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CLUB SHO - Part 2

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Club SHO 2

Part: Part 2

Summary: Josh has some doubts about this new chapter in his life. He meets someone at the club who helps him work out his doubts, and in the process, opens up a whole lot of possibilities.

Keywords: MF, ageplay, cum, gush, cons

Date: 04/19/2016

[Author's Note]


Joshua was a little worried. It was a nearly a week after his encounter with Angela and her father Pete, and he couldn't think of anything else. Well, that wasn't true. He could still work, drive, operate heavy machinery, and so on. But when he masturbated at night before bed, it was that encounter that drowned out all other sexual thoughts. The way she looked, so smooth and sweet and so very innocent-looking. And yet, a total, complete cum-slut, the likes of which he'd never seen.


Well, that wasn't exactly true. He'd met a few other cum-lovers in his day. It was her age and apparent innocence that had made Angela such a novelty - that much was obvious. But was she too much of a novelty? Did he still have desires for other women? Grown women? He needed to find out, and soon.


Unfortunately, he'd never been much of a lady's man. It wasn't that he couldn't talk to women or anything silly like that. He could, and he did. But he'd always had too much respect for them to become a "player" - one of those men who will do or say anything to bed a woman just for the sex, and then move on to the next. All his relationships had been exactly that. Relationships. And usually long-term. With gulfs between of months or years before he got involved with another. Some of the girls he'd been involved with had been relatively innocent, others relatively experienced. Some had been thrilled with his body's natural cum-production capacity, others not so much. But none had been "The One", and he'd pretty much given up on ever finding someone "to grow old with". Consequently, he'd pretty much stopped trying. He didn't go out to "meet" or "pick up" girls. When he went out, it was either to spend time with friends, or for entertainment. That's how he'd ended up at SHO in the first place.


But now suddenly, he had a real need to find a partner - a grown-up partner - who would go to bed with him. He considered hookers, but he didn't have a clue how to find one, and didn't want to risk jail time or worse. He logically assumed that any hooker who could be found by someone as inexperienced as he, would be either cop-bait or far too likely to be carrying something he didn't really want. The good ones, he figured, would be protected by layers of security and secrecy, and he didn't have time to infiltrate.


Then it hit him. Mr. Manager would probably know how to find a decent hooker! Furthermore, he'd be able to discuss his reason for needing one with the man. And it'd only taken Joshua several days of brain-beating to figure out the obvious solution to his problem!



Showing up at the club, he sidled up to one of the Security guys and asked if he could see the Manager. Actually being there, next to the mobile mountain, his doubts had returned. Mr. Manager would probably send him packing, and Josh didn't want to lose his club privileges! He almost backed out a couple of times, but finally decided it wouldn't hurt to at least ask.


To his surprise, the guy didn't even blink. Nodding at the bar, he said softly, "See Caprice. She'll schedule you in."


With a sigh of relief, Josh went to the bar, signaling the short-haired brunette over. Like everyone else working the club (except Security), she was a sweet-faced cutie, petite and dressed to delight. In her case, the shiny black slip she wore was loose enough to move against her, now molding her body, now billowing away, offering a delightful tease to anyone looking - which was usually anyone in the vicinity. She either had permanently erect nipples, or she liked the way the silky fabric rubbed her there, and if there were any panties or bra under the thin fabric, it had to be composed of paint.


He'd been there often enough that he had a "usual", and she knew it, bringing it along en route, then hovering a moment to see if there was anything else.


"Uh, Caprice?" he stammered.


Her face lit up. "Well thank you Josh! Most men don't even bother to learn my name - not when there's so many nicer, nuder, and sweeter young things to look at!"


That flustered him a bit. He hadn't actually sought her name out; it'd been offered by the guard. But he came back gamely enough. "Oh, I doubt that," he mumbled, his mouth dry. Taking a sip, he gained both moisture and a moment to put his thoughts in order. He decided on honesty. "I, uh, didn't really try to learn your name. I mean, it came up when the Security guy sent me to you." He let his eyes roam over her sweet petite body, sensing that she felt a little under-appreciated in this place, letting his eyes speak the compliment that his brain was having trouble formulating. "But you can be sure I'll never forget it!"


She giggled - actually giggled - pleased at both the eyeballing and the follow-up. Her voice was delicate and soft, which would never work as a bartender in an ordinary club, but which he found quite nice. "It's okay Josh. I know you're here to see the nuders. And if Charlie sent you to me, I'm guessing you need an appointment?"


