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ANDI - Chapter 3 - "Overcoming"

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Andi 3 - The Dare

Part: Chapter 3

Summary: Andi goes on a fact-finding mission with a competent guide - lol.

Keywords: Mf, Mg, bi, cons exhib, voy, ped, preteen, pt, teen, mast

Date: 07/03/2016

Note: Age is not specified, so read as "f" or "g", according to your tastes.

[ Assumes you've read the story thus far. If not, things might be a little confusing. Or maybe not! ]


Andi rolled over. And back. It must be morning by now! She sat up and looked at the clock. 2AM? Jeez, this night was never going to end!


Kellie and Debbie lay together, spooning. Apparently their earlier play had given Debbie the idea that it was okay to be more physical with Kellie now. Not that the girls hadn't spooned together many times before, but tonight Debbie hadn't even hesitated to wrap herself around Kellie from behind, slipping one hand around to hold her chest. And Kellie didn't seem to mind it.


A part of Andi resented that, though she knew quite well that they'd expected her to spoon too, either in front of Kellie or behind Debbie. She even realized that their own feelings might have been a little wounded when she'd elected to sleep apart from them. But she explained that she wasn't rejecting them, she just felt hot and needed room. So she'd moved over to the far side of the bed as they all settled in for sleep.


But that had been hours ago, and sleep hadn't come. She wasn't wired, she was relaxed. In fact, she felt amazingly relaxed. But where their climaxes had relaxed the other girls into a drowsy state that sent them into slumber quickly, sleep had eluded Andi. And she knew why.


Feel free to wake me up, he'd said. The words rolled around in her head, knocking away even the thought of sleep. If you want to show me more, feel free to wake me up!


She wanted to. Oh how she wanted to. The way he'd looked at her had made her feel so special. So grown-up. So beautiful. He'd even said she was beautiful. Several times!


But she knew it was more than that. He wanted to see her naked. He wanted see her naked and... Well she wasn't sure what else, but she knew it was something really, really naughty! And that naughty feeling was making her na-na itch and twitch whenever her thoughts even approached it.


She fantasized about it. About undressing for him. About letting him see her. Really see her. Maybe even see her as much as Kellie had let Andi and Debbie see her tonight! No, she couldn't just spread herself open like that! Not even in front of her besties - now way not in front of a man! And yet, the idea persisted. Nagging. No, more like begging her to change her mind.


And dang Kellie! She was at least as much of a show-off as Andi herself! She actually let her daddy see her in just panties! And she said she done it plenty of times! And he... he must like looking at his daughter almost naked! Well no surprise, Kellie had more chest development than Andi had - discounting the nipples of course.


Part of her burned with a sort of jealousy. She should just go show Kellie's father everything! That would show Kellie! Trick her like that - how rude! She giggled. That expression was so old! But still... If she showed him everything... She couldn't tell Kellie, but she'd still know she won that contest! Her father would see her pussy before he ever saw his daughter's!


The illogic wasn't lost on her. She knew full-well that he'd changed her as a baby and bathed her as a child. But that was different. They were big girls now. Men aren't supposed to see big girls naked. It made them "horny" and gave them "erections". She wasn't exactly sure what that was, though she had a pretty fair idea. Still, there's a difference between theory and practice. She wondered if he got erection earlier, when he was looking at her body that way. She hoped so, then berated herself for having such a horrible thought, then smiled at herself for berating herself. Of course he probably did! He'd said she was "hot" and "sexy" and "beautiful". Didn't men get erection when they saw girls like that? So if he saw her that way, he probably got erection.


With a sudden surge of heat between her legs, the thought came to her. I wonder if he played with himself because I made him an erection? She knew that boys did it just like girls - well, different than girls, but still. She'd played with herself after their encounter - did he?


The idea ate at her. She had to know! She fought it for as long as she could - about ten minutes which, alone in the dark in the middle of the night, really is an eternity. But finally she realized the futility of her fight. She could just ask. That was it. She'd go and wake him, and ask, and then come back in to bed.


