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Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Returning Home 1

Part: Part 1

Summary: Rick returns to his childhood home, reunites with his first love - and her daughter.

Keywords: MFg(10), slow, cons, rom, ped, mast, oral, 1st

Date: 05/27/2017

[Author's Note]




The first blast of the horn didn't register at all. It wasn't until the second, prolonged blast sounded that Ricky shook off the shock. He waved bashfully at the driver and continued across the street from where he'd stopped in his tracks.


It wasn't her. Of course it wasn't. It couldn't be Trish. Not unless Trish had fallen into the fountain of youth anyway. And yet... it looked exactly like her. Or rather, he amended as his brain started working again, it looked exactly like his memory said she'd looked.


One of the problems with visiting the places one grew up was that the memory started doing funny things - or so he reasoned. Everything was completely different, and at the same time, completely the same, as if the intervening years hadn't happened at all.


People too were like that. Many had moved away, or passed away of course. And yet, many of their families were still here, causing false recognition. Rick's pulse raced as realized the ramifications of that thought. Perhaps the girl was related? Damn, it'd be good to see Trish again! Or would it? Just because they'd been close as children didn't mean they had anything now.


The girl was watching him quizzically, and again he was struck by the resemblance. Trish's daughter perhaps? No, she was too old for that. He'd guess around ten-ish. He did some quick math. He'd been twelve when his family had moved away, Trish had been ten - about the same as this girl. That'd been what, seventeen years or so. And he knew for a fact that Trish wasn't going to have kids before she was twenty-five. Even skimming a bit, that math didn't work. Still, the resemblance was uncanny. Perhaps a niece. She had the same wavy dark-blonde hair, the same blue-green eyes, the same lithe-yet-curvy body...


"You Rick?" she asked, squinting cutely in the same way Trish used to. "Mom sent me do fetch you."


"Uh..." Rick said, caught completely off-guard as he'd been playing that game with himself that most men do - trying to pretend he didn't notice an underage girl's budding sexuality. "I mean, yes I'm Rick, but I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage, miss..."


She grinned - another hauntingly familiar expression. "I'm Patty. C'mon. Mom's at the store." Without waiting for affirmation, she turned and began walking back the way she'd come as if it were a foregone conclusion that he'd follow.


He did of course. He had to find out who she was. She looked so much like Trish had looked all those years ago when they'd said their last goodbyes. Theirs had been a love like only the very young can have. First love. When children change from thinking the opposite sex to be "icky" to being endlessly fascinated with them. They'd navigated from wanting nothing to do with each other to planning their marriage and life together over a span of several years. That was, until Rick's father had been transferred and his family moved a million miles away. Of course, they'd sworn eternal love and planned to get back together - but such are the dreams of children, crushed under the unfeeling heel of reality.


"Mom!" Patty cried out at a woman just exiting the store, drawing Rick's eyes from that sweet little behind in the shorts that were rather too short for a girl her age. He hadn't even realized he'd been staring - he'd always thought Trish's ass was perfect and had ogled it at every opportunity. He guessed that habits formed in childhood died hard as he tore his eyes up to see who "mom" was.


His heart thudded in his chest. It was Trish. Older of course, but unmistakable. Her hair had continued to darken a bit, and she'd grown both up and out, developing a woman's curves - very nice curves at that. Not exaggerated, but enough to fair scream "I am woman" to any man who looked. He was glad to see that her chest had remained modest, as had her hips, and that she'd kept or recovered her figure after having a child. He still couldn't get his head around the fact that she was a mother - and that she'd apparently trimmed a lot of years off her target date for that event, but his heart sang at the sight of her. And then it fell - such are the emotions of man. What if she didn't like what she saw? What if she hated him for leaving her like that? He'd had no choice of course, but emotions know only their own logic.


He almost turned back - almost ran like hell. It was all too much. And then her eyes found his, and calmed him as they always had. They were the same kind eyes. The ones he'd gazed into for hours. His best friend's eyes. His first love's eyes. The upwelling of emotion was almost unbearable, but he had to keep his shit together here.


