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Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Returning Home 3

Part: Part 3

Summary: Lisa finally gets her son to play, thanks to a little help from Trish.

Keywords: Fb, Ped, Inc, 1st

Date: 05/31/2017

[Author's Note]


Lisa laid back in the bed, sighing happily. "Man, I envy you that Trish," she smiled.


Trish looked over at her sexy friend, admiring her fine body, then at her friend's husband, admiring his as well. They were both nice-looking, friendly, intelligent, caring, and wonderful lovers. If any couple ever had it made, it was them. She couldn't imagine what her friend could be envious of.


"I can't imagine what you could be envious of," she said. "You've got a great body, and a wonderful husband," she leaned over and rubbed the man's bare ass, eliciting a grin from him.


Lisa smiled. "That," she smiled, pointing to Trish's hand.


Trish looked. There was nothing special there. She was merely petting Patty, her ten-year-old daughter, where she lay with them in the big bed, essentially surrounded by the four nude adults, her body still shiny with the gleam of sweat and the cum they'd rubbed into her smooth flesh like lotion. Patty had that languid, peaceful smile on her face that only comes from a good, thorough fucking. The guys had given their all satisfying the two women and Patty, and the ladies were all happy with the results.


But as the only "un-paired" one, everyone made a little extra effort to make sure Patty never felt left out. So while the men and women generally got a little break every now and then, the exuberant youth was more-or-less non-stop from start to finish whenever they all got together like this. This was their sixth such "party", in that perfect place between not knowing what each other liked and being used to each other. There was still much to explore, but the shyness and uncertainties had vanished.


Trish smiled, understanding. She loved her little girl more than life itself, and part of that love was physical. She loved caressing her, touching her like this sexually (even though the actual sex part was in the recent past) as well as just lovingly. Her little body was delightful on every level, and she very grateful - not only that she and her daughter had a physical relationship, but that they'd been able to find others to share that with.


"You're thinking about your son again, aren't you honey?" Lisa nodded.


"Why dontcha just bring him with you next time?" Patty chimed in. She sometimes got frustrated with adults - they complicated things that need not be complicated. Patty was absolutely certain that anyone would die to be part of their group.


Rick ruffled her hair playfully. "Out of the mouths of babes, eh?" He leaned over and kissed the little girl, his tongue sliding into her small mouth where he could still taste the remnants of both his and Gerry's cum. "It's not quite that simple though dumplin'," he said after withdrawing.


"Yeah," Lisa said. "Ryan isn't sexually liberated like you are." To make her point, she reached over and gently squeezed one of the small boob-ettes, batting the nipple gently with her finger.


"Well, you could liberate him, you know," Trish said.


"Hell, I wouldn't even know how to start. I don't want to force anything. I know he's to the hots for me all right-"


"Who wouldn't!" both men chimed in at once, causing them all to laugh.


"Whatever," Lisa said, happy at their re-confirmation that they found her attractive. "Like we told you, the little stinker's gotten into some of our private recordings. So I know damn well that he's seen me naked - Gerry too, for that matter, as well as the friends we were with when we made the recordings. And more than once I've found some of my underthings 'misplaced' in his room. And whenever we're going out and I'm dressed sexily, I can see the lust in his eyes. But it just seems to make him more withdrawn. I mean, I can see he wants it - literally - but how do I bring it up to where we can face it head-on?" She sighed unhappily.


"Maybe I can help," Trish said, a mischievous grin on her face. "How about if we..."


Ryan groused. It wasn't that he didn't like Trish. In fact, of all his mom's friends, he liked her more than most. The problem was that he couldn't look at her without thinking about what Trish and his parents did together.


He'd known for years that his parents were swingers. The hints mounted up over time until it was just impossible to ignore the fact. It wasn't like they tried to hide it either. When he'd been younger, they'd had guests stay over sometimes, and the sounds of sexual activity was quite clear, despite the extra sound-proofing the well-built house had. Sound proofing does little good when the boy would sneak down the hall to press his ear to the wall, listening closely and trying to imagine what the adults were doing in there.


