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Kelly and the Judges

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Kelly and the Judges

Part: Part 1

Summary: Competition is fierce in the Junior Miss Pageants. Sometimes a girl's got to make a little extra effort.

Keywords: MMMg(8), ped, preteen, pt

Date: 07/27/2016

[This is a complete story in One Part]


Kelly's mother had warned her it might come to this when she'd agreed to enter the Junior Miss pageant. Competition in the "Princess" Division (7-9) was fierce, and the kids were ruthless.


She checked herself once more in the mirror. The dress was "classy", or would have been if it had been a little less sheer. As it was, when the light was just right, you could almost make out her nipples. And it was definitely a bit too form-fitting. If it'd been anything but black, it would have been easy to detect that there were no panty lines whatsoever - with all that implied. But at least it wasn't short as momma usually demanded. Her momma had a very firm opinion on the power of flashing a bit of panty every now and then - and no panty-power was as potent as thong power!


She checked her hair and makeup, perfect of course. Momma had done her usually amazing job, somehow making Kelly look both innocent and slutty. Tonight her pony tails rose before cascading down in twin midnight waterfalls which would go half-way down her back or would cover her breasts in front, depending on how she stood or turned her head. And Kelly knew how to use the movement to draw the eye where she wanted it. She was ready!


The "Private Review" momma had organized with the Lead Judge was starting in five minutes, so she hurried down the hall of the hotel, carefully. The deep carpet could be problematic in these stilettos, and limping in with a twisted ankle would ruin the whole effect! Arriving at the door, she steeled herself. It wouldn't be so bad. He wasn't exactly unattractive - if you liked forty-somethings who were a little bald and a little paunchy. She'd certainly had to do worse on her way to the State Finals, and now that she was in the Regionals, it was only to be expected that the ante would be upped a bit.


Still, when the she walked into the room, she was taken aback. She'd thought she might have to perform for the Lead Judge alone. But here he was, sitting back on the sofa with a couple of friends! But Kellie showed her character, swallowing her surprise and dismay, putting on her best, prettiest smile, and walking in anyway, closing and locking the door behind her.


Stepping forward, the little girl noticed almost immediately that the three men were of a cut - about the same age, general condition, and even appearance, though the one on the right seemed a bit younger than the others. She guessed likes truly do attract. Birds of a feather. All that. And they were alike in other ways too. All three of them were dressed in pullovers and loose-fitting shorts, and all three of them had bulges that their hands had moved toward the moment she entered the room. Inwardly she sighed, but outwardly she beamed at them.


In her best little-girl voice, which momma had coached her on, adding a bit of a sing-song quality as well as an almost subliminally light lisp, she said, "Good evening gentlemen! I'm Kelly, and I hope you'll vote for me in the contest tomorrow." She then turned, letting them get a good look at her from every angle, even throwing in an over-the-shoulder look, locking eyes with each in turn, before finishing the rotation.


The effect was all she could have hoped. The Lead grinned broadly. The one on his right looked away, as if suddenly ashamed of the thoughts in his head, while the guy on the other side actually winked at her and squeezed his bulge openly. He was going to be the one to watch, she could tell.


"Hi Kelly," the Lead said. "I'm Adam. This is Bruce," he indicated the man on his left who had looked away, "and this is Chuck."


Chuck was the winker, and he nodded at her now. "Well you seem pretty enough. Got any special talents or skills?" He wasn't one to mince words, that was sure! Still, momma had told her a million times to make sure.


In a lower, sultry voice she said, "Oh yes sir, I do. I think you'll be quite happy with me - I mean, with my talents." She dropped her eyes demurely in a calculated move that brought about the exact effect she'd hoped for.


"Damn, she's fucking fine," Chuck muttered to Adam. "You sure she's game? Cos if so..." he left the statement trailing off in a way that left little to the imagination.


"Her mother was surprisingly candid," Adam said, his own eyes running over her body like mercury runs over silver. "She said Kelly here will do whatever it takes to win, but that we'll be held responsible if anything bad happens to her..." he trailed it out, his eyes sliding over her slim figure to find her own eyes. Locking there, he continued, his eyes burning into hers. "Anything bad happens to her physically."


A shiver ran through Kelly. Momma had done it! The men knew she was theirs to play with, but not to damage. This was the best part of the night! Now she knew for sure that they'd be doing things with her - fun things! But that she'd be safe from anything bad happening. She could feel her nipples crinkling up at the thought, and Adam laughed as he saw her expression change.


