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REUNION - Part 1

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Reunion 1

Part: Part 1

Summary: Andy's best friends, Bob & Mindy invited him to stay with them while visiting for their 10-year High School Reunion.

Keywords: MMFg, Ped, Ageplay, Mast, Str8, Story, Slow, Inc, 1st

Date: 10/04/2017

Note1: Straight, but there is some fap-buddy stuff, and Fg mention.

Note2: Story develops slowly with some sex [fapping, & porn viewing], earlier, but the majority after the 3/4 mark.


Andy was really looking forward to seeing Bob and Mindy again. It'd been far too long. Far, far too long. The long flight offered him plenty of time to daydream about their childhood together.

The three of them had been virtually inseparable since they'd met in kindergarten. Well actually, on the way to kindergarten. Bob and he had been seven, Mindy five, and all very worried about the strange new world they were entering, and that alone had been enough to bond them together. The drive there had only been about twenty minutes - it had seemed an eternity.

Suddenly they were among dozens of other strangers with one another being the only ones they knew, even if only briefly. Of course, it wasn't the horrors they'd half-expected, but the bond grew quickly and continued to grow through the years.

Even the fact that Mindy was a girl didn't dampen their friendship, though it did get Bob and Andy some ribbing - and even a few minor fights - because they had a girl for a friend. It was like they'd never even heard of cooties!

A few years later, of course, they noticed that Mindy was a girl in a different way. She'd been a goofy looking kid, but that didn't matter because all kids are goofy looking to each other. Children have an uncanny ability to see only differences (and pass judgement on them). But when Bob and Andy got into the nine- and ten-year-old range, they started noticing she seemed prettier, and nicer than she used to seem only a couple years earlier. By then they were in school, but Mindy being two years younger an one school year behind the boys wasn't much of a damper on their friendship. The school was small and half the day's classes were spent with multiple school-year students learning together.

About the time the boys worked up the nerve to actually express an interest in girls, they were suddenly separated from Mindy, as they were shipped off to Middle School while she remained in Elementary for another year. During that time Andy found a girlfriend and of course had the usual beginnings of sexual experiences, while Bob pined for Mindy. So the following year, when Mindy re-joined them, Bob and Mindy became a couple.

That continued all the way through the rest of their schooling years. Bob and Mindy learned all about love from one another, while Andy learned it from a variety of other girls. And through all that, the three of them remained steadfast friends, even though Andy and Bob often envied the other's experiences regarding romance. Andy never had a girlfriend longer than a few months and wondered what a long-term relationship would be like, while Bob had only the one, and wondered what it would be like to "play the field".

Being such good friends of course, Mindy and Bob would often tease Andy, especially when he was "between" girls. And it was no secret to any of them that had Bob not got there first, Andy would have gone after Mindy himself.

As is pretty typical among boys who are good friends, Bob and Andy also shared their sexual experiences with one another, including sharing porn with each other and eventually beating off together. They even experimented once (each) with sucking each other off, but neither found the experience particularly fulfilling beyond the excitement of learning something new. After that, they just fapped together like buddies will, but both were completely fixated on girls.

After High School, Andy joined the Army to travel and experience the world, while Bob and Mindy went to college together, and that's when they started drifting apart. They found, like many had before them, that long-distance relationships do cause drift. The things that are of interest to a man overseas in a military outfit just aren't so important to a couple who are struggling to make their tuition payments and raise a family. So the letters became fewer and further between, the visits more infrequent, and by the time the ten-year reunion was announced for Bob and Andy's class, they had actually been more than a year between letters, and many years between visits.

Of course that didn't mean they were no longer friends, and Bob immediately invited Andy to stay with them during his visit. Andy had accepted, and was looking forward to seeing his old friends again. At twenty-seven, Mindy had blossomed into a true beauty - a real MILF in fact, and Andy teased his friend that he would steal her away. At least, if her social media pics were to be believed.

When he arrived at the airport Bob greeted him with a huge bearhug and they did the usual man-ritual of throwing insults and punching each other in the arm. On the drive home they resurrected a hundred old inside-jokes and reminded each other of shared experiences with the old, "Do you remember when such-and-so happened..." style of recall. Of course most of those were funny, or risque', or both, and they fell into their usual relaxed attitudes with one another quickly.

