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Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Becky Rider

Part: Part 1

Summary: A PC with a virus leads the Tech to an interesting situation.

Keywords: Mg(8), ped

Date: April 2013

[Originally a one-off. Additional parts added by popular demand.]


It's not that I don't like kids. I like them just fine. But when I'm trying to conduct business, they can be distracting, if not a downright nuisance!


On the other hand...




So there I was, trying to explain to this proverbial blond how her computer had mysteriously come to be infected with the latest virus.


"No, no Carol, it really isn't the FBI at all. That's just a scare screen the hackers put up to scare you."


"But, I didn't do anything! I mean, sometimes I click the wrong link and end up on some porn sight... but I always click right back off of it!"


I could tell she was lying, of course. I'd found plenty of evidence that she had more than a passing acquaintance with several porn sites. But it's not my job to judge. Besides, I'm sure that anything she'd seen, I'd seen a hundred times before. Still, the idea of her perusing porn was exciting in its own right. She was young, petite, and damn cute - though not really my style. Still, I'd certainly do her given half a chance, as would most men. And I really loved her small-but-perky titties. Was it my imagination that they started poking further out as her face flushed from the mere mention of porn?


"Of course not Carol. You did nothing wrong. Heck, even if you looked at porn regularly like most people, that's certainly not illegal - except for certain types. And you couldn't get to those without really trying." I could practically see the relief coursing through her - as well as a glint of something mischievous. "So don't worry about it. It's just hackers after your money... not the FBI peeking into your privates!" I winked at this last so she knew the play on words was intentional, and was rewarded with a demure lowering of her eyes and a resurgence of the pink cheeks.


"Anyway," I cleared my throat, "I should be able to clean up this mess in a half hour or so, and we'll get you some better protection while we're at it. So just relax."


She hung around making small talk for the first ten minutes or so. They usually do, thinking it's polite. And it probably is. But eventually she grew bored and finally made some excuse about needing to check the laundry.


After watching the sweet bottom walk away, I pulled out my phone and was just about to crank up some Pissed-Off Bird-Bombs, when I spied someone peeking at me from down the hall. Once she'd been caught, she giggled, and came out to say hi. I sighed, putting the phone away. No sense pissing off the customer by being rude to her kid.


"Hey there", I said, by way of greeting.


"Hi" she enthused, bouncing into the room and looking at the computer questioningly. "You gonna fix it?"


"That's the idea. Should be good as new in a little bit." I looked over the mini-Carol. If her mom was a cutie, this kid was the Easter Bunny, wrapped up in the Fluffy-Cuddle Bear and tied together with butterflies and angel wings. She was just plain CUTE. I could tell that when she started to fill out, she was going to be a real heartbreaker, with her pug nose, hunter-green eyes, and corn silk hair hanging nearly to her perfect little butt. Startled at myself, I pulled my mind from that butt. Hell, she was only like ... what ... eight? Certainly too young for a guy in his 40s to be daydreaming about her ass!


"Cool!" she bounced, climbing up into my lap like she belonged there.


I guess she figured I was in her house, so I must be okay. But I gotta tell you, it sure as hell surprised me, being treated like ... I don't know, her uncle or something I guess. In a few moments, she'd straddled my knee, and was bouncing that little butt. "Giddy yup, horsie!" she giggled.


I looked around to see if her mom was gonna rescue me, but of course, mom was off somewhere else. I didn't really know what else to do, so I played along, bouncing my knee for her. I'd played that sort of thing often enough with family kids, so it wasn't like I didn't know how to give the "horsey ride". Or so I thought.


At first, she just giggled and bounced. She wasn't heavy or anything, so I wasn't in danger of getting tired anytime soon. I just gave her a regular bumpety-bump ride, keeping one eye on the computer, the other on her so she wouldn't fall off, bang her head, and cause her mother to come after me with a machete'. But after a little while, she got quieter. I thought maybe she was getting bored, but when I started to slow down, she squeezed my leg with her surprisingly strong thighs.


When I sped back up, she relaxed, somewhat, but she continued to squeeze and relax my leg. I thought that a bit odd, but didn't really think anything of it until I noticed that her eyes were closed, and her cheeks were slightly flushed!


Now there is NO WAY I could believe this little girl riding my leg could be doing what it looked like she was doing! I mean sure, if she was 14, or even 12, I might buy it, but I swear she was way too young to actually be getting into it the way it looked like she was!


Then she whimpered, her legs squeezing tight, and I knew. This little girl was getting off on some stranger's leg!


It was like a shot of adrenalin straight to my balls. My cock shot up with shocking speed, swelling to an erection which was actually painful, but also felt damned good.


"Oh my God, I'm going to hell," I thought, as I realized I was incredibly turned on. I know, I know, she was fucking EIGHT, and I had no business getting excited by her no matter what. But as I looked down and saw that perfect little bubble butt bouncing on my leg, and felt her squeeze-and-release, squeeze-and-release on my leg, there was no doubt in my mind that I was gonna go home and fap myself raw tonight!


That was when I noticed her mom. Instantly my erection shriveled up in fear. If she knew what her daughter was doing, and how could she not, she would have to jump to the conclusion that I knew, and was encouraging her! I was sure I was in for the shit! But she didn't do or say anything. She just watched for a few seconds from the hallway, then turned and went back down the hall.


I remembered to breathe again about the same time the little girl slapped my thigh. "Giddy-yap horsie!" she cried, in a voice that I swear was near to tears. Not knowing what else to do, I started the ride again, and was instantly rewarded with a gasp which, if it'd had come from a lover, would have sent me into a frenzy of fucking. My erection began to swell up again immediately, and my hand automatically reached out and cupped her bottom. I guess I was thinking to keep her from sliding off or something, I honestly didn't think about it.


Once my hand cupped her bottom though, that was the only thing on my mind - and the gasp of pleasure sure as hell didn't make me want to let go! Her flexing on my leg grew firmer and faster, and I swear she was actually humping my leg at this point. With my hand on her rump, I could feel the lovely play of her muscles beneath my fingers, and let me tell you, it was awe-inspiring!


Suddenly she reached out and grabbed the desk with both hands and let out a gasping shudder, and I felt her wetness drenching my leg! No shit, this little girl had apparently cum right on my leg! I nearly shot off in my drawers from the mere thought of it! Her juices were so warm and wonderful on my skin, it was several long moments of her grinding on my leg - really grinding - before I remembered that she was a kid!


Lucky for me, my confusion gave her adequate time to finish and get her breath back. She turned, cheeks flushed, and kissed me right on the mouth, then giggling, slipped off my leg and ran down the hall.


It was probably only a minute or two, but it felt like I just stared down the hallway for an hour in shock (and lust) before remembering where I was and what I was supposed to be doing. I looked back to the computer and saw it was done with its clean-up, and in a bit of a panic, I realized I had to get the hell out of there before I lost my mind. I quickly put my stuff back in my bag.


Carol must have heard me, as she came back just as I was finishing. I don't know what I said - my brain had shut down completely. I was running completely on auto-pilot as I tried to extract myself from that apartment as quickly as possible. At the door, Carol thanked me again, and said she'd been cooking up, and I should take a muffin with me. She pushed the foil-covered roll in my jacket pocket and saw me out.


It wasn't until I got home, brain still spinning, that I unwrapped it and found a drenched pair of little-girl panties in there.


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