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Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Ellen's Fantasies Fulfilled

Part: Part 1

Summary: Ellen had this fantasy thing. Turns out, so did Billy!

Keywords: Fb, Ageplay, Inc, M/S, Straight

Date: 10/02/2017

[Author's Note]


"S'cuse me mom," Billy said as he walked in on her, brushing her lightly as he opened the medicine cabinet.

Ellen felt a shiver run through her, and immediately felt ashamed. It was a normal reaction though. Her skin was always super-sensitive just after she got out of the shower, still red from the heat of the water. And it wasn't like he'd done it on purpose. As a single mother of a twelve-year-old boy, money was always very tight, and the two-bedroom one-bath apartment was all she could afford for them at the moment. Consequently, during the morning rush, it was common for them to cross paths in there.

So it was completely normal, thought highly inappropriate for her body to react to the brush of his bare skin on hers, just as it was completely normal for her to feel ashamed at the sudden surge of arousal that shot through her at the innocent brush. After all, it'd been so long since she'd had a man.

What wasn't normal was the way he stopped suddenly, catching her eye in the mirror. Their eyes locked, and he froze behind her. The redness in her skin from the hot water was suddenly enhanced by a flush of excitement. He was so close, and they were both nearly naked, with her in a large towel and him in just his boxers. She stayed still, afraid that if she did or said anything...

"God you're beautiful mom," Billy said suddenly behind her left ear, and she felt a shudder run through her. At twelve, he was already nearly as tall as she, and his bright blue eyes were exactly those of his father - the one-night stand that had been the single most passionate and exciting night of her life. The wetness between her thighs was more than shower water, and she could feel herself trembling. She fought for control, but a part of her already knew it was too late as she saw the look in her son's eyes. It was the same look her father had had when he'd taken her. Was it genetic?

Apparently it was at least instinctive, because Billy somehow read in her face what she wanted, and gave it to her. His hands circled her towel-covered body and with their eyes still locked in the mirror, he kissed the back of her neck. "I love you mom," he said softly, his body now pressing against her back. And she knew that he meant it in more than one way as she felt his erection through his shorts, through her towel, pressing into the crease of her ass.

Without asking - at least verbally - he pulled the towel from her, letting it drop to the floor as she leaned on the counter. She had to, she needed the support. She felt weak as a kitten, unable to even stand without help as his hands began to slide over her bare skin. At thirty-three she still had a very sexy body, and his eyes finally left hers in order to look at her full breasts in the mirror as his hands kneaded them from behind. Her own eyes closed involuntarily with pleasure. It'd been so long since any hands but hers had done this, and with her eyes closed, she could almost forget it was her son doing it.

Shit. It was her son fondling her! Suddenly the inappropriateness of it struck her and she fought for control. "Son. No." she said, but it came out as a whisper, and with shame she realized how pitifully weak she sounded. She inhaled to try again, but it was already too late.

"Son, yes!" he said as if correcting her. "I'm your son, and I'm going to give you what you so desperately need, you little slut!" She felt him behind her as he dropped his shorts, his dick - harder than her favorite plastic toy - suddenly pressing forward as he pushed her manfully forward, bending her over the counter to thrust his twelve-year-old cock into her desperate-for-it cunt.

Part of her wondered where the hell that had come from. Billy had always been the model son, well-behaved, polite, gentle. In fact, a complete "mamma's boy". It was shocking. But that part was lost to the raging lust-filled, sex-starved woman. The feeling of his cock pushing into her sent her brain to la-la land. The feeling was so intense it was almost like an orgasm itself.

She didn't have long to savor it though. The boy pushed into her completely, then withdrew and rammed into her again. And again. In seconds he'd established a fast, strong rhythm as he fucked her from behind. What he lacked in experience and finesse, he more than made up for in eagerness and youthful exuberance.

As might be expected of a twelve-year-old, he felt him shudder and climax in a matter of moments, ramming hard and shooting his seed deep into the womb that gave him life. It was so fast, so sudden, and so overwhelmingly wrong that it drove her over the edge as well, and she had her first male-induced orgasm in months. Worse, Billy didn't stop like a grown man would. At twelve, getting his first piece of ass, his dick didn't droop a bit, and as soon as he was done filling her, he immediately resumed pounding her. Feeling him churn his cum inside her elevated Ellen's climax into that most wonderful of experiences - multiple orgasms. As her son pounded her spasming cunt, her body underwent a series of pleasure peaks.

