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ANDI - Chapter 1 - "The Dare"

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Andi 1 - The Dare

Part: Chapter 1

Summary: During a sleep-over, the girls are playing a little Truth-or-Dare, and Andi gets a little more of a dare than she expected!

Keywords: fff, Mf, ggg, Mg, bi, lez, cons, exhib, voy, ped, preteen, pt, teen, slow

Date: 07/01/2016

Note: Age is not specified, so read as "f" or "g", according to your tastes.

[ Not really any sex (per se) in this one, more of a prequel I think. Still, I think it's pretty erotic anyway. But then, I would! :-) ]


"Go get me three cookies," Kellie said with a smug look on her face.


Andi frowned. It was too easy. But it was her turn and she'd picked "Dare". Maybe the cookies were off limits or something and there was some risk of her father catching her. He was in the living room watching a movie while his daughter Kellie had her sleep-over, so it was possible he'd catch her pilfering cookies - the kitchen connected to the living room. She'd just have to be very quiet.


Still, there had to be a catch. The game between the three girls had devolved from "Truth or Dare" into something more like "Dare or Dare". The three of them had been friends so long, there wasn't really any "truths" they didn't already know about each other, so dares were the only danger.


She slid off the bed and reached for her robe.


"Nuh uh," Kellie said, grinning as if she'd caught Andi in a trap, which she had. "No robe. Just like you are now!"


Debbie's eyes widened. All three girls were in their nighties, such as they were, with nothing beneath. The dares had gotten more and more risque' as the game progressed, and each had had to shed undergarments and show the other girls their private parts already. They'd even kissed and touched a little bit. But it was one thing to do that among your besties - it was quite another to take it out into the "real world", even if the "real world" was only down a hallway!


But Kellie was nothing if not competitive - they all were actually. It was part of why they were such good friends. And really, sneaking down into the kitchen in just her nightie wasn't as dangerous as some of the other dares they'd challenged each other with. She still had a scar on her leg from the bike jump dare that Debbie had charged her to a few years ago.


"Fine. Whatever." Andi began to tie her nightie closed where she'd undone the laces to expose her budding breasts to her friends on earlier dares.


"Uh uh!" Kellie said, wagging her finger. "I said just like you are now!"


Debbie giggled and Andi's cheeks burned. If Kellie's dad caught her, there was every possibility he'd even catch a glimpse of her nipple with the top open and flapping around!


Kellie had that "I win" look on her smug face, and Andi couldn't tolerate that. "Fine!" she said. "Three cookies!" She turned and marched out the door before she could change her mind, her only satisfaction the sound of Debbie's gasp of surprise.


The hallway was dark, lit at the end by the light from the TV where she could hear Kellie's dad watching some show with a lot of gunfire and some bad words. Over the years he and they had developed a tacit agreement - he'd let them do as they liked in Kellie's room, and they'd leave him to his movies or video games and not mention the swearing to any of the other parents. With any luck, the sound would cover any slight noises she made, and he'd be facing the TV, away from the kitchen anyway.


It was exciting really, this sneaking through the house half-dressed. As exciting as the outfits the girls dared each other to wear when they went to the mall. Heck, some of them exposed her at least as much as her nightie did! The difference though, was that she felt naked under the thin fabric without any panties or a bra on! Not that the girls needed bras really - they wore them more for fashion than anything, but she wished she had hers on now for the cover. The light fabric rubbed lightly against her nipples, and that was very distracting. The way they dang things were sticking out was almost obscene!


As she neared the edge of the entry to the living room, she peeked cautiously around. Yes, there he was on the sofa, engrossed in what looked like some sort of zombie movie. Andi watched for a moment or two out of curiosity, then turned to the swinging door to the kitchen. She'd only be in view for a few steps, and he was looking away, so there was really very little chance of discovery. She took a couple of deep breaths, then dashed across the five yards or so, pushing through the door quickly, ducking behind it and breathing rapidly as she felt it smack against her rump from the springs. Made it!


The kitchen was dim, but she knew it like the back of her hand, and got to the cookie jar, extracted three cookies - and a fourth for herself that she stuffed in her mouth - then made her way back to the door. Cracking it open, she saw Kellie's dad was still engrossed in the movie. That was reasonable, as there was some topless bimbo running from a zombie. Typical man!


