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ANDI - Chapter 2 - "In Absentia"

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Andi 2 - In Absentia

Part: Chapter 2

Summary: When Andi gets back, she's a little busy, so the other girls find something to do.

Keywords: ff, gg, mast, lez, cons, ped, preteen, pt, teen

Date: 07/03/2016

Note: Age is not specified, so read as "f" or "g", according to your tastes.

[ Assumes you've read Chapter 1. If not, you'll have no idea how we got here or what they're talking about! ]


She hadn't really ever done anything like this before - masturbating in a friend's restroom, but she was just too excited to think about it. In fact, she'd barely got seated and her hand between her thighs before she was overcome with an absolute explosion of feelings! She'd had feelings like that before, after touching herself for a while, but never as intense as this. It was like the sun and the moon had crashed together and exploded inside her, with the center of the explosion being somewhere behind her belly button. Not her pussy, but somewhere deeper than that. Somewhere that hit her not only physically, but emotionally as well. Something in her very core.


She lost track of time, and of space, and came out of it an unknowable time later, weak and shaky and more than a little frightened by the experience - especially when she heard the dripping into the bowl below her. Had she lost control of her bladder? But no, she could smell, it wasn't urine. It was... She blinked in astonishment. She'd gotten wet before, when she touched herself enough but this was... there was so much of it! She could feel it still dripping out of her, and somehow she knew this was just the aftermath. There was more - much more - than the drops dribbling out now. It was confusing - girls got wet sometimes, she knew - or had heard. But this was more like... she didn't know what.


What she did know was that she was a mess. Now that she was coming back to herself, she realized that in addition to feeling shaky and weak, she also felt cold. And that was because her entire body was covered in a light sheen of sweat. And she was panting, like she'd just biked all the way home, mostly uphill, without resting. She knew because she'd done that a couple of times when she'd lost track of time at Kellie's and had to hurry home or get in trouble. She shivered, bunched up some toilet paper, and set about cleaning herself up.


There was another surprise awaiting her. She was sensitive! Every touch made her jump a little bit, but it wasn't touchy like a sunburn - well, not exactly. It was as touchy, but not in a painful way. If anything, it made her want to touch even more! The first touch, as she pressed the bundled paper to her cunny elicited a low moan of pleasure from her that made her clench her teeth to be quiet. Her friends were only one door away! Biting the bullet, she went on cleaning herself up with the paper until she was dry enough she could stand up and get a washcloth, wet it, and clean herself more thoroughly. The warm wetness of the cloth nearly made her groan in pleasure again, and she was sure there was more of the fluid now than before, but with a sternness beyond her years, she managed to stifle the feelings and ignore the pleasure and clean herself up, taking only about five times as long as it should have.


Examining herself in the mirror, she saw that she was quite flushed, her hair mussed, and she'd apparently been crying. She stripped off the makeup and combed out her hair. She was just glad she'd managed to sit so that her nightie didn't get any of the juices on it! She flushed, made a few final touch-ups, and gripped the doorknob. She was pretty sure her friends wouldn't be able to find anything to pick on her about. She wasn't even sure what they could say anyway. She hadn't really done anything wrong. But somehow she knew that, wrong or not, it was something that should be kept secret. Private. Something shameful. She took a breath and turned the knob.


In the dim light of the bedroom, she was certain she was misinterpreting the sight. It looked like Debbie was... was touching Kellie between the legs! And Kellie was leaning back on the pillows, her nightie spread open, rubbing her chest and letting Debbie do it!


The girls had all touched each other before, but this was far beyond a little experimental touching! Debbie's whole arm was moving, and as Andi moved closer, she was certain that the girl had a couple of fingers inside her friend's hole! And she was pumping them in and out! Kellie's eyes were closed tight, and she was panting and making soft little gasps and squeaks, sort of like Andi did sometimes when she was touching herself and it got to feeling really good. And Debbie's other hand was buried under her own nightie. *She was totally finger-banging Kellie, and herself at the same time!"


It was shocking, but it was also fascinating. Kellie and she had joked around several times about how Debbie seemed to be more interested in girls than in boys, and now they apparently had evidence of her preference. But she was surprised that Kellie would let her do that. More, she was a little upset that if they were going to do this, they did it without her, like she wasn't even there!


Still, it was very interesting, and she climbed up onto the large bed with her friends to get a better look. She'd seen Kellie's pussy plenty of times, but never like this. It was so... so open. Her knees were spread wide to give Debbie access, and Andi could see far more than just a slit. It looked kind of like her own, only different. And it was puffier and darker pink than she'd ever seen in before. Even in the dim room she could see that. She could also see that it was wet.


Kellie was sitting on a folded towel, and that was a good thing because Andi was sure the bed would have got wet otherwise. Debbie's fingers were shiny with the liquid as she pushed them in and out of her friend. But it seemed also to make it easier for them to slide. Andi knew full well how it felt to push fingers into her when it wasn't wet, and she was pretty sure that if Debbie had been doing it with her dry, Kellie would be screaming in pain and would probably punch Debbie!


