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CLUB SHO - Part 1

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Club SHO 1

Part: Part 1

Summary: The Diamond Dolls room in the SHO Club - a (mostly) legit live-sex-show club - has some very special shows for some very special clients. Josh is a patron with a problem - he cums a LOT. Fortunately for him, some girls really like that sort of thing!

Keywords: M, mast, Mg(11), cum, ped, incest, cons

Date: 04/11/2016

[Author's Note]


It had taken months, literal months, to get into the Diamond Dolls room at the SHO club, but so worth it! Not just time, but money, patience, and dedication to the cause.


First, of course, he'd had to get to the SHO club itself, and that had required an invitation. The SHO club was exclusive, and low-key. It had to be, since live sex shows were still illegal. Illegal, but tolerated because, despite all efforts to stamp it out, live sex shows were still wanted by people, and people would always find a way. So the SHO club operated on the fringe of legality, charging clients outrageously for the facilities, drinks, parking, "security" and so on, but explicitly not charging them to watch "couples" engaging in sexual acts "on their own, for zero pay", or so the rules pamphlet stated - repeatedly.


Still, an invite was required, and after Joshua had heard about it from a friend, it'd taken him weeks to find someone to invite him in. Worth it though! He'd been to dozens of strip clubs, and even some live sex shows overseas, but nothing like the babes and studs at SHO!


For starters, they were gorgeous - every one of them - and covered the full spectrum of ages, genders, races, and so on. And though yes, there were girls (and guys) in their thirties and forties, they were both the exception, and in good shape; handsome or beautiful as appropriate.


More importantly, there was none of the worn-out, jaded look most actual strippers got after a while. These people wanted to be there, to be seen, and they were having fun. They were truly getting off on showing off sexually for an audience of very horny men and women who were cheering them on - but politely. No hollering obscenities, no drunken stupidity. Everyone there knew there were by invitation, and that the invitation would be revoked for bad behavior.


Finally, there was the fact that the "performers" sometimes - often even - would interact with a few of the audience members. "Members" being the operative word. Since they were well protected, among "friends", there was no reason they shouldn't interact. But woe be unto he (or she) who tried to take to the stage uninvited! So it didn't happen. And everyone had a good time. And unlike strip clubs, everyone who wanted to was more than welcome to get it on by hand or with their date, provided they were discreet and clean about it. No tossing your date on the table and going at her like a jackhammer! But if you wanted to diddle her, or have her blow you, that was perfectly okay; and most did. In fact, Josh found early on that some of the sights off stage were equal to or even exceeded those on stage. They might not be as "visible", but sometimes that added to the mystery and the excitement.


He'd been going several nights when he realized there was another level of the secrecy. At first he was sure he was mistaken, or that someone had fibbed on their release form, but after it'd happened several times, it became apparent that some of the performers simply could not be of legal age. While he couldn't point to any one of them and say definitively that they weren't eighteen, he nonetheless became convinced that some of them were seventeen, sixteen, perhaps even fifteen years old.


It took him a couple more weeks to determine the pattern of when the younger ones would be performing, but once he did, he targeted those shows, whether it was a milf-and-boy or man-and-girl, there was something almost scarily exciting about knowing (without proof) that he was watching something so completely taboo and... disturbingly arousing.


Over the next several months, he became a regular at such shows, and found himself befriending others who also seemed to attend that type of show regularly. He even found that some of their "dates" seemed similarly underage, and he encouraged his friends to misbehave with them with real enthusiasm. More than once he wished he knew some girls like that socially, but he didn't. The only young girls he knew were nieces and nephews too young to sneak into a club like this, though he did eventually admit to himself that he'd love to play with them even though they were even younger than his favorite performers at the club.


About a week after saying so to one of his SHO buddies who also liked the younger shows, he was enjoying a late-night show of an absolutely adorable little blonde of (apparently) sixteen or so, being boned by a man old enough to be father - and could be, for all he knew. A tap on his shoulder distracted him, and he looked over in annoyance - he didn't want to miss the climax of the show, and of the performers, who'd invited one of his friends to participate on stage. He'd gotten a handy from this girl himself, and knew how his friend was going to blast - and soon.


