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Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Thirteen

Part: Part 1

Summary: Horny barely-teen lusts after sister, gets more than he ever hoped for.

Keywords: MFmf - Fam, Inc, Ped, Mast, Voy, 1st, Pen, Cons, Group

Date: 06/25/2017

[Author's Note]


Kenny stroked himself slowly as he listened to the sounds from down the hall. Dad was really giving it to mom tonight, that was for sure, and it sounded like mom was really enjoying it.

In his imagination, his father was taking her from behind, like he'd been doing the one time he'd accidentally walked in on them. The memory had been burned into his memory and was common fodder for his fapping. He hadn't got to see much really, but his imagination was fully up to the task of filling in the details.

In his mind's eye, his mother was hunched down, presenting fully as his father towered over her, his hard cock sliding into her wet pussy, the bed rocking with each thrust. He'd seen enough porn to be able to imagine what his father's member might look like, as well as his mother's pussy. And the way they fucked all the time made him think that they must really enjoy it, which must mean that mom's pussy would be very wet.

At thirteen - well, almost thirteen, Kenny didn't last very long before shooting his cum, his fingers rapidly stroking his hard little cock until the last drop had been squeezed out. The good news was that at thirteen, he also recovered rapidly. And since mom and dad tended to go at it for a long time, he usually got a second fapping session in while listening to them. He loved to muffled grunts his dad made and the muffled gasps his mom made. Occasionally they'd forget themselves and actually say things to each other - naughty things - things that got him super excited.

He'd just cleaned up the first batch of cum, and was diddling himself lightly, bringing his cock back to life for a second round, when there was a light tapping on the door.

It was - it could only be - his big sister. Hurriedly he pulled up the covers, lifting one knee so there would be no tent to give him away. The tissues went in the garbage, and he called out, "Come in!"

Kelly was as much a part of his imaginary sex-partner stable as his mother. Thought a year older than him, she didn't lord over him like some older sisters did. In fact, they had a very good relationship. And she was super cute. With long, straight red-blonde hair and clear green eyes, she'd have been a beauty anyway. But she'd also been blessed with a chest that was to die for. She'd "blossomed early" as mom liked to say, and they stood full and proud on her chest, jutting out firmly as only brand-new breasts do. A "B" cup, he figured. Not exactly huge, but on her small frame they looked quite large indeed - especially when compared to most of the girls in her class.

The only bad part was that she didn't seem to be inclined to share them with anyone. As far as he knew, she'd never had a boyfriend, and that caused problems. Boys are dickheads, and commonly made up things that didn't happen. Kenny had gotten into a few fights over boys who had claimed to have "done things" with his big sister when he knew it wasn't true and called them on it. And since they were usually a year or two older than him, the fights didn't always go well. This had caused him to engage in an exercise routine and enroll in a karate class so that he could hold his own when he needed to, and that resulted in him being more fit than most. That in turn naturally resulted in more than the usual amount of interest from the other girls in his classes - even one or two who were his sister's age.

He wouldn't have minded so much, but mom and dad had some strange rules. Apparently the first, most important and sacrosanct rule was that there was to be no dating until they turned thirteen. Something about being a teenager or something. It seemed arbitrary to Kenny, but they stood firm on it. And it was an irritant to him that Kelly had been able to date for over a year now, and hadn't availed herself of the opportunity. "I'm waiting for the right boy," was all she ever said, adding an enigmatic smile just to annoy him more.

She slipped into his room, closing the door behind her. As usual, she had on her featherweight nightie. The material was opaque and covered her completely, but it was so thin and light that it often revealed her curves and contours - at least to anyone who was paying attention as closely as he did. It actually displayed less of her lovely lithe body than did, say, her bikini. And he'd seen her in that plenty of times (and cherished ever inch he got to see). But there was something exciting about the nightie. As if he were glimpsing something he really shouldn't be seeing.

"Wow, they're really going at it tonight, aren't they?" she grinned, climbing onto his bed to sit beside him. He shifted over carefully - his member was still stiff as a nail, and would show if he weren't careful.

"Yeah," he grinned back. They'd talked about their parents' sexual appetites before, and he'd been surprised to learn that Kelly paid attention as he did. He'd originally thought she'd be the type to put on headphones or try to ignore it. But she didn't. This wasn't the first time she'd snuck into his room while mom and dad were doing it and they'd talked about it.