As young and inexperienced as she was, even Andi didn't really believe her own line of bullshit. It was just a flimsy justification to do what she knew she was going to do anyway. If it wasn't for this excuse, she'd just invent some other. So she didn't ponder it any longer. Slow and careful, she slid off the edge of the bed and quietly eased out the door, avoiding the squeaking board and pulling it completely closed.


The odyssey down the thirty feet of hallway took several long centuries, and was peppered with all manner of bogeymen and the like. At least four times she was certain she heard Kellie's door click open, and another dozen times she turned around to go back certain that her waking him up in the middle of the night viewed upon by the grownup as some childish shenanigans. Many times she doubted the look she'd seen in his eyes, certain that her tiny body could never actually appeal to a grown man. It was really only the threat of never knowing that forced her to finally slip into his bedroom.


To her huge relief and horror, the second she clicked the door closed, his soft voice sounded in the darkness. "Thank God, I thought you'd never get here!"


Was he talking to her? Maybe he was having a dream? And yet, as much as the doubts tried to re-assert themselves, somehow she knew, simply knew, that he was not only talking to her - he'd been waiting for her!


"Watch out for the..." The warning came too late, and Andi cried out in pain as - in the unerring aim of toes in dare places everywhere, hers found the edge of the dresser.


"Ow!" she yipped, the sound echoing in the stillness of the night. But before she could even react, the light on the nightstand came on and he was out of bed, beside her, scooping her up and setting her on the edge of the bed, his face full of concern.


"Let me see it Andi," he said in that soft, soothing voice every parent learns to soothe their child when mishaps happened. His hands were huge and warm, taking her foot and guiding it to the light, bending down to examine the injury closely.


It'd only been a bump though, more surprise than pain causing the sharp "Ow", and she felt chagrin at having made any sound at all. After confirming this fact, he grinned at her sheepishly. "I'm sorry honey, I should have left a night-light on or something. My bad. I just had... other things on my mind."


The way he grinned. The way he was looking at her. It left no doubt. She was what had been on his mind. She blushed, giggled, squirmed. She'd never felt so much raw attention on her before. His eyes were huge, beautiful, deep, swallowing her whole and yet comforting, supportive, and most of all, attentive.


Without breaking eye contact, he bent down while lifting the foot, and placed a gentle kiss on the tip of her big toe. She'd never known the tip of her toe was so sensitive! But she could feel the softness of his lips. The warmth of his breath. It felt... it felt like every bit of her was in her big toe, feeling that kiss!


"All better now," he grinned, the familiarity of the ritual breaking her out of the trance. "Uh huh," she nodded, coming back to herself with wonder. What the hell was wrong with her? She felt like she was drifting in and out of a dream. "Thank you Mister Brown," she said politely.


"Good," he said, rising and sitting on the bed beside her. The bed sank under his weight, tilting her toward him, and as she leaned against him, she realized just how big he was. Of course, he'd always been that big. It was just... different now somehow, with him so close, and them so alone, and her so... so not naked, but somehow feeling way more naked with him now than the time she'd had to borrow Debbie's bikini at her pool party. Andi's mother was quite firm about girls her age wearing two-piece suits, but this had been an emergency. Debbie's mom was far more lenient about such things, and even though it wasn't too skimpy, Andi had felt nearly naked among all the strangers.


She felt nakeder now. Way nakeder. And yet, also way more safe. She knew Kellie's father. He'd been part of her life forever. And he'd never hurt her or harm her in any way. He was also an adult. Safe. Patient. Too damned patient! They sat together, sides touching for what felt like forever, and he didn't make a move. Didn't say a word. Just sat, waiting for her to... to what? What was she supposed to do? Did she have to do everything?


As if reading her mind (and maybe he was?) he cleared his throat. "So, uh, Andi? Couldn't sleep?"


"Nuh uh," she said, then promptly ran out of words, though she hadn't actually used any.