Around the fifth or sixth, she caught sight of herself in the mirror, face red, eyes blazing with lust, she was the very picture of a sluttish whore getting her brains fucked out by her man. Only her "man" was her twelve-year-old son! She could see his face in the mirror, and as their eyes met again, his face broke into a huge grin. A decidedly devilish grin.

"Damn mom, you're a righteous little slut, ain't ya? You like that dick?" He never slowed his rapid fucking as he spoke, though he did seem a bit breathy - but that only added to the sexiness of his words.

Ellen was beside herself. Where had he learned such language? More importantly, how had he known she wanted him to talk like that to her? She was a "righteous little slut". And an unrepentant one. Even though she knew this would complicate their life, the pleasure he was giving her was beyond any other consideration. She needed this. Desperately. As was evidenced by the copious fluids drooling down her thighs. She closed her eyes, shuddering as yet another climax coursed through her.

Billy's hands were strong and tight on her hips, his fingers digging into her skin and she felt like he was getting close to cumming again. His second climax in what, ten minutes? It seemed an eternity counted in climaxes rather than minutes, and yet she could feel a huge finale coming. She whimpered.


Ellen's eyes flew open at the stinging slap on her ass and she looked up at her son in the mirror in wonder. What the ever-loving'-fuck?

"What the fuck?" she exclaimed, shocked and outraged.

"C'mon mom," Billy said with a lewd grin that actually belonged more on a forty-year-old perv than on a twelve-year-old boy. "You know you love having your ass spanked by your man while he's fucking you!" He landed another stinging blow on her other cheek, then replaced his grip on her hip to continue fucking her hard.

The fuck of it all was that he was right. After the initial shock, the stinging and the following heat and tingling did its normal work of inflaming her even further - if that was even possible. She moaned with frustration and arousal.

"That's right, you bitch. Let Billy hear you. You know you love this cock! And this cock loves you mom! Your cunt is so good, so hot, so wet, so tight! I'm gonna cum up inside you again mom! I'm gonna fuck you and fill you with another jolt of Billy-juice!"

With this "permission" given, Ellen could finally "let it out". She moaned low and loud as another climax tore through her, leaving her shaking - and yet still ready for more. God's gift to women in exchange for all the other shit they have to put up with - multiple orgasms.

"Oh yes Billy-boy! Fuck your momma! Gimme that dick son! God, you fuck like a maniac! Gimme that dick son! Fuck me like the slut-whore I am, and dump your cum into my hot cunt!" She didn't say it, she shouted it, and the look on his face was precious - shock, but also a satisfaction and excitement.

"I'm about to mom! I'm about to cum inside your hot cunt again! You ready for it mom? You ready for me to cum inside you? Here it comes momma! Here it comes! Oh fuck, oh fuck... Aaaaiiighhh!" His hammering cock erupted inside her, began to fire shot after gushing shot of hot cum into her already cum-soaked cunt, igniting her own pending eruption.

It hit like a thunderbolt, tossing her around like a hurricane. She was completely lost in the torrent of feelings coursing through her, and yet she was completely aware of every jet of Billy's hot cum as it splattered into her churning womb, feeling it overfill her and drool down her thighs as her body stiff as a mannequin, locked rigid with pure pleasure.

An eternity later she regained her senses. She hadn't actually passed out, she'd simply gone to another plane of existence for a bit, and now she felt her son's cock twitching it's last inside her, their combined juices drooling down her thighs, and a deep, almost spiritual sense of "rightness" filled her.

"Uh..." Billy said uncertainly.

"Just wipe it on my ass son," she said gently, understanding his uncertainty. "I've gotta take another shower anyway." She had to fight hard to hold back the giggles.

Billy didn't even try. He giggled as he withdrew his cock and, misunderstanding slightly, ran it up and down the crack of her ass a couple of times to wipe the majority of the juices off. The feel of his wet tip on her asshole made her jerk a bit, and she had to fight to ignore it - this time.

