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THE GIFT - Part 1

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: The Gift

Part: Part 1

Summary: The early delivery of a special toy brings a father's dearest fantasies to reality.

Keywords: Mg, Ped, Inc (F/d), Toy, Oral, 1st

Date: 12/11/2017

[Originally posted on APS.]

"Daaaddyyy!" The scream from upstairs was followed by the slam of a door, then rapid footfalls before the blonde maelstrom manifested at the top of the stairs. Defying the laws of physics, the little girl hurled herself down the steps, reaching bottom apparently without her feet making actual contact with any of them. All the way she kept yelling "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" over and over in the pure, undiluted excitement that only a preteen child can generate.


Danny had seen her this excited before, so he dropped his briefcase and braced himself for the launch that hurled her into the air, seemingly twenty yards before reaching him. Deftly he plucked her from her trajectory, swinging her around and round. It stopped the yelling "daddy", but that was only because it degenerated into high-pitched little-girl squeals that should have (but didn't - quite) shatter windows.


He wasn't sure why she was so excited, but he didn't let that stop him from enjoying it. Dolly was his pride-and-joy, his pleasure. The apple of his eye. And anything that made her this happy was okay in his book. After swinging her around a bit more, with some tosses into the air for good measure, he finally set her on her feet. Immediately she wrapped her arms around his legs and hugged like she was trying to pinch him in two at the thighs. "Oh daddy," she babbled. "She's just so beautiful! So perfect! I love her so much! Thank you thank you thank you!"


Now uncertainty entered Danny's world. Just what the hell was she going on about? He had thought she'd found out about the camp he'd managed to get her into next month. It'd taken some political string-pulling and a hell of a lot of money, but the week-long camp was supposed to be the best in this part of the country - and nothing was too good for his little Dolly. And it would be a chance to finally get some private time away from his darling child - time to do some of the things he'd been putting off for far too long. Time to get some of his needs tended to.


But "she"? Who the hell was "she"? And why was Dolly so excited about "she?" More importantly, why did Dolly think he had anything to do with "she"?


If there was one thing Danny had learned in the past several years, raising his daughter alone (except for the house staff), it was that little girls - like inexperienced political opponents - will eventually tell you everything you need to know, if you just keep your mouth shut long enough. So he doffed his jacket, handing it to Beatrice along with his briefcase to put in the library, then scooped up his little angel and carried her into the living room, listening to her rambling.


"She's so pretty daddy!" Dolly rambled on. "And just perfect! Her hair is just like mine! Not too yellow, not too pale, and really really fine and shiny and just the perfect waves and curl at the end! And her eyes are blue like mine too cept I thought mine were darker but when I looked in the mirror side by side they're the right color so I guess I was wrong huh?"


Danny settled down on the sofa, with Dolly automatically adjusting to stay in his lap. He was starting to get an uneasy suspicion what was going on, and if he was right, this was bad. Very bad. But being the consummate politico he was, his smile stayed genuine, focusing on her happiness rather than the looming disaster.


"And the outfits daddy! So many outfits! And so pretty and lacy and since she's the same size as me we can borrow each other's clothes!" She paused here, a slight frown finding her perfect pink lips. "Probly not all of them though," she said thoughtfully. "Some of um are kinna..." she shrugged. "I dunno... tiny?" Then quick as a wink she was back on the high. "And shoes daddy! And they're real shoes too! And high heels! And boots! And stockings and stuff like that! Thank you thank you thank you daddy! You're just the best!"


Well, that pretty much settled it. As Dolly was kissing all over his face, he glanced over at Beatrice, giving her a scathing look, but the pretty woman just shrugged as if to say, "What the hell was I supposed to do?"


That was true enough, he supposed. The fucking shipping company was to blame. The crate was supposed to be delivered next month, when Dolly was away at camp. And it was supposed to be delivered when he was home to receive it. No doubt Dolly had seen it delivered and had dug right in. Heck, Beatrice might have even forbade her from opening it. But Dolly was at least as headstrong as her father, and her curiosity knew no bounds - which was part of the problem. Being told she couldn't open the large package would only force her to try - and obviously to succeed.


