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Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: A Reasonable Girl

Part: Part 3

Summary: Eileen teaches Ellie. Tom teaches Ellie. Ellie teaches Eileen.

Keywords: fg, Mg, fg, Ped, Inc (Sib), Lez, Mast, Toys, Fist

Date: 12/11/2017

Recap of Part 1

Part 1 was mostly slow/romantic involving Ellie and Tom.

● Ellie (8) let slip to their parents that Eileen (13) has multiple boyfriends, and that she's seen them playing naked together. This caused a rift between the girls, which Ellie regrets.

● Ellie wanted to learn about "boyfriends" to help mend the relationship. She met Tom (adult) and he's now her secret boyfriend.

Recap of Part 2

● Part 2 is much more sexual, and doesn't include Tom.

● Ellie catches Eileen with three boys (17/16/14).

● Ellie gets caught watching and Eileen invites her to join in, making a deal with Tim (14) to play with her little sister (the boys aren't so interested in a "little" girl).

● Ellie has her first sex (with Tim). She and Eileen also play together.

● Dad nearly catches them when he comes looking for them (they were late returning from the park). Quick-thinking Ellie invents an excuse and takes on the majority of blame.

The story continues...


"So how big was it?" Tom asked, grinning. They were back at "their" bench, and she was relating what had happened after Tom had left. It had been several days because mom and dad wanted to drive home the point that if they couldn't come home on time, they couldn't go to the park.


The girls had made the most of it though. Eileen and Ellie had spent much of their play-time in their room, where Eileen had been teaching her little sister the joys of masturbation. She'd also given Ellie a very thorough course in female anatomy, using herself as a visual aid. And a tactile aid for that matter. And oral. Since they'd already crossed so many lines, neither had any compunction about touching each other's bodies, and they did much experimenting and making love while locked in their room.


Ellie had always thought her pussy was kinda yucky, but experimenting with Eileen, getting to know her sister's nether region, she learned to appreciate the beauty there, and to accept that Eileen found her own pussy just as beautiful. She was pleasantly surprised when Eileen let her taste it, though she oughtn't have been, since Eileen had eaten her own cunny so wonderfully the night she'd lost her virginity to Tim. "Lost". Hell, she'd thrown the damn thing away eagerly - it'd been nothing to be proud of, and she'd been very eager to learn all she could about sex!


Eileen's cunny tasted kind of like her own, only completely different, and she took great pleasure in giving her sister great pleasure. She loved it when the older girl got wet - it tasted much better that way - and when Eileen came on her mouth, she'd suck and lick greedily to get every drop. That was, if she could focus. The girls quickly learned that the problem with the 69 position is that it's hard to focus on pleasing your partner when you're being driven over the brink yourself! Still, they practiced and got better at it.


Ellie also learned how to diddle not only herself, but her big sister - and vice versa. She loved the way Eileen touched her pussy and tits - such as they were. And she was flat-out amazed to learn she could put almost her whole hand inside her big sister, though of course the reverse wasn't true. Eileen's hand was bigger, and Ellie's pussy smaller. But she could (and did) push two fingers in and after she was warmed up and wet, Eileen could fit a third, though it was a little uncomfortable.


Two days after the event, Eileen called her in to talk with her. Once they were alone, Ellie kissed her with tongue (the girls practiced that every chance they got) and started rubbing her tits through her top (Ellie was still fascinated by Eileen's breasts - such as they were).


She was disappointed when Eileen pulled her hands away. She'd thought they were going to play together - that's what "I want to talk with you alone" usually meant between them now, but apparently Eileen really did want to talk.


"Ellie honey, do you like Tim?" That was the boy who'd been her first.


"He's okay, I guess," Ellie shrugged. She hadn't really got to know him of course. There hadn't been much talking - more grunting and panting and a little dirty talk. "Why?"


"Well, he's really a nice kid..." Eileen started, making Ellie snort.


"Kid? He's a year older than you!"


Eileen giggled. It was no secret she liked older boys, and spent most of her time with them. As a result, she felt like a boy only a year older than her was a "kid" in comparison. "You're right Ellie. I'm sorry. He's a nice boy. And he likes you."


There was something about the way she said "likes" that gave Ellie pause. "Likes?" she asked.


