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BRO SHARE - Part 1

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Bro Share

Part: 1

Summary: Brian had an inconsiderate older brother with an extremely hot girlfriend. They would fuck all night in the next room, keeping Brian up all night. But one weekend big bro decided to share the wealth.

Keywords: MFm (18/19/13), Straight, Threesome, Teen

Date: 07/22/2016

[This story was written by request, so may vary from my more typical offerings. Note the keywords!]


Mindy sighed. School was a drag, and it was times like this that she wondered why she'd let her parents talk her into going back.


"But honey, if you're going to succeed in life, you're going to need at least a High School Diploma!" her father had argued - somewhat successfully, it must be admitted. He was the Personnel Manager at a large company, and after dropping out, Mindy had learned quick that the job market sucked for girls, especially high school drop-out girls. And a GED wouldn't cut it. So after two years out, she'd opted back in, despite the fact that it meant she'd be older than most of the other students.


For the most part, that was fine. She had no fucks to give on that score. But it messed up her dating prospects. A nineteen-year-old girl dating a boy under eighteen was at least frowned upon, and in some cases, it'd be downright illegal. Trouble was, she liked the younger boys. They were generally sweeter to her, though that probably had more to do with her large, firm breasts than her not-too-winning personality. The older boys - the ones she actually could date - were generally assholes. And in her experience, they'd mostly remain assholes until they were a few years older. At least the ones who weren't were either gay or taken.


So when Mark had asked her out, she'd pretty much jumped at the chance. Not only was he less assholish than most, he was also kinda cute, in a fit-and-studly sort of way. He probably could have had his pick of girls, which made it all the sweeter. Most of the girls were pretty bitchy to her, and she liked flaunting the fact that she landed one of the nicer hunks. Dark brown hair, deep brown eyes, tall, and with a really nice, fat cock. More importantly though, he actually knew how to use it, and not just in that pound-the-pussy-till-its-sore way. He'd dated a much older girl for a little while, and she'd taught him a thing or two about actually pleasing a woman.


At least as important was the fact that he enjoyed her rebellious nature, as well as her kinks. Mindy had always gotten a thrill out of a little PDA action, and she loved seeing the looks of jealousy on the other girls' faces as much as the looks of envy on the other guys'. And that was just at school. Out in the real world, she'd gotten him to be even more daring, playing with her in public to the delight of some onlookers and the distasteful looks of others. She especially loved when he fondled her tits or rubbed between her legs when some fussy old biddy was giving her the stink-eye.


The only real down-side was that one such old biddy was his mom. From the moment she'd met his parents she'd known the score. Neither one liked her much. Her jaw-length, pure black hair, fading to deep blue, then to light blue at the tips to match her eyes, the ink that was sometimes visible when she showed a little extra skin, the dark eye-shadowing and semi-goth (but sexy) attire - none of that sat well with them; though of course her father couldn't help but stare whenever she wore something sheer enough for the barbell through her right nipple to be visible. Old dudes were so funny, the way it'd catch their eye, and they'd try to figure out if it was a disfigurement, then the look of surprise as they realized it was a piercing. Then they'd try to look without looking like they were looking. Hilarious! And it always made her tingle, which made the nipples rise, making them look even harder - literally and figuratively!


But they couldn't really bitch. Mark was completely smitten with her, and their efforts to talk him into a "respectable girl" only cemented his devotion. She basically owned him, and was actually considering keeping him for good, even if he was pretty straight-laced - outside of the bedroom anyway.


Unfortunately, neither of them had much bank - going to school full-time didn't pay a dime of course - and both of them lived "at home" in their parents' houses. So finding opportunities to actually fuck, not just a quickie, was problematic. Her own parents were the stay-at-home type, almost never going out, so mostly it was at Mark's, when they could get away with it. Fortunately, though they didn't approve of her exactly, his old man thought that boys should "have some fun while they were young enough to enjoy it". So she was "allowed" to stay-over (they actually had the gall to call it a "sleep-over", like they were fucking kids!) on most Friday nights and occasionally on Saturdays too. As as long as they didn't go too crazy, they could have some fun. So she didn't feel particularly sorry for herself - aside from the bullshit of being back at school after being free for two years, that is. The one she really felt sorry for was Brian.


She could see it in the kid's eyes. The want. The jealousy. And the resentment. The boy was only thirteen, but kinda cute in a lanky, geeky sort of way. She was pretty sure that he had a little crush on her - or at least lusted after her somewhat. At his age, it amounted to about the same thing. What sucked for him was that Mark's room and his room shared a wall - d and not a very well-insulated one, sound-wise. She knew full well from his looks and occasional comments that he heard everything she and Mark did in the still of the night. And if what she'd heard about boys that age was true, he probably whacked himself raw listening to them. At least, she hoped he did. For her it was another titillation, like when Mark rubbed her pussy in the movie theatre and the guys around them knew what he was doing. She hoped that her sounds of pleasure made the kid cum good and hard - she even emphasized it a bit more than necessary with that hope in mind. He was actually a pretty nice kid, though shy and quiet, and she'd thought of him in the other room whacking off more than once while she herself rubbed one out.


She wished she could rub one out right now. History was fucking boring! And Mr. Lincoln - no shit! - did nothing to make it more interesting. He sounded like that teacher in that movie... what was it? Ferris Booler? The one that spoke in a monotone that made her want to scream. Only ten more minutes till this day was done. Five. Three. The last minute was torture! And finally the bell rang and she was free. A whole weekend to piss away, and she was looking forward to fucking Mark tonight. Last weekend she'd been OTR, so she was way overdue. Both of them were overdue actually, so it was going to be a good time!


A strong arm wrapped around her from behind, and pulled her back, lips on the back of her neck. "Hey beautiful! I should totally bang you right here in the hallway!" Mark said, playfully tugging the loop in her ear with his teeth. She laughed, reached back and gave his package a nice friendly squeeze.


"Slut!" said a passing sophomore.


"Cunt!" she tossed back happily. The guy on the girl's arm scowled, but pulled his bitchy girlfriend away. One of the side-benefits of dating a stud like Mark was that very few of the guys would pick a fight with him. She twirled around and - after glancing both ways quickly to make sure there were no teachers watching - thrust her tongue down his throat for a good fifteen seconds before prudence made her pull away. She didn't need any more trouble this semester.


"Oh babe, are you gonna get it tonight," the young man said, grinding his bulge against her. She was delighted at her success; she could feel how hard he'd got with just this sample! "And tomorrow," he continued, a mischievous grin on his face. "And Sunday too!" he finally finished, springing his surprise. "The parental units are out of town for the weekend, so we're gonna christen every fucking room in the house - including the master bedroom!"


Her cunny quaked at the thought. Fuck yeah! it screamed at her, itching for some attention ASAP. She forced herself to calm down though - she still had to go home and let her own parents know she'd be gone, pack a bag, scrub down, shave up, and all that crap. She sighed unhappily, remembering that tonight they were supposed to go out with Rick and Candy - no shit, her real name - as well. Fucking social obligations! And Mark wouldn't do much with her during that - not because Candy-Crush would care; she'd fuck Rick right in front of them if she could, even though she was still a minor! Mindy and she were alike in that regard. But Rick was a total prude. You'd think a seventeen-year-old guy would be more willing! Mindy still had no clue why Candy was so keen on landing him, but she really did seem to like him, so she curtailed her wild side when he was around, and had asked Mindy to do likewise. Maybe the fact that he was a year older than her had something to do with it. She did look up to the guy.


"Do we really have to go out with CC and the Prick?" she asked Mark with her biggest doe-eyes.


He shrugged. "She's your friend," he said. "Personally, I'd rather ditch them and spend the time with my tongue up your ass," he said with a smirk. That was probably true. She had a great ass. Small and firm, but with a curviness usually only found on larger models.


Mindy nodded. Yeah, they probably should. Being three years younger than Mindy, Candy needed Mindy's attention more than some of her other, older friends. Maybe that was part of why she was turning into such a potential slut. And anyway, she mused, the longer she and Mark put off the inevitable, the wilder it would be when they finally cut loose. She kissed him one more time, and they headed off to their respective nests.



Four hours later, they were well-fed and feeling fine as they entered Mark's house, banging her overnight bag on the doorway as they tried to squeeze through together.


"About time you got here," Mark's father admonished. "I thought you were going to be home by seven so your mother and I could get on the road!"


"Sorry dad," Mark said, "Rick had a little trouble with his car and..."


"Oh, save me the bullshit," he said, holding up one had. "You're an hour late, so we are too. No time to listen to it." He watched as his wife, scowled her way down the hall.


"About time," she complained, repeating her husband. Old married couples ended up with a lot of the same language. Then remembering her manners, she nodded curtly at Mindy. "Hello Mindy. Nice to see you." It reeked of insincerity, but manners were important to the woman. Turning back to her son, she demanded, "Now you take care of things this weekend. We're counting on you. And spend some time with your brother. Don't be leaving him all alone all weekend - I mean it young man!" she emphasized when he rolled his eyes.


