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Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Size Queen 1

Part: Part 1

Summary: Some girls like it big even when they're little.

Keywords: Mg - Pedo, Ageplay, Size, Straight

Date: 07/26/2017

[Author's Note]



Nellie crawled backwards on the mattress, trying to get away from the huge finger that was trying to force it's way deeper into her, but it was no good. The headboard stopped her, and her babysitter's finger - already an inch deep into her tiny little cunny - pushed deeper still. It hurt! A burning, stretching feeling that made her want to cry out, only it wouldn't do any good. She'd lost the bet and she'd have to pay the penalty. It's what she got for betting against a sixteen year old boy anyway - served her right.

Paul grinned, twisting the finger and pushing it deeper into the little girl's cunny. He loved the way she looked, felt, and most of all the way she'd always played fair when they had these little bets. He knew in his heart-of-hearts that Nellie was a slut. The way she teased him every time he baby-sat, dressing to expose as much of her tiny body as she could - as if she had anything to show anyway! And she always wanted to make the bets sexual. It'd started out with kisses, then "grownup" kisses, on to exposing various body parts, touching, and now this. It was win-win for him of course. If he lost, he had to let her stroke his cock. If he won, he got to finger-fuck her.

Except that she'd never really had anything larger than her own index finger inside her before, and Paul's finger was longer and thicker than her own - considerably so. With no experience to draw on, it didn't seem like it'd be a big difference, but she found out soon enough that size matters. And even an apparently small difference in size (a little girl's finger vs. a teen boy's finger, for instance) can be very significant when it comes to what will fit in a tiny little-girl hole!

Still, she'd lost the bet, he'd won, and she had to pay. At least he knew enough to use some baby oil to slick up the way before he started forcing it inside her. At first she'd thought she'd be able to handle it, but the stretching was so intense - and her little muscles would not just relax and let it happen. They clenched down hard to try to keep the intruder out, which made things worse.

Fortunately though, while Clark was anything but expert in these matters, he did have a little common sense. When Nellie could retreat no further, instead of forcing his finger deeper into her, instead he used his oily thumb on her slit, rubbing up and down. From previous bets, he already knew she liked that anyway, and it served to distract her. He had no clue that a girl's pain threshold is closely linked to her level of arousal. He only knew that as he rubbed her slit, the more she seemed to relax, and the deeper he could slip his finger into her.

Of course the stretching was still quite painful, but Nellie found the pain was less horrible and more... stimulating. It was like it almost felt good being stretched like that. And as he continued to rub her slit, she found she liked the feeling of being filled up with his finger. It made her feel... well, full of course, but full like in a way she'd never felt before. It was... satisfying. More than that, it was exciting. And when he started to withdraw it, she felt... empty. Like an empty stomach. Like something was missing. And without even thinking about it, she grabbed his wrist and pulled up while shifting her hips down to get that finger back deep inside where it belonged.

She had no idea that the movement would feel like that! It was amazing, causing shivers to run down her spin and a gasp of surprise and delight to erupt from her throat. Paul, novice that he was, still recognized that gasp for what it was, and grinned. He could feel the heat and the pulse of her pussy tight around his finger, but the way it slid back inside, he knew he'd be able to do that again. So he did. He slid his finger about three-quarters out, then back in. The little girl grinned and squealed.

"Does that feel nicer now Nellie?" he asked.

"Still hurts," she said, but it didn't seem to be a complaint so much as a brag.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked. Of course, he didn't want to stop, but he also didn't want to hurt her to the point where she told on him.

"No... it's kay, you can do it some more if you wanna... I lost the bet, and fair's fair."

Paul grinned. She wasn't fooling anyone. She liked it, so he kept on. Very gradually her cunt-tunnel loosened and he was able to wiggle slightly, which made her go crazy, crying out with pleasure, and to his amazement, he got to see his first girl-climax. He hadn't even known that six-year-olds could climax, and yet, there it was, her sweating quivering body, her cries of pleasure (and pain), it was everything he'd heard about, but in miniature.

The Quest...

