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THE GIFT - Part 2

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: The Gift

Part: Part 2

Summary: Danny's friend Rocky comes to visit, and the two of them fuck Lolly II, then Dolly.

Keywords: MMg, Ped, Inc (F/d), Oral, Toy, 3Some.

Date: 12/15/2017

[Link to Part 1]



Danny looked down at Dolly, his angelic little nine-year-old daughter as she lay sleeping on the bed beside him. Angelic in the sense of the beauty and innocence. Angelic also in that she was completely nude as she lay beside him. Not so angelic in the activities that had put her into such a deep slumber. Quite the opposite in fact. Those activities had been pretty much the exact opposite of angelic. How such a young, apparently innocent girl could transform into such a sex-crazed, whorish little slut was beyond him. But the remembrance brought a smile to his lips, and tried to bring life back to his much over-worked manhood. The poor thing could only twitch though - it was plain wore out.


The doll that had started all this lay on the other side of her. He'd had the "Really-Real Dolly-Doll" custom-made to resemble his daughter in a rather naive attempt to keep from - well, from doing with her what he'd just spent most of the night doing with her! But when the doll had been delivered early and in his absence, the little girl had mistakenly believed it was a gift for her, rather than a sex-toy for him. She'd named it "Lolly", though in his mind it was "Loli" and had instantly fallen in love with it. So he'd let her keep it (and all the risque' clothing that had come with the package), ordering a replacement for himself.


But of course, he hadn't been able to wait for the replacement. The thing looked so much like his daughter - and the knowledge that it was a "fully functional" sex-toy had driven him to "borrowing" the doll several times while his little girl slept. And it had been a lot of fun and quite satisfying masturbatory sex, with him fucking the doll while imagining it was his little girl. That was, until she'd caught him in bed with her toy!


To his surprise (and delight), she'd been "more than okay" with it. By then, she'd come to think of the doll as her "twin sister" and demanded that, "If Lolly got to fuck daddy, then she should be able to fuck daddy too!" Danny grinned. He was sure it made perfect logic to her!


For him it'd been both the answer to his unspoken (un-thought) prayers, and the realization of his biggest fears. But those fears had turned to joy when he found that his little girl wasn't kidding. She really did want to have sex with him - a point she drove home tonight by bringing the forty-something man to thunderous climaxes five times - a feat he'd not managed in more than fifteen years - and that had required two very sexy young ladies and a veritable cornucopia of sexual lotions, potions, oils, toys and accoutrements. Dolly had done it with just her endless cuteness, energy, beauty, and insatiable sex-drive. Of course her utter inexperience was also a powerful aphrodisiac. What man doesn't enjoy being the one to teach an innocent girl all the nasty, dirty, naughty things she's always unknowingly yearned for, but nobody would tell her about?


Lightly he ran his fingertips over her perfectly smooth skin. Even now, after having had intimate knowledge of both Dolly and the doll, it was hard to believe how perfectly the doll matched her. From the creamy-smooth skin and pale blonde wavy hair, to the details of Dolly's actual sex. Her nipples were a near-exact match to the doll's perpetually perky, pale pink pointers. In fact, the only real difference was that when he sucked on Dolly's nipples, they grew even longer and turned a deeper pink. If they ever managed to put that sort of reaction into a doll...


Likewise every other nook and cranny matched the little girl with sometimes-startling precision. Whoever had sculpted the thing had spent a lot of time studying little girls, and studying the many pictures and videos he'd sent them to work with. But none of those had been nudes. The nipples, he figured, might be deduced. But how had they got the doll's pussy such a near-perfect match? The artist had to have great and intimate knowledge of a real girl's nethers - probably many such girls - to get it so right from pictures where it was hidden.


They had though. The doll's pudenda was almost exactly the same puffy size and shape as Dolly's own, including coloration. Until she got aroused of course. Again, the doll's cunny didn't get deeper pink, and it wasn't self-lubricating like Dolly's was. Danny licked his lips unconsciously. Oh how he loved the taste of his little girl's cunt! If it weren't for the father's natural instinct to protect his child's sleep, he might have gone down there for a midnight snack!


