched up in his underwear. A large, hard knot, waiting to be untied. Rubbing that knot a bit, I deposited the coins into his pocket.


"It's warm in here," I said. "I think I'll go out and get a soda." With that, I went back through the switch-backed halls, through the main room, and out to the parking lot. Standing around looking, as though for a store (there was a convenience store across the street), I saw him come out a few moments later. Glancing at me, he started to come over. Making a show of it, I looked over to the store, then climbed into my car. Waiting a moment to make sure he took the hint, I paused until he was in his car and hit the store with him right behind me. I couldn't believe that I was doing this! Normally I'm the most passive guy there ever was!


Going inside, I got a soda, paid, and then started playing a video game. A moment later, he was beside me watching.


"I have a place to myself," I said, losing a ship in my excitement.


"How far?" he asked, turning to look at a magazine in the rack.


"About a mile and a half. Follow?"


"Will do." he said, putting the magazine back and heading for the door.


After losing the game (which didn't take long), I went back to my car. I didn't see his until I was just getting ready to pull out, then I saw him behind me. He followed at a safe distance until I pulled up in front of my apartment. He was even smart enough to use one of the visitor's spots.


After I showed him inside and bade him sit, I put on some mellow tunes and sat next to him. He was really nervous, so I tried to calm him down with idle chit-chat. Sure enough, after a while he was relaxing a bit, and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, offering me one (contrary to popular belief, people don't smoke until after they're relaxed somewhat).


Shaking my head, I said, "Thanks anyway. I quit last year." As he started to put them away, I quickly added, "But you go ahead. It doesn't bother me. Just no booze or drugs in here, okay?"


"Sure thing," he agreed, sparking up with obvious relief.


I busied myself getting him an ashtray, and continued with the idle chit-chat, discovering in the process that his name was Mike. Looking for a way to break the ice, I asked, "Since we met in the video arcade, I guess you like videos, right? I have a few that you might enjoy..."


Immediately he was interested. Getting down on his knees next to me, I pointed out where the various sections were, explaining my coding system and watching him browse the titles. When he found one that he liked, I plugged it in without looking at the title, hoping for a nice surprise. Turning off the stereo, I started the film. Good! It was one of the bi tapes, and a nice selection at that. The opening scene was perfect, with two guys and one girl giving head in various ways. A perfect opportunity for me.


Waiting for him to get interested in the sex on screen, I commented, "I've never been able to manage that."


"What's that?" Mike asked, paying more attention to the screen than to me.


"Sucking cock without gagging. I like to, but if I go too deep, I always gag. I guess I need more practice or something."


He just sat there watching the screen. I could tell that he wanted to tell me to practice on him, but was too shy to do so. Again I took the initiative.


"You wouldn't happen to know anyone who I could practice on, would you?"


He started. "I uh... that is..."


"What, you?" I exclaimed playfully, "Can I really? Thanks!" Having had enough delays, I moved over to him and started rubbing his cock through his pants.


I was getting so hot from feeling his cock stiffening under my fingers, and wanted it like nothing I've ever wanted before. Mike's total passiveness had turned the tails on me, making me the teased, rather than the teaser.


I tried to work his cock out by myself, but gave it up. The position just made it too difficult to do so without some assistance. So instead, I stripped down, plopped into couch next to him, and watched the video. Mike was surprised, but took it in stride, returning his gaze to the screen.


I said, "you'd probably be a lot more comfortable naked. I know that I'd feel less conspicuous!" Nothing like letting one's partner know that one's uncomfortable to get them to relax.


"I guess you're right." he said bashfully. Then he got up and started undressing, keeping his back to me. Seeing that he was uncomfortable about getting naked with me (nice buns though!), I went into the kitchen for some cool drinks (the soda I had earlier forgotten). When I came back, he was on the sofa looking uncomfortable, with his cock pinned between his legs.


I plopped down beside him and watched some more video. It was getting near the end of the tape, and the action was hot. I was surprised that Mike still hadn't loosened up, and was wondering what else I needed to do when suddenly his cock sprang up from between his legs.


I couldn't help myself. "God!" I exclaimed, staring, "It's huge!"


I was in for yet another shock though, when Mike said, "I know. I'm sorry. I'll leave..."


I honestly couldn't believe my ears. "Huh?" I said, rather intelligently I thought, under the circumstances.


Mike just started to get up saying something like, "Always too much...," but I couldn't really tell, as he was mumbling. But I got the message, and pulled him back down onto the sofa.


"You are NOT going to leave until I've had my fill of that thing!" I cried.


Mike shook his head, genuinely surprised. "What? It's not too big?"


"It's HUGE! Beautiful! Magnificent! Great! I love it!!!"


At my exhortations, Mike started to relax some. Getting it off his chest (so to speak), he told me that, "I thought it would be too big for you. It's too big for most women, and the last guy I tried practically ran away in fright."


"I can't help it if he was a fool! And the girls were just plain stupid. It's not too big for me. The human body is amazingly adaptable. Besides, although it's wonderfully large, it's by no means the biggest. I've seen bigger, though not this close. I think I could fall in love a cock like that!"


"When you told me that you couldn't suck cock without gagging, I just thought that I'd be way too big for you." He was much more relaxed now, but still watching the TV. His enormous cock was twitching and still growing from its cramped confines. I estimated that it would be about 10" when it was completely erect. A formidable size, and one that made my mouth water and my butt pucker.


"You're half right, I couldn't possibly deep throat you. But I'd still like to suck you off. And after that, I'd like to show you how I've learned to please men that I couldn't suck off..."


"But if I'm too big for your mouth..." he started to say.


"Don't sweat things." I interrupted. "I can take that much, and enjoy it too! But enough talk."


Eagerly, I lowered my head to his throbbing shaft. It was marvelous! I'd never before played with a cock so massive, and it was a completely erotic thrill to rub it against my face, kissing along its length from the tip of the bulging head to the rolling, hairy balls filled with my jizz. I could hardly wait for the eruption! It would be so thrilling to see this monster shoot!


And not only was this log long, but it was thick too. I found that I could fit the head of it into my mouth, and a bit more, but not much. It filled my mouth completely. Again, I tried to push back further, but was again stopped by that darned gag reflex. Oh well. I kissed along its length, sliding my hand along the shaft. It felt so big and sexy in my hand, and I could feel the throbbing of the heavy veins necessary to keep that behemoth filled.


Mike was obviously enjoying my ministrations, and was moaning and thrashing about on the sofa as I worked his tool. When I reached up to pull at his nips, his body jerked, as much from surprise as from pleasure. He'd apparently never had anyone play with his nips before. Not surprising, if the sexual history he told me was accurate.


As I pumped, licked, and kissed his shaft, sucking on the head and fondling his balls, I could feel his scrotum tightening up. His pre-cum was oozing out regularly now, and I'd lick it up while looking him straight in the eyes, something that I could tell he really liked. I can't possibly describe how erotic it looked having his juice oozing our and running down that monster shaft until I chased down the droplets with my tongue. Mike really got off on my sucking his dick, and in a surprisingly short time, his balls contracted fully, his dick grew rigid, and he shouted, "I'm coming!"