She watched with more interest though. Unlike most movie bimbos, this one was petite, her breasts small and firm, and jiggling like crazy as she ran. If her mother was any indication, Andi would grow up to have smallish ones like that, and it was nice to see that they could still be sexy. Like her own, the woman's nipples were large and full, and seemed determined to push out and make themselves knows. She reached up, feeling hers - still hard and poking out - tracing the contour as she watched the woman, comparing the sight of the woman's breasts to her own by touch.


Kellie's father seemed to like them very much, as his eyes were glued to the screen - more evidence that not all men liked the big ones like Kellie would have - was already starting to get in fact. Andi would never admit it of course, but she was envious of Kellie's developing mounds, wishing hers were like that. They felt so smooth and soft when they played touchy-games, though her nipples weren't as protruding. They were more like puffy round pillows, but they still felt nice when Andi touched - or kissed them - on a dare or when she lost a bet. The three of them seemed to be betting and daring more and more along those lines these days, and though they weren't gay (though there was some question about Debbie), they all seemed to enjoy the playful explorations.


Andi shook her head. Enough of that sort of thinking! She was starting to get that feeling between her legs, and this was not the time or place for it! She'd only started exploring with masturbation, but already knew she could easily forget herself if she started that sort of thing right now! She'd almost got busted by her own daddy just a couple of nights ago when she'd been touching herself in bed and daddy had come in to see if she was alright because she'd been whimpering. She'd die of embarrassment if that happened with Kellie's dad!


And yet, when that thought came, her the desire to touch herself exploded inside her! What the heck is the matter with me? she thought shakily, taking a deep breath to steady herself. She could feel the heat between her legs - and the moisture. Ewww! She had to get back to the bedroom with the cookies - then to the bathroom to get herself together!


The woman on the screen had nearly been caught by one zombie, who'd torn even more of the clothing away, and Kellie's dad was absorbed in the show, so Andi pushed the door open and slipped out, turning to close it quietly. All of the sudden the door squeaked, which normally wouldn't have been a problem, but it sounded thunderously loud in the sudden quiet. Kellie's father had paused the show!


Glancing over her shoulder, Andi saw why. The woman was nearly naked, and he'd wanted a better look. He hadn't even heard the squeak! She breathed a sigh of relief (quietly) and turned toward the hallway, eager to make a quick get-away.


"Don't tell on me Andi, please?" he suddenly asked. She froze. What the heck was he talking about? She was the one pilfering cookies! Then she realized what he meant. He shouldn't be watching movies with topless girls in them while they were having a sleep-over.


She looked over and found he'd turned to face her. Their eyes locked and a shiver ran through her. She'd never really noticed how... how manly he was before. There was something about him now... in his eyes. In the way he was looking at her. It was sort of scary, and sort of exciting, and sort of... something more. Like the way Eddie Summers looked at her sometimes, only about a zillion times more so.


Her mouth was dry, her heart hammering in her ribcage. She had to swallow a couple of times before she could speak. "I... I won't," she said, eager to terminate the contact and get the heck out of there. And yet she wasn't sure she could even move, much less walk. His eyes!


"Good, then I won't have to tell on you for pilfering extra cookies!" he said with a wink and a grin, and suddenly it was all right. They were suddenly co-conspirators. Friends. Comrades at arms. They had a shared secret that bonded them, and she found she could breathe once more.


But before she could make her escape, he continued. "You girls - uh, gals been playing makeover?" he asked, his voice oddly gentle, almost cooing. "Looks like they did your hair and makeup really nice. You look... beautiful. Older. A very nice job."


She blushed deeply. The compliment was so... so sincere! She knew he really meant it - he thought she was beautiful! "I... uh yeah. You know, practicing..." She felt like a complete idiot, like she couldn't even put together a sentence. What the heck was wrong with her? This was just Kellie's dad - he'd said nice things about her a zillion times before. And why would it matter what he thought anyway?


He nodded. "Well the practicing is really paying off. You could go clubbing like that and be the toast of the place!" She wasn't sure what that meant, but knew it was a compliment. She felt like it meant everyone else would think she was pretty too, and his next words re-affirmed that. "Yup. Every guy in the place would want to take you home." He chuckled. "You'd have more boyfriends than you'd know what to do with!" He winked again, conspiratorially, like he was hinting at something. Suddenly she got it. He meant they'd all want to do things with her! Naughty stuff! Grownup stuff! She could feel the heat from her cheeks.


"Uh..." she croaked, her dry throat betraying her. She felt like she was going to die! It was so embarrassing - childish - to not be able to even talk!