They sat and listened a bit, smiling at each other when things got particularly loud. He wondered if Kelly masturbated to the sounds as he did. Of course, in his imagination she did, and the thought of her doing so sent a surge through his still-erect penis, but she didn't seem to notice his slight gasp.

"So tomorrow's the big day, eh?" she finally said, as the sounds quieted down. Either they were taking a break or they were done. Kenny hoped it was just a break, as he knew he'd want to rub one out again as soon as he had some privacy.

"Yeah," he grinned. "The big thirteen. Finally a teen. Whoopee!" The tone was sarcastic, but they both knew he'd been waiting for this one.

"You got your first date all lined up yet?" his sister asked.

"I'm thinking of taking Julie out to a show on Saturday," he mused. Partly it was a tease. Kelly didn't like the fact that Julie liked him, since Julie was her own age. But she just nodded.

"If you do, be careful. I think she's got designs on your virginity."

She winked at him, and he blushed. He'd have liked to deny still being a virgin, like every boy over the age of six always did. But she knew better. They'd talked quite a bit about sex actually, sharing the scarce information that kids had to make due with since grownups wouldn't tell them anything. Being a year older, and a girl, she had imparted a wealth of facts to him, and he figured he knew it all - but then, every thirteen year old boy thinks he knows it all. He did have the fundamentals down though, and felt confident that when the time came, there would be no big surprises.

"I'll be on my guard," he grinned. "I doubt you're right, but wouldn't that be great if she did? I'd love to actually find out what it's like!"

Kelly bit her lower lip and turned away from him, and he wondered if he'd said something wrong. But she turned back a moment later, smiling. "Don't worry Kenny. You're really cute, and you'll be getting all the sex you want before you know it!"

"Like you'd know," he said, slightly annoyed. She hadn't intended to sound condescending, but he took it that way. "You're the prettiest girl in school, but dang if I know why you haven't done it yet!"

Kathy's cheeks darkened, and she looked away again, mumbling something.

"What's that?" Kenny asked.

"I said," she replied, turning to face him defiantly, "who says I haven't?"

Kenny's eyes bugged out. "What?" he said so loud it was almost a shout. Kelly put her finger to her lips and he fought it down. "What the heck Kelly! You did it? I mean, really did it? For reals? When? With who? What was it like? Do mom and dad know? How many times? How come you didn't tell me?" The questions came out in a flood before Kelly could interject a word.

"Calm down," she said, giggling. She was delighted that he seemed happy for her. Part of her worried he might not like the idea of his sister having sex - might even scold her for it. She should have known better. Kenny had always supported anything she did that made her happy, just as she'd always tried to be there for him.

"Okay, you're thirteen tomorrow -"

"In one hour!" he interrupted her. After all, it was a little after eleven at night. The new day was right around the corner.

"Okay, okay. Well I guess I can tell you then." She blushed slightly as she went on. "I... I actually started just after my birthday. And I've done it a lot of times."

"How many? Five? Ten?" he interrupted her again.

"Shut up or I won't tell!" she retorted, and he backed down. "Way more than five or ten," she went on, blushing. She felt like she was admitting she was a slut to someone who'd thought her a prude - which she was. "Pretty much several times every weekend since I turned thirteen," she said, watching his eyes.

Kenny's eyes widened. His beautiful sexy sister was actually doing it! Regularly! His cock twitched at the thought. This was wonderful fodder for his imagination, and he knew that instead of imagining mom and dad when he got to finish later, he'd be imagining his sexy sister being boned by some lucky boy.

"So who with?" he asked, eager for details to aid in his visualizing.

"None of your damn business!" she retorted playfully, but at the same time, he knew she wasn't going to tell.

He frowned, but accepted the fact, turning in another direction. "So what all have you did?"

She shrugged. "Pretty much all of it, I guess. I've given hand-jobs, and blow-jobs. Have been fucked. Not ready for anal yet though." She grinned at the way his eyes bulged larger and larger with each admission. She hesitated a moment for effect before the coup de grace. "I've even eaten pussy!" she said with a flourish. She knew how much Kenny - and boys in general - got turned on by girl-girl action, and she grinned as she saw his face turn red. Score!