Behind him was a "gentle giant" of a man in a suit that looked like it was painted on him, it fit so tightly to his well-muscled frame. One of the club's "security"! Joshua thought hard. What had he done wrong? He couldn't think of anything. He always made sure to cum in one of the warm wet towels supplied at request, never leaving a mess for another patron. He never yelled or drew attention to himself. With his heart in his throat, he got up and followed the man, sure that his good times at Club SHO were over.


They slipped through a side door into a well-appointed office where an obvious manager-type sat behind a desk, smiling, and motioning him to take a seat.


He did so, speaking up immediately. "I'm really sorry sir. I don't know what I did wrong, but if you'll tell me, I promise, I'll never do it again!"


The man put his hands up, fending off the apology. "Mister Joshua! You have it all wrong! I assure you, you're in not trouble - at least not with us. Please relax. I have a proposition for you is all - something I think you'll find quite intriguing. Please. Breathe!"


He was already breathing easier. His reaction surprised him. He hadn't realized how much he'd grown attached to the club, his friends there, and the performers. He accepted the proffered glass of ice water, feeling it soothe his surprisingly dry throat. The manager-type was patient, waiting until Josh was relaxed enough to pick up the conversation.


"So... what's this about then? A proposition, you say? Business?"


"Well yes. No. Not exactly. Let's call it an offer. You've been coming here for what, nearly four months now, yes?" he glanced down at his desk which likely had a copy of Joshua's initial application for entrance.


"About that, I suppose," Josh agreed, not knowing the point, but knowing it was probably accurate. "Why?"


"And you've enjoyed the facilities? The shows? The, ah, performers?" The guy grinned and winked, and though it was a lewd grin, it was also a friendly one. A grin that said, "We're all perverts here, it's okay."


"Indeed. Very much so. You have a beautiful place here, and the ... performers are, well, amazing!"


"Good! Good!" the guy said happily. "I'm so glad you're enjoying the place, and the people. I don't suppose it would surprise you to learn that we keep an eye on our guests with an eye toward better serving them? The security guys," he nodded toward the guy who'd guided me here, "are quite observant, and are paid more for their brains than their brawn. Tony there has a PhD in Psychology, for example."


Josh looked over his shoulder and noticed the eyes instead of just the bulk. To his surprise, the guy did have a quite intelligent demeanor, as he nodded back, recognizing that until now, Josh had thought of him only as "muscle". Surprisingly, he didn't seem to resent it, and Josh made a mental note to buy him a drink by way of apologizing for underestimating him.


Turning back, he waited patiently. The guy was obviously edging in on a point of some delicacy, and Josh's curiosity was raised. What could he possibly be up to?


"Well, to be blunt Mr. Joshua, our staff - not just one, but several, have noted that you seem to have an interest in, ah, certain types of performers. Now obviously everyone has their favorites, but... Well, can you guess what your preferred type is?"


Suddenly the room seemed to be short of oxygen. Josh could feel his cheeks burning as he fought to keep control. He wasn't sure why, but he was certain that he was in a whole heap of trouble. He felt like he'd just been pulled in for an IRS audit.


"Uh, blondes?" he croaked, cleared his throat, took a sip of water, coughed.


The man smiled, his voice silky smooth and low, his eyes low as well, non-confrontational. "Yes Mr. Joshua. Blondes." Josh could breathe again. "And brunettes. And redheads." Josh smiled, relaxing. He felt he'd dodged a bullet. "All of the youngest available variety," the man continued, and suddenly Josh's chest felt like it was trapped in a vice once again.


"I... don't..." he started, but the man waved it off.


"Don't bother denying it Mr. Joshua. First of all, we've been watching, and we're quite certain. But more importantly, we're not judging, we're offering. How would you like the opportunity to see even younger girls - or boys, if you prefer? Would that interest you, Mr. Joshua?"


= = = = =


It was his first night in the Diamond Dolls room. The deal was pretty straightforward. He was offered an hour-long session with one of several performers. He picked five he was interested in. The club would present my profile to the performer and their "sponsor" (usually the father, but sometimes a mother, uncle, or other guardian of some sort). They would decide if they'd like to perform for me. Management would work out the scheduling. All he had to do was confirm and show up.


The hardest part - pun intended - had been in choosing the five. Josh had never really looked at such young persons before - at least, not in a sexual context - and he was instantly fascinated (and aroused) by them. He was surprised to find the choices so vast! There were boys and girls from around fifteen (but too young-looking to appear onstage) down as low as six or seven! At first he tried to convince himself that he'd never be sexually interested in anyone under fifteen, and he focused on them, pulling several out and putting them into his "preferred" pile.


