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Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: After Mom's Date

Part: Part 1

Summary: Mom comes home with her date and gets carried away with him and her son.

Keywords: MFb(12) - Incest, Oral, 3Some, Straight

Date: 09/02/2017

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[A slutty mother brings home her date and they get into it in front of her son... etc. Something of a departure from my usual stuff.]

The keys in the lock shocked Tom back to reality. He didn't have time for anything subtle, so he pushed the switch on the surge protector, killing the computer and monitor, then dove for his room. If mom caught him on her computer, he'd be dead.

The door creaking. More key jangling. The sound of a man's voice. Tom lay panting under his covers, listening to sounds that indicated he'd been busted. Since he'd turned twelve, his mother had started letting him stay home with a sitter when she went out. He didn't want to lose that privilege - it was the only time he could really enjoy beating off, with porn, lotion, and lots of time to edge.

That's what he'd been doing tonight - edging. He'd only recently learned about that. The art of playing with himself, masturbating, stopping, doing some more, stopping again, keeping himself erect but not quite cumming. It was awesome, but the pay-off was that when he finally let himself cum, it was far more satisfying of a climax - and the loads were unbelievable.

He glanced at the clock and realized he'd been at it for almost three hours. No wonder his cock ached! He'd been so into it he'd lost track of time, and mom had brought her date home expecting her son to be sound asleep so she could get laid. He knew all about that of course - the design of the apartment had his room directly across the hall from his, and the doors weren't all that great at blocking sound. He'd heard his mom and whoever she brought home fucking often enough - she wasn't exactly quiet anyway. In fact, before he'd figured out how to circumvent the porn blocks on the computer, the sound effects of sex and his imagination had been most of his masturbation fodder.

At twelve, he could certainly understand what the guys saw in her. She might be thirty, but she could pass for twenty easily, with her bright blue eyes, light gold hair that cascaded in ringlets nearly down to her exceptional ass. Her elfin frame nevertheless supported an exceptional rack that seemed to defy gravity even when she went braless - which was often. Not only was his mother hot, but she had gained something of a reputation in this small town as a flirt and a tease and a relatively easy lay. It made sense to Tom. Judging by the sounds that came from her room at least three nights a week, she enjoyed sex very, very much.

He heard them coming down the hallway, her giggling and him mumbling lewd comments, probably fondling her en route to the bedroom, Tom figured. He continued to lightly caress his still-hard cock, anticipating some good fucking going on across the hall in a few minutes.

He closed his eyes as he heard the doorknob to his room twist, feigning sleep. He'd taken pains to make his mother believe he was a deep sleeper ever since he first started getting interested in women. When he was eight and they'd still been in the one-bedroom apartment, she'd had to get dressed in the adjoining bathroom, and he'd gotten a few glimpses of her body, so he'd developed the idea of pretending to be deeply asleep. It'd only paid off a few times in glimpses of her, but it'd paid off in other ways too.

The door creaked open, and he could sense the light from the hallway spilling in as she peeked in at him, making sure he was there, and well, and sleeping. He heard it creak again as she started to close it, then a squeak and a giggle.

"Stop it Randy," she whispered.

"Fuck that," the guy growled. "I want some of this fine pussy, right now. And by the feel of your soaking panties, you want it too, ya little slut!"

The first time Tom had heard someone talk to his mom that way, he'd been deeply troubled. But he'd learned since that she actually liked that sort of thing - it turned her on. And so it turned Tom on too. He slitted one eye open, and could make out the two of them in the hallway through the door which was only partly ajar. Muffled sounds came to him as they kissed - passionately - with Randy pressing her against the wall. He couldn't really make it out, but he thought his hand was under her skirt, between her thighs.

He could hardly contain himself as their making-out grew more passionate, and one of them bumped the door, causing it to open further. Thankfully it didn't squeak this time. The angle wasn't the best, but he could make out that as they were kissing, Randy was pushing her up against the wall, grinding his crotch against hers while pulling her dress off her shoulders, exposing her braless breasts. He really wished he could get a better look at them!