But he continued to look distressed, his face growing darker as his embarrassment grew, and she knew she'd done something wrong. "I'm sorry Kenny! What's the matter?" He shook his head, looking away. "Come on! I confess to you and this is what I get back?" Anger was creeping into her voice. She'd honestly thought this information would please him. "Fine. If that's the way you want to be!" She started to get up.

"It's not that," he mumbled, and she eased back down.

"Well what then?" she asked gently. She didn't want this rift between them, and calm talk might heal it. "Come on Kenny, tell me what I did wrong so I can make it right?"

"You didn't," he mumbled, shame-faced. "I did."

"Did what?" she coaxed. Then suddenly, it dawned on her. She couldn't help the giggle that burst out and she was immediately sorry for it, but she was deliriously happy. "Did I accidentally make you mess yourself?" she asked. He didn't have to answer, his face said it all. If it got much redder, it would glow.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Kenny," she said gently, though she couldn't keep the joy from her voice. "I really am sorry."

"You don't sound like it!" he pouted.

"But I am sorry bro. But I'm not sorry too. I mean... I mean..." she struggled for the wording. "I mean, I'm happy that I made you feel that good. But I'm sorry I embarrassed you. I didn't mean to. But... but did it feel good Kenny? I mean, did you cum because you got so excited by what I said? That's kinda like, a compliment you know. Like... like maybe you think I'm sexy or something."

"Jesus Kelly, you are sexy! You're really so dumb you don't know that?"

She grinned. "I'm so happy you think so Kenny! And for the record, I think you're super sexy too! Wanna know why I don't date? Cos I already got the sexiest boy in school living with me!"

He looked at her, dumbfounded. "But Kelly, we... we're brother and sister."

"I know, right? So if we wanted to... you know, do things. We'd have to be super duper careful, huh?"

"Do things?" Kenny asked, excitement creeping back into his voice. "You mean like..."

She nodded. "Like sex stuff. I mean, if you wanted like, for me to teach you some stuff or anything." To his dismay, she slid off the edge of the bed to leave. But then she didn't leave. In one fluid motion, she slid the nightie off, and she was standing before him, stark naked! "Don't tell mom and dad, okay? Seriously. Our secret."

The thought of telling his parents - or anyone - was the furthest thing from his mind. The only thing on his mind was drinking in every inch of his sister's incredible body.

As he'd already known, her curves were starting to develop, and her breasts were magnificent - about the size of his cupped hand. Her legs were long and slender, and there was no fur between her legs. Seeing the approval in his eyes, she turned slowly, giving him the full view, and so he got to see her sweetly curved ass bare for the first time too.

In actual truth, there was little here that he hadn't seen before. Just the bits that the bikini covered. And yet, seeing it all uncovered seemed to make it all new for him somehow. "Jesus," he said in a low, worshipful whisper, "you're beautiful."

She grinned impishly, making a curtsy. "Well thank you sir!" Climbing back onto the bed, she looked at him expectantly. "Well I showed you mine, now you show me yours!"

Kenny knew his sister, and her views on fair play. So he knew that he wasn't going to be able to beg off on this. But he had a problem. He'd just cum in his sheets, and he didn't really want to share that with her. He fumbled around for an excuse - any excuse other than that, but couldn't come up with anything. So finally, he decided on the truth.

"Uhm, Kelly? I just... well, you know. Kinda made a mess. Gimme a minute to clean up first?"

"Nothin' doin', butthead," she said playfully. "I helped make that mess, and I wanna see it all!" Grabbing a handful, she yanked the sheet and blanket down, exposing her brother.

There really wasn't much to see, but Kelly had learned a few things over the past year about how fragile the male ego was when it came to sex, so she didn't say that. Instead, she tried to look impressed. "Oh wow Kenny! You came all that, just over little ol' me?" She grinned at him.

After a moment, he grinned back. The deed was done, after all, and she was already seeing him naked, with an erection, cum on his crotch and tummy. It wasn't like he could hide anything now. Besides, and more importantly, she seemed pleased to see it. It felt weird to be looked at this way, but it was also kind of exciting. The way she kept looking at it, like she was really interested in it. Like it was something she wanted to look at. It made him feel good somehow.