Still, it wasn't as bad as it might have been. Obviously Dolly thought that it was a gift for her. He could understand that. The life-sized "Really-Real Dolly-Doll" that he'd spent a fortune to have made to look exactly like his Dolly would be a wonderful gift for a nine-year-old girl. One that had cost him several thousand dollars and endless string-pulling with the Customs people.


It wasn't easy (or cheap) to get a child-size (and child-body) sex doll delivered from overseas in secret. And it had to be secret. If any of his political opponents ever caught wind, he'd be ruined. Branded a pedophile even though in reality it was just a manufactured toy. Still, the voters would never understand. They'd think he was fucking his daughter, when in fact, the exact opposite was true. He'd got the thing so he wouldn't succumb to his increasing interest in his growing girl!


The truth was, Dolly was a little fox. More than that, she was a prepubescent sex-bomb, just waiting to go off. Worse than that, she knew it, and got a great deal of pleasure from the looks she got from boys (and men) whenever they were off-camera. Like any little girl, she fed on attention, and like any pretty girl, that attention was primarily from men of a certain age. Of course she was only nine, so she had no clue what the men who ogled her really wanted to do with her - which was why she was such an effective tease.


Like any man in his late forties, Danny was as susceptible to the lure of a sexy little cutie as anyone. Even now, with no reason to think sexual thoughts at all, the little girl sitting in his lap was causing his manhood to swell, and he couldn't help but notice the tiny buds in her shirt, the firmness of her bottom, or the fullness of her lips. Thoughts of doing things with her had been impinging on his mind more and more of late, and in self-defense he'd been trying to keep her at a distance.


But since they'd always been so close, that had caused other problems. She'd noticed the way he'd stopped cuddling with her as much, or hugging her as long, or picking her up and carrying her around with his hand cupping her ass for support. And the night she'd come to his bed with nightmares and he'd tried so hard to turn her away was the turning point. Of course no daddy can turn away his little girl when she's scared, and the more he'd tried, the more she'd needed him. So that in the end, he did let her sleep with him, and he'd stayed up all night trying to ignore the painfully hard erection while keeping her from discovering it.


That was when he'd sought help. Of course he didn't just go to his shrink and say, "Doc, you gotta help me! I wanna fuck my little girl!" But his doctor was one of the best in the world (and one of the most expensive, and one of the most discreet). So it didn't take him long to figure out the problem.


To Danny's surprise, the doctor explained that his fixation was all-too-common, and nothing to be ashamed of. Certainly it was something that needed attending to, but he had presented Danny with a plan to deal with it healthily. Stifling it, he claimed, would only turn out bad. People who stuff their desires all too often only find them popping up in the worst possible ways in the worst possible times - and he cited several prominent politicians who'd been "hoisted on their own petard" in that regard.


The trick, he said, was to let his desires achieve some satisfaction. "Blowing off some steam", so to speak. Then he told him about the company overseas that made the "Really-Real Dolly-Doll". Of course Danny had heard of them - he'd even seen some porn of guys fucking such dolls. What he hadn't known was that for a price, they would make child versions of such dolls - and make them to whatever specifications the client wanted. For a price.


Once he'd got them all the sizes, measurements, and photographs, along with hair samples and fees, they'd set to work and made him a practical clone of his daughter. No doubt they were quite proud of the fact that they'd finished the commission early. They probably thought he'd be pleased about getting it early - but how were they to know it would be intercepted by the actual girl it'd been modeled after?


Danny was never one to cry over spilled milk though. The "Dolly" doll was obviously going to be his daughter's favorite toy - he may as well just get used to it. On the plus side though, he'd be able to see the actual thing and make a determination as to whether or not it would be worth the money to have another made.


"So you really like her, huh?" he asked Dolly.


"Oh yeah, she's gorgeous!" Dolly enthused. "Thank you daddy! You know how much I wanted a sister, and I know I can't have one unless you get married. But this is the next best thing! In some ways it's even better - it's like having a twin sister!" she giggled.


Danny ruffled her hair playfully. "Yeah, but one that doesn't chatter non-stop like a little monkey!" he teased - which earned him a firm pinch.


"Be nice daddy," Dolly admonished him. "Or I won't let you meet her!"


