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CLUB SHO - Part 4

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Club SHO 4

Part: Part 4

Summary: Josh and Angela make a pedo-porn video, shot by Angela's own father, who then takes his turn with her too. Messy!

Keywords: Mg(11), exhib, video, cum, ped, inc

Date: 05/10/2016

[Author's Note]


Joshua sat nervously sipping his coffee. Mr. Mann had been annoyingly vague about the meeting, saying only that a client wished to meet with him and that he wasn't at liberty to say more - other than that he was absolutely certain that Josh would thank him for setting up the meeting later. Well, he'd been right last time, that was for sure! Seeing that little girl and her father... wow! Still, being asked to meet someone he didn't know was nervous-making. But at least the cafe' was nice. Quiet. Private. Just the sort of place he imagined a gangster might pick to fulfill a "contract".


Of course, that was just his nerves talking. A real gangster wouldn't bother having him invited to a cafe'. He knew that. He was just jittery. So coffee probably wasn't the best thing to be sipping. He turned with the intention to call the waiter over when he spotted Pete approaching his table, a friendly smile on his face.


Without preamble, the man took a seat at his table, hand out to shake. "Thanks for meeting me," he said genially. "Sorry for the cloak-and-dagger" routine. It's Club policy, to protect us. Mr. Mann will bring people together who want to meet, but he won't give out phone numbers, names, or anything else like that without specific permission. And since you never called..."


"I meant to," Josh said hurriedly. "It's just that, I'm - well, I'm new to all this, and wasn't sure if that was just politeness, or if you really wanted, or how long I should wait... I mean, I don't know the protocols, or what's considered proper, or... well, or anything really!" He felt embarrassed now. He should have called. But he'd been half afraid of seeming too eager, and then it'd been so long he thought he'd probably waited too long. It was a confusing new world for him. He'd been hoping to just run into Pete at the club one night, but apparently the man didn't frequent the club proper. Or if he did, he did it at times or days that Josh didn't.


Pete interrupted him before he explained himself into a rut, gesturing for the waiter and ordering a coffee for himself. When the man had gone, Pete started with the small talk. He could see that Josh was unsure of himself here, and he thought putting things on more "normal" footing would help him relax. It worked, and soon they were chatting about the restaurant, the area of town, weather, all the usual stuff. By the time the waiter returned to take their orders, Josh was visibly more relaxed, and ordered an actual meal.


They kept up the pretense for a while longer - through most of the meal in fact. The food was good, and the company better. Joshua was certain that Pete was "sizing him up", but the same was true for him. Even though Pete was only in his early thirties, maybe ten years younger than himself, he comported himself with the decorum of a more mature gentleman, and that served to ease Joshua's nerves even further. So it was something of a surprise when Pete actually "got down to business".


"I've got to tell you Josh," he said off-handedly, mopping up some gravy with the last of his bread, "I had a wonderful time the other night. You really put on quite a show!"


Josh chuckled. "Nothing like the show that you put on," he said with feeling. Just recalling the image of this man sliding his cock into young daughter's pussy was enough to make his cock begin swelling immediately, and he was suddenly glad for the dimness of the cafe' and their distance from the other diners. "I've never seen anything like it," he went on, trying to express both his amazement and his gratitude. "It's been on my mind ever since, and if I may be so blunt, it's fueled my libido like I wouldn't have believed possible!"


"Good!" Pete grinned. "I was hoping that you'd enjoyed yourself as much as we did. Angela is quite taken with you, and I concur. She simply loved the look on your face as you watched us. But even more than that," he added, leaning in closer and lowering his voice, "she cannot get over how much she loved watching you cum like that!" Leaning back into his chair, he continued. "I have to admit I was rather impressed myself." The way he said it, sipping from his cup like a proper English Gentleman made Josh crack up. Part of it was relief, he realized. Even after his adventures with Angela and Caprice, he still found it difficult to believe his luck. Not just one lovely young girl who was delighted by his huge loads, but two!


"So," Josh asked with bated breath, "does that mean we might be doing it again?" His pulse thudded with hope. He hadn't really realized how much he wanted to see the little girl again until now.