She didn't though. She ran to him, into his arms in an embrace that left no question about his welcome. And then, to his amazement, he found her lips seeking - and finding - his, and they kissed.


Much praise is sung of "the first kiss", but in actuality, the first kiss is two strangers who know nothing whatsoever about each other's kissing preferences. This wasn't that. This was two pairs of lips - and two bodies - who had spent many hours together and who knew each other intimately. Without thought they molded to each other with glad welcome, and the world faded into gray as they fell into each other.


"Jeez you guys, get a room!"


No matter how deeply involved she may be in something, a child's voice will always reach a mother's ears, and Trish broke the kiss at her daughter's words. She and Rick looked at each other, momentarily embarrassed, then as one, broke into gales of laughter. It was a mixture of joy at the reunion, relief that neither had rejected the other, embarrassment at the passion of their unintended kissing, and the incongruity of two grownups snogging in a supermarket parking lot like a couple of teenagers.


The next few hours were a whirlwind to Rick as he got caught up on Trish's life-to-date. Of course, one of his first concerns was Patty's father - he really didn't want to interfere with a happy family - nor did he want to get his face punched in by a jealous husband. Most of their first dinner was spent with Trish filling him in on events.


Apparently Trish had been bereft and alone for five long years after Rick had gone. The first couple of years she'd barely had any friends at all - much less boyfriends. And there was more there that she promised to fill him in on later. But when she'd been fifteen, she'd met Tom - Patty's father - and fallen deeply in love with him. So much so, in fact, that she'd gotten knocked up and married him when she was seventeen - just in time for Patty's birth.


Tom had been a good father, and they'd been quite happy together, until a drunk driver had taken his life while Patty was only three. Thanks to a generous judge, the wealthy man who'd caused the accident was suddenly much less wealthy, and Trish and Patty would never want. They had a nice house in a the upscale "Forest Hills" subdivision where she and Rick had dreamed of settling. Trish worked anyway, running her successful photography studio - she even had a number of pieces in some of the classier places around town.


It was clear that she'd loved Tom deeply, but it bothered Rick, and he had to ask. So after their dinner that first night, he asked. "So how come you're still single? It's been what, seven years?"


Trish's cheeks flushed and she glanced toward her daughter. But while such a look usually meant "I'll tell you when the kid's not around", Trish didn't defer the question.


"Well to be honest Rick, Tom sort of spoiled me for most men. You see, he was very sexually satisfying."


It wasn't what Rick had expected, though as a kid, Trish had always been rather blunt about such things. It was a large part of why they'd gotten to explore aspects of the boy-girl thing before they'd hit their teens. While they'd never actually copulated - they'd been saving that for Rick's next birthday, but he'd moved away first - they had at least experimented with almost everything short of that.


"I... see..." Rick said, glancing at Patty, who was ignoring them as she worked on her desert.


Trish grinned playfully. "It's partly your fault Rick! You helped spoil me! Rick just took it further along, and in other directions, than we had time to explore together." With a smoldering look she added, "And I'm sort of hoping we'll get the chance to do some more exploring... if you're interested."


She really wasn't asking. When they'd kissed in the parking lot, she'd felt quite clearly how big his interest was, and had noticed more than once while preparing dinner that he interest was continuing. They were both single, both interested, had a beautiful - though interrupted - physical history together. It was a fait accompli that they'd be sleeping together tonight, and Rick wasn't stupid enough to let a chance like this pass. He was quite looking forward to re-discovering her body. And her flirty behavior did nothing to quench the fires. He took her hand, kissing it gently in agreement.


After dinner they watched some TV. Rick was surprised at how casual it all was, and especially at how Patty just sort of accepted him into her home. He'd half expected his interest in her mother to be met with resistance on her part - wasn't that how it worked? But the kid didn't seem interested in such machinations. Perhaps it was because Trish and her had such a close relationship. Were it not for the age difference, Rick would have assumed they were sisters - perhaps even twin sisters.


