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Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Too Good To Be True 2

Part: Part 2

Summary: Ted meets his Primary Contact - and her daughter.

Keywords: MFg(8), Ageplay, Cons, Inc, Mast, Voy, Exhib, Lez

Date: 06/24/2017

[May not make sense without having read Part 1 first. Sorry about that, but that's what happens in stories when you skip a chapter!]


He wasn't sure what he'd expected, but it sure as hell wasn't this. Ted prepared his excuse. He must be at the wrong place.

"I'm sorry miss, I think I have the wrong address," he began.

"No, no, you right address!" the woman said in an almost comically stereotypical "Older Asian" manner. "You come in now!" she commanded, opening the door.

The house looked, well, it looked suburban to eight decimal places. What the realtors called a single-family dwelling, probably four bedrooms, double garage, front yard with lawn slightly overdue for cutting, a few toys scattered on the grass, etc. etc. etc. The woman too looked about as regular as a tooth on a comb. Probably mid-thirties, average size for her Asian heritage, dressed in a blouse and skirt that wouldn't cause comment in a boardroom or a street market. But as he looked closer, he saw the twinkle in her eye, the slight up-turning at the corner of her mouth. She was pulling his leg somehow, and though he didn't get the joke, she didn't seem mean. He went inside.

The inside was as average as the outside. It wasn't an affluent neighborhood, just a bit over middle-class. Most of the homes had well-kept yards and pools, were painted every few years, and so on. The inside was in keeping as well - furniture well-worn without being shabby, carpet probably less than five years old, everything relatively clean without being antiseptic. It had a nice, lived-in quality with a few smudges on the walls, a few items out of place, but still tidy.

The door closed behind him, and the woman gestured him toward the living room, so he went. "You want tea?" she asked in that same accent and manner. "I make you tea. You drink. You like. Sit!" she commanded in a clipped, almost harsh tone like something out of a bad 70's movie. He took a seat on the comfortable-looking sofa, finding it was indeed comfy, then turned back to her to see her looking like she was trying to keep from exploding with mirth.

"What?" he asked, puzzled. His expression was too much for her though, and she burst out laughing so hard she had to sit down beside him.

The change was startling. Her stern features, once released with humor, became much softer, good-natured, even pretty, and her eyes danced as she dabbed the tears. "I'm sorry Ted. I just love doing that!" Her "accent" had all but vanished as well, resolving into a low contralto while still retaining a bit of the exotic to it. As she got herself under control, she explained. "I do have to put on a bit of window-dressing to keep the neighbors in the dark, but it's so funny taking it to extremes with white men. Y'all are so fucking uptight these days, trying to avoid being classed as racist while still clinging to your stereotypes. It's fun to poke the pig once in a while."

Ted relaxed as he realized he'd been had. She was as foreign as George Washington. He had to grin at her prank though - and she'd been right. One look at her face, and certain assumptions had been made. "I'm sorry," he began, then back-tracked. "No, I'm not sorry. You set me up!"

"Very good!" she said, patting his knee in a friendly, almost overly-familiar manner. You want a beer or something?" she asked, rising to head to the kitchen.

"A soft drink, or ice tea if you have it," he said, feeling he'd better keep his wits about him. She's already shown herself to be a trickster, and he did want to make a good first-impression - if hadn't already blown that. He wasn't sure what all was riding on this interview, but he knew he really wanted to pass muster.

She nodded approvingly, heading into the kitchen. He looked around the living room while she was gone. Something seemed odd, and it took him a minute to get it. The family pictures showed no father - just the woman and presumably her daughter.

She came back in, handing him a tall iced tea and setting a tray with lemon wedges and sugar on the coffee table before sitting beside him. She had changed in those few minutes, and he focused on the tea to give his eyes somewhere to be while he adjusted his thinking. While in the kitchen, she'd "let her hair down" in more than one way. First, her hair itself was down - long black, shiny hair reaching mid-way down her back. She'd removed the large round glasses, giving him a better look at her chocolate brown eyes. He didn't think she'd had time to change her makeup, but with the glasses out of the way, her eyes seemed bigger, brighter that before.

