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CLUB SHO - Part 6

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Club SHO 6

Part: Part 6

Summary: Angela tries girls for a change, her chosen partner makes it fun!

Keywords: Fg(11), bi, gush, ped, cons

Date: 06/07/2016

[Author's Note]


"I'd really like you to try it honey. You'll never know if you like it otherwise."


"But daddy, it's just so... so weird!" The beautiful little eleven-year-old shook her platinum-blonde hair cutely, unaware it was one of her more common ploys to distract her father when she was uncomfortable about something they were discussing.


"You said the exact same thing the first time you saw my cock," he grinned, causing her to grin in return. It was true though. The first time she'd seen it, she didn't know what to make of it. That was a while ago though. She knew quite well what to make of it now - she usually made a steel pole of it.


"Yeah, but that's different," she tried again, having difficulty making her point. She knew what she meant; why was daddy being such a pain? "You're... well you're a man! And it's normal for men and women -"


"You're not a woman honey, you're a girl," he interrupted. "And you were even further from womanhood when you seduced me."


She rolled her eyes. "Stop it daddy! You know what I mean! It's just weird to want to do things like that with a girl!"


"I know a lot of girls who feel otherwise," he countered. "For that matter, so do you. And besides, you told me you had 'practiced kissing' with other girls. So your argument is nonsense. You're just afraid is all."


"Am not!" she huffed.


"Are too!" he shot back playfully, making her giggle. Grownups weren't supposed to argue like kids. But he relented. "If you really don't want to honey, I certainly won't force you. I just think that you're missing out on something you might really enjoy if you gave it a chance."


"Yah right!" she pouted, though it was really just an act. "You just wanna see me with another girl cos you perverts like seein' girls together!"


"Guilty as charged!" Pete chuckled. "I think it'd be amazing to see you with a girl. So would every other man on the planet! Anyone who saw pics like that would get an immediate hard on so stiff he'd have to stroke off immediately or explode in his pants!"


Angela giggled, her cheeks flushing a bit at the thought. Her daddy knew how much she loved showing off, and was smart enough to know he'd also brought that up as a bargaining chip. He almost never let pics of her out into the world. And the idea that other men might see her naked, doing things, was enormously exciting to her. She could feel her nipples crinkle at the thought of strange men she didn't know whacking off - and cumming - from looking at her! It was an intoxicating, a powerful feeling.


"You'd take pics and let guys see them?" she asked, her voice lower.


Pete chuckled. "Well, I suppose a few pics would be okay - as long as we block out your face. Pity too," he added, "it's such a pretty face!"


That scored points, as it always did and would. "Well," she said, "I suppose... But what if I don't like it? I mean, I won't, I know it. But won't whoever we pick get upset if we try it an' I get sick or something?"


"Undoubtedly," Pete admitted. "So don't push yourself. If you find yourself really, honestly not enjoying it, then back out."


"That'd kinna suck," she frowned. "I mean, for both of us really."


Pete pondered this. "Well how about this then. We'll have another man on stand-by, ready to jump in there and join in. If you don't like girls - I mean really don't, then you can signal me and I'll send him in."


They both knew where this was going. Though Angela and he had been playing around for a while now, she'd really only been with one other man besides himself - and that one she was just crazy about because he gave her her favorite thing in the whole world - massive amounts of cum.


"You mean Mr. Joshua?" she said, her cunny itching at the thought of playing with him again, of getting to make him cum again, of letting him cover her with it again! She squirmed.


Pete laughed. "You really like him, don't you? Okay, sure. I think I can convince him to hang out a while and watch you with another girl." He knew damned well that Josh would jump at the chance to see that - any man would! Well, any man who found eleven-year-old girls sexy anyway, which was most men. "Heck, I'll tell you what. Even if you do like girls, I'm sure he'd be willing to give you his 'special treat' after you're done experimenting with your friend - if you want to, that is," he smirked, knowing the answer.