He'd been at it for about twenty minutes when the manager-type cleared his throat. "Mr. Joshua, I hate to interrupt you, but if I may offer a suggestion?"


"By all means," Josh said, leaning back. He was well aware how terribly hard his erection was, even though the photos were all of them fully clothed, more-or-less. Some of the outfits were pretty scanty though! "I could use some help. There's just so many beauties to choose from!" He'd been focusing on the girls, since that was his general leaning anyway, though he'd certainly not been exclusively hetero through his life.


"I believe I've mentioned our... shall we say, perceptiveness?" Josh nodded. They'd pegged him all right, he could tell that much for certain by the ache in his loins. The man grinned. "Good, then you'll take my suggestion seriously, though it may seem a bit... outside your comfort level?"


"Uh sure, I guess so," Josh said uncertainly.


"Excellent." The man picked up the stack Joshua had set aside as possible, and set them aside. He then shuffled through the rest, greatly reducing the stack. There were about thirty folders left in front of Joshua now. "I'm pretty sure what you want is in there," the man grinned.


Josh leafed through the stack. All girls. All under twelve. His face burned. But as much as he wanted to, he simply couldn't disagree. The girls here were absolutely divine, and he could feel his underwear growing wet with his arousal at the mere thought of seeing any of them perform for him.


It'd taken another twenty uncomfortable minutes before he could winnow it down to the five finalists, and when he finally departed, he was actually shaking with excitement. The man had assured him that he'd be contacted with a few proposed appointment times within two days, and in fact, the call came the following afternoon, telling him there was an opening tonight if he was available. He wouldn't have missed it for the world. He was actually going to get to see a live sex show between a man and a youth!


Looking around now, he felt surprisingly calm. Part of him was still half-convinced it was some sort of "sting" operation, but he knew that since he'd been watching, and participating, with underage performers for months now anyway, it really wouldn't matter, from a legal standpoint, that the one he was here to see tonight was considerably younger. You can only die of old age in jail once, after all!


Sipping his iced tea, he leaned back in the comfortable chair, facing the huge window. The lighting was soft, the music mellow, and the place was surprisingly clean and fresh. Not the clean and fresh of a hospital though, reeking of disinfectant. The clean and fresh of a well-maintained home perhaps. Not sterile, but also not smelling of all the semen that simply had to have been released in here.


Of course, considering the cost for the Diamond Dolls room appointments, they could damned well afford the best cleaning crew, he reflected. But worth it, he knew. Despite his nagging doubts, he just knew this was going to be a life-changing experience.


The chime sounded, and the lights dimmed slightly in his room, rising a bit in the "show" room, the curtain parting to show a simple raised stage with a sturdy-but-comfy looking chair set about five feet back from the glass. Josh noted that the glass was perfectly clean, almost invisible, but quite thick. He approved. The performers should feel perfectly safe. The safer they felt, the more they'd let themselves do... whatever they wished.


After a minute, a man came out, standing near the glass and looking at Josh. "I'm Pete," he said in a friendly, conversational tone. "I understand you're Joshua?" Josh nodded. "First time in the Diamond Dolls room, right Josh?" He nodded again. "So let me get this straight," the man said. "You're about to have your cherry taken by an eleven-year-old girl?"


It was so incongruous that Joshua had to laugh, and the man joined him, the ice having been successfully broken. Afterwards, Pete continued. "Well my daughter Angela said you're 'really cute'," he said it in a mock "Valley Girl" accent, "and she's really looking forward to - as she likes to call it - dance for you." He winked at Josh. "Don't worry, there will be damned little actual dancing. We've only got an hour, after all. Cool?"


"Carry on," Josh said, relaxing at the guy's friendly manner. This man was the girl's father. If he approved of her stripping for him, who was he to say it was wrong?


"Come on out honey," he said, and a young girl appeared from behind the rear curtain. Josh recognized her immediately. The nearly platinum-blonde hair, loose and straight and hanging down to the small of her back, the corn-blossom blue eyes, and the sweet, startlingly innocent face. Josh was getting a stiffy already, and she hadn't even done anything yet!


"Hi mithter Joshua," she lisped sweetly. It wasn't much of a lisp actually, possibly it was affected, but it, when combined with her sweet voice, sent a shiver down Joshua's back. He was really doing this!