"Y-you're sure?" Bruce asked nervously, earning him a smack on the back of the head from Adam. "Man-up Bruce! Look at her! She totally knows the score!"


"Yeah," chimed in Chuck. "And unless I'm completely off-base, she's looking forward to it! Right little chickie?" he asked, directing the query at Kelly.


She could feel her cheeks reddening, but he was right, and she nodded, looking at the floor. Chuck was so... crass! And so correct! The way he was stroking the long bulge in his pants made her want to see what was there. But the way he'd pegged her so quickly as a girl who would enjoy this sort of thing bode well for the evening. A few times, nearly all her time had been used up just convincing the judges of her willingness.


"C'mere Kelly-child," Chuck said. Couched gently, it was nonetheless a command. Almost as if she were a pupped, she felt herself walking toward the man. She started to halt a foot from his knees, but he motioned her closer, spreading his knees, and gesturing closer still, until her toes were nearly touching the sofa he was reclining on.


Chuck leaned forward then. He smelled nice, like leather and a nice pipe. Man smells. Daddy smells. And he was completely comfy around her - she wondered, was he a daddy? If so, did he have a thing for kids because of it? Playing her hunch, she leaned forward to meet him half-way with a kiss to his forehead. "Yes papa," she whispered softly enough that if it was a missed guess, he could play it off as a misunderstanding.


But it wasn't. His eyes lit up like fires, and after a long look deep into her eyes, he turned to the others. "Guys, this one's the genuine article. A winner if ever I've seen one." He turned back to Kelly and looked into her eyes again and in a low, almost trance-like voice, continued, "... and I'm gonna fuck her brains out!"


Kelly's eyes widened in surprise. Not shock, but surprise - the pleased kind. "Ooh daddy! Really? Right here in front of these two?"


Chuck laughed, delighted with her already. "Oh no babygirl, not here!" He continued to lean forward and slightly to the side, his arm extended, circling, and in a moment he was rising to his feet, the little girl over his shoulder, his hand holding her ass firmly to keep her in place. "We're going to the bedroom!" he said triumphantly, turning toward the doorway to the bedroom. "Ya'll can come along if you want!" he tossed back at the other men, already nearly to the doorway.


"But... he's not her father," Bruce said, his hand stopping Adam, who was rising to his feet. The other man looked at him for a moment.


"Jesus, you're fucking stupid," he said, continuing to his feet and following the couple to the bedroom with Bruce following uncertainly behind.



By the time they entered the bedroom, the girl was standing on the corner of the bed and Chuck was standing face-to-face with her, the height of the bed making up for the difference between their heights. Literally face-to-face, the man-and-girl were kissing as no real father should ever kiss his real daughter. Like actors in a passion scene, their lips met, parted, tongues delving into each other's mouths before their faces mashed back together, tongues diving deep. Their hands were all over each other, as well as all over themselves as they fought to both fondle the other and divest themselves of clothes. Adam crossed over to a comfortable chair in the corner, taking a seat to watch the proceedings, while Bruce just stood there, dumbfounded.


As the girl's dress dropped to her ankles, Adam let out a low whistle, rich with feeling. Her body was perfection - for an eight-year-old. An early-bloomer, she already had noticeable breasts, though only noticeable when she was bare. Crowing each was a puffy, pink circle, itself crowned with an eraser-sized, even pinker point. They looked more like candy than flesh, and would make anyone's mouth water - including Chuck's, which he addressed by lowering his mouth to one and sucking it far inside between his lips, causing the girl to shiver and moan and place her delicate hands on his broad shoulders for stability. Her eyes closed momentarily with pleasure.


"Fuck!" said Bruce. "She's not even wearing panties!"


"How's that?" asked Adam, amused at the younger man's shock.


"No. Fucking. Panties!" Bruce repeated.


Kelly giggled, having caught the words and opening her eyes. "I didn't want them getting all ruined!" she said, matter-of-factly.


"Besides," Adam said from his chair. "If she'd worn any in, they'd have stayed with me when she left!" Looking at her with a playful grin that suited his face, he said, "Minus two points for failure to properly bribe the Lead Judge!"


"Is there anything I can do to make the points back?" she asked with a fine pout? Adam glanced at his lap, where his own bulge was hugely evident. Kelly jumped off the bed with a laugh, rushing to the man in the chair.