"Oh daddy," she cried happily, "you're the best!" She hugged him tight, completely aware of the erection pressing into her as she did so. Even though his pants it was obvious, and the idea of being with Mr. Joshua again had her ready for some play-time with daddy. She pressed against it, expecting him to grind it against her and let the games begin.


Instead though, her pulled her off by the shoulders, easing her back into her chair. "Okay, so now we need to figure out who you want to be with for your first time. I have a few girls here who might be good choices. Every one of them liked girls, and especially likes girls like you. Of course they haven't seen you yet, and don't know we're considering them, so no hard feelings on the ones you don't like." He opened the envelope on the table and spread out a half-dozen pictures.


Each girl was pretty, and varied in styles and ethnicities and body types enough that it gave Angela a full range to choose from. Each was also dressed, to put it mildly, in styles not usually seen on such young girls. And young they were too, ranging from around seven to mid-teens.


To her credit, Angela considered each in turn carefully, trying to imagine herself with them. But it was just too weird. While she could see the beauty in them, and how men, or even other girls, might find them sexy; she herself didn't feel any particular excitement about the idea of being with any of them. They just didn't do anything for her. But she tried, and finally winnowed it down to a fiery little redhead of around her own age, and a relatively buxom girl in her low teens.


"I guess one of these will do daddy. You decide which," she said. She was really not into this, and the idea of being with Mr. Joshua again, had made her horny. She wanted to get this over with so she and daddy could play! Daddy would cum all over her, and while he came a lot, it was nothing like Mr. Joshua! She loved it so much, to feel it, to taste it, to see it! Of course, when she was covered in the stuff she couldn't really see it. She had to imagine it. But that was easy, because he'd seen that way he'd covered his girlfriend with it, so it was easy to imagine.


With a sudden rush of excitement, she had her answer. "Daddy!" she practically screamed. "Can it be with Miss Caprice! You said she likes me, an' I aready know her an' like her so it won't be like, as weird! An' I seen her with Mr. Joshua an' that was really sexy so maybe..." she trailed off, not sure what she meant.


"Maybe it'll be just the thing you need to bridge the gap," he supplied thoughtfully. "Well, I'm pretty sure she'll be willing, and Josh needs to be there anyway, so... I'll check with them. If they're game, I don't see any reason your first time has to be with a total stranger."


"Oh daddy, you're the best!" she cried again, and this time when she hugged him, they're talking was done, so play-time could begin.



She sat nervously in the Diamond Dolls room. Sure, she knew Miss Caprice, and knew she was nice, and sexy - for guys anyway, she thought. Angela herself was in a cute little sun-dress of yellow and green, and she wondered what Caprice would be wearing. More importantly, she wondered how they would... well, start. Obviously they were both there for the same thing - to give Angela the opportunity to try sexual activity with another girl. But would Caprice just walk in and start kissing her or something? Would she be naked already? This was all so weird!


Jumping at the sound of the door opening, she found her heart in her throat. She was nervouser than she'd thought. She tried to take a breath, and then, suddenly, she was grinning from ear to ear. It was so cute!


Caprice was a small woman. Petite and young-looking. Younger than her actual nineteen years anyway, by quite a ways. But right now she looked younger than Angela herself. Partly it was the child-like grin she wore, growing even larger as she saw Angela's positive reaction. But even more because of the outfit she was wearing.


From the neck down she was covered in a skin-tight body suit that was about the same color as her dark-brown hair. Even her hands were covered by gloves? Mittens? At the neck itself, she wore a thin silver choker - no, it was a collar. And above that, her face was made up like a cat, with painted on whiskers and nose, feline eye makeup and paint to make it look like she had fur. Above that, her short hair was moussed or something, making it "tufty", and blended in with the crowning glory, cat-ears that perfectly matched the "fur" on her head. The overall effect was both cute and pretty and to many, highly erotic.