He was warming up to her. She had a natural friendliness and frankness about her that he found appealing, and that dress - the more she moved, the more his mental image of what lay beneath clarified. She really couldn't be wearing much, if anything, under it. He found it intriguing - was she really full-commando?


"I do need to see the Manager," he admitted. "But ya know, the more you hang around, the less inclined I am to want the appointment-making process to end. And how do you know my name anyway? I'm pretty sure I've never told you..."


She tittered. "Oh Josh, your type is so predictable! Of course you're going to want to make an appointment! Mr. Mann tells me you had an appointment in the Diamond Dolls room about a week ago, and told me to expect an appointment request!" She ran her own eyes up and down him briefly - which made him feel oddly exposed. "So what is it? Looking for another visit? Most guys are back within three days - how come you took so long?"


He could feel his cheeks heating up. For some reason it was more embarrassing for him that this young lady knew about him in the Diamond Dolls room than it had been for Mr. Mann - but at least now he had the manager's name. He guessed that he'd been more comfortable with a man knowing he was a pervert than a woman because... well, he wasn't sure why. It just seemed more okay for a guy to know.


"I... uh, wasn't really sure..." he began, but the look on her face made him back-track. "I mean, I was sure - I liked it. Loved it!" He felt he was making a mess of it all. Why was this so difficult? It was something about her dark twinkling eyes. It wasn't that she was judging him though. But the way she looked at him, intently, studying him, reminded him of those old nightmares he had as a kid, when he'd dream he was at a spelling bee, stepping up to the podium, and discovering he was stark naked.


"Relax," she cooed softly, laying one hand on his forearm. Her touch was light, soft, the fingertips cool. And somehow it soothed him. "You're not the only one who's been in the Diamond Dolls room, you know." The corner of her mouth turned up, her eyes dancing merrily.


"What?" he asked, actually surprised. "You?" She nodded. Suddenly he understood. She was probably there years back, as a child, her father or whoever sharing her with others. His heart pounded. He wanted to know everything about it - her experiences, how she got started, how young she'd been. He tripped over his tongue a couple of times before she interrupted.


Apparently he'd gotten enough out for her to decipher the question though. "No honey," she said softly. "I didn't find SHO until I was nearly sixteen - about three years ago." That was a surprise. He was sure she'd had to be over twenty-one to serve drinks, but after he thought about it a moment, he realized that since the club wasn't officially a club, they didn't officially have a bar and he didn't officially pay for drinks anyway. There was no law about a private citizen under the age of twenty-one making drinks for friends as long as it wasn't for pay - and he'd bet anything that she didn't have a W-2 on file!


But that meant, she'd been there in - another capacity. Her grin broadened as the implications hit him. Nodding, she told him, "That's right Josh. I also like them young. So there's no reason for you to be embarrassed - we're alike in that regard."


For the next half hour or so they talked. Caprice was easy-going, and open about her likes. She enjoyed both girls and boys, and spoke at length about the joy of making a young boy cum. Some were too young to even produce evidence of climax, but they could still achieve it, she said, and the look in her eyes as she described the feel of their small, hairless cocks and balls beneath her tongue made it clear that she delighted in giving them head.


But it wasn't just the boys and girls she liked. She enjoyed the men and women just as much. And more, she enjoyed the men and the women enjoying the boys and the girls. She thoroughly enjoyed licking a little girl's pussy while the man fucked her, and she loved eating a woman's cunny while that woman was pleasuring a boy. She loved the cum of the men and the boys who were old enough to produce, and she loved the girl-juices and woman-juices. She loved the way they looked at her and the way they enjoyed her body, and she loved it when she took a turn on the main stage for everyone to watch.


By the time she was done describing all of that, Josh had a raging erection. "How come I never got to see you on-stage," he stammered, flushed with desire for this petite sex-fiend. She shrugged. "Just luck I guess. I don't really get up there that often. I mean, I don't want to get burned out on it or anything. And besides," she twinkled, "there are other delights I participate in. Not always on-stage."


By now he was feeling comfortable enough to express his own concerns, and to his surprise, she told him he wasn't the only one. Apparently most decent guys questioned their own motivations and desires, and she'd heard them all. Of course, some men, after a taste of the young, wanted only more of that. But most, she said, didn't suddenly stop enjoying adult sex. The child-sex was simply another treat. Like Neapolitan ice cream - most people like the vanilla, the chocolate, and the strawberry, but some liked some flavors more than the others. That didn't mean though that someone who liked chocolate best couldn't still enjoy vanilla!


