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Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Thirteen 2

Part: Part 2

Summary: Kenny's first date, then mom, & him play, joined later by dad.

Keywords: mf, mF, mFM - Fam, Inc, Ped, Cons, Mast, Oral, Cum, Straight, Bi, m/s, f/s

Date: 06/26/2017

[Author's Note]


Kenny was a pretty bright kid. So it only took him about a week to learn that truth that all men involved with sensual, sexually-active women learn - Try as me might, he could never actually out-fuck his sister or his mother. Much less both! Not that he didn't try! What boy of thirteen wouldn't go absolutely fuck-crazy when presented with not one, but two very attractive and eager partners?

His birthday had unfortunately fallen on a Monday (Sunday night), so he had to go to school the next five days. But he was in such a state that Kelly had to help him out four times that day - three times by hand, and once orally. Not that she minded. Sneaking quick sex with her brother was super exciting! And they were careful, so it went well. And of course, that night, the entire family had a marathon fuck session. They didn't even bother with a proper meal. From the time Kelly and Kenny got home till dad got home, Kenny got to experience the joys of two-on-one sex with his mother and sister. After dad got home and joined in, the paired off and mixed up in various ways to the wee hours.

Dad was, of course, the first to wear out. Not only was he the oldest by a good margin (Brad's wife Betty was almost exactly eighteen years his junior), but he'd also put in a full day at work. By eleven he was exhausted, having fired thrice - not bad for a forty-nine-year-old man in a few hours. But he still participated for the next hour or so with his mouth and hands. Still, by midnight he had to reign it in, if for no other reason than that he had to work the next day.

Mom lasted until around one. She could get away with it because she didn't have to actually "go in" to work - the joys of being a housewife with a part-time web-based job. But she also wanted to set some sort of example for the kids, and went to join her husband, leaving the kids to fuck themselves into exhaustion if they wanted, but reminding them that they did have to go to school in the morning.

Neither kid cared, and they continued on until Betty came back in about three, and told them that if they didn't stop, they'd have to sleep in separate beds. So of course, they agreed to go to sleep. And of course, they did sleep - until Kenny woke about an hour later with his erection pressing between Kelly's sweet ass-cheeks. She woke when he inserted it, and they struggled to go for "just one more" without making the bed squeak or bump the wall.

Tuesday morning found them exhausted and sore, and that's how they had to go to school. Even so, thirteen year old cocks have the resurrection power of vampires in a bad movie - they just keep rising again and again. Once more Kelly helped, but only twice, both by hand, and both quickies. It was enough.

Tuesday night, they were all a lot more sensible about it, sitting down to dinner like a family. The kids were simply exhausted, so their parents didn't demand much in the way of conversation or manners, and let them be, only demanding that they finish homework before any playing. They joined the kids a few hours later, and the lovemaking was a lot more relaxed, with everyone sound asleep by ten, though the kids snuck in a couple of quickies between sleeping periods.

By the time the weekend arrived, Kenny had learned to pace himself. He found it was a lot easier to ignore sexual stuff when he knew he was going to get all he wanted when he got home. Sex is sort of like oxygen in that regard - it's important to the degree that you DON'T have it. When it's scarce, you'll do anything to get it.

But it did leave him in an interesting situation. He had a date that night - his first - and since it was with a "normal" girl, there was no question. He wasn't going to get laid. As a result, he would have been happier staying home. Even though Kelly was going out, mom wasn't. Dad had a game to go to, and he would have rather enjoyed some time with just him and her. But he'd asked Julie last week, and he couldn't back out now.

The date went pretty well. Julie's parents picked him up and dropped them off at the mall, where they dined at McDougel's, then took in a movie. And that was when he learned another important lesson about women. They could tell when a guy wasn't seeking sex - and it had a peculiar effect. It caused them to desire him more.

Of course, Julie didn't think of it in those terms. She just found herself having fun with a very cute boy. And Kenny treated her cordially, but there was something missing for her. She caught him checking her out of course, but while his faced showed appreciation for her charms, he didn't seem excited by her. She also caught him checking out other women too - and they didn't seem to excite him either! This was all playing below her conscious thoughts though. Fourteen-year-old girls might be more self-aware than thirteen-year-old boys, but she still had a long way to go to reach that level of introspection.