Looking over, she saw that Debbie too was sitting on a towel. She was also looking at Andi with a look that was quite different from, and yet somehow similar to the way Kellie's dad had looked at Andi earlier. It made her both excited and scared at the same time. She looked away quickly, her cheeks burning, her eyes flicking right back to between Kellie's thighs, since that was the most interesting thing to look at.


"Yeah," Debbie said in a strangely low, panting voice. "Ain't it pretty? She so sexy and wet! It's awesome!" and she pushed her fingers in deep, twisting her wrist to move them inside her friend, which also spread the outer lips wider, giving Andi an even better view. It really was pretty, in a way she wasn't sure about.


Kellie's eyes opened at the sound of Debbie's voice. "Oh! She's out!" She looked both abashed at being "caught" like she was, and yet also proud and defiant, as if happy about being busted. Andi looked away hurriedly, embarrassed at being caught looking straight at her friend's privates.


"Don't look away," Debbie chided her. "We found out Kellie likes being looked at - in a naughty way like this!" She giggled. "I think she's a total perv!"


Kellie groaned softly, as if having attention drawn to her situation made it even more intense for her. "You should talk," she gasped out. "You're the one who couldn't keep her hands off of me! Aigh! And in me! Oh my God! Watch this Andi! She's going to push me over the top!"


"I... How can you? You like being watched?" she muttered, her cheeks hot but her eyes pivoting back to take in the sight.


"Oh don't pretend you don't like it too," Debbie admonished, Kellie nodding but too far gone to speak. "You got so turned on by the mere thought of getting caught out there that you couldn't wait to touch yourself!"


"I didn't!" Andi cried out, prepared to deny it to the end.


"Don't lie!" Debbie said, "We totally heard you in there! You got yourself so good you screamed! We couldn't have ignored it if we wanted to!" She laughed. "Kellie tried! But really, it sounded insane, and got us both so worked up that she finally let me do her like this!" She grinned at Andi. "Thanks! I'll do you too if you want! It's awesome! She feels so good inside, you wouldn't believe it!" As proof of her enjoyment, she began to finger-bang herself even faster.


It was clear that her two friends were both close to finishing, so Andi didn't argue. Instead, she asked, "Kellie? Does it really make it better - you know, being watched?"


By answer, the girl spread her knees apart even further, then did something so outrageous Andi couldn't believe it. She put her hands on her own thighs, on either side of her privates, and spread them, opening herself further than Andi even thought it could open up! She could see everything! She could also see that Debbie didn't have two fingers insider her friend's tunnel, she had three!


"Oh! Oh! Oh my God! Oh God! Oh God!" Kellie cried out, her body jerking. Debbie began pumping her fingers in and out rapidly, cooing softly, "That's good Kellie! So sexy! So hot! It feels so good! Come on... all the way now! Just a little more!"


Andi's own pussy was itching like crazy, but she knew she dare not touch it. Instead she focused on her friends. Debbie's own pussy was only visible in glimpses, but she wasn't hiding herself, she was just completely focused on Kellie, as if her only purpose in existing was to give the girl pleasure. And she was succeeding splendidly. Kellie continued to jerk and twitch, and she got even wetter as her gasps turned into cries of pleasure before reaching a crescendo that send shivers down Andi's spine.


Debbie kept going until Kellie pushed her hand away. As her fingers slid out, Andi saw deep inside her friend before it closed up, wet and shiny and squishy, and somehow amazing. Kellie laid back against the pillows, panting, and Andi was fascinated. Was that how she looked a little bit ago? It was... beautiful!


But she was distracted as Debbie rolled onto her back, threw her legs open and back, and went crazy fingering her own pussy. It was like she simply didn't care that the other girls were in the room, and Andi realized that she really, truly didn't. She was completely oblivious to anything other than the pleasure she was giving herself. It was so - what was that work her mother used? "Wanton?" Well whatever, it was pretty amazing, and Andi watched with rapt attention as the girl brought herself to a (mostly) silent, shuddering climax.


"Well!" said Andi after Debbie's breathing slowed a bit. "That was... really something!"


"Mmmfmm..." Debbie replied, shifting Andi's attention. Debbie had her hand buried in her mouth. The hand that had been buried in Kellie's pussy only moment before. She blinked. The idea was so odd it took her a moment to realize that Debbie was sucking Kellie's juices from her fingers!


"Ewww..." she said reflexively. The idea of getting wet down there was icky enough, but ... well yuck!


Debbie fixed her with a cold look. "Just because you're too chicken to even try it doesn't mean it's bad. It just means you miss out!" And with that she stuck out her tongue and deliberately licked and sucked her fingers, savoring the flavor as if it was ranch dressing.


Andi made a face, but it did make her wonder. What did it taste like? It'd never even occurred to her to taste her own juice of course. But Debbie seemed to like it - a lot! And she'd smelled it of course. It didn't smell nasty. She made up her mind to try it - when she was alone, of course!