He wasn't put off at all. "Something on your mind, eh?" It was a question, but thankfully, he didn't wait for a reply. "I know how you feel. I couldn't sleep either. My mind's been zooming around the inside of my skull at a hundred miles an hour!"


"I know, right?" she exploded, then covered her mouth with one hand. The relief had been so great, and she hadn't even known she'd wanted the affirmation.


He chuckled, affirming the affirmation. "Well thank God I'm not the only one who's all mixed up about this... this thing! I was so sure it was just me, and that you'd just gone to bed, totally forgot about it like it hadn't meant anything to you. You too?"


"Me totally too!" she said, then giggled at her horrid grammar, but he just grinned and wrapped one huge arm around her. It wasn't a come-on; it was a comforting hug. A show of camaraderie. A bonding.


He didn't wait so long this time. "So I guess this means you want to show off for me as much as I want to see you?"


Her heart leapt into her throat and she couldn't speak. But she could nod, and she did. She did want him to see her. She wanted to show off for him. She wanted him to see her as a woman - and he wanted that too, she knew it!


Kids are often better at "taking the bull by the horns" than adults are, and this was one such instance. Andi slid off the bed, turning to face him. He had a look of delight on his face, as if he was about to get the best dessert ever served and she grinned. It was somehow easier now, as if she'd made a decision, had it ratified, and now action was the word. She looked down at the neatly-tied bow on her nightie and reached for it - then stopped, a wicked grin on her face.


She didn't know why, but she knew that it would be awesome to untie it - but that it'd be awesome times awesome if she could get him to untie it. She stepped closer, almost touching his knees as he sat on the edge of the bed, and looked up at him with those huge eyes that always got her an ice cream from her father when they went shopping.


He looked down at the cute face, recognizing both the look and the intent. She wanted him to participate as a means of making this a "team effort". The trouble was that it was a line that could never be un-crossed. Up to now, he could always pretend that he was an inactive participant. An innocent bystander. Not truly guilty of any wrongdoing.


She'd leaped. How could he do less? With slightly trembling fingers, he took one end of the tie string between his thumb and forefinger, and pulled gently down. The bow came away easily and her nightie fell open, exposing more of her chest. It was a tantalizing glimpse. If she leaned forward - or he did - he might get a glimpse of nipple. And her nipples seemed to be growing even as he watched, pressing outward, making twin peaks in the thin fabric of the nightie.


She smiled. He smiled. Then on sudden impulse, he bent down and kissed her on the cheek. "I can't be sure honey, but I think you're even prettier without the makeup than you are with it on. It makes you look older, but hides some of your beauty."


She looked up at him, surprised. He liked her looking younger? Well no, that wasn't what he said. It was more like, he thought she was pretty and just didn't care how old she looked. The thought made her smile again. Somehow it was okay that she was so young. He didn't care! He just thought she was pretty!


The time at the mall hadn't been wasted. She actually did know a thing or two about "showing off". She knew that too much too soon wasn't as effective as deliberate, repeatedly startling reveals were. So she didn't just slip her nightie off and let him look to his heart's content, though part of her wanted to do exactly that. Instead she giggled cutely, then danced back a bit, out of his reach, but giving him a better over-all look.


She slid her hands over the nightie, drawing the thin fabric taut against her, and especially over her nipples, drawing attention to their stiffness. Sometimes she hated how poke-outy they were, but she knew quite well how they drew the eyes of people whenever she was incautious and wore to thin a sweater without a bra to hide them. They were a constant source of disagreement between her and her mother. She thought her father would side with her, except that then he'd never get a moment's peace.


Sliding her hands along her sides, she gripped the fabric. Slowly she drew it upward, raising the hemline of the nightie, pulling his eyes down to her legs. The nightie was thin enough that he had to know she was wearing panties now, but that didn't seem to detract from his fascination of her slow reveal. She only wished she'd worn something more... well, less childish. She had a couple pair that could almost pass for grown-up panties, or at least athletics. But tonight she'd worn a pair that had stupid cartoon animals on them.