The result was pretty predictable. She instinctively began to try to entice him more than she normally would have. Kenny wasn't against the idea, so of course he took everything she offered. But to her continuing frustration, he accepted her offerings without making real effort to achieve more. Every boy wanted to push the envelope! And he clearly wasn't gay. When she finally kissed him, he kissed back readily enough, even reaching around to cup her butt. And in the movie, he snuggled back like any hetero boy would. But he failed to try to feel her up. She actually had to put his hand on her thigh - he seemed to not notice the hint she rubbed her bare leg against his knee!

Eventually she got him feeling her up, and once he'd started along her thigh, she was happy to find that she actually had to brake him a bit - his fingers went up her bare thigh as if he expected her to just let him touch her naughty bits (which he actually had expected). But then, when she stopped his hand, he barely objected. By her experience with other boys, his hand that far up her bare thigh should have him in a state where she might even have to say "no" to get him to halt.

Not Kenny. When she put her hand on his to stop his advancing fingers, he stopped. And he didn't try to start upward again. After a bit, she wished he would. After a bit longer, she hinted for him to by spreading her legs a bit more. Still no reaction. He was still kissing her back when she initiated a kiss, and he was still fondling her chest over her shirt during those kisses, but the hand on her thigh didn't start up again. It was infuriating!

Finally, she reached down and tapped his hand in a way to indicate further progress was approved. It took a second such tap before the fingers started moving upward again, and her frustration was reaching epic proportions. Damn this boy! Maybe he was just too young! The idea sort of thrilled her - and that was when she began to really appreciate her true state. She actually was kinda horny!

Julie was old enough that she'd learned to masturbate, even bringing herself to climax if the circumstances were right. And she'd experienced arousal a few times, with a few boys. But she'd never really let them do anything other than kissing with tongues and some fondling - rarely under the shirt, but sometimes. None of that had prepared her for the current situation though. For once she was on the receiving end of the frustration equation.

They were still kissing, and Kenny was still fondling her as she came to the realization that she would really like to run to the ladies room and rub herself. But then she came to the realization that Kenny's fingers were already tracing the outline of her panties. To her consternation, she also realized that he must be able to feel the heat and humidity down there. And since she'd spread her legs so wide earlier, she couldn't really close them without trapping his hand, as well as sending him a big "no" message. She didn't want to send him a "no" message again - that hadn't worked well last time.

The alternative, she realized, was to let him go ahead and rub her cunny over her panties. The idea excited her further, and unknowingly, that excitement expressed itself in her mouth, as she kissed Kenny harder. That, of course, gave him the "go ahead" signal, and with surprisingly practiced fingers, he quickly slid past the panties to the side, and slid one finger into her warm, wet pussy.

Both of them were shocked. Julie because she was actually letting a boy touch - nay, penetrate her most private of privates; and Kenny because her pussy was so very small. Both of the women he'd been with until now had been practiced at sexual intercourse with a grown man, but Julie had never had anything larger than her own fingers in there.

To her credit, Julie didn't freak out. She noted the sensation was similar to her own finger, only about a thousand times more intense. And it felt gooood! As she focused on the feel of her digit in her tight, wet cunny, she found herself rapidly growing even hornier. She had to get off now! She only hoped she could with this boy's inexperienced fingers.

Julie's moan in his mouth, her shivering, the way her cunny flexed, gripping and relaxing his finger - these were all signals Kenny was actually familiar with. And his mom and Julie had taught him all about digital stimulation of a woman's parts. Julie's might be smaller, tighter, but it was still basically the same design. More, he knew that she was in a state which required a climax. So he did the right thing. He turned his hand, sliding his digit deeper, and began to rub her cunny in that way that mom and Kelly had taught him felt best. It didn't take him long to find that magic spot and stimulate it, and Julie's body reacted the way God intended. Her juices flowed, her body tensed and relaxed, tensed and relaxed, tensed and relaxed with his motions, her cunny spasmed, and she would have cried out had he not pressed his mouth hard against hers - he didn't want them getting thrown out of the theater!

Her rode her climax with her, easing off the way mom and Kelly had taught him, easing her back down to Earth with a gentleness most men don't learn until their twenties. When they broke their kiss, Julie's eyes were filled with stars as she gazed at him with wonderment, and perhaps even love. This boy - a year younger than her - had just given her a climax that rivaled any she'd ever managed, even using the shower massager!