Dolly stirred, turning hear head toward him and opening her clear blue eyes slightly. Seeing him watching her, she smiled, not really waking, but acknowledging her daddy's love. And that's what it was. He hadn't been touching her lustfully - his fingertips had barely stroked her skin. It was a loving touch. A reverential acknowledgment of his love for her, as well as for her beauty.


Sleeping-Dolly's beauty was different from Wakeful-Dolly's beauty. Sleeping, she seemed so serene, peaceful, and angelic that it nearly brought him to tears. He wanted only to hold her, protect her, and love her with his whole being. Wakeful-Dolly was another matter. She was vibrant, alive, cute as hell. A joy and a pleasure, bright as a whip, challenging and funny and perfect in her potential.


And now he knew her in a third way. Aroused Dolly was much like Wakeful Dolly, only with a purpose. The girl was a sex-maniac unequaled. That made sense of course - those who are just discovering sex tend to go a little overboard and that was absolutely true of Dolly. Through their long night of sexual discovery, she'd wanted to try everything! But of course, the menu was too vast for that. Still, she'd managed to make a good dent in the list.


But of course, even before tonight she'd been "practicing". Somehow she'd learned enough about human anatomy and sex to understand that the first time could be quite unpleasant if she wasn't prepared. So she'd prepared. She'd learned how to masturbate, and how to achieve climax, and how to use some common household objects to penetrate and stretch her pussy. So that when she'd climbed atop him and impaled herself, the sensation had actually been as thrilling and pleasurable for her as it had been for him. Thank God for that, he thought.


Beginning with kissing, then fucking, they'd moved on to exploring each other's bodies with fingers and mouths. While she wasn't yet an accomplished kisser, she was damned good for one so young and inexperienced - and those kissing skills had translated to sucking cock readily enough! She'd quickly discovered that when a girl is unrelenting in her oral ministrations, she can drive the man over the brink without warning. She'd choked on the cum that sprayed into her mouth and had naturally pulled back - which is how she learned about facials. It wasn't like Danny could stop shooting once he'd started, after all!


Fortunately, she took it well. She thought the whole thing was uproariously funny, and then while he explained about how some girls like cum and some don't (again), she grinned as he scooped the cream into her mouth. She found that guys like seeing girls eat cum, and she wanted to make her daddy happy, so she gobbled down every drop. Mission accomplished! The only thing better than cumming all over a nine-year-old girl's face, Danny supposed at the moment, was watching her gobble down all that cum.


He sighed, remembering the rest of the evening. Sucking his cum from her pussy. Spraying her down and rubbing it into her skin. Showering with her to clean up and teaching her how much more fun shared-showering is. And finally, when he'd been spent and she'd been nearly there, he'd gently and lovingly licked her freshly-cleaned pussy through several gentle climaxes, learning in the process how lovely her creamy juices were when unmixed with semen.


Sighing happily, he dragged her limp sleeping body into a spooning position, her tiny, firm ass cheeks snuggling his worn-out cock in a most pleasant fashion. He drifted off once more, his heart filled and body sated.




The next few days were a strange mix of bliss, terror, and learning. He found out that his little girl's sex-drive wasn't just that one time - she was always ready. No, eager. He'd rarely met a woman so DTF, as the kids called it these days. And while that had a definite up-side, he did have to lay down some rules.


First up, of course - no sex in front of the house staff. In fact, no sex-like activities, including "daring" clothing (well, not any more daring that she already dressed). No long-kissing. Not even masturbating where she might get caught. And certainly no sex - not even a hand job - between the two of them! The first time Beatrice walked in on them in the kitchen while Dolly had been kneeling down, gobbling his cock had been a near-miss. If the counter hadn't been there to block her view...


In line with that, she had to continue to act pretty much clueless about sex. No talking about it with anyone other than himself. Absolutely no bragging about how she'd given her virginity. Sure, plenty of nine-year-old girls "tossed their 'V'", but not with grownups, and certainly not with their fathers! Or so he assumed.


He also had to make sure that their altered relationship wouldn't alter their relationship insofar as discipline was concerned. They might be fucking, but that didn't mean she didn't have to do her chores, homework, and obey his rules. Fortunately his rules were reasonable, and she understood the reasons. And she was smart enough to realize that if she couldn't deal with it, the sex would stop. She sure as hell didn't want that! In actual fact, their sex actually gave him a new token in the never-ending parental problem of how to punish transgressions in a healthy way. Even hinting that there would be no sex that night if she was misbehaving brought about a change of attitude.