She'd also popped a couple of buttons on her blouse and made some adjustments so that her figure - which had seemed pretty unremarkable before - now showed some definite alluring curves. She didn't have a lot of cleavage, but what was there was enticing, and with the blouse tucked in tighter instead of hanging loose, her waist was more obvious, curving out to nice hips. Even her butt and legs seemed somehow more pronounced than before. He shook his head in wonder. He'd never understood much about what women did to look nice, but he'd seen this sort of "magic" before. It wasn't so much what they had as what they did with it. Presentation was key. Before, he'd have passed her on the street without a glance. Now, he'd have given a second look, at least.

"Up here buddy," she said, and when his eyes rose (somehow they'd been stuck on those open buttons despite strict orders to focus on the iced tea), he found her grinning with good-natured happiness. Apparently she liked the effect her alterations had had on her. The grin made her mouth seem fuller too.

"Uh, sorry," he said. "I wasn't expecting..." he trailed off, not sure how to finish.

"You saw my 'house mom' look, and didn't realize I was actually kinda cute?" she asked, clearly fishing for a compliment.

He gave it to her. "Exactly. I didn't realize what a pretty woman you are." He grinned back. "You set me up again!"

"Ain't I just a little th-tinker?" she said, lisping the word "stinker". It was from a movie, though he didn't recall which one at the moment. But he did have an idea how this suddenly-playful woman might like him to respond.

"Yes, you've been a bad girl. Someone might need a spanking," he grinned and winked.

"Oh, you're a bad, bad man," she tittered, then leaned forward to get her own glass which was sitting in a coaster on the coffee table. It was a calculated move, giving him a lovely view down her shirt. No bra. Nice breasts, full nipples. "I do think I'm going to like you!" she said, sitting back up looking at him with a coy expression. She had good posture. He'd always appreciated that in women.

"Here's to liking each other," he said, extending his glass to clink with hers in a toast. They both sipped. After a moment, he said, "Nice place," looking around. It was the polite thing to say.

She laughed again. "Okay, okay. Enough dancing around the obvious. I'm sure you have a million questions, so why don't you just fire at will. I've found that bluntness is often helpful in combatting uncertainty. And I do want you to relax. You're not on trial here or anything. Your status has already been decided, or you wouldn't be here. So breathe."

He breathed. Slowly in, slowly out. It helped. He hadn't realized just how tense he'd been. But he too was a big fan of bluntness. "So," he began, "are you... uh..." his certainty vanished. How could he ask this pretty young woman what he wanted most to know?

"Yes, I'm a member of KGW," she said simply. Looking him directly in the eye, she continued, "So is my daughter Kimiko." She gestured to the pictures on the shelves. "And since you forgot to ask, I'm Yumi. We're of Japanese descent, but I wouldn't expect you to know that just from the names." She leaned forward a bit, and Ted focused on not looking down at the added cleavage. "And before you ask, yes. Kimi is sexually active, and she's eight years old."

His eyes must have given his surprise away, because Yumi sat back smiling. "Your file said your daughter's ten. You're probably still coming to grips with the fact that she is sexually active. So I won't hold your obvious shock against you. But just so you know, Kimi and I have been members for over a year. KGW doesn't accept children based on age so much as on maturity and attitude. Our youngest-ever member was five, but she was exceptional Typically we don't accept anyone under seven."

"Why's that?" he couldn't help asking. Then answered himself. "Oh right, because they're not physically developed enough. Duh!" he grinned bashfully.

"You're cute. Wrong, but cute," Yumi said. "Physical development is a factor of course, but for us it's far more important that the person we're inviting in has developed some degree of decision-making ability and can think for their self. It's just rare that anyone under seven has developed that level of emotional maturity is all. But when they do, we welcome them in. Just as we don't welcome those in without it - regardless of age. Even at seven it's rare. A little less rare at eight, and actually becoming more common at nine and ten." She grinned. "I'm sure you've noticed your daughter is developing a mind of her own. We're certain that had we not stepped in, she'd have tripped you and got you in bed in a year or two at the latest anyway. But now she won't have to go through all the emotional uncertainty, guilt, second-guessing, and so on. She'll have others to talk with, and I'm fairly certain you'll be bedding her before she's eleven."