Nellie had learned much that day. First among the thing's she'd learned was that she loved the feeling of her pussy being filled up, and missed it when when it wasn't. Even though Paul and her had a few more such "adventures", it simply wasn't enough for her, and she began to experiment with other ways of filling herself up. She especially loved the pain/pleasure of having her pussy stretched, and so it wasn't long before she was using multiple fingers on herself, as well as other makeshift phalluses to achieve that goal.

She discovered the joys of the perfectly-shaped "Sharpie" markers just after her seventh birthday - bigger than a boy's finger, longer, and so smooth! And unlike her fingers, they didn't get tired! Only a few month's later she was getting ready for school one morning when she noticed the size and shape and smoothness of the handle of her hairbrush. She didn't have time then, but thought about it all day so that by the time she got home after school, she ran to her room and practically rammed the thing inside herself. As she'd expected, it stretched her pussy terribly, making it burn and ache in that wonderful way that made her cum bigger than anything.

Naturally she learned all she could about these things, which led her into a much-sooner-than-typical education about sex. No grownups would give her any information, so she did her own research. It was easy enough to get info, even despite the blocks placed on her computer by the "Child Safety" software her parents had installed. No actual porn got through of course, but information leaked, and she was a quick study with a keen mind and a keener imagination. She didn't actually need to see everything. With clear descriptions, she could imagine plenty.

She was almost eight before she could talk a boy into fucking her. Apparently boys were really stupid and scaredy-cats about such things. She actually had to "be his girlfriend" for a while, and teach him some things about sex first. She'd read about hand-jobs and taught him - which he liked plenty. She'd read about blowjobs too, but that didn't interest her - she wanted his cock inside her pussy, where it would fill and stretch her, not in her mouth! But when she actually got to see his dick she was terribly disappointed - the sharpie was bigger! Not to mention the hairbrush handle. Still, from what she'd read, penises were supposed to be better than toys, so she managed to get him to fuck her. But it wasn't very much fun. Sure, it was nice and warm and felt good inside her, but it didn't fill her - much less stretch her the way she craved.

Older boys have bigger dicks - that much was clear from her reading, so she tried to seduce older boys, with near-zero luck. They just weren't interested in a little girl like her. So she hit the books harder, learning more about presentation and sex appeal. She learned to dress more provocatively, to use makeup to make her look older, to walk and talk and act in ways which got boys excited.

She finally tripped a ten-year-old, then an eleven-year-old. Now their penises were getting up there to what she desired, and she actually enjoyed being fucked by that big penis (over 3" long and bigger round than a Sharpie!) By the time she was nine, she'd worked her way up from ten-year-old boys to her first high-school boy. At fifteen, his penis had been a huge 5" long, and for a few weeks she thought she was in love. Not only did he fill her like she wanted - needed - but he even treated her like a woman, kissing her like a grownup, finger-fucking her, and he even tried going down on her a couple of times. That was, until he found out she was only nine, then he dumped her like a box of dead cats.

The next month or so sucked. Nellie had found what she craved - big cocks - but she was too young to have ready access. Her ex-boyfriend had spread the word that she was only a Fourth Grader, despite the fact that she looked and dressed like a (admittedly small) Sixth Grader or maybe Seventh, and none of the boys would have anything to do with her.

Except Steve. He was, like her, an outcast. Smaller than most other Juniors in High School, he had few friends and fewer prospects for girlfriends. He also had a bit of a thing for smaller, younger girls than himself. So when he heard about her going for High-Schoolers, he sought her out.

A bit of a rocky start, but they worked it out. After all, they both wanted the same thing. He wanted a younger girlfriend, and she wanted an older boyfriend. It was only a week before he was banging her regularly, and she was in bliss. He was sixteen and his dick was nearly six inches long and so thick the first time he tried to squeeze it inside her, he couldn't fit until he'd oiled it up and stretched her out with his fingers for a while first. After he'd been fucking her for about a minute, he came inside her, triggering the most explosive orgasm she'd ever had.

She fell in love with Steve instantly, and let him fuck her at every opportunity - which was pretty often. He was, after all, a horny sixteen-year-old boy, and seven years difference in age was really nothing. Her own parents had more of an age difference than that!