So life around the house went on. Dolly continued to bring Lolly with her almost everywhere she went where large dolls were appropriate. Nobody else needed to know that the little girl got a special comfort and thrill from knowing she was actually pairing up with not only her "twin", but another of her father's lovers. And whenever she got bored, she could always "feel up" Lolly, imagining her father's cock in that soft pussy!


That was probably the oddest thing, so far as Danny was concerned. Dolly continued to bring Lolly to their lovemaking. She got a huge thrill out of watching him fuck her look-alike, and took great joy in working the doll into various threesome-like configurations. One of her favorites (and his) was to have him fucking Lolly while eating Dolly's pussy. But she also got off on some other things, like "scissoring" with the doll. That one was exceptionally arousing for Danny, since one had to really be paying attention to realize that only one of the nine-year-old girls grinding their pussies together was real!




Others got used to seeing the doll with her, and almost all of them were amazed at the lifelike quality of the thing. More than one parent approached him asking where he got it, how much it cost, and so on - usually at the prompting of their own child who wanted one too. Most of the time the interest waned when the price tag was disclosed - but not always. Many of Danny's friends were as well-off as himself, and doted on their children just as much. He had a much more difficult time evading those queries - largely because they were the people he had close personal and/or business ties with, and he didn't want to provoke them. Those who he trusted got a somewhat edited version of the truth.


"The truth is, Miriam," he told one mother who was bound and determined to get one for her daughter's tenth birthday, "Dolly saw an ad for Really-Real Dolly-Dolls when my computer displayed a pop-up." She nodded, understanding. Malware was the bane of the computer age, and just about everyone had had unexpected and unwanted pop-up ads appear seemingly out of nowhere. "You might not know it, but it's a sex-doll company. But their dolls are incredibly life-like - as you might expect." The woman blushed prettily, but nodded comprehension. "Anyway, Dolly saw the pictures of the dolls - dressed, of course - and begged me for weeks until I finally contacted the company. As it turns out, they'll do custom jobs for a price, even making them - shall we say, non-functional for their usual purpose." While not an outright lie, this implied that Lolly didn't have functional orifices, and Miriam wasn't interested in going into those details with him. She just wanted a life-sized, realistic doll for her daughter. So he gave her the contact information.


Once told, and repeated several times, the lie took on a life of its own. It became "guarded knowledge" because nobody wanted to admit doing business with a sex-doll company, but many wanted similar dolls.


A couple of weeks after Lolly had arrived, the replacement he'd ordered arrived - well ahead of schedule. Not that Danny would have noticed. He had no interest in the replacement, and Dolly certainly didn't need a second twin. So he put it in storage and forgot about it, being infinitely more interested in the real thing - his actual, living Dolly.




"Senator Rockmann!" Danny said happily as he recognized the voice of his oldest-and-dearest friend on the phone.


"Fuck you," came the expected response.


"All right, all right. What's up Rocky?" The nickname was well-deserved. The Senator had been a full-on body-builder in his younger years, and had even won a few competitions before he'd found his true calling in politics. Even now, in his fifties, he maintained an impressive physique. He also happened to be Danny's buddy since they were kids. Like all long-term relationships there had been times of discord, but they'd been best-friends for most of the last thirty, even if they disagreed - sometimes rabidly. Rocky had been the one who'd introduced Danny to his wife - for which Danny would always be grateful. So naturally Rocky and his wife Melissa were Dolly's godparents


Rocky had also been the one to help him through it when Danny's wife had passed on, almost forcing him to start dating again after that first year. And of course, they'd shared countless sexual escapades over the decades, both before and after marriage, with their wives and with others. Even once or twice with one another - mostly out of youthful curiosity.


"Same-old, same-old," came the genial reply. "Running around the country, glad-handing, putting out fires, raising campaign funds, et cetera, et cetera. Anyway, I'm going to be in your neck of the woods for a couple of days, and thought I'd hang my coat in your shack, if that's all right with you."