As he stepped back, she turned and dropped to her knees, taking his member in her mouth. Billy's eyes widened, but she shook her head to let him know he wasn't going to get a proper blowjob just now. She made quick work of cleaning him up. After all, he had a school bus to catch, and didn't have time for another shower. She grinned wryly as she saw that her ministrations kept him erect even after two cums, and had to fight down the temptation to just give him a third. If they'd had more time... But no, she was already going to be late to work after her second shower.

Reluctantly she released him, smacking him on the ass. "Git, boy! You're gonna be late!" She grabbed his hand as he turned to go, rising and kissing him on the lips. "Now git!" He did, grinning hugely.

Ellen sighed, picking up the towel from the floor, grateful it'd been there go catch the drippage. At least she wouldn't have to clean all that up. Carefully she climbed into the shower, savoring the afterglow of a good fucking. Her insides felt gooey, and she took care to clean herself thoroughly, marveling that her young son could produce so much cum.

By the time she was on her way to work, she was already thinking about what might happen when she got home, and it kept her horny all day long with anticipation.


Billy almost dropped the tablet as he returned it to his mother's bedside table. His shaking hands were partially to blame, but his haste was the real culprit. Reading the story he'd found on his mother's personal tablet had got him so excited that he'd literally cum in his pants, and he hurried back to his room to change and clean up the mess before his mom found out.

For the next week his brain was a-buzz with thoughts of the story. Had his mom really written all that? Did she really have thoughts about him - sexual thoughts? If the names had been different, he could easily have convinced himself that the people in the story were someone other than he and his mother. For starters, while she certainly was a single mother, they were far from poor. Whatever she did at work, it afforded them a rather nice two-bedroom, two-bath apartment. But the names were those of his and his mother's... it had to be him in her fantasy!

Overnight Billy went from a boy who was occasionally experimenting with touching himself, to a young man who was beating off at least five times a day. He just couldn't help it. The thoughts of that story, and what it might mean, kept his perpetually aroused. And it became a real effort to treat his mother as he always had. In the back of his mind was always the thought that, in the story she'd written at least, she'd welcome him taking her like a man takes a woman.

But then, he also wasn't the self-assured boy in the story. Of course he'd seen a few pictures of nude women on the internet; despite the best porn-protection available, it was simply impossible to block all sources these days. Not much got through, but enough that he knew what a woman looked like, and what fucking was. Most of the myth bullshit earlier generations of boys had had to tolerate before they learned truth didn't poison his generation's minds.

By the time he got another chance to be alone and snoop, he'd nearly convinced himself that he'd mis-read, or at least mis-interpreted the story. It was just too outrageous to be true. But then Saturday afternoon rolled around again, and once again his mom left him alone in the house while she went to visit her neighbor for a while. That "while" was usually just a half-hour or so, so he made haste to her bedroom.

Last time, much of his "alone time" had been wasted gathering the courage to snoop, then snooping slow and careful. This time he made a beeline to the night stand, opened the drawer, and to his immense relief, found the tablet where he'd hoped. He grabbed it and made another beeline to his bedroom.

In moments his clothes were off and he was on his bed, tablet in hand, cock fully erect. He wasn't going to cum in his shorts this time! With trembling hands he turned it on, found the file "Ramblings of a Crazy Lady" that had caught his attention before, and opened it.

Quickly he scanned through the first story, his erection achingly hard as it confirmed his memory. Eagerly he moved on to the next, but it was some sort of poetry crap. Impatiently he scrolled down through several screens before finding what looked like another story. He settled in to read and fap.


The first time had been a complete accident. Ellen was bringing freshly cleaned clothes to Billy's room. She hadn't even known he was in there, thinking he was in the back yard, so she just walked in - and found him, cock in hand, stroking like crazy. Then he noticed her and yelled "MOM!" as he desperately tried to cover himself.

Ellen did what so many moms had before. The caring ones anyway. She excused herself, hurrying out the door and closing it snugly behind her. But she couldn't help turning back to it and calling to her son. "I'm really sorry son. Totally my fault. You feel free to go ahead and finish up - I'm sorry I interrupted you."