"Okay, okay," Mark said, with as much sincerity as he could muster. "I'll take good care of him."


"You'd better," his father said in a low, warning tone. "When we get back I'll be debriefing Brian and if I find out you abandoned him again, you'll be car-less and internet-less for a month." He was still sore because Mark and Mindy had ditched Brian a few weeks back to fuck in a dressing room at the mall - and the little narc had totally thrown them under the buss. He'd never learned to lie to dad worth a damn; not that Mark was much better.


Mark signed, acknowledging defeat. He'd have to at least make an attempt to spend some time with B.B. - time he'd rather spend with his own friends, and especially with his girlfriend.


His parents nodded, seeing they'd won. They spent the next few minutes going over emergency protocols, making sure Mark had their numbers and the neighbors' numbers, "...and I've asked Mr. Phelps to look in on you a few times, just to make sure," his father warned. Great, now the neighbors will be interrupting us too! Mark thought but didn't say.


Finally though, they were gone. The taillights disappeared around the corner as Mark, Mindy and Brian waved. Parents expected that sort of thing.



Brian rubbed his eyes. They were sore, but several hours of intense gaming would do that. He yawned, stretched, and realized he hadn't eaten anything since dinner, before his parents had left. That had been nearly three hours ago! He hit the "pause" button and got to his feet.


The Witchery was a great game, but his parents strongly disapproved of it. Not only did it have a "Mature" rating, but it also had a lot of violence, "colorful" language, and plenty of T&A. Even computer-generated Tits & Ass was a fine thing to his mind, since he didn't get any of the real stuff. Oh sure, he'd done some kissing, and some petting - he'd felt-up and even sucked his last girlfriend's small tits. That had been great! But it had also been months ago, and anyway, Lisa's little mounds couldn't compare to the jugs he saw on the Witchery! Those computer-mams were spectacular! He wasn't very far into the game, but he'd already "slept with" the blonde Witch and the redhead; and had spent tons of gold taking his turn with the three hookers he'd found so far. Naturally he'd searched desperately for more, but hadn't found any yet. Sure, it wasn't real sex, and they didn't actually show much more than bare tits and "close-to" shots of the good bits; but it was more than he got in real-life!


He'd had to beg Mark for weeks to let him play the game, but eventually his big brother had lent Brian his copy. Brothers often fought and claimed to hate one another, but under all that was still love, and Mark actually though Brian was old enough for the game, despite what his parents thought. But the real kicker was that some of Brian's friends were allowed to play it, and had teased him about it in front of Mark. One of the primary rules of big-brotherness was that "Nobody hits my little brother - except me!" and it went without saying that while Mark might tease Brian endlessly, he would always do his best to give him a "leg up" in any contest he could help with. So he let Brian play the game whenever mom & dad were guaranteed to be out of the house for a while.


At least as important, in Mark's eye, was the fact that it kept Brian busy so that he and Mindy could have some "quality time" together while still nominally "looking after" his little brother. He knew Brian was old enough to fend for himself, but their parents still required him to essentially babysit the kid. So anything that would keep him occupied for a few hours was a good thing. And if the kid wanted to get himself all worked up over fantasy-tits, so what? Mark liked them too, and if he hadn't any real ones to play with, he'd probably whack off over the CGI ones himself. Not that he ever caught Brian doing that - he was careful always to make noise when he approached Brian. Mark's mom had walked in on him once while he was fapping, and he'd almost died of embarrassment - he wouldn't do that to his little bro!


So Brian was pretty sure he was alone. It was nearly midnight after all, and he hadn't seen his brother or Mindy for hours. They were probably going at it, he thought. In his mind, sex could last for hours and hours. After all, Mark had told him as much. So he headed to the kitchen.


"Hey Brian," Mindy said, surprising him and causing him to bang his head inside the fridge. He'd been half-way inside the machine, searching for something to snack on.


"Hey Mindy," he said, rubbing his head. As it turned out, the knock was actually a good thing. It gave him an excuse for being a little off-kilter, though the real strain on his stabilizers was caused by Mindy's attire. She was wearing nothing but one of Mark's shirts - d and that was mostly unbuttoned! While he'd seen her plenty of times before, she was usually wearing more - a lot more - and not looking quite so... he wasn't sure of the word. Disheveled? Sated? Whatever it was, the dreamy, satisfied smile on her face and her calm, casual, playful mood was playing havoc with his brain. His eyes locked onto her tits, which the shirt did little to hide. He might not be able to see the actual skin of her nipples, but he damned sure could see the shape - and they were lovely and very pronounced.


"Like what you see, buddy?" the girl smiled good-naturedly, and he jerked his eyes away, realizing he'd been busted staring at his big brother's girlfriend's tits. Her eyes were laughing, but somehow it seemed more of a "shared joke" sort of laugh than one at his expense.


"Uh, yeah, sorry," he fumbled for the right words, grinning bashfully as his cheeks colored. "I was just, uh, looking..."


" my tits!" she interrupted, grinning.


"No! I mean, I was looking for something to eat!" he said hurriedly, his ears burning.


"Silly boy, you don't 'eat' tits! You lick them, and suck them, but no bitey-bitey!" she cooed playfully. She wasn't usually this gay, having to keep up the whole "teen angst emo gothy" thing, but she was feeling good. Mark had laid into her with all the enthusiasm and creativity he could muster, which was plenty. The boy could fuck, that was sure! And now she was in a merry mood, having got her carnal needs fulfilled. Besides, Brian was kinda cute, and so innocent - the perfect target for her play. And she did so enjoy showing off - all the more so when the person doing the looking felt like they shouldn't be looking at all, much less enjoying the sight of her body.


"Uh, er, um," Brian stuttered. Mindy was his big brother's girlfriend! It was totally against The Bro Code to lust after your Bro's girl - and ten times as bad if it was your actual brother!


"Oh relax," she said, reaching past him to grab a bottle of water, her barely-covered breast brushing against his arm. "You act like you've never seen a half-naked girl in your kitchen before!" Opening the water, she chugged several gulps, noting out the corner of her eye how Brian's eyes devoured her. She "hammed it up" a bit, arm up and leaning back to drink, which lifted the hem of the shirt. Brian was suddenly confronted with undeniable proof that she had nothing on beneath it.


Mindy's nerves sang! She wasn't exactly flashing her pussy at the kid, she justified to herself. But he was certainly getting a view clear enough to be certain she was completely hairless down there! It was one of the few things Mark insisted on, telling her that he loved eating pussy, not hair. Since he was so good at it, she did her part by keeping herself smoothly waxed - no stubble there! And besides, she liked being bare. It made her feel even nakeder than naked, and drew a lot of attention when she went to the beach. Everyone in sight knew she was hairless, and it thrilled her that they did!


"Uh, I... haven't," Brian said, meaning he hadn't ever seen a half-naked girl in his kitchen, but Mindy didn't play it that way.


"You've never seen a naked woman before?" she asked in mock shock. "Oh, you poor boy!" Before he could respond, she drew him into her embrace, hugging him tight against her, his face against the bare skin of her chest, mere inches from her nearly-bare tits. She loved the way he reacted, shaking in his arms like a frightened Chihuahua.


Brian didn't know what to do. On the one hand, she was Mark's girlfriend. But on the other hand, it felt amazing in her embrace. He could totally feel her tits pressing against him though the thin shirt. Even the hard nipples! Even the barbell in the one on his left! He wondered what it looked like.


But it wasn't just her tits. In a moment her entire body was pressing against his as she drew him in. She felt awesome. And she smelled amazing! The scent was of sweat, but not stinky-boy-sweat, more like a light, musky scent. A delicious scent. And it wasn't just sweat. He knew that Mark and her had been making love, and he could smell it on her. Could smell Mark on her - both his body scent and his cum-scent. Like all boys, Brian had sampled his cum and knew what it smelled like. But there was an even more wonderful scent. He'd smelled it on his fingers once, when Terri Lee had let him touch her between the legs. It was a scent like no other. A scent that made his mouth water and his pulse race.


"Woah boy," Mindy actually giggled. Pulling back, he realized that he'd automatically wrapped his arms around her, and had been pressing himself to her, forgetting himself in her embrace. He pulled back, embarrassed and starting to apologize. But she interrupted him again. "Don't worry sweetie," she said, bending down to kiss his forehead. "What's a little friendly grinding between friends?" Then she turned around and headed down the hallway once again, almost skipping in her happiness as he watched her delightful wiggle receding


She was almost all the way down the hall before it registered. Then with horror, Brian realized what she'd meant. He'd totally sprouted wood while hugging her - and she'd felt it! She'd felt his cock pressing against her! The idea was so wrong! And yet, the idea that he'd rubbed his cock against her was so overpoweringly arousing, he had to run to his room. He had to beat off, and now!


Brian's cock was aching for release, and he quickly shed his clothes. Flopping on the bed he pulled his underwear down, tucking the waistband under his smallish, mostly hairless balls. Peeling back his foreskin, he exposed the head to the cool air, which sent a shiver through him. It felt so good to be out like this!


