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Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Filial Fun

Part: Part 1

Summary: Dad watches, then is invited to join, as his twins play naughty games together.

Keywords: Mbg(12), ped

Date: 07/29/2013

[Author's Note]


So okay. I'd like to say right up front that it was never my intention to spy on my kids. But really, you gotta keep an eye on them - that's just part of parenting. And since the divorce, I'm really the only one around to keep an eye on them. I mean at home. They got plenty of people watching them at school.


Anyway, I noticed that they were pretty close. A hell of a lot closer than me and my sister ever were anyway. But you gotta expect that with twins, right? But still, I noticed that they seemed odd. For starters, they never fought. I don't mean they never argued - they did plenty of that - but they always kissed and made up. And I mean actually kissed!


I guess that was the first clue... Most brother/sister kisses are very quick pecks on the cheek - mine were anyway. And theirs started that way too. But they didn't stay that way. It was a while before I noticed them kissing on the lips. At first I thought I imagined it, but as their kisses got longer, it got hard to pretend it wasn't happening. Still, I didn't see any harm in it. I'd rather they kissed than punched. And the other indicators didn't really register with me until later.


I guess the first time I walked in on them "playing house" kinda threw me. I mean, what twelve-year-old boy plays house with his sister? He should be out with other boys, playing ball or something. But the job was hell at that time, so I kinda didn't pay much attention. Even when they'd play "mommy and daddy" and lay down together. I mean, who understands kid's games anyway?


So that just didn't register, and the next logical progression didn't really register either. As long as they were quiet, happy, and out of my hair when I brought home work at night, what was the harm if they wanted to be together for the occasional nap? Besides, they were SO cute, curled up together like sleeping kittens!


Of course, boy kittens don't slip their hands into girl kittens' panties. When I checked on them that day and saw Tim's hand down Kim's panties, I was first all like, "aww, ain't they cute?" Then it dawned on me how utterly inappropriate that was! I made a note to talk to him about it after they woke. It wasn't for a few minutes that I realized I'd been watching them for a while, and had an achingly hard erection.


So okay, a good man would have walked away. I've never claimed to be a good man. I continued to look, noticing the details. Like the way Kim's dress was pulled up, with HER hand on the hem, indicating that she been the one to pull it up. And the way Tim's hand was way down deep, curling around to cup my baby-girl's pussy. And the way my hand had found its way into my pocket to touch my erection, so stiff and sensitive that the slightest touch sent shivers down my spine.


When I realized what I was doing, I practically flew to my room, shaking with shame... and with a horniness so strong my underwear was already wet with my pre-cum. I yanked my pants down, and the second I wrapped my hand around my cock, I erupted in a repeat spasm so intense that it was at least a minute before I realized that I'd just sprayed my cum all over the floor just inside the door!


While cleaning up the mess, I thought about it. I argued with myself. I weighed the pros and cons. Like I said, a good man might react differently. But me... I just got hard again every time that sight replayed in my mind. I may have a lot of faults, but lying to myself ain't one of them. I knew I wasn't going to "talk to them" about it. Hell, I was going to do nothing but try and see more! So after I cleaned up, I snuck down to the living room hoping they were still there - but they were awake by then.


I'll tell ya, I paid a LOT closer attention to them after that! For the next couple of weeks, I peeked in often, hoping for another look. And though I caught then cuddling plenty, I didn't get to see THAT again. But I did watch their kisses more closely. That's when I noticed the were tender, loving kisses, and that made me happy.


I may be dumb, but my kids ain't. They noticed. And I swear to God, they not only noticed, but when they saw that I didn't object, they became even more openly affectionate. More than once I'd catch them glancing out the corner of the eye as if gauging my reaction. And Tim, that little stinker, he would see me watching and kiss her even harder - as if he enjoyed being watched!


Not that Kim didn't play her part. She didn't kiss harder, but she was worse. She would continue to look me in the eye while she kissed her brother - even when they started French kissing!


More than once I had to run to the bathroom and rub one out, certain that they were fooling around, and praying that I'd get another peek. When Kim looked at me, my imagination went crazy. "Was she wanting to kiss ME that way?" No, that's crazy, old man! But the thought sure made my dick hard. "You're sick buddy! Getting off watching your kids being incestuous! What a pervert!" And then I'd cum so hard it felt like I was shooting my balls out my dick.


Well that continued on for a while. I wasn't complaining none - it'd been a while since I got myself a piece, so something that made me cum that hard was welcome. I know, I know. It ain't right, but so the fuck what? It's not like I was fucking 'em. I was only fantasizing about them fucking! That is, until I actually caught 'em fucking.