It would have been obvious without that though. The way they'd interact over dinner was a dead give-away. And when he got old enough that they took their activities out of the house, he still knew what they were up to. The "friends" they brought over all-too-often displayed physical familiarity, flirted with them, or dropped other clues when they thought he wasn't paying attention. Adults could be pretty dumb sometimes - and pretty inconsiderate. His parents were selective, and had good taste in partners, so no small fraction of the women were attractive to Ryan as well. And knowing that his dad would be fucking them was fodder for his well-exercised imagination.


He didn't have to imagine his mom's body though. He knew from some of the scanty outfits, bikinis, and occasional lingerie he'd seen her in that she had a lovely little body. Like his dad, Ryan preferred a modest bust and a slim figure. He wasn't the only one either - most of his friends who had seen her had commented at how hot she was.


As he'd gotten older, he'd gone through the usual stages of sexual awakening, learning how to touch himself, and yearning to try things with a real girl. Like most boys, he'd found a few close friends to share such things with, and progressed through the typical stages of story-telling, sharing porn, and masturbating together. When he was twelve, he'd discovered his parent's stash of home-made porn, and he quickly became the favorite place for sleep-overs, since the guys could actually meet and interact with the woman they'd later be ogling photos of and beating off to.


Unlike some though, he didn't have a problem with his friends lusting after his mother. He'd inadvertently absorbed much of his parents' ideas about such things, so monogamy or "ownership", even in spirit, never crossed his mind. Besides, while some of the pictures he'd found featured his father doing her, there were plenty of other men - and women - making love with her as well. It only seamed reasonable to him that if dad didn't mind others being with her, why should he? Besides, dad got his fair share of other partners as well, and he got to see pics of him with some of them as well.


Today though, dad was off doing something else somewhere else while mom had a hot friend over for some pool time. And she was a hottie too. A little older than mom, but still decidedly do-able. And he could tell by the way they talked and acted and touched (especially when rubbing suntan oil on each other) that they were intimate together.


Her name was Trish, and she was nice to him too. He liked that she treated him with respect, as a human being rather than as a kid. And while her tiny bikini hid the parts it had to, it left little else to the imagination. If there was any hair on that pussy, it couldn't be more than a single hair - the bikini wouldn't cover more than that!


Watching Trish and his mother as they chatted, flirted and touched each other had the expected effect on him, and he had to spent most of the time in the cool water of the pool to "reduce swelling". His parents had some funny ideas about proper behavior with guests, so he couldn't just disappear into his room to "play video games" (in reality rubbing one out while watching them from the window) as he wanted to. The couple of times he'd suggested they might not want a kid around were shot down quickly, by both of them.


The result was that after a couple of hours of this inadvertent teasing, Ryan was well and truly worked up. And the ladies didn't even seem to realize they were doing anything. A touch here or there, adjusting a bikini top, rubbing oil mere millimeters from the other lady's gusset - these had the cumulative effect of edging him as effectively as the best professional.


Finally, he had to do something or explode. He excused himself, claiming yet another restroom break. He'd tried this before, but somehow they'd interrupted each time after only a minute or two - before he could bring himself off. But by now, he figured, he could fire his salvo in moments.


To his horror though, they followed him into the house, claiming they'd had enough sun, and that it was time for Trish to shower and head home anyway. Then, somehow Trish got to the bathroom before him, and in moments he heard the shower running. He was going to head to one of the other restrooms when her voice cried out,


"Oh damn, I dropped my towel in the shower. Can someone get me another?"


Ryan looked around, but his mother was talking to someone on the phone.


"Mom?" he said, "Can you-"


"Hush!" she admonished him, returning to the call. Apparently it was something important.


"Please! Someone! I have shampoo in my eyes!" came from the restroom.


"Mom!" Ryan said louder, "Trish needs a towel!"


"Then get her one!" Lisa said brusquely, turning her back on him.


Well, she was in the shower, so the door would hide her, he shrugged. "I'm coming in," he warned before easing into the steam-filled room. Making his way tot he cupboard, he pulled out a towel, then approached the shower. "Here you go," he said, moving to hang the towel on the hook by the door.


"Oh thank you Ryan, you're a doll!" Trish said, opening the door and groping for the towel.