"I wouldn't!" he said reflexively.

"No? Too bad. She's a lovely girl. You'd be depriving yourself and her of a very nice experience. Not to mention it'll probably hurt her feelings. But do tell, why not?"

"Well because," he began, then halted. He didn't want to answer with a mindless reaction. Again. He thought about it. What would be his objection? "Because she's too small," he finally got out.

"Oh sure," Yumi said. "Your file said you're very considerate and gentle, and that's commendable. But... wrong again. A girl her age could handle your manhood with ease, provided she'd properly prepared." She grinned with devilish glee. "Even little Kimi, who's not only younger, but much smaller than Rose due to her heritage, could handle it. I believe the file said you're a about seven and a half inches long, average girth. I've seen my little Kimi take larger than that." Her eyes shone with pride - and excitement - as she continued in a low, whispery voice. "My God Ted, you have no idea how sexy it is to see such a small child take a man-sized cock!"

Ted had to look away. The woman's face had flushed, and her nipples were making obvious points in her blouse, just as he felt he was making an obvious bulge in his pants at the mere thought. His eyes unfortunately fell on one of the pictures of the girl. She was small. And damned cute. And she could take a man's member? He looked away quickly before Yumi could catch him staring. He fumbled to find something else to talk about.

"So... uh... KGW huh? What's that stand for?" he asked in desperation.

Yumi laughed. "Oh Teddy, you're such a sweetheart! Don't worry, I've ready your profile, and know you better than you probably know yourself. So believe me when I tell you this. This is a sexually-charged topic, and it's absolutely normal for you to get aroused. And I've already decided I like you. So if you find you need some release, you just let me know. I'll be happy to suck you off, or if you'd rather, we can fuck. Nothing marathon though, as we do have some things we need to accomplish. Besides," she winked, "if we do well together, we can fuck all we want later. Fair enough?"

It was the most straightforward proposition he'd ever heard, and his eyes took in her full, softy lips before dropping to her chest once again - which she'd arched her back to accentuate for his viewing pleasure. Yes, he thought he'd enjoy being with this woman sexually all right. But he wanted to put it off - at least for now. He nodded, sipping his tea. Somehow the glass was half-empty already.

"Good boy," Yumi giggled. It caught him off-guard. He'd first thought her in her thirties. Then reduced that to late twenties. The giggle made her seem younger still. "So KGW stands for 'Kids Gone Wild'." She grinned. "Isn't that just about the lamest name ever? But hey, it was kids who came up with it, so what do you expect. Anyway, it's... well, call it an umbrella name, covering several branches of our porn concerns. It covers, uh, let me see. TGW, which is Teens Gone Wild, and PTGW which is Pre-Teens Gone Wild. I think there are some others. If you and Rose decide to participate in the porn-making, you'll be involved in PTGW, like Kimi and I are."

"You and Kimi do porn?" Ted asked, his jaw dropping in shock. "Like as in pictures?"

"Pics, video, etc. Oh, you have no idea!" Yumi got up and collected a laptop from the desk, returning to sit beside him on the sofa as she set it on the coffee table. This time she sat right next to him, and he was suddenly aware of her scent. She smelled delicious, and he got repeated glimpses down her blouse as she leaned forward to type and control the computer. After a few moments, she opened a folder of pictures and began clicking through them.

Ted had seen some kiddie-porn of course - practically everyone on the internet had. Most of it was doctored pictures of legal teens, posed and photoshopped to look younger of course. But a few legit pics leaked through. Most were tiny, blurry, and poorly-composed. These weren't.