At sixteen, of course, Steve had heard of different positions and things to try, so they experimented and tried out different things. They both learned how to give head. Steve liked licking her little pussy, but didn't really "get off" on it, whereas Nellie learned that while sucking a tiny little dick wasn't that exciting, sucking one that filled her mouth completely, and gushed cum when he came, was really rather exciting. And she could finger-fuck herself while doing it, so that was cool.

They had a lot of fun for a few months, but eventually Steve fell for another girl - one with tits - and Nellie was left with nobody to fuck. She wasn't really heartbroken - it hadn't really been love - but she did miss being filled. She did find her mom's 6" dildo, and had a blast with that for a while, but it just wasn't the same. For starters, it was too narrow - much narrower than Steve's cock, so it didn't give her that wonderful stretching feeling she yearned for.

At Last!

She was nearing her tenth birthday, single, with no prospects. She'd taken to dressing and acting even sluttier, hanging out at the mall with kids older than herself, like in their teens. Most of them were, of course, only experimenting with sluttiness, teasing boys their age instead of actually putting out. She gathered that only about two-thirds of them had even lost their V's yet - an idea that made her giggle inside, knowing she was so much more experienced than them. But she needed to have others to hang out with, so she didn't let on. Being from different schools, they didn't know she was much younger than them, so they let her hang and play-tease.

They boys that were vying for their attentions were, of course, also much older than her, and therefore uninterested in her flat chest and slight curves. Sure, she had a killer ass, a cute face, and dressed and acted like a very sexually attractive girl, but guys that age mostly just want tits, since that's usually the only part they'd ever seen anyway. Still, it was better than nothing, and it gave Nellie some good practice at teasing, posing, and bantering - not that she needed it.

It was about noon one Saturday when she was hanging out at the food court when she noticed the guy watching her. She wasn't sure why it caught her attention, because lots of guys watched her - many with amusement, some with interest and a few with disgust. But there was something about the way this guy looked at her.

She carried on, checking him out without letting on. He seemed pretty average. Older than her High-School chums, possibly in college or maybe even graduated. He was clean and well-dressed in clean, new-ish looking jeans and a sweater. He had a nice build, shaggy black hair and deep brown eyes to go with his dark skin - pretty much an exact contrast to her own delicate pale skin, pale blonde hair and cobalt-blue eyes.

He wasn't staring, but looked at her often enough that she knew he was watching her, and when their eyes actually met, he didn't look away. Quite the opposite. He held her gaze as if saying, "Yeah, I'm watching you." and daring her to do something about it.

She did. She giggled, and he grinned.

She went to the rail where she could look out over the lower level of the mall, put one foot on the lower rail, and positioned herself in one of her most provocative poses. With her foot up, her short skirt barely covered her ass, and many of those below could see her panties. More than once she'd caused people (usually men) to walk into things, trip over benches - one guy even walked right into the fountain as he was ogling her. His wife was not amused. The pose was distracting for those below, but for those on this level, it showed off her legs and ass wonderfully even thought she had on sneakers and bunched socks. She had no tits to speak of, but with her back to the food court, they couldn't really tell. She flipped her long hair so it hung down her back in it's two long pony tails, actually looking longer than it was because of the way her back was arched, and actually reached past her bare midrift to the shiny black belt that was actually part of her dark blue skirt.

She was pleased when he sidled up next to her, putting one of his own feet on the lower rail, and leaning forward on his elbows. "Lookin' good there kid," he said in a low, mellow-sounding voice. She didn't like being called a kid, but he seemed friendly enough anyway, so she just filed that away as something she'd straighten him out on later.

"Thanks mister," she said in her best sexy-lilty voice. She didn't do it on purpose, it was just habit when she was in "teasy" mode.

He chuckled. "You have a nice voice. Very sexy."

Suddenly she was shy, blushing. Nobody had ever complimented her voice like that before. Her ass, sure. Her legs even. Once in a while, even her outfit. But her voice? It was, in a way, more intimate than her ass, because she'd actively worked at it.