For a moment, Ryan stood transfixed. Somehow, though he'd been admiring her body all afternoon with barely anything hidden, the sight of her actually naked was overpoweringly exciting. He handed her the towel and watched, mesmerized as she wiped the shampoo foam from her face, transfixed at the way the foam slid slowly down her bare skin, lost at the sight.


"Thank you," Trish said, a huge grin on her face. With a shock, Ryan realized he'd been staring for... well, several seconds at least. Ten? Fifteen? It seemed an eternity.


"You okay Trish?" his mother suddenly said behind him. "Soap in your eyes?"


"Galahad here got me a towel," she said, smiling down at him. Her face showed amusement, but somehow it wasn't at his expense, it was more like a shared joke. "I'm afraid I flashed him though. Hope it didn't shock him too much."


"I doubt it," Lisa said. "He's seen me naked plenty of times. The little stinker's been sneaking into our private photos for a while now."


Ryan's face turned beet-red at the accusation, primarily because it was true. He'd have liked to turn and run out the door, but his mother was right behind him - he could feel her nearly-naked body barely touching his also nearly-naked body. Her nipples were poking into his back!


But he couldn't have turned anyway. Trish was still naked before him, even more - she'd turned to face his mother (and thus him), and he couldn't have asked for a better view of her firm, erect nipples - heck, he could even see her completely bare pussy. It was less than two feet in front of him!


"Well, you can't really blame him," Trish said matter-of-factly. "You're a damn sexy woman. And besides, the only men who don't want to fuck their mothers are gay men."


Lisa laughed. "I'm pretty sure he's not gay!"


"Definitely not," Trish said. "His pecker's rock-hard. Look how it's tenting his swim trunks! Guys don't get that hard at the sight of a naked woman unless they want to fuck." She looked at him with a measuring look. "If I didn't have to go, I'd consider giving him a go!"


Lisa laughed. "You're a pervert. He's only thirteen!


"But a very mature thirteen, I'd say," Trish said, her eyes locked on his pecker.


It was the oddest thing. The way she was looking at his bulge was... respectfully. She looked like she really meant wanting his dick. Like it was something to be proud of rather than ashamed of. And it made him feel proud of it. Without knowing he was doing it, he shifted his hips a bit to make it stick out even further.


"Seriously Lisa," Trish said seriously, "you should consider taking this guy to bed and introducing him to the arts of making love. I bet he'd be damned good in the sack, with a little practice and a caring teacher." With that, she turned back under the water, rinsing the rest of the foam from her hair.


The spell broken, Ryan turned around, and found himself face-to-face with the nearly-naked woman he'd lusted after for years - with an erection almost painfully hard. He was mortified when she stepped back, then looked down at his obvious tent.


"Oh wow," his mom said, her voice soft and filled with wonder and delight. "She's right, you are very hard. I can see why she'd want to take you to bed. If I wasn't married, hell, I'd take you to bed myself!" She moved aside to let him out of the bathroom.


Ryan made a beeline to his bedroom, closing the door behind him. He felt like he'd been running a mile. He was sweaty (though part of that was probably the steam) and breathless, and his cock felt like it was going to explode any second. The sight of Trish danced in his brain. In seconds, he'd divested himself of his shorts and had his pecker in hand.


It was a mistake. He was so worked up and hypersensitive that the first touch was the last touch. He erupted, sending streams of hot cum forth in rapid succession, his vision dimming with the intensity of his long-delayed climax, bolt after bolt of pleasure running through his body.


He found himself on his knees, holding his dripping cock as his vision cleared. Apparently his knees had grown too weak to hold him up, and he was panting even harder, his whole body tingling. Gradually his breathing slowed as he regained his equalibrium


"Wow," he thought, "I've never cum so hard. That was amazing!" He found his cheeks hurt, and then realized it was because he was grinning hugely. He really had set a new record for himself. He'd cum what looked like buckloads! And then the smile faded. He'd cum buckloads - all over his floor and the side of his bed! It was a huge mess!


Ryan set about cleaning up the mess. Somehow, it didn't really bother him. It wasn't the first time he'd shot off unintentionally, though it'd been a while. He'd learned to be able to tell usually. But more than that, he'd just learned that not one, but two sexy women wanted to have sex with him. Never mind that they couldn't - well, one of them couldn't. He wondered if Trish really, really meant it. Would she really go to bed with him?