"You like that, don't you little slut?" he panted, breaking the kiss while his hands mauled her tits. "You want my fat cock inside you, don't ya Gloria?"

"Randy!" his mom half-giggled. She too seemed out of breath. "My son!"

"You said he could sleep through a train wreck while he was in the train," Randy said reasonably. "And I know you like dangerous sex. What you did in the restaurant under the table was just fucking amazing - and with the waiter right there! Do don't tell me you wouldn't totally get off with us fucking right here where you could get busted so easy!" His voice lowered dangerously. "Now get on your knees you little cunt, and suck my cock like the whore you are, or I'll wake the kid up. Now!" The last work was said with such force that it certainly would have woken a lighter sleeper.

She glanced toward her son, who'd shut his eyes even though the light from the doorway was too little for her to see in the room anyway. "Fine!" she whispered. "One quick one here before we go to bed, but do keep it down!"

The man chuckled, and Tom saw his mother lowering herself to her knees while Randy unzipped his fly. He was facing 3/4 away from Tom, so the boy didn't get to see his cock as he pulled it out - or maybe his mom did. Nor did he actually see her suck his cock into her mouth, other than in his imagination. But he did see enough to know that's exactly what happened, and his ears confirmed it as they caught the sounds of his mother sucking the guy's tool.

He'd never got to actually hear this before - the sucking sounds were too quiet to travel through two closed doors. But with his door open and them only a dozen or so feet away, he could hear it all and his cock surged with excitement. He was wishing he'd popped off earlier now instead of edging, because he was getting so turned on he worried he might pop off in his sheets.

He hoped... willed... even prayed that they'd turn so that he could actually see his mom sucking dick, and after a few minutes his wish was granted. Randy leaned against the doorframe - apparently needing some additional support as his mom sucked the guy's tool. He reached down and stroked her hair, then took a bunch in hand, using it as a handle to move his mom's head back and forth as he literally fucked her mouth. This put his mother slightly off-balance and she moved into clearer view to keep from falling over, accidentally nudging the door further open in the process.

Luckily the two of them were too deeply involved in giving head and receiving head to notice that they were now in plain view to the boy in the shadows. Tom was beside himself with excitement of course. While he'd seen this sort of thing plenty of times on the internet, it was quite a bit different when it was his own mother. And it was quite a bit different when it was happening practically in front of his face - give or take a dozen feet.

He could feel his dick leaking, but he didn't care. He'd take care of sheet-mess in the morning somehow. He could barely even touch his cock now for fear of it shooting off. It was so hard it was practically vibrating! And the sounds Randy was making as his mother sucked him told Tom of the pleasure he was receiving. He wondered what that must feel like. Then he noticed his mother was also making sounds of pleasure, and that led him to notice that while she was sucking Randy's cock, her own hand was busy between her legs - not only was Tom getting to see his mom suck dick, but he was watching her masturbate too!

"Oh yeah, you little whore," Randy growled low. Tom had heard that sort of voice before, and suspected the man was about to cum. His mom whimpered, her hand moving faster, her hair flying as she and Randy both moved her head faster along the length of his cock. Drool dripped down her chin onto the floor, but she didn't care - she seemed to be totally into sucking dick!

Tom hadn't noticed that he'd been gradually sliding closer until he nearly slid off the edge of the bed. He lay on his side, watching the porn show before him, his fingers lightly tracing his turgid member which was aching to loose it's load onto the only sheet keeping him from being exposed to the couple. He thought about moving the sheet aside so he wouldn't get cum on it, rightfully figuring they were too busy to notice, and he would have, but that would have meant his cum would spray out all over the carpet - and that would be a lot harder to clean up without getting busted!