So on instinct, she took it the other direction. Just as the panties came into view. She spoke in a voice that simply reeked of "little girl" baby-talk, even lisping a bit. "Mither Bwown, do you like my lil' pannies?" as she sped up the reveal, bringing the hemline up to her belly-button.


For a moment she thought she'd misjudged. Maybe the age thing was more important than she'd thought. His eyes grew wide, and his cheeks flushed - heck, half his body flushed! He coughed, trying to speak, but when he did, she felt a million times better. "Oh sweetie," he said slowly, deliberately, emphasizing every syllable. "I. Have. Never. Seen. Panties. I. Loved. More." He shivered, shook his head, and looked at her with a quizzical grin. "I hope you're happy, you brat. You totally caught me off-guard!"


Andi wasn't quite sure what he meant, only that her idea had been a huge success, and it filled her with a sense of warmth and triumph. She totally made a grownup react! Then she followed his eyes down... down to his lap... and her jaw dropped. His pajamas were tenting. It was like there was some sort of... animal in there or something. Something that was struggling to stand up. It twitched. It bobbed. It rose higher, pressing against the fabric which strove to contain and restrain it.


She knew essentially what a penis was - had even seen drawings and a few poor-quality pictures. One of the boys in school had even gotten busted showing his penis to girl, and she'd seen it before they carted him off. But this was - another beast entirely. If that boy's penis had been a lizard, Mr. Brown apparently had Godzilla between his legs! It just kept... growing!


Andi couldn't seem to look away. And Kellie's father couldn't look away from the look on her face as she stared at his swelling pride, her hands still lifting her nightie to show off her cute little panties. Her nipples were simply huge, her eyes wide, her cheeks flushed, and although the look on her face was one of astonishment, there was something else there as well. Something that might very well be... barely-contained eagerness perhaps? No, surely not. But maybe.


After a while, he spoke up. "Uh, sorry Andi. I hope it didn't shock you."


She looked up at him. Then back down at it. Then back up at him. "Holy cow! Is that...?"


He nodded.


"Jeez..." she said, her eyes falling back to the still-twitching member which had finally achieved near-full stature.


Chuckling, he commented, "Andi dear, you have no idea how complimentary you are being now. But I'll tell you want. If you can act that enraptured every time a man shows you his penis, you can pick any man in the world and totally own him."


That brought her out of it, though she continued glancing down from time to time. She suddenly remembered her hands. "So I guess that means you do like my pannies?" she asked demurely, batting her eyes.


"Oh hells to the yes!" he agreed, making her grin once more. "Especially that little bit!"


"Huh?" she asked, looking down to see what he was talking about. They were just panties, no one little bit was noticeably different from any other little bit.


"Lower down honey. That little bit there, where it's wet. You must be a very horny girl!" he smiled.


Andi felt like she was going to die of embarrassment. She'd not only got wet from showing herself to him, but he'd seen her wetness! He'd probably be all turned off and grossed out now. She dropped the nightie hurriedly to cover up her shame and started to turn away.


"Halt!" he said in a commanding tone. She froze.


"Obviously you've mistaken something Andie, and it's important that we get this clear."


She turned back, looking at him, her face the very picture of shame and misery. Surely he was going to tell her how horrid she was now!


"Sweetie," he said, his voice softening as she slid off the bed onto his knees before her. "No, no, hands down. Let me show you something." She'd been trying to stop him as he reached for the hem of her nightie, but desisted at his command. He lifted the hem once more, bending down to get a close look at her panties, especially the wet part.


With a voice full of triumph, he announced, "I was right. That's not pee. You have nothing to be ashamed of honey. That wetness is a normal, healthy woman's reaction when she's aroused! You should be proud of it honey! While there are a small number of men who don't get it, the vast majority consider a girl getting wet for him to be about the highest compliment you can give him. It means that you're not lying about liking him. Your body can't lie like that. If you're wet, it's because you're horny. And any man who makes such a pretty, sexy girl like you horny - well that's a guy who's gotta be pretty damned pleased with himself!"