"Well, in a manner of speaking," Pete said evasively. "I've actually been checking into you a bit Josh. Oh, nothing bad, I assure you!" he added hurriedly at Josh's look of concern. "Just asking Mr. Mann what he could bring himself to tell me. But more importantly, I witnessed your little show with that cute little brunette... what was her name? Celise? Something like that."


Josh gulped. "Caprice?" Pete nodded. "Yes indeed, such a lovely little girl you have there. She seems to be quite taken with you." He winked at Josh. "You'd do well to cultivate that relationship I think! But to the point. I was impressed with the way you treated her. You were gentle, and considerate, and seemed genuinely concerned with her enjoyment. You weren't just in it to get off. I value that sort of care because Angela hasn't been with another man yet."


Josh's heart caught in his throat. Was this man offering his daughter? For sex with him? The very idea nearly made him cum on the spot!


Pete laughed. "Oh do please take a sip or something before someone calls the paramedics thinking you've had a stroke!" He waited while Josh did exactly that, downing nearly half his glass of water in three huge gulps. "That's better. Now to be clear, yes Angela is quite taken with you - especially with the way you finished. Quite the display! And your girl, Caprice? She certainly enjoyed it." His eyes glittered as he softly said, "Angela did as well. She about squeezed my cock right off, she was cumming so hard!"


Josh had to take another sip to clear his mind of the sudden vision of the little girl cumming on her father's fat cock while watching him showering Caprice with his cum. He'd never been that deeply into exhibitionism, but the thought of a little eleven-year-old girl watching that kinky display made his balls ache! Then something in Pete's face caught Josh's eye. The man wanted something, he was sure of it. And it wasn't just a gigolo for his daughter. He had another angle. Josh had been in enough negotiations to recognize the look.


Sipping more slowly, he asked, "So what is it that you want then. I mean, I understand what the kid wants, but I'm getting the impression that there's more to this than just a little fun for her. What's your angle?"


Pete grinned cheerfully. "Oh, nothing pernicious, I assure you," he went on. "It's just that I promised Angela some time ago that I'd help her find a suitable co-star for my documentation of her first time with another man." He grinned wolfishly. "You see, aside from being a complete degenerate who fucks my daughter, I'm also something of a shutter-bug, though these days it's video more than stills. In short, I'd like you to please her, while I capture the event for future viewing. Of course, you would get a copy."


Josh's pulse was pounding again. He thought he'd been unsure of it when Caprice had wanted to let others watch. But this - this was a video! Who knew who would see it? And when? But Pete was already reassuring him. "Don't worry my friend. This would be a 'home movie' sort of project. Nobody will see it except for me, Angela, you, and whoever either of us show it to. I would of course have to insist on your word of honor that no copies would be made, and that you'd always be discreet about who you shared it with. For your own protection as well as ours."


That was obvious to Josh. He wouldn't be showing it to anyone. Ever! Well, maybe Caprice. But other than that? No way. But could he trust Pete? His face wouldn't be on the video, so he wasn't exactly putting himself at risk - or not as much anyway.


It was as if Pete had been reading his mind. "I would, of course, ask that after you've finished defiling my little angle," he chuckled at the words, apparently getting an additional kick by uttering them, "that you record me doing her afterwards. I'm fair certain my balls would simply explode ere long if I didn't. And besides, Angela would insist. Uh, you okay with me getting your cum on myself? I can't image I'd be able to fuck her after you douse her proper, without getting messy too."


"Huh? Oh! No. No problem there," Josh said. It hadn't really occurred to him, but Pete was right. If he did to Angela what he'd done to Caprice the other day, there was no way he'd be able to even touch the girl without getting Josh-jizz on him. "You don't care though?"


Pete beamed. "Not in the least. Anything for my little one. And besides, it wouldn't be the first time I've dealt with man-cum." Josh could see the look of calculation in the man's eyes. He was watching how Josh would react when he continued on, saying "I'm actually bisexual, to a degree. Man parts - and man-cum - doesn't frighten me."