Josh was relieved. Even more than he thought he'd be. So he wasn't as weird as he'd supposed! But he was really surprised a moment later.


"Josh sweetie, you're a really nice guy. Would you like to take me to bed to see if you still like vanilla?" Caprice asked, her eyes lowered demurely.


"Seriously?" he asked, unable to believe his luck.


"Seriously." she nodded, adding in a husky voice, "This talk has gotten me quite excited, and I'd love to take you into one of the back rooms and see if I can't make you cum like a Clydesdale!" Her eyes glowed. "That is, if you're willing." She giggled. "From what I hear, a Clydesdale might not describe your abilities adequately!"


So she knew! And she seemed to be okay with it - no, to be aroused by it.


"Where," he croaked, his erection almost painful. "Wait, you have to tend..." he looked over at the bar, and saw that someone else had taken her place while they'd been talking. That made sense. After all, they'd been chatting for a long while.


"It's okay lover," she giggled. "I won't get in trouble, and the bar will be covered. Mr. Mann has really lenient rules regarding fraternization with clients - basically, if you want to, and we want to, it's fine," she paused thoughtfully, "but... uh, you will have to pay for the room. We're not allowed to chip in on that. But I like you Josh - if you'd rather wait till after my shift, I can take you home and we can have a go there!"


The cost of the room was nothing to Josh, and he understood perfectly that the club was still a money-making venture, even if so many of the events that took place in it were "free". Besides, there'd be cleaning needed, and he knew all too well that things would probably get messy. Besides, he liked Caprice - a lot! And he was pretty sure that the girl was as horny as he - and he certainly didn't want to leave her in need!"


"Darlin'," he said with feeling, "I'll be more than happy to pay for the room. Are you sure...?"


With a devilish grin, Caprice took his hand, pulling him from the chair, and guiding him through the maze of tables to a curtained alcove which in turn turned into a shadowy hallway. There were several doorways, and they passed three with red or green lights over them before Caprice stopped at one with no light. Josh had to ask.


"Uh, I think I get that the red lights mean 'occupied'... but the green?"


"Not exactly. Are you forgetting the name of the club?" she smiled. "SHO - She, He, Other!" She waited patiently as he tried to figure it out, as if she'd presented him with a riddle. After a little thought though, it was obvious.


"Okay, let me guess. Red means 'occupied'. Green means 'occupied' too, but with an invitation for others to join?"


"Or just watch," she agreed. "This isn't the Diamond Dolls area, so ... nominally all adults here," she smirked, "though as you know, we play a little fast-and-loose with the definition of 'adult'. Still, yes. You got it. I knew you would!" As if as a reward, she pulled his head down to her.


Her lips were soft, warm; her body smooth, slim, and firm beneath the silky fabric; her tongue lively and playful and sweet. They kissed like lovers, long and languid, their desire for one another clear in the way their tongues danced, but without hurry, certain of the pleasure to come. When they finally broke, they were both breathing hard, and Josh could feel that his cock had begun to drool in his shorts. She was just so fucking sexy!


"I think," she breathed into his ear, "that I'd like you all to myself - at least this first time. Is that okay with you?"


He couldn't have agreed more.


The room was completely unexpected. He wasn't sure what he'd expected, but what he found would have been perfectly normal in any well-appointed home. In fact, it looked quite a bit like someone had taken a large, well-appointed bedroom and full bath, and attached it to this hallway. The only thing missing were the windows. The bed was a large four-poster, with nice sheets and cover, seven pillows with all the girly frills one would expect in a home. There was a pseudo-window with drapes over a flat screen displaying a city view - the illusion far from perfect, but still fairly good. It wouldn't fool anyone who really looked, but it did lend the room a feeling of "normalcy". In fact, the only thing that really made it stand out as unusual in any way was that the shelving contained a plethora of towels, and when one opened the doors, a large assortment of toys, lotions, oils, and other sexual paraphernalia.


The bathroom was likewise "normal" at first glance, though the tub was sunk in the floor and large enough for four to sit comfortably, more if they didn't mind being in constant contact. A separate shower included more toys as well as soaps, shampoos and so on. And of course the tub included bubbles and jets.