"I like it," she finally said, matter-of-factly. "You have a nice dick Kenny." Then she did the unspeakable. Kenny watched it all happen like it was in slow-motion. Kelly reached out, dipped her finger into the cum in his belly button, and put the finger into her mouth!

"Fuuuck!" he said, long and slow, his shock stretching out the word. He felt like his heart had stopped. But Kelly just sat there, finger in mouth, looking at him for all the world like she'd done nothing wrong.

"What?" she demanded as he continued to stare at her in shock. "Jesus Kenny! Don't be such a prude! Don't tell me you won't want to taste my pussy!" She stopped, looking disappointed. "Or maybe you don't..."

"I do! I do!" Kenny said eagerly, the possibility of tasting his sister's pussy snapping him out of it. He sat up quickly.

"Woah tiger," Kelly said, giggling at his eagerness. She glanced at the clock on his night stand. "Oh! It's after midnight! You're a teenager now, so it's all right!" She turned back to him, her voice lowering, taking on an excitingly dangerous tone. "No more claiming you're too young now! I've been waiting for this for so long!" Without warning, she climbed on her hands and knees over him as he laid back down. There was an almost feral quality about her now, and he knew without being told that she was going to take him. Tonight. Now. His virginity was history.

Bending down to his ear, she licked it, then purred in a low voice, "Do you want to taste my pussy Kenny? Cos you can now, if you wanna." She stopped suddenly, straightening up, her voice becoming matter-of-fact again. "But only if you want to Kenny," she said. "I don't want you to think I forced you or tricked you or anything like that." She rolled over onto the bed beside him, laying on her side to look at him. "That would be wrong Kenny. Doing things together - well other people might think that's wrong, but I don't. But I do think it's wrong to force you or trick you. So if you don't want to, just say the word. Not just now, but always. Never do anything sexual with anyone if you don't want to. That's rape."

The sudden change caught him off-guard, but jarred his brain into gear. He understood where she was coming from. Their parents had pretty much drilled that into their heads from - well, forever. So he knew that she meant it. But it was also reaffirming their trust in each other. And he knew he'd have to re-affirm now before she'd continue - and he really wanted her to continue.

He took a moment to gather his thoughts, and replied just as seriously. "I know Kelly. And you're right. And the same back. And yes, I do wanna."

Her eyes glowed with delight and desire. Her voice went purry again. "You wanna what, Kenny?"

"I wanna taste..." he gulped. "I wanna taste your pussy," he said.

Kelly grinned and rolled onto her back. It was as clear an invitation as any man had ever received.

Kenny rolled onto his hands and knees, and following her directions, moved around on the bed to climb between her knees. Her pussy was the most beautiful thing he'd ever see, so smooth and soft and ... and the scent was divine. It made his head swim and it made his mouth water.

He knew enough about sex to know that the glint of liquid was his sister's excitement. That made him feel good - she wasn't just doing this with him, she wanted to do this with him! He looked up at her, uncertain of how to proceed.

"You don't have to Kenny," she repeated, but the look on his face made her laugh. "Okay, okay. Well, if you want to, you can start by licking on my thighs, then work your way up to where you're licking on the outside of my pussy... oh!" Kenny had already begun the journey, and Kelly's body quivered with excitement. This was her virginal, thirteen-year-old brother licking his way to her pussy! Her excitement was making her giddy. She'd have to be careful not to get too carried away on his first time!

Forcing herself to take long, deep breaths, she spoke. "That's right Kenny. You're doing very well. Damn that feels good! Go ahead, closer. OH MY!" His tongue had found the groove where cunny meets thigh, and his cheeks had brushed both. "Sorry Kenny, it just feels really good! Okay, go ahead, lick the outside of my pussy now... ahhh... oh damn... yes Kenny, that's purrrfect. Follow your instincts. Let your tongue slip between my folds and you'll actually feel and taste my juices then... OH YEAH! Sorry Kenny, I'm trying to hold still, but man does your tongue feel good!"

Kenny lifted his head to look at his sister. The look on her face was pure bliss. His tongue had slid along her groove and her hips had jerked, but he'd moved with it and continued the long swipe. Apparently she'd really enjoyed that. He lowered his head once more, his heard thrilling to the sweet sounds coming from her throat.