"Me either," Josh replied straightforwardly. It wasn't something he shared with many people, but he'd done his fair share of experimenting when he was younger, and not all his partners had been female. So if the man was fine getting Josh's spunk all over him, who was he to care?


Pete nodded approvingly. It was better than he'd hoped. Several potential partners for Angela had failed this last test, and he'd though a few times that he'd have to forego the last bit in order to get a guy to do her proper. But Josh seemed like the real deal. Pete nodded. "Excellent. So what's your schedule like for next Saturday?"



It was with a feeling akin to deja vu that Joshua entered the Diamond Dolls room once again. The look that Security gave him, the knowing smile of Mr. Mann as he visited briefly, the walk down the corridor - even the same room, with the same decor. The only difference really, was that the glass was removed from the stage window - a fact which made Josh's pulse hammer in his ears. It was really going to happen!


He'd barely gotten situated with the curtains moved aside to expose the stage. This time there was no furniture. It was just Angela and Pete. Pete was dressed in a pair of silky boxers, and was already sprouting wood. Angela though, she was a sight!


The cute little girl was decked out in silks like something out of Aladdin, complete with thin gold chains and veils covering her face, though not so well you couldn't tell it was a little girl! As soon as the curtain parted, she stepped forward, and some vaguely Arabian-sounding music started. Pete, of course, was recording, and gave Josh a quick "thumbs up" signal. Apparently this was the "scene" he - or Angela - wanted to play out for her debut film. That was fine with Josh. She looked fucking hot in the outfit, and her "belly dancing" was enthusiastic, if not exactly legit. As he'd noted before, the girl liked to dance, and did pretty well for a kid. She had a certain grace. But nobody would ever hire her as a professional belly dancer. Not a legitimate one anyway. Not without a lot more practice.


Still, the way the little girl moved was certainly suggestive and highly erotic. As she came closer, circling him, he could see that her eyes were full of a smoldering lust that was completely incongruous on her otherwise innocent-looking eleven-year-old little-girl face. But that just made it all the sexier, especially when she extended her little bubble-gum tongue and licked her lips like a whore.


His hand automatically went to his crotch, where his cock was already aching for freedom. But a slight head-shake from Angela told him that she wanted him to wait, so he did, watching her dance around the room. The sweet torture went on for several minutes as the tiny girl shed scarves and whatnot until she stood before him in what basically amounted to a very tiny bikini, and one final veil. Kneeling at his feet, she looked up at him, batting her eyes and said, "Is the Master pleased with me?" The veil only managed to accentuate the hugeness of her somehow-still-innocent eyes.


She must have practiced this. The look she gave him was both heart-wrenching and utterly arousing. He wanted to both beat his chest and take her like an animal, and at the same time wrap himself around her and protect her from the wolves. He found he couldn't even answer - his voice was lost to him. But she just knelt there, looking up at him with that slightly sad, and eagerly hopeful expression. Finally, he just nodded.


"Well done," Pete whispered softly in his ear, and Josh became aware that the man had moved the camera behind him to get a nearly POV angle at the little girl's performance. Josh had been far too mesmerized by her dance and act to notice.


Angela's face split into a huge grin, unable to hold the facade any longer. "Did you like it Mr. Joshua?" she bubbled, standing up and climbing into his lap, completely unconcerned that he'd had zero practice with kids climbing into his lap. He did what he could to help stabilize her though, which meant his hands came into contact with her shoulder and bare torso and buttocks, each of which made him feel exceedingly dirty and utterly aroused. He was really doing it! He was touching a pre-teen, as prelude to... God, he couldn't even think of that right now!


As she settled in his lap, facing him, straddling him, it was all he could do to tear his mind away from the fact that only a few layers of cloth separated his outraged cock from her sweet little pussy. There was no way she could fail to feel the hardness beneath her, pressing up against her sex. And yet she looked at him, demanding an answer. She'd worked hard on that dance and act, and wanted his opinion, and hopefully his praise.


"Oh God," he said, finally managing to speak. "Angela dear, that was probably the most amazing belly dance I've ever seen!" It was true. It wasn't the most fluid, or the most proficient. But it certainly was the most amazing. "And the most erotic," he added in a husky voice, his tone speaking more truth than his words ever could.


