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PEEKERS - Part 3

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Peekers

Part: Part 3

Summary: In Part 3, she's getting bolder. Much bolder. And he fights to keep cool about it.

Keywords: M, f, mast, voy, exhib, cum

Date: 04/10/2015

PEEKERS - Part 3

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Peekers

Part: Part 3

Summary: In Part 3, she's getting bolder. Much bolder. And he fights to keep cool about it.

Keywords: M, f, mast, voy, exhib, cum

Date: 04/10/2015

[Author's Note]


Apparently I wasn't the only one who'd been uncertain but hopeful. After my little peeker peeked the first time, it had been weeks, and I'd thought it a one-time thing. When it happened the second time, I'd been reassured that it wasn't just a one-time thing. I figured it'd be a few weeks before she dared again, but I guess I wasn't the only one who'd been encouraged, and emboldened by the second time.


Her third visit came only a few days later, and I wasn't even on FapChat this time, nor was it very late. I was actually just porn-surfing, and the sun had barely been down when I caught motion outside in the corner of my eye. I tried to look-without-looking, but to no avail. So I turned the camera on and looked in the screen she couldn't see. Nothing. Damn. Oh well, wishful thinking.


Then I spotted her. She was much closer this time, practically right outside the glass door! I cock lurched with excitement. She was getting bolder!


Now in all fairness, where she'd been before had been pretty far back, and there really wasn't anything between the far spot she'd been in before, and the much closer one. Still, I was surprised she'd opted for a front-row seat. Thinking about it a bit though, it made sense. Kids were kinda stupid, or I guess naive is the word. They haven't been hurt enough to learn caution. And they were impatient. Not like me. I was a grown man, with all the patience the years afforded - which was why I waited nearly a whole minute before pulling my cock out into the open air, exposing myself before the little girl, and relieving the pressure as it tried to rip through my pants. Like I said, patience - that's me!


I didn't even bother dialing up FapChat this time, instead just clicking on a random porn clip so I'd have something to pretend to be looking at while I stroked off for my little audience. My cock was achingly hard knowing she was less than twenty feet away, let me tell you! I could have cum in a minute, but I wanted to make the show worthwhile.


On inspiration, I turned further away from the glass door to give her the impression of added safety. I wouldn't be able to see anything out the corner of my eye from the new angle, though I could still see clearly in the monitor. Reaching for the lotion, I coated my cock with it to give my gliding hand a smooth, slippery surface while I stroked. I alternated my attention between the video, which was some bimbo doing herself with a dildo. It wasn't really very good, so I took the time to do a couple of searches, and in a couple of minutes, was rewarded with a petite teen blonde doing a mutual jackoff scene with a much older man. Nothing suggestive there! I put it on the screen my friend would see clearly - not that I was hinting or anything. I continued to stroke my cock, keeping it clearly visible to her as I alternated my attention between the door and the now-much-more-appropriate video.


It wasn't long before the neighbor-girl moved a bit to get a better look, and I got a better look at her. She appeared to be younger than I'd thought, and I'll probably go to hell for the fact that it only turned me on more. Now that I could see her face, I saw that she was very pretty - or maybe "cute" would be the better word, though both were true. I couldn't make out her body through the hooded sweats she was wearing, but what I could make out was that her cheeks were flushed, and she had a glazed look to her face as she stared right at my cock as I stroked it!


If you've ever had someone watch you while you stroke, you'll understand how exciting that is. But having a little girl watch you - sneaking to watch you, was far more arousing than I'd ever thought - and now that I could see her face, it somehow made it so much more "real" for me. I had to slow, and slow again, barely touching my twitching cock lest I fire off too soon.


It was totally worth it though! I'd been showing off for her for about ten minutes, and was seriously considering firing off, sure I could keep it hard and go again, when I noticed some motion. My little friend had slipped her hand down into her sweatpants, and I could see movement down there. The little girl was playing with herself while watching me stroke my cock!


There was no warning. Suddenly my cock just erupted, spraying cum up and out in streams of hot cum that landed all over me, all over my pants, all over the desk, and the floor. It took me so by surprise that I didn't even think about stifling my groan of pleasure or aiming it anywhere - but my eyes were glued to the movement between my friend's thighs, which seemed much more rapid as I came - making it even hotter!


I continued to stroke my cock for her, using my cum as additional lubricant, and as I'd half-expected, I didn't wilt a bit. My cock was positively turgid, and would likely remain so as long as I watched my little friend playing with herself. In my mind's eye I could see her little fingers rubbing her bare little cunny, and it may have been the shadows, but I would almost swear I saw a dark patch in the fabric of her sweat pants, where I fervently hoped her pussy juices were soaking. What I wouldn't give to get my hands on those pants!