That might not be right. I'm not sure I caught them... more like they caught me.


I'd got home from a shift-and-a-half, and was dog tired. It was Friday night, and all I wanted to do was crash. How's that for a fun-filled life? So I got home, jumped in the shower, wolfed down some chilli, and conked out. The kids were off doing whatever - at that point I didn't much care what.


I had me a nice little snooze for a few hours, when about 11 or so, I woke up from an awful nice dream where I was getting a blowjob from some green-skinned chick. Serves me right for watching Star Trek reruns before bed. Anyway, at first I wasn't sure why I woke - other than to keep from creaming the sheets, I suppose. Then I heard the noise again. My little girl was crying out in pain!


Great dad that I am, I banged my shoulder against my bedroom doorway as I dashed to her room. Her door was ajar, and as I got closer, it broke through my muddled brain that she wasn't crying out in pain, she was crying out in pleasure.


"Oh fuck," I thought as I slowed and crept closer. "This is it! I'm gonna get another peek! Maybe he'll be rubbing her pussy again... or maybe she's rubbing one out... or maybe..." I shook my head, trying to concentrate on not making any noise. My boner hadn't gone down from my dream, and now it was throbbing like crazy at the thought of what I might see.


Now, I seen a lot of porn. Hell, with my love life, I practically live on the stuff. But I swear as God is my witness, I never seen NOTHING as arousing as what I saw when I peeked in my little girl's room! Kim was on her back, completely stark naked, laying on her side, with her brother behind her. Her legs were splayed wide, giving me a full-on view of her naked pussy as my boy's Little Willie rubbed against it from behind!


You can say what you want about them stories about guys cumming without touching being bullshit. I never believe them neither. But when I saw that, my balls just flat-out erupted! Next I knew, I was leaning against her doorframe, still staring at 'em, panting for breath, my shorts full of a man-load of cum!


Now I ain't stupid - normally. But I think it was just plain old lust that locked my gaze on their cute little sexers in contact and shut my ears off. I'm pretty sure I couldn't have torn my eyes off that sight for any price. Do you have any idea how simply GORGEOUS a little girl's pussy is? Now magnify that by 10 cos she's MY little girl. Then multiply THAT by a hundred cos my little boy's cute willie was rubbin' up against her! I mean, I didn't even really notice that she was shiny wet even. If I had, I'm pretty sure I woulda cum hard enough to pass out!


Anyways, I finally heard 'em giggling. But the little pricks didn't stop, or even slow down. They was watching me and laughing their asses off at their poor horny ol' daddy, cummin' all up in his shorts like some pervert, all the while Tim kept on rubbin' his willy on his own sister's puss!


I'm sure my face was beet-red with shame and anger and a hundred other things. I've never been the violent type, but I'm sure I never came closer than then. And when I looked at their laughing faces... I was confused! All the anger ran out of me in a rush. They weren't laughing AT me, they were totally laughing WITH me. Or woulda been, if I'd been laughing. There was no malice there, only love and joy and good humor. They fucking set me up! It was all over their faces, like a practical joke, but one where instead of a bucket of water over the head, the payoff was my cumming so hard my knees was still weak!


Well what the hell could I do? I grinned. Abashed, but not really ashamed. For some reason, there just couldn't be no shame with all their giggling and merriment.


"You little fuckers!" I growled at them happily - which only sent them into fresh peals of laughter.


"Not yet daddy, but we soon will be!" Tim cried out happily, his cute little pecker still rubbing against my little girl's crease.


"Okay, okay, you got me. Totally! I'll let you kids have your fun. Sorry to interrupt ya." I turned to go back to my room. It's not like having seen me cum, I could pretend I objected to what they were doing. And I wanted them to have all the joy in the world without worrying about their old man watching.


"Daddy?" Kim said. Something in her voice stopped me dead in my tracks, and sent a fresh surge of blood to my still-not-shrinking cock. It ALMOST sounded like...


Her soft, sweet little voice continued. "You.. uh... you don't have to go if you don't want to."


When I heard her soft, sweet voice make that invite, I swear I coulda cum again - if I hadn't just filled my shorts less than a minute ago! I turned to look at her, and she meant it! I looked at Tim, sure he would have a somewhat different bead on the issue. I mean, who wants some horny old perv dude watching while he's about to take his girl? But I was wronger than wrong there too. That little fucker was totally getting his jollies showing off for daddy!