With hands around his shaft, I began pumping like crazy, pulling my mouth away from the head. Aiming his love gun, I tried to catch his spurts of joy juice in my mouth, actually catching a pretty fair amount as the gusher continued, but also feeling the hot spunk splashing all over my face. Using his rod, I rubbed it around, delighting in the feel of his tool on my face and his spunk steaming against my skin.


Finally spent, his cock still sent out a few little dribbles. Mike looked like a limp noodle on the sofa, watching my cum-covered face. I could tell that he liked it, but I was too busy to pay him too much attention, I was watching his cock. The sight of that massive monster with his cum dribbling down it is the sexiest sight I have ever seen. I was completely enraptured by it, memorizing every detail. That sight will be with me for the rest of my life.


It was still deflating though, so I finally licked up the last of his cum, and started to work on my face. I watched his face as I worked, enjoying his pleasure at seeing me licking up his cum. Finally, he motioned for me to come up to him (he was pretty wasted from his climax).


As I climbed up next to him, he pulled me close and kissed me. It lasted a long time, and was made doubly erotic as I could feel his cum dripping down from my face onto his chest. When we finally broke it up, he held me and licked his jizz off of my face, then I cleaned up his chest for him. Then he pulled me in to him again, kissing me deeply once more. He was a magnificent kisser. When we finally broke again, and he explained. "I love the taste of my cum," he said. "I've sucked myself many times to get it."


"God, "I'd love to see that!"


"Maybe when I've recuperated."


"No chance!" I scolded. "When you're ready to go again, you're going to see what fucking is all about!"


Chapter 2 - Jump To: [_Chapter_1_] [_Chapter_2_] [_Chapter_3_] [_Chapter_4_] [_Chapter_5_]


So Mike and I lay around for a while, shooting the shit and watching videos. I was still amazed at this guy's cock though, and just couldn't keep my hands off of it. Even soft it was large enough to please! So in order to control myself, I went into the kitchen and fixed us some munchies.


After chatting and eating and relaxing a while, I noticed that Mike's cock was beginning to take an interest in life again, in that it was swelling up as his glances switched from the TV to me and back again. So I picked up the stuff, took it back to the kitchen, grabbed the Vaseline, and headed back to the living room. On returning, I saw that he was about half erect, and when he saw the lube in my hand, his cock gave a powerful twitch.


"You're REALLY going to let me?" he asked, disbelievingly.


"I thought I told you before. I'm not LETTING you, I BEGGING you! I want to feel that monster meat of yours stuffing me full!"


His cock was swelling rapidly now, and I could hardly tear my eyes away. There's something extremely erotic about a man's cock swelling up, getting ready for some action. I dropped to my knees, and began sucking on it, helping it to reach its fullest potential. As I did so, I handed the Vaseline jar to Mike.


"What do I do with this?" he asked. Apparently he really hadn't ever had a person this way before.


Reluctantly removing my mouth from his tool, I explained. "My ass can take you, but it's not self-lubing like a mouth or cunt. So you've got to smear a little slippery stuff on my butt and on your cock. That makes it able to slide. But just use enough so that it'll get in. Some guys put on way too much, so there's no friction at all. I want to FEEL you fucking me!"


I moved so that he could access my ass, while still sucking his dork. God, I think I was in love with that beauty! I just didn't ever want to stop kissing it!


Soon I felt the coolness of the Vaseline on Mike's finger touch my asshole, and my cock gave a little twitch of anticipation. I was terribly turned on by this whole thing. Normally I'm not nearly so forceful. Usually I'm pretty passive, but I loved this cock, and knew that I'd have to take the lead if I were to get it. When Mike moved his finger away, I pushed back. Taking his beautiful nuts out of my mouth, I explained, "You've got to work it in a bit. Push your finger inside me, so that the entire sphincter's covered."


He followed my advice, and I thrilled to the feel of his finger piercing me. My ass was extremely tight, so he had to press pretty hard to get it in. I was wondering why that was, and figured it must me in anticipation of the assault I was about to give it.


As his finger drove into me, I told him to insert another, and finally another, as my asshole relaxed to accommodate. I could see that he was surprised at how my ass relaxed to accept this treatment, and that he was actually beginning to believe that I might be able to take him without hurting myself.


Pretty soon I was unable to wait any longer. Pulling his fingers from me, I assumed the position and told him to poke me.


"Place the head at my hole, and start pushing forward with increasing pressure until it pops in. Don't try to drive through me, just work it in for now."


His cock head at my back door felt like I had sat on an apple, it was so big and hard. It took an effort of will, but I coaxed my muscles to relax, and slowly they did. My ass was being stretched wider and wider, and finally I felt the head slide in. From there on, it was all downhill. My inner muscles tried to stop the entry, but I relaxed them quickly (a neat trick, but hard to learn), and soon I was filled like never before. I had some real trouble with the last couple of inches, so it was a real delight to feel his balls nestled against me. For a moment there, I actually had my doubts about being able to fit him! He was HUGE!


But we had it now. I was so completely filled that I never wanted the sensation to end. I could feel his dork within me with every breath I took. It was like... I don't know. I couldn't describe it, but it was VERY nice.


After relishing in the sensation of being so full of cock for a few minutes, I gave Mike the go ahead.


"I'm all right now, go ahead."


"I can't. If I move right now, I'm going to cum!"


I was flattered. But I didn't want him to cum yet. Not until I'd had my fill of him! So I waited with that big prick inside me. Finally...


"I think I can go now." he said, "What do I do?"


"Place your hands on my hips, and start sliding that beef in and out of me. Take it nice and easy at first, and pick your own pace. Eventually we'll speed up faster, and make you cum real good, filling me up! Feel free to squeeze my ass cheeks, spread them to admire your cock in my ass, or whatever you think you'd like to do."


"What do you mean 'we'? What are YOU going to be doing?"


"I'll be humping back and forth with you, and... well, you'll see - or feel."


"Okay, here goes!"


As he pulled his hard cock out of me part way, his whole body shuddered. "Shit! That feels fantastic! God your ass is nice!"


I was getting some wild sensations myself. Not only was the friction of his huge cock rubbing along inside me, but the suction caused by his pulling out. It was fantastic! I groaned something to that effect.


Seeing that I was enjoying it, Mike finally started pumping my ass, delighting of the sensation that I was arousing in his cock, while I was totally getting off on having him inside me. After a few minutes though, I decided that I wanted to see more.


"Just a sec." I said. Pulling away from him so that his cock popped out of me (a delicious sensation), I climbed onto the sofa, on my back. Then I beckoned him to me again. Grabbing my knees, I pulled them back and apart, so that I could see his cock entering me, almost to my very sphincter. Then I told him to push it back in.


Having him stuff me at that new angle gave me a completely new rush, and seeing that beefy tool disappearing into me was a complete turn-on. Soon he was buried to the hilt inside me again.


"Are you enjoying it?" he asked, out of the clear blue sky.


"It's all right," I lied intelligently.


"You don't seem to be turned on..." he said, motioning to my limp prick.


"Don't sweat it. I LOVE your cock inside me. But they're completely different sensations. I don't usually get hard-ons while I'm being poked, but I DO enjoy it. Trust me!"


Reassured, Mike began pumping my ass again. This was MUCH better, being able to see his cock disappearing into me. And what was really the ultimate thrill, was that each time he thrust into me, I could see my belly swelling as my abdomen was filled with his meat. What a total turn-on!