Josh took all this in at a glance, but wasn't really given time to process it. Caprice pushed him toward the bed, turning to flip the light switch to "red" and locking the door. She followed him to the bed, dimming the lights so they were comfortable on the eyes, but not so dim they couldn't see well. That was good, because she had a lovely body - according to his fingers - and he was eager to see it.


Not as eager as her though. "I really can't wait Josh," she apologized, immediately beginning to undress him. "Is it okay if I suck you off first? I've been thinking about how much you cum, and I'm just dying to have you give me your load! You can fuck me after, of course, but I'm really thirsty honey!"


He hadn't expected such words from such a sweet-looking girl! And the way she'd kissed him, he thought she must be horny as hell and in need of a good shagging. But it was clear that she wanted to drink his cum first, and he was more than ready to accede to her request! In actual fact, he'd been - as usual - a little worried that she might not be as enthusiastic about his huge load as she'd let on. But the hunger in her eyes made it clear that cum was what she wanted - and lots of it!


Tossing his shirt aside, she made quick work of unbuckling his belt and all, pushing his hands aside whenever he tried to touch her. "Not yet lover," she panted. "I need this more than you can guess. You can have my body in a few minutes - the faster you feed me, the sooner you can fondle me!" Well that was an offer that he'd not refuse!


Sliding his pants and underwear down in one move, his cock sprang out free, a large dollop of precum flinging against her silky black dress in the process. He thought she'd be annoyed at that, but she just grinned, looking up at him. "He's eager! Good! And already offering me yummies!" Scooping up the drops with her finger, she popped it into her mouth, her eyes rolling with pleasure. There was no doubt now that Caprice loved cum, and it only became more obvious as she pulled her finger out and positioned herself under his throbbing manhood, mouth wide open to catch the next drops as she squeezed them out onto her tongue.


It was like watching a kid in a candy store. The look of eager anticipation on her face, the joy in her eyes as the warm drops fell onto her tongue, the way she closed her eyes, savoring the juice before swallowing. Yes, this girl had a hunger for cum - a genuine love of the stuff! Her fingers were light, delicate as they lightly tickled his balls, making them jump and produce even more pearly drops. And her hands were so small - they made his already significant size look even larger. For a moment it occurred to him that in many ways, she still looked underage - small body, small breasts, light voice, cute face. And yet, she was a grown woman - well, if nineteen could be considered grown. One thing was certain though - the way his cock was throbbing, he didn't need to worry that he was only interested in little girls anymore. If the girl was as sweet and sexy as Caprice, he'd always be able to get it up!


He almost blew his load immediately when she slid him into her mouth, and he actually had to fight for control as she continued to slip it into her mouth, further and further, squeezing it past and down into her throat until the fat balls were resting against her chin and her nose was buried in his crotch. Watching it slide into her that way was simply amazing. This girl was obviously an expert cock-sucker, with skills to match a sword-swallower! Looking down at her sweet little face, her amazing dark eyes peering up at him, smoky with the pleasure she was getting, he was reminded of that old movie "Deep Throat". The premise there had been that the star had some sort of clitoris in her throat, making her cum when she sucked cock. Seeing the look of sublime joy on Caprice's face, he wondered if there wasn't something to that after all!


The withdrawal was equally fascinating, watching his cock slide out of her mouth, slowly, inch-by-inch, wet with her saliva, and with her eyes looking up at him every bit of the way, her hand coming up to stroke the shaft as it became available, until the bloated head was all that remained in her mouth.


"Jesus," he said with real feeling. "You are amazing Caprice!" Her eyes danced with pleasure at the compliment. Clearly this was a girl who took pride as well as pleasure in sucking cock well. She popped the tip from her mouth for a moment. "You have an amazing cock Josh!" she enthused. "But please honey... no." She stopped, then looked up at him and in a sweet little-girl voice, she blinked and said, "Please Mithter Josh! You can fuck my throat with your big thing, but I wanna taste it, so don't squirt your stuffs down my throat - do it inna my moufs so I can tastes it!"


Josh didn't know whether to laugh or cum. It was both intensely sweet that she was playing the "cutesy little girl" for him, and arousing as hell. But he didn't need it. Caprice was sexy enough as a grownup!


He reached down, gently stroking her hair, chuckling softly. "Intense honey, but totally unnecessary. We both know I love little girls, but believe me when I tell you that you're more than sexy enough without the role-play. So unless it turns you on, we can skip that for now. Hell, I'm fighting hard as I can not to cum already!"