Her passion fulfilled, Julie relaxed, cuddling with him sweetly for the rest of the movie. The frustration of his seeming disinterest quelled by the fact that he obviously was interested. A boy didn't just finger-fuck you like that without being really into you! And she was really learning to like him too. Perhaps too much. After all, she was a year senior to him. They might be able to make it work, but there would be difficulties. She smiled at him, and her eyes widened as she saw his fingers in his mouth. The fingers that had been inside her. He was tasting her pussy. Her heart pounded. She'd heard of oral sex of course, but - he didn't seem the slightest bit - he seemed calm. As if the taste of pussy was the most normal thing in the world for him. He grinned at her.

Suddenly she was furious. He had tasted pussy before! He'd diddled girls before! She wasn't his first. Hell, he'd probably finger-fucked every girl in school! What a God-damned bastard! She turned away from him, focusing intently on the movie, shrugging off his every effort to touch, or even to talk. When the movie was out, she was cold as ice to him. Proper. Courteous even. But not giving the slightest glimmer of warmth.

Kenny was like a zombie shambling in the front door.

"What's the matter honey?" his mother asked, sensing his discomfiture. "Didn't the date go well?"

"I... I don't know mom! I thought it was going well enough. Then I thought it was going really well. And then it suddenly wasn't!" He was so upset by it all that he was almost in tears. It just made no sense! Julie had wanted, he had given, and then she had shunned him - harshly!

Betty recognized the symptoms of teenage romantic confusion well enough, and she ushered her son into the living room. "Come on honey, let's have us a little talk, shall we?" After taking a few minutes to fix him a plate of milk and cookies, she coaxed the whole story out of him. Recounting it in detail almost brought the tears back, but the cookies helped. Talking it out with his mother helped. It was weirdly comforting to be able to share sexual details of his date with her. He didn't have to figure it out all by himself.

He hadn't been aware he was licking his fingers - it was just a normal after-fingering thing to do - so he didn't tell her that part of the story. Consequently, she couldn't identify the actual trigger that had set Julie off. But she did explain that something had, and why Julie had reacted as she had. "You're a very cute, very sexy boy Kenny," she said, wrapping her arms around him and drawing him into her embrace. He loved the way her breasts felt against his back as he leaned against her on the sofa. It just felt - right. "Any girl would be delighted to win your heart, I'm sure. But Julie - she thought you were the inexperienced one. After all, she's a year older. And it hurt her pride that she wasn't. More, girls that age - no, people that age often confuse sex with love. When you gave her such a good climax - and I know you did honey. You have lovely fingers, I know! When you did that for her, she probably thought it was your first time, and special for you too. Then she must've figured out that you'd had practice. Maybe it was just not being special. Or maybe it was jealousy over some imaginary girlfriend. Anyway, that's why she got all mad and cold. It wasn't because you didn't give her what she wanted honey, it was because you gave her exactly what she wanted, but you did it like a pro." She pondered. "There's a song... Eagles I think, that says it well..." She hummed part of the tune, then sang, "She didn't love the boy to much... she just loved the boy too well." After a few more bars of humming, she kissed the top of his head. "If there's a song about it, then one thing's sure. You ain't the first one it's happened to. People are confusing critters.

"Lucky for you, momma knows how to cheer you up, don't she?" He couldn't see her grin, but he could hear it, and had a pretty good idea what was on her mind. Sex! He'd been pretty worked up while finger-banging Julie in the theater, but of course he hadn't been able to do anything about it. In actual fact, even if Julie had remained warm and loving, he wouldn't have gotten any relief till he got home anyway. His parents had explained thoroughly that that would most likely be the case.

As he watched, his mother's hands began to unbutton his shirt. It was interesting to see her hands but not her face. The hands slid into the shirt, rubbing his bare chest and torso. He loved the way momma caressed him - so soft and so loving. He closed his eyes, simply enjoying the feeling of her love.

Shortly the hands moved downward, and he could feel them undoing his belt. He kept his eyes closed, enjoying the feelings. Somehow not seeing it gave it an added dimension. He felt her unbutton and unzip his pants, then he lifted himself as she slid them down his hips along with his underwear. His cock - already hard - sprang up into the air. The cool air felt marvelous, and the unbinding felt like freedom.

"You have such a beautiful cock honey," she whispered into his ear from behind.