He was shoving and thrusting into me pretty regular now, so I decided to show him some things. I began flexing my interior muscles, squeezing his shaft each time he pulled out.


Mike almost gagged. "Wow!" he cried. "Your ass is grabbing my cock!"


I just smiled, continuing my efforts. I could tell that he was getting a little close to the edge, and I wanted to concentrate on the sensations while they lasted. His cock was completely turgid from his approaching climax, hard and hot inside me, and getting ready to gush forth.


I couldn't decide where I wanted him to cum. I like it so many ways, that that's sometimes a problem. Since this was his first time though, I decided that he ought to pump his load inside me, so he wouldn't be thinking about anything but his climax when he came.


His breathing was getting heavier now, but so was mine. We were fucking like some machine gone wild, my squeezes egging him on to his ultimate performance, his shaft sliding inside me, bringing me to my own peak. I'd never climaxed from being ass-fucked by a real cock before, but from long sessions with my toys, I recognized the signals. And I rushed headlong into it. I didn't care what else happened, there was only me and that cock inside me in the final moments, climbing higher, getting nearer, and finally, in a heaving effort, my muscles clenched up in a fit of spasms as I climaxed.


I was still getting my bearings again when Mike let out a long, low groan, shoved his cock so hard into me that I thought I'd burst, pushing me back several inches in the couch, and started filling my bum with his seed. He was in a fucking frenzy as he pumped load after hot load inside me, his balls banging my ass cheeks as he rammed home again and again. Then he too was spent, and leaned against me, trying to catch his breath, his beautiful prick still inside me.


After a few moments, he started to pull away, but I was delighting to the feeling of his massive cock shrinking inside me, so I held him to me, to appreciate it all the way to the end.


"Thank you SO much!" I said.


"No, thank YOU! I never came so hard in my life! Whatever you did at the end, pulsing your muscles or whatever, was just fantastic!"


"I was just cumming," I explained. He looked down at my still-limp dick, and I explained. "I didn't shoot off. I had what we call an 'anal orgasm'. They're difficult to learn at first, but VERY rewarding. When I use my toys, I can cum several times in one session, without having to regenerate my cock. But I've never had one from a real prick before. That's why I thanked you."


"If you don't cum from getting fucked, then why do you do it?" he asked, bemused.


"There are other rewards than climax, and other pleasures than orgasm. Besides, I also get off watching you get off. Understand?"


"No," he replied, "I don't."


"Well, it's like this. Do you climax from sucking cock?"


"Well no..."


"Yet you do it... So you must enjoy it."


"I guess I see. But it seems different somehow."


"It IS different. There are more nerve endings in my ass than in your mouth. Hence, more pleasure for me. But above and beyond that, there's the emotional joy I feel when I can bring such pleasure to a guy like I just did to you. I could tell that you really got off on my ass, and that really pleases me."


"I guess so," he finally conceded. "What now?"


"We take a shower."


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Another evening, another arcade. I really was enraptured by Mike's dick, and looked forward to many long sessions with it in the future, but I wasn't looking to settle down with him or anything. I wasn't looking to settle down with anyone at this point in my life.


So I was off to another porn store. Now it might sound like I do this all the time, but the fact is, I don't. It's a fun kind of thing to do once in a while, but I only do it when the mood strikes. Every couple of weeks or so. Sometimes I'll do it every night for a week, sometimes I'll go several months without. It varies, and it's usually spontaneous.


This particular night, I didn't really have anything else to do, so when I got bored, and the idea came up, it seemed like a fun diversion for a few hours. I should also explain that I don't usually go to pick someone up. I do this thing strictly for the thrill of it. If I occasionally do end up with a guy, it's certainly much more the exception than the rule. Normally I just go, watch some videos, get really excited, then go home and have a furious fist-fucking session. I cum better with a good work-up, and I know that the guys watching me at the arcade are getting something out of it too, so I don't feel that I'm using them or anything like that. They like to watch, I like to be watched. It's an agreeable arrangement for all.


So anyway, I did my usual routine. It was a different store, as I like to check out other places. I got some quarters, looked over the titles, looked over the clientele, and started back as soon as my eyes had adjusted (this place was dark back there too).


Although this place had a nice set-up, it was without the mirrors, so I couldn't expect quite as large an audience. I'd probably have only one guy at any given time, and they'd rotate pretty quickly. Since this place didn't have the mirrors, it had the booths right on the isle, and only slightly angled. The reason I could get away with the game in this place was because unlike most places without the mirrors, in here about half the booths had the benches facing about three-quarters away from the entry into the booth. Therefore I could fondle myself without ostensible awareness of my audience. But I knew the ropes, and I knew that I could angle myself so that I could sneak peeks out without being too obvious, as well as having my bulge showing, even though my back was supposed to be pretty much to the isle. The added attraction was, of course, that the audience could see what I was watching, as well as seeing me. That would be what they were supposedly looking at if anyone saw them peeking.


I had no trouble getting one of the good booths, as most people don't like having their backs to the isle, even partially. I chose a location more towards the back, so that they'd be less worried about other people catching them peeping at me. Particularly the staff, as that could be embarrassing.


The place was pretty crowded this evening. Not too surprising for a Thursday night. Seems like Thursdays are usually busy nights for porn stores. There were a number of fairly attractive men about, and even a couple of ladies were browsing the shelves as I passed through. I almost never see women back in the arcade though. I guess it's too dark and scary for them back there. I slid into my booth, positioned myself, popped a couple quarters in the machine, and was immediately awarded with a tantalizing view of a man in the process of shaving some cute brunette's bush. He had already snipped the hair short, and was lathering it up when I tuned in.


Once he had her all soaped up, he took his razor, and carefully started shaving her cunt. I was mesmerized by this, as I've always thought that shaved pussies were incredibly erotic. As more and more hair and soap was removed, and more and more smooth shin was revealed, the bulge in my jeans grew larger and larger. Only a few moments after sitting down, I already had to shift my cock to point it down my pants leg, so that it could grow freely and painlessly.


I licked my lips as the guy cleaned up the last of the shaving cream and smoothed lotion on that bare, pink pussy. How I'd love to have my face buried in that right now! I could practically smell her delicious snatch as the camera panned in for some close-up shots of the guy inspecting her. He spread her legs wide, and gave her a real good going over, from belly-button to lower back. Even along the crack of her ass, when he parted her cheeks, I couldn't see the barest traces of hair. He had done a real thorough job, and her pussy was soaked by the time he got done looking, and she practically tossed him down and impaled herself on his stiff dork.


There followed a furious fucking scene, that terminated with him shooting his spunk all over her naked crotch. But I was REALLY surprised when he bent down to lick her clean again! That sort of thing, erotic as it is, usually isn't done in studio videos. What a total turn-on! My cock was throbbing!


There followed some dumb dialog about how rough his hair felt against her smooth snatch, and just as the timer clicked from my last quarter, I heard her ask him if she could shave him as well! I had to see that!


I almost collided with some small guy who was watching me as I flew out of the booth to get some more quarters, fixing my cock on the fly (so to speak). He was still there when I got back to my booth, so I would have an audience as well. Great!


Sure enough, as the quarters went in and the tube came back on, there she was, kneeling before his engorged cock, snipping away at his pubes, making them short enough to shave off. My partially deflated dick immediately sprang back to life, and I shoved it back down my pants leg, where it could grow big and strong.