In those cases where I go end-on-end without a break, my second climax is always at least fifteen minutes away. I could possibly shorten it to ten, as horny as I was from watching a little girl play with herself. But that's a long time to a little girl squatting uncomfortably outside in the dark, and I wanted to give her a great show so she'd be back again soon, as well as reward her for her boldness in coming closer. What I really wanted was to invite her in for a soda and let her sit in comfort while we both diddled, but of course that wasn't going to happen.


After a bit of thought, I took a towel, and carefully wiped off the lotion and foamed-up cum from my cock. I saw her hand motions slow, and unless I imagined it, a look of disappointment crossed her face. But her smile returned when I reached for the baby oil.


Like I've said, baby oil is awesome stuff. It makes one's cock look wet and shiny, and brings out the colors. Tonight my cock was darker and redder than usual, having cum so hard only minutes ago, and as I slid my oily hand over him, greasing him up, he looked amazing. So amazing in fact, that it gave me an idea. Wiping off one hand, I moved slowly and deliberately as I picked up my phone and took several pictures of my cock with it. I could see my friend grinning with amusement, and perhaps approval, and I wondered if she ever took selfies while masturbating. What I wouldn't give for one of those!


The thought of having some pics of her spreading herself in all her glory for my view made my cock twitch and spew up a rivulet of precum. Is it still pre-cum if it's after you've cum once already? It didn't matter, it made my hand slicker and my cock wetter as I rubbed it over my shaft and head.


Looking on my screen, I saw that my friend was getting into it now. She had one hand going crazy in her pants, while the other one was against the doorframe to keep her from falling over while she squatted, masturbating on my doorstep. And yes, that was a wet spot. I zoomed in and made sure. Only it wasn't a spot, it was a huge patch. It looked like she'd spilled a cup of coffee in her lap - a full cup! I had no idea girls so young made so much juice, and my mouth watered at the thought of cleaning her up with my tongue.


I hadn't realized it, but my hand was moving up and down my shaft faster as I watched her. Her mouth was open, and I was sure I could hear panting through the door. Her eyes were locked on my cock, and she had that look on her face of concentration that women get when they're getting close to cumming and want to make it count.


I increased my tempo, wanting to shoot off just before she peaked. I had it in my mind that watching me cum would add to her pleasure, and I really wanted to pleasure her. I mean, I really wanted her to have pleasure. We both focused, and even though I knew she didn't know I was watching her, I felt connected to her somehow, as if we were working together toward a mutual goal - that of orgasmic bliss.


I thought I saw something, and my balls ached, trying to fire off in a sudden increase in arousal, but I fought it back. I wanted to see if I was right. With trembling fingers, I zoomed in the camera, directing it between her legs. I was right. There were actual drops on the ground beneath her. Fuck! She was so wet she was dripping? Dripping so much it soaked through her sweat pants? Suddenly I couldn't wait for her to leave. I wanted to get out there and smell her pussy juices. Hell, if the floor was clean, I'd have licked them up once she left, and in my mind, I did that.


My hand was stroking fast again, as was hers. She was leaning forward, straining, reaching for her climax, and getting close. My hand was a blur on my cock, moving so fast it sent droplets of baby oil flying, getting some on the screen even, but I didn't care. I had to cum for my little girl friend. I had to show her how horny she made me - it didn't matter that she didn't know I was watching her, I felt the connection, and was sure she did too. Our movements were in sync as we approached our mutual oblivion.


It was here. I was launching. I wanted to share it with her, and without thinking, I shouted out in my joy, "Her it comes baby girl! I'm cumming... cumming... cumming for you! Oh God, you're so sexy and cute, you're making me erupt! OH FUCK HERE IT COMES!!!" My cum shot out in hot jets, my deep-red cock acting like a mortar, firing volley after volley into the air. I didn't care, I didn't aim, I only watched as my girl-friend gasped and came too. She tried hard to keep it quiet, but I heard her, I'm sure of it, and the droplets falling from her crotch turned momentarily to a trickle, as a leaky faucet. I moaned out my pleasure at the sight. "Oh yeah honey, God it's so sexy when you cum like that! So fucking wet and good! What a great pussy you have that makes so much juice! It makes me cum so good when you cum so good too!" I know she didn't know I was talking to her, but I hoped the words would matter to her in some way, with that connection we sheared as we climaxed together. I like to think that if I'd have turned around and looked at her just then... but there was no way I was going to risk scaring her off!


As my climax ebbed, with me slowing my strokes and squeezing out every drop of cum to rub it over my cock and chest, I watched as she nearly toppled, righted herself, and squatted there, panting hard, the drops still falling from between her legs. There was a mini-puddle there now, and I prayed she wouldn't try to clean it up before she left. Obviously I wasn't going to lick it up off the ground outside, but I damned sure did want to savor her scent!