After settling into the guest room, the two went to the living room to watch a game, and continued to laugh and joke, and carry on like a couple of teenage boys. And like teenage boys, the subject of sex came up often. At one point Andy commented that the huge TV would be a hell of a lot better for fapping together than those old magazines they used to have to share, and that brought back a slew of fond memories of beating off together. They were close enough that with a single glance both knew that each would welcome such a session, and in almost no time at all Bob had dug out a porno video that he knew Andy would enjoy. Drawers dropped, hands wrapped around members, and the two fell into their usual routine of pointing out the bits they liked best.

The first one went quickly enough, with both guys cumming within minutes of each other with the excitement of re-visiting this piece of their childhood. Of course, as youths once was never enough, and they teased each other so much that they decided to go for another round. As adults though, their second time was much longer in achieving, and they had to find a second video to watch.

"Too bad you don't have a sex-tape with Mindy," Andy joked. "I'm sure that'd get me off in no time flat!"

Bob looked at him curiously. "Don't be stupid, fuck-face. Of course we have sex vids. You've never really appreciated what a sexually-active girl Mindy is. Always has been. But I ain't gonna let you see 'em without her consent, so toss that 'Sperminator' in and sit your ass down."

The two continued, but Andy's mind was more on what Bob had said. Not "We have a sex vid", but "We have sex vids". Plural. The idea of watching Mindy having sex was powerfully arousing, and he couldn't let the subject go.

"So she's really all that? I figured all the shit you told me back in the day was just bullshit, cos I was getting further, faster with girls than you."

Bob laughed out loud at that. "Shit son, you got no clue. While you were fumbling around with one girl then the next, and not getting very far with any one before moving on, Mindy and I was making regular progress. Hell, I lost my V to her at twelve - you hadn't even got a blowjob!"

That was bullshit and Andy knew it. "That's bullshit, and you know it. All boys talk that kind of crap. And besides, Allie Tinnerman totally let me suck her pussy before you ever tasted Mindy's."

"Sorry old boy," Bob said, sounding sincere. "I was lapping Mindy's kitty a full year before I nailed her." He got a far-away look on his face. "You should have seen her pussy then. Smooth as glass - not a hair to be found."

"Fuck you. Pictures or it didn't happen!" It was a common enough expression in the modern world when everyone had a camera on-hand at all times. But Bob's response was unexpected.

"Actually... I might be able to provide proof..." he said slowly, watching Andy's reaction cautiously.

"Prove it then!" Andy practically shouted, eager to see what the object of his desire looked like back then. He doubted Bob had any such pictures though. Back then cameras were film, and not something one carried around.

Bob shrugged. "I'll see what I can find. Be right back." He left Andy there, wondering, cock in hand, quivering with the excitement of the remote possibility. Most likely he'd hang out in the hall for a few minutes, then come back in laughing at how he'd made Andy suffer for no reason. Of course no pictures from that time existed!

He was back quicker than expected, a folder in hand. "Here you go," he said, handing it to his friend. "Don't cum on them or I'll kill you."

Andy took the folder, opening it with trembling fingers. Inside were several pages of pictures printed out on regular paper. Obviously, Bob had had the pictures converted to digital - a wise precaution since actual photographs could fade in time, be lost to fire or flood, and so on. The good news was that these were much larger and clearer than the faded Polaroid's he'd hoped for.

The first had Mindy standing for the camera naked, hands on hips, grinning that lovely, goofy grin she had so often, tongue out at the photographer - doubtless Bob himself. She appeared to be about eleven or twelve, with definitely-present-though-small breasts, the mound of her cunny smooth and perfect. In fact, her entire body was smooth and perfect, and Andy's cock twitched with arousal, eager to culminate at this exciting view.

But Andy didn't want to shoot until he'd got to look more, so he took his hand off his prick, focusing on the photo instead. He still couldn't believe it, and he couldn't let his friend off so easy. After a moment he found an angle. "Hah. So you got her to pose nude. What is she here, twelve? You said you nailed her not much later. And if I know you, you'd have got pics of that if you'd done it, not just a nudie!"