In his mind's eye, Mindy's upper thighs and chest zoomed close - the objects of his desire. God how he'd love to actually see her tits and pussy! He imagined them though, and stroked his penis excitedly at the imagined images. Mindy here with him, showing herself to him as he stroked. He was teetering on the brink of an great climax, edging a bit to enjoy it a bit longer when, "Thump-Thump-Thump!" Mark's bedframe banged against the wall! They were going at it again, louder and more boisterous than ever!


He'd heard this a million times before - it was nothing new. At first it had been exciting. Almost like eavesdropping on the couple fucking only a few feet away, only the thin wall between them. He'd whacked off plenty of times to it. Mindy's cries of pleasure and Mark's grunts of climax spice to his erotic fantasies, taking his climaxes to another level. He often timed his own finale to match theirs, spraying his spunk as he imagined Mark filling his lover's pussy.


But over time, it'd started to grate. It seemed like they fucked constantly! And almost always when he was trying to sleep! True, they had to wait until mom and dad were in their own bedroom, but still! The titillation had gradually turned to frustration, and from frustration came irritation. So when they started going at it now, it pretty much ruined the mood for him. It sounded like Mark was giving it to her good, and with the parents out of the house, they weren't doing anything to keep it down. It was fucking inconsiderate as hell!


So Brian simmered, his cock deflating in his irritation. It never occurred to him that though he was in the living room playing his game.


Eventually the pounding settled down to a quieter, more measured pace, and the couple talked while they fucked. The wall was too thin to block the sound completely, but it was thick enough to muffle it. No actual words could be discerned. He'd tried often enough out of curiosity. He'd even tried the glass-against-the-wall thing like they do it the movies, and discovered that was pure Hollywood bullshit. It was too bad too, because he knew they type of things they said. One time Mark had left the bathroom door open, when they'd been fucking in the shower. Unfortunately, they were behind the curtain so Brian couldn't actually see them, though his imagination went crazy with the blurry, shadowy images. What they said to each other then sounded sexy as hell! Mark had been panting and calling Mindy his "sexy little fuck-slut" and stuff like that, while Mindy - in an awesome, sexy, breathy voice - had been telling him how wonderful his cock was, and how she loved being filled by him.


It was probably true, too, Brian mused. Mark did have a big one. Way bigger than his, that was for sure! Not only that, but Mark had been born when his parents had still thought circumcision was a good thing. Brian on the other hand had been left with his foreskin intact - something that the kids in school had given him shit about all his life. He'd actually seen Mark's cock too. Not just limp - he'd seen it like that plenty of times - but he'd seen it actually erect once when Mark had fallen asleep on the sofa and had gotten a stiffy. He'd only had shorts on, and in his sleep he'd started to rub against the sofa, pushing the shorts up and his cock out. Brian hadn't got to see the whole thing of course, but he'd seen enough to know it was large - way bigger than his by a long way. No wonder Mindy liked it so much!


That memory of Mark's cock, and his imagination, fueled by the sounds of their lovemaking, gave him the image of Mark's cock sliding into Mindy, again and again. Coupled with the memory of her soft body against his, it was enough to rekindle his libido - not that it takes much to rekindle the libido of a thirteen-year-old male! He stroked his swelling cock, focusing on the image of the two of them fucking and as they achieved their bliss, Brian too achieved his. It was a good one too! His cum shot out nearly to his chin, and the shivers ran through his body, up and down his spine as he squeezed out every last drop.


After wiping up the mess, Brian was sleepy, but of course, the couple were at it again, though it sounded like they were doing more talking than fucking. Still, the movements against the wall showed that they were still being physically active. He rolled over, his tired eyes closed as he tried to ignore the noise, but it seemed like every time he was about to nod off, they'd increase their activity, banging the wall and waking him again. In the end, in desperation, he bundled up his blanket and pillow and headed back to the living room. Flopping on the sofa, he conked out in the wee hours of the morning.



"Yo BB! Get your ass up! It's a beautiful day!" Brian sat up, rubbing his eyes from the painfully bright sun streaming in the window. "Don't call me that!" he groused. He hated the nickname his brother had forced on him.


"Aw, c'mon Baby-Brian!" Mark cajoled, using the full hateful nickname. "Don't be a grumpy Gus! It's a beautiful day, and I can't have you lounging about, taking up the sofa when the others get here!"


"What others?" Brian asked, bundling up his blanket and pillow with poor grace. He hadn't got enough sleep, and Mark's enthusiasm wasn't sitting well with him. He wanted to be left alone, for at least another 220 hours of sleep.


"It's gonna be awesome, bro!" Mark said. "Gonna have some friends over for a little pool party!"


"Oh great," Brian grumbled. He knew what that meant. It meant Brian's "Jock Friends" would be coming over, and he didn't like most of them. For starters, they were all older than him, which meant they treated him like a kid. And to make it worse, they were stupid "jocks" - the second-lowest life form on Earth. Being the skinny, nerdy, shy type, they instinctively made a target of him for teasing, jokes, pranks, and disparagements. And while Mark would defend him to the death from anyone bullying him, the dynamics were different when it was a group of his friends doing the ridiculing. The upshot of it all was that Brian's best course of action would be to stay in his room until they left. That would be most of the day blown.


Unsurprisingly, it played out pretty much as Brian expected. Four other couples showed up for the impromptu affair, and it seemed like they had a mighty fine time. As the "kid brother", Brian was left almost entirely out. To be fair, Mark did extend the invitation for him to toss on his trunks and "join the party", but he just didn't get how Brian was the outsider - unwelcome and forsaken. As far as Brian was concerned, his "big brother" had opened the gates and let the barbarian horde in to run rampant in his own home turf!


So he stayed in his room as much as he could, venturing forth only to use the facilities or, when Mark fired up the barbecue, to get sustenance. But he didn't stay any longer than he had to, and he did his best to be invisible. There's nothing less welcome than a child at an adult event, and it was even worse when the "adults" were barely that themselves. It always seemed like they had to bolster their own "adultness" by making the "kid" feel even less.


It wasn't all horrid though. Brian's room overlooked the back yard, so he got to see plenty of skin. The one nice thing about the "jock" crowd was that they generally had the prettiest, sexiest girlfriends. The five girls down there were smoking hot, with sweet, firm bodies which they clothed to display rather than conceal. Brian took the opportunity to watch them from his window, even taking some pictures when things got particularly interesting. Like when they rubbed each other down with tanning oil - especially since most of that was girl-on-girl, which was particularly intriguing. It was also intentional - all the guys watched.


Mark, of course, was doing his typical, "Look at me fondling my hot girlfriend" thing, trying to grab as much attention as he could since Mindy thrived on that sort of thing. But they weren't alone. The others were just as full of themselves, and tried nearly as hard to "show off" for the rest. The result what that, were it not for the bathing suits, it would have looked more like a grope-orgy than a pool party. Well, that and the fact that each couple only fondled their own partners. Still, Brian got plenty of good footage that'd serve him well in the upcoming months as fap-fodder. No actual nudity of course, but plenty of everything else, and some very close-to-revealing shots!


Unfortunately, though the view got him worked up plenty, he couldn't actually do anything about his near-constant erection. Feeling they were doing their "duty", both Mark and Mindy would periodically "check on him" to "make sure he was all right". So even though his balls ached at all the skin-and-foreplay, Brian couldn't take the chance of rubbing one out. Even the sexiest sight becomes tiresome eventually, and after a few hours, watching irritated him more than it titillated him. He spent less and less time at the window, more and more at the TV or computer. His only real satisfaction was that he was sure the jock-guys were suffering worse than him. He might have to "look and not touch", but they had to "look, touch, and no more", which was worse. Or so he imagined. He knew that if he was doing all that touching, his balls would be ready to explode!


By sundown, the couples had had enough. They were all eager for some "private time" with their partners, and found excuses to leave, couple by couple. When the last had left, it was clean-up time, and quite a mess to clean up. But by then, Brian was seriously sick of staying inside. Even cleaning up outside seemed preferable to one more minute in his room, so he volunteered to help.


Mark appreciated the gesture, and was actually pretty nice to him as they cleaned up. Having had an entire day of play, exercise, swimming, sunning and sexy girls around must've put him in a relaxed mood. He actually joked around with his little brother, with Mindy joining in the good-natured fun. To an outside observer, it might even have looked like they were friends.


"So bro, sorry you missed most of the party," Brian said, returning from taking the last bag of garbage out. "It was a good time. Still warm though - why don't you put on your trunks and kick it with us for a while?"


To be honest, Brian was actually thinking the same thing, only he didn't want to bring it up. It was one of his resentments that his parents still thought he needed a "body guard" to swim - never mind that he swam better than Mark did! So he didn't want to ask his big brother to stick around so he could swim. But if he was offering, Brian would sure as heck take him up on it! He ran up to his room, and was back in about two minutes, jumping into the pool with a "Whoop!" of glee.


