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CICI SEES - Part 3

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Cici Sees 3

Part: Part 3

Summary: In Part 3, Mom's gone for another work trip and Cici has many questions for daddy. And what good are questions if you can't put them into practice?

Keywords: MF, Mf(8), voy, exhib, mast, cum

Date: 02/16/2015

[Author's Note]




The rest of the week was hell, but the sweetest hell imaginable. Charlie had no clue why her husband, who always had a hyperactive libido anyway, was suddenly so much more sexually active, but she sure enjoyed the ride.


At first I thought that maybe I'd left the door open by accident that first time, and I made sure to close it tight before I took my wife to bed the next night. But that theory was quickly disproved. We'd barely gotten started when I glanced back and noticed the door had mysteriously opened a bit. I couldn't see Cici in the dark hall, but there was no doubt in my mind that she was there, watching us and getting off on it. Who wouldn't become a sex maniac with that kind of encouragement?


Fortunately, Cici's not only a good girl, but she's a smart girl tool. She never let on when Charlie was around. But that doesn't mean she didn't tease her poor ol' dad mercilessly every chance she got. She started flashing her panties at me regularly, sitting in places and positions where I could see, and even rubbing herself when she could.


It was bad enough when she did it at home, but the little tease didn't leave it there. She quickly discovered the additional thrill of flashing me in public, and took to it like a duck to water. And it wasn't just me she was turning on. More than once she'd get that gleam in her eyes and that flush in her cheeks from showing off for daddy, and she'd excuse herself to go to the restroom, coming back after a few minutes practically glowing with satisfaction.


Fortunately it was only a week until Charlie had to head out for another out-of-town shoot. The sex the night before she left was epic. Cici was staying over at a friend's, so Charlie and I re-christened pretty much every room in the house, even doing it on Cici's bed, which was a strange thrill in itself, let me tell you!


On the way home from the airport the following day, Cici had me all to herself, and apparently she had stored up a million questions over the week, and of course most of them had to do with sex.


"Daddy? How come you smear you cums on mommy?" she started with. Kids know little about tact or gradual approaches.


After narrowly avoiding swerving into a van, I glanced over at her. She was the perfect picture of innocence. She might as well have asked me why dandelions were yellow. "Well honey," I replied after a moment, "mostly it's because she likes it. And because I like it."


"But why? Does it feel good?" she persisted.


"Uhm, yeah, I suppose. But more it's the act itself, I guess. You gotta admit, it is kinda kinky!" I joked, but she didn't get it. I sighed. "Okay honey. Well for some people, it's kind of like... like branding her, as if she's mine. Like my property. That's especially for people who play master/slave kind of sex-games. Charlie and I don't do that really, but there's still an element of it there which is sort of exciting. Plus, I don't know, it's just NAUGHTY, and naughty is fun in bed."


She nodded to that last part. I think that was one area she was definitely getting an education on. She'd found that teasing daddy whenever she could was naughty fun and turned her on. In fact, she was getting damned good at turning her daddy on, as her next words proved. "I fink I'd like that too daddy. Maybe you can do it on me some time too?"


I gotta hand it to her. She knew damned well what she was doing to me, but she kept on the innocent facade perfectly, watching the traffic flow by apparently without a care. As if pretty little eight year old girls asked their daddies to cum all over them every day! It was so incongruous that I had to chuckle, which made her turn to me and grin, proving she knew exactly what she was doing, as her eyes dropped to my crotch to check out my bulge, which was obvious.


We drove in peace for a while, which was good for me, allowing me to get myself under control before she dropped her next bombshell.


"How come you put it in her behind daddy?" she asked.


"Huh? Oh! Oh no honey, you're thinking of doggie style. When mommy's on her hands and knees and I'm fu- doing it from behind her, it's just a different angle, but it's still in her pussy." I figured it was time for me to tease her a bit.


She gave me a disapproving look. "Nuh uh daddy! I seen you put that oil stuff on her butt an' push your thing inside it! Don't fib, I totally saw you! First you put your fingers in then your thing!" she waggled her finger at me cutely.


"Okay honey, you got me," I admitted. "That's called 'anal sex', and it's just another kind of sex, just like oral is another kind."


"Dat's wif the mouf, rite?" she asked, knowing she was right but wanting to show off her knowledge.


"That's right sweetie. Oral sex is using the mouth, anal sex is using the butt." I confirmed.