She still looked a little doubtful, so he tried another tack. "Look at it this way sweetie. Did you like seeing the way you made me so hard - I mean, how looking at you made my cock grow up so big?" She blushed at the naughty word, but nodded, so he went on. "And you liked that because..."


She was a pretty bright girl, and caught on fairly quickly. She hesitated, but finally squeaked out, "Because I know for sure it means you like me?"


He nodded. "Same-same honey-bunny. I like you. You turn me on. You make me horny. My cock gets hard. And you like that. So why is it different that if I turn you on, and you get wet, why would I not like that?"


She wended her way through the statement, arriving at the end with a smile. With a sigh of relief, she lunged forward and hugged him tight. His arms wrapped around her little body automatically, his hands patting her back in the soothing manner of a parent comforting his child. He'd have been happy to continue that for some time if it wasn't for the fact that his rock-hard member was poking against her.


She moved back, giggling. "It's really hard, isn't it?"


"It is darlin', he affirmed. It truly is. All your fault!" he added, tapping the tip of her nose with one finger, making her giggle again. "Uh, don't freak out, but I need to... reposition it. It kinda hurts when the fabric keeps trying to bend it down like this." His hand disappeared beneath his waistband, and when it withdrew, his cock was pressing upward against his stomach instead of tenting his pants.


She looked disappointed. "Did it go down?" she asked.


"No, no. Not at all honey. See? Here it is." He pulled the fabric back so she could see the mammoth member standing up beneath. He'd had to tug them up to keep the tip from popping out of his waistband. "I just moved it so it's not being bent."


That was good enough for Andi, and when he sat back on the edge of the bed, she smiled. "Wanna see some more?"


"Oh, indeed I do baby!" he said, grinning. He had that hungry look again.


"Don't call me baby!" she said hotly, then burst into laughter as she started to explain that he wasn't calling her "a" baby. "I'm just teasin'," she laughed. She felt so good after her scare. Liberated. It her wetness was... what did he say? A normal reaction of a healthy woman. A woman. Men often called woman "baby" and meant it as a compliment. But she'd been unable to resist the temptation to get a rise out of him.


He rewarded her cleverness with the scowl you give a friend who'd successfully played a trick on you. Nonchalantly he tugged the waistband upward. Every movement made his cock strive to push upward to freedom, and damn if he was going to expose himself to a little girl! Like her, he was self-honest enough to recognize that for the self-deluding bullshit it was, but it helped ease his aching conscious.


Andi smiled, twirled, her hems flying up to expose her panties from every angle. She really was a delightfully sexy little thing, with the butt of an eight-year-old-boy, as his father used to say. She might not have much in the way of "curves" yet, but she definitely had it going on in the legs, face, and most of all, personality departments. She obviously enjoyed teasing and showing off, and that would take her far even if she never really got "curvy".


She stopped twirling and faced him, thinking how to tease him next. "Wanna see my chest?" she finally asked, point-blank.


"Very much!" he enthused.


Andi giggled. "Not yet!" making him frown once more, this time with the additional emphasis of sticking his tongue out. "You're a tease!" he accused, though it was actually a compliment, and one she accepted readily enough


"I know," she said as if suddenly inspired. She slipped her hands under her nightie and slide her panties down and off, twirling them on one finger, apparently thinking that's how a stripper would do it. It was cute, but then she looked around for where to put them. She was about to drop them on the floor, when he interrupted.


"No, no! Here honey!" He held his hands up as if to catch.


Laughing, she flung them at him, then stood watching puzzled as he caught them and pressed them to his nose. "Um... ewww?" she said disapprovingly.


"Oh, God no honey! You smell divine!" At her uncertain look he leaned forward and whispered, "That means you smell really good. Divine is like, stuff from Heaven. Like angels." He inhaled again. "Your pussy smells divine!" He licked the wet spot and clearly expecting a shocked reaction, winked and said, "And you tastes goodly too!"


But she wasn't shocked, which surprised him, not knowing she'd seen one of her friends tasting another of her friend's juices not so many hours before. It still seemed odd, weird even, but not shocking. So he tried again. "I bet your pussy would taste amazing to lick!"