Angela didn't get the erotic bit. She was giggling merrily though, happy and relieved. If Caprice went through all that effort just to put her at ease, how could this possibly go wrong? She still didn't know if she'd like doing things with the older woman, but she did suddenly like her even more, and more importantly, she felt safer somehow. Caprice got her!


The cute neko slinked into the room, walking upright, yet still graceful and cat-like. The door closed behind her and she let out a sudden cat-like screech as the door closed on her tail. Yes, she had a tail! She turned as if to attack whatever had "bit her tail" and then punched the door back open and pulled her tail in before turning back to Angela with a look of wounded dignity.


Angela was rolling with laughter now, and Caprice approached her cautiously, as if unsure of the girl.


Wiping tears of laugher from her eyes, Angela tried to coax the kitty closer, getting into the spirit of the thing. "It's okay kitty, I won't hurt you." She extended one hand, and Caprice sniffed it, looked at her curiously, then rubbed her head against the child's hand as a cat might, granting the child permission to touch her.


The ears were soft, furry, and whatever made her hair tufty was soft as well. Angela petted the kitten, and the kitten responded positively, mewing softly and rubbing against her for a while. Both settled into the routine, gradually touching each other more, with kitty-caprice rubbing her head against the girl and rubbing more of her body along the girl's bare legs, while Angela's petting moved along Caprice's back and even her tail.


Slowly, gently the petting grew more intimate. Angela was completely relaxed by the play, and was only slightly distracted when Caprice slipped off her "paws", and then the sleeves of her outfit. It was a break-away suit which she could remove in segments - developed for strippers who catered to neko-lovers. But it allowed the child a gradual transition from petting the "cat fur" of the outfit to Caprice's actual skin.


In return, kitty-Caprice rubbed her head against the girl's body over her dress, intentionally not using her hands, which encouraged the child, making her feel like she was the one in control. Nevertheless, Caprice gradually moved to rub against Angela's bare legs more, gradually pushing the hem upward, until she was rubbing her head and face against the young girl's thighs.


By now, Angela was quite at ease, and the tickly fur of the ears and hair on Caprice's head was having the desired effect. Her sensitive thighs were being tickled and caressed as if by feathers, and almost any girl will find that arousing. So it was with her. She could feel herself growing excited and warm down there, and it wasn't long before her lil cunny was starting to itch for some attention. She spread her knees apart so the kitty could get better access, but like cats from the beginning of time, kitty-Caprice didn't cooperate.


Instead, she made cute purring noises and laid down beside the child, rolling onto her back, paws up, invitingly.


"Does kitty want her tummy rubbed?" Angela asked, knowing darn well that's what Caprice was going for. It didn't even occur to her that she was rubbing a girl's tummy - in her mind, she was playing with a kitty. So when her hands rubbed over the woman's breasts and she felt the firm nipples through the thin fabric, it was something of a surprise. But not an unpleasant one, especially when Caprice made a particularly cute sound at the touch.


"Does kitty like that?" she asked, receiving a little purr of agreement in return. Naturally she moved her hands back up to Caprice's nipple, rubbing some more and chuckling as Caprice rolled her eyes back in obvious enjoyment. That encouraged her to do more, and in a few minutes, she was quite comfortably playing with Caprice's breasts.


She found that they were nice. Small and tidy. Bigger than her own, of course, but not greatly so. And she really liked the way Caprice seemed to so enjoy the way she was touching them. On impulse, she squeezed one, her fingers closing as she drew back until she was squeezing and pulling on the nipple. The fabric made it impossible to really play with them the way she liked hers played with though, which was too bad, because she thought Caprice might like that.


It occurred to her that there were seams along the chest similar to the seams she'd seen Caprice pull apart when she took the sections from her arms. She explored and found that, sure enough, there was Velcro holding the seam together. She slipped her little fingers between and began to pull the seam open, then stopped, looking at Caprice. She didn't want to undress the woman without permission!