It did make him a little uncomfortable when they settled in for TV-time. Patty disappeared into her room, emerging a few minutes later in a nightie that - while of modest cut - was so well-worn as to be sheer beyond modesty. He could quite clearly see her body through the fabric, including the white-and-blue panties and the fact that she didn't wear a bra. No need really, her busts were at that lovely stage where they're obvious blooming, but in absolutely no need of support. She'd probably never worn a bra, and it was evident that she dressed like this every other night - why should tonight be any different?


To his surprise though, Trish paid it no attention whatsoever. Perhaps she was so accustomed to the sight of her daughter's breasts that she no longer saw them. Rick tried to do the same, and found it much easier when the TV gave his eyes somewhere else to be.


They found a suitable movie and settled in, he on one end of the sofa with Trish cuddled up against him, Patty on her other side, a bit away from the couple. At first everything seemed pretty normal, but he couldn't focus on the TV with this lovely blast-from-the-past cuddling up with him. Like before, their bodies flowed into each other as if they'd never been apart, her head on his shoulder, her scent in his nostrils. He almost jumped out of his skin though when she moved, her hand nonchalantly landing on his bulge.


He hadn't realized he was sporting a semi- until her touch brought it to his attention. But then it suddenly wasn't a semi- any more. In moments he'd blossomed into a full-on erection so hard it almost ached as it pushed up against her hand. Instead of pulling away though, she gently kneaded it and turned her head up to kiss him.


Once again they lost themselves in the kiss, delving deeper into that abyss of long-delayed love. Mouths opened, tongues entwined, bodies entwined, hands touched, and time flowed without regard. Rick discovered that Trish's nipples were just as sensitive as when she was ten, to his hands and to his mouth. She was as sensitive everywhere as that young girl had been, and he discovered a while later that she was also as devoid of hair, her pussy immaculate - and drenched as his finger slipped into her depths. It was as if they were ten and twelve again, her soft, smooth cunny dripping onto his hand as he brought her to climax easily, her cries of pleasure she sweetest music his ears ever heard.


As Trish twitched in the aftershocks of her climax, Patty changed the channel to music, then leaned over and kissed her mother on the cheek. "Have fun momma, I'll go finish in my room," she said matter-of-factly.


Rick was shocked out of his reverie. He'd been so intently focused on Trish that he'd forgotten entirely that there was a ten year old girl on the sofa with them. He tried to think of something to say to make it all right, then did another double-take as he realized that - as far as Patty was concerned - it was already "all right". She smiled at him. "Take good care of momma," she said simply, then got up and walked around the sofa, pausing to give him a peck on the cheek. "She likes you!" she said with a giggle before departing.


Rick was trying to process this, but the sight of Patty's clearly-erect nipples jutting out of that too-thin top was messing with his thinking. He shouldn't - he couldn't - even notice such things - much less find the sight incredibly beautiful. It was just... wrong!


"Isn't she a sweetie?" Trish said softly into his ear. But while he was trying to figure out how to answer that, her hand drew him out (when had his belt and pants been opened?) and she slid down to engulf him in her - as he discovered quickly - very talented mouth.


The rest of the night was a blur for Rick. They made love. And they fucked. And they cuddled, and they did it all again. Trish was an amazing lover, and had learned much in the intervening years, but so had he, and he bent to pleasing her with a will - with much success. Twice while they were in the living room, Rick became aware of Patty's presence, once in the dining room as she snuck another piece of cake, putting her finger to her lips to indicate he wasn't to tell momma, and once as she crossed within two feet of them while they were fucking hard as she locked the front door and drew the curtains. In the second instance, she paused on her way back.


"I'm going to sleep now momma," she said gently as her mother grunted to his thrusts.


"Night (ugh!) honey! Sweet dreams!" Trish said, her pussy squeezing his cock like a farmer milking a teat.