Despite the fact that he'd just cum bucket loads, he could feel his excitement grown once again. She was a sexy woman. And she'd said she'd consider 'giving him a go' if she hadn't had to leave. He figured she'd leave right after finishing her shower and dressing, and hurried to finish his clean-up and get dressed before then... he really wanted to see her off. Now that the pressure was somewhat relieved, he was dying to know if she'd really meant it.


As he cleaned, he replayed the scene in his mind. She'd actually tried to encourage his mom to "teach him sex" since she couldn't. He shook his head, laughing at the thought. How ridiculous was that! As if she'd even consider it! And yet, she hadn't seemed put off by the idea. Heck, she even said she knew he'd been looking at those pictures! If she knew - and doubtless dad knew too - yet they hadn't punished him for it. He knew his mother liked being photographed, which meant she liked being looked at in "that way"... Did she like that her own son looked at that way?


His father and he had had "the talk" years ago, and dad had told him many times that what he was doing and feeling was normal. He'd even gone so far as to tell him that everyone masturbated, and that if Ryan ever wanted lotion, or oil, or condoms, or anything like that, he'd be happy to supply them. The only things he'd object to would be getting in trouble or getting a girl knocked up. So if dad knew he jacked off, then surely mom knew as well. And that implied that if she knew he was looking at her pics, surely she assumed he'd jacked off to such pictures. And they hadn't tried to stop him! That meant she didn't mind him jacking off to her pictures!


His head swam with the implication. His mother was okay with him jacking off to her pictures! And when Trish had suggested she teach him about sex, she'd said... what was it? If she wasn't married, she'd take him to bed? Holy shit!


His pecker was rock-hard again. Just the idea that she'd do that with him was... shockingly arousing. And the way she'd looked at his tent - not surprised, not shocked, not in any way negatively. He wasn't sure, but she might have licked her lips at the sight. Even if she hadn't, his imagination added that detail, and he could feel his climax approaching.


"If I wasn't married, I'd take you to bed myself!" she'd said. And she'd meant it, he could tell. Damn! Never mind that he wouldn't exist otherwise, he almost wished she wasn't married. His mouth watered at the thought of those nipples in his mouth, of her sweet pussy on his tongue. He'd never done any of that, but he just knew he'd love it. "If I wasn't married, I'd take you to bed myself!" ran through his mind again and again as his balls tightened, and his climax approached. It was going to be a big one. A huge one!


"If I wasn't married, I'd take you to bed myself!" ran through his mind again. "If I wasn't married... If... I... wasn't... married..."


Suddenly he stopped, intense confusion bringing all thought to a stand-still. What the fuck? What did her being married have to do with anything? He knew damn well that being married didn't stop her from fucking other men! What the ever-loving fuck?


All thought of finishing his fap left as the craziness of it all beat his brain cells into much. Why the hell had she said that? It didn't matter. He knew it didn't matter. Hell, she knew he'd seen the picks, so she had to know that he knew it too! What the hell? If being married didn't matter to her, why had she said it?


It took him only a few more minutes before he thought he finally had it. It actually didn't matter to her. But she couldn't actually say so. But she'd told him that she would if she could. At least she'd told him she wanted to. She'd mentioned his age earlier, but he honestly didn't think that had anything to do with it. She was more than twice as much closer to his age than to his father's. Unless she only liked older men. But no, she'd said she wanted to do it with him, not in so many words, but the idea was clear enough. So why the hell had she said it was the marriage thing, when it clearly wasn't the marriage thing? Somehow that wasn't the key though - he knew that. The key was that... that he knew it wasn't the marriage thing! It was like... like a secret code. Like she was trying to say something without saying it. Maybe.


His pulse hammered at the thought. Was she actually saying she would be with him? But maybe she couldn't say it outright. He gulped. Maybe she had to wait until he said it? Oh holy shit. Could that be all it would take, him asking her to... to... do stuff with him? His heart was beating so fast he could feel it vibrating his chest.