Once again this failed to shock the girl. Debbie had implied earlier that she'd like to do that, and anyway, Andi had heard of that sort of thing before, though she'd never had anyone say it to her in that way. Still, while not shocked, it did make her uncomfortable. The way she'd been dripping into the bowl earlier came to mind. She thought that might be more "juice" than a "normal, healthy woman" might make, and she didn't want to gross out her audience, even though she could feel those juices making her wetter and wetter as their game of "show me" continued.


So instead, she took the offensive. Shrugging, she said, "Might like that!" then turned around before he could answer. Then before he could say anything more, she flipped her nightie up to give him a full-moon view of her ass, looking back over one shoulder and winking lewdly.


He applauded. "Very nice Andi. Your behind is as gorgeous as every other part I've seen! Simply spectacular!" He stopped. "What?"


She was looking at him in that "What the hell way that kids do when they see something unexpected. Specifically, she was looking at his cock - or the outline of it. He glanced down, then back up, grinning.


"Oh! I guess you thought I came. No honey - not yet anyway. That's just precum."


She turned around, stepping closer, looking directly at his cock outline, and more specifically at the dark wet spot where the tip was.


"Ah, so you didn't know that, just like women, men also get wet when we get really horny? Of course, since we're built different, it comes out differently. But it serves the same purpose. It makes it easier to fuck."


Andi looked up, slightly outraged at this man, whom she knew to be a perfect gentleman, using that word in front of her. It wasn't that she hadn't heard it a million times, it was that she didn't hear it said to her by one of her parental figures. He might not be her parent, but he stood in whenever she was at Kellie's.


But how would wet make it easier? He saw the question in her eyes and fell into "teaching" mode, just like when Kellie asked him something. "I guess you're wondering how it helps? Well, you do know that the whole idea of fucking is to fit the man's cock into the woman's pussy and slide it in and out to make both of them feel really good, right?" It wasn't the explanation she was used to, but it seemed legit enough. She nodded. "Well then surely you can appreciate how having that hole coated with something slippery would help a lot. You've tried to put your finger in your pussy when it wasn't wet?" Again the nod, though with red cheeks. She'd never admitted that to a grownup before.


But she was getting the idea. It was like Debbie and Kellie earlier. Kellie had been really wet, and Debbie had managed to fit three fingers inside her! "So my... uh wetness. That makes it slippery inside me, and your..."


"Precum," he supplied.


"Your precum makes your thing-"


"Cock." He corrected.


She hesitated, blushed, went on. "Your precum makes your cock slippery on the outside. So together you can get something that big inside?"


"You got it!" he said proudly.


Andi looked doubtful. "Must be really slippery! I can't imagine something that big inside me!"


Kellie's father laughed. "Of course not honey! Of course not! Women, like men, get bigger when they get older! That includes your pussy honey."


Andi wasn't buying it. "No way my p-", she fought past her reluctance to say the word to an adult, "No way my pussy will ever get that big!" She sounded disappointed.


"Of course not honey," he said. "Don't worry. Women are amazing critters! You know that babies come out of there, right? Well this is a lot smaller than a baby! The truth is that a pussy can stretch and shrink to an amazing degree. Trust me, when you're ready, this will fit just fine. Heck, it's not even all that huge, by adult standards." He shrugged. "Just a little over average size really."


But Andi had no opinion - she was too distracted by what he'd said to comment. When you're ready, this WILL fit just fine he'd said. A shudder ran through her as she realized that she really, really wanted that to happen some day! She wanted Mr. Brown - the father of one of her best friends - to... to fuck her! She felt like she was on fire between her legs, as if her pussy was already trying to get ready for it.


Of its own volition, her hand slid between her legs. As expected, she was soaked down there. She couldn't let Mr. Brown see her like that! But she so much wanted to show him her pussy! And he wanted to see it to - of that she was certain. She just knew that letting him see it would be... amazing somehow.