Eventually they ended up in Trish's bedroom, where they continued getting re-acquainted until sheer exhaustion won out, awakening in the morning, sore, stiff, and satisfied. Even so, Rick couldn't help but caress her lovely body. "Petite," he though, "that's the word." Looking at sweet, relaxed face, he figured she could pass for sixteen even now. Not bad for a woman of... what, twenty seven? And what a woman! She'd done things with him that few had. She was shameless, her enjoyment of his body and her own the only consideration. He grinned as he recognized that he'd been equally wanton - even kinky. He'd had equally kinky lovers, but none who were so... willing. Nay, eager.


She woke to his caresses, acknowledging his arousal and her own, and in minutes they were in the shower together, cleaning and making love at once before seeing to the morning routines. They continued to touch, and kiss all the while, until it was finally time to leave the room.


"Could you be a dear and get my clothes," he asked sheepishly.


"Get them yourself," she teased. "I'm not your housekeeper!" It was said playfully, but it was clear that she wasn't going to get them for him. Rolling his eyes, he wrapped a towel around himself and headed down the hall quietly in the hopes that Patty was still asleep.


"About time!" Patty said as he entered the living room. She was on the floor with a pillow tucked under her, watching TV. "You guys made a mess in here last night - I'm afraid to even use the sofa!"


Rick's brain, already numb from last night and this morning's events did yet another somersault as he realized what she meant. Trish and he had both cum copiously the night before, and while most of it had been greedily devoured in their lovemaking, there was always some spillage, some seepage, and some puddling. They way they'd been going at it, the sofa might be a complete write-off - and yet, this kid was taking it all with aplomb. But that was nothing compared to the mental gear-grinding that occurred as he rounded the sofa and saw her in the middle of the floor - wearing nothing but a very scanty pair of silky yellow panties - practically a thong. They set her sweetly-curved ass beautifully, and were so perfectly fit there was nary a wrinkle to upset the curves.


She looked back over her shoulder and smiled happily at his discomfiture. "Do you like them Mr. Rick? Momma says they make my ass pop. And check this out!" Before he could look away, she spread her legs, exposing a wonderfully-outlined mound, the crease as obvious as the nose on her face.


"Honey, that's not really fair," Trish said, her voice full of humor. "Don't flash your pussy - even covered - at a man who's not only not expecting it, but who has also had his brains all but fucked out."


Patty gave a cute little pouty-face, then shrugged and closed her legs. "Okay, I'll wait till he's not so... uh..."


"Befuddled?" her mother offered. "Flummoxed? Discombobulated?"


Patty laughed. "Discombobulated! Perfect! Look at his face! He's totally discombobulated!" She got up and went to Rick, who's eyes naturally fixated on her small breasts with their erect nipples poking out in the morning air. "He's sweet momma, and I'm glad he made you so happy, but when's my turn?"


"Later honey," Trish said, shaking her head. "Sorry Rick - you know how impatient kids are."


He nodded. Of course he knew kids were impatient - and what the HELL did that have to do with anything? Her turn? What the fuck did that mean? He wanted to be angry, as if they were messing with his head, but two things prevented it. First, he was fairly certain they were sincere. Whatever "her turn" meant, it wasn't a joke. And two, his completely flaccid and well-worn-out cock was sticking straight out, obvious to all despite the towel.


Trish gently took his hand and led him to the table, seating him and taking Patty into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. While they were gone, Rick tried to think. Really tried. What the hell was going on here? His morals were in conflict with his libido and both were being overruled by his heart. Completely aside from the incredibly great sex, he'd found during dinner last night that his love for Trish, long delayed, hadn't really diminished. Worse, she was in every way everything he'd wanted in a woman. It was no accident that he was still single. Somehow he knew what he wanted, and hadn't found. Now he had, and he was damned if he'd give it up without a fight.


Besides, he didn't know what Patty had meant by "her turn". It had sounded like... well, he couldn't even really think about that. But it could mean other things too - couldn't it? Maybe her turn to find a boyfriend now that her mother had one? His heart thumped at the thought of him being Trish's "boyfriend" once again. Or...


His musings were interrupted by the girls coming back into the dining room with juice, toast, milk, coffee, and several different boxes of cereal. "It's part of a complete breakfast" ran though his mind before he saw it printed on the box. Damned commercials.