The more he thought about it, the more certain he became that this might be what he thought it was. It occurred to him that his father might object to him doing things with her, then he recalled all the times his dad had pointed out how sexy she was, or made other comments indicating that he expected his son to find her sexy too. And again, he too had to know about the picture-viewing, and had to know he jacked off to them. Maybe that was why he was so in-favor of him beating off? He knew his dad enjoyed the fact that other men enjoyed his wife, would that go for his son enjoying her as well, in more than a "look and beat off" way?


Among the many fine traits his parents had instilled in Ryan, one was the predisposition to tackle problems head-on. Once he'd determined the parameters of the issue, there was really only one thing to do. He'd have to talk to mom and find out. He trembled with pent-up emotions as he got dressed, turning back several times in the process. But he was self-honest enough to know that he had to know, and that this was the only way he'd ever find out. If he was wrong, he'd be horribly embarrassed. But his parents had drilled into him that nobody ever died of embarrassment unless there was a huge helping of stupid involved as well. If he was wrong, he'd take the red-face, and the inevitable teasing when dad got home. And in a few weeks, it would fade and they'd all find it highly amusing.


But if he was right... Holy shit, if he was right!


When he got downstairs, he hear the TV on, so he went into the living room, where he found his mother reclining on the sofa, watching some dance show.


"Uh mom?" he asked hesitatingly.


"Oh! Hi honey," she said, turning to face him. The sight of her pretty face and playfully sensual eyes froze him for a moment. She did look good, even without trying. She'd showered and dried her hair, and had donned a comfortable, light, semi-translucent gown-ish sort of thing that looked like she was relaxing in a cloud. "What is it dear?" she asked with a playful smile on her face. "Something on your mind?"


SHE KNEW. The thought was as absolute as any he'd ever had. She'd been sitting here, waiting for him to come down and ask her. There was no doubt in his mind. Nor was there any doubt that once he asked, she'd answer, and their relationship would take on a whole different aspect. He was also sure that he could make an excuse and back away if he wanted to, and they could go on as they always had. Fuck that!


He sat down beside her on the sofa. Seeing he wanted to talk, she reduced the volume until the dance show faded to nothing more than background music. She looked at him expectantly. Hopefully? He felt a grin spreading on his face. Yes. She was hoping he'd ask her! Suddenly he realized that while he desired her, surely and deeply, what was running through his veins right now wasn't desire. It was love. He loved his mom. He - they - were just embarking on a new aspect of that.


"I love you mom," he said, intending to go on from there, but finding his throat choked up.


To his dismay, his mother broke out in tears. But it was only momentary dismay as the typical male assumption was that tears were bad as quickly replaced with the realization that these were tears of joy. He held her arms open and he slid closer, then fell into her embrace. For several moments, they hugged, gently rocking together, reveling in their shared emotions.


Eventually though, he tilted his head up. "Mom? What you said earlier? That if you weren't married?" She nodded, expectantly, hopefully, so he continued. "That was bull, right?"


The smile on her face was a beautiful mix. It contained pride, happiness, love for him, and - he was fairly sure - eagerness for what was to come. "Yes honey. But I still can't offer - you have to ask... if you want."


Well this was it. How to word it? He knew what he wanted - what they wanted. And he knew it would be granted. But somehow, the words still had to be said. He coughed to clear his throat. "Mom, can you teach me?"


"About...?" she prompted gently.


"About... uh... you know..." She smiled patiently until he finished. "About sex?" The final word was so faint it was barely audible.


But it was enough. She nodded, kissing his forehead. "Of course honey. I'd be dee-lighted to!" The inflection was from an often-repeated line from a comedy show they'd shared, where the comedian was always "dee-lighted" about something, but Ryan knew she'd done that intentionally, to relieve some of the stress. They both chuckled.


And then she kissed him. But it was like no kiss she'd ever given him before. It was loving, and gentle, but it went on and on, and then he felt her lips part and her tongue was against his lips!


The feel of her tongue was somehow far more intimate than any kiss had any right to be. It chilled him with a rush. He felt his cheeks blazing and his heart hammering. It was as if she'd touched him with something special. Something sacred. Something he'd always yearned for but never knew it. And then his lips were parting and her tongue was slipping inside his mouth.