"So what one's bestest?"


"Well none of them are best honey. Or all of them are. It all depends on the people and what they like. Can you believe some girls don't like oral sex?"


"Yah. I read that some girls don't like penis in there mouf," she said, confirming my suspicion that she'd been doing outside research.


"Oh, not just that honey. Some girls don't even like a man kissing them down there?"


She looked baffled. "For reals daddy? I fink I'd love that! I know mommy loves it! An' the other kind too - mommy loves putting your thing in her mouf so much!" She giggled. "Looks like fun!"


"Uh yeah," I confirmed, trying like hell to keep the conversation on an intellectual level, like I wasn't turned on as hell by talking sex with little Cici. "Your momma's a cock-whore of the highest caliber!" Well so much for keeping it intellectual! But Cici just giggled.


"You an' her used lossa bad words when you do it," she noted. "Seems like the turned-onner you get, the nassier you talk! But she likes it, I can tell, an' I kinna like it too. Makes it seem naughtier somehows."


"Yeah, that's the point honey." I admitted, unaware of the setup until she pounced.


"So how comes you call her your lil' baby girl and she calls you daddy when you're fuckin'?" she asked.


Yeah. How the hell do you explain THAT to an eight year old? Still, I had to try.


"Well honey, you know a lot of sex stuff is uhm, perception? Like, maybe not exactly real, but how it seems? Well part of that is what's called role-play. You know, like make-believe, or acting?" She nodded. All kids knew about roleplay, even if they didn't call it that. I continued. "Well, there's lots and lots of roleplays we play in the bedroom. Like sometimes she dresses up like a maid, and we pretend I'm her rich boss. And sometimes she pretends she's my boss and makes me do things with her to keep my job. There's so many roles.


"But the one that's probably most common in couples is where the girl pretends she's the daughter of the man. It's called daddy-daughter roleplay, and it's very exciting for most couples. Hell, it's so common it's a cliche', and you'll find references to it in songs, TV shows, and so on. You know the old 'Who's your daddy?' line? That comes from daddy-daughter sex play. I'm sure you've seen it around."


Cici was quiet for a while as she digested this. Finally she nodded. "Mommy rilly likes bein' your lil' girl when you sex her, don't she daddy? I makes her scream and orgasm rilly loud!"


"I do too honey. Your mother's really good at playing a little girl, and God knows she's got the body for it!" I was starting to lose my objective perspective on this conversation.


"Uh huh!" Cici agreed. "She looks like she's a high-schooler!" She paused, then in a low voice, she asked, "Daddy? Would you ever wanna sex a lil' girl for reals?"


Well there it was. The question I knew she'd eventually ask, and dreaded hearing. Fortunately, I'd already worked out my evasive tactics. "I already have honey!"


That took her back. Her eyes got wide, but then she saw my grin and knew I was playing her. "'Splain!" she demanded.


"Well honey, I wasn't always a grown man, you know! When I was a little boy I had sex with little girls!" Not exactly true - I hadn't actually gotten laid until I was almost twelve, but Cici didn't need the specifics for my evasion to work. "Back then, my penis was small enough to actually fit inside a little girl. Not like it is now. I mean, can you imagine me trying to fit my man-sized cock into a little girl?" I laughed, hoping it sounded sincere, like I knew it could never happen, and expected her to know it too.


Cici got quiet for a long time and I knew I'd succeeded in quashing her hopes of seducing her father. I felt good, like I'd dodged a bullet. Now that she knew we could never do it, she could turn her sights elsewhere, and I wouldn't have to worry about ending up in prison.


One of us was being naive, but it wasn't her.




The rest of the day was fairly uneventful, and Cici barely teased me. In fact, she spent most of the afternoon in her room, giving me time to work until after dinner when we snuggled up together for some TV. As usual, she was the Queen of the Remote, and picked some goofy kid show to watch. That was fine with me, since I still had my head in a networking project I was working on, and goofy always served as a nice distractor.


About half way through the show, she paused it for a potty break. I nodded, reaching for my phone to check my emails. It wasn't until she was snuggled up against me again that I noticed she'd changed. She was wearing the T-shirt I'd let her sleep in that night around a week ago. I grinned. The manipulative little minx was hoping to sleep in my bed tonight! Or so I thought. Little did I know she had even more devious plans.