"Relax honey," he said, somehow understanding despite everything. "Breathe. I didn't mean to upset you sweetie."


"I'm not upset!" she shot back, loud and angry, and completely out of habit. She hated when grownups said that sort of thing! "I'm just... uh..."


She foundered once again, but he came to her rescue. Nodding wisely, he said, "You're just worried about being busted stealing cookies. I get it." He smiled quirkily, and she knew he was giving her an "out" so she took it.


"Yeah, that's it. You're not mad?" She was back on familiar territory now. He'd always let the girls get away with extra sweets when he could, despite her own parent's repeated admonitions.


"Nah," he said jovially. "In fact, I've been indulging myself." He indicated a plate on the table beside the sofa with several cookies on it. "But something tells me there's more to this than pilfered cookies..." He held up one hand as she reflexively started to make something up. "No no, let me guess." He looked at her, and she felt like she was being scrutinized despite the couple yards' distance and the dimness of the room.


"I'm going to go with... my darling little bratface put you up to this somehow - am I right?"


Andi giggled and he grinned as she nodded. "Lost a bet, eh?"


"Truth or dare," she said, the words coming out before she'd had a chance to stop them. Once they were out though, she wanted them back. He shouldn't know what they'd been doing! It was private! Not that he'd know just what they were doing anyway. How could he?


"Ah," he nodded wisely. "I should have known. The untied nightie. And is that...? Yup, no panties. Total give-away!"


Andi almost passed right out from embarrassment. She'd been so distracted by other things, she'd completely forgotten that she was standing here talking to her friend's father with very little between his eyes and her bare skin! Reflexively she fumbles with the top, pulling it closed, though it was the lack of panties that really made her feel... well naked didn't even really come close!


His laughter drew her attention, and she started to get mad but then realized it wasn't bad laughter. He wasn't laughing at her discomfiture. Somehow he was laughing with her - at the situation! She was still embarrassed as heck, but the laughter was infectious and soothing, and she couldn't help but giggle too.


"Oh sweetie, you should have seen your face," he chuckled. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you, but man can you turn red! I thought your head was going to set afire!" She was starting to feel embarrassed again when he added in a lower voice that wasn't really directed at her. "I worry about that girl sometimes Andi. Really I do. She shouldn't have given you a dare like that." He sighed the sigh of a father at wit's end. "I guess she figures that if she can run around in front of me half-naked, her friends ought to be able to as well."


"What?" Andi asked, not sure she'd heard right. Kellie ran around the house like this? If she tried it, Andi knew, her mother would have a total fit! But then, Kellie's mother wasn't in the picture, so the home-dynamics were different. Would her father object if her mother wasn't around? She didn't know.


"Oh, sorry. I guess I shouldn't have said anything. Don't tell her I told you, okay?" he asked in a pleading voice.


"Uhm... kay?" she agreed, puzzled why he'd care if she called Kellie on it. If she was doing it, why should her father care if Andi said she was?


"Thanks hon," he said. Then winking, he confided, "Truth is, I kinda like it. She's a pretty girl, y'know. Not as hot as you, but cute. And I don't want her to think I'm perving on her so she doesn't feel comfy in her own home, y'know?"


She hadn't thought about it, but guessed it made sense. Kellie was usually the one to push the others to dress more daring, and if she wanted to wander around at home half-dressed, that was her business. Suddenly Andi wished she could wander around at home half-dressed too. The idea felt... deliciously naughty!


"Okay, I won't tell her," she promised.


"Thank you honey," he said. "And in return, I won't tell your parents you're running around my house half-naked either!" The way he said it, it didn't embarrass her this time. It felt... dangerous, and scary, but also - liberating. She smiled. "In fact," he added, smiling back, "I'll even encourage you to run around here in as little as you like."


That look was back in his eyes, and this time she knew what it was. He was seeing her, not as a kid, but as a woman. She suddenly realized - he'd called her hot! And now he was looking right at her chest. Right at her nipples, where they poked so largely though the thin fabric as she kept the top clenched closed in one hand, the other holding the cookies.


It was weird, but right now, she didn't mind it. In fact, she liked the way he was looking at her. Like the high school boys looked at her and Kellie and Debbie when they dressed up sexy and went to the mall. Like he wanted to do things with her. But how could he? He thought she was just some dumb kid - a friend of his daughter's.