"Um, thanks," she said uncertainly, not using her "sexy voice" in her confusion.

"Ooh, even better," he said. "Your natural voice is even sexier than your put-on voice! Granted, your put-on voice sounds older, but you don't need to sound older for me. I think you're very nice just the way you are."

Nellie could feel her cheeks burning, and wondered why he had such an effect on her. She'd flirted with hundreds of men, teased hundreds more. But none of them had really ever seemed sincere. This guy was, and it was intoxicating.

"Uhm, thanks, I guess?" she said, then giggled. "And I worked so hard on it too!"

He grinned. "I bet you did! As hard as you worked on everything else. I gotta tell you hon, you really pull it off. If I didn't know better, I'd guess you were at least... oh, I dunno, thirteen at least!"

That made her curious - and a little bit nervous. "How do you know better?" She thought he might be someone who knew her parents or something.

"Well, I didn't know better, but you just confirmed it, so now I do," he grinned, the smile growing as comprehension that he'd tricked her dawned on her.

"You're a skunk," she accused.

"And a cad, and an oaf, and many other bad things. But fortunately for you, I won't hold it against you."

She frowned, not sure how he could hold that against her, but then realized he'd turned the tables on her again. She shook her head. "You're tricky!" But she liked that he was so much smarter than most of the boys she dealt with. Momentarily, she wished he was prospective boyfriend material. Boy wouldn't that be something! She wondered how big his dick was and a moment later realized she'd been daydreaming and he was watching her.

"I'd give a million bucks to know what you were thinking about just then," he said softly, making her blush furiously. "You're blushing," he chuckled. "It must have been something really naughty!"

It was like he could read her mind! She couldn't have that! She struggled to find a change of subject. "So what's your name?" she asked bluntly and wishing she'd been smoother about it.

"I'm Steve," he said simply. "And you are?"

She looked at him. "I used to have a boyfriend named Steve!"

"Well that wasn't me," he said simply. Then just before she could reply, he continued. "Know how I know?"

It was a leading question, she knew, but she really wanted to know where it could possibly lead. So she swallowed the bait. "How do you know," she asked.

"Because," he said simply, "if you were my girlfriend, there's no way I'd ever break up with you!"

Another compliment! And this one had ... implications. He was basically saying that being boyfriend-girlfriend with her was something he'd want to continue forever. Like going steady or something! If only! She blushed again at her enthusiasm for the idea. Obviously she and he couldn't be boyfriend/girlfriend. If seven years difference was too much, well, he and she were probably at least twice that far apart.

"Bet I know what you're thinking," he said, interrupting her woolgathering once again. She mentally hustled to catch up.

"Bet ya don't!" she said. No way he could know.

"Bet you a buck," he challenged.

That caught her off-guard. She knew what a bet was. She and Paul had made many bets. The sudden memory came back and sent a shiver through her. She forced herself to focus on the here and now. Sure she knew what a bet was, but she'd never made a bet for money before. "I never bet money..." she was going to say "I never bet money before, but realized at the last second that that would make her seem younger, and for some reason, she wanted to seem older around this guy.

He grinned as if she'd offered him a prize. "Great! No money then. I'll bet you a kiss I know what you were thinking."

Well that would work! She'd win because there's no way he could know what she was thinking. "Okay then Mr. Smartypants, what was I thinking?"

He grinned. "You were thinking about a chocolate chasing a purple bus through a jungle!"

She shook her head. That was so... stupid! She'd expected him to at least make a reasonable guess. Actually, she kind of hoped he had known what she was thinking, though of course it was impossible.

"That's stupid," she said before she realized how rude it was to say that.

"Oh darn, so I lose. So I owe you," he said, shaking his head sadly even thought he didn't look even a little bit sad.

"Yeah!" she said, happy at the thought she'd won. Then she saw that he'd completely manipulated her. He'd blown the guess because the bet was a kiss! Now he could kiss her! Kinda had to kiss her actually. Then she realized that he would have won either way, because if he had guessed, then she would have to kiss him, so either way it was the same thing! What a scoundrel he was!