She giggled, and this time it was no affectation. "Okay Josh," she said in her normal, but still lilting voice, "time for that sort of thing later. But gawd," she emphasized the word passionately, "please cum in my mouth soon! I'm so close to cumming, and I'm trying to hold back until I get your gift!"


He noticed for the first time that she'd only been using one hand. The other was between her legs, and he grinned. She might not have a clit in her throat, but he was certain she had one under her fingers! And she really did want him to cum - in her mouth! It was no pretense to make him feel good - it was a need for her to feel good.


"Okay you little cock-sucker," he growled, his heart leaping as he saw her eyes light up with a rapturous joy. She knew he was going to do it, and pushed the head back into her mouth even as he took her head in his hands. With a grunt of pleasure, he held her head and pushed forward, driving his cock down her throat once more, then back, withdrawing it. Her eyes were bright and eager, loving the feel of his manhood sliding against her tongue and throat, and that look of bliss only grew as he fucked her mouth and throat with increasing ferocity. Her eyes watered, but they weren't tears, and he could see her shoulder shaking as her hand rubbed down below.


"I'm. Gonna. Cum." he growled. "Can't. Hold. Much. Longer. Baby." His thrusts were bringing foam to her lips, and still the amazing little cock-hound was loving it as he fucked her throat like a fleshlight. Her eyes were beginning to roll back in hear head, and he knew, without a doubt, that she was starting to cum. The sight was incredible, but even if it hadn't been, he couldn't hold back!


He erupted. The first shot flew down her throat by accident, but he quickly pulled back so that the head was in her mouth as the second volley fired. Her hand was on the shaft, stroking him, squeezing him, urging him to shoot his seed. He filled her mouth. She gulped. He filled it again. Her cheeks bulged and her eyes flew open, looking up at him with amazement as she gulped again. And yet her hand still flew along his shaft, urging more from his balls, and they complied, shooting again and again. She was making repeated squeals - all she could do with her mouth full, and it was obvious that she wasn't going to let a drop go if she could! Her body was shaking violently as she stroked him, each time he fired, she'd jerk as if struck by electricity, and yet still she sucked, stroked, and urged him to cum more!


When he finally ran out of juice, his knees buckled and he fell back onto the bed, spent and dazed, his cock popping from her mouth like a cork. It took him a few minutes to regain his wits enough to hear her whimpering. With effort, he lifted himself high enough to peek over the edge of the bed.


Caprice lay on the floor in a fetal position, shivering, twitching, her eyes closed and whimpering like a wet puppy. It made his heart ache, and Josh quickly slid down onto the floor beside her. His knee landed in wet, and he saw that she'd made a huge wet puddle in the carpet. For an instant he thought, "What a waste!" but her next whimper brought him back.


"You okay honey," he asked softly, reaching out to touch her lightly on the shoulder. She cried out at his touch, and he felt a splat against his thigh as her pussy sprayed out another spurt of her juice! But that surprise was nothing to the shock of her sudden tiger-like flip as she wrapped herself around his legs, holding him tight as a python.


"Shhh honey, it's okay," he said, trying to soothe her. Cautiously he reached down and very lightly touched her shoulder, but this time she jerked only a little and cried out just a bit. He took that as a good sign, and continued, gradually petting her more as she calmed down. It took several minutes, but finally he was able to lift her up onto the bed, continuing to speak softly, gently, soothing her with his words and his light touches. As he did so, she gradually came around, realizing where she was, what she was doing. She was still shivering, but less, and her breathing was slowing.


"Holy fuck," she finally gasped, and her throat sounded parched.


Carefully he extricated himself. "Stay here honey, relax. You need a drink." He padded over to the fridge and brought her back a bottle of water. Opening it for her, he helped her up enough that she could sip, making her stop before she could down the whole bottle. "Easy there kitten. There's plenty. Give it a moment." Her eyes looked up at him as if he was the knight who'd just saved her from a dragon, laid her head on his shoulder, and wept.


"Shhh sweetie," he cooed, gently rubbing her back. "It's okay honey. No worries. You and me here, no one else. Just relax." Gradually she did so, and in a few minutes sat up and took the bottle again, drinking the rest of the water normally. Her shaking had all but stopped, though she still shivered as the silky fabric brushed across her.


"Wow," Caprice finally managed after a little more cuddling and relaxing. "That was... something. I knew you were special!" She turned her head to kiss him, then giggled nervously. "I hope I didn't freak you out. I just... never... got so much before. It was..." She shook her head wonderingly. "Fucking a-maze-ing!" she finally concluded. "Most guys, even if I ask them not to, can't help but keep fucking and pushing it down my throat. And that's nice, but - oh the mouth! It's such a waste when it just sprays down the throat, don't you think?"