It wasn't lost on him that Trish had taken the opportunity to get dressed. Unfortunately, she'd elected to dress almost identically to her daughter, except that her panties were even skimpier and pale pink. They both giggled at his look. "Don't worry honey," Trish tittered, "I've got some you can wear if you're feeling out of uniform."


"Very funny, wench," he grumbled good-naturedly. Patty's brow furrowed momentarily at this apparent disparagement to her mother, but at a glance at Trish realized it was meant playfully and her smile returned. "I'll just keep my towel, if that's okay," he finished.


"Fine with us dear," Trish said, serving Patty up, then him.


They tucked in, and he found he was famished. Made sense, he'd burned up a lot of calories last night and this morning. Eventually though, as appetites became sated, it became apparent that Trish was going to talk.


In her typical fashion, she tackled it bluntly. "I hope you realize that I still love you Rick. Very, very much." He started to answer back, but she held up one finger. "I know honey. I know you love me too. You made that very clear.


"But..." she went on, her voice lowering with seriousness, "there's some things you need to know before we can go any further. But first, know this. I do love you, and any time you want to talk, or cry, or fuck, or whatever, I'm here for you. Even if you decide you don't want to 'get into a relationship' with me."


Again he tried to interject his opinion. Of course he wanted that. He wanted that more than anything! But once again she stopped him before he could speak. He noticed that Patty was sitting quietly, paying complete attention, as if she knew better than to interrupt her mother when she was being serious. He decided to do likewise. He'd get a chance to chime in eventually.


Trish sipped her coffee, then took a deep breath. "Before you can make that decision, Rick dear, you need to know a bit about us." She glanced at her daughter. "And for that, you have to understand a bit more about me.


"When your family left all those years ago, I was devastated. But what's worse, Mrs. Gree - you remember her?"


He did. Mrs. Gree was the neighborhood Grundy. A pious totalitarian of the "Old Testament" regime. The type of person who firmly believed that her morals were the only morals, and that it was her duty to keep you from burning in hell even if it killed you. They'd had a lot of fun at her expense back in the day.


"Well Mrs. Gree - you know she was always sticking her nose into other people's business - she'd been watching us for a while. And obviously she disapproved. In her world, girls didn't have boyfriends until menopause. Anyway, you know how I would come over after school and we'd spend the afternoon together until my parents got home? Well, with you gone, my parents had to do something with me - and Mrs. Gree offered to watch me."


Trish's eyes brimmed with tears at the memory, but she pushed on. "She was horrid. There's no other word for it. She berated me, calling me the most terrible names. Whore. Slut. Fornicator. She rode me all afternoon, every afternoon, beating shame into all the beautiful things we did together until I was as miserable a wretch as she was."


"Oh honey!" Rick said, reaching out to her, but she put her hand up, fending him off.


"No, let me finish. That went on for almost five years." A tear escaped, trickling down her cheek. "By the time I was fifteen, I was resigned to a life of lonely misery, beaten and brainwashed into believing that was my lot in life. Then Tom happened." The tears flowed now, but her face had changed from misery to joy. "Tom was a Godsend. He... we met, and it was love at first sight, and he was my savior. He made Mrs. Gree back off and taught me ... re-taught me about love." She looked at Rick and he could see the love, as well as the fear. She needed his permission to go on.


"I... I'm glad you found each other," he said carefully, and meant it. "I'm glad he was there for you, and rescued you."


"He was forty-five," Trish said, praying his understanding with all her might.


"Ah..." Rick said. He leaned back in his chair, mulling it over. His first reaction was anger at this man taking advantage of a young girl in dire straits. But one look at Trish - the fervent hope for his understanding made him pause and reconsider. Five years with Mrs. Gree? The loss of her first love? The more he thought about it, the more certain he was that she'd had a narrow escape. Trish wasn't the type to bend beyond a certain point - she was probably very close to breaking completely when Tom stepped up. He may have saved her life; he most certainly saved her heart. And today she could love - oh God how she could love. How could he - and outsider - find fault with that?