In a few minutes, the brunette had his pubes all lathered up and ready to remove them. His cock was twitching like crazy, and had slow drops of pre-cum oozing out the tip from his arousal. It was SO hot! As the girl started to shave him, she would occasionally bring her head down and suck the dew drops from the head of his cock before continuing with the shaving.


By the time he was completely shaven, and she was applying the lotion to his sensitive skin, I was rubbing my cock like crazy. It was a big, heavy log in the leg of my pants, pulsing its lust against my leg. I could feel the slight wetness at the tip that told of my pre-cum starting. I was so turned on though, that I simply didn't care. Truth to be told, I was more than half tempted to whip it out and stroke myself off right then and there. I was honestly thinking about it!


So it was an extreme shock when I felt another hand on my bulge. Looking up, I saw that it was the same kid that I had almost run over earlier.


For a moment, I was just stunned. Nobody had ever touched me in a booth before, and I didn't really know how to react. I didn't really like the idea, but this guy was so cute, and I was so turned on, that I just couldn't ask him to stop. And so he continued to fondle my dick while I went back to watching the show. It was very nice to have my rod fondled while I was watching, and soon I didn't care at all.


When the couple on the screen started fucking, grinding their freshly- shaven crotches together, he said, "That looks like SO much fun!"


He was right. The way that those naked parts came together, making lewd, wet, slapping sounds was a complete and total turn-on. We could see her juices smearing around his fat cock and balls, and the way they smeared all over both of their crotches was absolutely rude. But when she climbed atop him, and then he came, and they showed close-up shots of his cum squirting out of her bare snatch, it was almost too much for me to take!


They lay there a few moments, smearing their sauces all over one another, then turned about and started licking one another clean. When that happened, my "buddy" muttered, "You've got a wonderful cock there. Would you consider sharing it with me?"


At that point, I don't know if I would have cared if he was the ugliest man on earth. I was desperately worked up now, and wanted nothing but some relief. And besides, he wasn't. He was a very cute guy. Short and slim, one might almost call him dainty. He had sort of sandy blonde hair, cut medium long, and the most amazing green eyes there ever were.


"Sure thing!" I answered.


"Let's go then. You can ride with me." And with that, he dashed out.


Normally I don't like being put in that sort of position. I like having my wheels with me, just in case. But he was so cute, and so innocent looking, that when I started to say something, I just got in his car instead.


He drove us quickly to a nearby motel, where he had already rented a room, and escorted me inside. Once the door was closed, he was kneeling in front of me, sucking my cock down his throat like a starving wolf.


I was surprised at his desire, but was in no position to complain. Although my cock had deflated somewhat during the ride, he soon had it swollen to its full size, and he began fucking his face with my tool, driving it deep into his throat.


I wished I could suck cock that deeply! In no time at all, my balls were boiling, getting ready to gush out and fill his mouth with my spunk. I could tell that it was going to be a real blaster though, so I worked my way over to the bed, to sit down before I came, dragging my friend along with me by my cock and his mouth.


He was doing a wonderful job on my tool, fondling the balls, occasionally releasing my cock to suck them while stroking my shaft with his smooth hands, then diving back for more.


I reached down while he was doing this, wanting to release his cock and do him a favor as well (though I was actually hoping he'd fuck me later), but he knocked my hand aside. Apparently he was concentrating on me now, and wanted no distractions. That was fine by me! I laid back and enjoyed it, concentrating on the sensations he was sending up my shaft.


Finally, I'd taken about as much as I could, and cried out a warning. He sucked even more furiously, so I gave up the ghost and let fly with massive loads of jizz-juice, filling his mouth so full that it leaked out his lips, over his chin, and down his neck. Still he kept sucking, and still I kept cumming, squirting jet after jet into his hot mouth until I was completely wiped out.


As my cock shrank, and I worked on collecting my breath, I thanked the guy over and over, telling him what a wonderful cocksucker he was. He didn't say anything, just cleaned up my dick and balls with his tongue, and climbed atop me and kissed me, deeply and soundly. Naturally, I returned the kiss in full force, rubbing his back and squeezing his ass, grinding his bulge against me. I wanted him stiff as a board for my eager mouth. I kissed and nibbled on his ears and neck (some guys really like that, and this one did), continuing to get him worked up. I could tell by his panting breathing that I was succeeding.


Then I reached for his cock, to rub it to full hardness. But again he stopped me.


"What's the matter?" I asked, completely puzzled.


"Not that."


"Why not?" I asked, reaching for his pole again.


"Just don't." he replied, pushing my hand away again.


"But I want to return the favor!" I said, squeezing his ass-cheeks. I was beginning to get a suspicion.


"I just want to suck your cock, that's all!" he insisted.


I continued to squeeze his ass, working my hands around under, and my hunch was finally confirmed. I could feel the wetness.


"You're a girl!" I accused.


Climbing off of me, she sighed. "Yes, I am. But I really enjoyed your cock. Thank you." She started straightening herself.


I admired the job. She certainly had me fooled! But now that I looked, I could (of course) see some little signs that gave it away. One of those things that, once you know the secret, you can't figure out how you were ever fooled. She was actually quite pretty, though in this guise, flat-chested.


It wasn't until she headed for the door that I realized that she was leaving. Blame it on having my mind blown so shortly after having my cock blown.


"Where are you going?" I asked.


"Well, I know you gay men don't like being fooled like this, so I thought I'd just bow out quickly."


"Does that mean I can't eat your sweet pussy?" I asked.


She stopped, confused.


"I'm not gay, I'm bi, and I think you're very pretty, and I'd really like to return the favor." I said, getting up and joining her at the door. "Besides," I said, "your pussy felt like it could really use a good licking." As I spoke, I embraced her, running one hand down to her moist cunt. She was quivering as I touched her, though for fear or excitement, I couldn't tell.


As I continued to massage her cunt, she relaxed against me, so I bent down and kissed her, working my tongue into her mouth where it met with hers in an erotic dance of delight. She was responding now, with a vengeance!


I released my hold on her, led her to the bed, and began stripping her. My hands couldn't move fast enough for her though, and she helped me make her naked, removing the padding she had in her crotch, and the ace bandage she had wrapped around her tits. Once free they were actually a pretty good size, and as I eyed her fine form, I wondered at my gullibility at being taken in. She was so OBVIOUSLY a woman!


Easing onto the bed she threw her legs wide open for me, reached down, and spread her juicy pussy lips. Normally I like to tease and tantalize women, to get them thoroughly worked up, but this one was ready to go now, and I could tell that no more teasing would help. She was thoroughly aroused.


Immediately I dropped to her wet cunt, licking up the juices I found there, and digging my tongue in for more. I was very quickly rewarded with her climax. Yup. She was peaked, all right! I continued to delve into her sweet muff, sucking and slurping, and making lewd noises to match her own grunts and groans of passion. I'd never known a woman to cum so quickly and easily! I only spent about 15 or 20 minutes between her legs, and I'd swear that she had at least 10 orgasms! I was swimming in her juices, and loving every drop of it!


After a moment of recovery from a particularly thrashing climax, she screamed, "Fuck me! I need your cock in me right NOW!"


Never one to willingly let a lady down, I gave my semi-hard shaft a few swift strokes, and eased it into her slopping wet snatch. Like a rousing beast smelling food, the second my cock touched her crack, it swelled up to full size. I didn't have the chance to waste any time though, as the girl pushed against the headboard, shoving her pussy down around my cock.