Bob grinned. "I think she looks around twelve in those pics - and there's more pics buddy-boy," he said so calmly that for a moment Andy actually believed there might be something to it. He leafed through the photographs one at a time, admiring the subject matter in each, and each one was progressively more risque'. He saw Mindy posing bent over, laying down, caressing her body, even rubbing her pussy and holding it open for the camera. Bob had been right about that much at least - her pussy was utter perfection. Smooth pale pink, with tiny inner lips. It was also glossy, and Andy didn't bother asking if they'd oiled it - the look on the girl's face made it obvious that she was very aroused.

"Damn, she's an exhibitionist!" Andy corrected himself. "Was an exhibitionist."

"Is an exhibitionist," Bob corrected him. If you ask nice, I'm sure she'll be happy to show off for you - perhaps after dinner.


"Seriously. She loves you, stupid. And believe it or not, if you hadn't gone after... what was her name? Jamie something-or-other? Hell, you coulda had Mindy."

"Fuck," Andy said, then corrected himself. "Well it's my own fault. And really, I'm glad you got her. I don't know that I'd have been the long-termer she deserves."

Bob punched him on the arm. "Thanks buddy. I think it turned out for the best too, but don't think for a moment you're going to be leaving this time without at least sampling her goodies - if you like, that is."

"Shit yeah!" Andy enthused. "Damn. Talk about a dream come true!" He eyed his friend. "And you really don't mind?"

Bob rolled his eyes. "Truth be told, I'll be happy for the help. I never could keep up with her." He examined Andy carefully before continuing cautiously. "Besides, you wouldn't be the first we've shared her with."

"Fu-uck," Andy said in a low, breathy voice. "Why the hell didn't we do it years ago then?"

"Because, dumb-ass," Bob said matter-of-factly, "until this visit, you've always had another girl on your arm and were paying too much attention to her to see what Mindy could - would - offer."

Andy turned back to the pictures. Jesus, he was going to bed his best friend's girl, probably both of them together. His eyes took in her youthful perfection and he wondered how she could have become so sexually perfect at such an early age. The next picture convinced him that yes, Bob probably had fucked her, as it had her laying on her back with a dildo firmly embedded in that sweet little pussy!

"Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK!" he said, overcome with excitement. Seeing Mindy with the dildo in her cunt sent him over the edge even though he hadn't even been touching his cock. Quickly he fumbled for the thing. He was going to cum, and any guy will tell you that it's better cumming while you stroke. He fired off his volley, snatching up the towel quickly to keep from making a mess, ogling the lewd sight of this twelve-year-old slut. As he erupted, he noticed his friend watching him excitedly, fapping hurriedly, then shooting his own load into his own towel. That was fine with Andy. If Bob got off on him cumming for Mindy, more power to him!

After cleanup they watched another game, chatting and catching up on things, and made plans for a few pranks they'd pull at the reunion. They were in the middle of planning the soap-in-the-water-fountain bit when Bob's phone rang.

It was Mindy, and they code-talked for a bit - that's what Andy called it anyway. It wasn't really a code, so much as obfuscation and substitution based on tons of mutual experience. Most people wouldn't have a clue, but Andy had known both of them so long that he thought he had some clue what was going on - and Bob never could hide things from him. His face always gave him away. But there was plenty he didn't get too. He was pretty sure they were planning a surprise party for him or something. And if it weren't for the fact that he knew they'd all be in bed together soon, he'd have sworn they were setting him up with a blind date.

"Love you cookie!" Bob finished, then paused. "Right. Half-a-buck. Seeya sweets. Kiss-kiss." He hung up.

"Still using the ol' 'half-a-buck' for an hour and a half?" Andy asked.

Bob grinned. "Right buddy! She'll be home in a half hour. She didn't want to cook, so she's picking something up on the way. You still eat Chinese?"

"If she's cute!" they said in tandem, grinning at the ancient joke.

Bob scooped up the folder and pictures. "Better get rid of the evidence. I assume you don't want Mindy to know you like beating off to pictures of little girls?"

He said it with a huge grin, but Andy's heart jumped into his throat. He hadn't really thought of it that way until just now. He'd been lost in memories of when he had been that age, and the pictures of Mindy just seemed "appropriate" to him. But the reality was that yes, he'd just beat off to pictures - very randy pictures - of a little girl. A naked little girl who, in some of the pictures at least, was playing with herself and fucking herself with a dildo.