"Hi Angela. You're even more beautiful than your picture - and I thought that was drop-dead gorgeous!" he opined, bringing a dazzling smile to her face. Pete chuckled and gave him a thumbs-up. No father ever objected to a sincere compliment of his daughter, after all!


Taking a seat, Pete leaned back and watched, while Angela started dancing. She was actually pretty graceful, and it wasn't long before she'd slipped out of the robe-like dress she'd started in, revealing the light pink negligee beneath.


The thin, shiny silk played a game of peek-a-boo as she moved, molding to her small body to show her slight curves now, then moving away from her skin to hide her once again. The effect was far more arousing that if she'd just walked out naked - well, maybe not. But it was beautiful and alluring, and quite erotic. He could tell it was erotic for her too, as the silk showed the nipples atop her slight breasts were becoming pointed.


After a few minutes, her face too was pink, flushed with arousal - not embarrassment. She was enjoying showing off for him, that much was certain, as much as any stripper, and more than most. Her moves became more suggestive, bending over to let him enjoy the curve of her backside, twirling to flash him glimpses of her legs. It was making him hard as hell, but he wasn't even aware of it. He was mesmerized by the dancing delight.


Finally, she - eyes locked with his - reached up and pulled the spaghetti strap bows on her shoulders and the negligee slid down her body to the ground, revealing her in nothing but her panties. She'd managed to keep her arms covering her baby-boobies, which both frustrated and delighted Joshua. She looked so fucking innocent - other than her panties of course. She was in a quite brief thong, and that was even sexier because she'd pulled it up tight, wedging in to create a beautiful little cameltoe. She stood there for a moment, letting him drink it all in before moving.


With a sudden change of temperament, she turned to her father. "Daddy! Mr. Joshua's being mean! I'm down to my underwears, and he's still in his clothes!" Stamping her little foot cutely, it was the damnedest thing Josh had ever seen. How could a bratty move be so fucking sexy? It might have something to do with the fact that, turning away from him, she'd exposed her backside to him, the thong exposing her entire perfect ass to his view.


"Ahem," Pete said, and Josh wrenched his eyes off her behind to look at Pete. To his surprise, the man was naked himself as he sat in the chair, his cock sticking lewdly up. With shock, Josh realized that this man was naked and rock-hard right there in front of his own little girl! He felt a surge rush through his own cock - a surge of hot desire!


"Would ya mind, mate?" Pete said, and it took a moment for Josh to realize what he meant. The man wanted him to get naked too! He wanted a complete stranger to get naked in front of his little girl! "She ain't gonna budge on this one, I assure you," Pete continued. "Somehow she got it into her head that if a guy ain't hard, he ain't enjoying the show. Now I wonder where she could have got that idea?" He looked at her, grinning as she grinned back.


"You tol' me so, daddy!" she giggled - a sound that sent a shiver down Josh's back. Suddenly he was standing, divesting himself of clothes at a furious pace. He wanted this little angel to see him naked - to see his cock, hard and throbbing for her.


And it was too. He'd never been harder, and he stood there for an uncomfortable moment before realizing that he should sit back down. It was hard to think because this beautiful little girl was staring at his cock! It was almost like he could feel her eyes on it, making it tingle and throb, and for a moment he was worried that he'd just shoot off right then and there!


He got a break though, when she finally turned away, though it was his turn to blush as she told her daddy, "Gosh daddy! He as a really pretty cock, don't he?"


Pete looked as well, which felt a little odd to Josh. It always felt strange to have a man looking at one's junk. "Yes indeed honey," he told his daughter. "He has a very nice cock. But it's sort of unfair for you to look at his cock like that while you're still hiding your pretty little cunny behind those undies!"


Josh's pulse was pounding. If that meant what he thought it meant...


"You're right daddy," Angela nodded. "I should let him see, huh?"


"You should!"


"I should!"


"Well then?"


"Okay then!"


It was obviously one of those parent/child things, worn and comfortable from repetition, though probably not usually in this context. Nevertheless, Angela took action, walking up almost to the glass. Hooking her thumbs under the waistband, she slid the thong down, and down, and down, bending over to continue sliding it down. It would have dropped off it's own accord past the thighs, so it was obviously a move calculated to produce an effect - and it did.