Danny knew that was his cue to ask - she wanted to introduce her new "sister", and would be disappointed if he didn't play along. "I'm sorry honey," he said contritely. "Can I please meet... uh... Does she have a name?"


Dolly giggled. "That was a problem," she said seriously despite the giggle. "Dolly would be the perfect name for her, but it's already my name! But she's my sister so we gotta have similar names, so her name's Lolly - cos she's so sweet!"


Danny choked a bit on that. Lolly - pretty damned close to "Loli", he thought. He'd always been a big fan of Lolicon. He knew Dolly hadn't done that on purpose, but damn if it didn't make him a little horny just thinking that he had a "real life" lolicon sex toy in the house! Well, she did, but still!


"Okay honey," he said, trying to keep his thoughts pure and his erection from swelling any further. "Can I meet your new sister Lolly?"


"Yuh huh!" Dolly said happily, bouncing off his lap and tugging on his hand eagerly. "She's up in my room! I was going through her clothes an' stuff when you got home! C'mon!"


As she practically dragged him upstairs, Danny tried to recall what had been included in the "Super Deluxe All-Included Premium" package he'd purchased. He knew there had been a lot of clothes - most of which were designed for various roleplay outfits. There was obviously the "school girl" outfits, and several types of lingerie. Beyond that he hadn't paid much attention, thinking it didn't matter much. As he entered his daughter's room, he realized how very wrong he'd been.


Being a "good girl," Dolly hadn't thought about posing the doll in any particular fashion, and as a result, when Danny walked into her room, he was greeted by the apparent sight of his own little girl, wearing only the tiniest of thong panties and a nearly-transparent fur-trimmed white babydoll. Worse, she was sitting on the bed, leaning back slightly, legs spread, knees lifted, arms out in obvious invitation for fucking! Worst of all, she looked exactly like his daughter - or exactly like his daughter looked only in his most lurid wet dreams.


"Daddy?" The sound seemed far away through the rushing sound in his ears. "Daddy!" It was more insistent, but still, Danny was lost in the sight of his baby girl so wantonly posed, ready - nay, eager for him. "DADDY!"


The yell finally snapped him out of it. "S-sorry honey," he said, and he could feel the heat on his face, the clamminess of his hands, the pounding in his chest. And, of course, the painfully hard erection in his pants. He was frankly surprised he hadn't just shot his load, he was so turned on. Even now he couldn't tear his eyes from the sight of Dolly-on-display. Or rather, Loli-on-display. With a dry throat, he croaked, "Can you excuse me a second honey?"


Not really waiting to hear her reply, he raced down the hall to his bedroom. Slamming the door then locking himself in his bathroom, he dropped his pants in record time. In about three strokes he was gushing spurt after spurt of hot cum into his sink while hanging on tight to the counter with his free hand to keep from falling over. Jesus that was close! he thought, still remembering the sight of Dolly like that. No, Loli. No, LOLLY!. Jesus he was still hard! Think of baseball scores, he thought. Think of anything un-sexy! Anything that would turn him off so he could get his cock back in his pants. Jesus he'd cum a bunch! Look at all the swimmers swimming down the sink! he thought with twisted pride. It took a little while, but he finally got himself tucked in. It was still swole up some, but at least he could zip his fucking fly now!


When he got back to Dolly's room, she was sitting cross-legged on the bed, surrounded by piles and scraps of clothing and various other paraphernalia that had come with the doll. She grinned up at him when he entered the room.


"She came in a babydoll, daddy!" she exclaimed. "Isn't that funny? A dolly-doll in a baby doll! Inn't she cute though?" She looked over at the doll, still in that obscene "come fuck me" pose, apparently oblivious to the inappropriateness of it. Of course, to her it was just a doll. A toy. She didn't relate it at all to a real girl (her) dressed and posing like that. So why would she think anything of it? She wouldn't, of course. No more than she thought about the fact that she was sitting cross-legged in a skirt while facing her daddy. There was no reason for her to be aware that he was fighting like hell not to stare at the crotch of her panties!