Suddenly he reached out and grabbed her arm drawing it out from between her legs. "No, no sweetie," he chided gently. If I don't get to play with myself, you don't get to play with yourself either. That would be totally unfair, don't you think?"


"But... I wasn't..." she started to explain, but the look on his face told her he wouldn't understand. He thought she was rubbing herself! And the evidence was on his side! Just as she expected, he took her wrist in his huge paw and brought it up between them.


"Just as I thought. Soaked. Now what exactly were you going to claim you weren't doing?"


As much as he said wetness was good, she knew he'd meant normal amounts. Her hand was drenched, and it was natural to assume she'd had her fingers inside. But she hadn't. She'd barely even cupped it to check! But how could she even begin to explain that with her hand so obviously soaked?


Worst of all was that that one little cupping had only served to make her tingle and itch down there a hundred times worse. She tried squeezing her legs together, but even that only seemed to enflame her further. It was like she was so swollen down there that squeezing was like rubbing!


Then he did something completely unexpected. Taking her hand, he brought it up to his mouth, and licked. Making a sound like a purring bear, he opened wide and sucked all four fingers into his mouth!


It felt weird! Warm and wet and his tongue was everywhere licking as he sucked, drawing her hand even deeper, as if he was intent on eating her arm. Except that he wasn't chewing, of course. She could feel his teeth, but they weren't being used. Finally, he let her loose, and she wiped her wet hand on her nightie.


"Sorry sugar-butt. But I gotta tell you, your pussy tastes absolutely wonderful."


"Uhhh... thanks?" she said uncertainly. She knew he meant it as a compliment, only it still seemed weird, licking her hand like that. Never mind that Debbie had done exactly that to herself. Wait a minute, Debbie had done exactly that! And then Kellie had done it with one finger...


She was pondering this when he interrupted. "You've never... You've never tasted your juices before, have you little one?"


What a stupid question! What kind of girl tastes herself like that? She almost got mad before she remembered that Kellie had done that very thing. "Uh, no," she said lamely. "I didn't know... uh... didn't know people did that."


He nodded sagely. "Well now you know hon. Not just girls. Men do to. Practically everyone does at some point, and many continue to do so throughout their life, if they like the taste."


"No way!" she accused. "Now I know you're lying! A boy tasting his... sperms? That would be completely gay!"


He frowned. "Well first of all, I have some gay friends, so please don't say gay like it's a bad thing. Second, gay means you like partners of the same sex, not that you like yourself. If it were otherwise, then everyone who masturbated would be gay. And third, I'm not gay, and I have no problem with tasting my own juices. So neener neener!"


"Sorry," she said, meaning it. She hadn't meant it disparagingly. It was just part of the lingo at school that she'd picked up without thinking. She could see how it was wrong though, and promised herself to stop using it that way. But more importantly, Kelly's father tasted his own juices? No way!


"No way I'm gonna believe you taste your own juice though!"


"Tell ya what kiddo. I'll prove it right here and now. And then, if you want to do likewise, I encourage - but don't insist - that you do likewise. Fair enough?"


Andi nodded uncertainly.


"Good girl. Now watch." He reached down, and she thought for a moment that she was finally going to get to see it, but was disappointed when he loved a finger behind the waistband and brought it back out wet. It didn't look how she'd heard. It wasn't white for starters - more like water. But then he popped the finger into his mouth. "See? I'm not dead, I'm not gay, and even though I don't find my own juices as delicious as yours, they're not bad."


He waited patiently, watching her. When she didn't move for a moment, he figured she wasn't going to follow his example. "Okay sweet stuff. No pressure. Did you want to show me anything else?"


Did she ever! She wanted to take her nightie off, but there was no way he could miss how wet she was if she did that! So she just looked at the floor, miserable in her uncertainty.


"Andi honey," he said gently, lifting her chin with one finger. "Do you trust me sweetheart?"


Her heart surged. Of course she trusted him! How could he even ask? But parents only asked that when they wanted you to agree to something you didn't want to do, so she was suspicious. "I... I guess so." she admitted.