"Oh yeah, little cunt!" Randy exclaimed as he peaked. "Gonna cum baby, gonna cum in your hot little mouth! Cum with me you little slut, you know you're close, you know you wanna cum while I spray it in your mouth! Do it your fucking whore!" Words became too difficult then, and the man just made strangling sounds as he erupted into the woman's eager mouth. The sucking and gurgling sounds grew in intensity, as did the woman's arm movements, and then her whole body was shaking and Tom realized his mom was cumming while sucking Randy's cock!

Randy's climax lasted for a long time, his hand holding her face firmly against his crotch as he emptied his balls down her throat. Tom couldn't take any more, and wrapped his hand around his cock, about to stroke the few strokes required for him to achieve his own climax, when he realized that Randy was looking directly at him!

He froze, unsure. Maybe the guy was just looking this way. In the dim light with dark shadows, it was impossible to tell for sure. His cock was dripping, but the fear of getting caught pushed back his climax.

Finally he was finished and he drew his mother's head off his cock, letting it flop wetly out. He looked down at her, still holding her head by her hear. "That was really something sugar-mouth! You suck dick like a real pro! C'mon, I got a special treat for you now!"

Before the woman could react, he turned and dragged her on her hands and knees into Tom's room, right up to the edge of the boy's bed. As soon as he moved that direction, Tom closed his eyes, trying hard to pretend he was sleeping, but it was useless. Randy whipped the sheet out of the way and before Tom could do anything, the man shoved his mother's face in the boy's crotch.

Tom was too stunned to do anything, but that was nothing to his next shock. Instead of fighting, his mother eagerly took Tom's cock into her mouth and began sucking! His eyes flew open in shock, then down to see his mother's face pressing against his crotch as she sucked him to the root. He could feel her tongue twirling around his cock. He could feel the suction making his cock feel like it was going to explode. The warmth, the wetness, the complete, shockingly erotic sensations had him forgetting his shock and giving in to the pleasure in a moment. And a moment later, he erupted, disgorging his full evening-of-edging super-load into her eager mouth.

His mom sucked and gulped and sucked and gulped, never losing a stroke, apparently completely happy with a cock in her mouth even if that cock was her son's. He could see the pleasure on her face - a blissful look, but then a tension and she sucked harder, as if trying to suck his balls through his penis. He noticed she was shaking, and looking away from her face, saw that once again her hand was between her thighs. She was masturbating while sucking him - and cumming again while he filled her mouth with his seed!

The sight, the realization, the feelings prevented Tom's cock from even beginning to deflate after she'd sucked out the last drops, and when her own climax ebbed, her desperate sucking became something else entirely. Feeling a hard cock in her mouth, she naturally began to give him head. Her lips and tongue caressed his penis and balls, displaying her skills.

Tom was enjoying it very much, putting aside the shock for later. It just felt too good to let anything as mundane as propriety interrupt the pleasure.

But Randy interrupted finally. "She sure does suck cock good, doesn't she boy?" he asked, and Tom was suddenly aware of the man standing there watching. He had no idea how he could have forgotten the guy was there, but now he was reminded and embarrassment fought to try and interrupt his pleasure. "Woah buddy," Randy said, seeing the boy's distress. "I wouldn't advise interrupting her. Your momma's quite the little cock-hound, and might get feisty if you try to take away her treat! My advice is that you just enjoy it. You gonna cum again right away, or gonna give her some time to enjoy it?"

"I... I guess..." Tom's head was swimming. Was he really talking to his mother's date about getting head from her while his own mother was sucking his cock - while the cum from his last load was still on her lips? He struggled to pull himself together. The man was right - it did feel amazing, and his mother was really enjoying it. Even aside from her diddling herself, it was obvious that the woman enjoyed a cock in her mouth more than anything. He shrugged, taking a breath. "I guess it'll be a little bit." He felt his cheeks redden again as he finished his statement. "That last one really took it out of me."

Randy chuckled, and it was such a friendly sound that Tom knew it was going to be okay after all. "More like she took it out of you. She sucks pretty hard at the end, don't she?"