Finishing the stroke, I pushed it all the way in to the balls, and began a smooth, steady, and firm fucking motion. Lowering myself atop the girl, I began sucking on her neck, biting on her ears, and held her tightly against me as I thrust into her hard, again and again. She wanted it rough, so I gave it to her rough. And I was almost immediately awarded with yet another climax. But I didn't stop. Hell, I COULDN'T stop! I kept pounding away at her, driving my cock deep within, grinding my crotch against hers as she came again and again, her vaginal muscles squeezing my knob in their throes. Her nipples were like tiny drills, burrowing into my chest, and her mouth was non-stop guttural groans of passion. I'd never had a chick so thoroughly into animal-fucking, so tigress-like in her quest for more pleasure. Her fingertips dug into me as she clamped onto my ass, slamming me into her sopping snatch. I glanced up and saw tears streaming from her eyes as we fucked, and I held her even tighter, coaxing her on vocally, grunting encouragement into her ear, telling her how good she felt against me, how hot and wet her cunt was, clasped around my rod, and letting her know that I was starting to get close to cumming again.


When she heard that, she threw her knees up and back, forcing me even deeper inside her, and using her heels to push me against her. I could tell that we were both near our peaks. She was a frenzied fucking machine, and my cum was boiling hotly inside my balls as they slammed hard against her asshole.


"C'mon bitch! I'm about to blow your cunt open with my hot cum!"


She just whimpered, fucking me even harder (if that was possible).


"Are you ready for my cum?"


"Yes! Oh god, yes!" she cried.


"Do you want it?" I goaded.


"Oh yes! Please! I need your cum to fill me up!"


I was holding back only be sheer effort of will now.


"Then beg for it, you dirty slut! Scream your need aloud!"


She howled like a bitch in heat. "Cum in me you stud! Fill my burning pussy with your jizz! I need you to pump me full of that semen until it's dripping out of my pussy! Please! Oh PLEASE! FILL ME UP!!!"


"All right bitch," I rasped in her ear, "They heard that next door, now I'm going to cum and fill you up... I'm cumming... right... NOW!!!"


As I said it, I pulled her to me like a vice, slamming my cock all the way inside her as hard as I could. Hot cum spurted out of my dick, bathing her pussy walls with my spunk.


She was climaxing as well, and ground her crotch against mine, squeezing my cock with all her might as I thrust into her again and again, each time spurting a hot load into her. I was grunting and groaning like a two-bit whore, while she wailed like a banshee. Our final climax was so intense that it seemed to go on for days, pounding and shooting and squeezing while the sweat ran down our bodies and every muscle locked up in pleasure.


Finally, I was spent, and collapsed atop her sweating and heaving form. I managed to support myself enough that she could breathe, and finally rolled over onto my side, pulling her atop me, holding her close.


There's nothing as sweet as a sweaty lover's soaking skin sliding against yours after the climax, or the feel of your wet crotches grinding together as the sauces drip down the crack of your ass. I relished it, holding this sweet girl tightly.


I noticed that she was crying, and I stroked her back, soothing her, kissing her tears away. She'd been through a lot, and needed some comfort, and it was my pleasure to give it to her. After a time, the sobs stopped, and she drifted off to sleep atop me.


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I guess it was about a week later, when Mike suddenly appeared at my door with a friend whom he introduced as Bruce. Yea, I've heard all the "Bruce" jokes, but this really WAS this guy's name! Anyway, he was a pretty good-looking guy, so I wasn't exactly displeased to meet him.


I was in for a bit of a surprise though, when Mike turned to go after introducing him. He explained that he has some stuff to take care of and would be back in a bit, but I'm not too thrilled about having strangers dumped on me like that. I thought maybe Mike was looking for a three-way when he arrived, but this disappearing act disproved that idea. I wasn't even sure if Bruce was a prospective sex partner, Mike hadn't told me ANYTHING!


Being a civilized person however, demanded that I at least be a civil host to this guy. So I showed him a seat, got him something to sip on, and tried my hand at the old, "casual conversation" routine - something I'm not particularly good at. In fact, I'm so poor at it, that I really couldn't think of anywhere else to begin, so I mentioned how nice the weather was. Gag!


Bruce was a nice guy though, and could see that I wasn't cut out for this sort of thing, so he came to my rescue.


"What I'd really like to talk about," he commented, "is how good your cock would taste. I mean the soda is fine, but I'd much rather drink your cum!"


Nothing like breaking the ice! I was a bit taken aback by that, so I fumbled for the right thing to say.


"Um..." I commented, followed by the ever-intelligent, "Er, uh..."


But once again, Bruce took things in hand - this time, literally! He reached calmly over and started caressing my cock through my pants.


Naturally, my ever-ready sprang to life immediately. It does that when lovingly caressed. And Bruce knew exactly what he was doing. Going only by touch, his hand eased the kinks from my cramped cock until it was a throbbing tube, pulsing in my jeans as though it would tear through the material!


But before it could get truly uncomfortable, Bruce eased it out and started sucking it into his hot mouth. I couldn't believe how good it felt! He pursed his lips and just slowly sank down, the sides of his mouth and tongue caressing every millimeter of my cock as he went. It was like driving down an endless tunnel of delight.


"Ahhh..." I sighed with pleasure, "That really feels great Bruce! You've got a fantastic technique!"


Slurping loudly, he pulled away from my cock, creating sensations that almost drove me through the wall. Popping at the end, he freed his mouth from my cock, smiled, and said, "Thanks! It comes from lots of practice. Mike said something about you wanted to learn how to do it right. Just follow my example, and you'll be sucking cock like an old pro in no time!"


"You mean, that's why Mike brought you over?"


"That's one of the reasons," he replied, his tongue running along my shaft.


"What are the other reasons?" I asked, intrigued.


"You'll see," he murmured enigmatically. "Right now though, just pay attention to this cock-sucking lesson."


So saying, he went back to work on my prick, sucking it down further and further, until I felt sure I could feel his tonsils scraping against the base! His tongue lashed against my balls, milking them, while the shaft was still probing deeply into his throat!


Bruce continued to suck my cock for at least an hour then, using varying techniques involving his mouth, hands, face, and several other body parts for varying texture, as well as including my cock, from the very tip of the helmet, clear back to my asshole, and beyond. He stroked, pinched, and played with my nipples, my ass, my legs, my belly, and he even tickled my feet a bit!


But the bastard just wouldn't let me come. I was on the verge more times than I could count, and every time, Bruce would stop, or rather, he would change his technique in such a way that my climax would be preempted. Finally, I just couldn't take any more.


"Let me cum Bruce," I begged shamelessly, not caring about pride, only wanting relief from the pressure of impending orgasm. "If I don't cum soon, I think I'll go mad!"


"Ahhh..." he sighed, "Just can't take any more, eh?"


"No, no more. Just let me cum!"


"Well," he teased me, "you'll have to make me a promise first..."




"Well, Mike said you like it in the ass..."


"I love it! You want my ass? It's yours! Now can I cum?"


"You promise?"


"Of course I do!"


"Swear to God?"


He was still keeping me on the verge while all this dialogue was taking place, so it never occurred to me to question why he was requiring the oath. I was preoccupied with my throbbing cock and painfully full balls.