As the movie went on again, she cuddled up against me, and my hand naturally dropped to caress her. This was an unconscious act - I'd always caressed her when we cuddled. So it didn't occur to me for quite some time that the curve of her behind under the shirt was unbroken by panty lines. That is, until she moved in such a way as to cause the shirt to ride up, exposing her bare little bottom to my fingertips. Then you can bet I noticed!


But of course, I tried to pretend I didn't notice. I just shifted my hand up higher on her back so I was caressing her over the shirt once more. What I WANTED to do was to rub and squeeze that perfect little bottom, of course!


Cici giggled. "Don't you like my bottom daddy?" she asked sweetly. "Isn't it as pretty as mommy's? I know you like hers - I seen you kissing' n' lickin' her there!"


"Yes honey, you have a very nice bottom," I said, patting it briefly. "But you know daddy shouldn't touch it. Now be a good girl and let's finish the movie."


"Huh! I dun' wanna cuddle wif you no mo'!" she said, feigning offense. I knew she was playing me though, as the next thing she did was to roll over onto the other side of the sofa. This put her in a position with her behind aimed right at me, bare naked and beautiful. She was teasing me, showing off, and I suspected that she was going to do more.


I was right. I watched her out of the corner of my eye, of course, while pretending to watch the movie. Cici stayed in that position for a while, but then shifted, giving me a better view, this time even being able to see a bit of her baby puss-puss in the shadows. It was terribly distracting, and my body reacted as you would expect, by tenting my trousers.


Cici noticed, of course, and grinned. She knew she was having an effect on me, and after a while, rolled over onto her back, still watching the movie, into a position where I got a clear view of her crease. Her legs were closed, but I could totally see up to her belly-button!


My own erection was getting uncomfortable, and I had to adjust myself - an act which Cici watched with interest. It may have been my imagination, but I could swear I detected her scent on the air. Seeing my little girl watch with rapt attention as I adjusted my bulge as its own thrill though. I wondered what she'd do if I just whipped it out. It surged at the thought, and I thought I'd better not do that!


Cici wasn't so shy though. Watching my cock twitch in my pants had emboldened her, or maybe just turned her on. At any rate, she spread her legs apart, giving me a full-on view of her exquisite little pussy. My jaw dropped, and I know I was staring, but I just couldn't help myself. Her eight-year-old pussy was so beautiful that sonnets should be written about it. From the plump outer labia to the tiny little entrance barely visible, she was a marvel.


My little girl was generous. She could tell I loved looking, so she slid her hand down and spread herself open, exposing herself fully. I haven't had an "accident" in decades, but I swear I almost filled my shorts with cum right there and then! My mouth watered, and I really could smell her on the air now. Hell, for that matter, I could see the glisten of her juices. She was getting really turned on exposing herself to her daddy! My cock ached.


"I showed you mine daddy..." the little temptress said, staring meaningfully at my bulge. I knew what she wanted, all right. Hell, I wanted it too! But expose myself to my little girl? It was unthinkable! And yet, I was thinking of it all right.


Then it occurred to me. She'd already seen it! The brat had been watching me and my wife fuck for a week, so exposing myself to her wouldn't be like, seeing her first cock or anything. For that matter, our neighbors across the way had already shown her her first cock. With a somewhat assuaged conscious, I grinned. "You want to see my cock honey?"


"Yuh huh!" she said with such childish enthusiasm it made me laugh. I didn't think I could bend it through my zipper though, it was THAT hard. So I undid my belt and unzipped, and just pulled my pants and shorts down. My cock sprung up like a ... well like a spring, standing tall and proud and incredibly hard. Cici's eyes were like lasers on it - I mean, I could FEEL her eyes on it, and it was incredibly arousing. I didn't dare touch the damned thing for fear it would shoot off immediately.


Cici didn't have any such reservations though. Her little fingers were on her pussy as she stared at my erection, rubbing frantically, her juices puddling onto the sofa between her legs as the sweetest little moans escaped her throat. If I though her rubbing one out where I couldn't see it was hot, this blatant pussy-rubbing, right out in the open, in front of her father, was at least a hundred times as hot.


Apparently it was for her too, for the little harlot was cumming in under a minute, her little body quivering, legs flailing as she came with a hard groan. I was impressed. Apparently she'd been doing some practicing in the last week! I had no idea.


As she lay there panting, recovering from her climax, Cici continued to touch herself, and not just her pussy. Her fingers caressed her erect little nipples through the shirt as well. Her eyes had that dreamy after-cum look to them, a slight smile on her face.