"Ah... yes... oh God yes Kenny. You're doing it all right. Here, let me shift a bit..." She tilted her hips to give him more complete access. "Now down there toward the bottom, you will feel my actual pussy hole - OH SHIT! Yeah, you got it all right!" She giggled. "That's where your cock goes - or in this case, your tongue. Oh yeah... your tongue..." her voice went dreamy as he pushed his tongue inside her, then made some very interesting sounds as he swirled it around. He'd done some French kissing and this seemed the same, so he tried the same moves - with very positive results.

"K-K-Kenny..." Kelly panted after a few minutes of this tongue action. "You're gonna make me cum, baby brother! I... I... OH GOD! I'm gonna cum Kenny! Don't be surprised at all the juices - if you don't want them, better back off now!" Kenny's tongue redoubled their ministrations. He'd read about this, and was eager to feel a girl cum on his tongue. There was no way he was going to let his sister off the hook now!

He could feel her pussy quivering, pulsing, squeezing his tongue rhythmically. Her hips were gyrating, so he wrapped his arms around her thighs. This invited her to squeeze his head, and she did, but not uncomfortably hard. The gripping each other helped his mouth stay locked on target and they moved together as one as Kenny took his sister up over the peak to her orgasm. He was surprised at the gush of liquid pouring into his mouth, but he just gulped it down - it was delicious. He could easily see why men so loved eating pussy - or women, he supposed. It was the best thing ever!

Kelly was pushing on his head, and he took the clue, backing off and looking up at her. The air on his face let him know his whole face was soaking wet, as was, he discovered as he looked, Kelly's thighs, pussy, and a large area of the sheets beneath her ass. He looked up at her, grinning happily as she looked back, panting and grinning like a fool.

"Well done son!" his father said from the doorway, clapping as he and his mother walked in on them.

"Oh honey, I'm so proud of you," his mom said, kissing him soundly on the lips as she sat on the bed beside him.

Kenny's heart was beating like a hummingbird. What the ever-loving fuck? What were mom and dad doing here? Had they seen? Of course they had, Kelly was still laying there, legs splayed! And not hiding it! In fact, nobody was hiding anything! Mom and dad were just as stark naked as he and Kelly were! And... and they were beaming at him like he'd just graduated high school or something. Not angry - proud.

He wasn't an idiot. Like most men, Kenny could add two and two and come up with four most of the time. What was suddenly obvious was that his parents didn't disapprove of him and his sister doing this. Hell, he didn't even have to figure that out, they'd said as much.

But... dad was here? And Kelly was stark naked, pussy fully displayed, and neither one shocked. And mom had kissed him - on the mouth. She had to have tasted Kelly's pussy on his lips. There was more going on here than just them being okay with him and Kelly!

"You... you're okay with this?" he asked, not sure how to ask the rest of what he suspected. If it wasn't true, he didn't want to say it - they might get really offended.

"More than okay with it son," his father said, sitting on the edge of his bed and wrapping his arm around his son, pulling him into a warm embrace. Kenny was momentarily horrified - after all, they were both naked! And actually, both completely erect too, he noticed. But his brain wasn't up to the task of fighting it, so he just let his dad hug him as he went on talking.

"Now that you're thirteen, we're totally fine with you and your sister playing together kiddo!" he squeezed his son tightly.

"Your father didn't think you were going to make it to thirteen," his mother chimed in.

"We darn near didn't!" Kelly said, slipping up against his other side and hugging him tight from that direction. "I swear daddy, if I hadda wait five more minutes, Ida given in!" She giggled, reaching for her father's member and stroking it. "Looka how hard you are daddy! How long you been watching?"

"About five minutes dear," her mother spoke up. "Your brother must have been doing a fine job, as your screams were quite loud!"

"Screams?" Kenny asked.

"Your ears were covered," Kelly giggled.

"Your sister tends to scream when she cums son," His father said matter-of-factly.

"Like mom," Kenny grinned, starting to relax and wanting to contribute.

"I do not scream," his mom stated. "I... uhm... orate!" The whole family laughed at that.

"So... um... you and Kelly...?" Kenny asked after the mirth had abated.