The shoot was in a professional studio, with a decent backdrop and real sand as Kimiko played, building a sand-castle or something. Her outfit was like something out of Wicket Weasel - not quite a micro-bikini, but close. As Yumi flicked through the photos, the photographer shot the girl from various angles and distances, and like all porn, each photo grew progressively more sexual. After about a dozen, the girl was topless, her flat chest and tiny nipples first covered by hands and the angle of the shot, then by sand, and then clean and clear for the viewer's pleasure. In every picture the girl was laughing and smiling, obviously having fun showing off for the camera as she first untied, then slid out of the top. Then over the next dozen or so, she did the same with the bikini bottom, again exposing her little cunny and ass a bit at a time, until by the end, she was laying on her back in the sand, legs splayed as the camera got a full-on shot of her whole naked body.

"I don't let her do more than that in sand poses," Yumi said. "We got sand in some uncomfortable places once - and once was enough. So I put in a rule - no fucking in sand. Period."

"Sensible," Ted got out despite the dryness of his mouth. His member was achingly swollen - literally aching. Last night he'd cum three times, which was an awful lot in a short time for a man his age, and he'd woken with a sore cock. Now that cock was trying to burst from his pants, and the soreness plus the confinement was making him decidedly uncomfortable.

"Isn't she sexy?" Yumi asked with prideful fondness as she looked at the picture. "And God damn does her pussy taste good!"

Ted grew aware of her rhythmic motion beside him, her shoulder brushing his arm, and he glanced over. Yumi had one hand under her skirts, and was rubbing herself! His jaw dropped again.

Yumi giggled. "Whats the matter Ted? Just because you can look at a naked eight year old exposing herself without getting excited, doesn't mean I'm that frigid! Don't you think my little girl's sexy?"

"Oh, I do!" he said, his voice hoarse. He didn't know what to do, but apparently rubbing one's self was on the table, so he slid his own hand between his legs, jumping a bit as the touch of his hand made his cock jerk. He was sure that if he checked, his underwear would have a wet spot.

"Really?" Yumi asked, looking at him closely. "You really, really think she's sexy? Would you like to jack off while looking at her?"

God help him, he would! "Definitely," he said.

Yumi's eyes closed and she shuddered, her arm moving rapidly for a moment. Had she just climaxed? Possibly. Her eyes opened slowly, with a dreamy look to them. "Great," she said finally. "Let's do it then!" Yumi stood up and began divesting herself of her clothes hastily. Ted was so surprised that he just watched until she was naked. Yes, Yumi did have a lovely body all right. Firm, slim, petite, with a firm little butt and a mound completely devoid of hair. She opened a door beneath the coffee table and pulled out several towels, laying one on the sofa before sitting back down and looking at him pointedly.

While Ted was no prude, he'd never stripped naked before a girl he'd known less than an hour before, and he found himself hesitant - until Yumi attacked his belt with practiced fingers, unbuckling it, unbuttoning his pants, and pulling down his zipper. The movement and brushing against his swollen bulge snapped him out of it, and he doffed his shirt quickly, then dropped his pants. His cock sprang out into the open air, swelling rapidly to full erection from it's confines like a life raft inflating. Sure enough, his shorts had a dark wet spot, and as he swelled, another drop escaped the tip, dangled, and fell.

Yumi's cupped hand caught the drop, bringing it to her mouth to lick it off as he watched. Then she nudged him back into action. He spread the towel on the sofa and sat, his eyes on the computer, eager to see this little girl in more poses. He was certain that Yumi had quite a collection, and he hoped some would be of the girl in action as well, not just solo poses.

To his surprise though, Yumi closed the laptop, picking it up and setting it on one of the side tables, followed quickly by the glasses and tray. Next she laid a towel out on the table then sat back beside him. Ted was puzzled, but finally figured it out. She didn't want him shooting cum all over her table. He couldn't blame her, so he waited patiently.

Yumi turned, but didn't grab the laptop. Instead, she called out in the loud, clear voice every mother knows. "Kimi honey, come out here please. Mr. Ted and I would like a show!"

Rapid footsteps sounded down the hallway, slowing to a walk just before entering the living room, and there she was - Yumi's little eight-year-old daughter. Ted automatically covered himself, feeling himself flush with embarrassment. What the ever-lovin' fuck?, he thought. He was about to say something, but didn't have time, as Kimi walked from the hallway to the sofa in seconds.