"Absolutely!" Danny agreed immediately. In actual fact, this sort of thing happened often enough that Danny's large home had three guest rooms which everyone considered "The Rockmann's Rooms", where his family semi-permanently kept some clothes and other personal items for their frequent visits.


They discussed the details, then exchanged a few tidbits of gossip and one or two dirty jokes, before ending the call.


When he arrived a few days later, Dolly leaped into the big man's arms like always, squealing happily as he tossed her into the air and swung her around like a doll. Danny finally had to step in to get her to leave him alone long enough to freshen up.


By the time he re-joined them, it was supper time, so they retired to the dining room, where Dolly had already set Lolly at the table. Rocky tried not to stare, but Danny saw the man's eyes dashing back and forth between the doll and his daughter.


Dolly was delighted of course, and made the proper introductions. "Unka Rocky, this is Lolly. Lolly, meet Unka Rocky! He's the bestest smartest strongest uncle in the whole world, and now he's your uncle too!"


True gentleman that he was, Rocky played along. He bowed over the doll's hand. "It's my pleasure to meet you Lolly. You're almost as pretty as Dolly!"


Dolly giggled. "She's way more prettier!" the child declared, pleased at the fact that Rocky thought she was the pettier one. "You should see her when we play dress-up!"


"Ah, that'll have to wait for another time honey. Shall we?" Danny interjected before that conversation went any further.


The meal went well, as it always did, with lots of laughter and joking and much teasing between the Rocky and Dolly, and with them "ganging up" on Danny at every turn. Rocky was Dolly's perpetual champion when it came to second-helpings of desert, extra candy, and so on. But all through the meal Rocky's eyes dashed back and forth between the girl and the doll, and he gave Danny the "We'll discuss this later" look more than once.


After dinner they played games, and of course there were the requisite "pony rides" which Dolly always demanded from her uncle. This consisted of her climbing onto the man's lap and straddling one of his legs while he bounced her on it like a pony. The wilder the ride, the louder the screeching and laughter. But unlike every other time he'd watched them play pony-ride, this time Danny sensed an undercurrent of excitement. At first he thought it was just him, but soon Dolly's cheeks flushed in a manner he now recognized as arousal, and he realized that she was actually getting off on the bouncing leg. She might as well have been grinding herself on it! Eventually even Rocky seemed to notice - when the squeals of laughter took on an unmistakable groan of pleasure. He didn't stop of course. As a gentleman, he pretended not to notice and he continued to bounce the little girl, until she had a brief-but-definite climax on the man's leg. Danny wasn't oblivious to the fact that Rocky's crotch displayed a pronounced bulge after that, and neither was Dolly, though neither could say anything.


Eventually came time for TV-and-cuddles, and like so many times before, Danny's cuddle-buddy was intercepted by his best buddy. This was so "usual" that the movie was nearly half-way through before Danny noticed that Rocky's hand wasn't just resting on Dolly's hip like it normally did. It had slipped down to cup her ass. Likewise, Dolly's hand had slid down from the man's chest, dropping to his thigh. The rest of the movie was lost on him as he spent more time peeking at the others while trying not to look like he was looking.


Rocky's hand slowly took a firmer grip on Dolly's ass, kneading the flesh rhythmically. His eyes remained focused on the screen though, in the attempt to make it appear as though that's where his attention was - that the kneading was merely reflexive.


Danny knew it wasn't true though. More, his glimpses of Dolly's face showed her cheeks flushed with excitement. He was certain that if he'd peeled her nightie off, he'd find rock-hard nipples, just as he was certain that her panties contained a swamp of warm, wet girl-cunny. Similarly, the bulge between Rocky's legs was now obvious as Dolly's fingers inched slowly closer until finally her hand was resting right there on top.


His own erection was just as rampant. The fact that his best friend found his little girl as sexy as he did was intoxicatingly stimulating. And the fact that his little girl had her hand - for all practical purposes - resting gently atop his cock was mind-boggling. As he continued to discreetly watch, her little fingers began to move slightly, squeezing and releasing with the same rhythm as Rocky's fingers squeezing and releasing her ass.


By the time the movie was over, his own balls felt like they were ready to explode. Complete bullshit, he knew - balls don't fill with cum when men are aroused. But the fact remained that they felt like it. He didn't know how Rocky held back from exploding in his pants - much less talk in a steady voice.