"Boy howdy!" Tom exclaimed, then gave an embarrassed giggle as he realized he was talking about his mother's cocksucking skills with her date. Then he frowned at his giggle. Men don't giggle, he told himself sternly. But he was giddy, having just had an amazing orgasm, followed by the best head he could imagine.

Randy seemed to understand. "Don't fret it kid. Your mom and I have done threesomes before. I know it's your first time - or rather, I assume it is." He gave Tom a conspiratorial wink. "Don't worry, if you've been fucking all over town, I won't tell your mom." After they both shared a laugh, he went on. "Anyway, it's pretty fucking sexy watching her suck her own son's cock. See? I just got off, and already my cock's ready again!"

Tom glanced, and sure enough, the man's ridiculously large cock (or so it seemed to him) was rock-hard. He looked up at the guy, uncertainly. Why was the man telling him that? He hoped it wasn't because...

"Easy kid," Randy interrupted his thought. "Whatever it is that you're freaking out over now, ease off. You don't gotta do nothing you don't want to. I assume you want your mom to continue?"

Tom glanced down, and saw that his mom had released him. He must have made some sort of sound or signal of distress, as she was looking at him worriedly. "It's true son," she said gently. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to. I'll stop if you want, and never do it again if that's what you want."

"Heck not!" Tom said, the words blurting out desperately. Randy and his mom laughed, and he felt his cheeks flush again. "I mean... uh... I like it...?"

"Good enough," Randy said, gently smacking Gloria on the back of the head. She turned to glare at him briefly, then turned back to sucking her son's penis with obvious joy.

"Sorry for freaking," Tom offered uncertain why he felt it necessary to explain. But he felt it was, so the tried. "I thought you might... uh..." he trailed off, his cheeks a deeper pink.

Randy's brow furrowed, then he burst out laughing as he figured it out. "What, you thought I maybe wanted to fuck you? To suck your dick? To force you to suck mine? C'mon kid, this isn't a porn movie!" He looked down at the woman kneeling beside her son's bed, sucking his cock, her hand between her thighs, and shrugged. "Okay, well it might look like a porn movie, but it's not. No script. We do what we want, don't do what we don't want.

"But what I was going to actually getting at was that I want to fuck her. That's all. Trust me, if you think her mouth's good, wait till you dip your wick in her box!" He saw the look of shock on Tom's face and backpedaled. "Or not. You don't have to fuck her of course! But if you don't mind, I'd sure like to. You good with me banging her while she's sucking you? Again, it's cool to say no. I can wait till she's done if you prefer."

The idea of this guy fucking his mother - while she was sucking his cock - was almost too much to believe. He'd imagined her being fucked hundreds of times - and masturbated over the imaginary images. To actually see it? "You bet!" he said, finishing the thought aloud.

"Excellent!" Randy said. "Tell you what, let's do a little adjusting then. Roll over onto your back so she can keep working on you while laying half-on the bed, giving me a good target from behind, cool?"

It was, and in a few moments, they'd made the adjustments. Additionally, Randy peeled off his and Gloria's remaining clothes so that everyone was naked. Tom got a full-but-brief look at his mother's naked form, and found it was every bit as sexy as his best imaginings, and even Randy's body was sexy in this situation. He'd seen enough porn stars with giant, droopy cocks that Randy's smaller, seven-incher, which was so hard it actually stuck out and up at about 45-degrees, looked kinda sexy. His own erection tended to stick up at an even steeper angle.

Gloria rested on the bed, her breasts dangling as she bent over her son's cock, with one pillow tucked under her tummy so she didn't have to support her full weight while she worked. She'd initially put the pillow under her breasts, but Randy pulled it back so that Tom could fondle them as they dangled - for which both mother and son were thankful.

Kneeling behind the woman, Randy rubbed her firm ass, squeezing the cheeks, spreading them and running his fingers along the crack of her ass, over her asshole, along her taint, and along her drooling pussy crease. Tom wished he could watch it all, but of course he'd have to remove his penis from his mother's mouth to accomplish that, and he wasn't willing to do that!

