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Purpose of MailBag:

There are two purposes to this mail bag:

1.       To communicate answers back to users who have written to me anonymously.

2.       To communicate information to many users at once so I don't have to keep repeating myself. :-)





Your Fonts/Colors/Formatting sucks! Why can't you do something about that?

I have. I've chosen a color scheme that seems to work for most people. If you've ever published online, you'll know that there is no color scheme that suits everyone. Some prefer black-on-white. Some find white backgrounds hurt their eyes. I personally prefer a black background. And EVERYONE thinks that their particular preference is "normal" and everyone else is fucked up.

Unfortunately, the tools for publishing with tools that give the user some control over colors are very expensive and problematic. With all the different types of machines, coding, and security concerns, anything that works for some, probably won't work for others. Many security-conscious users have Java and other scripting blocked - with good reason!

It is possible to publish multiple versions. I've been publishing all my stories in both HTML and Plain Text versions all along, but this presents another issue. The ASSTR Plain Text versions all go through their Text Reader program, which reformats them according to ancient rules (forcing word wrap, forcing monotype font, forcing four-character indent for all new-para). This makes things pretty awful to look at in many cases.

I'm currently toying with the idea of adding PDF and Plain-Text versions alongside the HTML version. This would at least give readers some choice in the matter. Many PDF readers give readers options, and most browsers have a "read" mode which they could control the appearance of a Plain-Text version with.

The down side is that it's more work for me, especially if-and-when I have to go through and update every story once again because something in ASSTR changed or something like that. I've already done that four times, and this last one was a real bitch, because they changed the encoding, which means all high-ASCII now cause errors (which is why you now see "risque'" instead of the correct version of the word in my stories).

As an experiment, I just did this with the "Andi 1" story, and added [PDF] and [TXT] links alongside the main HTML link. If anyone wants to give me feedback on whether that helps them, I'd appreciate it - it will help me to know where I should direct my efforts. As always, the more time I spend on this sort of thing, the less time I have left for actually writing. I have several stories in the can that I published on APS before it went under that I still haven't posted here as I've been dealing with all the other issues. C'est la vie, I guess!


Will there be another part to [story name]? Why'd you leave off here?

In virtually every case, the answer to "will there be another part" is "I don't know". I tend to write as stories / situations occur to me, and they tend to peter out when either another story grabs me, or when I simply don't have time for a while, and by the time I get back to it, I've got something else on my mind. Stories that get a lot of positive feedback obviously get more consideration. So if there's a particular story you love, drop me a note to tell me so. No promises, of course, but it does tell me where my efforts are most appreciated.


Why haven't you written in so long?

Since I'll never make a buck with this (in fact, it costs me more than you might think), I have to keep my boss happy. Part of the reason I chose and love my work is because it's highly unpredictable. One month I might have time to write my fingers off, another I might not get time to rub two words together. It's chaos theory in action, I suppose.


Are you a pedophile?

By the currently prevailing understanding, probably not. While kids are cute and all, I've actually spent enough time around them to know what stinky little shits they are. They're typically unclean, smelly, rude, ill-behaved, and overall undesirable to me. That being said, I do love, and get excited by, fantasy kids. Anime, ageplay, that sort of thing. In general, taboos turn me on. I was deeply into oral, until Prez Clinton made blowjobs common. (If you're under 40 you have no idea how taboo the idea of a cock in the mouth used to be!). Likewise, I was deeply into anal until it became so mainstream it's almost "vanilla". Currently pedo/ageplay excites me, but it's becoming more and more accepted, so I've probably only got a few more years before I'll have to find something else to get me all hot-n-bothered. Maybe bestiality. And like the whole pedo thing, I have no sexual interest in real animals either. I do like the taboo-ness of it though.

And yes, I fully understand that many of you won't believe I'm not interested in real kids. Everyone likes to imagine that what they feel is what everyone feels. Let's just say I've been examining my motivations for over 40 years, so I might know a little more about me than you do. So if you want to argue with me about it, you'll probably be disappointed.


Would you like to help create a site / group / etc. for "our type", or moderate same?

Been there, done that. It's a thankless task. And while I do like helping, I don't like being beat up by ingrates while I'm doing so. For you old-timers, I ran BBSs for about seven years, and I've run blogs, sites, and other such.

So for me, it's like helping a friend move. If I can help a little bit, I'm in. If you're going to expect me to carry a refrigerator up stairs while yelling that I'm going to slow, you can go fuck yourself. And yes, if I help a little and you try to get me to do more, you'll probably lose even that little bit. I believe firmly that only communities where everyone helps a little bit, last and thrive.


Will you post my story? Will you publish these stories I have?

No - with a caveat.

If you are a friend of mine, and you decide to try your hand at writing, I may put it up for you - once. I will certainly help a friend get their own site up-and-running, but I have no interest in becoming a librarian or caretaker for a bunch of other people's stories (see above).


Why are you such a dick?

I'm generally not. I'm typically a pretty nice guy. But I won't be pressured. Push me, I push back a little bit, then if it continues, I walk away.


Why do you write this stuff?

I started writing porn many years ago for my own amusement. Then the internet boomed, and I started running BBSs. There was little content back in the day, and what there was, was mostly text. "Shared stories" gradually morphed into roleplaying. Roleplayers of my type tend to be a rarity, but people liked my long-and-detailed story "prompts" - apparently I have a lot of ideas. Gradually my increasingly-hectic schedule squeezed out most roleplay, and so my prompts grew into stories. At some point, I decided to open a site on ASSTR to put them into because sites come and go all too quickly. Then when r/AgePlayStories started, I began to write my stories there and just copy them to ASSTR. I liked that APS kept me to a 40,000 character limit and had an active community. It's not the first such I've been in, and probably won't be the last.


Can I share your stories?

I'm fine with you sharing my stories. I'd appreciate if you kept my "name" attached to them, but I can't enforce that, and don't really care that much. While I've published my contact address for readers to reach me, I'd prefer to keep that out of wide distribution. I get enough spam. But if you want to keep it as part of a story, that's fine.

Don't blame me (or seek my help) if sharing my stories gets you into trouble though. Your perversions are your own responsibility. I wouldn't expect Jack Daniels to pay my attorney fees if I get a DUI, so don't expect me to take a hand if my writings get you into trouble with your husband / wife / partner / kids / outraged moralists / ASPCA / etc.


End of Line