"Okay then honey. I'm going to do something to help you, and I want you to just try to relax and enjoy it, okay?"


She nodded uncertainly. She knew she was totally messing this up, and wanted desperately to make it right again, but had no idea how. Maybe he actually *could" help - somehow.


Getting up, he went into the bathroom for a moment, then returned with a towel in hand. Kneeling down I front of her, he brought her into his embrace. It felt wonderful. Warm. She trusted him. Of course she did. He was the nicest man in the whole world!


And then she felt the towel. He'd placed it over his forearm, and brought his towel-covered forearm up between her legs, between her thighs, right up against her pussy! She gasped in shock, then in pleasure. Then in profound relief. He did understand! He understood that she was terribly, terribly horny, and also terrified of all the juices! The towel over his arm solved both problems - she realized immediately that it solved the wetness problem, and a moment later, when she felt his big, strong arm pushing upward, pressing against her over-excited pussy, she realized it solved the second issue when her hips began to buck involuntarily.


Her hands wrapped around his neck, and she hung on. Her body was... doing things! She was grinding on the towel-covered arm, humping it! Her juices made it warm and slippery against her pussy, and his forearm was the exact right size. It was like when she was a little girl and her uncle would give her "pony rides" on his knee - only about a zillion times better!


The stars zoomed out of the skies and into her brain. Her body caught fire, her skin sizzled. Everywhere she was in contact with Mr. Brown was pure bliss. Her knees gave out and he held her up, one arm around her, the other lifting her by the pressure applied between her legs. The universe exploded, shrank back, exploded again, then did it again and again in sudden repeated blasts of light and pleasure.


She never really lost consciousness completely, but she did lose herself, several times. And each time, when she came back, she was in Mr. Brown's embrace - and then she'd move, her pussy would grind on the wet, slick towel, and she'd be off for another circuit around the cosmos.


At some point, sheer exhaustion overcame youthful energy and she found herself easing down off the highest cloud she'd ever known, into the loving, gentle arms that held her. Gradually she came to her senses and found that she was still in Mr. Brown's bedroom. He was still holding her, though he was no longer applying pleasure to her nethers. Thank God! She was super-hypersensitive there. She started to worry about the wetness again, but was simply too exhausted. Fuck it. He knew anyway. There was no way he couldn't at this point! And the, the dam burst inside her and she found herself weeping, in huge gasping sobs, into his shoulder.


"There, there," he said, petting her gently. "It's okay little pumpkin. I know, it was intense, but that's just because you put it off so long." She tried to talk, to explain, but all the came out was some blurry croaks. Still, he seemed to understand.


"I meant it honeybun," he said soothingly. I know it's new and crazy sounding, but some men, like me, really do love them juices. In fact, the best gift you could ever give me would be to do exactly what you did on this towel, only on my mouth instead!"


"But that's so..." she sobbed, "so... gross!" Her head buried in his shoulder again as fresh sobs tore through her.


"Ah, ma petite," he cooed, "you do not know how wrong you are. But if you give me a little more time, we'll correct this misconception of yours. And I dare say, if experience is any teacher, we may find that your own aversion is, as is often the case, the mirror of your own love of similar experience."


"Huh?" she said, backing up enough to look at him while wiping the tears from her eyes with the heel of one hand. "What's that mean?"


He kissed her nose. "It means darling, that as much as your juices bother you now, that is how much you will one day love them - and the juices of others."


"Yuck!" she said, certain he was wrong. Grownups always thought they knew stuff they didn't.


And yet, the vision of Kellie licking her finger, of Debbie sucking her fingers, and most of all, the way this very man licked and sucked the juices from her fingers - it gave her pause. What if she was wrong? What if all this... this wetness was actually a good thing?


She remembered the way Mr. Brown had tasted himself. She sighed. Reluctantly, she slipped one hand down. Even with the towel, she was still wet enough. She brought her finger up, took a breath for bravery, and slid it cautiously into her mouth.


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