He swam around for a while, stretching and enjoying the freedom after being cooped up all day. The water was just cool enough to feel nice, the evening warm enough to make the cool water more delicious. He'd always loved the water, the way it felt on his skin, the way it lifted him so he felt like he was flying. The stars were starting to show through and he floated on his back, star-gazing. The buoyancy of the water making him feel like he was swimming among them.


"Hey little dude!" his brother interrupted his reverie. Brian realized that he'd called several times, but with his ears in the water, he hadn't realized it. He lifted his head, looking over at Mark. "What?"


Mark and Mindy were in one of their favorite cuddle positions, with Mark seated on the lounge chair. With sat between his legs, her back to his chest with Mark's arms wrapped around her. At the moment, one cupped her breast and the other was between her legs. Nothing new, though a bit more blatant than usual, even for those two. Mindy had a dreamy look on her face, and she seemed flushed - or maybe she'd gotten too much sun.


"You showing off for my girl or something?" Mark asked, grinning. He obviously meant it as a joke, but it was a joke Brian didn't get. What the heck was he talking about? And then his eye caught sight of the bulge his pecker was making as he floated on his back. He glanced back at Mark, embarrassed, and saw his big brother was grinning even bigger.


"What? No! God!" Brian said, shifting to a breast-stroke to hide his erection. That was the problem with being his age, he thought. That damned pecker would pop up at the worst possible times, and sometimes wouldn't go back down no matter what. The more one tried to make it go down, the more it'd persist, as if it liked the attention or something.


There was no way he could get out of the pool without his baggy swim trunks betraying him by displaying his errant member. He looked at his brother's leer. The guy seemed amused, which was better than pissed off. Maybe he understood it was an unconscious thing. The fact that he'd been ogling sexy girls all day from his room might have something to do with it. Probably did, in fact. He should have fapped earlier, despite the risk.


"Don't sweat it, little dude," Mark said, his voice oddly low. No, he didn't seem angry at all. He seemed... preoccupied. Brian noticed that his brother's hands were moving, playing with his girlfriend as if they were alone. He'd seen Mark cup a breast before, of course. But it'd always been a brief thing. Now it looked like... like he was actually fondling her tit, his thumb moving slowly back and forth over the bikini. And his hand between her legs was moving too - was he rubbing her there? Right there in front of Brian? The though made the kid's cock felt like it might explode!


Mark whispered something in Mindy's ear, and the girl started to speak, cleared her throat, and then tried again. Her voice seemed a little quavery. "Brian honey, it's okay. I..." she trailed off. Mark nipped her ear with his teeth and said something, and the girl took a breath and tried again. "I... I kind of liked seeing it stick up like that. Can you float on your back again?"


Holy shit! Brian thought. Was this for real? Mindy wanted to see his pecker? Well, through his wet swimsuit anyway? No effing way! And yet, the way she was looking at him... expectant. Hopeful? Yes, hopeful! He looked back to his brother. "It's okay Brian," Mark said, his voice oddly gentle. "She really does want to see. Mindy's a bit of a slut y'know, and she thinks you're cute. She told me that you got a hard-on last night when she hugged you, and you wouldn't believe how horny it made her. So yeah. You don't gotta, but if you wanna, go ahead."


Brian foundered emotionally. The idea that this sex-goddess wanted to see his pecker was insanely exciting. No girl had ever wanted to see it before! And he did want to let her see - there was no question about that. The only question was really, could he do so and not shoot off in his swim trunks? Probably not. "Uh, I don't know," he stammered. In addition to his fear of embarrassing himself by ejaculating, it was also wildly inappropriate and confusing. His arousal only made it harder to get a grip on his emotions. But he knew it would be wrong - horribly wrong - to cum while his big brother's girlfriend was staring at his junk!


Mark saw his turmoil, but knew Mindy well - knew she was getting very turned on by the situation. He also knew his brother - knew his insecurities and inexperience - and rightly guessed that he was going to cop out. So he decided on a two-pronged attack. First, the whole, "We're brothers, I'm on your side" thing, followed by a guilt trip. With a calculated grin, he said, "It's cool Brian. I understand. Pretty unfair, asking you to give Mindy here a little look. I mean, it's not like you ever ogled her, right?"


It worked perfectly. The guilt ran through Brian's brain. If Mark knew how many times I rubbed one out thinking about Mindy! But Mark spoke again, offering a deal the boy couldn't refuse. "Tell ya what Bri. You give my girl a peek, and I'll let you check out her piercing." He squeezed the girl's nipple to draw attention to his meaning.


He would let Brian see Mindy's nipple piercing? How many times had Brian wondered - and fantasized - about that little detail! Of course he'd seen some in pictures, but to see not only a nipple, but a pierced nipple? Better yet, Mindy's pierced nipple! His friends would be so jealous! They wouldn't believe him, but he would know. He'd have the sight burned into his memory!


"Uh, Mark?" Mindy interrupted nervously, "Are you sure..."


"Don't worry love," he said, softly kissing her ear. "Brian's cool. He won't tell anyone you let him see your tits." He looked over at Brian. "Right bro? No tellies?"


Brian gulped. Of course he wouldn't tell anyone! Somehow he completely forgot his thoughts of a second ago. In the possibility of the treat being taken away, he'd erased that thought and made his decision. To actually see Mindy's breast - in real-life-person, not a pic? Men would leap through hoops of fire for the privilege. All he had to do was let her see his swim trunks!


Before he could chicken out, he flipped over onto his back once again. His cock had never been harder, and it pushed the wet, stretchy fabric further up than he thought it ever could. He felt a touch of pride, and felt his ego swell equally large when he looked over at Mindy and saw her staring raptly at his erection-bulge. There's something about a pretty girl looking worshipfully at your manhood that speaks directly to a male's core, instilling him with confidence and pride normally beyond his ken. Not that Brian knew about that.


What he did know was that it felt good to let her see! He arched his back, trying to give show himself better. He had no idea why he'd been reluctant to let her see. It seemed silly! He wanted to touch it, to stroke it, right there in front of her, to let her see it for reals - not just through his trunks!


"Don't be a shy honey, tell him what you think of it!" Mark said, his hand moving between her legs, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from the girl. Brian watched, fascinated. Mark was rubbing her pussy - right there in front of him!


"It's... it's really nice Brian," Mindy said, her voice whispery.


"More," Mark said in a low, encouraging voice.


Mindy took a breath and mustered her attention. In a low, clear voice she said, "I like seeing your bulge Brian. You must have a nice cock under there. Thank you for letting me see."


Brian's mind was spinning. He couldn't believe what she'd said - what was happening. Even less what happened next. With a smooth, deliberate motion, Mark pulled Mindy's bikini top up, over her breasts, exposing them both to his gaze! He was giving his little brother a two-fer!


They were magnificent! Somehow they seemed even larger, fuller than they had in the top! The clearly-defined tan lines surrounded the areolae with near-perfect triangles. Each seemed large enough to fill both his hands if he cupped them together like he was holding water, and he longed to hold them just like that. Atop each darker, pinker circle-in-triangle was an eraser-sized nipple. Even in the pool he could feel his mouth watering as he looked at them. Her left nipple was perfection itself, jutting out as if begging for his lips. Her right was perfection-with-adornment. A twin to the first, but with silver balls on either side, marking where the stem went through her flesh. He had a sudden flash of how much that must have hurt, followed immediately with a strangely clear understanding - she must really want people to see it, if she was willing to go through that much pain for the adornment!


"Brian." ... "Brian!" ... "Brian!" It took three tries before the sound registered in his brain. He looked over at Mark, who was grinning. "Pretty nice huh?"


"Uh huh!" Brian shook his head. "Totally!"


"Getting kinda dark, eh?" Mark asked.


Brian shook his head at the sudden, unexpected turn. "Huh? What?"


"Dark. Out here. Hard to see." Mark was speaking slowly, deliberately, as if speaking to an idiot, which was probably true at this point. "Probably can't see these lovelies very well." he continued. Shrugging nonchalantly, he added, "Thought maybe you'd like to come closer."


Brain stared at him uncomprehendingly for several seconds before his brain finally worked out that Mark was inviting him to come in for a closer look. The boy was out of the pool and standing, dripping before the cuddling couple with remarkable speed. Up close, they looked even better. Sexier. More delicious. Every curve, vein, goose-bump, and freckle was burned indelibly into the kid's brain.


"Look how hard you've got him honey," Mark said gently into Mindy's ear. The girl moaned softly, and Mark continued. "I bet his little cock is rock-hard right now. Maybe if you ask him really nicely, he'll show it to you."


Brian gulped. He wanted to, more than anything! But now that the idea had actually been spoken out loud, he was uncertain. Could he? Could he really let this sexy woman see his erection? It would be so embarrassing! And yet, such a thrill!


"Can I..." Mindy stopped at Mark's nudge. She backed and tried again. "Will you show me your penis Brian? Please? I'd really like to see it."