"Yes son," his father said. "And I'm sure I don't have to tell you that you can't tell anyone - and I do mean anyone."

"Well duh!" he said, before remembering who he was speaking to. "Uh, sorry dad. I mean, yes I understand." But one question was burning in his mind. "How long?"

"How long have we been fooling around, or how long have I been fucking her?" his dad asked. His son gaped, so he just chuckled and went on. "Like everyone else in our family, she was invited to play just after her thirteenth birthday, though I'm not sure anyone has started five minutes after their birthday - until you!" he laughed and ruffled his son's hair. "Naturally she wasn't ready for fucking for a couple of months though."

"Totes was!" Kelly said, sticking her tongue out at her father.

"Totes wasn't - at least not physically," their mother interjected. "If he'd have tried, she'd have cried, and this whole thing would've died," she said in a sing-song voice.

Kenny finally got around to looking - actually, really looking at his naked mother. The word "MILF" flashed into his mind. Her breasts were firm and full, with large nipples, and while she wasn't as petite as her daughter, she still had a very nice, very sexy body.

She smiled as she saw her son looking at her. "Like what you see son? It's yours to play with if you like. Heck, I'll even take your virginity if you let me!" She looked down at his lap and smiled. "You've got such a pretty cock. I knew it when you were born."

"Hey!" Kelly objected. "I earned it! You said I could be his first!"

"No honey," her father corrected. "We said you could be his first if he wanted. It's his virginity, it's his choice." The reprimand was firm, but lovingly delivered, and Kelly nodded.

"Right. Sorry daddy. Kenny?" she asked.

He grinned. "Well, I did kinda promise it to ya," he said.

Ever the drama queen, Kelly flopped onto her back, throwing her legs into the air. "Take me Kenny! Take me! I'm yours!" Everyone laughed.

Kelly took the opportunity to move back to the pillows, gesturing Kenny to follow, which he did. Shortly he was hovering over his sister, his cock leaking onto her pussy as it moved close to entry. He was going to do it! He was actually going to fuck - not just any girl, but his beautiful sister! He knew his mother and father were watching, but he had eyes only for Kelly - until he felt hands on him.

His mother was caressing his back from one side, his father took his cock in one hand and his ass in the other, guiding him to his target. Part of him was freaked out by that - his dad's hand on his bare ass - and on his cock? Another part was annoyed - did they think he couldn't aim? But an even larger part recognized that they wanted this to be a whole-family event. They wanted to participate in his first time, to support, and to show their love at this major event in his life. He took a breath to steady himself, then smiled at each in turn, approving their touches.

His father's hand guided his cock, his other hand squeezing his ass and pushing it down as his mother's hands lightly caressed his back and thighs while she gently cooed encouragement. And through it all his eyes locked with his sisters as they shared this amazing experience. Her cunny was so soft against the tip as his father rubbed it up and down her slit. It felt like molten honey as he felt the tip push at the entrance, then slide easily inside. The sensation of her hot, wet pussy clenching around his member was beyond description, and every inch was a new discovery in pleasure. His father's hands ensured he didn't just lunge in, as he felt his muscles wanted him to. Slow and steady, inch-by-inch, he sank his hard cock into his sister's tight cunt.

"There's a good boy," his father proclaimed proudly as his pubic bone ground home against Kelly's puffy pussy. She gasped in pleasure as his father punctuated his statement with a firm smack on the boy's ass, making him jerk with surprise and forcing himself even a bit deeper. "Come on honey," his dad said. "Let's leave the kids to their fucking."

"Wait," Kelly said suddenly. She looked up as her brother with a hopeful expression. It took him but a moment to figure out what she was asking, but when he did, he grinned.

"Mom? Dad? I think Kelly and I would love it if you would join us. There's room for you beside us here, and we've both listened to you fucking so many times - well, it just seems right somehow to have you here. If you want to, that is."

His dad laughed, and his mother looked like she was going to burst into tears, but managed to contain herself. Instead, she positioned herself beside her daughter, and in a moment, their dad was between her legs, cock buried deep in her pussy, and the two - man and boy - began to fuck their respective women.