"I swear to God Bruce! I'll let you fuck my ass to your heart's content! Now let me cum!"


Apparently satisfied, Bruce's face took on a whole new look of concentration as he bent down and slurped my cock back into his mouth. His hands began stroking the entire length of my body in exact time with the way his mouth stroked my cock, and the effect was amazing. I closed my eyes, and I felt as though my entire being was receiving the caressing strokes that were bringing my orgasm to a head. It was like my whole body was one giant cock, and I was getting set to blow my load like never before!


At some point, it happened. I would swear to any court in the land that the climax started from my toes, boiling up, getting hotter and hotter. Eventually it reached my groin, and my balls were suddenly on fire. Enormous pressure built up inside them, getting hotter and more powerful, until somehow a point was reached, and I could feel the hot cum coursing through my cock like liquid fire! Jet after hot jet shot through my cock, each one almost painfully pleasurable. My body jerked convulsively with each shot, ramming my cock deeply into Bruce's mouth, filling it with my hot seed until it was overflowing his best efforts to swallow it all. Cum dribbled off his chin, hitting my belly, so hot I would almost swear I heard it sizzle!


Bruce squeezed every last drop from my balls, and sucked the very dregs from my cock before letting me flop back, completely exhausted.


I guess I was out of it for a while, in a sort of la-la land, because the next thing I remember is Bruce easing me out of my clothing. He was ever-so-gentle; something I really appreciate in a man. Finally I was completely naked. But it wasn't until he laid down beside me that I realized that he was too, and that we had left the couch and were on the floor.


Gently he caressed me, bringing me back from the dead in the most pleasant fashion, tantalizing me back to life. Cautiously, he kissed me, and when I replied in kind, he made it more vigorous. Soon our tongues were flash dancing together, as our hands peeked, poked, and prodded one another playfully. That was when I felt his cock.


"Holy shit!" I said, running my hand over the length in disbelief. "You have got to be kidding! That thing's huge!"


"Twelve and a half inches," he responded proudly, rolling atop me, sitting up, and laying his cock along my chest. It stretched lewdly out, reaching clear to my chin, weighing heavily against my chest like some monster, about to attack. Not only was this mother long, but it was thick too! I'd swear that it was at LEAST as thick around as my wrist!


Now as you probably gathered, I get a lot of pleasure out of having my ass stretched, and I've gone to great lengths and a lot of "hard" work in working it regularly with various things in order to ensure that I would be able to squeeze in any willing partners that happen along. Nevertheless, this thing had me scared. While some of my toys were nearly as long as his cock (give or take an inch or two), none were of the same girth.


"Having second thoughts?" Bruce inquired, apparently reading my mind.


"Well," I stammered, "it's not that I don't WANT to... It's just that I don't know if I can!" I spoke purest truth in that statement, for having that monster laying on my chest like that, I got a real visual treat. Long and thick it was, but also it was beautifully formed. And the tactile sensations of its heavy weight laying on my chest, feeling it pulse with a living strength was making my mouth water and my ass twitch. I really DID want it inside me - if only I could figure out how to manage it.


"Don't worry about it," he soothed, "I know for a fact that you can handle it."


"Oh?" I asked, "And how do you know that?"


"Never mind," he said mysteriously, "just trust me. When the time comes, you'll take this cock in your ass - all the way! In the meantime, why don't the two of you become better acquainted? I understand you have a little gagging reflex to work out? I believe I know a technique to help you. But it may be a little unpleasant for you at first."


Well really! Did he think that not being able to please my partners was pleasant? And the gagging really screwed with my mood! I mean, when I'm concentrating on loving a nice hard cock, the last thing I want to think about is trying to keep my lunch down!


"What the hell!" I enthused, "I'm game for ANYTHING if it'll cure me of that gagging crap!"


Bruce climbed up off of me (I missed having his cock laying atop me already!), helped me up, and led me into the bedroom. He took total command of the situation, and I felt like a kid being led along - but I didn't mind in the least. He was very courteous and polite, and touched me so gently that each caress sent a jolt through me. First he had me get my toys out. Looking over the assortment with wry amusement. It was a little embarrassing at first, but he soothed me, telling me about his own collection. Then he asked about bondage supplies. That had me a little concerned, as I'm not really into being tied up, but for some reason he instilled trust, so I broke them out. Since many of my partners (of either gender) were into it, I had a pretty good assortment of ropes, cuffs, and whatnot. I breathed a little easier when he said we wouldn't be needing the whips, clamps, and other minor torture devices.


Slowly and carefully, explaining every step he made, Bruce proceeded to tie me down on the bed. First he cuffed my hands together, then he spread me out on the bed and tied my legs to either post by the headboard so my head was at the foot of the bed. Then, using a lot of rope, he completely immobilized my upper half, but left my hands enough free play so that I could stroke my cock. He said that was important for both of us.


With me on my back, head hanging over the foot of the bed, he stood with his feet to either side of my head. His monster cock dragged across my face, and I did my best to get it into my mouth, but he wouldn't let me.


"Not yet," he chastised, "First we have to attend to that cock of yours!"


Well that suited me just fine, as I was getting pretty damned aroused by having his cock so near while he tied me up. He leaned forward, his cock laying lewdly against my neck, and proceeded to suck my already straining cock. Very quickly he had me to the point once again where my balls were boiling, ready to shoot a gallon of goop into his warm, wet mouth. Then suddenly he stopped. Spreading his legs a bit and standing upright, he brought his cock to my mouth without using his hands, letting it dangle above my mouth.


Looking up at that massive member, admiring the smooth curve as it drooped down toward my mouth, eyeing the large, hairy balls that drooped so full and low under it had my mouth watering. I wanted a taste, BADLY! And he let me have one! Carefully he lowered his cock so that the head was in my mouth. I had to open wide, but the girth wasn't much of a problem there. I sucked it in and started working it with my tongue. But he didn't stop there! As I mouthed his cock, he continued to lower himself slowly, and the sheer weight of that tool was sinking it deeper into my mouth, despite my feeble efforts to blow it back out.


"Relax." Bruce chided, "Just let it slide on in!"


I tried to comply, honestly! But sure enough, when it got so far in, there was that damned gag reflex again! Quickly he backed off while I got my breath back.


"So that's it, eh?" he smiled soothingly, "Well now that we know where it is, let's do something about it!"


I was willing, so again he started sliding that meat into me, stopping short of my gag-point. Then he leaned over again and resumed working on my cock, which had started to droop.


I was thoroughly loving the twin sensations of having his cock in my mouth and mine in his! My cock quickly recovered, and in a few minutes, he had me on the edge of cumming again. He looked down from time to time, asking me if my breathing was okay, and offered some suggestions as to technique which I eagerly followed. As we blew each other, I marveled at his staying power. And I was even more impressed with his cock. Unlike most really large cocks, his didn't stop at the "three-quarters erect" stage, his got really and truly HARD! I felt that if it got much harder, I might chip a tooth on it!


Well, we were going along like this for a while, me always hovering one the very knife-edge of orgasm, him hard and hot in my mouth, when suddenly and with no warning whatsoever, Bruce jammed that monster of his right down my throat! At the same time, he twisted my cock really hard, so hard that I feared that he had broken the damned thing off! I was in multiple agonies. First, my cock screaming out with pain, and second, I really wanted to throw up from this obstruction in my throat.