He giggled. "You're my mom. All moms say that." He stopped, and they both burst into laughter at that statement. "You know what I mean," he complained, laughing. "Moms always say their boys the handsomest, and all that."

"Fair enough," she cooed in his ear. "But seriously, you do have a very nice cock." He felt her soft, warm hands caressing his cock and balls lovingly. It felt oddly wonderful from this angle - like he was touching himself, only he wasn't.

"Yeah, but it ain't as big as daddy's," he said simply. He and Kelly had both discovered early on that dad and mom both got some sort of added thrill out of calling him "daddy" instead of "dad" when doing or talking about sexual stuff. By the same token, they didn't like it at all when they were talking about work or chores. It seemed to be a grownup quirk. Strangely, mom didn't get the same added thrill from being called "mommy".

"Of course it's not honey. Heck, you're only thirteen - you still got some growing to do. But you wanna know something?" Her hands continued to caress his privates and his torso as she spoke. Without waiting for a reply, she went on. "I did some checking. Your cock is just under four and a half inches. And that's almost half an inch longer than is average for your age!"

"Seriously mom?" His eyes opened and he turned to look at her. She wouldn't lie, but he still needed to see that in her face.

She nodded seriously. "Totally honest baby boy." He used to hate it when she called him that, but found that when doing sex stuff, it was kinda nice. And he felt really good knowing that his penis was - not just average - but above average. Kenny might not have been able to put it into words, but every thirteen-year-old ever born has doubts about the way their body is developing. For boys, the touchiest part of that is their penis - which is why other boys make fun of each other's.

"Thanks mom," he said, meaning it. It was like a weight had been lifted that hadn't even known he carried. He looked down at it. It was kinda nice-looking, he guessed. The head was nicely formed, and the shaft was smooth and straight. Dad's had a darker, more veiny thing going on, and the color of both the head and shaft were darker. Now that he'd seen it plenty of times, it didn't seem ugly, though at first, he hadn't liked the veins. Now he just thought they looked cool.

"Honey?" Betty asked, "would you mind if momma got undressed? This stroking your cock is getting me kinda worked up."

"Oh! I'm sorry momma! I been selfish!" He'd learned that while "mommy" wasn't very welcome, "momma" was - especially when he was a "bad" boy. For some reason, both dad and mom liked to smack his and Kelly's behinds when doing sexy stuff. Not hard or in a bad way, but kinda playfully. He didn't mind, but Kelly said she loved it. He'd tried it on her too, but she said it didn't have quite the same effect.

He sat up, letting his mother climb to her feet. For a moment, he thought she was going to take him to the bedroom, but instead, she got undressed right there in the living room, tossing her clothes on lounge chair. Then she helped him out of his remaining clothes before re-joining him on the sofa.

This time, she lay back along the length of the sofa, and he climbed up to lay atop her, stopping when his mouth was at breast level. He took one of her breasts and began to suck on the nipple. He'd learned that this was something she really enjoyed - whether it was he, Kelly, or dad doing it, but he thought she got a special delight when he did it for some reason. He loved it too. Kelly's smaller, firmer breasts were pretty and nice to lick and suck, but momma's D-cups were for suckling. The nipples were much larger too, and somehow they just felt right in his mouth.

"Oh yes, that's my big boy," she said, gasping at his mouth's sucking. Her hand slid down her tummy to her spread legs, making for her pussy, but Kenny stopped her with his own hand. Pushing her hand aside, he caressed her thighs, then gently began rubbing her pussy. He loved the way her body twitched with excitement at his touches, and the way her cunny began heating up and leaking juices almost immediately. There was no question in his mind that his mother simply adored it when her baby boy suckled her while fingering her pussy!

When he judged she was ready, he slid two fingers inside her. Her cunny was more welcoming than Kelly's - he usually had to start with one finger for her - and way, way more welcoming that Julie's had been. He twirled his fingers inside her a bit before inserting a third though. She might be more welcoming, but she'd drilled it in that girls need time to adjust and stretch. So he took his time, stimulating her with skills won by practice. His pinkie joined the rest and she was moaning rhythmically as he used all his fingers to slide in and out her pussy.

The first time Kelly had shown him this next part, he'd freaked a little bit, but after he'd tried it, he found he loved it as much as momma did. His hand was wet with her juices as he withdrew a bit more, tucked his thumb into his palm, then pushed, firm and steady, until his entire hand was inside his mother's pussy, the outer lips squeezing his wrist tightly.