She threw herself against him, hugging him tight. "I'm so glad Mr. Joshua! Daddy told me you really liked me, but I wasn't sure." She backed and looked up at him. "You do like me?"


"Very much, sweetie," he said, again with utter conviction. With a boldness that surprise him, he slid one hand around her back and the other around the back of her head, bent forward, and kissed her on the lips.


Angela jerked with surprise, but then melted in his arms like a long-awaited lover. Her mouth opened, welcoming his tongue inside to meet hers, and they spent the next several minutes enjoying one another in a way more intimate than most whores allow. When they finally broke, each was finally completely assured that the other was really-and-truly fond of the other.


Angela didn't know what to do next though. She'd had this plan, sort of. A rough idea of what she was going to do. But she hadn't expected the man to kiss her! It boggled her mind. Somehow it wasn't just sex anymore, it was more like... what was that word daddy used? Like they were lovers! It made her feel both way grown-up and way young and uncertain.


Josh saw that look in her eyes - the uncertainty he'd had before - and knew what to do. With a playful growl, he suddenly tickled the child. The screech that sounded would have shattered the glass barrier had it still been there, and Josh suddenly had a lap full of wiggling, giggling little girl who was five times as energetic as a Tasmanian devil (the one from the cartoons). She nearly got free a couple of times - which would have landed her thudding to the floor - but Josh managed to catch her each time, even though it meant his hands ended up in some rather intimate places. And with so little covering her, both of them were acutely aware of where he was touching.


Finally, he simply picked her up, tucked her under one arm (still kicking and screaming, though not really trying to get free - her daddy did this to her sometimes). Carrying her over to the bed, he tossed her down, then pounced, pinning her down and blowing a raspberry on her tummy.


The screech of laughter made his ears ring - so he did it again. She was so alive! And so sexy! And so completely fun! He wanted to just gobble her up! He wasn't even thinking about sex - not really. It was just such fun to play with her!


That changed in due course though, as she and he both settled down and he began to kiss her flat, smooth tummy instead of tickling it. She mewled her pleasure, squirming cutely on the blanket. Her little hands caressed his head and shoulders, then began to pluck at the buttons of his shirt as far as she could reach. He stopped, sitting up and looking down on her. She was so tiny! Had she been that small when her father and fucked her? Obviously she was, but now, within his reach, she seemed even smaller, and somehow more vulnerable, and even more desirable.


Sensing a lull, Angela too sat up, then knelt before him and unbuttoned the rest of his shirt. She had to stretch up to slide it off his shoulders, and he was impressed with how incredibly erotic it was to be disrobed by a child. A child who, he knew, had every intention of being treated like a woman in the biblical sense. He shivered as the fabric of his shirt slid down his back.


Angela next tackled his belt, her tiny little-girl fingers surprisingly expert at the process, as well as the button and zipper which followed. Joshua grinned, realizing that she'd probably done this numerous times with her father, and he glanced over at the man who was recording all of this. Pete had both a huge grin and a huge boner, and winked at him, gesturing him to pay attention to the waif. Actors aren't supposed to know the camera's there!


To his surprise, Angela took his hand and slid off the edge of the bed, tugging him to follow. Standing before him, it seemed the crown of her head barely cleared his navel. Were eleven-year-old girls all so small? He didn't think so. She seemed small for her age, but that was more than okay with him. And she didn't seem to mind the man tower over her as she started working, tugging his trousers down.


Soon they were sliding down, and of course the instant they lowered far enough, his cock sprang up and smacked her in the face! She'd been bending over a bit to lower the pants, so even though he hadn't planned it, he couldn't have planned it better. Then he saw the look in her eye and realized that she had planned it - and executed it - to perfection.


"You little scamp," he laughed. "You did that on purpose!"


Her dimpled grin was all the proof he needed, so he took his cock in hand and rubbed it against her cheek. She closed her eyes, a look of serene contentment on her face as she felt the warm, hard cock against her skin. "Ooh Mr. Joshua," she cooed softly, "your thing is sooo nice an' warm!" She turned her head to kiss the side of it, then looked up at him. "Is it kay if I play with it?"