His attention was so intensely focused that it wasn't her tongue entering his mouth, it was her whole being entering him, filling him with a blazing light of feelings he'd never felt before. It was sharing on a level beyond any he'd ever dreamed of. He'd kissed girls before of course, and this was to that like a match is to the sun. And as she entered him, filling him, her tongue was a conduit for the most intensely erotic feelings, touchings, there could or would ever be.


Time stopped. Space ceased to exist. There was only that kiss, and he was lost in it. His mind was quite figuratively - blown. It expanded like the big-bang, in all directions and near the speed of light, creating beauty and light and all good things in the universe, and it all began and ended with his mother's kiss.


He blinked up at her several times as she withdrew, smiling down at him.


"Wh-" he began, then swallowed. His voice didn't work, but that was unsurprising - neither did his brain. "Whoah," he finally got out. "What the... what happened? I mean..." Slowly his gears were un-jamming. He knew what happened. He'd just experienced his first French kiss - and from his mother. And it was way, way ... insanely "way" more intensely wonderful than he'd been led to believe.


"You and I," his mother said simply, but with deep love in her voice, "just had our first real kiss." She emphasized the word "first", which made him insanely happy. It meant there would be more. The smile on her face was that of an angel - serenely happy, infinitely patient. "Did you like it?" she asked with a wink.


"Oh God," he'd never really used that expression and meant it before. "Oh GOD yes!" he said, so exuberant that she burst into laughter - which made him erupt with his own, and they spent the next several minutes re-erupting with joyful guffaws.


"Okay," she finally said. "Time to practice a little mirth-control." That, of course, only caused more laughing, which may have gone on for a while but for the chime of her phone.


He started to pull away, to give her room for the call, but her arm pulled him close into her embrace, which he was fine with. The (gown or whatever it was) padded not-at-all, and he could feel her warm body's every contour even through the harsher fabric of his own casual garb. He settled in, his face resting against her breast, thinking thoughts that typical sons don't.


"Oh! It's your father!" she said happily.


For a moment, icewater poured through his veins. What if he'd been wrong about dad's being okay with this? It was so wrong! What had he been thinking? Dad was gonna kick his ass! He was going to throw him out of the house, and he'd be a street urchin - if he wasn't kiilled outright by the jealous man!


He tried to pull away, but his mother's grip was like a vice.


"Hi honey! Having fun? Good! Ryan and I were just here sharing our first kiss. No. Yes, our first kiss. You know what I mean! He's struggling to get away now - I think your call spooked him. What? Okay, hang on." She did something with her phone and his father's voice came out the speaker.


"Is it on? Ryan? Can you hear me?"


"He can hear you," Lisa chimed in, since Ryan had lost his voice.


"Great. Okay son, just to be clear - your mother and I discussed this already, and it's all okay. As long as you do as she guides, no worries, okay? And son? I'm proud of you man. If you think her kissing is something, wait till you feel-"


"And that's a sentence you don't need to finish," Lisa interrupted, laughing. "Oh honey, you should see the look of relief on his face. He really was terrified, poor dear!" She kissed his forehead again. "Now tell your father 'thank you', and then we'll go upstairs so I can introduce you to my body - all of it. Okay?"


Ryan started to speak, then the words sank in and he froze for a moment as his mother tittered happily. He scowled. "She's picking on me dad!" he complained.


"Get used to it son," came the sage advice. "Women will always win - you may as well accept that now. In a little bit, you're going to find out what the pay-off for that is, and trust me, you'll never want to argue with her again."


"Oh honey," Lisa laughed, "this is going to be such fun! I'm so happy I could cry!"


"Don't you dare," Gerry said, "you've got a boy there who you've still got to make into a man."


"Roger dodger Commander Cranky!" she said. "Love you!"


"Love you too honey. Love you son. Later on, when you're ready, you'll have to tell me all about it. Trust me, you're gonna have a blast! Oh, and Trish says that when you're ready, she wants a turn too. Apparently she thinks you like her!"


"Oh, I do!" Ryan shot out without thinking, then blushed at his ourburst. He looked at his mother, afraid that he'd offended her by already expressing desire for another, but she only grinned happily.