"Oh, you are a stinker," she said, giggling at the way he'd maneuvered her.

"I told you I was all that, and worse," he said. Then he relented. "Seriously though, you don't have to let me give you a kiss if you don't want to. I mean, I did trick you, so I don't really deserve a kiss from such a beautiful girl, right?" He winked, and she knew he was setting her up again.

"You're just saying that so I'll think you're sweet for letting me off the hook and then you'll just use that to trick me some other way. So I'm probably better off just kissing you," she said, proud of her reasoning.

"Aw, man! You got me!" he said, looking at her with eyes that complimented her brainpower. Even without words he was making her feel good! She leaned toward him, but he backed up a tiny bit.

"Woah girl, I can't go kissing you in public! I mean, Jesus, there are laws. If you're over ten, I could get in trouble!"

"Ten? Really?" she blinked. But now she was looking forward to getting the kiss out of the way, so she added, "Well don't worry. You still have a couple months."

His grin grew huge. "I was right! I bet myself you weren't a teenager yet!"

She realized he'd tricked her into revealing her age, and got miffed. "So you did all that just to get my age?" It was a mean trick. She wanted that kiss! Not just to get it over with, but because she wanted to kiss him! She was so annoyed she didn't even realize she was working through her real motivations.

"Oh no," he said in a serious, lower tone, "not at all. I did all that so I'd have an excuse to kiss you. The age thing is just because I was curious. I wanted to kiss you from the moment I saw you, and it didn't matter how old you are. You're an incredibly attractive girl... uh... what's-yer-face?"

"Nellie," she said automatically. "Seriously? You still want to kiss me even though I'm like, well... way younger than you?"

He glanced around to make sure nobody was nearby, then leaned closer, speaking lower. "Nellie, you wanna know a secret?"

"Uh huh," she said, really curious by the serious tone.

"Well, there are some people who don't care how old someone is. And there are some who think it's even sexier if there's a big difference in ages. I'm one off the second kind. I think the fact that you're almost ten is way, way cool. But you do know that grownups aren't supposed to be interested in young girls, right?"

Nellie's pulse was hammering. Was this guy for real? It was too good to be true! He might really, really like her! Again her mind went back to that "girlfriend" comment, and she wondered... but he was talking again so she forced her attention back.

"Don't worry thought," he was saying. "I know you're probably not interested in having a twenty-five year old boyfriend." Twenty-five? He was more than fifteen years older than her! That was so awesome!

Again she fought to keep her excitement under control and listen to what he was saying. "So you can just run along. It's been a real pleasure flirting with you, and if, in a few years, you decide you'd like an older guy, be sure to look me up." He was dismissing her? Without even letting her side be heard? That was so unfair!

"But what if I want an older boyfriend now?" she asked hurriedly, then realized she'd spoken too loud and looked around nervously. The Food Court was a noisy place though, and nobody seemed to have heard.

"Honey," he said, sadly shaking his head. "You don't want an older boyfriend - not one as old as me anyway. Not while you're still a virgin. Older men want girls to do things..."

It was her turn to interrupt. "I've done things! I've had older boyfriends! I'm not a virgin!" she said in a rush to convince him. She felt like this prime catch was slipping away, and wanted to reel him in, so she was tossing all the bait she could find.

"Nellie," he said, 'you're a darling, wonderful, smart, pretty, even sexy girl. I really do wish I could be your boyfriend. But your parents would kill me. And besides, don't you want a boy your age to be your boyfriend, take you to dances, all that stuff?"

"Nuh uh," she said determinedly. "My parents don't have to know. And boys my age are all dumb and..." she paused. She knew she shouldn't say their dicks were too small, so she side-stepped. "And they don't know about sex stuff. I want a man - a real man. A man like you!"

He was looking at her with a grin that made her feel like he wanted to attack her - and like that might be a good thing. If she'd known what to call it, she'd have said it was a "wolfish grin". But she knew something about it made her tummy tickle.