"Hey!" Chuck complained, "I was playing with that!" He seemed annoyed at having the breast taken literally from his mouth.


Kelly was kneeling before Adam as he reclined in the chair, her hands running up his bare legs and under the shorts. Over her shoulder, she told Chuck, "I'm sure you can find something to occupy your attention!" Her hands slid out, then up the outsides of Adam's shorts, gripping them and tugging, pulling them down as Adam lifted his behind off the chair, his hardening member springing forth to twitch and swell and rise as the little girl worked the shorts down past his knees. Her eyes were locked on the man's cock as if it were chocolate cake and she was an eight-year-old kid.


"Damned right I can," Chuck grumbled, his own erection jutting out lewdly as he followed the little girl. Bending over to pull down Adam's shorts left her in a lovely position, her ass jutting back, and Chuckl wasted no time moving in behind her and burying his face in her ass, his tongue slipping between her labia and into her tunnel like it belonged there.


Kelly squealed with happy pleasure as the force of the man's face against her ass and pussy pushed her forward. That worked well for her thought, and she continued moving forward, certain that Chuck would follow to keep his tongue in place as the girl's mouth moved to Adam's cock.


"Ohhh yeahhh," Adam sighed happily as the little girl's mouth opened, engulfing his manhood. Her long ponytails brushed his thighs as she instantly began to work on getting more in her mouth. Kelly obviously knew how to suck cock, and in moments she had more than half of his member in her small mouth, the head banging rudely against the back of her throat and making her swallow rapidly to fight her gag reflex. She hadn't quite mastered it yet, but she was working on it! Adam had rarely received head this good from adult women, much less little girls!


Adam moved forward to give the girl a better angle to work with, and she felt more of it push into her mouth and throat, and still more as the man behind her, having decided that her pussy was wet enough, replaced his mouth with his cock. Thought tight as fuck, the little girl must really enjoy sucking cock, for her little puss-puss had coated itself with her natural lubricant, so that Chuck's cock was able to squeeze into the narrow passage. She groaned around the cock in her mouth, but it was a groan of pleasure rather than pain, and she pushed back hard, helping Chuck sink deeper.


Taking her slim hips in his hands, Chuck lifted and held her still as he pushed more of his cock into the little girl's little pussy. "How old?" he grunted as he worked back and forth, having difficulty fitting all of his man-sized cock into the little girl, she was so small.


"Eight," Adam said, actually marveling at how much the waif had swallowed of his cock. Her eyes were watering, but she seemed determined to swallow his entire length. "Pretty damned good cock-sucker for an eight-year-old," he added grudgingly. "Two points back," he grinned at her. She smiled back, though it was impossible to tell, with her lips stretched so tight around the man's cock.


"Huh," Chuck grunted. "Might have to doc her a couple points myself," he grumbled with disappointment. "Not sure she can handle the whole thing. Bout an inch left. Pity."


"No daddy, I can!" Kelly said, having pulled Adam's cock from her mouth hurriedly. She placed both hands on the chair under Adam's ass to brace herself and looked back at Chuck. "Push daddy! Push hard!"


Shrugging, Chuck complied, and to his surprise, felt her pussy stretch the last inch needed to take him completely! He could feel the back of her cunny flattening the head of his cock, but the pressure seemed to be easing as the little girl's innards stretched to take the large invasion. He began fucking her with long, full strokes, and her little gasps as he banged into her back wall eased off until she was just grunting with the pleasure of having an oversized cock thrusting in and out of her undersized pussy. Her juices flowed, steadily lubricating the large piston, keeping it moving smoothly as it pumped her to ever-higher levels of pleasure.


"Back to work, Pageant-slut," growled Adam, and the little girl immediately took his cock back into her mouth, pumping up and down with the rhythm set by Chuck's fucking motions. Despite her obvious enjoyment of being spit-roasted, Kelly stayed on-task, working hard to maximize the pleasure of the two judges, her pussy and her mouth each marvels of moving, sucking, squeezing, slurping wetly as the little girl's body bounced, heaved, sweating with the exertions.


Adam, looking at her sweet little face, frowning in concentration and pleasure was the first to surrender. His hands took her little head between them to help her bob up and down as he erupted, crying out his pleasure as he erupted, his cum spraying down the little girl's gulping throat. Jet after jet of hot cum spewed, until he thought his balls themselves must have fired themselves down his urethra. But the little girl just kept working, relentless, until his last drop had been sucked out. And even then, while she let the deflating tube free from her mouth, still she continued to lick and suck until his cock was as clean as a whistle. Only then did she look up at him, her face shiny with sweat, but breaking into a huge grin as he gave her a weak "thumbs up".