Randy described it - and what he was doing - for the boy's benefit. "Her ass is so beautiful. Seriously kid, your mom's got a great ass. Firm and full without being too big. See the way her back arches as I run my fingers down the crack and over her asshole? She likes that all right, don't ya babe?" Gloria nodded, and Randy continued. "Her asshole is really cute. I wonder if it's ever had a cock in it. What about it Gloria? You like anal sex?" Gloria shrugged and nodded, indicating she liked it some.

"Well that's not what I'm after now," he said, sliding his fingers lower. "But it's good to know. Tom, you may want to give her your dick back here. Lots of girls like anal better with guys who have smaller cocks. Not that yours is small for your age, but y'know it'd fit in her ass easier than my dick would."

Tom wasn't sure how to react to that. Fuck his mother's ass? It had never occurred to him. But if she wanted to...

"Now that is one wet pussy!" Randy interrupted his thoughts. "Damn! No warm-up needed here!" He did something behind her. "Ah yeah, her cunt's on fire! I'm putting the tip to her now... God damn kid, you have got to try out this pussy!" He winked at Tom's slightly shocked look. Apparently the kid thought he was only going to get head from his mom.

"Okay... easing inside now... ahhh... yesss..." Randy made sounds of pleasure as he slowly, deliberately sank into the woman's warm pussy. He didn't want to interfere with her son's blowjob, so he moved carefully until he was fully embedded in the woman. "Whew!" he said finally, looking at Tom. "This is the pussy you came out of kid. You must have been very happy in there!" He grinned to show the boy he was pulling his leg, and the kid grinned back.

Taking a firm grip on the woman's hips, Randy began to slide his cock out, then back in, then back out, slowly building a steady rhythm so she could match her oral ministrations to the tempo. In a few minutes, they were moving as a unit, and Gloria was nearing another climax. Having one in the mouth and one in her pussy always got her off quickly. As the woman climaxed on his cock, Randy added a few stinging smacks to her behind, giving her climax a little added zest.

As she eased down from her shivering climax, Tom spoke up, his own voice shaky. Being new to this, he was already ready to launch again, even after having spent hours edging and then getting off. Had he not, he knew there would have been no way he could have held on as long as he had. But he had his limits.

"Mom - I'm gonna cum soon," he warned, having the understanding that it was protocol. Of course, the big part of that was so that girls who didn't want cum in their mouths could finish with some alternate method. But it was clear to everyone that Gloria relished cum, and would drink every drop she could get.

"Can you hold off a bit longer son?" Randy said. "I'm feeling pretty damn good, and can get there pretty quick - and I think your mom would love it if we both filled her from opposite ends at the same time." He directed his voice to Gloria. "Ain't that right you little cock-sucking cum-slut? You want me and your son to spurt in ya at the same time?"

Somehow Gloria managed to nod and giggle at the same time, while never letting Tom's cock from her mouth. She did however ease off a bit on her oral work, giving Tom a chance of holding out a bit longer.

"I - I think so," Tom said, adding quickly, "If it's not too long. She really knows how to suck cock!" It was his first stab at dirty-talk aimed at his mother, and he glanced down to see how she took it. She showed further skill in being able to actually smile with a cock in her mouth, and her eyes danced, so he knew it was fine.

"Okay, okay," Randy said. "I'll try to speed things up. The ride's gonna get a little bumpy though," he added. Taking a firmer grip on her ass - in fact, digging his fingers into her flesh, he quickly increased the force and speed of his thrusts, and soon he was banging her with a full-force rhythm, his thighs smacking against her ass with each thrust, mashing the fronts of her thighs against the side of the bed.

Oh yeah, oh yeah. That's the stuff you little slut! Damn your cunt's hot and wet!" Randy panted. "Gonna make my balls boil over soon! Gonna fill your hot little cunt with my cum! While Tom here fills your belly - ain't that right boy?"