Josh watched as the little girl's bare ass was first exposed to him, then presented for him as she bent lower, and lower, her tiny little pucker and puffy labes coming into view as the little girl's hands continued to slide down, bending further until her panties were at her ankles, still in hand. Carefully she lifted one foot, planting it back down about a foot and a half away. Another calculated move, this parted her legs more than her normal stance, but gave him an absolutely beautiful look up between her legs.


It wasn't until he heard her giggling as she looked at him from between her legs that Josh realized that he'd somehow teleported from the chair to inches short of the glass. He'd been so intent on looking, drinking in every detail, curve, and crease of this child's sex that his body had taken action without his knowledge.


He grinned bashfully at her, slightly embarrassed by his blatant desire for her, but she didn't seem the slightest bit fazed - she'd taken it all as a compliment, which it actually was, of a sort. "Gosh daddy, he's really excited! I nebber seen a man drippy so much!"


Looking down, Josh saw with horror that Angela was right - his precum was dripping down onto the window's ledge. If he'd gotten any closer, the damned thing would be smearing his juices all over the glass.


"Easy buddy," Pete spoke up in a calming voice. "You ain't done nothing wrong, relax. They kind of expect you to make a mess in here, trust me."


"Yuh huh!" Angela said, giggling, then bending down, left a clear lipstick mark where she kissed the glass right in front of Josh's cock. "Juicies is good" she enthused. "See? Daddy an' me is drippy too - an' that's good, cos wifout the drippies, it's rilly hard to get that thing inside me!"


Josh returned to his chair, staggering backwards, unwilling to look away for even a moment. They were going to do it! he thought. They were really going to fuck! Right here, right now, right in front of me! This little girl's going to take her father's cock!


As if reading his mind, Angela walked back to her father. In the voice children usually reserve for asking for ice cream, she whined, "Can we fuck now daddy? My poosey is so itchy! See how slippy it is?" She was facing away from him so he couldn't see clearly, but it looked like she dipped her finger into her pussy and offered it to her father!


"Of course honey, let's just move the chair up a bit so Mr. Joshua gets a good look, okay?"


"Kay daddy!" Angela said, turning to face Josh and rubbing her bare little cunny while her father moved the chair up to about a foot and a half from the glass. Josh did likewise on his side, drawing an approving smile from Pete.


"Okay honey, lap time!" Pete declared, and in a flash, the little eleven-year-old girl had scrambled onto his lap. With practiced ease and an assist from her father, she was soon sitting with her back to her daddy, his cock resting along the crease of her ass, her own feet resting on the glass about two feet apart, giving Josh a spectacular view of her prepubescent sex. With a sly grin, she reached down and spread herself open, giving him a clear look inside the light-pink folds, letting him see the glistening sheen of her aroused young cunny.


"Oh yesss daddy..." she sighed happily as Pete's hands wrapped around her, rubbing and pulling on her nipples in a way that she obviously enjoyed very much.


Josh must have made a noise because Pete suddenly said sternly, "Don't cum yet Joshua. The best is yet to cum. You'll want to hold off until you get to see this little girl take a man-sized cock, don't you? And you simply haven't lived until you've seen this little slut have an orgasm!" There was real pride in his voice, and Josh believed that was a sight he simply must not miss, though he was pretty sure that even if he came now, his cock wouldn't deflate - not with this vision of loveliness before him!


Still, he knew from his experience with the other performers that it wasn't "all about him". If possible, he'd like it to be a sort of "shared experience", so he vowed to fight off his climax until she could achieve hers - hopefully at the same time!


It was a moment or two before he could fight down his growing excitement, focusing instead on the pure beauty of the sight without thinking of how sexy it was. When he got himself under control, he nodded to Pete. "Okay, I'm good. Carry on."


But Angela hadn't ever stopped "carrying on". She was having a grand old time, rubbing and playing with her pussy in front of this stranger who's cock was simply drooling with excitement for her, her own juices dripping down onto her father's legs.


"Damn baby," Josh said with feeling, "what I wouldn't give to kiss you right there!"


"Ya wanna licky my puss-puss?" she said, teasing him intentionally. "Daddy says it tastes really good." She shrugged. "It's kay." She slipped two wet fingers into her mouth, sucking them clean to show she wasn't just guessing what it tasted like. Her eyes were locked with Joshua's, and she pulled her fingers out to continue. "But I like man creamies wayyy better!" Then she let her eyes drop down to Josh's drooling manhood and licked her lips hungrily.