Josh had to laugh. "Well, I don't know. It's not every day a cute little girl asks to play with my cock..." She grinned at being called cute, her dimples rivaling Shirley Temple's. "Pweeeze?" she asked in a much younger "little girl voice" than usual.


"Well, okay. But don't ruin your appetite!" he said. For some reason, it just seemed like the thing to say.


Apparently it was. She gazed up at him grinning. "But dis ish my dinner!" she stated, and engulfed the head of his cock in her warm little mouth.


Josh had a fight on his hands. His cock and balls wanted to erupt right there and then. Wanted it bad. And it was all he could do to keep from erupting. Partly it was her welfare. He was fair certain that if he didn't reign it in, the resulting blast could take the cute little girl's head clean off - or at the very least, cause her to cough and choke as a torrent of hot semen gushed into her mouth like a water hose. But he did manage to keep control - for the moment - and after the sudden onslaught of her sweet mouth went on for a few moments, the surprise was over and he could focus on the sensations without blasting.


That didn't mean they were any less sensational though. This girl could suck cock! Josh felt his knees giving out, and he sat down hard on the bed, which earned him a hurt look from the child as it meant her toy was temporarily taken away. It didn't stop her for long though. She stepped forward, pushed him onto his back, and climbed onto the bed beside him.


Josh used the momentary respite to kick the pants from his ankles and move more fully up onto the bed, taking the center as the child climbed up beside him. His cock was standing up straight and proud, the tip glistening from her saliva and, a moment later, from a large dollop of precum that oozed out and began to trickle down the shaft.


Angela saw it and squealed with joy. "Oh my gosh Mr. Josh! You're making cream for me aready!" Her lively little tongue, with all the impatience of youth, immediately slurped up the drop and began sucking on the tip for more. Once again Josh had to fight back the urge to blast off. His balls were aching with the desire for release, and he wondered how he was ever going to hold back long enough to make this video long enough to enjoy. More importantly though, he realized that if he shot off too soon, he'd not get the pleasure of feeling his cock slip into her sweet young pussy. That gave him the willpower to hold back


The sight of watching this angelic little girl licking and sucking on his manhood was absolutely the sexiest thing he'd ever seen though, and as is well-known, men are highly visual when it comes to sex. So the sight alone was more than most men would be able to take, and it was only the certainty that he had to hold back in order to fuck her later that he was able to watch and enjoy and not erupt. That didn't mean he wasn't participating though. His cock and balls were producing precum in record quantities, and every drop the little girl squeezed out, she lapped up, greedy as a puppy attacking an ice cream cone. Josh was in bliss for an eternity which in reality probably only lasted about ten minutes before Pete cleared his throat and Josh realized it was time for a scene change.


It was just as well. A man can only take so much after all, and he was near his limits. And she hadn't even got naked yet! "Back to script, baby-girl!" Pete called out softly, which earned him a dirty look and a stuck-out tongue from his daughter. Obviously she didn't really want to stop sucking on Josh's dick and lapping up the juices he provided. Nevertheless, after one last kiss on the tip, she climbed to her feet on the bed.


Standing beside him on the bed, she began to dance once more. The music had changed to something smoother and her dancing was more swaying and modern than before. No more "belly-dancing". The little girl ran her hands over her body, and Josh put his hands behind his head, thankful for the reprieve. Much more of her little mouth on his turgid member, and he wouldn't have been able to hold back. Even now, just watching her, his straight-up cock continued to drool precum - a fact not lost on the little girl, who looked at it longingly.


But she was a good girl, and stuck to "the script". Her self-caressing hands removed her top in stages, first untying the sides to let the little triangles play hide-and-seek with her tiny titties as she moved, then removing it altogether and tossing it aside with a flourish. Her boobies, while certainly less than a mouthful, made Josh's mouth water. The hard tips jutted out as if calling for his tongue and fingers. But they were out of reach, and besides, he didn't want to ruin her routine.


