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PEEKERS - Part 1

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Peekers

Part: Part 1

Summary: When retirement gets boring, a guy's gotta do something to keep busy.

Keywords: M, MF, f, mast, voy, exhib

Date: 01/08/2015

[Author's Note]


When I retired at forty, I had every expectation of enjoying my leisure time. And I guess I did, for the first few years. But a guy can only go on so many cruises, hike so many trails, visit so many art museums before it starts to pale. By forty-five, I was staying home, watching TV & porn, and eating pretty much full-time. And I was miserable.


The scales showed I'd gained thirty pounds before I got myself motivated enough to do something about it. Sloth comes easier to me than effort, I guess. But I needed something to do. So I decided to work off the fat and convert one of the spare rooms to an office where I could do some freelance writing and coding, and maybe some other stuff.


A couple of years later, the fat was gone and I was earning a pretty respectable second income doing exactly that. In addition, I did some consulting and had maintained several small business websites. Between all that, I was putting in about twenty hours a week. And while the extra money was nice, it certainly wasn't necessary. There's a particular joy to working when you don't actually have to, and I was reveling in it.


The office was comfortable, with a large desk facing a wall with a wall-sized bulletin board behind the two large monitors. To my right were some shelves, and to the left was the large sliding glass door, affording me a nice view of the back yard, complete with pool and fountain. With the monitors at a right-angle to the window, there was no glare, which was a huge plus. It wasn't unusual for me to knock off for a quick dip or a nap in the hammock under the trees. It also wasn't unusual for me to knock off and watch some porn and have a nice leisurely wank while I did so.


More recently I'd discovered - or rather, re-discovered - the joys of whacking off with another person. It didn't really matter who, so long as we were both enjoying ourselves. I'd discovered a site, which for a very reasonable fee, would hook me up with random partners for this.


Unlike some other such sites, FapChat was a pay site, so only people who were serious about sharing joined. So there was always someone to see, though almost all of us too precautions. Some wore masks, others just angled their cameras. For myself, I set the camera up on the shelves to the right, so it got a nice view of me from the side, but was angled to hide my face. Many of my fap-buddies said it also gave a really nice angle on my cock, especially at night with the sliding door showing the backyard dimly lit in the background. It looked good in the little "this is me" window, standing tall and proud, clearly visible. I figured if I wanted to see well, I should show well.


It was a Tuesday night, about 8PM and I was stroking myself while watching a couple pleasure each other. We'd "played together" before, and while they would look at the screen often enough to see me, their real kind was that they loved being watched while they were fucking. The guy was giving it to the gal nice and hard, doggy style, and she was hamming it up just a bit with her cries of pleasure. They both had nice enough bodies, and covered their faces with masks. He had on a sort of gladiator's helmet - or a mock-up anyway. A real one would probably be heavy and uncomfortable as hell. She had on a gold fancy-dress mask and a wig that looked like something Cher would wear - long black and very curly in tight ropes. I think she was going for some sort of Cleopatra look, but while she was comely enough to pull it off, her skin tone was far too pale.


Still, I was enjoying her breasts bobbing and her ass jiggling as he did her with growing enthusiasm. Hers were maybe a D-cup, with very firm nipples crinkled up as she stood, bent over their desk with him standing behind her, hands on her hips to lend some force to his thrusts. They'd changed positions fairly often, so I'd seen them from practically every angle, but they were getting close to their climax and wanted it hard and fast. I offered them encouragement, and stoked along so they could see I was enjoying their show.


They finally came in a good, loud climax, with her peaking first. As an exhibitionist team, they did great finale, with her crying out her climax as she slid a hand under to diddle her clit. I couldn't see that from this angle, but when she finished, her hand was shiny wet, which told me everything I needed to know. Gasping for air, she turned and dropped to her knees, squeezing her tits together around his also-soaked cock. Sliding between them must have been heavenly - it sure looked nice! And in a few strokes, he also popped off, spraying his cum all over her chest and throat, then rubbing the cum all over her breasts with his cock before letting her suck their combined juices from it.


If I'd had three hands, I would have applauded, but I didn't, and one was far too busy. I did cheer though and, in proper share-a-pervert fashion, they watched me, cheering me on. She even got up and spread her wet, bare pussy near the camera to give me a close-up as she diddled her oversized clit. It was fucking hot, and I imagined myself cumming all over that naked cunt as I erupted. My cum blasted out all over my chest and belly in multiple gushes as they cheered and she continued to show off her pussy for me.


When I finally finished, squeezing out my last drop and rubbing my cum all over myself at their request, she got off another quick climax, and then we said our goodbyes and disconnected.


For a couple of minutes, I just leaned back in my comfortable chair, enjoying the remembered sights from their display. The memory kept me from deflating completely, and with a few strokes, I was about three-quarters erect again without even trying. I pondered the idea of connecting and having another go, but I knew that would mean a bit of soreness. Another wank this soon would mean I'd have to stroke it long and squeeze it hard in order to get off. Still, it was nice to watch myself. When disconnected, the big picture showed my local view which, on the large screens, made it look enormous. I smiled as I looked at my own junk, shiny from my climax, though the cum I'd rubbed into my tummy and chest was drying and cool.


I was still examining my cock and balls, trying to see if any hair had grown back yet, when I caught the movement in the shadows outside the door. At first I thought it was a cat and I ignored it, but something about it bothered me. So reaching for the mouse, I zoomed the camera in for a better look, being too lazy and comfortable to actually get up and go to the door.


To my shock, it was a person, not a cat. In the dark I couldn't see too well, but it was most definitely a human face in the shadows. I was being peeked at!


I know, I know. I should have called the cops. Or gone to the door and shouted that I was going to call the cops at least. But hey, I was an admitted voyeur myself, as well as a bit of an exhibitionist. So while I was a bit annoyed that someone had violated my sanctuary, I was also more than a little turned on. This was like FapChat, only real! I wondered if it was a dude, and figured it probably was. There are female peeping Toms, but there's a reason they're called Toms. The vast majority are male. I kinda wanted to jack off again, knowing I was being watched!


As luck would have it though, I just had; and apparently they thought I was done for the night. The reason I'd seen the movement was that they were making their way around the bushes toward the gate that went along the side of the house. Oh well.


I was curious who it was though, so I saved a few frames before departing to the restroom. I figured that if they saw me leave the office, they could clear out easier. I was pretty sure they'd be back, and I didn't want them tripping over something and getting hurt. Maybe I'd get a better camera tomorrow so I could spy on them spying on me while I whacked off. That could be fun! And they'd never know I was watching them watch me! Nice.


After washing up a bit, I returned to the office, then slid the door open to take in the night air. I thought about how many times I'd jerked in my office like that. How long had they been observing me? Hell, come to think of it, it wasn't unusual for me to whack off while laying on a pool floaty or in the hammock. I wondered if it was someone who'd caught a glimpse while I was hand-jobbing myself out back one day, and decided they'd like a closer look.


The curiosity was killing me, so I went back in after a quick dip - skinny dip that is - and dug out the frames I'd saved. I wasn't much good at this sort of thing, so it took me a while to find the right filters. All the more so because as the fuzzy frames got clearer and the darkness lighter, I started to have some suspicions. Some very interesting suspicions. Some just plain wrong suspicions. And yet, some extremely arousing suspicions. So by the time I got a picture clear enough to be sure, I was rock-hard once again, looking at my neighbor's little girl crouching behind the bushes in my back yard. I'd been perved on by a kid!


I'd like to say I decided to make sure it would never happen again, but I knew myself better than that. Hell, I went to bed and rubbed another one out just at the thought of it - and it didn't take long after all!


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