"She's very pretty honey," Danny said, sitting on the bed to hopefully help hide his boner. He faced away from the doll so he wouldn't have to see it, focusing on what Dolly was doing instead. She appeared to be inventorying the contents of the package. She'd arranged the costumes into separate piles. In addition to three different "school girl" uniform sets, there was a "French maid" set, a "Harley Quinn" set (mostly latex), two "Princess" outfits, though the costume jewelry was shared between them, and even a couple that looked more like Halloween costumes. One was a "Princess Leia" outfit, and the other a "Wonder woman" outfit. He supposed those were both popular fantasies, what with the recent movies.


Aside from that were some "normal" items, like sheer blouses, skimpy shorts, thong panties, and four different bikinis and a one-piece. None of this looked substantial, and he was pretty sure a kid would end up tearing the flimsy, gauzy stuff pretty soon, but then, it hadn't exactly been intended for children to play with. The doll was an adult toy. On top of all that, there were, as Dolly had pointed out earlier, and assortment of footwear, stockings, garters, and whatnot. Dolly was checking off the items from the packing list, in the process familiarizing herself with the names of some items she'd never heard of before.


Since she was busy, Danny took a moment to look over the new doll. Turning away from his daughter, he faced Lolly and actually looked at her.


He was rather surprised at just how realistic it looked. The skin texturing was amazingly detailed, with the blending of colors actually part of the covering, not merely painted on. Of course, it wasn't perfect. For example, his daughter's lips weren't that sensuous. Her lips were... well... He frowned to himself. Then he looked back at her, over his shoulder and actually looked at Dolly's lips. He'd been wrong. Dolly's lips were that sensuous, he'd just never really paid attention before. They looked soft. Warm. Inviting. Disturbingly sensuous for a nine-year-old. The kind of lips which, if he'd seen them on a grown woman when he was chumming around with his frat buddies, he'd have described as, "Lips made for sucking cock." Looking back at the doll, whose lips actually had been made for sucking cock, and shuddered at the similarity.


He focused on the doll's eyes instead. They were large, bright, beautiful, with lashes around a foot and a half long, or so it seemed. They'd got those right for sure. He'd always said his daughter had the most beautiful eyes - and she did. They were so big they almost looked like an anime cartoon. Likewise the smooth, slightly rounded face, the cute little nose, and of course the long, shiny hair. They'd got it all right, and he found himself yearning to take this little toy to bed and do with it what he'd bought it for!


The rest of the body looked like it was also perfect in every detail. While he couldn't examine it as thoroughly as he'd have liked - not with his daughter there - he did examine the skin, the color variations, the shaping and contouring and fine lines in the skin. The shape was very much Dolly's own, and with the babydoll's translucence he could clearly see the doll's nipples through the fabric. They looked lovely. Pale pink, firm nubs atop swelling areolae and only the slightest of bulging beneath that. He had no idea if Dolly's actual breasts were identical, but he hoped so, because these were perfect!


She was lean and just a bit lanky, as growing girls usually are at some stage in their growth. And even her hands and feet were extraordinarily detailed, with every knuckle and toe and fingernail in fine detail. He noticed that the fingers were curled so that guys who wanted to use the doll for a hand-job would be able to, and he imagined the "skin" on the feet would feel lovely on one's member if one wanted to put them together for a "foot job".


With a deep breath to brace himself, he finally allowed himself to look between her legs. With the thong blocking part of the view, he couldn't really tell what her pussy looked like, but every inch of her thighs looked deliciously smooth and creamy, and if Dolly hadn't been there...


"Daddy?" Dolly asked suddenly from behind him. "What's this for?" She handed him a plastic box which looked suspiciously like a remote control. That was because it was a remote control. "Is it a remote control daddy? Can she move and stuff like a robot or something?"


"Of course not honey. This is for... uh... some features that just come with the doll. Nothing you'd be interested in." He tucked the remote in his shirt pocket. There was no reason Dolly should ever know that her new "sister" had warmers and vibrators and suction actuators in three places, as well as "grip" adjustments for her fingers.


"What kinna features, daddy?" Dolly asked, not to be put off so easily.