"Well that was a pretty good flick," he said calmly as the credits scrolled. "It's too bad it's your bedtime already sweetie - Uncle Rocky loves cuddling with ya!" Dolly looked like she was going to make a fuss and try to get some more cuddle time, but Rocky's stern head-shake dissuaded her.


She looked to Danny for support, but he knew that would be a bad idea. "Sorry punkin'," he said gently. "Kiss Unka Rocky goodnight and run to bed. I'll be up to tuck you in shortly." She didn't pout - quite - but the look she gave him spoke volumes of her displeasure at being dismissed. In the past Danny had used the excuse, "We need to have some grown-up talk," to dismiss her in these situations. But saying that to her in this case would reek of the purest hypocrisy. What she wanted was some grown-up behavior!


So instead, she gave Danny a defiant glare, then kissed Rocky goodnight. And kissed him. And went on kissing him for a good ten or fifteen seconds before Rocky managed to untangle her arms from around his neck. Then she gave Danny a "Ha-ha, take that!" look and scampered up the stairs as both men admired her backside as she went. "Sorry about that, old man," Danny said. "She's been getting some... uh... rather odd ideas lately."


"She's a growing girl," Rocky said, trying to hide his grin. The little girl's kiss hadn't just been long - it had been intimate - and delightful! Rocky was no stranger to the affection of young ladies - sometimes definitely too young. But he'd never had a nine-year-old girl thrust her tongue into his mouth like that! Not only that, she was a good kisser. The girl had been getting some practice somewhere. He wondered if he should warn her father. While a kiss like that didn't necessarily mean she was sexually active, he'd be surprised if she wasn't at least fooling around a bit!


Instead, Rocky headed for the restroom to adjust his beast to a more comfortable position while he had a change. He didn't want Danny to see it - he might get the wrong idea. Meanwhile Danny swung by the dining room to pick up Lolly, then followed Dolly upstairs.


After tucking her and the doll in, he sat on the side of the bed and gently scolded her. "Dolly honey, you have got to be more careful. I know you love Rocky - I love him too. But seriously sweetie, we could get into so much trouble! We've talked about this!"


"I know daddy," the child replied, eyes lowered, then rising to his own in defiance. "But it wasn't just me! He was fondling my bum all the way through the movie!"


Clearly she was expecting him to argue that point, and seemed surprised when he didn't. "I know honey. But what he did could theoretically be considered reflex. Just like when you 'accidentally' put your hand on his package." She giggled, blushing as she realized her daddy had caught her - as it were - red-handed. He grinned at her naughtiness. "And don't think for one moment that I didn't see you squeezing his cock! You're just lucky he's too good natured to realize it was intentional, ya little slut!"


Dolly laughed again, blushing deeper. "I'm sorry daddy, but he got me so horny!" Then contritely she asked, "We're not gonna sleep together tonight, are we?" There was a hopeful, almost pleading note to the question.


"I'm sorry honey, but no. Rocky might be okay with a little discreet fondling, but there's no way he'd condone what we've been up to." He pulled the covers up gently. And by the way, I saw that kiss. Shame on you," he grinned. "But that too, is just a kiss. And you were the aggressor." He mused thoughtfully, "Probably shocked the hell out of the old bastard." Then he grinned at his little girl and gave her a very un-fatherly kiss goodnight, extracting the final promise that when she masturbated tonight that she'd keep quiet. The walls were thick, but he knew full well how loud she could get - especially when she was worked up like she was now. There was never any doubt that she'd have her knickers off the second he closed the door.


When he arrived back in the living room, Rocky was relaxing on the sofa, drink in hand. Danny took the opposite end, clinked glasses and they chatted for a while. Eventually the discussion turned to the doll, and Danny told him the by-now well-practiced half-truth about the doll being from a sex-doll company, but not actually a sex doll itself. Rocky listened, nodding and when he was finished replied, "Bullshit."


He didn't say it meanly, but he said it so flatly that there was no opening for debate. "I know you Danny. You wouldn't spend that kind of money on a toy for your kid. I've been noticing for a while now how you've been looking at her. Hell, who wouldn't?" he grinned. "She's very pretty, and growing sexier every day!"