He knew he'd have to adjust his thinking and accept this truth about Trish's ex- no... past husband. They didn't divorce. If it hadn't been for the accident, he was pretty sure they'd still be together.


He nodded, frowning. "I can't even imagine how it was for you, but the bit I can imagine sounds like hell. I'm..." he choked a bit. "I'm glad Tom was there for you. Really."


Relief flooded her face and she hugged him tightly, sobs wracking through her, briefly but intensely before she regained control. Sitting back, she wiped her face with a napkin. A few minutes, a few sips, and she was back in control.


"Tom taught me many things, Rick. About love, about life, and about people. It took him a couple of years, but he even won over my parents." She smiled shyly. "There were some arguments, but he wouldn't let me join in them. Said he didn't want them to think he was turning me against them. In the end, mom and dad accepted that I loved him though, and gave us their blessing - fortunately before Patty came along!" She patted her daughter's hand.


"I love my daughter Rick. I want her to be happy. And I've done everything I can to help her grow into a well-balanced, intelligent, free-thinker, unhampered by the Mrs. Gree's of the world." She smiled ruefully. "So when she came to me to learn about sex, I couldn't exactly turn her aside."


Rick felt his pulse thumping. The look in her eyes was part guilt, part pride, and part arousal. Both girls' nipples were tightening, their cheeks flushing. It was arousal, pure and simple, and he thought he knew why.


"So you taught her about sex?"


Trish nodded.


Rick pondered this. He was no fool. He knew where this was leading, and everything that had happened led to one inescapable conclusion. But could he condone it? How could he not? The results, both Trish and Patty, were self-evidently wonderful. Still, it was tough bucking social conditioning.


"Practical teaching..." he almost choked with the next words, knowing he was crossing a line, "... I hope?"


Trish's face lit up with delight. "You approve? Oh Rick!" She threw her arms around him once again, delighted.


Rick's heart - and libido - leaped. He wanted to kiss her, and love her, and take her right here on the kitchen table. And then there was another pair of arms around him, another, smaller chest pressing against his bare back as Patty hugged him too.


After a few minutes, the girls calmed down, though both had huge grins. Trish returned to her chair, but Patty didn't - she climbed into her mother's lap. Trish's hands automatically began petting her daughter lovingly, the sight making Rick's already turgid member achingly hard under the towel, hidden by the table.


"So when she said 'my turn' earlier, she meant..."


Trish nodded. "If you're willing Rick. Tom and I had other lovers of course, and he encouraged me to experiment. So I've been with teen boys and young men." Her nose wrinkled. "I'll not have my daughter's first male/female experience be with one of those!" She said it with distaste. "She needs to learn from a good, gentle, compassionate, loving man." She grinned. "And I just happen to know one!"


Rick looked at Patty, sitting on her mother's lap, nearly naked, her nipples erect, her cheeks flushed, a look of real desire on her face, and knew that he'd have no trouble fulfilling her request - if she actually requested it.


"Patty, is this what you want? Look at me, not your mother."


"Y-yes Mr. Rick," she said, her face turning deep red.


"You know what we're talking about? I mean, even if you do know, you might not realize..."


"I seen it," she said matter-of-factly. "An' momma an me been practicing with fingers an toys an stuff. Momma said one of the things we wanna find is someone who's gonna worry about hurtin me, an you're askin, so I guess you're a good guy that cares, right?"


Rick struggled to the the images of those "practices" out of his mind, then decided 'fuck it'. "That's right honey. I'd like to be sure you won't be hurt. Would you mind showing me?"


Somehow Patty teleported from Trish's lap to his, where she hugged him so tight it almost hurt. "I just knew you was a good guy! I'll be right back!" and she was gone in a flash.


Rick looked at Trish, who had a whimsical grin on her face. "What?"


"She loves to be watched Rick. You couldn't have asked a better question."


"Whew," he said. "Something tells me I better invest in vitamins."


"Finish your juice and come with me" she grinned.