Danny thought fast. "Well, you know how TV sets have the demo mode for when they're on sale in the store? That's kinda what these are for. Nothing you'd want for playing with her. Hey, you know she can be moved into different positions, right? So you can make her sit up like a normal girl, or even stand if you want!"


The distraction worked, and Dolly and he soon had the doll up off the bed and were moving her arms and legs and torso and head in a variety of poses, many of them goofy. Dolly's giggles rang through the room, while Danny struggled to keep himself from noticing just how nice the faux flesh felt. A few times he couldn't help but touch it's breasts and squeeze it's ass cheeks - just felt incredibly life-like.


Danny had never been the type to shirk away from things that felt good, and being on the campaign trail as much as he was, he often had to find some satisfaction without a woman to help. Obviously, being a man of power and influence, there were always women - often young, attractive women - who vied to be his bedmate. But such bed-mates always came with a price. Even if they didn't have an agenda, there was always the tabloids and his political enemies who would use any advantage they could to make him look bad.


So like most men, he'd tried out sex toys of various types. He'd found they made a nice change to just jacking off by hand, and some of them had very realistic feels and looks to them. He even had some that warmed up, or sucked automatically. So he was no stranger to putting his dick into silicon pussies and the like. Consequently, he knew quality when he felt it, and this doll was top-shelf all the way. He could hardly wait to get his cock into her mouth, pussy, and asshole. Except now he couldn't, of course. He'd definitely have to order another one ASAP - and make damn sure Dolly didn't find out about it!


The rest of the evening was as torturous for him as it was gleeful for Dolly. After he'd retired to the library to study some journals, she gave the doll a tour of the house. The housekeeper and cook thought it was the cutest thing ever (or so they said) and Dolly made introductions. Danny had bade her dress the thing "appropriately" first, so they weren't shocked out of their socks. Perhaps they didn't know any better than Dolly did what the doll's true original purpose had been. And if Danny had any say in it, they never would!


The doll came to dinner with them, and Danny was surprised to see Dolly had Lolly in one of her "Princess" outfits - and she wore the other. It was a perfect fit on the real girl of course, since it was a perfect fit on the doll. And if anyone else noticed the translucency of the gowns wasn't exactly appropriate for a girl of nine, nobody mentioned it, though Danny did discover to his approval that yes, the makers had got the doll's nipples very near exactly like Dolly's were. Not that he looked too closely - only as closely as he could get away with.


Later, the three of them cuddled together on the sofa and watched TV for a while. Dolly and the doll were in the silk jammies that Dolly preferred, and Dolly insisted that she take one side and Lolly take the other. Danny tried hard not to think how much this seemed like one of the hottest threesomes he'd ever imagined, surrounded by two sexy little girls. And he tried to focus on the doll's non-reality, but quite frankly, it was easy to forget she wasn't real, and he found his fingers exploring her contours through the silk more than once.


By the time Dolly went to bed, he felt like his balls would explode if he didn't get some relief soon. The earlier explosion was more than ready to repeat itself - with interest! So as soon as Dolly went to bed, he retired to his bedroom to break out his favorite toy. But when he got there, he couldn't stop thinking about the doll. What would it be like to actually fuck it? He'd been thinking off and on about it for weeks now - it seemed unfair that he'd never know! So instead of wanking off, he got online and repeated his order. Hopefully, as a return customer, he'd get the new unit processed even faster - they probably still had some of the molds and such.


It took longer than he'd expected, and it was deep in the night when he finally finished the order and sent the payment. His arousal had mellowed in the interim as well, to where he knew he could enjoy a long, slow jacking session. He made himself some tea, got into his own silk jammies, laid out a couple of his favorite toys and lubes, lit some candles - and then finally admitted to himself that he was stalling. What he really wanted was to fuck that little-girl doll!


Like many girls, Dolly was a deep sleeper, and Danny was sure he could sneak in there, snatch the doll, fuck it till he was raw, clean it up, and return it to its original location without his daughter ever finding out. It would be wrong, obviously. His little girl would be playing with that doll later! He didn't want his little angle playing with something he'd defiled! Something he'd cum inside. Something he'd fucked like a whore!