"Yeah. Apparently he wants to be your boyfriend." Eileen said, giggling. Then she saw her sister's face and stopped. "What's the matter? I thought you liked him! And I thought you liked fucking him too! And don't worry - it won't hurt like that first time did at first. Trust me. Why don't you want to be his girlfriend? He's like, four years older than you - that would really be good for your reputation, and plus he could beat up any boys that gave you crap! And don't forget - he knows way more about sex stuff than boys your age will!"


Ellie considered. "All good points," she nodded. "But... well, I kinda aready got a boyfriend," she could feel herself blushing at this, and hated it, but also couldn't help it any more than the way thinking of Tom made her tingly in all the best places.


Eileen considered. "Well... maybe you do," she said cautiously. "But an older boy like Tim would be a real win for you. And also... well, are you gonna tell him you're not a virgin no more?"


"Duh!" Ellie said. "Of course I am!"


"Duh yourself!" Eileen countered. "Think it over sis. If you really like this boy, you might not want to. He might not like you anymore if he finds out you screwed another boy!"


That had simply never occurred to Ellie, but she knew that sort of thing happened in shows and movies all the time, and even in real-life. But Tom? Jealous of Tim? The idea was laughable! Or was it? Still, she had to tell him! Or did she?


"I'll think about it," she said soberly.


"What should I tell Tim?" Eileen asked gently.


"Tell him... tell him I dunno, but probably not. I don't want to hurt his feelings though, so can you be nice about it?"


Eileen grinned. "I know how to tell him - I assume you don't mind if I fuck him some more?"


"Duh! Course not!"


"And who knows," Eileen added with a grin. "If your boyfriend really doesn't mind, maybe Tim will get another shot with you!"


Ellie giggled. "Maybe. And maybe I'll use him to do the opposite of what you did to me next time!" Eileen looked confused, then pleased as her little sister moved toward her, eyes filled with passion. "Maybe I'll make him cum inside you so I can lick it out of you next time!" she explained, pushing her big sister back and lowering her head between the older girl's legs.




When Ellie spotted Tom at the park it was all she could do to not run and jump into his arms. But of course that would have been disaster for both of them. So she went to the playground like always, and pretended to play for a while, while Eileen disappeared - doubtless to meet up with Charlie, Tim, the other boy, or who knew who else. She didn't care, she wanted her Tom!


It wasn't long before Tom got up and Ellie was afraid he was leaving, until he turned onto the path around the duck pond. Her heart leaped, but she forced herself to wait a few minutes before she wandered off toward the other end of that same trail.


It was so hard not to run, but she managed, though by the time she got to the bench, she was beside herself with worry. What if Tom had got bored and left? Or what if someone else was there? Or... or... but Tom was there, sitting calmly, smiling at her approach.


Then she ran, jumped and he rose and caught her in mid-air, swinging her around and it was all she could do to keep from screaming in glee. He stood her on the bench, so he was only a little taller than her, and they kissed. And kissed. And it was all she wanted to do was to kiss him forever. His huge body crushing hers, his huge tongue filling her mouth, his hands - large, gentle, warm, and knowing - caressing her body in that way that made her giddy.


Those hands gradually migrated between her thighs, and she was in bliss - but she stopped him. She'd seen this sort of thing in so many sit-coms and dramas. It was always when people were dishonest with each other that things got crazy. She knew she had to tell him what happened before they could do anything else.


Stepping back, she broke the kiss. "I really missed you Tom, but I got to tell you something before we can... uh... do anything."


Tom lifted one eyebrow. "Something serious, I take it. Are you in trouble?"


"No, nothin' like that. Just... well I... I did sex with a boy and I know I got to tell you about it first cos if you decide you don't like me no more then at least I'm not lying and making things worse cos that's what always happens and then you'd feel bad and I'd feel bad and things would get all mixed up and crazy and it's not fair and not right and ... Oh Tom, tell me it's okay - pleeease!" She was panting by the time she ran down. Her eyes were starting to water just at the thought that he might not be happy about it.


"I see," Tom said. "And you thought you should tell me, right up front, just in case?"


She nodded, feeling miserable.


"Well, that's a very reasonable - a very mature way of handling it honey," he said with a grin.


Ellie's eyes lit up. He wasn't mad at all! He seemed... well, amused, but not like in a laughing-at-her way. He even looked like he was proud of her. She beamed at him. "I'm a very reasonable girl," she said, and they both burst out laughing - followed by a big, warm embrace.