She led him to Patty's room, where they found the child already on the bed, stark naked, with a few dildos and vibrators at the ready. Pausing to peel her own panties off, Trish climbed up and sat cross-legged on the foot of the bed. As Rick followed suit, dropping his towel, he saw that her bare pussy was already shiny wet. As he sat cross-legged himself, his hard cock sticking lewdly up, he saw that Patty's tiny little pussy slit was also shiny between her spread legs. The sight brought a bead of precum boiling out the tip, but before he could catch it, Trish scooped it off with one finger.


Leaning forward, she offered it to the little girl. "Want a taste honey? You may or may not like it, and either way is fine. And you don't have to try it, now or ever, if you don't want to."


Patty giggled. "The way you were sucking it last night, I wanna try it too!" she said.


Rick hadn't thought about it, but in retrospect it was obvious that Patty would have been watching more closely than he'd thought - or hoped last night. Now he just hoped she'd enjoyed the show, and hoped she'd want to see more. The idea of fucking her mother while the little girl watched sent shivers down his spine. For a moment he worried that he might become a total perv - then he realized he always had been, he just hadn't known.


Patty opened her mouth, and her mother's wet finger slid in. The child sucked it, looking thoughtful as she tasted it. "It's not bad," she said after releasing her mother's finger. "Not like candy or nothin, but it's kay."


Rick's imagination was going wild with the possibilities. This ten year old girl had just tasted his precum - a thought struck him.


"It's not fair," he said, mock-pouting.


"What's not?" Patty and Trish both asked.


"You got to taste me, and I didn't get to taste you!" he complained, trying to sound sincerely hurt.


Trish laughed immediately, Patty following a moment later as she realized he was playing hurt, not really hurt. She looked at her mother, "Mom?"


"Fine with me if you want him to honey. I got plenty of that tongue last night. Trust me, you'll like it."


"Better than yours?" the girl asked grinning, and suddenly Rick wanted to see that. Trish licking her daughter's pussy? Yes please!


"I've never licked a child's pussy honey, maybe you better show me?" he asked.


"Bullshit," she laughed. "You ate me out plenty of times when I was her age. You just wanna see me do it!"


"Guilty," he laughed, then leaned in for a better look as Trish climbed up between her daughter's legs.


Patty sighed. She knew what this was going to feel like, and she loved it. At the first touch of Trish's cool tongue to her warm pussy she made a half-squeal, half-purr sound that sent a jolt to Rick's cock. He felt another bead, and scooped it up, offering it to the girl as she savored the feel of her mother's soft tongue, painting her cunny with long, gentle strokes. She opened her mouth to let the man's wet finger in, sucking on it, noting the larger, rougher finger as compared to her mother's. She licked it and sucked it like she had her mother's, and she wondered if Mr. Rick and her would tongue kiss sometime like mom and her did.


As his finger slid out, she was going to ask, but her mother's tongue was too good, and the little girl's climax hit her, driving her up the peak and down the other side in a smooth, lovely cascade. Her mother licked up the juices she made, then moved aside.


The man's tongue was different, as was his face. It was larger, and she could feel a light roughness against her thighs - just enough to feel good. And his tongue was - different too. Bigger around and the way he used it was different, pushing deep into her. It felt amazing. Her mom had licked her enough she knew what to expect, but this was different and surprising, and the surprise was nice. He also sucked harder on her, making her cunny tingle, as if he couldn't get enough of her juices, and the feelings made more juices come out. She could feel the wave building, a steeper curve than her mother's - sharper somehow. Different, but good. Then suddenly, before she was ready, he slipped his tongue out and rubbed her clit with it. The sudden change sent her surging over her climax in a rush so sudden it made her gasp and her legs clenched hard around his face, the roughness more pronounced, making everything seem even more intense.


When he finally relented, and she could relax, the down-slope of her climax was equally sharp, leaving her panting, and yet, he man continued to lick her and suck her, clearly thriving on her juices and making her feel good on several levels.


"Good God, Patty," Rick said, finally lifting his head, "your pussy is delicious! As yummy as your mom's!"


"Better," Trish said. "Not!" countered Patty, confirming Rick's assumption that the little girl enjoyed eating her mother out as well.