"Christ Pete," Josh growled. "You better fuck this little slut soon - I don't know how much more of this I can take!"


Pete chuckled. "She is a good little tease, isn't she? Okay honey, you ready?"


"Yuh huh!" she said excitedly. "Sooo ready!"


Pete wrapped one arm around her, under her ribcage, then arched his back, leaning backward while lifting her. In a moment his fat cock sprang out from behind her, resting against her crease in front instead.


Josh gawped. "No fucking way that will fit inside her!" he said with honest conviction. It was true too - the damned thing was laying against her, showing just how deep into her tiny young body it would have to go, and there was simply no way it would fit and have her survive. It was just too damned long - not to mention the girth!


Pete laughed. "Don't worry Josh. We've done it before, y'know." That was true enough, and Josh relaxed a bit.


Angela reached down and pushed her daddy's cock against her and began to move, rubbing her pussy along the top of the shaft, her juices coating it and making it slick. She obviously loved the feeling of his hot, hard manhood pressed to her tiny slit, and made many small, sweet sounds of pleasure. Josh didn't think she actually came, but she was certainly enjoying it, arching her back higher and higher over time, making sure to rub the entire length against her, wetting him.


Between her juices and Pete's precum, his cock was soon a shiny, slippery thing rubbing between his daughter's legs, her hands wet from rubbing herself and him against him. His arms around her tiny body held her securely so she could focus on her fun, and he gradually lifted her so that her rubbing and moving gradually brought the head of his cock to her entrance.


Josh was mesmerized by the whole thing. It was beyond his wildest dreams, and he had to fight back the urge to touch himself, certain that's all it would take for him to erupt. His balls felt full to bursting already, but he really wanted to hold off until they were ready.


So it was almost with relief (though no less shocking) when the tip of Pete's cock pushed against Angela's cunny entrance. To his surprise though, it didn't just prod, it forced its way into the little girl. The sight was incredible. Josh didn't know pussy flesh could stretch so much, yet here was the proof. The tiny girl's pussy, which had looked so small just moments ago, was stretching wide enough open to let her father's man-sized cock squeeze into her!


It wasn't an easy-squeazy though. Josh could tell a lot of pressure was being applied to push that fat hog into that tiny hole! But miraculously, either of them seemed to be pained by it. Quite the opposite in fact. Both of them were panting and grunting with the effort, but also making quite sincere sounds of pleasure as well, Pete's low and guttural, Angela's high and whispery.


"Oh God yes daddy!" the little girl panted, practically bouncing on the huge cock forcing it's way into her. "Oh fuck fuck fuckfuckfuck daaadyyy!" The last was almost a scream as the head, having passed the tightest point, now slid forward, followed by several inches of shaft, filling and stretching her tunnel.


"Yes babygirl! Here it comes honey, here it comes! Daddy's cock gonna fill his little slutgirl's cunt!" He lifted her, letting a couple of inches slide out, then pushed her down hard, most of his cock disappearing inside her in a sudden rush.


"Aaaiiihhh!" she screamed, her feet pounding on the glass as her legs shook and jerked from the spasms coursing through her body. "I'm cumming daddy! Oh my God daddy! I'm cumming so hard!" She looked at Josh. "See me cumming mister?" In the excitement of her climax, she'd lost his name - but not the joy that she received by being seen at her very naughtiest. "I'm cum-UH! Cumming! For. YOU! On. My. Daddy's. COCK!"


Pete, knowing his daughter well, began to fuck her earnestly at this point. When she got this excited, she could have several climaxes in a row, and he loved that more than anything.


"Keep watching her Josh! She fucking loves that shit!" His own breathing was rapid, and he had to be fighting back his own climax in order to pleasure his little angel further. "You getting close to cumming dude?"


It took Josh a moment to figure out what he meant, but at a glance of the pool of precum on the window sill - somehow he'd moved from the chair to stand in front of the window again without knowing it - he knew that he could cum any time they wanted. Hell, he might not be able to prevent it much longer even if they begged. His cock had never been harder, his balls never fuller. He needed to spray in the worst way.


"Too close Pete. I'll fire off the second I touch it, I'm sure!"


Angela was following the cycle of climax, easing down, then rapidly climbing to another peak as the huge cock filling her pumped inside her, first creating amazing pressure as he pushed it in, then intense suction as he pulled it out. Her little body was shiny with sweat, and her juices coated and covered his cock and legs and sprayed against the window in a sprinkle from the activity.