She was a very cute girl, one had to give her that. Small even for eight, she'd apparently been playing dress-up of a sort. Her shortish black hair was in pigtails and she wore a cute little white blouse and plaid skirt, similar to a stereotypical "school girl". She even had on the white knee-high socks. There the resemblance ended though. Instead of the expected black shoes, she was wearing slippers fashioned like cat-paws. Additionally, she had on a headband with cat-ears on it, and she'd put some black makeup on the tip of her nose and had drawn-on whiskers. She'd never win a cosplay competition, but she was so cute it was almost painful.

She approached the adults demurely, eyes down. "Yes momma?" she said in a soft, sweet voice. She glanced up at Ted several times with an expression that seemed... hopeful? He wasn't sure. But she seemed shy and timid, and his initial embarrassment faded in her apparently uncertainty. His paternal instincts kicking in, he wanted to comfort her, but it wasn't his place. Besides, how does one comfort a frightened eight-year-old when one is sporting a huge, naked hard-on?

But of course, he didn't have to. Yumi spoke up in a gentle voice. "Hello honey, you look so cute! Were you playing dress-up? Isn't she cute Ted?" When he couldn't speak immediately, she turned to him. "Don't you think she's cute?" The hurt look she gave him snapped him out of it.

"Of course she is. She's just about the cutest thing ever!" he said, and meant.

The sincerity in his voice made both Yumi and Kimi smile, and Yumi turned back to her daughter. "This is Mr. Ted. We spoke of him earlier, remember?"

"Of course momma," Kimi said seriously. "Nice to meet you Mr. Ted." She gave a small curtsy - adorably.

Yumi patted her bare thighs, and Kimi scrambled into her mother's lap. Ted watched with bemusement. The girl made no effort to avoid her mother's breasts and seemed perfectly content in the naked older woman's lap. Once in place, she reached for her mother's breast as if it were the most natural thing in the world, and bent to take a nipple in her mouth, all the while looking him in the eye as if challenging him. "This is my breast," she seemed to be saying. "Go find your own!" It made him smile. If she hadn't been eight years old, she might have been breast-feeding!

Yumi seemed oblivious to Ted at the moment though. She leaned back against the sofa cushions as her daughter suckled, her eyelids slowly closing. Her own hands caressed the child's face, fingers running through hair, lifting Kimi's hand to kiss her fingers. It was sweet and tender, and Ted instinctively knew not to say or do anything. This was mother-daughter time, and he was not excluded - he simply didn't exist for the time being.

After Kimi had been sucking her mother for a couple of minutes, her knees moved apart. Yumi got the signal - apparently there was nothing new here. Her hand slid down the girl's body, then up under her skirt. In moments Ted could see movement under the cloth as Yumi rubbed her little girl's pussy. He might not be able to see "the action" but it was intensely arousing nonetheless - to watch a little girl suckling her mother while her mother rubbed her little pussy. He wasn't even sure he wanted to see - it seemed more erotic to have it hidden. His own cock was drooling, but he didn't dare move. He didn't want to break the spell. Plus, he worried that one touch, and he'd be spraying all over the place.

After a few minutes though, the girl's hips started shifting, and her mother's hand moved more rapidly. At the same time, Kimi's mouth sucked harder on her mother's breast, engulfing nearly the entire thing as her nostrils flared, her breathing becoming more rapid. Finally the climax was achieved, and the little girl made cute little high-pitched whimpering sounds around her mother's breast as her mother brought her to an obviously satisfying peak. Her body tensed, quivered, and suddenly she released the breast, gasping and gulping in air as her mother's hand slowed, having gifted her daughter with that most wonderful feeling.

The girls recovered with slow grace, eyes opening dreamily. Yumi's hand reappeared, bringing her daughter's juices to her lips. Her face made it quite clear that she loved her daughter's taste as she licked her fingers, but Kimi wanted some too, and pulled herself up to share in the hand-cleaning. With her kitty-gear, it looked quite cat-like and very cute. So cute Ted couldn't help but laugh.

Both girls were suddenly aware of him once again, and he held his hands up. "No no, I just think you two are so damn cute together, it's wonderful! I didn't mean to interrupt!" The girls looked at each other, understanding passing between them unspoken. Kimi nodded, and Yumi extended her hand toward him.