Half an hour later, Steve pulled into his driveway, clicked the door opener, and drove into the garage, closing the door behind him. Once it was down, Nellie popped up in the passenger seat where she'd been hunched down so nobody would see her arrive at the confirmed bachelor's upscale home. He'd explained on the ride over why she couldn't be seen entering or leaving, and she was more than willing to go along with it.

Unlike most girls of any age, much less ten years old, Nellie knew what she wanted. She'd known for a while - she just didn't think she'd ever find it. She wasn't looking for "love" - not exactly anyway. She was looking for one thing only - a decent sized cock, and a man who would share it with her without a bunch of strings attached. It wasn't that she was "against" love - it's just that she wasn't quite ten years old, and such things hadn't really occurred to her. She was still smarting a little over being dumped by the old Steve anyway. To her thinking, a "boyfriend" was a boy and a friend, though older people might call what she was looking for something like "Friends with Benefits".

Steve also wasn't looking for "romance". He'd had a few Great Romances in his life already. The first had been when he was a kid, with a neighborhood girl named Marlene. He'd been ten and she five when they'd become friends, and by the time he was twelve and she was seven, they'd already explored the main spectrum of sexual activity. It'd started simply enough, playing house, which naturally involved kissing and "sleeping" together. Both had insatiable curiosities and no shame about sex stuff, so one thing had progressed smoothly to another, and another. All that had been ripped asunder when her father had been transferred overseas and taken the family with him. Naturally they'd tried the long-range romance thing, but of course, that hadn't worked out.

The next had been in his mid teens. He thought she was the one for sure, but where he was sexually adventurous, she was pretty straight-laced. They did have some fun, and lots of missionary-style sex, but where his first girlfriend had had no qualms about other types of sex, this one wouldn't even give him a hand-job, much less a blow-job. Though they had struggled with it for a few years, it was doomed to failure, and the more he tried and failed with her, the more he dreamed of his first girlfriend and her easy sexual nature. He found himself getting aroused over those memories, remembering her little-girl body, perfectly bare and smooth pussy, and so on. Part of him equated his growing dissatisfaction with her to her physical maturity, so that by the time they actually broke up, part of him was convinced that young equaled sexy. For the next several years, this was supported by his subconscious seeking out young-girl porn and beating off to it, thereby reinforcing his believe that little girls are sexy.

He'd never actually sought out a little girl to be with, but when he saw Nellie at the food court that day, he felt a connection with her. She was so much like his lost Marlene - not in looks obviously, but in her free sexuality, that he couldn't help but want her. And when he found that she wanted him too, it was as if it was all preordained.

Steve had been prepared to woo her and work up to the sexual stuff they both so obviously wanted, but Nellie didn't need any excuse. Once they were in the house proper, she signaled for a kiss, got it, and quickly upgraded that kiss from "coach" to "first-class". Her tongue speared between his lips and he opened his mouth automatically. In seconds he'd scooped her up, her legs wrapping around his waist as he kissed and carried her into the living room, laying her down on the sofa without their lips separating for an instant.

When she finally broke the kiss, Steve said, "Wow! That was some..." but got no further. The little girl was already stripping out of her clothes, and in seconds she was topless. He just stood there, dumbfounded, watching her work on the buckle.

She sensed his stillness and looked at him, then realized how intently he was staring at her half-nudity and blushed. She covered her nearly non-existant breasts, with her arms. "What are you staring at?" she asked hotly, ashamed to have nothing there to look at. He'd obviously been with women who had tits, and she had nothing.

"No no honey," he said hurriedly. "I was admiring your sweet body. Damn you're sexy!" She started to speak, but as seemed to happen a lot, he seemed to read her mind. "And don't even think about saying anything against your beautiful little chest. You might not have any tits yet, but your nipples are gorgeous, perking up, and I know you want me to kiss and lick them, right? And I want to kiss and lick them too - and a lot more! So don't you dare say anything about how I can't like your chest, because I love it! Now lower those arms!"

She did, but giggled, giddy at the compliment. "I'll lower my arms if you lower your pants!"

Since she'd already lowered her arms, it seemed unfair for him not to comply, so he quickly shucked off his sweater, revealing his nicely-chiseled chest and stomach, then slid his pants down, leaving his shorts on and revealing his considerable bulge in all it's glory.