Caprice arched her back like a cat, making a "mrowr" sound, somehow communicating that it was perfectly okay with her if Angela opened the seam to touch her bare tummy and chest, so with a smile, the girl did so. The seam split beneath the child's fingers, parting, exposing Caprice's flat tummy and not-much-more chest.


Now Angela could actually explore the woman's breasts, and she found herself excited to do so. She started though, like she thought she'd prefer - with the flat of her hand gently rubbing Caprice's tummy, then moving gradually upward to the more sensitive regions. Caprice continued to act and sound cat-like, and like a cat who's really enjoying the tummy rub. And when the little girl began to really play with and experiment with her breasts, she had a hard time keeping up the Facade. Angela knew well how she liked to be touched there, and Caprice liked it the same way too! So it was only natural that after a few minutes, Angela lowered her head to suckle the woman's rock-hard nipples.


Caprice could only take so much though. Her own pussy was soaking wet. An eleven-year-old girl was touching her, suckling her, and she could only act like a cat? She couldn't take much more! And when her hand rose to cup the girl's head while she worked on the woman's breasts the Facade gig was up. Caprice's mews and purrs became gasps and pants of pleasure, and when the child lifted her head to look at the woman, it was with a look of pride. She'd been trying to give her kitty-friend pleasure, and was happy to have succeeded!


Enough was enough. Caprice rolled over onto all fours, and pushed Angela back onto the bed with her head, cat-like, but a more assertive cat. Angela played along, her cheeks flushing as she realized that Caprice was going to give her pleasure now - she could see it in the woman's eyes. She giggled and squirmed as the woman licked her cheek, then began to nuzzle into her neck, tickling her in that same way daddy did, but without daddy's scritchyness. In it's place was the tickly fur and the smooth cheeks of a girl. For a moment, that seemed strange in the way she'd thought before, and then suddenly, as the kitty nibble-bit her neck, it wasn't strange at all. It was exciting as heck!


She wanted to feel the kitty's mouth on her little boobies, but the dress was totally in the way. She tried to sit up in preparation to taking it off, but the kitty pushed her back down, giving her a look like, "You're my mouse, you'll do as I say." Not dangerous or anything, just - well, an order. But also, a promise. She knew Caprice had something in mind.


As the "cat" rubbed against her, she figured out what it was. She was rubbing her face over the little girl's body, exploring her with her face and mouth through the thin fabric of the dress as thoroughly as she might with fingers. And really, with only the thin fabric of the dress between them, she could explore pretty darn thoroughly! Angela had dressed appropriate to the occasion, sans panties (and she never needed a bra), so really, it was only one thin veil. Caprice explored her budding breasts quite thoroughly through the fabric, licking and sucking and even using her teeth. She couldn't actually suck very well through the cloth, but she did pretty damned well, and Angela's own "kitty" was becoming terribly itchy and hot and wet!


Caprice noticed the girl's condition, and pushed the hands away that naturally sought some self-pleasuring. She wasn't going to let the girl touch herself - she had something better in mind. So she moved on from the sweet little buds, down that lovely tum, to nuzzle her face directly into the girl's cunny. She could smell the sex, and when her nose pushed the fabric of the dress into the girl's crease, the shudder that ran through Angela's body and the gasp of pleasure that burst from her mouth was its own reward.


But that was only a start. Caprice continued down the child's legs to the hem of the dress, and then began nudging the hem upward with her nose. The sensations drove Angela crazy, and she spread her legs eagerly, hungry to feed the kitty. She knew that's what Caprice was going to do, because daddy had played very similar "work the dress upwards" with her more than once. She was just so impatient for it - she wanted to reach down and pull it up herself, but she knew her kitty-friend wanted to play this part out, so with mounting frustration and anticipation, she stayed as still as she was able - which really wasn't very still at all.