Her hands continued to caress her body, including her breasts, squeezing and pulling on her nipples just like a grown woman might do. Her hands were so little that they actually made her titties seem bigger in comparison, in much the same way that those tiny hands made his cock seem gigantic when she was stroking him. Her hands slid downward, slowly, his eyes locked onto them, enjoying their travel as if they were an extension of him, so that when her fingers slid under the lower triangle, he could almost feel the warm softness, and he moaned softly, his cock twitching and coughing up a large dollop of precum.


Angela's eyes widened and she smiled, pausing, obviously wanting to lap up the gift. It was with an obvious effort of will that she continued the dance instead, but her finger slid into the little girl's pussy in a hurry. There wasn't enough fabric to hide that fact! Not that it would have done any good, for when her hand reappeared, the middle finger was shiny wet.


"Please Angel?" Josh asked. She looked at him curiously, not understanding, and then suddenly getting it. Bending over, she ran the wet finger over his lips as if putting on lip gloss.


The scent was intoxicating, and it was all Josh could do to stop himself from sucking her little finger into his mouth! But he refrained, waiting until she stood straight again to lick her juices from his lips. She was watching him uncertainly, but when he sighed happily and said, "Thank you beautiful, you taste delicious!" her own smile brightened the whole room.


Returning to the dance, she untied the sides and let the bikini slide down, exposing her utterly-smooth little-girl pussy, complete with the gleam of wetness that showed her own arousal was sincere. The dancing brought her closer, and then she was standing over him, one leg on either side of his waist, giving him the best-possible view of her pussy as she towered over him.


Slowly she worked her way forward while also gyrating her way down, bringing that beautiful little slit closer... closer... dropping to her knees on either side of his head... and then finally, there it was, right in front of him. Reaching up, Josh cupped her firm little butt with both hands, though it was so small one would do, and guided her pussy to his mouth.


The actual feel of her soft labes pressing to his lips, the scent of her, and the taste of her juices on his tongue were more wonderful that even his most amazing dreams. Her little pussy was a marvel of smooth perfection, and his tongue explored her thoroughly, externally, enjoying every contour, every fold, and every drop of the delicious nectar which dripped steadily out for his consumption. He was vaguely aware of her moans and gasps of pleasure, but he didn't need them to guide him. Her twitches and movements told him just were to lick, just when to suck, and how much to ease off. It was like kissing - except a thousand times more intimate and pleasurable.


In a Nirvana-like trance, Josh lost track of time until he felt Pete slapping his foot. He didn't want to stop - his tongue felt perfect buried deep up the little girl's pussy, his mouth wrapped around her entire pussy to capture every drop. But the slaps made him realize that it must have been some time, as his jaw was getting sore, and he could feel that his head was practically soaking in a puddle of the little girl's juices. He also realized that his cock was actually aching, it'd been so hard for so long. Not painful actually - more like the dull ache after a good workout.


With real regret, he lifted the child from his mouth. Suddenly he could hear much better, and her realized that she'd been squeezing his head with her thighs, covering his ears. She was shaking in his grip too. If she hadn't been so small and light, he might not have been able to keep her from falling over. But he managed to lift her and ease her back down onto the bed, guiding her onto her back while the girl all the while trembled with the after-reaction of having been eaten out so thoroughly and expertly.


Turning and climbing to all fours, he saw that he'd been right. She'd cum at least a few times, and his face, and the bed where his head had been, were quite wet. He moved up close to the girl, gently petting her and soothing her with soft words and motions, almost more massaging than caressing. "There, there, little one. It's all right. Just relax. You're okay honey. Come on back to us now... There ya go..."


Slowly her eyes re-focused and her breathing steadied. "Wow," she said with feeling. "That was... awesome!" She laughed at how inadequate the word was, knowing that Josh understood. He bent and kissed her. "Let me get you a drink," he said, then rolled off the bed.


Walking to the little fridge, he motioned Pete over. As he got the girl a drink, he whispered to the man. "Dude! I can't fuck her!"


"What? Why the hell not?" Pete asked with real concern. "She's so ready for you!"