Brian's thumbs were already in the waistband, ready to drop his trunks when Mark interrupted.


"Seriously Mindy? That's it? Just gonna ask him? Not even offer anything in return?"


The girl's face turned pink, but she saw her boyfriend's game - and approved. "I'm sorry sweetie," she said to Brain. "What I meant to say is, I'll show you mine of you show me yours!" Both of the elders chuckled.


Brian started to cloud up. Were they making fun of him? Was this some elaborate prank?


"Relax little dude," Mark said placatingly. "It's just a cliche'. Practically every boyfriend and girlfriend says that to each other at some point when they start to explore their bodies." Then in a more serious voice, he went on. "She meant it though Brian. If you let her see your cock, you'll totally get to see her pussy. You up for that?"


"Jeez Mark! What a stupid question!" Brian wasn't sure where that came from, but it did seem to relieve a lot of tension from somewhere inside him, and for a moment, he felt in control. Marked grinned broadly. "Atta boy! Let's see that dick!"


But Brian was heady on his success. "No! Show me her pussy first!" He couldn't believe it was his voice saying this! He was telling his big brother, no demanding that his big brother show him his girlfriend's most private place! He was shaking with excitement.


Mark smiled. "Okay Big Bri, don't blow a gasket." He kissed Mindy on the cheek. "Lift up babe," he said. "Time to show my little brother what you got under the hood!"


Mindy hesitated, but there was a firm "smack" as Mark's hand found her behind. She flushed and lifted her ass off the lounge. With surprising speed, Mark slid the bikini bottoms over her ass and down to her knees, whereupon she sat back down and slid them down her legs and off. Obviously this was a maneuver they were well-practiced with.


Mark's hand still cupped her pussy, hiding it from Brian's view, and the couple were both watching him expectantly. The message was clear, and a shiver of electricity sparkling up Brian's spine. He could do this! He could do this! Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes, then quickly yanked his shorts down. His cock was rock-hard, and sprang back up like a diving board, vibrating like a plucked string.


"Oh my!" Mindy said, "He's uncut!" Shame shot through Brian's heart. Fucking parents! he thought. Why didn't they do me too? His hands flew to hide his shame from the girl as he turned to run, to hide.


"STOP!" Mark said firmly, freezing Brian in his tracks. "Mindy, don't you like uncut cocks?", he asked, knowing the answer.


"No, no, no! Brian! I didn't mean that at all! I just don't get to see them very often! Please don't run away! I want to see it! Really I do! Mark just didn't tell me, so it surprised me! But it's a good surprise honey, really it is! Please sweetie..."


Brian paused. She seemed sincere. But after all the crap he'd gotten from other boys, could she really like uncut ones? He looked back over his shoulder, and saw the pleading look in her face; the encouraging look in his brother's. "Seriously?" he asked, uncertainly, but hopefully.


"Seriously dude," Mark said. "Mindy here likes all types of cocks. And really, you've got to get over it. I've told you a million times that you're the lucky one, and you gotta stop listening to them fucktards who don't know better."


The way Mindy was nodding made her breasts shake in a most interesting way, and that as much as anything gave him pause enough to consider their words. Could it really be that his disfigurement wasn't a big deal to her? She did seem to want to see more... He turned back slowly and watching their faces, gradually moved his hands aside to reveal himself. Mindy's smile grew until she seemed unable to contain her glee and she clapped her hands. "Wonderful Brian! It's a beautiful cock! Don't you ever be ashamed of that thing!"


"It's not very big," he muttered, terribly flattered despite himself and looking for some flaw to balance his ego swell.


"Fuck that dude," Mark said. "Same size as mine when I was thirteen. Get over it. It'll keep growing for a while - especially if you find a good cock-sucker to help stretch it out."


Mindy laughed, choked, and slapped Mark on the thigh, which only made him laugh. Brian joined in the laughter, feeling more assured. He knew what a blowjob was, sort of, and thought that yeah, suction ought to make it bigger all right. He had no clue how medically inaccurate that was. Pretty much every guy believes that myth at some point, just like most girls believe the same thing of her tits.


He was feeling better though, after the scare, and though his penis hadn't even begun to droop, it seemed to stand out more as he stood prouder, unconsciously shifting his pelvis to show it off better. Mindy, for her part, seemed enraptured by it, leaning forward to look closer, and making several nice comments about the color, shape, and so on. She seemed most of all impressed by how hard it was, like everyone didn't get that stiff.


"Okay babe," Mark finally said. "He showed you his, time to make good on your deal." Mindy blushed deeply - Brian could see it from her ears to her shoulders - but she nodded. Leaning back against her boyfriend, she lifted her legs and placed them on either edge of the lounge, spreading her knees.


Brian had seen some pictures of pussies of course, but he'd never seen anything so completely beautiful as Mindy's bare, smooth, shiny pink pussy. But the words stuck in his throat as he tried to tell her this, so instead he just stood there like an idiot, staring, drinking the sight in with his eyes like it was the water of life and he'd been about to perish of thirst in the desert. He had no idea how long he'd been looking when Mark spoke up.


"Pretty sweet huh?" he asked, sliding one hand down the girl's stomach. With practiced fingers, he spread her outer labia, exposing her inner folds for the boy.


"Jee-sus..." Brian said, the words nearly a sob. He was overcome with all sorts of emotions. It was love at first sight, and a lust so strong it transcended climax. He found himself kneeling before the beautiful sight, his knees fortunately finding the lounge chair instead of the hard deck - not that he'd have noticed broken kneecaps at that point.


"I think he likes your pussy, honey," Mark said, spreading her inner lips. "Do you think he's in a trance?"


Mindy giggled. "Are you okay Brian?" she asked gently.


"Uh huh," Brian responded from a far-away place. "It's so beautiful..." he cooed.


"Well, shit," Mark said after giving his little brother a few more minutes of gazing. "My cock's about to explode from all the sexiness going on!"


Brian shook his head, snapping out of it. The fun was over. He started to object, but realized he'd already been the luckiest kid in the world tonight - best not push it. But he darn sure was going to head up to his room and rub one out to end all the rub-outs he'd ever done! Probably twice! His balls felt like they were close to bursting, and he was sure there was enough in there for two. Maybe three. He climbed to his feet and turned, assuming he was dismissed, and eager to play with himself.


"Woah, little dude," Mark said. "It ain't over yet - not unless you want it to be?"


Brian's turned back, his heart leaping in his chest. "No? Seriously?"


"Seriously," Mark said. "Mindy's a total show-slut..."


"Hey!" Mindy said, slapping him on the leg.


"Hey yourself. You know it's true. Go ahead, tell me I'm a liar. Tell me you would totally hate to suck my cock right here and now, with Brian as your audience."


Mindy started to speak, hesitated, opened her mouth, closed it, and finally shrugged, blushing furiously.


Mark laughed. "Told you. Wanna see a hot chick give a blowjob?"


Brian hesitated. His cock felt like it was going to explode. "Uh..." he said, "Yeah... only, I'm not sure I can..."


Mark waited, prompting him to continue with his eyes.


"You know Mark! I'm... I need to..."


Mark laughed again. "Oh shit little bro! You gotta cum? Is that all?"


"Well... yeah!" Brian said, his cheeks burning.


"No worries man," Mark said. "If you want to stroke it while Mindy's blowing me, it's totally okay. Just if you shoot it off, don't get it on the furniture, okay?"


Brian's head boggled again. His brother was encouraging him to fap... right out in front of them? Unbelievable! And yet, the way Mindy was looking at his cock, licking her lips, he got the impression that she would love that. Or more, that she'd be happy to suck his dick instead of his brother's! The idea was more than enough to make up his mind. Seeing Mindy suck dick was worth any price. He nodded.


"Good job!" Mark said. Pushing Mindy forward, he quickly divested himself of his own trunks and leaned back on the lounge while Mindy re-positioned herself on her knees between his.


Brian was momentarily dismayed. Mark's cock was gigantic compared to his! At least two inches longer, and much bigger around. He doubted his smaller hand could even encircle it! Could it ever have been as small as his? Mark had said so, but maybe he was just trying to be nice. Not only was it huge - long and thick, with a fat head and smooth shaft - but it was gorgeous. Brian didn't care what anyone said, when he was old enough, he was totally going to get circumcised too. It just looked better!


"Brian honey," Mindy said as if reading his thoughts. "Don't you dare try to compare your cock to Marks. I've seen other thirteen-year-olds' cocks, and yours is seriously sexy and bigger than many. And I know that when you're eighteen, you'll be just as big and sexy, okay?"


Even if it was bullshit, the fact that the words were coming from a beautiful, sexy, and very naked girl carried a certain weight, even ignoring the sincerity in her voice. He felt better, and moved closer, following her guidance. She positioned him beside the couple with a soft touch on his hips. Where her fingers touched him, sparkles of pleasure burned. It was amazingly sexy to be naked with a naked woman, but to have a naked woman touch him was - incredible!