Caprice eventually had to pull the dress upward with her teeth as the bunching fabric became too much to work otherwise, but finally she was greeted by the sight of the little girl's immaculately bare pussy. She grinned. Oh, this girl was in heat all right - as much in heat as any cat ever was! Her pussy lips were puffy and flushed, and there was a growing patch of wetness under her ass where her juices were drooling out. But Caprice had another trick up her sleeve - or would have, if she was still wearing sleeves. Instead of dropping her head and diving into that succulent feast of child cunny, she blew lightly across it, then climbed up, straddling the girl on her hands and knees, and bent down to kiss her.


All pretense was gone from Angela now. When Caprice bent down, she tilted up to meet her lips eagerly, her sweet little mouth opening and her hot little tongue diving into the dance. She was a good, though somewhat inexperienced kisser, and Caprice found herself quite aroused at the little girl's passion. Oh she was a fiery one, all right! No wonder Pete and Josh enjoyed the way she gave head!


She finally pulled back, smiling at the girl's look of yearning. She whispered, "More later, love," and reversed her trek, her own heart aching at the look in the girl's eyes.


In a moment she was between those thin, shiny-wet thighs once more, gazing at the most beautiful sight imaginable, and after a couple seconds to soak in the sight, her taste buds were screaming their pleasure at the taste of young girl's pussy. She had to grip the girl's hips with both hands though, because even though she was going relatively gentle, the girl was so worked up she was thrashing like a bronco. In moments she was cumming for Caprice, and her efforts to slurp up the juices only drove her over the brink again, and again. The girl was on a climax roller-coaster, and didn't seem able to stop, which was fine with Caprice. She'd gladly have spent the next five years with her face planted firmly between the little girl's thighs. Her pussy was so soft, and so warm, and so perfect! She tasted divine and smelled heavenly! And the way her tiny little cunny quivered and squeezed her tongue was just beyond description!


Eventually though, exhaustion began to take its toll on the youth, and Caprice didn't want to wear her out too soon, so she eased off. Replacing her mouth with her hand, she slid up beside the little girl, and kissed her once more while gently massaging her cunny with expert fingers.


It was everything she could have dreamed. She completely lost herself in the kiss once more. Her mouth and fingers moved in unison, as if playing the child like a musical instrument, bringing her gentle, rolling waves of pleasure. Climaxes, yes, but not the exhausting peaks of orgasms - more like the waves of a beach, rising and falling, cyclic. Rhythmic. Both arousing and soothing. And re-invigorating.


After an indeterminate time (for what's time when you're making love?) the two mouths parted in mutual accord and their eyes met, connecting them on an almost spiritual level. This was the stuff of dreams. Angela loved her, and she loved the girl. It wasn't a boyfriend/girlfriend love, but more a divine understanding between two like souls. Souls who were sharing the bliss of union.


Without a word, Angela moved downward. As if of one mind, they divested Caprice of her lower coverings, and the young woman came face-to-face with a woman's pussy for the first time - not counting her own birth, of course.


There was no "strange". Nothing could be more natural, more right. It wasn't like Angela was thinking these things, it just was. She knelt, looking, marveling at the beauty that is a woman's pussy. It wasn't like hers, and yet it was. The same. Different. Like daddy's cock and Mr. Joshua's cock. Both beautiful, both unique.


She kissed it, and was amazed at how soft it was! And how good it smelt! She licked her lips, tasting a juices not-her-own for the first time. They were... well, good! She kissed Caprice again, more firmly. And again, extending her tongue. It wasn't like kissing her mouth, and yet it wasn't so very different either. She experimented. Explored. She knew she was driving Caprice crazy because she wasn't helping the woman achieve bliss while she was figuring it all out. If anything, her explorations were teases. And yet, she knew Caprice loved her, and would let her take all the time she needed.


She didn't need much though, and she didn't want to keep her lover waiting. She knew how her body worked - she'd brought herself off countless times, both with and without daddy. So she just tried to do what she thought she'd want done if she was Caprice. She pressed her face to the woman's pussy, licking and sucking, and was reminded that Caprice, like herself, produced her juices in quantity. In no time at all, her face was soaked, and she found that she liked that! It was like man-cum. Well, it wasn't like man-cum, but she liked having it on her the same way she liked having man-cum on her. It was like... like her lover was painting her. Marking her as her lover or something. Like she belonged to Caprice in some way. It made her feel warm and good inside, to belong to and with Caprice, and it encouraged her to go on.