"Yeah," Josh said, "but she's... well, I didn't realize just how small her pussy was! I mean, I could barely get my tongue in there!"


He frowned as Pete chuckled. This was his daughter for God's sake! Did he really want Josh to hurt her by forcing his way in? But Pete explained. "Don't you worry about it Josh. She can take you - trust me on this."


"But, seriously dude, she's tight!"


Pete thought a moment. "Joshua," he said seriously, "you saw me fuck her, right?"


"Well, yeah..."


"And you know our cocks are about the same size, right?"


Josh saw where this was going, but he still couldn't believe that the tiny little cunt he'd just tongue-fucked could fit a man-sized cock. Pete saw his doubt.


"Tell ya what. Just give it a go. Slow and steady. And if she tells you to stop, or acts like she's in pain, you stop. I guarantee you that if it hurts, she'll let you know - and I also guarantee she'll finish you off with the best blowjob you ever had. Fair enough?"


The thought of that little mouth on his member again was more than enough to convince Josh to let her at least try. He nodded and turned back to the bed, but Pete took his shoulder and whispered in his ear. "If you're still unsure, just lay back and let her mount you. That way you can be sure you ain't hurting her."


That idea was all Josh needed. Pete was right. If the girl was on top, she'd stop if it hurt. With a grateful look to Pete, he hurried back to the bed, to his little lover, who was sitting up watching the men curiously. Taking the Gatorade bottle he offered, she took a big drink before turning back to him.


"Ahhh. That's better! Thank you Mr. Joshua!" She handed him the bottle and he took a few gulps as well. They took a few minutes going back and forth until the bottle was empty and he tossed it aside.


No sooner had he done so than she pounced on him, much like a kitten might pounce a friendly St. Bernard. He played along though, falling back onto his back. "You gonna fuck me now Mr. Joshua?" she asked with all the diplomacy of a child.


"No!" he said, almost laughing at the way her eyes widened. "You are gonna fuck me!" he finished.


That brought a huge grin to her face, and in a flash she was standing, facing him, feet on either side of his waist and lowering her hot young pussy toward his cock.


The sight was incredible. This little girl lowering herself on what looked like a giant's cock. Of course, it was all perspective - Josh knew he was only a little over average size. Still, the size disparity between a full-grown man and a somewhat under-sized eleven-year-old girl were dramatic.


Nevertheless, as the precum-soaked head of his cock came into contact with the little girl's puffy labia, it was all he could do to keep from shooting off immediately. That sight alone was enough. But the gasp she made in her sweet little voice as she felt it pressing against her was sweetly intoxicating. Looking up at her face, she grinned. "I nebber had no ones but daddy inside me before miser! I can't wait to feel it go inside!" She was moving side-to-side while pressing down, and to his surprise, he could feel the tip of his cock working its way between her lips, then wedging into the tiny little entrance.


It felt so small! He was sure she'd stop and back off. But it was also incredibly slippery. His precum continued to flow, as did the little girl's juices, and by some miracle, the head continued to push deeper into her. And deeper. And then there was a sort of pop feeling and the head was past the tight entrance.


Josh looked up into her eyes again, but instead of pain, he saw only bliss. The little girl was loving it! And she wasn't stopping now! If anything, she pushed down harder, and harder, until he was almost afraid his cock would break in half! But it didn't. It slid, squeezingly, centimeter by centimeter, deeper into the little girl's pussy. His eyes flew back and forth between the look of pure ecstasy on the girl's face and the ungodly erotic sight of his member forcing its way into her under the force of her weight. It felt like all of her maybe sixty pounds was balanced on his cock, forcing it deeper into her - and he was beyond himself with the pure erotic thrill of it.


It seemed like a lifetime, but finally he was fully inside her, with her bare little pussy resting atop his curlies, and she looked at him with a look of intense pleasure and pride. "We did it mister!" she said happily, and then, "Now fuck me!" with all the seriousness of a wanton woman who hadn't seen a man in a year.