Mindy suddenly giggled, and both boys looked at her, curious. Smiling, she reached down to his penis, catching the drop of fluid which stretched, dangling from the tip, on her index finger. With a wink, she brought it to her mouth, sliding the goo-covered fingertip between her lips. With obvious relish, she sucked it off while Brian gawped at her.


Mark chuckled. "Told ya bro. Mindy here loves cock, loves cum, loves sucking dick. She's a fucking treasure, she is!" Reaching up, he pulled her down, taking her head in both hands, and guiding her quickly to his rigid cock.


With an ease Brian found incredible, the young woman opened wide, letting Mark's fat cock slide into her open mouth, sliding along her tongue, deeper that he would have believed possible. Her lips closed around the shaft and she withdrew, Mark's cock wet with her saliva, lubricating the second downward bob, which sank even deeper. Where the hell was it going? Brian wondered. Mark's cock was obviously longer than her mouth was deep! And then he saw, as the blue-haired beauty bobbed up and down, that each time his cock disappeared, her throat bulged. His brother's cock was going down her throat!


"Holy cow," he said in awe.


"I know, right?" Mark laughed. "She's a champion cock-sucker, this one!"


Mindy moaned around Mark's cock as if the compliment gave her pleasure. Her eyes were closed as she focused on the sensation of the man's penis sliding in and out of her oral passage.


"C'mere kid," Mark said, hand out to Brian. "Check this out." He took Brian's hand, guiding it gently to Mindy's throat. Now he could feel his big brother's cock sliding in and out of the girl's throat!


"That's amazing," Brian said, raptly impressed. "How doesn't she choke? Or... worse?"


"Practice," Mark said, his eyes full of pride, his fingers running fondly through Mindy's short, dark hair. "If you can find a girl who loves sucking cock as much as my Mindy," he said, "grab her and hold on to her forever. Go ahead honey."


Brian thought Mark was talking to him, and the last bit made no sense until he realized he was talking to Mindy. The girl's eyes opened and she looked her thanks to Mark. She shifted her balance and slid one hand between her legs. Her eyes closed again, and her bobbing up and down his big brother's cock sped up.


Mindy was a tripod now, on two knees and one hand. Brian wanted to see what the hand between her legs was doing. But Mindy suddenly dropped her mouth completely down Mark's shaft, burying her nose in the young man's pubes, and her body began to shake. Whimpers somehow escaped from her and her whole body began to tremble. Even Brian knew what the hand between her thighs was doing then, even if he was unclear on the details.


"Go ahead baby. Cum for us. Don't hold back. Let Brian here see how a woman cums. You know you want to show off for him!" The words were firm but gentle, a command and a request, filled with both tenderness and an iron command. It was as if Mark were making the young girl cum by his voice alone, and it fascinated Brian. The way her body was shaking was fascinating - and highly arousing!


Suddenly her trembling became a series of jerks, and Brian saw that Mark was holding the young woman's head down on his cock, forcing her to keep his cock lodged in her throat. "Come on you little slut," he hissed, sounding almost angry with her. "One. More. Second. YES!" Then his own hips jerked, pushing upward though he couldn't possibly get any deeper into her throat. "Cumming. In. Your. Mouth!" Brian could see muscles twitching in his brother's balls or something, and he realized that yes, Mark was spraying his cum in Mindy's throat!


The girl's whole body shuddered as if she were being electrocuted, and then Mark released her head and she came up suddenly, gasping for breath, sucking it in harshly, then letting it back out with a sudden, almost howling cry of pleasure as her climax finally found that outlet. She was shaking and gasping and crying out for several more breaths, flecks of cum and saliva peppering Mark's chest and cock as her wild climax faded. Then she was back down there, licking and sucking his cock and balls and stomach, as if every drop of cum was a precious delicacy. She was still panting as she finished and lay her head on Mark's lap, her ass high in the air.


Brian couldn't help it. While the other two were preoccupied, he moved down to their feet for another look at that beautiful pussy. It looked completely different from this angle, but no less beautiful. It was a lot wetter now though, and he could see juices drooling from her pussy down her thighs. Curious, he reached out and, as she had with him, gathered one drop on his index finger. He sniffed. It smelled dee-licious! He put the finger in his mouth, and his mouth erupted with water. It was so good! He reached for another drop.


"Brian!" Mark's commanding voice sounded. Uh oh! He looked around the girl's rump to find his brother looking at him. "Don't you think you should ask permission before you eat your brother's girlfriend's pussy?"


"I... didn't..." he started, but then realized that that was exactly what he had been about to do. So that was why "eating pussy" was something they did. He could totally imagine him shoving his face between her legs, licking all over that amazing pussy, licking up every drop of her amazing juice. "Sorry," he said.


"No worries kid. Tell ya what. Let's go inside, shall we? Maybe if you're a good boy, and Mindy doesn't mind..."


Mindy made a little squeaking sound, and Brian was surprised to see the juices leaking down her thigh suddenly increase. But he was learning. "I don't think she minds," he said.



A few minutes later, the three of them lay together in the master bedroom - the only room with a bed large enough to accommodate the three of them. Mindy lay back, her legs spread, eager to feel the thirteen-year-old's mouth on her. Brian was climbing between her legs, at least as eager to dive in. And he was almost there, the intoxicating scent making his head swim when he felt Mark's large hand on his shoulder.


"Hold up a sec, dude." the older boy said. "Let me show you a couple things first."


Despite his impatience to dive in, Brian found the next ten minutes as fascinating as Mindy found them frustrating. But she knew Mark - knew he loved to tease her - and knew that she enjoyed it too, though sometimes, like now, it infuriated her. But she did realize the wisdom, so she bit her lip and suffered through it as Mark gave Brian a detailed and embarrassingly thorough guided tour of her private parts, from belly button to asshole and all points in between.


The worst part was that he couldn't do so without touching, but he wasn't trying to arouse her though she needed it so badly! He peeled back the hood, introducing her swollen clitoris and giving instruction on how to treat her. He spread her labia and then unfurled her inner lips, stretching them out for his inspection. He even used the middle fingers of each hand as a makeshift speculum, letting the boy see up inside her, and showing him her urethra and entrance.


And through it all, all she could do was sit and take it. She tried playing with her tits, but that only made it worse. She could feel a steady trickle of juices anyway, and knew that the boy was seeing one of the wettest pussies he'd ever meet! And yet, just the fact that this boy - this virgin boy, was getting the grand tour was itself a royal turn-on. But seriously, how much more could she take?


"Okay Brian, that's it. Any questions?" Mark finally said, licking his fingers like he'd just had a bucket of KFC.


To his credit, the boy took the question seriously. "Uhm, how do you... eat...?" He seemed uncertain how to express the question.


"Well, I could show you," Mark said. "But then, I don't suppose you want me down there first, do you? I mean, it'd be sort of like kissing me if I ate her then you did, right?"


"Ewww! Yuck! No!" Brian considered. "Can you just explain?"


So Mindy was treated to another five minutes of torturously intimate touching and waiting as Mark explained how to "eat pussy". "But the most - the very most important part," Mark finally wrapped up, "is that you must always, always pay attention to her. If you're paying attention to how she reacts, her body will tell you what she likes and what she doesn't. Let her guide you."


Brian nodded, and Mark moved aside, letting his thirteen-year-old brother slide in between his girlfriend's thighs.


In her nineteen years, Mindy had had her pussy eaten by some champions at the art. Each had their own "special" methods and techniques, and each thought they'd invented it. But Brian's first time was something special. She'd never in her life felt so completely, absolutely, and one-hundred-percent attended to. The boy took his brother's advice seriously - he paid attention to her like no man ever had! And as a result, every signal her body gave, the boy zeroed in on like a sharpshooter.


Sure, he was uncertain at first, but his enthusiasm and Mark's encouragement overcame that quickly enough. In minutes he was devouring her - obviously he loved the scent, taste, and feel of her pussy quite a lot! He soon had her juices flowing more than ever, and he lapped them up greedily. But when another man might have pushed her to a more rapid climax, he followed her cues, and so the buildup was steady - so steady it made her brain scream. Her followed her "pleasure curve" exactly, now going deep, now backing off; here diddling her clitty with his tongue, there chewing on her puffy outer lips. It was maddening, intoxicating, and utterly wonderful. And of course, it culminated in an earth-shattering climax that had the girl screaming like a siren and bathing the boy's face with her juices. Poor Brian was torn between his desire to drink every drop and his desperation to give her the best time he possibly could. He chose correctly, focusing on her needs, driving her to her absolute peak, and leaving the sweet treats for later.


Brian was in heaven, licking up the delicious flavors from the girl's pussy and thighs, his tongue ultra-light as she twitched at every touch, her body hypersensitive after her incredible orgasm. He instinctively knew that he'd done a good job, and that knowledge warmed his heart - all the more so when Mark commented on it while he licked his older brother's girlfriend's pussy gently clean.