"Oh, he does! And trust me dearie, Trish will treat you well ... too!" She turned her attention back to the phone. "Now hang up so I can get on with corrupting our son!" She hit the disconnect button before Gerry could counter.


Tossing the phone aside, she got up and practically dragged Ryan to his bedroom. "Let's do it in your room this first time honey," she explained en route. "You'll be more comfortable and less worried about making a mess. And," she added to herself, "I think you'll enjoy having the memories and the scent of our lovemaking on your bed."


Once in his room though, she wrinkled her nose. "What the... Oh!" Her eyes were on the still-damp carpet and bedspread where he's sprayed his seed so copiously not so long ago. He started to say something, but she hushed him. "Don't worry honey, it's just cum. And if all goes well, you're going to be making even more of a mess here in a little bit."


With sure fingers, she started to undress him. Ryan wasn't sure whether he should help or what, so he just let her do it. In moments, he was naked, his cock sticking straight out at attention as his mother looked at it. She's looking at my cock! The thought went round and round his brain, but there was no embarrassment - just increasing excitement as the sexy young woman who was his mother continued to examine him. Not just his cock, though she spent plenty of attention there, but his whole body. It felt like she was touching him, though in fact, it was only her eyes.


"Okay Ryan," she finally said. "In case you ever have any doubts, allow me to say this. You have a beautiful body, and an absolutely gorgeous cock. Whenever anyone else says otherwise - and they will, cos kids are assholes - just remember this moment. I'm very happy with your body, and you should be too. Now lay down on your bed - pull the covers off first, silly! Okay, you can move around, touch yourself if you like. I'm going to undress and let you look at me, okay? Ask any questions you like, and don't be impatient, you'll be touching everything shortly. For now, just look."


The "cloud gown" had a simple design, and Lisa wore nothing beneath it, so once she unfastened it, it slid down her body like the soap had slid down Trish's earlier. In seconds she was naked, and she stepped closer, just beside the bed. She took several slow turns around, letting Ryan get an eye-full of every inch of her. The boy was clearly both fascinated and pleased, and Lisa basked in the almost worshipful attention.


He rolled out of the way as she climbed gracefully onto the bed, and she took a moment to steady her nerves. Being looked at that way was an intensely arousing experience. She loved being viewed, but everyone who'd looked at her before had been familiar with the female form. She'd never before been looked at so intently. It was like she could feel Ryan's eyes sucking on her skin, and she reveled in it.


Her original intention had been to let Ryan explore her body with his fingers first, then to lay back and let her touch him, learning how that felt. Then she might give him a handy or a blowjob to blow off some steam before moving on to other forms of love-play. She was no longer sure that was the proper approach. The boy's pecker looked as if it might explode at any moment, and her own need was approaching critical mass too. That looking... that LOOKING! He was still doing it, and it was like a finger on her button, insistent. She could feel the juices leaking from her as she could see the juices leaking from her son's turgid member.


They needed to fuck. She needed it. He needed it. And it would allow them to move on to other things. Teasing, the slow-build... that was for experienced lovers. Her son had a real and immediate need - and so did she. It was as if this form of debauchery was an entirely new form of sex for her, and it awoke powerful drives that demanded satisfaction. Hell, in reality, she'd been fending them off for years, as had he. No wonder they both had such an absolute NEED.


"Ryan honey?" she said, her voice becoming throaty as what she was about to say sunk home. "I think we need to fuck first, and we can do the rest after, okay?"


"The rest?" he asked uncertainly.


"Love-making honey. There's a lot for me to teach you, but I think - no, I'm sure of it. We need to get that hard cock of yours into my hot pussy, right away!"


Ryan grinned, and it wasn't the grin of a boy, it was the grin of a man - a lust-filled man - who knows he's about to get that lust sated. "Okay mom... uh... how?"


Lisa grinned and lay on her back, legs spread and motioned him into her embrace. It took only a moment, then Ryan was in position, his cock drooling onto her thighs as he strove to position himself.


"Okay honey, look. Down here. They pussy is all this, but the entrance - the part your cock slips into, is down here. See? Where my fingers are slipping into?"


"Wow!" he said, "It really does get wet. I thought..."