"HOLD IT," Bruce yelled at me, pushing it even deeper into my throat. "If you do ANYTHING but hold my cock right now, I'll twist this cock of yours right off!" As if to prove his point, he gave my poor throbbing cock another hard twist in the other direction. At the same time, that son of a bitch shoved his cock a few more inches down my throat! I couldn't throw up even if I wanted to now, my fucking throat was too full of his meat! It was actually painful, stretching out my god damned throat!


In a short time (though it seemed an eternity), I had another problem. I was suffocating! I couldn't breathe with that cock blocking my throat so fully! Before I could suffocate (but not much before), Bruce eased off the pressure on my cock and pulled his out of my throat, though not out of my mouth. I gulped in air, and the motherfucker slammed his cock back into me, again twisting my poor aching cock. I was powerless to stop it as he repeated it again and again, always waiting until I was near suffocation, and slamming it back and twisting as soon as I had gulped in some air. I was absolutely powerless to stop him as he increased the tempo bit by bit, I was far too busy trying to stay alive to even consider biting his cock. Besides, that asshole probably would have ripped my dick off!


He kept this sort of thing up for an eternity or two, though it was probably less than five minutes, by the end of which, he had a pretty good rhythm going in my mouth as I continued to fight for air. It was hard to tell just when he would pull out so I could grab a breath before slamming it back inside. But eventually I got it, and was actually starting to catch my breath, when suddenly he stopped twisting my cock and started sucking it again. Not hard, but soothingly. Believe me when I say that nothing in my life so far had felt so good. It wasn't that I was close to cumming, it was the contrast to the earlier pain.


As he continued to suck my tool, it wasn't long before I felt the ol' balls begin to boil again. I started bucking my hips, hoping that this time he would take the hint and let me come. I really NEEDED to by now! My balls felt like they were going to explode, and my cock wanted to grow another inch, even if it meant ripping out of the sheath of skin encasing it. I had never been so hard in my life! But the prick just kept on, never letting me cum, and never letting me drop below that point of oh-so-nearly cumming. Sure, it felt damned good, but I really NEEDED TO CUM!


Then suddenly, after I don't know how long it was, he finally let me - at the same instant that he started shooting his own jet of hot spunk down my stretched throat. In fact, that may have triggered it, because it was a new and entirely pleasant sensation for me to have cum shooting in my throat directly, bypassing my mouth. Anyway, while I was immersed in the one sensation, Bruce pushed me over the edge to my own orgasm, which was positively violent. Cum shot out of my cock so hard and fast that I felt sure it left scorch marks on my pee-hole! Had I not been so firmly tied down, I might has sprained something!


In a few minutes, as I came slowly back to reality, I noticed that Bruce was making soothing noises to me. But he hadn't stopped at all! The son of a bitch was still fucking my throat!


"Well?" he asked, "How's that ol' gag-reflex now?"


I was shocked! He was humping my throat nice and regular, and I wasn't even thinking about gagging! In fact, I even had the breathing part down so well that I didn't notice it! Was cured of the gag reflex! He must have seen the smile I couldn't make (my mouth was stretched around his cock), for he finally eased his cock out, stood over me, and smiled down at me. Boy, I was smiling then, I can tell you!


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Bruce wasn't quite finished with me yet though. After I started thanking him profusely for helping me, he let me know that in no uncertain terms.


"That was only the beginning," he said.


"You mean I get more practice?" I asked with eager anticipation. I was surprised that his cock was still hard as a rock after dumping that load down my throat.


"Well, not exactly," he said with the hint of a smile. "First, I want to feel your cock up my ass, then I'm going to do YOUR ass with mine!"


Frankly, I believed that it would take a crane to get my cock up again. I was completely spent! But the thought of that monster inside me both terrified and delighted me, and I hoped that Bruce could pull it off. Unfortunately, he was bound and determined that I fuck his ass first.


He went down on me again almost immediately, in a futile effort to resurrect my depleted organ. After a few minutes of trying, he finally decided that it would take more than just his mouth to accomplish it. He went over to my toys, and selecting one of the larger models (but not the biggest, thank goodness!), and a tube of KY, returned to the bed.


Loosening the bonds just enough, he turned me back over onto my stomach, placing a couple of pillows under it first to prop my ass up. Then he re-tied me, freed my hands, and re-bound them behind my back. He then proceeded to grease up my ass, working his fingers in. All the while he kept up soothing conversation, praising the blow job I had just given him, and congratulating me on overcoming my gag-reflex.


All the time he was talking, he kept fingering my asshole, driving deeper and deeper, relaxing my muscles until I felt sure he had his whole hand up there. I didn't mind though, as it felt heavenly. In fact, it felt so good, that my own cock was (amazingly) stirring back to life!


Maybe it was the conversation though. He kept on asking me about my anal sexploits, how I used my toys on myself, what my preferred methods were, and so on. I told him things that I'd never told anyone about some of the really crazy stuff I do when I'm all alone with my toys. But he didn't tell me I was crazy or anything. He just kept working his hand deeper into me, and occasionally mentioned a few of my ideas that he said he would have to try with his own collection.


Whatever the reason, my cock slowly grew back to life, and was eventually back to its usual stiff self. Boy, was it ever getting a workout today!


"I see that you really DO like having you ass played with!" Bruce said, driving his fingers even deeper within my rectum. "I wonder how you manage to keep it so tight. Don't you ever feed it?"


"Sure I do," I retorted, pushing back on his hand as well as I could in my current predicament. "I work that ass of mine regularly - almost daily! But I also try to keep it in shape by exercising it." I suddenly clenched down on his fingers. "See?"


"Great grip!" Bruce sounded impressed. "I guess you DO practice. But so do I, and now that that cock of yours is hard again, let me show you what MY ass can do!"


"Well okay," I grudgingly agreed, "but make sure you don't leave my ass empty. I want it filled up!"


Bruce pulled his hand from my ass, went to my toys, and grabbed the largest butt-plug I had. Although I had of course, taken it before (and more), it was never without some thorough and invigorating warm-ups with some of my lesser toys first.


I needn't have worried. Bruce was thorough if he was anything. First he worked his fingers back inside me, wriggling them around and stretching my ass thoroughly. Then he slowly and carefully inserted the big rubber cock he had earlier into my ass. Spreading my ass-cheeks with one hand, he placed the head against my ass and applied a steady pressure. In a moment, the head popped inside as I relaxed my muscles. He eased the rest in slowly, allowing me to savor every inch of it as it penetrated deeper and deeper into me, filling me nicely.


Grabbing my cock with his other well-greased hand, he then started pumping my ass with the rubber cock, and pumping my cock with his greasy hand. The double-sensation was positively heavenly, and I feared that I would cum again soon. But apparently my earlier workouts had drained my orgasm-maker, for he fucked my ass and cock like that for many minutes, and the sensations, although highly pleasurable, never built up to a climax. After about ten minutes or so, he stopped.


"Hey," he said, "I think it's about MY turn to get some of this pleasure around here! Your cock's more than hard enough, and my ass it just twitching to feel that monster meat inside!"


With no more warning than that, he yanked the rubber cock from my ass, and shoved the large butt-plug in!