They sat together, and at his prompting, Ellie told him the entire story while he listened. When she finally finished, he asked a question or two, then smiled and kissed her.


"I'm very happy for you honey," he said sincerely. And - well there's no point in denying it. I'm also very, very turned on. If we weren't in public, I'd pull my cock out and rub one out, right here, right now, right in front of you!"


A shiver of excitement ran through Ellie, and she could feel her own body reacting with arousal. "I could help! I sucked Tim, and then he fucked me! You could fuck me too!" she said excitedly. "That's even better than rubbing it yourself, isn't it?"


"Oh, definitely," Tom said, grinning. "Only you couldn't honey. It's too big. I'm sorry, but you're just not ready for that yet."


"Humph!" she said. "Tim's was big too, and I fit it all okay!"




(This is where we came in.)


"So how big was it," Tom asked, grinning.


"Four-and-a-half inches!" Ellie said proudly. "I know cos he told me, like, three or four times, like he was proud of it or something."


"Yeah," Tom chuckled. "Men are proud of their penis size. It's a thing. And if you make them feel like their dick is the biggest you've ever seen, you'll win their heart for life. Even if it's not true. Like telling a girl she's got the most beautiful legs, or the nicest tits, or whatever they're proud of."


"Well, it was the biggest I ever saw," she giggled, "since it was the only one I ever saw!" Then she looked at him defiantly. "Pretty big huh?" she asked, clearly proud that she'd fit it all inside her - even though it'd hurt like hell at first.


"Very big for an eight-year-old girl to handle," Tom said sincerely. "I'm sorry it hurt so much at first, but you did good. You managed and got through it. But honey - don't do that again. From now on, if it hurts, don't do it. It could hurt you - like, causing damage. Your lil cunny can stretch, but it takes time."


Ellie's eyes went from proud to uncertain as he spoke. It was clear that while her accomplishment was a win for her "as an eight-year-old", he wasn't convinced she could fit him.


"My sister can fit two fingers in me!" she blurted out. "Three after I'm warmed up and wet!"


Tom grinned. "Jesus honey, just the thought of that going on is enough to get me off tonight when I'm home!"


"Not the point!" she said testily.


He sighed. "I know honey. I know. Here," he reached out for her hand, taking it in his. It looked like a doll's hand in a baseball mitt. "Fingers are a good example. Now, Tim's hands are bigger than yours, right?" She nodded. "So how many of Tim's fingers do you think it would take to equal the size of his penis?"


Ellie had never done this sort of comparison before, but she knew Eileen's hands were much closer to the size of Tim's, so she based her guess on that. After some thought, she said, "I guess, maybe three fingers?"


Tom nodded. "A good guess, and probably pretty accurate." She smiled proudly. "In fact, that's about right for most men. Not all of course, but on average a man's penis is around the same thickness as three of his fingers. So let's use that as a guideline, shall we?"


Ellie nodded, not knowing where he was going with this. But Tom didn't say anything, so she thought. He was clearly trying to tell her something, but why didn't he just tell her? Finally she got fed up. "Tell me!" she said. "why don't you just tell me what you're trying to tell me?"


"Ellie honey, I am telling you," he said gently, holding her hand, gently squeezing her fingers.


Gently squeezing her fingers... with his... huge hand. With those big long fat fingers! Her eyes widened as realization dawned, then she looked up at his face in wonder. He was smiling sadly. "'Fraid so, kiddo," he said gently.


"But... that's..." she gulped. "That's impossible!" she said, almost yelling, her voice an accusation.


"Well, not impossible honey - not impossible for a grown woman, obviously. But also not impossible for a little girl. Just very unlikely." He smiled softly.


"Well how the heck!" Ellie said, taking his hand and gripping three fingers. Her fingers couldn't even close around them, and she shuddered, thinking that if his thing was this big, he must be some kind of monster! It must be all huge and gross, and she wasn't even sure she'd want it in her - not that it would ever fit anyway! She pushed his hand away in disgust.


"Ellie honey," Tom said, "be reasonable." The words shocked her. She was always reasonable! How dare he! And then she realized she wasn't being reasonable. She was mad, and she was attacking, and it was all so unfair! Ever since she'd been with Tim she'd been dreaming about Tom doing that with her. She leaned against him, sighing sadly, then hitting him repeatedly with her tiny fists, knowing she couldn't hurt him if she wanted to. She was just a tiny little girl, and he was a big giant man - so giant she could never be with him!