We both sat for a while, recovering from our mutual climax, and I know it's stupid, but I really felt close to her then. Yeah, just the post-coital emotional surge, even without actual coitus. I understand. But it sure felt real to me.


I was laying back in the chair, ignoring the porn, watching my little friend. Her body was trembling, her legs shaking as she fought her way to standing. She seemed to have forgotten that she was supposed to be hiding, but then why would she hide with my back to her. It touched my heart though, when she leaned forward and kissed the glass door before slipping into the darker shadows.


I gave it a few minutes, during which time I wiped up the better part of the mess before I eased the door open. I listened closely. When I was convinced she was gone, I knelt down and touched the wet spot on the ground. It was still warm - it must have been steaming hot when she came. I rubbed my fingers together, feeling the slick consistency of her pussy juices, then raised my fingers to my nose. She had a positively heavenly scent. Horny girl, but clean and good. There's nothing quite as lovely as fresh pussy juice, and it took an effort of will not to lick my fingers. Hell, I was half tempted to rub my cock in the puddle, just to be closer to her somehow! But who wants mud on their cock? And anything wet mixed with dust and dirt, even something as wonderful as the juices of a little girl's climax, still results in mud. It was such a waste though!


I returned to my computer, and mused. My cock was completely out of commission for a while, of course, and yet part of me still wanted more. My little friend had just left, and already I wanted her back. I hoped I wasn't becoming fixated - the last thing a sweet, wonderful girl like that needed was some old fart stalking her! But I knew me, that wasn't going to happen. Still, I felt her absence.


I was watching a movie about an hour and later, but it wasn't a very good movie. Or maybe I was just bummed. As is often the case when I'm not engaged in a movie, I left it running while I checked my email on my phone. It was the typical fare. Ads for boner pills, some work, spam "girls" who "haven't heard from me lately". I'm in that demographic where they assume that since I'm older and unmarried, I must be desperate for female companionship. I shrugged and was about to dump them when one caught my eye. Someone by the name of "Peeker". Probably another spam. One of the things about frequenting sites like FapChat is that you end up with spam targeted to voyeurs.


What caught my eye though, was that the Subject wasn't suggestive or leading. It just said, "Fair's Fair". To my surprise though, there was no attachment. Usually there's an attachment, often disguised to seem like a picture or video or whatever. Not this one. This one had a link in it. Again, not unusual - except that I recognized the domain right away. It was to CryptoFile - a secure file-sharing site where you could encrypt a file and send it securely. Their anti-virus was top-notch, so it probably wasn't anything infectious. I clicked the link.


After a second's download, a document opened. It was a note that simply said, "I owe you this." Below that was a selfie. A close-up selfie. So close up you couldn't see her face, or body, or anything in the room beyond. There wasn't even anything to make one certain it wasn't an older, well-groomed woman. But there was no doubt in my mind. It was a close-up selfie-pic of my little peeker's pussy, in all her shiny-wet glory, deep pink with the flush of recent rubbing. I didn't wonder how she'd gotten my email address - it was on the back window of my car as an ad for my services.


Her pussy was small, tight with those puffy outer lips of youth, barely parted and just a peek of her pink inner lips showing. It could have been taken a week, or a month ago for all I knew, but in my mind, it was as her pussy had been when she left - wet and sated. And it was exquisite - simply gorgeous.


My cock, having cum twice earlier that evening, nevertheless stirred restlessly. I told it to go back to sleep. This wasn't for beating off to - not right now anyway. This was art, pure and simple. Her pussy was just plain beautiful. I gazed longingly at it for a long while, savoring the sweet curves, the shiny sheen. I wanted to kiss her, to rub my face against her, to slip my tongue in her and sip her nectar.


More, I wanted to thank her. I couldn't explain how I knew, but I was sure she didn't usually do this sort of thing; though the sophistication of her methodology was more than I would have expected. Still, I didn't know her. Maybe she was as much a computer geek as I. What I was sure of though, was that she didn't owe me anything. If anything, I owed her, and it only took a moment for me to figure out how to pay her back. I uploaded the pics I'd taken earlier, picked the best one, and prepared a document. What to say? Thank her? Praise her? No. Reassure her. She'd taken a risk - another risk - and was probably nervous, though I suspected she was aroused too. Danger. It was a great aphrodisiac.


"Dear anonymous," I wrote, "I don't know who you are, but I have to say, that is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen. Thank you so very much for sending it, and feel free to send as many more as you're comfortable with. I will treasure each and every one, and if you don't mind, I will also enjoy getting off to them. You are divine!" He read it over. He wanted to say so much more, but he didn't want to come across as TOO eager. Right now she felt save in her supposed anonymity, so he had to keep up the facade and just praise her for the pic, pretending not to know anything else. But he'd be sure it was prominently displayed on his monitor the next time he caught her peeking - and somehow, he was sure she'd be back for more. He could hardly wait!


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