Ice water ran through his veins. He could be arrested just for looking! And at the trial, there was no doubt it would come out that he'd not only looked, but beat off! The jury would hang him high! The news would get out and he'd be ruined ten different ways!

"Dude... DUDE!" Bob shouted, and Andy realized he'd been standing there, breathing fast, sweating profusely, having a panic attack. "Pull your shit together son! You're fine! You're safe!" Bob helped him sit back down. "Breathe! Jesus son, relax! It's not like you're in any danger. That's my girl you were perving at, so if anyone should be upset, it's me. And I'm not. Relax for fuck's sake."

Gradually, Andy got himself under control. "Sorry man. It just... hit me. I mean, I never even considered Mindy was underage in those pictures!"

"No sweat man," Bob said soothingly. "Trust me, I ain't gonna judge you for that. Hell, I know more than anyone that you've had the hots for Mindy since she was that age! I think it's great that you're finally gonna get a shot at her. And I'm glad you got to clean out the ol' pipes a bit, so you won't be too quick on the trigger tonight. Besides," he said in a low voice with a conspiratorial grin, "I beat off over those pictures every now and again too!"

That surprised Andy, and he calmed further, his curiosity piqued. "Why? She's a full-grown woman now, and a very sexy, beautiful one, with full tits and everything!"

"All that, and more," Bob agreed. "But you gotta admit, those are some damned sexy pictures. Can you honestly tell me that, given the chance, you wouldn't want to bang that too?" he gestured to the top photo which had Mindy laying on the bed, legs spread wide, fingers splaying her youthful pussy, which gleamed with arousal. The way she sat made her look like she almost had tits, and the look on her face was pure, unadulterated "Fuck me" eyes.

Andy blushed, but nodded. "Yeah, I guess I would," he admitted, feeling both shame and excitement.

"Tell ya what buddy," Bob said. "I'll give ya copies of the pics, so when you go back home, you can beat off over pictures of a little girl all you want, guilt-free."

Andy wasn't sure it would be guilt-free, but he was also sure that he would be masturbating to those pictures - often. Hell, even now he was starting to become aroused again just looking at her! He reached over and closed the folder, which made Bob laugh.

They tidied up, then retired to their own quarters to wash up. Andy had trouble getting the images of Mindy as a little girl out of his mind, and if he hadn't been pretty sure he'd be fucking the real Mindy later tonight, he'd have fapped again while in the shower.

When he was ready, he found Bob in the living room playing a video game. It wasn't one he was familiar with, but had fun learning the basics, and by the time the garage door closing announced Mindy's arrival, he was actually doing pretty good.

Was. With Mindy minutes away, he was suddenly as skittish as a colt. He'd been excited to see her, but how he was going to see her - and later have sex with her. It changed the dynamic considerably. Instead of old friends re-met, it now felt like a "first date".

They had barely turned off the game and headed for the kitchen when Mindy came bounding into the living room. "Andy! Good God! It's been for-ever!" And then she was suddenly in his arms, hugging him tight, her lithe, lively body squirming against him, firm and supple and infinitely desirable.

He kissed her cheek, and she scowled. "Oh please! You can do better than that!" Then she pressed her lips to his, and they were suddenly lost in a long, deep, passionate kiss. Her mouth was warm, soft. Her tongue was lively and playful, drawing him into the fray. Her body a delight to his touch. The way she moved against him left no doubt of her desire to be with him and they went from kissing to making out swiftly.

Mindy's hands slid over his body, eventually ending up at his crotch and she cooed into his mouth as she felt his prominent erection. For his part, he explored her every bit as thoroughly, discovering to his delight that her full, firm breasts were covered only by a fleece, and he could easily feel and tease the suddenly firm, full nipples through the cloth.

Mindy reached up and lowered the zipper, allowing his hand to slide inside and cup her breast as they continued to kiss and grind against one another. He marveled at how soft and warm her breast was, how large and firm her nipple had grown, and at how talented her fingers were as she felt and fondled him through his pants, bringing him from erect to painfully erect.

"Oh jeezus you guys! Get a room!"

The loud outrageous accusation wasn't Bob though. It was a girl's voice, and it shocked Andy out of his passion-drunk as he looked around, seeking the source.

"Minnie!" Bob half-growled, half-laughed. "Don't be a little bitch. Put those bags on the counter and give your Uncle Andy a hug."