Nellie finished with her buckle and slid her skirt down to join the rest of her clothes. She hadn't even bothered leaving her panties on for his enjoyment, not knowing that guys enjoyed that sort of thing. She wanted sex, and they'd be in the way, so they went! She looked at him, and her jaw dropped.

She'd never seen a full-grown man naked before, and Steve was actually a pretty good specimen of the tall, dark, and handsome variety. But all that was second to where her eyes zeroed in on his bulge. It was abundantly clear that six inches her last "Steve" had had were far out-classed here, and she found her mouth dry at the prospect of what lie under that stretched out fabric.

"I guess that means you approve," Steve said, smiling at the way she was staring at his package. There's little in the world that builds a man's ego better than a pretty girl ogling his goods.

Nellie snapped out of it and put her hands on her hips. "What's the deal? I got naked for you! Why aren't you naked yet? I want to see it!" It was almost a whine, and Steve's grin only grew broader.

"Okay, okay. Keep your knickers on," he chided, then corrected, "Oh wait, they're already off!'

"Very funny!" Nellie said, her voice giving lie to the expression. "C'mon!" she whined.

"Fine. Here!" he said, slipping his shorts down and off. His cock sprang up, large and hard, and continuing to expand now free from it's confines.

Children live in a more compressed time scale than adults do, and Nellie honestly felt like it had been forever since she'd seen, touched, and tasted a cock. And she'd really missed it. She practically flew to Steve, and in a flash she was holding it, exploring it with her fingers as it continued to expand and lift, her touches helping speed the process along. By the time it was fully erect, she'd fully examined and cherished his cock balls, ass, and had given it several strokes, marveling and exclaiming at how hot and hard it was, but most of all at how huge it was.

All modesty aside, Steven knew that at a touch over seven inches, his cock was only a little over average. But perception is tricky, and truly, in the hands of this little girl, it looked simply gargantuan to his eyes, and he wished he had a camera. It would make for some pretty damn good pictures!

"Oh wow!" Nellie giggled suddenly - a happy sound. "It's leaking!"

"You've never seen precum before?" he asked. On the drive over he'd asked about what she'd done sexually so he'd have some idea of her level of expertise, and she'd told him about her last "Steve", his cock, and how he'd fucked her with it many times.

But apparently that Steve had always put it right in and fucked her, so she'd never seen what happens when a guy is turned on for a while before his cock is out of sight. "Don't worry honey, it just means I'm really, really turned on by you. My cock's getting ready to slip into you by giving us a little extra lube.

Nellie nodded. "I didn't think you would need it," she said seriously. "I'm wet as can be. But that... thing. That ain't gonna fit inside me easy, I think!"

"Too much for you sweetie?" he asked with concern. "You know we can do other things until you're ready. Finger fucking, oral, I even have a few toys around here somewhere..."

"NO WAY!" Nellie said. "I want that inside me! All of it! If it really can't fit then fine, but I really want you to try!" She looked at it again with glazed eyes and in a low voice added, "Try hard."

"Well, you're the boss," Steve said, only to eager to comply. "Here, lay down on the sofa and let me get in there and get you ready."

Nellie complied, and in a moment the young girl was leaning back, legs spayed wide as Steve's tongue worked some real magic on her pussy, clit, and tiny puckered asshole. Because of all the build-up, her first climax hit in seconds. Several more followed within minutes afterwards, making the girl's body shake and jerk violently with each one.

Her pussy thoroughly slicked with saliva and pussy juices, Steve inserted a finger into her tight little pussy. It went in easily enough, so the second followed right after, and he twisted his hand around to work her G-spot.

Nellie was having a blast. The old "Steve" had been good enough - for a mid-teen. But this Steve was an experienced adult who, while not having any more "Great Romances" but the two, had nevertheless dated for years and had experience with several women. So the way he moved inside the little girl's pussy was pure bliss for her. More importantly, as he was stimulating her pussy and G-spot, he was also intentionally stretching her pussy out, which Nellie loved beyond words. She felt the burning pain-pleasure as he spread his large fingers inside her, gasping with delight as the third digit joined the others after her fourth? fifth climax? Sixth? They were all running together. She was just a little climax machine.