"Fuck! Enough! I'm gonna cum baby girl! Daddy's gonna spray his cum all over you!"


"Yes daddy! Yes! Do it! Oh my God daddy! Shower me pleeease!"


Pete glanced at Josh. "Cum with me dude. This little girl's a total cum freak. Can't get enough of it. Spray it all over the window while I spray it all over her body!"


"What?" Josh asked, surprised and uncertain.


"Please please yes please!" Angela squealed, removing all doubt.


Josh took his cock in hand - and that was all it took. He erupted, sending torrents of hot cum splashing against the window right in front of the little girl being fucked by her father - being sprayed down by her father. But the girl's eyes were completely fixated on Josh's gushing juice, wide with surprise and joy, her hand a blur between her legs as she diddled her clit furiously, sending her up one final crest to a mind-blowing climax along with the two men.


By the time he regained his senses, Josh was on the floor, his knees having given out in the intensity of his climax. Looking up he saw that the window was a complete mess, covered with his semen oozing slowly down to pool on the sill to overflowing, thence down the short wall to the floor. Moving to the side, he found a clear spot to look inside.


Pete and Angela were panting hard, Pete rubbing his cum into the child's skin as she cooed and squirmed. She looked amazingly... well, cute was the only word - like a kitten getting her tummy tickled - until his eyes traveled down to her cunny.


Her pussy was deep pink, gaping open, clearly hard-used, and still drooling juices out. She'd put her feet back on the glass, and when he glanced up, he saw that she was now watching him intently.


When Pete noticed, he chuckled. "Wrecked her pussy, eh? Sorry old man."


"Don't be ridiculous," Josh said, shaking with exhaustion, but deeply sincere. "I've never seen anything more beautiful!"


Angela giggled and squirmed. "Seriously? Even after it got all stretched out like that? It'll go back, by the way."


"Nope. Seriously. Your pussy is amazingly beautiful sweetie, whether she's fresh as a daisy or just fucked by your horny ol' daddy. Still gorgeous. Though right now, I dare say I'd be kissing her a lot more gently."


It was the right answer, and Angela cooed, "Oh daddy, can we keep him?"


= = = = =


It was a couple of days before Josh could visit SHO again. The first day he'd just been too sore. Not from that single instance, but from taking the following day off and beating off about a dozen times, reliving the memory of that encounter. By the following evening though, he went to the club intending to just relax and watch a bit. He was still pretty worn-out.


He'd no sooner got in the door though when one of the security guys led him to the office. For a moment, he worried that the mess he'd made had been too much - he'd cum more than he'd ever cum in his life, after all - and his normal loads were "above average" to put it mildly. But he recalled that Pete had said it was fine, so he tried to relax. Still, he had that "Called to the Principal's Office" feeling.


The Suit was there, and greeted him casually enough though, inviting him to sit. "Well, well, have a good time the other night I trust, Mr. Joshua?"


He couldn't think of the right words, so he settled for a simple nod.


"Good, good. Then I take it you'll be wanting to participate again?"


Well, that answered the question about the mess. If he was unwelcome, they wouldn't be inviting him back. "Oh, definitely - though I do need some recuperation time!"


The man laughed. "Of course, of course. So glad you enjoyed yourself. And you'll be happy to know that Pete and Angela spoke well of you." He lowered his voice. "Consider it your initiation here at the Diamond Dolls room of SHO. If you'd been bad, you wouldn't be coming back - at any price."


"Say, that's been bothering me. What's 'SHO' mean anyway?"


"Ah," the manager said. "It's an acronym for She, He, and Other. You know, couples getting it on with 'others' watching, be it one or many.


"Anyway, both of them like you very much. Angela in particular, was quite impressed with your, shall we say, 'production'. She's a bit of a cum-slut, you know."


"Uh yeah, sorry about the mess..." Josh started, still feeling he should apologize.


"Tut tut! All part of the service," the Suit said. "At least we know you enjoyed yourself!"


"I did, very much. But to be honest, I don't usually cum that much. It was... she was... uh..."


"I understand perfectly sir," the manager said. He hesitated, then continued. "Well, I just wanted to check on you, and to pass this along." He handed a slip of paper to Josh. It was a phone number. "Pete said you should feel free to call, if you're so inclined." His eyes twinkled with mischief. "Are you sure you can't cum that much again?"


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