As it turned out, "Minnie" was Minuet - Mindy and Bob's daughter.

To Andy's eye, "Minnie" was the perfect name for her, for she was a perfect miniature of her mother. She looked exactly the same that Mindy had at that age. Well close. Damn close. The hair was a shade lighter, and she seemed... bigger? Andy did some quick math and realized she must be about ten years old. When he'd last seen her, she'd been seven, and seemed a baby to him. And now she was more of a babe than a baby. What a difference three years could make! She looked older than ten though. More... developed. More... mature. In fact...

Dawning comprehension froze the blood in his veins. He stared at her, jaw hanging agape. "You!" he said, pointing at her accusingly.

"I think the jig is up," Bob said aside to Mindy. "He's on to us."

Minnie was grinning broadly, proudly. "So didja like my pictures Uncle Andy? Daddy said you came really good looking at me!"

Andy's head was swimming. It was surreal. This couldn't be happening. Bad enough what he'd done over an old girl-friend, but over her daughter? Unbelievable. There was a loud buzzing in his ears and the lights were dimming.

"Gotcha buddy," Bob said, stepping in and catching him before he fell. He half-carried, half-dragged Andy to the sofa and laid him down. Then he turned to his daughter.

"Minnie, shame on you! You've shocked the hell out of him. What happened to the slow approach, like we discussed? Go get some ice water." He swatted her on the ass as she ran off. Then he turned back to Andy. "Sorry about that old man. You know how kids love to make an entrance." He glanced at Mindy accusingly, then turned back to Andy. "And she's unfortunately inherited her mother's sense of humor. Remember all the impractical jokes she used to pull on us?"

The chit-chat sound of Bob's voice helped Andy regain some semblance of sanity, and by the time Minnie was back with the glass of ice water for him to sip, he was able to sit up and even breathe a little bit. He gulped down half the glass, his head still swimming at the implications. His physical shock was over, but the emotional shocks just seemed to keep coming.

Apparently his best friends in the world were not only exhibitionists and swingers, and not only were they keen on sharing themselves with him, but apparently they were also practitioners of incest as well, and had purposely drawn him into that perversion as well. Minuet had known that he'd beat off to pictures of her - meaning Bob must have been on the phone while he was in the shower, reporting the success of their trickery.

As these realizations hit him, his anger rose - and rose. The nerve of these so-called "friends"! Bob stood there, a huge grin on his face as if he'd played the best joke in the world, Mindy sitting on the arm of the sofa, watching him pensively, apparently concerned about the shock - but she had played along with the game! And Minnie...

He looked at the girl, his eyes burning with rage. She looked worried, standing beside the sofa he was reclined on. "I-I'm sorry Uncle Andy," she said in a small, timid, little-girl voice. "I just really, really wanted to make you happy, and here I made you all mad!" She looked like she was getting ready to cry.

He wasn't a monster. He didn't want to make this little girl cry. And as weird as it seemed to him, she really did look sincere. His expression softened as his rage eased, and suddenly she leaped into his arms, burying her face in his neck and sobbing.

Instinct took over and his arms wrapped around her, stroking her back with one hand, her hair with the other. "There there sweetie," he said softly. "It's okay. It's okay. I'm not mad."

"Yes you are. You hate me! And you should! We tricked you! That was mean and I'm sorry Uncle Andy! Please don't hate me!" she blubbered into his wet shoulder.

"No really," he soothed her, "I'm not mad." To his surprise, he found that was true. His own anger had faded to nothing at her distress. "Really I'm not. It was a good joke, and I'm sure I'm going to laugh about it later."

Minnie pulled back to look at him, and he wiped her tears with his thumb, trying to smile for her, but she was still upset. "But I blew it. I ruined it all. Now you won't want to play with me. You think I'm a terrible kid. A brat. A monster. A horrible little yuck! You probably think I'm ugly too!"

"No no, not at all sweetie," he said soothingly. "I think you're beautiful honey. And I don't hate you. I think you're a great kid. I've heard lots of good things about you. You were just a tiny thing the last time I saw you!" He smiled. "You've really grown up into a pretty little thing!"

No longer crying, she still pouted. "Pretty. Huh!" She shook her head. "But I ruined it. You thought I was sexy before, and now you don't think so no more!"