"Rocky!" Danny said, trying to feign anger.


"Oh, fuck you." Rocky said. "Like I said, I know you. And I'll bet anything you got the doll so you could fuck Dolly without actually fucking your daughter." He glanced toward the stairs to confirm they were alone, then lowered his tone. "Don't sweat it man, we've all been there. Hell, Jenny started coming on to me a couple of years ago, and sometimes it's all I can do to keep myself from throwing her down and fucking her brains out!"


Rocky was referring to his own daughter. The fourteen-year-old beauty was like a younger version of his very-sexy wife Melissa, who'd often been accused of being a "trophy wife" for the Senator. Thin and lithe, her large breasts full and high (with "unruly" nipples), her ass so perfectly rounded it could be used as a protractor, eyes like sapphires and hair like corn silk, the woman was the envy and desire of many other highly-positioned men. Worse, she was also keenly intelligent, and a smart businesswoman besides. She was also, Danny knew from personal experience, an absolute firecracker in the sack. He could fully understand how a smaller, younger version of that could drive a man to distraction! "Thank heaven for little girls," Rocky said, raising his glass.


"Amen buddy," Danny agreed. Since his friend had already deduced the truth, he copped to the full story, admitting he'd got the doll as a substitute to "take the edge off" his incestuous desire, per his shrink's suggestion. He told Rocky about Dolly finding the doll when it was delivered early, and how he'd had to maintain the pretense that it had been for her all along, while he ordered a replacement for himself in private.


"Ah, so you got another!" Rocky said, grinning. "And has it helped?"


"Helped?" Danny asked, puzzled.


"Yeah stupid, has it helped you - how did you put it? 'Take the edge off' your desire to fuck little Dolly?" the man leered. "I bet it hasn't. The damned thing looks so much like her, I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't make you want her even more!" He paused, considering. "Damn, if the detail of the rest of her is as perfect as the face and parts I've seen. Whoa buddy!" He sipped, then glanced around. "Hey, where is it? I wanna see this!"


Danny rolled his eyes, pretending disgust at his friend's obvious excitement. "For your information, Mister Pervert, I haven't even un-boxed the thing. I figured it might not be a good idea after I got a good look at the first one."


"The hell you say!" Rocky laughed. "Well I'm sorry you wasted so much money - twice." Then his eyes got crafty. "Ya know, I bet Jenny would love a little Dolly-doll. 'Dolly-dolly?' Hey, that's hilarious!" he laughed to himself. "Seriously though," he went on. "You know how much Dolly and Jenny love each other. Why don't you just sell me the second one for Jenny? It'd make a great Christmas present."


Just as Rocky knew Danny, the reverse was true. There was no doubt in Danny's mind why Rocky really wanted the doll. The funny thing was that Danny wasn't disgusted by the idea of his friend fucking the replica of his daughter. The idea actually excited him a bit. Well, more than a bit. In fact, quite a fucking lot. He'd done a few threesomes with Rocky and was quite familiar with the large man's body - all of it. The image of this large, well-endowed man fucking a replica of his daughter sprang into his mind's eye unbidden, causing his pulse to start pounding.


Still, part of him tried to "be moral". Floundering, he said, "I don't know. It's pretty damn expensive for a child's toy."


"Hah. I can afford it. You know that. How much was it?"


"I - I don't really know," Danny admitted. He assumed the second one would be less than the first, since it would be a re-build.


"Well dig out the box buddy!" Rocky encouraged him, clearly excited at the prospect. "Let's see the invoice and the goodies - er, the merchandise," he corrected himself, slightly embarrassed at the slip.


Danny hurried to the storeroom, his excitement mounting. He was certain he'd noticed his friend's bulge returning, and his own mounting excitement confirmed what he knew to be true - that he would get a huge thrill out of selling his daughter-decoy to his friend.


It only took moments to unpack the doll, and Danny found that the entire order had been repeated, including all the clothing and outfits. Rocky thought that was hilarious, but after looking at some of the garments, then at the doll, he said he'd take them all. He seemed mesmerized by the doll itself, touching it hesitantly. "Jesus," he said, "it feels like real skin! And damn if you can't see her nipples through that sheer babydoll!" Naturally the second doll had been dressed and posed like the first, and Rocky had been as taken by it as Danny had been.