"Uh, yeah," Tom said uncertainly. "Uh... gonna cum in your mouth mom. Gonna shoot in your mouth. Gonna spray my cum in your mouth." Not being practiced at "dirty talk", he was a little redundant, but it was the thought that counted - the thought being that her son was going to cum in her mouth. And that thought drove Gloria wild with excitement. She'd already cum several times, but she could feel a big one coming, and was trying to time it to when the boys fired off. She slid a hand down beneath her so she could trip her trigger when the time was right.

The adults having better control, it was Tom who fired off first. One moment he was holding on fine, and the next his cum was shooting up and out of his cock. It felt amazing, but everything he knew from porn and from listening to his mother told him he should shout something. He wasn't sure what though, so he just shouted the first thing on his mind.

"I'm cumming in your mouth mom!" he yelled. It felt good, yelling it, like it was another pleasure, another sharing with his mom. "Cumming in your mouth mom!" he yelled again, as another bolt of pleasure tore through him. "In your mouth mommy! In your mouth!" he went on, digressing from "mom" to "mommy" without even knowing it as the pleasure rent his sensibilities. The yells turned to mumbles as his balls emptied their last into her eager, cum-thirsty mouth, gulping down her son's nectar.

It was beyond beautiful, Gloria thought. Her boy's cock was so delish, his cum so hot and good. And so much of it that first time! She let her fingers dance over her clit as the boy sprayed into her mouth, rubbing faster and harder as her heard his exclamations, her whole body shaking with her love and pleasure at being called "mommy" - he hadn't called her "mommy" in two years! Her own climax hit - and kept on hitting with ever full-length thrust of that beautiful cock inside her. She felt it erupt, spraying her insides with hot, wet cum and her eyes rolled back in hear head as she savored the feel of hot cum in her mouth and hot cum in her pussy, the hammering continuing as her torrential orgasm tore her apart.

Randy grinned as he watched the young boy shooting his cum in Gloria's mouth. The first time it had been dark and sudden, and he hadn't got to really see the boy cumming. Now, with the lights on and everything out in the open, he got to experience the full glory of a twelve-year-old boy shooting his cum into his mother's mouth. He too noted the digression from "mom" to "mommy" and thought it was cute, just as the way the kid tried to do "dirty talk" but didn't have much repertoire to work with. He had no doubt that with a mom like Gloria, the kid would develop that skill quickly enough! He couldn't see Gloria's face of course, but he felt her body - and her pussy - spasming in climax, and knew how intense it was for her, so he kept pumping her pussy until she was completely spent. Fortunately he didn't deflate too early, and she got the full ride before he had to stop. Good thing too, because this was his second shot of the night, and he wasn't a teenager anymore!

Eventually everyone managed to fight their way back to Planet Earth.

Struggling to her feet, Gloria tucked her son in and kissed him on the forehead, obviously putting him to bed.

"Really Gloria?" Randy asked.

"What?" she said, then noticed the look on Tom's face. Then her cheeks flushed. "I'm sorry honey," she said, sitting down on the side of the bed. "I guess my mind's still a little frazzled." She looked at Randy. "You really can fuck, you know that?" She turned back to her son. "Okay, it's your call. You can sleep here if you'd like some time alone, or you can join Rand and me in my bedroom. Either way is fine with me."

Tom thought about it for a moment. "Will we..."

"Not me kid," Randy said. "At least, probably not for a couple hours at least. But hey, if you two wanna go at it, I'll be happy to enjoy the show! I know Gloria enjoys an audience..."

Gloria giggled, smacking the man. "I bet we could make it an hour if we wanted." Then seriously, she turned back to Tom. "Up to you son. Us girls are lucky, we can go over and over all night long." She brushed the hair from his eyes lovingly. "But we don't have to. We can just cuddle if you prefer. Or both. Or neither.

"I think... I'd like to go to bed with you mom," Tom said.


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