The mini-tantrum helped her throw off the sadness and anger, and when she was done, she felt much better. She smiled up at him sheepishly, and he leaned down to kiss her, gently and lovingly.


"All better?" he asked. She nodded. "Good. So... I know this isn't what you wanted, but it's not an insurmountable obstacle. And as you know, if you want to practice with other boys until you're ready for me, that's fine too. But you should know honey, the older the boys, the bigger their penises are apt to be, so don't bite off more than you can chew - so to speak." He grinned, and she giggled at the joke.


That gave her an idea. "Tom - my mouth can open bigger than my... well you know. Can I..." she faltered, not sure how to ask.


"Can you suck my cock?" he finished the question for her. "Of course you can honey. You won't be able to fit it all in your mouth of course, but certainly enough to get me off if you wanted."


Ellie's heart soared. That was exactly what she wanted. She wanted to make Tom feel as good as she'd made Tim feel. As good as she'd made Eileen feel several times. It was the thought that she couldn't make him feel that good - when he could make her feel that good with only some touching and rubbing; that was what had got her so upset.


"And if you want, I'll even help you get ready to take a man-sized cock," he added gently. "But only if you promise me - and I mean it, a real promise - that you will take it slow and easy and not hurt yourself!"


He was looking down at her, his face so full of concern for her it made her want to cry. "I promise," she said, lifting her hand with one pinkie extended.


Solemnly he pinkie-shook on it, understanding that this was the most sacred of oaths for little girls. "Okay then, fair deal."


Tom leaned back to reach into his pocket. He pulled out a small box like the one daddy's fancy pen/pencil set had come in last Christmas. He handed it to her. "Here's your first step honey. This is called a 'dildo', and it's a sex-toy. It's for you to enjoy - and to practice with."


Ellie opened it. She'd heard of "dildos" before of course, but had only a vague idea what they were - only that they were naughty toys. When she opened it, she saw a cylinder about five inches long and maybe 3/4 of an inch wide. It appeared to be made of shiny blue metal. One end was tapered to a cone that looked sort of like the nose of an airplane, while the other end had a dial on it.


Tom gently took it from her. "Is this about the size of Tim's penis?" he asked.


That made her giggle, but she nodded. "About the same around. Maybe a little longer though."


"Good," he said. "Then this should fit inside you fairly easily, yes?"


The idea of putting something inside her like that surprised her. It had never occurred to her that anything but a penis or fingers could go in there. As she thought about it though, it was obvious. Of course other things could go in there! Lots of things could! They just had to be the right shape and size and be smooth!


"I... I think so," she said, feeling twitchy at the thought.


"Shall we try it out and see?" Tom grinned.


Suddenly the twitchy, itchy feeling increased a thousandfold. Tom had rubbed her to climax once, but he'd never seen her pussy before, and he'd have to in order to insert that thing. Tim had seen her though, and said she looked sexy there, and Eileen had seen her pussy lots of times and said it was pretty. So what was it about the thought of Tom looking at her there that was making her itch like crazy and worry like an idiot?


Eileen didn't normally wear skirts or dresses to the park, but because of last time, she'd worn loose shorts this time - on the outside chance that Tom would want to touch her down there again. She wanted him to be able to go down the front or up the leg if he chose.


He chose neither. Gently he laid her down on the bench, then after looking around, he gently pulled her shorts and panties down to her ankles. "I'd love to be able to let you go full-nude sweetie, but we have to be ready to cover-up quickly. Okay?"


Ellie's face was flushed with excitement. Her cunny exposed to the open air, she felt incredibly alive and the idea that someone could see was incredibly exciting. She could feel her heat rising and her juices leaking out. She nodded her head, then squeaked as he leaned back to get a good look at her cunny, gently spreading her knees. His eyes were like cool fire on her bare skin, and it was all she could do to not reach down and diddle herself like she did when she was playing with her sister.


"You're very horny, aren't you sweetheart," Tom asked in that playful tone that made her crazy. "You know what we call girls who get excited by showing themselves off to men like this? They're called 'exhibitionists' honey." He leaned down and blew cool air on her thighs and pussy, and she could feel the liquid heat chilling from the breeze. A gasp of pleasure escaped her lips and she could feel herself trembling.