"Ow!" I cried out in pain. "That fucking HURT!" I wasn't about to admit that it also felt damned good, stretching me out like that so suddenly. In fact, my ass adjusted almost immediately - it was just the initial shock that got me.


Bruce just sort of grinned at me though. "You ain't ready for my cock yet, boy!" he said. "If that little rubber toy of yours hurt so much, you'd be split in half with this thing!" So saying, he waggled his monster in my face.


"Aw, c'mon Bruce! It didn't really hurt that much," I pleaded. "It was just so sudden that my ass had no time to adjust!"


"But when I fuck your ass, I won't just be putting it in and leaving it there," he replied calmly. "I'll be ramming it in and OUT!" When he said OUT, he yanked (I don't mean "pulled gently" - I mean YANKED!) that big plug out of my ass!


I swear to God that the noise it made coming out sounded just like a cork popping out of a bottle. And hurt? I don't have the words to describe it. There was some pain, yes, and it was very intense. But it was also extremely short lived, and my asshole quivered like a vibrator for a moment, then a deep, intense throbbing started inside. It was like nothing I'd ever felt before, and it was absolutely heavenly! I wanted - no, I NEEDED more. LOTS more!


Bruce apparently realized this, for after a short pause, he immediately rammed that big mother back in, then started pumping my ass with it at a furious pace. After a very few strokes, my ass accommodated the size easily, the pain disappeared entirely, and I was left only with the amazingly great feelings as my ass was pumped.


Perhaps I was enjoying it a bit too much though, for after a while (far too short a while in my opinion), Bruce suddenly stopped (leaving the plug parked up my butt). "Now it's MY turn!" he said eagerly, flopping down on the bed and arching his butt up. "Fuck my ass really good, and then maybe I'll do the same for you."


Well he didn't need to ask twice! My cock was raging from the thumping my ass had just received, the juices flowing freely out of the tip. I took my position, greased up his little sphincter, and (trying to mimic his rough and rumble approach), immediately slammed my pecker up his butt.


For a moment, I thought I was going to have a bit of trouble, his ass was so damned tight! But I just pushed harder, and it popped right in, so I slammed it in till my balls whacked up against his. With the force I went, I was a little worried that I might have caused him some pain, but the SOB didn't even wince - he just let out a long, low, throaty sort of moan!


I took that as my cue and started slamming his butt for all I was worth, pulling my cock completely out of his rectum before jamming it back in full-force. Bruce was loving it mightily, urging me on and on until finally a shudder started at my toes, worked its way along my back, trilled back down my spine, and shot out the tip of my cock with a force that should have blown Bruce through the headboard. Whew!


I hadn't even fully recovered, being in that good, warm, dreamy place after a good climax, when Bruce began working my ass with his greasy fingers again. I was so relaxed that I honestly didn't pay any attention as he tied me to the bedposts. He was so gentle, and I was so relaxed as he worked my ass that I didn't even realize he had all four fingers inside me until he told me so, adding that it was time for another toy to keep me "opened up proper". I was feeling pretty damned good. I had finally gotten a cock down my throat, and was getting my ass thoroughly pleasured by a real pro, when he suddenly pulled his hand out and shoved a tree trunk up my butt!


I couldn't help it, I screamed. It HURT, I tell you! And it went on hurting as he drilled it further inside! That's right, when I was expecting one of my toys, the prick had shoved his monster-log up my ass! Like the damned Energizer, it kept going, and going, pushing its deadly way deeper and deeper inside me. It was bad enough that the girth was enough to rip my poor tender asshole to shreds, but the length was pushing way up into my intestines, doing God knows how much damage as it plowed further in! I screamed long, I screamed loud. I tried with all my might to break those damned ropes or get loose somehow. I thrashed and squirmed, trying to get that thing out of me, but it was all useless. It kept on pushing deeper and deeper inside of me until I finally felt his groin against my ass cheeks. As if to punish me further, he continued to push until my cheeks were flat against him and there wasn't a centimeter of cock left outside.


But finally it DID stop. But it didn't stop HURTING! That asshole decided it wasn't enough just to ram it in, he had to squirm it around in there! He moved his hips, grinding that granite slab around against my tender aching insides, causing fresh bouts of screams from me. Tears were running down my face shamelessly from the pain. I begged, pleaded, cursed with the harshest curses I could conjure, and it was all for nothing. If anything, it just made him grind all the harder!


Then he pulled it out. Not in some gentle, loving way, but like some sadist, he yanked it out all in one long, quick pull. I felt like the suction would pull my insides out along with it! But at least it was out. I felt some movement back there, and then felt the head against my asshole again. The prick had only stopped long enough to add some more grease! I sobbed out for him to stop, my asshole clenched as hard as it could, but that steel rod was unstoppable. Again he impaled me, hard and fast. Again he yanked it out, added more grease, and rammed it in again.


I nearly passed out from the pain of it all, but finally, after about eight or ten strokes, I found myself adjusting. Slowly the pain was replaced with the pleasure I was used to from having my ass poked, only this time it was much, MUCH more intense. As he worked up a steady rhythm, the feeling of being impaled was replaced with a feeling of being filled up as I had never been filled before. Erotic? Hell no! Fucking ecstasy!


Bruce fucked my ass for a long, long time; changing angles, speeding up to a furious pace, slowing down so I could savor every millimeter as it sank into me, the variations were numerous. Eventually, he untied me, turned me over, and fucked me from that angle.


This was a whole new twist for me. I'd been fucked that way before, but Bruce pulled me up by the shoulders and bent me so that I could SEE his monster cock driving into me! It added a new dimension to the pleasure, to actually see that mammoth cock drilling me!


Finally, Bruce said he was tired, and that if I wanted more, I was going to have to do the work myself. I was delirious by this time, in a sort of fuck-trance. And I never wanted it to end. With no hesitation at all, I climbed atop him as he lay back on the bed, aimed his cock with my hands, and sat on it, driving it deeply into me. It felt like a bowling pin being shoved up my ass! God, it was fucking great! I just couldn't get enough of it! I wanted to ride that cock of his forever!


After I don't know how long, Bruce greased up his hands and started jacking me off in time to my own strokes. Unbelievably, I rose to the occasion again and shortly I was once more as hard as a rock, my balls churning, ready to shoot my spunk all over him. But again he held me off saying that this time HE was going to cum first. And finally, after what seemed like an eternity of fucking me he did exactly that. I got to see his face contort with pleasure, see his body grow rigid, feel his cock swell up even more (!), and finally got to feel his hot juice shooting way up deep inside me. He must have sent ten or twelve jets into me, grunting manically with each one, thrusting so hard with his hips that he nearly threw me off my perch!


And this time he was spent - and I mean spent. As his cock started to shrink and his cum began to ooze out of my ass, he laid back with exhaustion.


But I wasn't through yet! He had brought me to the brink and left me, so I redoubled my humping on his cock before it could shrink too much, grabbed my cock, and pumped for all I was worth. It only took a moment before streams of jizz shot out across his belly and chest. Then I too, collapsed. Falling atop him, his dick still up my butt, cum smearing between our two hot, overworked bodies, I sighed a very happy and full-FILLED sigh, and fell to sleep, or more accurately, just passed out.


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Chapter 6 (Never written beyond the following notes)

[Mike comes back, it turns out he videotaped the whole thing, and I find out when I return to the arcade and see that I'm now a star. You know what happens then!]


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