"I, uh, have no opinion?" he offered.


She giggled again. Caprice was giddy. Drunk even. Divinely happy. She could feel the warm cum in her tummy, taste it on her tongue, and most of all, remember the way it felt, spraying into her mouth, again and again. All her life she'd loved cum more than anything, and never in her life had she feasted so fully. She knew he'd never understand - how could he? But he wasn't freaking and running, as some had in the past. No, Josh was here, with here, holding her in his big, strong arms, petting her. Thank God, she thought with real feeling.


She felt like a little girl on Christmas morning. No. More than that. She felt like a little girl in her daddy's arms. Warm and happy. Utterly loved. Part of her knew that was just the after-climax talking. It wasn't really love. But damned if it didn't feel good. And right. And complete.


"Josh?" she asked tentatively.




"Would it be okay if - maybe not tonight, but maybe some other night, if you still want to see me again, that is, I mean, I know it's early and all, and ... shit. I'm sorry! I feel like my brain's numb!


"It's okay darlin'," Joshua said. "Just relax. Just you and me here. And frankly, you've really eased my mind a lot. I feel like I could tell you anything. So ... trust this. There's nothing you could say right now that would make me leave." He paused. "Uh, unless you told me to leave, that is." Suddenly he was sure that was going to be her next words. It's amazing how quickly doubts come back! He waited, suddenly nervous.


But now it was she who was comforted and reassured and able to speak her mind. She kissed him on the cheek, suddenly certain without knowing why. "Okay Josh. Uhm... I really, really enjoyed that."


"So I gathered!" he couldn't help but interrupt.


"Shut up. Now, you have to realize something about me. I'm not only like, totally into kids, like you are. But I also... well, sometimes, I like to feel like one. Is that too weird for you?"


Josh's pulse pounded. "Not at all honey. So are you saying you'd like to..."


"Well not all the time of course!" she interrupted. "But sometimes, if it's okay with you, could I be like, your daughter." She bit her lip nervously, uncertain again.


It seemed like forever before Josh answered, and when he did, there was a croak to his throat, as if heavy with emotion. "I'd be... delighted, sweetie." He kissed her on the forehead, and her arms flew around him in a tight hug.


They lay like that for a long while, embracing, full of emotions neither expected to find in each other. The woman who wanted to be a little girl in daddy's arms (sometimes), and the man who wanted to be the father to a sweet, sexy little girl (sometimes). It could be the start of something beautiful - or something dangerous. But both were willing to give it a shot. Of course, neither would be willing to admit there was more to it than that yet - grownups aren't allowed to use the "L" word so soon.


But it boded well when Caprice, after a long snuggle, looked up at him and, once again in that divine little-girl voice, said, "An' daddy? Sometimes, can we let my other friends pway wif us toos?"


Joshua knew what that meant. She wanted to play with children, with him involved as well. And she'd already said she had been with several other boys and girls! The future was looking mighty bright - mighty bright indeed. The future looked mighty bright indeed.


"Of course honey, I'd love to meet your friends and play with them with you - or just watch." She sighed happily and squeezed tightly against him again. After a moment, a thought struck him. "Say, you wouldn't happen to know Angela, would you?"


She giggled. "O' course daddy! Angie an' me is good fwiends! An Mr. Pete aready said he was hopin' you an she can make a movie some time! Said he wanna see Angie takin a shower in your sprays!" She paused reflecting. "I know what he meant now! She'd be covered wif it!" She giggled merrily at the thought. "Mr. Pete sent Mr. Mann a note aready to see if you wanna pway wif them again. You gonna? It's kay wif me if you don' want me there too - I unnerstan'. It's up to you an Mr. Pete. But if you wannna me be there toos, it would be fun! Angie an me could rassle all wet wif your stuffs an Mr. Pete's too!" She giggled again. "Sooo messy tho!" She laid her head on his shoulder, her hand sliding down his belly to wrap around his shaft, which had begun to swell again at the thought of spraying down the two girls - one really eleven, the other easily able to pass for fourteen, yet legal!


"Daddy wanna pway some more?" she asked, eager as a kid eyeballing a chocolate cake. "Only dis time, can daddy fill me cunny?" She couldn't help but shudder at the idea of all that cum inside her pussy!


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