Bullshit. The idea that his daughter would play with it later was, in fact, an even bigger charge for him, and it only took about a half hour longer for him to admit that to himself as well. He shrugged. It wasn't like he was actually fucking his daughter! He'd clean it out really well before he put it back - or so his lame justification went.


The crime went perfectly, and in only a few minutes he'd returned with the doll. She'd been sitting on a chair closer to the door than the bed was, so it had been easy. He'd just eased the door open, tucked the doll under his arm, and slipped out.


The doll was still dressed in Dolly's silk pajamas, and Danny's perverse mind thrilled at that - she looked so much like his daughter! He slid the doll into bed beside him, and then didn't know what to do. This wasn't like one of his sex-toys that he could just take in hand, slide around his cock, and jerk off into! This was a very realistic replica of his daughter. For a moment he was filled with shame. In some ways it felt very much like he was going to fuck his little girl. With the jammies on, it didn't just look like her, it smelled like her.


But there was also no denying the powerful erection it gave him to see - and smell - his little girl in bed with him. What the hell, he thought. May as well just go for it, I'm going to hell anyway!


He started to unbutton the pajama top, but then stopped. It felt wrong somehow. Of course it was wrong, on several levels, but this wasn't that kind of wrong. Then he had to laugh at himself as he realized what was wrong - and what he'd have to do to fix it.


It felt weirder than bologna in one's shoes; but he did it anyway. Leaning over, he pressed his lips to the doll's lips. He was surprised at how life-like they felt against his. He grinned at his stupidity. This had to be the lamest of all the lame things he'd done in his life. Kissing a sex doll? Seriously? But he pressed on. Her mouth was, of course, open, so he kissed her deeper.


It wasn't like kissing a real girl. A real girl would move, probably squirm, and of course kiss him back (hopefully). But it wasn't like kissing a plastic toy either. She felt warm and pliant, and he found that his tongue felt nice in her "mouth". Of course it was actually a cock-sleeve rather than a mouth - it'd been designed for him to fuck, not to kiss. And yet, it felt nice to kiss too. So he kept at it while his hand slid down and into the vee of the pajama top, feeling up the doll like he would a girl.


His fingertips explored her form excitedly. The tiny little breasts were utterly delightful as he caressed them with his hands. His fingertips found them a joy to hold and squeeze, and it wasn't long before he'd undone the buttons so his mouth could suckle them as well. Sure, they weren't real titties, but they sure felt nice against the tongue, like firm little girl nipples should!


His fingers traveled further south, exploring her smooth tummy and slipping under the waistband of the silk pajama trousers to explore her cunny. It was so smooth, and so soft! How could they have got this so right? He'd never explored a nine-year-old's cunny before of course, but he found it intoxicatingly arousing nonetheless. Forbidden fruit indeed! This wasn't just a little girl pussy, it was his little girl's pussy! For a second he wondered how closely it would resemble her real cunny. It wasn't like the photos he'd sent the company had included that detail! But whoever had done the work probably had a deeper knowledge of little-girl anatomy than he did, so it was likely that this resembled an actual little girl's pussy more than anything he could have imagined.


It might be his imagination, but she felt warm down there. And puffy. Rounded lips curving to a smooth slit with no exterior evidence of inner labia. He spread those mounds carefully, as if worried about her feelings, and it occurred to him that if he was going to enjoy the fantasy fully, he should just go ahead and treat her as if she were real, as much as possible anyway. So he licked his fingers and used that lubricant to ease her open and gently explore the slit.


There he found the barest of tiny inner labia. It excited him out of proportion. And he was surprised to also discover that he wanted to explore her nethers with more than his fingers. After all, they were dry and the more he had to interrupt to add moisture, the more it detracted from the fantasy. Decisively he slid the pajama trousers off and moved down between her legs, opening them to expose her completely.


Looking down at his naked daughter-twin was nearly enough to set him off. She was so incredibly beautiful - and so very sexy. His mouth literally watered when he saw her bare little cunny, and he dove in face-first, eager to taste her cunny.


In fact, the only down-side was that it didn't taste like cunny. It tasted... well... more-or-less like nothing at all. But it sure felt nice against his mouth, so he'd have to settle for that. He ran his tongue all along her slit, chewing gently on her puffy exterior labia and pushing deep into her cunny-hole with his tongue - even diddling her clit with the tip of his tongue. It all felt very real. Naturally she was nice and wet, since he was literally drooling while eating her cunt, and it wasn't too much longer before he just had to fuck her.