Kelly and their mother caressed Kenny and their father, and each other, and each other's mates while the men pumped their pussies. Kenny was glad that he'd already cum twice tonight, else he was sure he wouldn't have lasted five minutes, and he wanted this to last forever. The pleasure of fucking his sister was beyond description, but the fact that his parents were right there too, with those same, well-known sounds and grunts, made the whole experience that much more amazing.

Their mother came almost immediately - for her first - and Kenny grinned. He suspected that mom was as juicy as Kelly, and he was going to smell her on his sheets. Then he realized that at some point, he was probably going to fuck her too. On impulse, he stopped ramming Kelly for a moment, and reached over to feel his mother's soppy-wet pussy. He also felt his father's ginormous cock, though touching it didn't seem as off-putting as he might have expected earlier. He brought his fingers back and sniffed them, then slipped one into his mouth to taste his mother's juices. Yummy. Similar to Kelly's, but different too. He noticed his father watching him and smiled. His dad winked back, and the two guys got back to it.

There was no way he could match his father's stamina of course. He only lasted about ten minutes - a major feat for him - before he knew he was going to erupt.

"Gonna cum, Kelly," he warned. "Where ya want it?" He was panting hard with exertion and excitement, and didn't have time to be eloquent.

"Fill her cunt son," his father said. "She's on the pill, so go ahead."

He looked at Kelly, and she nodded, then reached down and began to work her clit. "Cum in me Kenny, cum in me! Fill me with your seed brother dear! Let me feel you spraying your sperms inside me!" It was hot, it was nasty, it was sexy-as-hell. And with her fingers working her clit, the young woman's pussy was spasming around his cock. There would never be a more perfect time, and he let fly, ramming into her with hard, rapid strokes as his balls twitched and his cock flexed and he fired his salvo deep into his sister's pussy. The bliss overtook him and he lost all track of time and space, until he came to, his head spinning, laying atop her where he'd collapsed.

Both mom and dad were cheering him on, and Kelly was finishing her own climax - he could feel her hot cunny spasming around his cock, milking out every last drop. He felt completely and utterly drained. Melted. Discharged. Absolutely spent. He couldn't even roll off of his sister.

After a moment, Kelly did it for him, giggling. "He's like a limp lizard daddy," she said.

"Let him be honey," their mother chided her. "He's had a hard night. And in the meantime, wanna feed momma?"

"Mmm! Yeah!" Kelly said happily. Without hesitation, she moved up, straddling her mother's head, and lowering her pussy to her mother's eager mouth. In moments the older woman's tongue was deep inside her cum-soaked pussy, licking and sucking out her son's cum greedily.

Since she was facing her father, he took the opportunity to kiss her. Kenny watched, smiling as his father kissed his sister with a love and passion he'd only ever seen him show for his wife. It made him happy that Kelly got that same sort of kissing. He knew he'd have to step up his own kissing game to match.

With a loud, long grunt, his father began to shoot his cum into his wife's pussy. Kenny watched, fascinated at the way the large cock twitched, the cum coating it and showing up on the out-strokes. He guessed his bed was going to smell like his father's cum too - there seemed to be an awful lot of it. Finally he was done and he flopped over, also spent.

To his surprise, Kelly immediately bent down and began licking and sucking her father's cum from her mother's pussy, just as her mother was sucking Kenny's cum from Kelly's pussy. The sight of the mother and daughter in a sixty-nine was wonderful, and made Kenny smile with happiness. Everyone was so into each other. He closed his eyes, enjoying the post-orgasmic relaxation.

His reverie was interrupted by a hot mouth on his own cock. Thought not erect, the tongue was licking the cum- and pussy-juice from it gently. It felt sooo nice. Like a massage after a good workout. He just enjoyed it for several minutes as the tongue ran over his cock and balls - until it dawned on him that with Kelly and mom eating each other, there was really only one mouth that could be on his cock.

Opening his eyes, he saw that, sure enough, his father's mouth and tongue were washing and loving his cock and balls. He closed his eyes again. He couldn't look. But then, there was only the lovely sensations. His dad really knew how to suck cock! Even spent as he was, his cock sore from all the cumming, he found pleasure in that tongue.

Fuck it. he was too relaxed to care. If his dad wanted to suck dick, who was he to say anything? For a moment it occurred to him that he might be expected to do likewise, and for just the moment, that didn't seem like it would be too awful.


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