Steven looked down at the incredibly sexy sight of his new-found nine-year-old girlfriend, her pussy stretching lewdly around his three meaty fingers. He didn't think he'd be able to fuck her for a while, but he knew if she could handle three fingers, she could handle his cock - girth-wise anyway. And she came so easily! And so readily! He was going to have a lot of fun with her, he knew. She thought she knew everything about sex, but there was more than she'd ever dreamed of!

As he was building her up toward yet another climax, he suddenly slide his sloppy-wet fingers out, grabbed his cock, smearing the juices over the head, placed the head at the gaping entrance of her pussy, and began to push forward, shoving the thing into the little girl's drooling pussy. At first, it was easy-going. Two, three, inches slid in easily, but he could feel the passage narrowing where his fingers hadn't reached to stretch her. His cock was having to do all the stretching now, and Nellie's face showed distress as formerly near-virgin territory was suddenly being asked to accommodate far more than it had been used to even those months ago when it had last been visited.

He started to ease off, but Nellie was having none of it. "Push that cock into me!" she yelled - actually yelled at him. She was both determined and highly aroused and brooked no argument. He pushed harder, shoving his cock deeper into her, making her groan with a mix of pain and pleasure, and the she wailed unrestrained as another climax tore through her like a cyclone, making her juices flow and her pussy spasm. Suddenly another half-inch slipped in suddenly and she screamed again. "Oh fuck Steve! God that's a big dick! Feels like it's in my ribs! How much more?" she panted, sweat beading her forehead.

He looked. "About an inch - but we don't have to fit it all honey," he said, beginning to worry that she might push herself too hard. He didn't want to damage her!

But Nellie was more determined than ever, and after a pause to catch her breath and try to force some relaxation, she told him to keep pushing. But he had a different idea.

"You know honey, it might go better if, instead of trying to force it, I just fucked you and maybe it'll open up without force?" She looked thoughtful, and a distant memory came back of Paul's finger doing something similar. She nodded, and Steve eased back, withdrawing an inch, two, then reversed and pushed forward. He retained the two inches, plus a tiny bit more as Nellie thrashed with pleasure/pain at the harsh stretching and insanely pleasurable friction along the length of her tunnel. She nodded her head, and he did it again, paused, repeated again, each time gaining millimeters, until finally, some time and several more climaxes for Nellie later, his pubic bone ground against hers.

They looked at each other, and Nellie's expression was clearly an order. "Fuck me," it said. "Fuck me like you've never fucked anything before." Steve grinned, and bent to the task. The fit was so tight that he couldn't go too fast at first, but with repeat thrusts stretching her length, lubricating it, it grew slicker and easier, and in a few minutes Steve was fucking the little girl's body with his full length, faster and faster. The sight and feelings were beyond even his well-practiced ability to hold back any longer, and suddenly instead of fucking her, he as driving into her, full-length, his pelvis slamming into hers as the tip of his cock pressed into her deepest depths, each thrust terminating in a gush of hot liquid deep inside the little girl, accompanied with cries of pleasure from her and grunts of bliss from him.

When he was done, they lay connected for several minutes, and Nellie got to enjoy the feeling of him shrinking inside her. Almost as soon as he pulled out though, the emptiness was back, and she was missing that wonderful, full feeling.

"Don't worry sweetheart," he reassured her. "I'll be ready to go again in a little bit." Like so many men before him, he'd learned that no man can keep a horny woman satisfied, since they can go again almost immediately. But it would be a blast trying! More, this chick was obviously a size-queen, and he knew that if he was going to keep her happy for more than a few months, he'd need to find some way of helping her satisfy that craving for being filled and stretched. After she was used to his cock size, she'd want more. Luckily, he knew this guy with an eight inch cock, and he could use the time bought by him to find someone with a nine-incher, and so on. He smiled as he imagines how amazing such monsters would look, stuffed into and stretching out this delicate little girl's cunt-hole.

Yes, life was good!


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