She looked in danger of breaking out in fresh tears, and Andy hurried to reassure her. "Honey! Sure I do! You're a very very sexy little girl!"

"Yeah right, you probably go limp when you look at me now!" she said, but the tears, the pouting were a facade now. There was a playful, mischievous gleam in her eye, a light grin on her lips.

Andy wasn't stupid. He knew when he'd been had - when he'd been played by a pro. He glanced at Bob - a promise of a serious beating later, then he glanced at Mindy, who was doing her level best not to burst into gales of laughter. He rolled his eyes, and looked Minnie again.

"No Minnie. I don't think you're ugly. I think you're very cute. Very sexy. And can you keep a secret?" She nodded and moved towards him. He leaned to her ear and whispered, "You don't make me soft sweetie."

She giggled, moving closer, climbing onto the sofa, straddling his lap, and he helped her. She really was a sexy child, he knew for certain, having seen her pictures earlier. And with that remembrance came the visual of this sweet girl taking that dildo into her shiny wet pussy. The very pussy that was now pressing down against the growing bulge in his pants, separated only by millimeters of cloth.

Andy wasn't sure just how far to go with this, and let her take the lead. She 'adjusted' herself several times, in the process bringing her panty-covered cunny right atop the ridge his cock made, then she began to move slightly, rhythmically, not hard enough to be called "grinding", but definitely enough to draw his attention.

"Uncle Andy?" she asked pensively. "Can we kiss?"

He wasn't sure, and glanced over at Mindy. She said softly, "As far as you two want to go." Bob stepped over behind Mindy as she sat on the sofa arm. Wrapping his arms around her, he slid his own hands into the fleece to cup her breasts, making her gasp softly. He nodded his agreement.

Well that was that. Minnie's parents had apparently told this little girl that she and he could play together sexually. And she was apparently all in favor of it. Still, he wasn't going to assume anything. Just because he'd seen a dildo part-way in her cunny didn't mean she wanted to go all the way with him - but the thought that she might was intoxicatingly arousing!

He leaned forward and their lips met. It was an odd sensation. While full, her lips weren't as full as her mother's - and yet they felt similar, and familiar, as if he'd kissed her before. Only he knew he hadn't. Someone had though. The kid was a marvelous kisser. She waited patiently for his lips to part, and parted hers as well, inviting him in. He did so gingerly, finding her tongue waiting to touch his. In moments they were kissing like lovers, and there was no awkwardness or hesitation to her. She knew how to kiss, and she knew she wanted to kiss him.

When they finally broke the kiss some minutes later, they both took a deep breath. Her eyes were bright with joy and - well there was no denying it. She was aroused. Even if her eyes hadn't told him, those nipples tenting her blouse were a dead giveaway.

Minnie giggled, wiggling on his erection to show him what she was giggling at. Then just to make sure, she said, "Your cock is really hard Uncle Andy!"

He couldn't help but glance over at her parents, but they just smiled at him encouragingly. He did take a moment to admire Mindy's lovely breasts, now that Bob had removed the fleece completely. They were every bit as lovely as his fingertips had told him, and he was looking forward to sampling them. But it seemed that he had other tasks to accomplish first. He'd thought he was going to be with Mindy and Bob tonight - he didn't know they'd be throwing their daughter at him. Not that he was complaining!

"It is hard honey. Hard for you. See, you don't make me limp! But... well, are you sure? I mean..." he trailed off. He didn't want to discourage her from giving herself to him as she seemed to want, but he felt obligated to give her the chance to back out.

"Over a month," Mindy said. She was leaning back against her husband as he mauled her breasts.

"Eh?" Andy asked, looking over at them.

Bob took up the dialog where his wife left off, as long-married couples do. "That's how long ago she decided she wanted you to fuck her," he said, grinning, then blowing at kiss at Minnie. "Right, Daddy's Little Slut?"

Minnie giggled, and Mindy interrupted. "Bob! Be nice! It's her first time, and it should be someone special. Who better than Andy?"

"First time?" Andy asked. They were asking him to take her virginity, break her cherry, all that?

"Don't worry, I been practicing!" Minnie said happily. "Daddy got me a toy he says is the same size as you are, an' I can take it all, so I can fit you no problem!"