Kelly closed her eyes then, focusing completely on the large cock drilling her pussy. She could tell by his panting and increasingly spastic thrusts that Chuck would be following Adam shortly, and she was right. She'd barely begun her flex-and-release milking of his cock when the Judge began his jack-hammer-like finale. He actually lifted her knees from the ground in his enthusiasm as his climax overtook him. Panting obscenities, calling her "slut" and "whore" and "his little angel", he erupted into her like a geyser, thrusting and erupting and thrusting and erupting until cum was running down her thighs and he was fighting with his last erg of energy to keep from collapsing. He failed. Cum poured from her gaping passage as his cock vacated, pulled out abruptly as the man literally fell over, exhausted onto the carpet.


Kelly looked back and forth at the two men, smiling. They looked like they'd be out for hours, enjoying a well-deserved rest after fucking her so good. She was a happy girl! Momma would be so pleased! She turned to look for her dress, and saw Bruce still standing there, mesmerized, a vacant look on his face.


Squeezing her legs together to keep from dripping all over the carpet, she walked over to the younger man. Taking his hand, she aked, "Are you okay mister?" in a gentle voice.


"J-Jesus," he said. "You're a... a..." He looked away, unable to say it even now.


Kelly moved the hand she held to her breast. The man looked down, seeing himself touching an eight-year-old girl's breast and choked. She looked up him. He was confused, fighting the temptation. It was time to use her secret weapon.


Her eyes seemed to grow even larger as they filled with tears. "D-doesn't Mister Bruce like Kelly?" she asked in a quavery voice. "All I wanna do is make men happy!" she sniffled, seemingly on the edge of bursting into tears.


"Oh honey," Bruce said gently, "oh sweetie, it's not that! It's not that at all!"


"You think I'm u-ugly!" the youngster cried out suddenly bawling, her arms out, wrapping around his legs as he tried to pat her back and soothe her. Her smooth, soft, sweaty back. Her utterly naked back.


"Oh! You do like me?" she asked, the tears stopping suddenly. While sobbing, she'd been rubbing her head against his own bulging member and now feigned having just noticed. Without waiting for an answer, she tugged his shorts down, a smile lighting her face like a Christmas tree. "Oh yay!" she squealed. "It's beautiful!" Grabbing it with both hands, she yelled "Mine!"


"OH GAWD!" the man gasped - and erupted, his cum spraying the child's chest and stomach and even her face and hair. He couldn't seem to stop cumming, and Kelly was no help at all as she squealed and laughed happily, all the while stroking his cock with both hands, not only unmindful of the spraying semen, but actually reveling in it - which only egged him on to fire out every possible bit of his juice on the beautiful little cum-soaked, sweat-shined, freshly double-fucked beauty.


When he'd finally cum his last, Bruce sat down hard on the bed, then fell back, panting with exhaustion both physical and emotional. He'd finally given into his long-suppressed desire for young girls, and he felt elated and relieved, and overjoyed. It was why he'd become a Judge in the first place, though until the now, he'd always held out the hope that he wasn't really sexually interested in children. Now he knew though, and it was such a relief!


Kelly smiled, rubbing the semen into her skin. Momma always said it was the best beauty cream in the world. When she was done, she looked around the room, at the three happily snoring Judges in the chair, on the floor and in the bed. She felt a great sense of satisfaction that had nothing to do with the happy ache of her freshly fucked pussy. Picking up her dress and shoes, she tiptoed into the front room, closing the door behind her.


A few minutes later, she exited the apartment, closing that door behind her too. Turning to make her way home, she nearly collided with a cute little blonde. She was a complete doll, hair and makeup immaculate in contrast to Kelly's own disheveled hair and cum-smeared face.


"Uhm," the little blonde said, "I'm Amanda? I have a... uh... appointment...?" She was clearly embarrassed by what she was there for. Sign of a rank amateur.


"I wouldn't bother, Amanda," she said with a smirk. "I'm pretty sure they've already 'cast their votes' for tomorrow's pageant." Heading down the hall toward the apartment where momma was waiting, she hummed the "Miss America" theme.


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