"There's other words for girls who fuck and do sexual stuff a lot honey. We call them 'sluts'. You probably heard that word in the bad way, but like the word 'fuck', it can be used in a good way too. Like right now, you're a very sexy little slut. A right proper whore in fact, who's got her old boyfriend really turned on. You look gorgeous, and sexy, and I very much want to make you cum. Is that okay with you?"


She couldn't trust herself to open her mouth, afraid of what might come out. A squeak or a scream had equal chances. So she nodded her head quickly.


"Okay sweetie," Tom said, grinning. "You're probably going to cum right away, so try to keep it quiet. I'm going to put my hand over your mouth to help, okay? Like this... how's that? Can you breathe okay?" She nodded again. "Good girl," Tom said gently. "Here we go..."


Gently he ran his other big, warm hand along her thigh, toward her pussy, and it felt like every inch doubled her arousal. By the time he touched her pussy, she was more than ready to erupt. And she did. Spasms of pleasure wracked through her as his finger unerringly found her cunny slit, parted her, and touched her warm, wet sex. Fingertip wetted, he dipped slightly inside, stretching her entrance as he went into the second knuckle, then began gyrating.


Ellie was now fairly familiar with being finger-fucked by her sister - this was nothing like that. Where Eileen's fingers were gentle and soft, easing her toward a climax, Tom's one big fat finger was powerful, strong, unyielding. It stretched her cunny hole this way and that, not painfully, but surprisingly. Her natural reaction was to shift her hips in the direction he was moving, but by the time she reacted, he was going in another direction, so she was often stretching herself more that way! It was a novel experience, and powerfully erotic to be so completely at his mercy. It was like there was nothing she could do to stop him.


For a moment she felt fear, and looked to his face. What she found was a man who was completely focused on her like she was literally the center of her universe. The second she showed fear, he stopped, his eyes on hers, searching for any sign of distress. Her heart leaped as she was completely reassured. But with her mouth covered, she couldn't tell him to go on. So she closed her eyes - and he got the hint.


It was somehow even more intense with her eyes closed. It was like, without seeing, she was completely focused solely on what he was doing to her pussy! It was already driving her rapidly to her peak, but now it was like putting on the turbocharger, and as the feelings picked her up and tossed her around, she was thankful for the hand over her mouth. For as she lost touch with reality, swept up in a torrent of pleasure, the screams that were running through her body and mind were stopped at his palm.


By the time Tom finished with her, Ellie was trembling and wet with sweat. He'd taken her from peak to peak, ruthlessly pushing her onward to new heights of pleasure. As he'd suspected, she was past ready, and her first climax hit in seconds, the next only a few seconds later. After that, he chased her through one after another until she seemed to be tiring, though when he eased off, she indicated she wasn't quite ready to stop yet, so he pushed on. He was impressed - and proud of his little girlfriend's capacity for sexual pleasure. He longed to dive right down in there and suck her succulent little cunny clean, but he had to keep a lookout so he abstained. Again. No matter - the memory of this would fuel several climaxes when he got home. And he was absolutely certain that he'd be enjoying her treats soon enough. Still, one little taste wouldn't hurt...


By sheer force of will, he refrained, sampling only the juices from his finger, which he could lick off without taking his eyes from the surroundings. It was already hard enough to watch the area and ogle the little girl's spasming, drooling pussy! Pale pink perfection, smooth and beautiful beyond description. It made his mouth water to gaze upon, and he could feel the wetness in his shorts as his bound cock still managed to leak like a drippy faucet.


He gave the little girl a couple of minutes to get her breath, then held up the toy for her to see what he was about to do. She gave a tired, satisfied smile, content to let him have his way with her. Perfect. He kissed the tip of the toy, then touched it to her cunny, grinning as she jerked at the coolness of the metal. Her eyes smiled, showing she saw the humor, and he could tell she was about to twist her head as a request to be ungagged, so he slid the device inside her in one long, slick motion, watching her eyes widen as it went deeper and deeper. Obviously she'd focused on the girth and length, but hadn't realized that her sister's fingers were much shorter. So while she'd got used to being penetrated, she'd only got used to being penetrated about three inches. Now she was feeling this device go much deeper - three-and-a-half inches. Four inches. Four-and-a-half inches (as deep as Tim had gone). Five inches - a new record for her, and he could see it in her eyes that they were exploring virgin territory here.