My eyes went back and forth between my kids a few times as I tried to figure out what the hell to do. I challenge ANY man to do any better! Have YOU seen your kids about to fuck? Not only about to fuck, but letting you see it ALL? Watched your boy's little dick rubbing his sister's shiny pussy? Have you heard her invite you to stay and watch? Well have you? Then shut the fuck up and let me tell you, it's confusing as hell! So it took me a couple minutes to sort it out - and the fact that Tim kept rubbing his hard prong on Kim's sweet slick slit didn't help none!


Finally though, I managed to wrap my head around it - including the fact that I REALLY wanted to be part of this! I nodded.


"Okay Kim. I can see you and Tim had this whole thing planned."


I paused, waiting, till she nodded, then I looked at Tim, who didn't hesitate, he just grinned broadly and nodded 'yes'.


I continued, a little more certainly. "And you seem to want me ... uh ... present when you lose your cherry... I guess to make sure you do it right... maybe offer advice?"


Tim laughed out loud at that, but Kim's face darkened with actual anger.


"God daddy, you're SO stupid sometimes! We want YOU to play too! With us I mean!"


I blinked, then looked at Tim. "You too, boy?"


He grinned again. "Uh huh! I can't wait to see your dick, daddy!"


I scowled at him. "You gay, boy?"


That started fresh peals of laughter from both of them, and it took me a moment to realize how stupid the question was, what with him rubbing his sister's pussy with his cock - and all the other stuff they'd done. Other stuff I'd SEEN them do... and God knows what else they'd done that I didn't know about.


"Okay okay, dumb question. Sorry, I'm just... well..."


Kim scrambled to her feet and ran over to hug me, her naked body wrapping around my legs, cheek right against my manhood, SO damned cute. She looked up at me with eyes that would make a puppy dog jealous. "It's okay daddy," she said, trying to comfort ME! "I was scared at first too, but it really does feel nice daddy, and Tim and have seen you looking at us lots of times and we know you want to play with us - or at least we think you do and I hope you do..."


Tim chimed in at this point, also running over to me, his little dick bouncing as he wrapped round my other leg, interrupting his sister. "WE hope you do daddy! She wanted to just climb into your bed weeks ago but I told her we had to wait till you were ready and I think you're ready now daddy and I know you like us cos you get hard every time you see us together I know because I've been watching and man I can't wait to see your thing it's got to be huge and Kim says she wants to too cos she thinks mine is neat and yours being bigger must be way neater and daddy we just both want you to play too!"


As he paused for breath, I reached down, my hands resting easily on their shoulders comfortingly. "Okay okay! Jeezus! Breathe boy! You're right. I've been watching y'all, and yeah, it's been hard as hell to keep myself under control." I looked down at my little darlings, the fact that their cheeks were rubbing against my returning erection wasn't lost on me, I'm sure it wasn't lost on them!


Kim and Tim beamed up at me happily and Kim squealed, "He's gonna play with us!" She looked back at me, "Aren't you daddy? Both of us? You're not gonna avoid Tim cos he's a boy are you?"


Now this one threw me for a sec, but not long. I knew I wasn't gay, and it was obvious that Tim wasn't neither, but ... well that little pecker was AWFUL cute, and I had admitted to myself long ago that peckers were fun to play with too, so I just nodded. "Of course sweetie!"


The relief on Tim's face was beautiful - the little prick really did want some guy-on-guy play, that much was clear as a bell. He kissed his sister then, and I mean to tell you, they went at it! Their little mouths were devouring each other, and they made sure that as they kissed, they rubbed against their ol' daddy's pecker a-plenty. They did it on purpose, you could tell, and were getting more excited while doing so, but I had to stop them when Tim reached up to unzip my fly.


"Hold on there lil feller. I know y'all are eager, but ... well, I need to clean up first. Y'all done made daddy muss his pants somethin' fierce!" I could see the objections in their eyes, but I wasn't having none of it. "No. Y'all go ahead and get back to your canoodling while I go take a quick shower. I'll be back in about ten... no, five minutes. You can wait that long!" With that, I disengaged myself and hurried away.


My britches were well and truly soaked when I peeled them off, the gobs of cum smeared all over my cock and balls, and dripping all over as I undressed. I tried to keep things tidy, but only for a moment. I too was impatient, and finally just tossed the clothes into a pile to be dealt with later and hobbled my cum-dripping ass over to the shower, hands cupped under my VERY hard dick and balls to try to catch at least some of the mess and not leave a trail.


By the time I'd managed to take a quick shower, my pulse had steadied a bit, and while my cock was still hard, it wasn't achingly stiff. I quickly dried off, and since the kids were already naked, I just went that way to Kim's room.


Taking a deep breath, and praying I hadn't imagined the whole thing, I opened the door and was just about to step inside when I saw them, Tim's little finger swirling round in his sister's pussy. The sight was enough to stop me dead in my tracks, even knowing something like that might be expected.