"Gotta tell ya bro," Mark said, clearly impressed, "that was a great job. I've seen Mindy cum about a million times, and what you just did there? Well I think you gained a friend for life!" He chuckled, nuzzling his girlfriend gently to see if she'd found her way back to the planet Earth yet. She hadn't, but she was getting there. There were signs of life.


"You guys don't do anything else till I get back," the older boy said, hopping off the bed and leaving the room. By the time her returned a few minutes later holding three bottled waters, Mindy had propped her head up to watch Brian. The boy did not want to leave her pussy, and he was so gentle and sweet, she couldn't bring herself to ask him to stop. Besides, it felt good, even if she wasn't ready to climb the cliff again just yet!


"Okay bro, back off and refuel," Mark said, running the cold water bottle along the boy's ass-crack, making him sit up fast. His face was shiny wet with Mindy's juices, and he had a look of happy bliss that Mark wished he could capture on film. It was both endearing and downright goofy! He handed his brother one bottle, handed Mindy another, and they all sat, sipping.


Refreshed, Mark felt like he should resume his brother's sex education. "Mindy sweetie, lay back. Brian needs to learn the rest of your body now."


"But Mark honey, should't I... you know, he's been waiting so long..."


Mark smacked his own forehead. "Of course!" He looked at his little brother. "Sorry little dude, my bad. Why don't you lay back and let Mindy give you some relief."


"Relief?" Brian asked with a mixture of doubt, curiosity, and hope.


"A blowjob dude. Mindy's gonna suck your dick."


"Oh!" Brian was unsure he liked the way Mark was talking about Mindy, like she was his property or something.


"It's okay Brian," Mindy said gently, reading his expression. "Mark's not being a dick. He knows I want to. Don't worry, if he ever told me to do something I didn't want to, I'd totally tell him to fuck off." She giggled, still a little giddy from the night's activities.


"Yeah," Mark said. "Then I'd paddle her hiney for being rude to me!" By means of demonstration, he swatted her bare ass with an open-handed "crack" that sounded loud.


Again Brian started to object, but Mindy interrupted. "Spanks are fun honey - as long as they're this kind. Don't worry. Trust me. I like when Mark smacks my ass. You want to try?" She started to turn her behind toward the boy.


"Later on. Right now, give my little bro some relief!" Mark said sternly.


Mindy smiled, and gently guided Brian. Shortly he was laying on his back, his cock sticking up like some lewd spike. It seemed at least that hard. He was going to actually feel a girl's mouth on his cock! The thought was like a gong in his brain. He still couldn't believe it! But there she was, naked as a jaybird, beautiful as a goddess. Her tits full, nipples hard, pussy still on his lips. He licked them. No, this had to be real. No mere dream could taste that good!


And then it was happening! Her lips, soft. Warm. Her mouth moist. Warm. Her tongue, like fire, caressing his member. And then the electric sizzle, shockingly sharp down his spine and he was cumming, spasms tearing through him, jetting his cum into her mouth!


Brian's face was a picture of wonder - a wonder bracketed by blissful relief. His climax had been almost immediate - Mindy had barely begun to rub his cock in her mouth when he'd begun firing his load down her throat. Nevertheless, she sucked, swallowed, sucked again, draining the boy of every drop of cum as quickly as he shot it. It was an easy enough task - the boy might have shot a lot for a kid, but it wasn't much compared to his older brother. What was important though was that she make him feel as good as she possibly could, so her mouth did it's magic, sucking him into her warmth, balls-and-all, and drained him dry.


The kid was beyond words, staring up at the ceiling for several long minutes after Mindy had finished. She stayed with him though, gently rubbing his tummy with a gentle touch. It was important that he know she was here with him, tending his needs as thoroughly as he had hers. He'd be back eventually.


He did make it back, and it only took a few minutes. Unlike older lovers, the kid didn't even seem tired. If anything, he seemed energized, which made Mark laugh. "Jeezus dude! Take a chill pill! So what'd you think of Mindy's mouth?"


"Oh. My. God." he said with feeling. "That was like..." He paused, obviously thinking hard to try to find the right words - and failing.


"Yeah," Mark grinned. "Exactly like that. Don't worry Brian. If it could be described, we wouldn't have so many songs about it.


"But I do gotta tell ya bro, watching Mindy suck you was fuckin' hot. See here? Got my wood back! And I'm totally aching to lay some pipe..."


For a change, Brian didn't assume he was being dismissed, and Mark grinned his approval. "You wanna watch?"


Mindy took a sharp breath. Being watched having sex? Holy shit! And by a kid? That was so... perverted! She kept her mouth shut for fear of saying something that might cause it to not happen.


Mark laughed. "That, little bro, was the sound of a total fuck-slut, who totally gets off on showing off, getting excited by the idea of you watching her getting fucked." He reached over and squeezed her breast. "Oh hey! You can help if you want!"


"I... can?" Brian asked, not sure what his brother had in mind, but definitely interested.


"Sure! Here, play with her tits. She'll like having them played with while I'm fucking her."


Mindy shivered at the thought, then looked at Brian and nodded.


The boy moved over, taking her free breast between both hands. As he'd thought, it fit perfectly when he cupped them around it. But he didn't stop there. He watched his brother's hand, and did likewise as he squeezed, rubbed the nipple, pinched it, even twisted it and pulled it. He found that the same attentiveness he'd learned down below applied up here, and was surprised to find just how hard she liked her nipples pulled and twisted. He'd have thought it would hurt, but the girl just seemed to love it more. Of course, there was a limit, but it was well beyond what he'd have assumed.


Meanwhile, Mark had moved between the woman's splayed legs. His cock had resumed its amazing size, and he seemed to be using it to beat her pussy with. When Brian looked uncertain, Mark explained.


"It's okay little dude. She likes it. Look. No, let go of her tit and get down here for a good look."


Brian moved down and watched. Sure enough, the girl's pussy flexed and twitched as Mark's huge cock thwacked against her most private place. Her juices were flowing again, and he recognized the deeper pink as her arousal grew.


Mark took his cock and rubbed the head against her entrance. In moments it was shiny wet and he began to push. Brian was certain there was no way it would fit inside - he'd had his tongue in there, he knew how small her opening was! He was about to tell Mark to stop before he hurt her, when the head popped inside! Then, before he could even understand what was happening, Mark had pushed forward, back, forward deeper, back again, and one final thrust. Just like that, he was balls-deep in her amazing pussy! Brian was amazed all over again. How the hell could that thing fit inside such a small ... but it had!


"Pretty cool, huh lil dood?" Mark said, smiling at Brian's look of amazement.


"Uh yeah... but now?"


"Oh, it's amazing how stretchy a woman's pussy is Bri-buddy! That's why it feels so damned good! Snugs right up, keeping tight around you when you fuck her! It's the best feeling!" As he was talking, Mark began moving, sliding his cock out, then back inside the young lady, giving his little brother a clear view of what a horny girl's pussy looked like when a large, hard cock was fucking her.


Mindy made a sound, and Brian looked up in alarm, but her face was expressing pleasure, and he relaxed. She was enjoying it all right, no doubt about that! Every part of her body was signaling her pleasure, from the rock-hard nipples shaking on her breasts to the drooling pussy that continued to swallow-and-release his brother's massive cock. And the harder he fucked her, the more she seemed to enjoy it!


The pace grew faster. The thrusts became harder. Mindy's gasps turned to sharp cries each time Mark's cock rammed into her, rocking her body on the bed. Brian watched, fascinated. It was incredible! The way they worked together. The way they fit together! The way they each knew how to please the other. The way Mindy sounded, looked, smelled. She was moaning and crying out, mashing her tits, tweaking her nipples - and looking at him!


Brain realized that his own cock was rock-hard once again and without thinking, he'd taken it in hand, stroking himself as he watched his brother and Mindy fucking. And yet, neither of them was admonishing him for it! Mindy's eyes were watching with that look that he was learning was lust. Desire. A pure hunger for cock. Mark was watching with amusement - not the disparaging amusement of a big brother watching a little brother do something stupid though, no. This was more like... like a shared amusement. Like they were playing a game where they were both on the same side - and winning!


"You want a go at her, bro?" Mark asked suddenly.


Mindy suddenly squealed, and treated both boys to the sight of an amazing climax as the thought of being fucked by her boyfriend's little brother sent her over the edge without warning. She cried and gasped, humping back hard against Mark's cock until she'd found her bliss.


"Hah. That means she wants you to fuck her dude!" Mark declared. "C'mon buddy, show her what your cock can do!" Pulling his own cock, now sloppy and wet, from her pussy, he moved aside. "Go on buddy! There's a woman here who needs your dick! You ain't gonna keep her waiting, are you?"


Brian looked at Mindy, and wasn't really surprised to see that yeah, she wanted it. Hell, she needed it! And so did he. He was dying to find out what a pussy felt like! Eagerly he took his big brother's place. He started to smack her pussy like he had, but Mark spoke up.


"No need for that buddy. She's all warmed up. Just slide it in. Trust me, she's ready!"