With Danny helping, he undressed the doll gently, as if it were a real girl, and his appreciation of the craftsmanship only grew as he examined it. The sweet contours and fine details, from eyes to toes, were breathtakingly exact. Even when he scrutinized the "special places" en route he could find no flaw.


Finally he looked at his friend. "So you're going to tell me that Dolly's doll looks exactly like this - and like Dolly herself - and yet you haven't fucked it? You've got a hell of a lot more willpower than I'd have thought!"


He could feel Rocky's eyes burning through his story, and he felt like a cad for lying to his friend. Finally Danny just admitted it. "Okay, yes, I've fucked her doll," he said, his face burning with shame.


"I thought so!" Rocky said, grinning wolfishly. "Damn that's hot. It'd be so close to nailing that little minx herself! You know she kissed me - really kissed me earlier? Got me rock-hard, let me tell you!"


"Rocky!" Danny expostulated, outraged by his words, but also relieved at the lack of condemnation for having fucked his daughter's twin. Adding to the confusion, he was also strangely proud of his daughter - she'd made this grown man hard with just a kiss!


"Rocky!" his friend mimicked. "Shut up Danny. If Dolly ever kissed you that way, you'd forget all about that doll and fuck your daughter instead!" He pulled the doll to himself and began kissing it, then reached down to rub it's pussy. "Fuck this thing's got me horny as hell," he said, though he knew full-well it wasn't the doll that'd kept him edging all night. Still, it would do. "D'ya mind if I..." he asked, not quite daring to finish the question. However good their friendship might be, this was still a stand-in for the man's daughter.


Danny frowned. He did want to see his friend fuck the little doll! He thought about it, then said, "One sec," and disappeared up the stairs, returning in a moment with a bottle of lubricant. Tossing it to his friend, he grinned, "Have fun."


Rocky hesitated one last time, then shrugged and stripped. It wasn't the first time he'd fucked someone with Danny present, though they usually worked together on the project. Slicking his turgid erection, he positioned the doll on all fours and entered her with one long thrust, groaning deeply at the amazingly-realistic feeling of her pussy.


Meanwhile Danny stripped as well, then leaned back in the sofa to watch his friend defile his daughter's likeness. He hadn't expected to be able to actually see this, and it was every bit as hot as he'd imagined. Rocky's large, hard member stretched the tiny entrance of the prepubescent doll profanely.


In moments both men were stroking faster as their pent-up arousal gained momentum, until with a deep, low growl Rocky erupted, power-driving deeply into the doll's cunt for the first shot, then pulling out and spraying the doll's back with his remaining load.


Danny always loved watching him do that, but watching him do it to "his daughter" sent Danny over the edge. Without a thought he followed their usual pattern for threesomes, leaping off the sofa and ramming his own member down the doll's throat. He pumped fast, then pulled out and sprayed his own cum all over the little-girl face while his friend cheered him on.


Both men were panting and shaking as they high-fived, then burst out laughing at their own silly antics and at how they'd gotten so carried away with themselves. With a fucking doll for fuck's sake! It was ludicrous!


"So unfair!" The loud, outraged little-girl voice sounded from the entryway, shocking both men. Dolly stood there, bare naked with a huge grin on her face. She'd been watching for several minutes and knew damn well she had them dead to rights. There was nothing they could do or say to get out of this one! "You guys get to play sexy-time with my doll, and I got to go to bed and masturbate all alone? SO UNFAIR!" she repeated, shouting the words.


Danny wasn't quite as shocked as Rocky, but it was a near thing. Dolly had never looked more beautiful - nor more aroused. Her nipples were rock-hard and the hand between her legs was moving in a way that made it clear she was openly masturbating while standing there in front of them. Even though he'd just cum, his cock didn't droop a millimeter. Rocky on the other hand, had never seen Dolly naked. At least not for the last several years. The sight of this sexy little thing playing with herself while watching him nut into an exact replica of her pussy, then spray all over her back was - well it was both mind-blowingly weird and ball-blowingly exciting.