But I wasn't the only one frozen in time. They stopped and stared. I guess that in my excitement, I kinda forgot they hadn't seen my cock before - much less at full hard-on, and let me tell you, they were unprepared. I ain't any kinda porn-star super-dong, but I'm okay. It's about seven inches long, and I guess around average thick - but I guess it didn't really dawn on me that, by comparison, my cock was a giant to them.


Kim squeeked. "Oh my GOD daddy! That'll NEVER fit in me!"


Well how the hell does one respond to one's pretty little daughter, naked as a jaybird, staring at one's cock, and proclaiming that it wouldn't fit inside her? I mean, I'd never even really thought about such a thing! Sure, I figured we'd play, probably she'd like daddy to touch her, help her and her brother fuck, maybe even touch her pussy some. But it NEVER occurred to me that she'd want daddy to actually fuck her!


Then it dawned on me the grief-stricken tone of voice and the look on her face, and my heart broke all over again. I couldn't disappoint my girl! I fumbled for something reassuring to say as I watched her eyes fill with tears. "Uh... sorry sweetie..." I muttered ineffectually.


Tim - that little stinker, stepped up though. "Sure it will Kim! Girls have BABIES out there you know!" I blinked, surprised. He was right, of course. Girls are amazingly stretchy there, and with the proper prep-work...


I took a deep breath and started lying to her, while the back of my mind screamed with hope that it wasn't a lie. "That's right sweetie. It won't fit in you right now, cos you're really small down there, but... well with some practice, it should eventually, just like Tim said!"


Like magic, the tears disappeared and she leaped into my arms, overjoyed. "Promise daddy? Promise you'll help me and teach me how and what to do so you can put it inside me?"


Now if you've never stood naked with an erection while a twelve-year-old girl, naked and cute as a kitten jumps into your arms and begs you to stretch her pussy so you can fuck her, then you cannot fault me for being at a complete loss for words. But Kim didn't leave it at that, the little minx saw me fumbling for words and stopped me by the simple expedient of pressing her lips to mine!


Ya just can't kiss a girl and feel her mouth open without opening yours too - that would just be rude! So of course, when she did, I did, and my mouth was suddenly invaded by the liveliest little tongue. She tasted like candy and I don't know about you, but tongue kissin always gets me worked up anyway. I like to think I'm a good kisser, but I was put to the test by my naked little girl's mouth and tongue!


Now in all fairness, I WAS at a bit of a disadvantage. Her mouth and tongue were both much smaller than I was used to kissing with, while she could - and did - just go wild in my own roomy mouth! Her tongue went everywhere, as deep as she could stretch it, and sucking my tongue like... well like a cock! And if I hadn't already been rock-hard, I would have GOTTEN rock hard from that kiss!


And I was really just getting worked up, enjoying her mouth, and her little body in my arms, when that little bastard Tim grabbed my cock and started stroking it!


Sure, I'd cum just about fifteen minutes earlier, but like I said, I dare ANYONE who ain't been in that fix to do better. My balls erupted, and while the resulting explosion was somewhat diminished by my prior spray, poor little Tim still ended up with quite the face full! My arms squeezed my little girl tight against me as I shot off, spurt after spurt spraying out, the first landing straight on my son's mouth and cheek. The second jetting out across the carpet, but the subsequent volleys catching him in the chest as he stepped in front to save the carpet. What a great kid!


Of course, I was unaware of his sacrifice, being that I was grunting and groaning and thrusting my tongue so far down my daughter's throat that she nearly gagged! But she managed to keep it together despite the fact that I was squeezing her hard and kissing her hard and she didn't even know why, she just knew that daddy was REALLY excited and it made her excited too!


Panting, I finally caught a corner of reality and managed to pull my shit together, disengaging my mouth from my little girl. I started to apologize to her, but her eyes were wide with wonder and delight. "Daddy! That was a-maze-ing!" she exclaimed. "You REALLY like kissing me!" I grinned bashfully, then looked over her shoulder at Tim, who was watching us, grinning broadly as the cum dripped off of him. He looked like some sort of boy-bukkake victim with my cum all over his face and chest.


Kim turned and saw, and busted out laughing, and Tim did too. It was infectious, and soon we were all laughing our asses off. I put Kim down, and she and I had fun finger-painting my cum all over Tim's body, rubbing it into his skin while he just thrilled to all the attention and good feelings we were giving him, his little cock rock-hard as Kim and I made sure it got plenty of slippery wet attention.


Damn, playing with kids is fun!


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