"Thank you," he said, and meant it. This was something they shared, which they were now offering to share with him. It was a signal honor, and he accepted it as such. Gently he took Yumi's index finger into his mouth, clear to the third knuckle, his lips and tongue drawing the little girl's juices for himself before releasing. Yumi had been correct - Kimi's pussy was indeed very, very nice. He'd always loved the taste of pussy, and he though Kimi's one of the best he'd ever had.

"Mmm..." he said. "Marvelous Kimi. Thank you for sharing with me. And thank you Yumi," he said, looking to the mother. He smiled again as he noted the redness to her breast caused by her daughter's sucking. He wasn't sure he could have gotten that much into his mouth!

Finally, their ritual completed, Yumi spoke up while sitting up straight once again. She had to work a bit, so Ted helped with a hand on her back to push her forward. "Okay little vixen, that wasn't on the plan!" She looked at Ted. "I'm sorry Ted. I probably indulge her too much. Hell, she was almost four before I could bring myself to wean her." She grinned. "And she's never forgiven me!"

"Nuh uh!" the girl chimed in. "Mamma makes the sweetest milk evah!" Then she grinned at Ted in a very non-child-like way. "I bets your creamies are yummy too!" Her eyes dropped to his lap, where his "creamies" were continuing to drool slowly down his shaft, his balls, and into the towel. She licked her lips.

"None of that, little brat!" Yumi said. "Ted's not your play-toy - at least, not yet. We were just looking at some of your pictures, and I told him he could jack off looking at you. Of course, it's totally your choice, but I thought the real thing would be nicer than pictures. God knows you love showing off for men, eh?"

Kimi giggled. "Kay momma. I'd like that. I bet I can make him cum really big!"

"I bet you can too, little flirt!" Yumi eased the child to her feet, and Kimi climbed onto the table. She was so small, there was plenty of room and no danger at all of collapse.

"You like lookin' at me Mr. Ted?" she asked sweetly. "Are you a nawty man that likes to see nakie girls?" She began to unbutton her blouse.

"Jesus," Ted said. "She's good!" he said to Yumi.

"Don't tell me," Yumi said, "tell her!" The woman's own eyes were on her daughter, smouldering with lust and pride, and her knees spread wide as she slid her hand down to rub her pussy.

"When in Rome," Ted muttered to himself. "But I'll warn you now, I'm not gonna last very long after the show I already got!"

"Oh, aren't you sweet?" Yumi said. Reaching up with her free hand, she pulled Ted down and kissed him. "I may just keep you for myself!" she said, though Ted knew that she meant for herself and her daughter. "The fastest way to a woman's heart," he mused, "is through her kids."

Kimi's blouse was off by the time he looked back, and he was just in time to see the little girl lift her knees to pull her skirt off. As he'd half-suspected, she didn't have any panties on either. Like mother like daughter.

Kimi placed her feet on the table near her bottom, letting her knees fall open, which opened her puffy cunny as well. While Ted had gotten a great look in the beach photos, she hadn't been "open" in them so this was the first he got to see of the pinker, inner parts. As he'd expected, she was shiny with her juices coaxed by her mother's rubbing. It was an unbelievably sexy sight, and he could feel a fresh surge of juices travel along his urethra, spilling out the tip and drooling down the shaft. He took his cock in hand this time, gathering the juices and coating his cock with them as he began to stroke.

"Ohhh," Yumi said to his side. "That looks so good Ted! I love it when a man makes extra juice!" Her voice was becoming whispery as she finger-fucked herself, her eyes darting back and forth between his member and her daughter's naked body.

"Me too!" Kimi said happily. "It makes it go inside me easier, and it's fun to play with and lick up!" The little girl was mimicking her mother, sliding her own fingers into her pretty pink pussy in a rhythmic fucking motion. "Momma? Is it kay if I cum too? I'm aready gettin kinna close!"