"Oh God baby," she gasped, shuddering. He bit down on her nipple, making her yelp slightly, the shuddering increasing. "That's it you naughty little boy. Fist-fuck your momma's cunt!"

He liked it when she talked dirty like that - it meant she was getting really turned on and that he'd be able to give her a good orgasm. He wasn't sure why they called it "fist fucking" though - he wasn't making a fist! If he had, he doubt it would have gone in. He could ball his fingers into a fist inside of course, but then he couldn't use his fingers to rub that special spot like she enjoyed best.

The other thing she liked when he or Kelly did this was to twist their hands inside, and to pull out and slide back in. He did this for a while, his hand slimy and slick with her juices. He thought it was cool the way her cunny grabbed him, like it was trying to keep him inside. As he pumped, he could feel her getting tighter, looser, tighter, looser, as her body went through it's rhythms, leading up, ever up to her climax.

Knowing what was coming, he released her breast from his mouth and slid off of her, to sit between her legs. They didn't have the mirrors out her like they did in mom and dad's bedroom, so she sat up, curling her back so she could see her son fisting her pussy. The sight never failed to delight and excite her. This was going to be a big one, she knew. This was the first time it'd been just her and Kenny, and it was special and wonderful. Just her and her little man. She wished she could suck his cock, but knew from experience that he didn't yet have the control to receive head and focus on something else at the same time. She'd make it up to him shortly though. Meanwhile, his hand inside her was doing wonderful, magical things. But more, the look of focused concentration as he started at her stretching cunt - that was insanely exciting. How men women get to see their sons so focused on their pussy? Focused on making their mother's cum? And enjoying it very much, if the cock drooling onto the sofa was any indication!

Suddenly it was all too much. "OH! FUCK! YES! KENNY! Oh GOD my baby boy! Yes! YES!" After that, she lost track of what she said, the feelings were so intense as they ran though her body like a freight train. Her eyes were locked on Kenny's face, the look of joy as her boy knew he was getting her off. What a sweet, loving child! The fingers inside her, rubbing her spot, driving her over the edge, making her juices gush out all over his arm and soaking the sofa. She fell back, twitching, eyes closing from intensity of her climax, and yet still - acutely aware of her son's mouth licking and sucking her pussy and her juices as the coursed out around his wrist.

As before, Kenny rode the tide of his partner's pleasure, easing down as her climax faded. The perverse thought flashed through his mind that this was the same hand he'd used to finger-fuck Julie in the theater earlier. In a way, momma and Julie had shared juices. But that thought was swept away by the joy of diving into his mother's shiny wet pussy. He loved her wet sauce, and lapped and sucked greedily, and when she was ready for him to withdraw his hand, stuffed his smooth face hard against her hole to suck as much of her juices out as he could, gulping again and again, drinking her essence.

It was Betty's turn though. She loved the way Kenny ate pussy, but she absolutely would not let him give her such pleasure while suffering deprivation himself. She knew that he'd already been frustrated earlier tonight, and it was time to make that right.

With a few words and a few nudges, they adjusted, with Kenny never for a moment stopping his feast. Shortly they were in a sixty-nine position, the sofa helping Betty to keep curved comfortably so that she could reach her boy's cock while he was still intent on her cunny.

First she licked his entire cock and balls - they were so beautiful! As were the cute whimpers he'd make from time to time. And delicious too, flavored with the precum that the boy was producing regularly. After a time, she judged he had had enough of the preliminaries, and without hesitation, she took his cock all the way to the root in one gulp. She'd learned to do this with Brad too, but it was a lot easier with Kenny's smaller cock. She sucked firmly while her tongue went to work, and sure enough, Kenny's excitement grew until he could no longer focus on the feast between her legs.

She continued on, driving the boy ever upward in pleasure, waiting for it, knowing it couldn't be much longer. Her favorite part was coming up... and then she heard it. A faint murmur at first, then growing in volume and clarity as his orgasm approached.

"Mommy... mommy... mommy... oh God mommy! Oh God! Mommy! MOMMY! OH GOD MOMMY I'M CUMMING MOMMY!!!" Hot spurts of cum sprayed from the boy's penis, and Betty backed up a bit so she could catch them on her tongue, tasting her son's cum before it went down her greedy throat, the sound of him screaming "mommy" making her heart explode with love the same way his cock was exploding with cum!