Brian looked at Mindy again to be sure, found the truth in her eyes, and with little fumbling, found her entrance with the tip. Thrusting forward, he shoved his cock balls-deep into the warm, wet, smoldering cauldron that was her pussy.


He'd never felt anything so amazing! After Mark's huge cock, he'd expected to find it ill-fitting for his own member, but the truth was that it felt so tight he wondered how it'd gone in so easy. Of course, it was sopping wet. That must be it. And it felt amazing! Her mouth had been amazing too, true. But this was... somehow even more amazing.


Part of it was the view. He was above her. Above an absolutely stunningly beautiful woman. A real woman, not a girl, and he was a man. There was no doubt in his mind now. He bent down as he'd seen his brother do and sucked one nipple into his mouth and felt her pussy tighten, quivering around his cock. That was awesome! It was like he was making love to her in two ways at once! He experimented, moving his cock within her, tugging her nipple with his teeth, sliding out a bit and pushing back in, sucking hard to get as much of her breast into his mouth as possible. The possibilities were endless!


"Dude!" Mark said, snapping him out of it. Reluctantly he released the breast to look around. Mark had moved up beside his girlfriend and was feeding her his cock, which she was gobbling greedily, though due to the angle, she could only get a few inches into her mouth. "Having fun buddy?" Mark asked, smiling to show he knew the answer already.


"Oh hells yeah," Brian said, fucking Mindy with longer, regular strokes. Every stroke into the woman's pussy felt as good as the first! His cock was soaking inside her, hell, even his balls were soaking, as her pussy continued to pour forth that amazing juice! "I could stay here forever!" he said, and meant it.


Mark just laughed. "Well, now you know why we fuck every chance we get. We don't want to keep you up, but we sure as hell don't want to stop fucking just so you can get some sleep!"


"Neither would I!" Brian said. He totally forgave Mark and Mindy for keeping him up all those nights. If this was what they were doing, hell, nobody could hold it against them! Fucking was so awesome!


"I knew you'd understand once you tried it," Mark said, nodding approvingly. "But I gotta blo, little bro. I'm gonna let you finish inside her..."


Mindy's squeal around his cock made both boys look at her.


"No?" Mark asked.


Mindy seemed unwilling to release his cock even to speak, but she made her meaning clear by the simple means of wrapping her legs around Brian, pushing his cock hard into her and holding it there as if she would never let him go.


"Ah, so she approves. You get to finish inside her. But I tell ya buddy, I really gotta cum too. So I'm gonna do something she loves, but you might think is a little kinky. So don't freak out, okay?"


Brian didn't think anything would surprise him at this point. He'd thought he'd felt as good as he possibly could, but when Mindy's legs had pulled him in, her heels on his ass, it was another new and exciting experience! It was like she was the one fucking him! He shrugged at his brother, trying to keep from cumming yet. It felt so damned good, he didn't ever want it to end!


Mark grinned. "Okay now, remember, she fucking loves this, so don't freak." He looked down at his sexy girlfriend. "You ready for this, you nasty little cocksucking whore?" he asked.


Brian was so shocked he almost stopped fucking her - in fact, he faltered for a moment, but her legs pulled him back in, jarring him back into motion. His brother was talking to her like he didn't like her - almost like he hated her! And yet, the look in her eyes... it wasn't anger, or outrage. It was... pure, unadulterated lust


"Yeah, that's right, you little cunt," Mark continued his tirade, shifting his hips so he was fucking her mouth - and still she didn't object. "Big Mark's gonna mark his little bitch, and he's even gonna let his little brother cum all up in her pussy! Whatcha think about that, you nasty little cum-slut?"


With that, Mark whipped his cock out of Mindy's mouth, though she moved as if to re-capture it. Then he twisted, taking his cock in hand, and began stroking it rapidly. "Gonna cum all over my little slut!" he panted as he stroked himself furiously. "Gonna spray her down like a little whore!"


Brian didn't know what to make of this! It was so... outrageous! And yet, Mindy seemed to be loving it! And then Mark's cum shot out, laying a line of cum across her body from her shoulder to her belly button, and Brian had a whole other concern. When the cum hit her, her pussy flexed. Flexed hard. It felt like it was trying to squeeze his cock off! And a cry of animal lust erupted from her, followed quickly by rapid-fire demands. "Cum all over me you fucking stud! Give me your cum! Oh fuck its so hot Mark! Spray me down! I'm your little whore! Mark me like a man!"


After the first line, things went chaotic, with Mark and Mindy both shouting obscenities at each other that should have curdled the milk in the fridge downstairs. And yet, each seemed only to spur the other on to higher levels of bliss! His eyes darted from one to the other, seeing the joy and lust and pure desire for each other, feeling the palpable animal passion between them, as well as the spasms echoing it in her pussy as it milked his own cock. He didn't fully understand it, but there was no question that it was what they both wanted!


Mark finished by rubbing his still-dribbling cock all over the girl's face, leaving it wet with his cum, while she crooned and tried to get it back into her mouth as if it were the best treat ever! Finally, unable to hold himself upright on his trembling legs, Mark sat back down from his crouching position, and grossest thing ever, began to smear his cum into the girl's skin like it was lotion!


But once again, the girl just shivered and cooed like a pigeon, as if it was not just lotion, but the best lotion in the world! In minutes she was covered in a shiny coat of cum from her neck to her belly button. Worse, the smell of Mark's cum permeated the room. It wasn't that it smelled bad, it was just, well, his brother's cum! It was nasty.


On the other hand, Mindy's pussy still felt just as amazing as ever, and even though Mark had cum just a short while ago, he could feel that the end was near. He closed his eyes to focus on the feelings instead of the sight of Mindy's shiny, cum-covered skin. He could figure that other crap out later on. Right now, he was going to find out what it felt like to cum inside a woman.


As if she could feel his balls boiling, Mindy started chanting. "Come on stud. C'mon Bri! Fill my cunt with your cum! Please honey, Mindy needs your seeds!" The words were intoxicating. Electrifying. Mindy wanted him to fill her. To use her as a cum-receptacle. She wanted him to spray his seed inside her. And then, suddenly, he got it. He understood why the two of them had been shouting obscenities at each other. It wasn't a bad thing after all! It was a way of egging the other on by sharing one's own animal passion! Mindy's desire for him to fill her pussy was like a shot of adrenaline into his jugular.


He tried it himself. "Yeah Mindy! I'm gonna fill your c-pussy..."


"CUNT!" yelled Mark.


"Cunt!" Brain corrected himself. "Gonna fill your cunt. Gonna f-fuck you hard. Jesus oh fucking Jesus Christ oh my God Mindy I'm cumming oh shit I'M CUMMING!!!" The last was a scream so shrill it sounded like a girl, but Brian was beyond caring, and Mindy and Mark understood. It was his first time cumming inside a woman. Mark found it interesting, but Mindy found it beyond her previous dreams of depravity.


"Oh shit! Oh shit! I'm getting my pussy filled by a thirteen-year-old boy! OH FUCK!" she screamed, and screamed again with every spray of hot Brian-cum that she felt, like spurts of fire, inside her depths. Once more she tipped over the edge of a mind-numbing climax, her heels banging into Brian's ass, spurring him on until both she and the boy were completely and utterly spent.


This time, Brian found out what exhaustion is all about. Luckily, Mark was there to catch him before he flopped down onto the cum-covered girl, rightly assuming his little brother would be upset to find himself covered with his brother's cum. He rolled the boy over to the side, where he lay panting, semi-conscious, completely drained.


Rolling onto his own side, he pulled the limp Mindy into a spooning position. He loved the way her firm ass felt against his crotch, his hand wrapping around to cup her breast, running his thumb habitually over the cool stud. "Yes, life is good," he thought as the darkness took him as well



Brian woke in the morning with a huge grin, sublimely happy. He was having one of those lovely sex dreams and didn't want to wake up, though the sun streaming in meant it was past time. It was several minutes before he was awake enough to remember - and to realize it wasn't a dream. It was a warm mouth with a frisky tongue, sucking his wide-awake member.


Looking down, he found the fresh face of Mindy as she knelt between his legs. Mark stood to the side, watching, smiling.


Seeing his little brother's eyes open, he grinned. "Rise and shine, little dude! Big day ahead. Big weekend."


"Huh?" Brian asked. "Whatcha mean?"


"Well Brian," Mark said, "mom and dad ain't due back till Monday, so I was hoping you could help Mindy and I with a little project. You see, Mindy wants to try something called 'anal sex'. Only my dick's too big. So we were kinda hoping that, with a couple days to work on it, you might be able to help us out..."


Brian wasn't sure what this "anal sex" was. But it did have the word "sex" in it. But if he was going to help...


"One condition," he said. "From now on, when you and Mindy keep me up, you gotta help me get to sleep!"


Mark laughed. He knew exactly what his horny little brother meant. He wanted Mindy to fuck him, or blow him, or whatever. But he couldn't promise that for his girlfriend. "Min?" he asked.


"Deal!" she said, grinning up at the boy, then dropping her mouth to take his cock into her throat once more.



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