Her tongue wasn't as long as Caprice's, so she brought her fingers into play, slipping one, two, three into the woman's pussy. Her own pussy could take that much, of course, but she always found four to be more than she wanted. Caprice though - her pussy seemed to want more. So she worked a fourth finger into the woman's pussy, and was momentarily worried when she found that she actually had her hand in there! Well, not the thumb, but still! She glanced up at her lover to see if she'd erred, but Caprice was obviously loving it!


Would she want more? Caprice was pushing back against her hand, encouraging the girl to pump her with all four fingers, making very sexy sounds. And her juices were flowing steadily. She didn't feel too tight, though she could squeeze like the very dickens! Should she try it?


"Go ahead," came the gasp from Caprice.


Angela grinned. Yah, they had a connection all right! She thought about how, then tucked her thumb against her palm and pushed. It slid in with surprising ease, and suddenly her whole hand was inside the woman! It was incredible! She could totally feel her friend's pussy inside in a way that she'd never felt her own! It was like... like a new dimension to her understanding of her own body! And it could go on deeper, she could tell! She pushed, and she was in past the wrist, her eyes widening as she saw the way Caprice stretched around her arm as she pushed deeper. And deeper! Caprice's puffy lips were nearly half way to her elbow before she felt the end! It must be what, nine? Ten inches deep?


With a mischievous grin, Angela realized that if she curled her fingers, she could get even more of her arm into her friend! She tried it. It worked! She felt like she was inside her lover, and she felt the pulse of her, the life. It was amazing! But her friend was moaning. A glance upward and Angela saw Caprice's eyes were open, looking up. Following her friend's gaze, she saw them in the ceiling mirror, her arm so far inside her friend, and Caprice seemed to be drinking in the sight with relish.


"Fuck me, honey!" she moaned, and Angela could feel the desperation in that request. Her friend needed her to stop being so damned selfish and bring her to a climax. She grinned. She'd get her friend off all right!


But she found it wasn't that easy. As slick and wet as Caprice was, and though she'd managed to relax herself enough for Angela to get way up in there, the moment the girl started to move her hand back and forth, Caprice was unable to keep herself from clenching. She'd clench, force herself to relax, and then the movement would make her clench again. But Angela was determined, and quickly developed a rhythm in tandem with Caprice. Shortly her hand and arm were pistoning into and out of the young woman. It was hard work, but totally worth it as Caprice's juices flowed out and her cries and gasps of pleasure climbed, climbed, and finally peaked in a crescendo of screams and some very naughty words. Angela was surprised her arm didn't break, it was being squeezed so hard! And yet, her friend needed her to keep on, and so she did, until Caprice's mind-blowing climax had run the course and she lay back, sweaty and exhausted, completely spent by Angela's Herculean efforts.


Angela herself was exhausted, her arm and shoulder worn out. She carefully withdrew from her lover's depths and climbed up to cuddle. There were no words - none were needed. They had satisfied each other in amazing ways and grown so close together in the sharing that words would have been superfluous. They didn't even fall asleep in one another's arms. They just lay together, quietly savoring one another's nearness in a Sapphic bond no man could ever comprehend.



"Well, sorry to have wasted your time," Pete apologized to Joshua. "I figured she'd enjoy girls, but would still want you there for the finale."


"Shit, are you kidding me?" Josh asked. "That was fucking beautiful as hell! No way I'd dream of intruding on that! Look at them! Have you ever seen two more completely satisfied women? Uh, girls? What-the-fuck-ever?"


The men watched for a bit longer, each in their own thoughts. They knew they'd seen something few men ever did, and it touched them profoundly.


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