Finally he was spent, collapsing on her like a limp noodle while she licked and sucked every drop of his cum. She loved the way every touch brought a twitch, the way his almost completely hairless balls rubbed against her nose, his tiny little puckered anus right there before her eyes. Some day...

"Are you perverts going at it again?" Brad said in good-natured boisterousness. "Good lord, you look hot!" He closed the front door behind him and walked in. "I swear, I could hear him screaming down at the Wilson's!" he grinned. "You must have given him one hell of a ride!"

She patted the boy's ass. "He deserved it. The date had some issues. And besides, he did a great job making me feel good, how could I do otherwise?"

"I can see that!" Brad chuckled, easing his boy's head to the side to get a good look at his wife's soaking wet pussy. "Looks like you could use a good fucking though - want one?"

"Oh honey," Betty chided him. "Wait a while, will you? Kenny's so comfortable - and drained. I don't want to disturb him."

"It's kay momma," Kenny managed to mumble, thought it was a half-out-of-it blur.

"It's kay momma," Brad chuckled. "I can work around him."

Brad tossed his clothes with the rest on the lounger, then carefully positioned himself on his knees beside the sofa, his cock aimed for his wife's pussy. Kenny's head lay on her thigh. He was about to get the best view imaginable of his father fucking his mother - from a distance of about ten inches!

Brad eased his cock into Betty's drooling cunny. Hearing Kenny scream "mommy" while he came always make her juice up like anything, and she knew she was just minutes from another climax. She was actually glad that Brad had arrived home when he had. She didn't want to wear Kenny out - the poor boy had given his all to give her such a great climax. He deserved a bread. Time for daddy to do his job!

And he did. Sliding his cock into her pussy was a delight when she was so warm and wet and stretched. It felt like heaven, and he had to fight the urge to just pick up and bang her like an old piano. But he too didn't want to disturb Kenny. Having his son's face inches away from his cock while he fucked the boy's mother was a perverted thrill for him. He knew the boy still had some hang-ups, but he was working through them, avoiding his father less and less as the family grew closer. This would help.

Sure enough, Kenny's eyes slowly regained focus while Brad was fucking his wife, and interest showed on his face. "Pretty sexy, huh son?" his father asked throatily. "You like watching me fuck your mother don't you boy?"

He didn't say anything at first, but then a slow, "Yeah," leaked out as Brad's pumping grew more vigorous. "It's pretty hot. She's so juicy when you fuck her daddy."

Hearing his boy call him "daddy" while his face was mere inches from the man's hard cock as it penetrated his mother was ungodly arousing to the man. But he restrained his hand, merely resting it on his son's head and tussling his hair. "I like watching you fuck her too boy," he said, panting. "You have a really nice cock, and it looks hot as hell when you're fucking my wife."

"Oh!" Kenny suddenly exclaimed, then turned his head to look up at his dad. "Sorry daddy - momma noticed I'm hard again, and swallowed my cock!" He giggled, turning back to watching his father's cock piston in his mother's pussy. "You really think my little thing looks as good in her as your big thing?"

"Fuck yes son," Brad said, excited by his son's interest. "In fact, if I didn't think you'd freak out, more than once I've wanted to get down there and lick your cock while you fuck her - maybe even let you cum in my mouth!"

Kenny was silent so long Brad was afraid he'd overstepped. But then, the boy said softly, "I... I guess that'd be okay."

Brad knew the magic of his wife's mouth, and could see the boy's difficulty in focusing. She must be giving him one hell of a blowjob. It'd be kind of a shame to lose such an opportunity. He laid his hand on his boy's head again, caressing gently. "Hey Kenny, you know what I think would be super cool? I think it'd be great if you fucked your momma right now - if you're up for it, that is."

Kenny's grin was all the affirmation needed. Brad picked up his naked son, his mother giving the boy's cock one last suck before it popped out of his mouth. The kid was a little squirmy, but played along as Brad turned him around, setting him on the ground as he moved back to make room. The kid couldn't kneel and still plow his mother, but he hunched down and slid it in easily - she was very wet and opened by Brad's cock.

The hunching gave Brad an incredibly sexy view of the boy's ass, and his own cock was at just the right height - but no, it would be a long time before Kenny was ready for that - if ever. It was a sexy view though - especially when the boy began pounding Betty's pussy with excited abandon. There was something about the woman's cunt that the boy just went wild for - and Brad couldn't blame him. His own cock was drooling precum from it, after all!