She turned to her other friend for moral support, and was dismayed to see that Kellie was looking at the tip of her finger in wonder. She took a breath as if getting ready to jump off the high-dive and popped the digit into her mouth, and Andi realized she'd got some of her own juices to taste! Her jaw dropped at her friend's audacity. She must have made a sound, because Kellie looked over at her, then broke into a grin, the finger still in her mouth. Pulling it out, she nodded. "It's not yucky," she said. "I mean, it's not like, apple juice or anything..." Andi knew that apple juice was one of Kellie's favoritest things. "But yeah, it tastes kinda good, I guess."


Andi shook her head. "You guys..."


Both of the girls were dabbing themselves with the towels, and Kellie laughed at Andi. "You should talk! I swear, if Debbie hadn't told me what was going on, I was going to call 911 you were screaming so loud in the bathroom! But when we peeked, you were fine - just going crazy rubbing yourself is all. Didn't even notice us.


"Totally made us both want to do the same though. Debbie started of course - she's been wanting to do things with us for a while. I mean, more stuff," she grinned at her friend, who was sitting silently, but nodded agreement.


"Hope it doesn't freak you out Andi. I know you're more... uh... reserved? Yah, that's the word. You're more reserved than Kellie or me. I mean, you'd never let me touch you like that... would you?" She sounded hopeful, and that look was back in her eyes.


Andi squirmed inside and tried hard not to let it show on the outside. The idea of her friend touching her there was... very interesting. "No," she agreed, but then at the crestfallen look on Debbie's face, she added, "uh, at least not right now." She shrugged. "Maybe someday?" That brought back the girl's smile, and she leaned forward and quickly kissed Andi on the cheek.


"I promise I'll never do anything you don't want, and anything you let me do I'll try best to make it good for you!" Then she hopped off the bed to go into the restroom, pulling the door closed.


"Jeez," Andi said. "That was weird." She looked back at Kellie. "Oh, don't you start!" she said roughly.


Kellie was grinning like she'd just kissed the lead singer of The Boys U'Know - the girls' favorite band. "You are so totally busted, missy!" she laughed.


"What!" Andi said. "I didn't just get finger-banged by my friend!"


"No, but you totally did get yourself so horny," she emphasized the word to comical proportions, "that you had to run in the bathroom and finger-bang yourself! It totally worked!"


That caught Andi's attention. "What 'worked'?" she asked suspiciously.


Kellie giggled. "Oh Andi. We all know you're totally a show-off! Whenever we go to the mall, it's always you who dresses up the most sexily! And you totally let guys see your panties like ten times as much! In fact, you were the one that invented our flash-the-panties game! And you're always daring me and Debbie to show off more, just so you get the chance to show off more!


"So that's why I dared you like I did. I totally knew you'd love it - running through my house like, barely even covered!"


"You set me up!" Andi accused.


"I totally did!" Kellie laughed. Then she was that Andi was a little vexed with her, and she elaborated. "Oh don't worry. I knew you wouldn't get in no trouble from it! I mean, it's just daddy. He's seen us all plenty of times, and he's seen me in even less."


"Wha...?" Andi asked, her eyes bulging.


Kellie giggled. "Yah! Totally! Sometimes I let him catch me in like... less. Like in my bra and panties. Or once even in just my panties. I ran down the hall and almost ran him over. He totally got an eye full!" She arched her back, her nightie opening to expose her slightly-larger chest to demonstrate what her father had "got an eye full" of.


"And he didn't bust you?" Andi asked, surprised. She knew that if she had done any such thing, her mother would have had a total fit. Her dad might not care as much, but would have had to pretend to anyway.


"Nope! He just stared a minute." She giggled. "Men totally lose it looking at boobs - even little ones! So anyways, that's how I knew you wouldn't get in trouble anyways no matter what.


"Anyways, you didn't get caught so it don't matter."


"How do you know?" Andi asked, her voice low. She wasn't sure she trusted herself to keep it steady.


"Cos you didn't scream your head off and run back here," Kellie shrugged. "Too bad too, cos then I totally would have won the bet!"


"You suck," Andi said. But she didn't mean it. If Kellie hadn't made that dare, she wouldn't have got caught by Kellie's father and... and the rest. She shivered and felt herself itching between the legs at the thought.


"No I don't, but she will!" Kellie said, pointing at Debbie who just came out of the bathroom.


"I will what?" Debbie.


"Don't ask!" shouted Andi.


Debbie looked at her. Then at Kellie. Then back at Andi again. She shrugged. "Kellie's probably right, you know."


Andi didn't want to admit it, but the way she was feeling right now, the idea of Debbie sucking her didn't sound as awful as she thought it should! She was still super-sensitive down there, and watching her two friends carry on like a lesbian couple did nothing to ease her discomfort!


Unlike her, the other two girls seemed to be completely relaxed, especially around each other. It was like they'd had some sort of shared experience she hadn't shared in. And while their friendship was based on many such experiences, so one would not cause a significant change in the overall group dynamic, right now it was doing exactly that. They were relaxed, cuddling as the three watched a movie. They seemed peaceful, drowsy even, while Andi felt hyper - like she'd left something unfinished. Something important.


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