Ted was in awe. The little girl's pussy seemed to stretch easily to accommodate the girl's fingers. First one, then two digits slipped inside her. Then three. The girl's ass was bouncing around on the table as she finger-fucked herself with increasing urgency. Her fourth fingers squeezed into the tightly-stretched opening.

"Holy shit," he panted, his own climax approaching. "How the hell can she stretch so wide? That's so fucking sexy!"

"Hey, I told you she can take a man-sized cock! Hey Kimi, Mr. Ted doesn't believe you can take his cock. Wanna show him?"

"Can he fuck me momma?" the girl's hand stopped as she lifted her head to look at her mother. "I'd really like that!"

"Not today honey. Maybe another time. Rose should get first dibs on that, don't you think?"

"Awww..." the girl said, but then, "yeah, I guess so. But he can put it in me to prove I can fit!" she grinned hugely, continuing to finger-fuck herself eagerly.

Ted was too stunned to think. His hand had even stopped stroking, not that there was any danger of deflation. Put his dick inside this little girl? Seriously? It was outrageous. No, what was outrageous was that her mother was encouraging it!

"You don't have to, Ted," Yumi murmured gently in his ear. "I just think it would be good for you to realize just how stretchy girls can be, so you won't be so afraid to fuck Rose - once she's ready. But if you don't want to..."

Want to? Of course he wanted to. He was just... shocked is all. He looked at Yumi and saw only an encouraging smile. "Go ahead stud. You know you wanna. And I just love seeing my little girl fit a cock like yours! Besides, some day I'd love to get both of you - hell, all four of us - in bed together. I've seen your little Rose - she's a darling! I'd love to bury my face between her legs."

"The fastest way to a father's heart..." Ted muttered. Carefully, he got up, trying to figure out how to do this. He couldn't lay atop the child. Aside from crushing her, he'd probably break the table too. Finally, he just pushed the table away from the sofa, eliciting a squeal of giggles from Kimi as if it were a fair ride. Then he sank to his knees. Kimi got the idea, and scootched herself to the edge of the table, resting her tiny feet on his chest.

"It's kay Mr. Ted," she said softly, encouraging him. "I'm totally ready. Jus' push it in - don't jam it in. I promise if it hurts at all, I'll tell ya. Trust me." She held his gaze, her clear brown eyes locked with his.

Ted moved forward a bit more, taking his cock in hand and rubbing the head against her slit. It felt amazingly hot. And slick. He glanced over as Yumi moved from the sofa to sit on the edge of the table beside her daughter to get the best view of him penetrating her. He gave her a smile, and she smiled encouragingly back.

Taking a deep breath, he adjusted the head to the entrance and began to push forward. It was a tight fit all right, but it was also a very well-lubricated one. He looked at Kimi and saw a look of concentration as she strove to relax her muscles and keep from clenching. But there was no discomfort on her face, so he pushed harder... and harder... and then he was suddenly two inches deep inside her and she was gasping. He froze, afraid the gasping was pain.

It wasn't. After a second, she looked at him again. "That feels sooo good Mr. Ted! You can't even believe how good it feels!" She looked at her mother. "I love his cock inside me momma! Are you sure we can't fuck? I'd love him to put his cummies inside me!"

"Not today honey," Yumi said with tolerant pride. She reached down and ran her fingers around the join between this man and her daughter. Yes, it was a tight fit, but her Kimi could handle it. She slid her fingers up to stimulate the little girl's clitoris.

"Oh. My. God. Mother!" Kimi said with rapidly increasing volume.

"You can move a little bit, but wait till I give you the signal, then thrust it all the way inside her - balls deep. Okay Ted? And beware, it's gonna feel amazing, so if you don't wanna cum in my baby, be ready to pull out fast."

Ted nodded. The focus on getting in had actually moved him back off the edge a bit, though the heat and fit was bringing him closer once more. He focused on watching what Yumi was doing, trying to be clinical, despite the fact that his cock was sunk into an eight-year-old girl while her mother was rubbing that same girl's clit. If he could ignore the situation and sights, and just focus on the mechanics...