"All right honey," Trish said, taking command. "Rick's cock has been rock hard for a while now, and it will start to ache if it stays that way too long, so do your little demo so he can fuck you."


"Mom!" Patty said, her face pinking.


"Trish?" Rick started, but stopped at her look.


"Don't worry," Trish said practically. "This is just the first time. I don't expect, nor do I want you in there too long. Her first time should be fun, but not a marathon. Then if she likes it, you two can practice more later."


It hadn't occurred to Rick that this wouldn't be a one-time thing. The realization felt like load lifted from his shoulders. Yes, of course, of she liked it, they could do it again. Duh!


He leaned back, "Okay honey, prove to me you can take it without hurting yourself," he invited. He felt Trish take his hand and guide it to her own pussy. Apparently momma needed a little relief too. He couldn't blame her. The sight of a pretty little ten-year-old girl masturbating for them? He was worried he might cum without even touching himself!


Patty looked at his cock, then at the toys available. She picked on that was a little larger than his member. While Rick was no giant in that department, his eight-inch cock had never failed to please. But he was dubious about such a small girl being able to accommodate it. Still, she seemed sure of herself.


She proved she had a brain too, setting the larger one aside and choosing a smaller one. This one was about six inches, and she turned it on, rubbing it over her pussy. The outer lips were a beautiful pale pink, shiny with her juices. In moments the toy as shiny as well, and the tapered tip slipped easily down to breach her entrance.


The look on her face was incredibly erotic as it penetrated her - the mirror to her mother's face when he slid his cock into her. They really were birds of a feather! The little girl pushed it in deeper, rotated it around, pushed deeper, working the toy into herself, her face focused until it was buried it's full length within her. Then her face relaxed, and she began to move it a little bit in and out, round and round, and in a few minutes, gasped as she brought herself to a climax. Rick found his eyes were glued to her beautiful little filled cunny, but when she gasped, he looked up to her face - and found her eyes locked on his as she came. It was like her climax traveled through her body, out her eyes, down his spine, to charge his balls with it's power!


He managed not to cum yet, but only just, and he was certain that when he finally did, boy was there going to be a gush!


Patty's climax achieved, she quickly slid the smaller toy out, then faster than he would have done, she shoved the larger one into her relaxing cunny. It didn't look like it wanted to go in, but the girl knew what she was doing and after pushing harder, the thing slid almost the full length into her in one motion.


"Ohhh! God!" Patty cried out as another surge fired through her, juices squeezing past the plugged entrance to spray out onto the bed. Even that wasn't enough though - the little girl grabbed the toy and began pumping it in and out of her tiny, stretched out pussy hole, driving her from peak to peak, her juices making a lake on the bed.


Rick found his fingers being squeezed tightly as Trish climaxed on them, drenching his hand. "Oh God Rick! Isn't she a beautiful little slut? Fuck my little girl honey! She's ready!"


One glance at Patty for confirmation. "YES!" she shouted. "NOW!" He was between her wide-spread legs and as she withdrew the fake one, he filled her young pussy with his real one.


It was surreal. There's no way something that tight should let him in like that, and yet she did. Not just that, but her heels wrapped around him and she was pulling herself up onto his cock! He was buried fully inside the child! She was thrashing, the pulsing, warm, LIVE cock inside her giving her super-sensitive sheath completely new sensations - sensations beyond belief. She too was lost in the feelings coursing through her, like one long, drawn-out climax.


And then it happened. She felt it. His cock was pulsing inside her. Then her insides - way up deep inside - was being sprayed with his hot cum! He was filling her with cum! A man was cumming inside her! The ecstasy grew with each pulse, each jet, each thrust, until there was nought but the cock inside her. INSIDE HER!


Trish carefully placed a blanket over the cuddling pair then padded out of the room. They needed time alone together to share and grow closer. This was a lovely beginning, and she knew with all her heart that it was only the start. But there was work she still had to do. Rick hadn't said it - yet - but there was no doubt in her mind.


She had a wedding to plan.


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