Andy found that frankly hard to believe. She was perhaps a little more developed than a ten-year-old (at least according to the development curve girls had followed when he was that age), but it still seemed improbable that this sweet little ten-year-old could fit a man-sized cock inside her! He looked at Bob.

"It's true man, she's been practicing, and believe me, she can fit ya." He grinned. "Just don't piss her off once you're in. She's got incredible strength and muscle control. Damn near pinched my fingers off!" He held up his middle and ring fingers to indicate what he meant.

"You... you fingered your own daughter?" Andy asked, dumfounded.

Mindy chimed in. "Well you don't think we'd make her learn everything by herself, without any instruction or assistance, do you? Easy to see you don't have any children!" she scoffed, apparently offended at the idea that she wouldn't help her daughter learn about sex.

Still, he had one last nagging thought. "But what about... love?"

She looked at him and he knew he'd made a terrible mistake. It may have been three years since he'd seen her, but he was suddenly certain that she'd fallen in love with him years before that. He'd heard of such things. Apparently many girls fell in love with older men at a young age - fathers, uncles, teachers, etc., and some of them never got over it. He didn't want that to happen to her of course, but for the now he was certain the love was real.

And the truth was that he loved her too. Not romantically of course, but until the last few years he'd been a big part of her life. Hell, he'd even babysat her and changed her diapers! He smiled as he realized that he had actually seen her pussy before today - he'd even touched it, when he changed her, and later when he bathed her. Of course, she'd only been two or three then. He wondered if those not-intentionally-"bad-touches" had somehow translated into her very real sexual desire for him through the years. And did it matter? No it did not. The bottom line was that there was a sweet, sexy girl who loved him and wanted him physically. The question was, what was he going to do about it?

He looked her straight in the eye. "I love you Minnie. Don't worry, that's never changed. I just thought you might want a 'boyfriend' to be your first."

Relief flooded her and she giggled. "Stupid man!" she said in an exact copy of one of her mother's favorite things to say about Bob or Andy - whoever was being stupid at the moment.

He nodded his agreement. He was a stupid man. He reached up and began to unbutton her blouse. She didn't stop him, but she did complain, "They're not big."

"I've seen them, stupid girl!" he grinned at her. "How old were those pictures? A month?"

"A couple weeks," she said, grinning as she remembered he had seen her - and had found her arousing. Sexy. He finished unbuttoning her blouse and helped slide it off her shoulders, not looking at her until she sat up atop him in only her skirt.

He looked then. Long and thoroughly. She watched his face, and a slow grin spread over her lips as she realized that as his eyes roamed, the look of approval, even desire, never wavered. There's few compliments that can equal a long, appraisal with a positive result, and as she felt his eyes on her, her doubts faded and a joy filled her.

Reaching up, he caressed her smooth skin with her fingertips, making her coo and wriggle with pleasure. She loved the way he touched her! Not at all like the boys she'd tried to have fun with. Not even like daddy. His touches were nice, but familiar. Uncle Andy's touches were different - and amazing!

"It's fine sweetie," Andy said. "Don't worry about it. I consider it a compliment."

It took her a moment to figure out what he meant, then blushed when she realized that her juices had been soaking into his clothes, soaking his erection. She started to apologize, but he already told her not to worry about it, so she shrugged it off. It was nice being with a man that knew about this stuff.

"Uncle Andy?" she asked.

"Yes sweetheart?" he asked back.

"Can I... uh... you know... be like... topsies?" She'd worried about this - how to do it the first time. Her "practice" and discussions with her parents had taught her that being on top would allow her to control penetration depth and so on, but she was perfectly willing to be on bottom if Uncle Andy wanted.

"You already are, honey," Andy replied, earning him a light slap on the shoulder.

"You know what I mean!" she scolded

"I don't know dear. Do I really want to let you be on top, where I'll have to look up at the sweetest, sexiest, most beautiful girl in the world as she rides my cock, with both my hands free to caress her lovely body?" He sighed. "Well I suppose I can suffer through it."

"He's teasing honey," Mindy said. "Andy, be nice. She's new to this, and might not know when you're kidding."

"I told you he'd love that position best," Bob added. "He was just confirming the benefits he'd enjoy with you on top."

"It's true honey," Andy said, smiling up at her. "You on top is the best way to go."