Something tickled her memory. Something he'd said earlier. He'd corrected himself. He'd started to say "You girls been playing dress-up?" and had changed it to "You gals been playing dress-up?" It hadn't registered at the time, but... did it mean he didn't think of her as a little girl anymore? The idea that he might not make her feel... proud?


Not quite believing she was doing it, she let the hand clenching her top closed relax. The fabric parted, exposing more of her chest as her hand dropped to her side. She almost grabbed it, but his smile was kind, gentle, and most importantly, appreciative.


"Very nice honey, that really does look sexy on you like that," he said softly. "I hope you don't mind me saying so?"


"I... I don't mind," she finally got out.


"Do you like me looking at you sweetie?" he asked. "Because you're really pretty. You could totally be a model if you wanted."


That was too much, and she giggled, feeling the compliment sink in. As if someone else was controlling her, she found herself turning around, letting him see her from every angle. His low, soft whistle sent shivers down her spine and her nipples ached with stiffness.


When she was facing him again, he smiled. "You like being looked at, don't you honey? No no, don't deny it. I can tell. And it's totally okay, cos I really like looking at you. Very much." The way he said those last two words made her tingle, and she realized with sudden horror that that feeling between her legs was stronger than ever. As she realized, the feeling grew even stronger, and she felt a drop trickle down her thigh. She squeezed her legs together in a desperate effort to stop it, her face red once again.


"No honey, don't worry about it," he said, somehow knowing. She didn't know how he knew, but she knew he knew - and with shock, she realized he was totally okay with it. Like it was... normal or something.


"Seriously honey. You're not the only girl who gets horny by showing herself to men - or women. Heck, why do you think selfies are so popular?" He chuckled. "I doubt you know how many naked selfies there are out there but trust me, you're not alone."


A shiver like electricity when down her spine when he said "naked", and she knew then that being seen naked was something she was going to have to try out. She'd always liked it when they played Truth or Dare and showed each other their parts - this was like a zillion times better! She knew it even though she'd never done it. And... and Kellie's dad seemed okay with her showing him! She should...


"Honey," he said softly, almost sadly. "Three things." The way he spoke suddenly made it clear their little meeting was coming to a close. It was that "Show's over, time to go home" voice adults used after a great movie. She knew there was no arguing though, so she didn't interrupt, though she craved for more of his attention.


He nodded. "First, you've been out her way too long. The others are going to wonder what happened."


Her eyes got wide as she realized that was right! She had to get back! She started to turn away, but he went on.


"Second, this has got to stay our secret if you want to do it again, okay?"


She didn't say "Well duh!" though she certainly thought it! She nodded.


"Third," he said, and now he seemed hesitant. Embarrassed. Him? She waited. He coughed, cleared his throat, and went on. "Third, if you want to - and only if you want to... I, uh... I mean, you know where... uh..." It was so cute seeing him so unsure of himself! She wanted to pat him on the back and reassure him, but he finally just took a breath and got it out. "Well, if you can't sleep later, and want to... uh, show me more? Feel free to wake me up!" He grinned sheepishly.


The thought made her whole body tingle and she had to squeeze her legs together hard, she felt so messy down there! She'd gotten wet when rubbing before, but never this wet, and never ever without rubbing! She wanted to rip her clothes off right now and show him everything!


But she couldn't. There was no time. Somehow, she knew it would take lots more time. So she took a couple deep breaths, then looked him straight in the eye. "I totally will wake you up," she said seriously, then turned toward the hallway while she still could.


She walked away, feeling his eyes devouring her, and putting a little extra wiggle in her walk for him. It was like she was on stage in front of a hundred men, all wanting her. It made her feel so good! And she wanted to pay him back for that good feeling.


As she reached the hallway, before slipping into the shadows, she turned around, seeing his eyes on her like she knew they would be. With a theatric flair, she tugged down one side of her nightie, giving him a full view her just-developing breast, with the swollen, rock hard nipple thrusting out as if reaching for him. She covered again and looked up to see him silently applauding, and knew she'd done exactly the right thing!


Running back down the hall, she burst into the room, interrupting Kellie and Debbie kissing, Debbie's hand cupping and fondling Kellie's breast under her nightie. It wasn't the first time - they'd all done that with each other. But Andi was on a mission now. She tossed the cookies on the bed near Kellie and made a beeline for the restroom, locking the door hurriedly. If she didn't touch herself right now, she was going to explode!


As it turned out, she exploded anyway!


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