He could feel Yumi's ministrations on his cock though. Kimi's pussy was pulsing in time with Yumi's movements, and the little girl's whimpers and cries of arousal were incredibly arousing. The wet heat and slickness of the child's cunny tunnel was all any man could ask, and he was starting to think he'd have to pull out before Yumi finished when suddenly the mother yelled, "Now!" and smacked him on the ass.

Ted paused only a moment in surprise, then pushed forward hard. He gasped in shock at the feelings. He'd grown almost used to having a couple inches squeezed in there, but in a second, he was literally balls-deep in the little girl. Moreover, the child was cumming, and cumming hard. Her pussy was throbbing and squeezing him rhythmically, like a farmer milking a cow's teat, urging him to shoot his seed inside the tiny girl!

With almost superhuman effort, he reigned his passions in long enough to pull his cock from that ultimately intimate place. But there was no power on Earth that could forestall his climax even one second longer. With a howl that had to have echoed a block away, he erupted, his cock surging and sending gush after hot gush of cum against the little girl's gaping pussy and thrashing body. He lost track of the number of shots, they just seemed to go on forever as his hand blurred, rubbing the little girl's pussy juices along his pulsing shaft.

Yumi had expected this though, and wasn't in the throes of passion herself at the moment. Her focus was completely and utterly on her little girl. So when Ted yanked his cock out (she was gratified at his self-control - he'd be a marvelous lover!) she immediately replaced it with three of her fingers. Fucking her little girl's pussy with her digits, she brought the waif through her thundering, mind-ripping climax as their new friend covered Kimi's pussy, Yumi's hand, and both their bodies with his seed.

Kimi's climax abated slowly, with several "mini-gasms" as she fell back to Earth, her mother's loving hands on her, fingers inside her, touching her as only a loving mother who's masturbated her daughter many times can. Together they spread Ted's lotion over the little girl's skin and Yumi's breasts, then took turns licking it off once again while laughing at how Ted was so spent he could barely keep from falling over.

After they'd all recovered, Yumi insisted they all take a quick-but-playful shower together. Ted was amazed at how much he enjoyed fondling the little girl's tiny body - even without breasts girls were just damned fun to fondle! And her mother was a delight in her own right. By the time the shower was done, they were all quite familiar with one another's bodies from head to toes.

Eventually Kimi went back to her room to play, while the adults finished their conversation. Yumi explained that for now, she would be his one-and-only contact to KGW, but he was fine with that. The "organization" was (at this level) set up in "cells", like any underground movement, to limit exposure. There were certain recognition signs and a few numbers that needed to be memorized, but overall it was pretty simple.

"Well, I just want to express my gratitude," Ted said. "I don't know why you guys picked me, but I'm sure glad you did! I'd have never known Rose was... special." He grinned. Rose and he were going to have some adjusting to do.

"Oh, we didn't pick you," Yumi said soberly, laying against him on the sofa. She'd been thrilled to discover that Ted was a cuddler too. "One of our girls noticed that Rose was curious and exhibiting the traits that make a good member. We almost never invite grownups. In your case, once we started vetting Rose, we found that you'd make a good candidate too - not the other way round. Luck for Rose too. In about 30 percent of the cases, while the kids may be members, their parents aren't suitable for membership. Luckily, Rose will have her daddy along for the ride."

It was still barely morning when he got home - time for a nap before Rose got home from her "sleep-over". He knew now that Peggy was part of KGW, and that she'd be laying more groundwork to make Rose and his relationship transition smoother. But he had no idea whatsoever how he was to broach the subject with his daughter. Yumi had told him to "follow his heart", but he had no idea what that meant.

She had presented him with a gift though - a set of dildoes, lube, and an instruction book on how to use them to help Rose reach the point where she could fit him comfortably. That still worried him. He didn't want his little girl to have to work to "fit him". Shouldn't that sort of thing be natural? But Yumi had insisted, and Kimi had corroborated her story. All he had to do, they told him, was to make the toys and instructions available. Rose would want to use them herself. He wouldn't be "forcing her", and in fact, he should work to convince her not to rush the process, as she was likely to be eager to fuck him as fast as possible. He wasn't sure that was true either.

But he hoped so!


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