Danny had almost never seen Rocky at a loss for words, but he couldn't blame the man. He wasn't sure what to do either. Fortunately, children have fewer hang-ups. Once Dolly knew for certain she'd won the day, she didn't hesitate at all. She walked right up to Rocky and pushed his hand aside. Taking his member in hand, she squeezed out the last few drops, making him groan with pleasure. Then she bent down and licked those drops from the ass of the doll before standing and grinning at him as if daring him to say anything about it.


Rocky looked back and forth between his best friend and his best friend's incredibly sexy little nine-year-old girl, torn between his desire and his friendship. Finally though, Danny just sighed. "Oh for God's sake, go on," he told the man. "We both know she wants it!"


Once again Dolly launched herself into her "uncle's" arms - only this time both of them were naked, aroused, and very eager for one other. Their lips met and they kissed deeply as the man eased the little girl back down to the floor. Dolly laid back, eagerly spreading herself and offering her body to the grown man while her father returned to the sofa to watch his little girl and his best friend make love.


There was no doubt that it was love they were making. Rocky was a good lover and Dolly was eager for him, but he still took the time to ease into her incredibly wet and elastic pussy. Once fully inserted, he looked up at Danny, who was stroking his own erection as he watched. "You're a fucking liar. No girl this young can take a man-sized cock this readily unless she'd been fucking a grown man for a while."


"Guilty," Danny admitted. "You complaining?"


"No fucking way!" Rocky said and began fucking Dolly with long, powerful strokes.


Almost immediately the little girl was thrashing about in the throes of climax as her favorite uncle in the whole world filled her to bursting with his hot, hard cock. She was in absolute bliss! It was the best thing ever, and her climaxes came on, fast-and-furious. Shortly she was covered with sweat, panting like a bitch in heat - because she was a bitch in heat. But she wanted more. More. MORE!


She gestured to her daddy, and he came to her, feeding her his hard cock. She'd been practicing and practicing, and could now take him almost all the way down her throat - as long as he was careful at first. He was, and the lube he'd used helped a lot. Soon the little slut was in sexual nirvana, mind shocked free of her body by the waves of pleasure as not one, but two large man-sized cocks, stretched her pussy and her throat in the most incredible way possible. Simultaneously, four hands practically covered the rest of her body at all times in caresses, tickles, pinches, rubs, and tugs on her nipples. She couldn't even distinguish one climax from the next - she seemed to be flowing in an endless supply of orgasms while the men relished and ravaged her tiny body.


Even the best things eventually end though, and even though both men had come earlier, double-fucking a nine-year-old was a powerful inducement to cum again. Being less used to it, Rocky was the first to reach the point of no return, and he shouted out in warning of his impending climax. Having been with him in threesomes before, Danny knew what he needed, so he shouted, "Go ahead Rocky! Fill up her little cunt! My little girl wants your cum inside her - and she can't get knocked up!"


Rocky's face was the very picture of gratitude, and his hands lifted and gripped her hips tight as he flew into a fury of fucking, driving the little girl through several more peaks as his bloated balls emptied inside the child until gobs of hot cum were overflowing from her overworked pussy.


Watching his friend lose it so badly sent Danny over the top as well. His own climax was monumental as a torrent of hot wet cum sprayed out of his member and into his little girl's mouth. The first shot went straight down her throat before he pulled back so that she could enjoy the feel of him cumming in her little mouth until the cream leaked out and down her cheeks. Both men also cherished the sight as the little slut's eyes closed with the rapture of sucking her father's cum from his still-twitching cock.


The three of them collapsed, panting onto the living room floor, exhausted and laughing with the joy of the shared experience. "You shoulda seen your face when you came in her man," Danny said. "Fuck you, you should have seen yours! Damn you're a lucky mother fucker." Rocky shot back. "Lucky daughter-fucker," Dolly chimed in, the tiny little-girl voice making the correction particularly humorous - and naughty. All three of them burst into laughter.


When they were finally able, the three perverts headed for the master bedroom, intent on experiencing this new and wonderful relationship as thoroughly as possible. As they got to the end of the hallway, the huge floor-to-ceiling mirror clearly displayed them - a tiny little girl, walking between and holding hands with two large men. Each of them naked, sweaty, and filled with desire for one another. That sight alone was enough to rekindle the men's barely-rested members, and they were back at like minks within moments.


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