"Wanna see sumthin' neat daddy?" she asked after a few minutes.


"I just did honey!" I said, only half-joking.


She squirmed and giggled, pleased at the compliment in my voice. "Not that, daddy," she chided me playfully. "Somethin' I been workin' on for you. Wan' see?"


"Sure babygirl," I said, afraid of what it might be now, but unable to help myself.


Cici scooched closer to me on her back, until her little butt was less than a foot away from my hip. She put her little feet on me, one on my chest, one on my thigh, opening herself up and giving me a great look at her little pussy. She struggled a bit. Scooching closer had made the shirt ride up, exposing her tummy and chest, and it wadded up under her armpits, making it difficult to reach herself. So she held her hand out for help sitting up. I took her hand in mine, feeling the wetness on her fingers as I lifted her into a sitting position. In a moment she slid the shirt off and laid back, tucking a pillow behind her so she could see me easily. She looked so darling there, naked on the sofa, that if I hadn't been turned on as hell, I would have smiled at the cuteness alone.


Then she reached down to her pussy again, a look of focus on her face. "See what I can do daddy?" she asked as she worked first one, then two fingers into her pussy and began finger-fucking herself right there in front of me.

She looked a little uncertain though, as if maybe she was afraid I wouldn't enjoy the sight. Nothing could be further from the truth though. "That's very sexy honey!" I said, encouraging her.


"Does it turn you on daddy?" she panted in a low, soft voice.


"Very much, honey."


"Den how cos you ain't rubbin' yours too?" she asked.


How could I answer that? That it would be wrong? But that it was okay to watch my little girl finger-fucking herself while I sat next to her with my cock out?


I was still muddling through my thoughts when she upped the ante. "Pleeeeeeease daddy! I wanna see you cums! You gots to see me do it! Play fair!"

Well who could argue with that? "Okay honey, okay. No pouting." I smiled at her, then gasped as I took my cock in hand. Talk about super-sensitive! I felt like I could cum with three strokes, and the drops of pre-cum that poured out the tip almost felt like I WAS cumming! "Oh fuuuck," I moaned.


Cici was ecstatic, and her fingers pumped in and out of her in a flurry. I could feel the spray of her juices hitting my bare hip as my little girl masturbated right there beside me, staring at my cock as if it were a chocolate cake. "Uh! Uh! UHHHHH!" she cried out, and her juices flowed as she came. Her feet on me were shaking and jerking as she came again for me.


I couldn't take any more. My hand moved on my shaft as I watched my little girl cumming, and I could feel my own climax building rapidly. My hand was wet and slick, and the scent of her little pussy was strong in my nostrils.


"Cum for me daddy," Cici said, crying out needfully. "Cum for me pleeeease! I want you to cum daddy! I'm so close to cummin' again! Do it daddy! I wanna see it! I wanna see your cums spraying!"


That was all it took. I cried out my pleasure and felt my balls boiling over. "Oh God! YES baby girl! Daddy's cumming for you now!"


"ON ME DADDY!" she screamed, for all the world like her mother did, and purely out of reflex, I rolled over and fired my cum. I wasn't thinking, I was cumming, and aimed my cum to spray her pussy first, coating her fingers and pussy in a couple of shots before aiming up to spew the remainder across her tummy and chest, some even landing on her cheek. The climax seemed to last forever, and the quantity was remarkable as I covered my little eight-year-old daughter with line after line of hot cum.


Cici squealed happily and thrashed, shoving another finger into her cum-slicked pussy and finger-fucking herself so vigorously it foamed up and sprayed over her thighs. Her other hand was rubbing it all over her body, just like her mother did, rubbing it into her titties and even over her face. Her climax went on and on as well, her juices a magnificent flood against me. Even through the fog of my own waning climax I had to admire the beauty and pure, raw sexuality of this little girl's orgasm. She had most of her hand buried in her pussy - a sight I found remarkable on several levels. I didn't know she could stretch so far. She really must have been working it for the last week! And the way she was going at it, much of my cum was working its way inside her - another taboo broken, and thrilling.


As her climax subsided, she looked at me with glistening eyes. "Thank you daddy, that was awe-some!" Scooping up some of my cum, she licked it from her fingers. "An' this must be awesome sauce!"


I already wanted to cum again.


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