She smiled, relieved. "I think I'm ready when you are," she said.

To Andy's surprise, Bob and Mindy immediately came over to them. Bob picked Minnie up off of him and finished undressing her while Mindy helped him quickly divest himself of his own clothes. It felt odd, being naked in front of Mindy for the first time ever, but it was also arousing. Not that he needed any more stimulation - he was already rock-hard, with precum drooling from his hyper-ready cock.

Bob lifted Minnie back up to straddle his legs, his cock a couple of inches in front of her. Then the parents returned to the sidelines - but not before getting naked themselves. Andy glanced, enjoying the sight momentarily, but returned his attention to his partner before she could feel neglected.

Minnie looked at his cock carefully, then reached down and felt it with her soft, cool fingers. With practiced hands, she stroked him a few times, and Andy groaned with pleasure. "Damn honey, you must have practiced this too!"

"Uh huh. Daddy and mommy were very helpful!" she giggled. "Does all that cream mean you're going to cum fast?" He nodded. "I should stop then. I want you inside me when you cum."

Andy came dangerously close to cumming at those words, but he managed to stave it off. "A wise woman," he said, and she beamed at being called a "woman".

Minnie moved upward on him, until his cock was pressing against her belly, then further, letting his cock drag along her crease. She cooed at the feeling. "I could totally get off just rubbing on you!" she said. "Your thing feels so nice against mine!"

"Fine with me," Andy said. He too was enjoying the feeling of his man-cock rubbing along her child-pussy. She was so smooth! And wet, and warm. Exquisite!

She frowned. "On no mister, you're not getting off that easy! You gonna fuck me!"

Mindy laughed and Minnie grinned over at her parents, who were each touching themselves as they watched their child. Bob explained. "Mindy says that to me sometimes when she's horny. Guess Minnie picked it up too."

Andy nodded. Then sliding his hands up her sides, he lifted the child slightly as she giggled and cooed as the head of his cock slid down her slit. When he felt it at her entrance, he eased her down slowly, following her cues. With the tip pressed against her entrance, he lowered her further up on his body so she'd be in control, only having to push back. When she was down, he began to caress her back.

"Go ahead when you like honey," he told her gently.

She pushed back, then frowned. He got the cue, and reaching down, cupped her tiny little ass, squeezing to spread her pussy a bit, letting the juice-slicked parts come into contact with his tip. With her natural lubrication easing the way, Minnie pushed back again, sighing with happiness as she felt the tip of his cock penetrate, then sink into her.

The first penetration took several minutes, and a few back-tracks to allow her juices to coat him. Once fully in and fully slickened though, Minnie wasted no time in riding her uncle fast and hard. She was eager, horny, and more than ready to have her first penis-induced orgasm. It didn't take long. Within a minute she was screaming her pleasure and he was doing all he could to keep from shooting too early. It was in vain though.

Between the sight of this sexy little ten-year-old who looked so much like his childhood crush and lifelong friend, and the feeling of her incredibly hot, tight, slick pussy, he was spraying up into her in minutes. Together the man-and-child achieved bliss while her parents and his friends cheered them on. Somehow, having his best friends in the world there with them made it all that much more special for Andy, and he knew Minnie was delighted that her parents were with them too.

The rest of the night was a marathon fuck-a-thon with everyone switching partners as the moment dictated. Andy was surprised (but shouldn't have been) to learn that Mindy and Minnie weren't strangers to each other's bodies, and he and Bob had a nice fap session watching the girls getting naught with each other for a while.

Sometime in the morning Andy conked out, waking several hours later in a tangled mass of limbs with Mindy and Minnie on either side of him, and bob on the other side of Minnie. He smiled, recalling the night, and he noticed that even in sleep, Bob's penis was still lodged inside his daughter's well-worked pussy. They hadn't wanted Mindy's first to be her own father, but once she'd been breached, the man and girl had got on several times. Andy's cock started to stiffen again just remembering the way the man had pounded his little girl - with her screaming in pleasure at every thrust!

Waking, Mindy turned to him. Kissing him on the ear, she whispered, "Thank you Andy. I've wanted to give myself to you since we were kids. I'm glad I finally got to do so - and in a way, giving you my daughter is sort of like giving myself to you as a child again, don't you think?"

"I do, lover. I do," Andy sighed happily.


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