He'd have never entered a real girl with such speed, but in this one regard, he was willing to forgo a bit of realism. Besides, he was afraid he might cum before he actually got all the way inside her. And he wasn't far wrong. Her pussy was incredibly tight, and if he hadn't got her good and wet with his slobber first, he might not have got inside her at all. But once he was in - heaven! He fucked the sexy little dolly, holding her tiny body down so he could look at her face while he banged her. He fucked her fast and hard, and in a few minutes he was beyond his endurance and he crushed her beneath him as he shudderingly emptied what seemed like gallons of hot cum into her sexy little twat! It was the most satisfying climax he'd had in ages, and even though it seemed silly, he couldn't help but kiss the little Loli-dolly in thanks.


Over the next several days, Danny got into the habit of stealing Loli at night, fucking her, cleaning her, and putting her back. People tend to animize objects they have feelings for, and Loli was no different. After that first night, he never called her "it" again. He called her by name, though not exactly the name his daughter had given her.


In much the way people talk to their cars, he spoke to Loli. Well, not exactly. People rarely tell their cars to "bend over you little slut and take daddy's cock in your tiny ass!" But as he grew comfortable fucking Loli, he said all that to her, and more, with a hundred variations. Loli was instantly his favorite toy - even more than she was Dolly's favorite toy - though of course he couldn't let his daughter know that.


And she was Dolly's favorite toy too. She was also something of a bad influence on the little girl. At least on the little girl's dressing style. Dolly naturally wanted to try on every outfit Loli came with, and he caught them playing "dress up" more than once. He didn't complain though. Both Dolly and Loli looked spectacularly sexy in the revealing outfits, and as long as she didn't do it outside her bedroom, well who was he to complain? Besides, in addition to the erection-inspiring peeks he got of his daughter, he soon discovered it paid unexpected dividends as well. More than once while peeling off Loli's panties in preparation for fucking her like a sex-toy maniac, he found he could smell his real-girl's pussy on them! And Dolly's pussy smelled fantastic! It was all he could do to put the panties back on the doll when he was through instead of keeping them.


Nothing lasts forever though, and in retrospect, it was probably inevitable that he'd get caught eventually. Of course, it was his own damned fault. His trysts with the doll were as exhausting as they were satisfying. He'd got used to cumming so hard into the child-doll that he'd be nearly comatose afterward, enjoy some languid laying-around time before cleaning and returning her.


It was during one such period that Dolly woke to find the doll gone. Naturally she ran into her daddy's bedroom to solicit her daddy's help in finding her "sister". Instead found her "sister" in bed with her daddy!


It wasn't like Dolly didn't know what sex was - and it was pretty obvious that her daddy had been fucking Lolly. When she came charging in, Danny tried to throw a sheet over them, but they were bundled up at the foot of the bed. By the time he got them covered, it was far too late.


He looked at his daughter, mortified, certain that she'd be heartbroken. He was just starting to work through the ramifications - her talking about it to someone, word getting out, his career in ruins - when she smiled hugely and jumped onto the bed with them. She wrapped her arms around her father and squeezed tight. "Oh daddy, you love her too!" she squealed.


Danny wasn't sure what to make of this, but was relieved she seemed happy instead of broken up over it. Then Dolly reached over and pulled Lolly into the happy tangle of limbs. Still being naked under the blanket, Danny couldn't do much but try to keep himself covered. Then he saw something that made his blood freeze. He tried to intervene, but it was too late. As Dolly pulled the doll into her embrace, a dollop of his cum leaked from the doll's mouth and onto his own little girl's cheek!


Dolly jerked in surprise, then burst out giggling. "That your cummies daddy?" she asked, laughing at his expression. "I wondered what that smell and taste was when Lolly and me was practice-kissing!" Then she kissed the doll on the mouth as if she'd been doing it for days (she had) and sucked some of his cum from Loli's mouth. She pulled back, smacking her lips. "I dunno why they say it tastes yucky," she said thoughtfully. "It tastes funny, but not yucky."