"Fuck yeah!" he said. He too was feeling the pressure. There'd been more than enough warm-up. He needed this, and so did she. With a quick flip, he was above her tiny body, his cock still buried fully inside her. With his very first withdrawal, Angela screamed out in climax. The pressure inside her was incredible, and then the suction as that full-sized cock was pulled out sent her insides topsy-turvy. But that was only the beginning. Josh immediately reversed, and rammed it back into her, driving her deep into the mattress.


"Oh fuck yes! Oh God! More!" she screamed out loud, removing the last vestiges of concern from Josh's mind. There could be no doubt when a woman (or girl) screamed like that. She wanted it. All. Now!


And Josh gave it to her. In a fury of fucking, he pounded the little girl, sending her into a roller-coaster ride of climax after climax, reducing both of them to pure sexual animals. Joined at the sex, they were a single being, rabid with the need and pleasure of sex. Knowing nothing but the shared joy, the pure pleasure of absolute surrender to their most basic drive. Neither were even remotely aware of the way the bed shook, or the man moving in, filming the wild fucking. The world had ceased to exist for them as they climbed upward, ever upward, to that ultimate release.


And finally it was upon them. Josh gave a deep, loud growl and his cock erupted, firing a huge salvo of hot cum deep into the little girl's pussy, filling it instantly to overflowing, and making the little girl scream out with sheer pleasure. But it wasn't enough. She wanted more. "Spray me! Cover me! Cum on me!" she screamed, demanding it. Without a thought, Josh yanked his cock from the over-filled little pussy and, stroking furiously, sprayed the little girl with line after line of burning hot cum, each salvo intense as its own individual climax. At some point he actually saw what he was doing to the little girl, drenching her with hot cum, but the sight only served to extend his climax as the little girl thrashed beneath him, squealing and screaming as if each hot splat of cum hitting her was tied directly to her pleasure center. Her hands were a blur as she rubbed it all over herself, her pussy, her tits and even her face!


By the time he'd finished cumming, Josh was completely spent, falling down onto the bed beside the cum-covered little girl, panting hard. But Pete also could wait no longer, and he rousted the man. "Take the camera! Now!" he said, forcing it into the man's hands as he shucked his drawers, his eyes devouring his cum-covered child.


"Yes daddy! Oh fuck me, fuck me please!" she cried out, desperate for her father's cock. Josh barely got the camera into position before Pete was on her, sliding his cock into her cum-filled pussy.


"Oh fuck baby! Your pussy feels so good when it's full of cum!" he gasped, rolling over to pull the child atop him. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her to his chest, where they slid wetly together as he power-fucked upward into her tight cunny.


Josh moved around, getting it from all angles, but especially focusing on their join, where Pete's pistoning prick was pounding her so fast that it brought Joshua's cum to a foam as it leaked out the tight seal. "Jesus that's fucking hot," he said, not realizing he spoke aloud until Angela screamed with another climax. "They're watching us daddy!" she panted, thrashing wetly against her father. "That's right baby girl," he panted back. "People are gonna see you covered with cum and your daddy fucking your cum-filled pussy!"


"Now daddy! Nowww!" the little girl cried out suddenly. Pete, knowing his cue, rolled them over and started fucking his little girl even harder, cum flecks flying everywhere as they went at it as if driven by demons. "OH GOD YES DADDY!" the little girl suddenly screamed as a gush sprayed from her pussy. Her hand flew to her clit, and Pete pulled out and began firing his own cum all over the little girl as she went crazy on her clit, screaming and squealing as her father's cum joined with Joshua's in covering her with warm wet goo.


To Josh's surprise though, it didn't stop with Pete's climax. The little girl continued to wrangle her clit as her father, with obviously practiced moved, smeared the cum over her entire body, even rubbing it into her fingers and toes. Angela's fingers continued to squeeze out a series of smaller climaxes for the several minutes this took, her final screaming shudder hitting as her father's cum-soaked finger popped into her rectum.


After that, even she was too exhausted to do anything but lay there panting, so Josh recorded a couple of minutes of that before putting the camera down. To his dismay, he found that seeing that whole thing had brought his erection back, and he wondered if he could convince the little girl to give him one more blowjob before they called it a night.


It was a silly question.


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