Tom grinned hugely, and her eyes smiled back. But she only thought she understood why he was smiling. She found out why he was really smiling when he flicked the switch and the steel rod inside her began to vibrate.


The effect was remarkable. Ellie's brows furrowed in confusion, then her eyes grew round as saucers at the new sensations being generated in her depths. Over the next several seconds he could clearly see the process as her body and brain reported the sensation, cataloged it, categorized it, and found it good. Then found it better. Then as it continued, and got better and better, her body reacted and he had to hold it in place as her cunny walls contracted and spasmed as a whole new series of orgasms began to rush through the little girl.


It never ceased to amaze Tom how climaxes could be created by different sensations, much like different ingredients could create different cakes. Each one different, and each one delicious. Ellie had had one type of climax the first time he'd diddled her, another when Tim had fucked her, a third (or several) with her sister, a wholly different one with his big thick man-finger inside her, and now she was having yet another new orgasmic experience by having her depths vibrated by this device. And yet every one of those was an indescribable joy to the little girl - and an equally huge joy for him. He'd fallen for this little minx almost at first sight, and he truly loved giving her such pleasure, and showing her ways to find new pleasures.


Since she'd already been drained by the last bout, he eased off this time after only a few waves, withdrawing the device and releasing her so she could pant and move freely, all the while caressing her body with his big hands to make sure she never felt alone or uncared for. After a girl climaxes she's vulnerable to her own doubts more than most any other time, and it's important that the one she's with is with her. Carefully he moved around and lifted her head to lay it on his lap, running his fingers through her hair, talking gently to her, telling her what a beautiful little girl she was, and generally just making her feel the love he felt for her. He also took the opportunity to clean her toy - with his tongue naturally - and return it to the case.


Eventually she settled down, and they spent a while chatting and playing and touching each other. She was fascinated with the bulge in his pants, and wanted him to reveal it to her, but he knew that once out, he'd never get it back in should someone happen by. So she had to be content with tracing the contours in his pants and feeling the heat and hardness. That alone was nearly enough to make him cum in his pants, but he managed to stave it off - though tonight he'd be wearing the damn thing out!


Time flew, and then it was time for Ellie to leave. They didn't want to get in trouble again and be banned from the park! But before she could go, she just had to know.


"Mr. Tom? How long before we can... you know?"


"Fuck?" he asked, winking. She grinned and blushed - a powerful combination that made his cock twitch again. "Well we don't want to push it honey. If you use the toy to help stretch yourself for - oh, I don't know, maybe an hour a day - it shouldn't be more than a day or three before you're ready for the next. But do not leave it in when you're out-and-about, and do not fall asleep with it in there. Promise me!"


"I promise, Mr. Worry-wart!" Ellie giggled. "What do you mean by next?"


Tom grinned. "Well, we need to size you up in stages. So when you're used to that size, we'll get a bigger one, and you can get used to it. Eventually, when you're used to one that's about my size, then we can fuck."


"Oh!" she said happily, understanding the process now. "That's cool! I can hardly wait!"


"Again, do not push it!" Tom warned her. "If you try to go to fast, you'll hurt yourself, and then it may be several weeks wait while your body heals up!"


"Don't worry," she tittered. "I understand. I'll wait and be patient. I'm a very reasonable girl, remember?"


"I sure do," he laughed, ruffling her hair playfully. She giggled and pretended she objected to the mock-mistreatment.


A few more kisses, a few more flirts and fondles, and Ellie was skipping down the path to find her sister and get home.




That night, after dinner, Ellie and Eileen were engaged in their now-usual fun-time together. Ellie was between her sister's legs, gently licking while Eileen leaned back, eyes closed, enjoying her sister's ministrations. Ellie had insisted she pleasure Eileen tonight because even though they'd showered first, she said she could still tasted the boy-cum inside her a little bit.


Eileen didn't mind. She loved the way Ellie had learned to pleasure her, and she knew she'd have ample opportunity to return the favor. And Eileen was doing a splendid job tonight - maybe she could taste the boy-cum... God knew there'd been enough of it in there when she'd got in the shower! Eileen was loving Ellie's soft tongue, watching the stars through the window when she felt her sister pause for a moment.


"Whatcha doing down there Ellie?" she asked. Then, "What's that buzzing sound?" And finally, "What are you - is that going inside... OH MY FUCKING GOD!"


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