As his real daughter licked his cum from her lips, Danny realized that he'd seriously underestimated the maturity of his nine-year-old daughter. He also realized that she'd been messing with him. She had that, "Ha-ha, I fooled you" look going on.


"You... you and Loli," he said uncertainly. "You've been... doing stuff?"


Dolly nodded, watching him patiently, waiting for him to figure it all out.


He considered, playing over the last several days in his mind. "I guess... I mean... I don't suppose your playing dress-up was just fun-and games, was it?"


Dolly grinned hugely. "You shoulda seen your face sometimes daddy! Like the first time you saw me in a thong! I almost couldn't stop from busting up!"


Danny frowned. "Uh huh. And I bet you knew all about Loli and me!"


"Not really," Dolly admitted. "I mean, I kinna thought... kinna hoped... but dinn't know for sure till now. I figured you was playing with her some, but I dinn't know you were... you know, doing it inside her. I dinn't know that was cummies smell an taste till just now. Me and Lolly was just playing around, dressing sexy for you and talking 'bout maybe doing more." She looked accusingly at the doll. "You coulda tole me, you selfish bish!" she said, then busted out giggling again. "Anyways, she came with some other toys an' instructions too, so I been practicing, just in case!"


Danny looked at her blankly until she rolled her eyes. "Dang your dumb daddy!" she said in exasperation. Then in one fluid movement, she rolled away from him and slid her own pajamas bottoms off. He was so stunned that he didn't even think to stop her while she took a moment to unbutton the top and it aside too. "You been fuckin my sister, mister! Don' you think it's 'bout my turn?" Without waiting for an answer, she flung the sheet aside, exposing his member - which was somehow, suddenly as hard as granite - and climbed atop him.


"Dolly!" he tried to object. "We can't!" But his heart wasn't in it.


"Can too!" she insisted, grabbing his member and pushing it to her pussy none-too-gently. Even the sight of his huge erection in her tiny little hand was an enormous turn-on, and Danny knew he was sunk. He'd do this. He had to do this. He needed her more than life itself!


He felt the wetness of her young pussy and groaned. The doll had been an amazing visual and tactile experience as a substitute for his actual desire; but it was nothing to the vibrant, lively, and apparently very horny little girl who was even now pushing down, forcing his member inside her. Unlike the doll, Dolly's pussy was warm and slick from her own juices. And to his surprise, she was both tighter and easier to penetrate than the doll. It was like his cock knew the difference and was eager to get "all up in dat".


In moments Dolly was bouncing up and down on his cock as he thrust powerfully up into her, and he suddenly realized what she'd meant about "practicing". She must have been exercising her cunny for this sort of thing. There was no pain, no blood, none of the bad things he'd heard about a girl losing her virginity. All there was, was a very excited, happy little girl who was having the time of her life riding her daddy's cock - and the exquisite pleasure she was giving him.


Danny had just cum, but his balls felt bloated anyway, and his cock felt like steel - how could it not? And Dolly was obviously somewhat experienced in climax, because when it hit her, she just bent down, hung on to him tightly and rode it out as he took her tiny little ass in his hands, held her still, and rammed up into her, thrusting hard to make her climax swell and explode again and again until he could feel her drooling cunt raining down on his cock. He'd never known a preteen could cum like that - but here was the proof!


The experience of his little girl cumming atop him like that was more than Danny - or any man - could take. With a howl of purest pleasure, he thrust up into her ever more forcefully (thereby driving her to even higher pinnacles of pleasure) and fired enormous salvos of hot cum into her nine-year-old pussy, filling it to overflowing, and making her too howl in pleasure until they both simply collapsed - spent, joined, and in a deep state of shared bliss.


When Danny finally came around to his senses, he turned to look at the doll beside them on the bed. "Sorry Loli," he said. "But there's just no way you can match that!"


Dolly giggled. "Oh daddy, don't be mean! Lolly needs lovies too! We just need to share you is all!"


Danny had no idea how that was going to work, but judging by his daughter's face, she had some ideas. He was looking forward to finding out what they might be. He suspected he'd enjoy the experience!


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