Kenny began to grunt and pant, and it was clear the boy was about to spew his seed into his wife's pussy, so Brad figured he'd lend a hand - literally, Behind Kenny, he slid his hand between the boy's legs, gently caressing the kid's balls. Kenny let out a howl like a banshee, erupting into his mother's pussy again and again. Brag grinned, feeling the contractions in the base of his cock and using his fingers to further stimulate the boy until he was completely spent.

"Easy there slugger," he said, chuckling as he helped his son to keep from falling. He eased the kid over to where he could lay down along his mom's leg, head resting on her thigh to watch as his father bent down and began eating her pussy.

Betty shivered as yet another climax hit at the touch of her husband's tongue. This was truly the most depraved thing she'd ever see - her husband eating their son's cum from her pussy? The thought was enough to make her cum - the reality was blowing her mind. She squirmed, trying not to let the quakes disturb their son's view as Brad sucked out his cum.

The man wasn't being subtle about it either - in fact, he was making every effort to let Kenny see his cum being sucked out. He'd suck, get a gob on his tongue, and stick it out to let both Kenny and Betty see before swallowing, then diving back in for more again. Kenny seemed thoughtful more than turned on, but Betty was so aroused that soon she was washing her son's cum out with her own flowing juices!

"I think that's about it and I really got turned on sucking your cum out Kenny," Brad said, looking at his son. "Thank you," he added with full sincerity. "But now, bitch, you're a-gonna git a fuckin!"

"Gimme it, stud-man!" Betty shouted, throwing her legs so wide that Kenny had to move.

Brad was so turned on, and Betty so ready that he just slammed himself into her full-length in one hard thrust. In seconds the man was banging her so hard the entire sofa was walking across the floor with Kenny and Betty on it for the ride. The man was a machine, ramming her as she cried out in wails of pleasure, her juices splashing both men as his thighs smacked into her time and again.

At that pace, even Brad couldn't last long, and with a howl like a cowboy yahooing cattle, he slammed into her and began to pump his own load into her pussy depths. "Looka there boy, me and your cum, mixin' together in momma's cunt-hole!" he shouted out, slamming again and again as his jets fired one after another into her.

It was eerily similar to the thought he'd had about momma's and Julie's juices mixing, Kenny thought. Maybe he was more like his father than he'd thought. God knew they both loved momma's pussy the same! He watched as his father pounded his last shot of cum into her, holding it there for a couple of minutes, plugging her hole with his cock.

He was frightened, but also thrilled. He knew what he was going to do. Knew that dad would be delighted. That momma would approve. Hell, he even knew that he would enjoy it. And yet, it was still scary. Still, if there was one thing his parents had taught him, it was that scared shouldn't stop you.

Wordlessly, he got up, walking around to the other side of his father as his parents watched him. The expression on his face told them he was dealing with something and didn't want to be interrupted. Rounding on his dad, he dropped to his knees, bent down, and gently pushed his father back.

The man's cock eased out of Betty's cock, veined white with cum and pussy juices, as the tip popped out, a large blob of Brad's cum oozed out, plopping to the floor, with more oozing out in drops. Kenny took a deep breath, mustering his courage, and began to lick his father's cum from his mother's pussy.

It really wasn't bad! It tasted kinda like his own cum, only not. And it was mixed with momma's pussy juices, which was the best thing ever anyway. As he continued to lick and suck, and yes, to swallow, Kenny won over his inhibition. He loved sucking his mother's pussy anyway, and this was just one more flavor to be found in there. Then he had an evil thought. Could he? Of course he could. He was already drinking the man's cum!

Turning from his mother's pussy, he faced his father's cock. With a defiant, "Watch THIS!" glance upward, he began to lick the pussy-and-cum mix from his father's cock!

The taste was the same, but the fact that he was licking a man's cock was - oddly exciting. It was warm and had been beginning to droop, but now seemed to be bobbing and rising again. He grinned. He was doing that! His dad was so excited his son was licking his cock that he was getting hard again right away after sperming in momma's pussy - it usually took him at least a half hour!

"God, I love you son," Brad said softly.

Kenny looked up at him. "I love you too, daddy," he said, then took his father's member in his hand, opened wide, and sucked it into his mouth as deep as he could.


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