"Different girls, different amounts of juice. And the hornier, the more. My pussy gets pretty wet honey, and I'm REALLY excited about you fucking me, so it's wetter than usual. But that's a good thing, cos it will make your cock slip into me easier. Now, don't jab, let me guide you in. Then when you feel like you're about half way in, I'll let go, and you can go at your own pace. Try to go a little slow at first, as you get used to the angle and all, cos if you slid out - and you probably will a few times until you're used to it - then we'll have to wait as we get everything back in line and get you back inside me. Okay?"


"I'll try mommaaaaah! Oh God!"


"That's just my hand honey. Feels a lot different from your hand, I know. And don't worry, we can jack you off and do blowjobs, and all that stuff later. But right now honey, I need you to fuck me. I really, really do!"


Ryan shivered, trying to get ahold of himself. His mother's hand on his cock felt so good! But he wanted to follow her instructions - she really did seem to need this, and he felt like he did too. He was about to fuck! His cock was about to slide into... into... oh shit! He could feel it! His mother's fingers had slid down to the base, and the tip of his cock was at the entrance to her pussy. It was warm - almost hot - and wet. And slippery - oh, so slippery. It felt a million times better than his hand!


"Ryan! Focus! Don't jab, let me guide!"


He realized with chagrin that his hips had lurched forward, sending his pecker in the wrong direction, and his mother was guiding him back. She'd been right. He had to focus on not reacting until he was inside. The tip was back at that great place, and then it was being squeezed. It took him a moment to realize that she was pulling him into her - the squeezing was his cock squeezing into her! It felt amazingly good, and he had to fight to keep his hips from lurching forward a couple of times. But he knew it would interrupt them again, and he didn't want that, so he fought for control - and won.


"Yesss baby... ahhh... Oh my God Ryan, that feels so good! I love your hard cock inside me! Just a little further honey... okay... there. Now push steadily until you can't go any further. Oh GOD!"


Ryan was a little confused about what to do. One moment he was pushing steadily deeper into her, and the next her pussy was squeezing him MUCH harder and her legs had wrapped around him, pulling him in as if she was trying to push his whole body in there. The look on her face worried him too - she looked like she was in pain, like she wanted to scream, but couldn't! But he couldn't pull back without a fight.


"Mom...?" he asked tentatively.


"OH FUCKING GOD!!!" Lisa screamed, her body twitching, her pussy muscles pulsing her son's cock rhythmically, her legs shaking as she kept him locked into position, her juices washing out to wet the young boy's thighs. But his voice sounded worried, and she fought by sheer effort, back from her sudden climax to where she could reassure her son.


"It's... it's okay honey... you just made mommy cum... it's a good thing... oh GOD is it a good thing! Jesus Ryan... I'm sorry if I scared you. Believe me, I did NOT expect to cum like that!" She grinned sheepishly at him while fighting to get her breathing back under control.


Relief flooded his face. She was all right, it was just her cumming. He knew how they could make his body freak out sometimes - heck, just a while ago, he'd fallen to his knees while spraying his bed! But he was surprise by how wet everything was now. He liked the way it smelled - but there sure was a lot of it. His thighs were soaked!


One thing was sure though, he was as deep inside her as possible!


"Okay honey," she said as her legs released him. "Move just a tiny bit at first, go slow. As you get used to the angle, you can move into deeper strokes. Oh yes... oh yes, that's it. That's right baby-boy!" He'd always hated it when she'd called him 'baby-boy' before, but for some reason, it seemed like a good thing now. He was her baby boy - and her pussy felt amazing. He quickened his pace, then quickened it more. Soon he was hammering her, and she was encouraging him to slam into her even harder. Every thrust was a wild ride, every withdrawal a sensory overload... and then it hit.


It was like the kiss, times a million. Ryan lost all sensation other than that of being IN. Contained. Filling his mother, and she was defining him. They were one. And then they were a million as an explosion of tiny Ryans blasted into her, shot again, and again, filling her with his seed, his essence. His life complete as he expended all he was in the supreme effort.


He collapsed atop her, completely spent, utterly at peace. He'd never felt so... so right. So much like he was where he belonged.


Like the salmon returning to the spawning grounds, he knew he was finally HOME.


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