She took the laundry back to the laundry room, then went to her own room. She needed to be alone. She was scared. And nervous. And confused. And that was all because she was very, very horny. The instant her eyes fell on her son's rock-hard penis, her panties had been drenched with a sudden intense gush of arousal juices. The rush had been so intense it practically qualified as an orgasm in its own right!

She knew it was wrong - terribly, terribly wrong, but she just had to touch herself, and right now! Her panties were already soaked, and her pants would be next, so she quickly divested herself of clothing. She could dress again later, after she'd got some relief.

Laying back on the bed, her legs splayed like some wanton slut, she touched herself, and found herself to be hypersensitive - as if some skilled lover had spent a good while working her up. Her pussy was hot and wet, drooling even, and as her fingers ran along her crease, feeling the quantity of juices, she involuntarily gave a loud gasp of pleasure, it felt so good.

In fact, it felt too good. She couldn't hold back, and thrust three fingers straight into her well-lubricated and pre-dilated pussy. In seconds she was finger-fucking herself like some horny college cam-girl trying to earn her tuition by performing for randy perverts via web cam.

She honestly tried to think of other things - other sex partners, porn she'd seen, anything other than the image that kept returning to her mind with a vividness that would make Mr. Kodak green with envy. Her son. His slim, hard body naked, his hand wrapped around his steel-hard member, red and wet at the tip with his impending orgasm. Every detail was etched into her brain, and the image refused to leave her, spurring her on.

She came on her fingers. Came hard, fighting to keep quiet - and losing. Her juices poured forth as she gasped loudly for breath, the waves of pleasure coursing through her as she continued to churn her sloppy wet cunt. The climax went on and on, accompanied every moment by the vivid recollection of her masturbating baby boy.

When she finally found her climax ebbing, she also found that she'd forced her entire hand inside, clear to the wrist! That almost never happened, and she found it difficult to relax enough to pull it out, the stretching nearly starting her off on another rampage of masturbation. She wasn't used to that sort of thing. If anything, she was just the opposite. She only had one dildo, and that one was slim and only about six inches long. Maybe an inch longer than her son's cock, she thought, and then had to fight down a fresh surge of arousal.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" she chastised herself as she cleaned up her room. The bed was a mess - apparently she'd thrashed about quite a bit, and her juices were everywhere! Her room smelled like a whorehouse - or what she supposed a whorehouse must smell like.

She made the bed, pulling the cumforter up to hide the worst of it, then went in for a quick shower.

When she called Billy to dinner, they sat in uncomfortable silence for a while. He was obviously ashamed, and she didn't want him to be. Her own upbringing had been filled with that crap - shame over being sexual beings, and she didn't want her son to have to deal with it. It had taken her years and much therapy before she was straightened out.

"Honey," she said softly as he picked at his plate. "Would you like to talk about what happened today?"

"Uh-uh," he mumbled, his face turning a darker shade of red.

It looked like it was up to her, and she decided to take the bull by the horns, which was her typical way of dealing with difficult situations.

"Well then let me talk a bit, and you feel free to join in if you like, okay?" She got a noncommittal shrug, so she went on.

"You remember when we had our talk about sex? What was it, a year ago? Well if you remember, I told you then that you'd probably start masturbating soon, and that when you did, you should go ahead and enjoy yourself. Remember that honey? I said that it was normal and natural, and that as long as you cleaned up the mess, you should feel free to do it as much or as little as you wish. Remember that honey?"

Billy nodded, glancing in her direction, apparently at least a little bit mollified at her matter-of-fact manner.

"Well I meant it honey. Believe me, if I'd known you were jacking off in there, I'd have waited until you were done. I know how harsh it is when someone interrupts you!"

"How?" he asked defiantly. "How could you even know?"

"Well honey," she said with a gentle smile, "girls masturbate too, you know!"

Billy's eyes got wider at that and his embarrassment seemed forgotten in light of this revelation. "Seriously mom? Girls do?"

"We do Billy. And like you, I was walked in on by my mother when I was around your age. Maybe a bit younger."

Billy's eyes grew wider still. "What did you do?" he asked.

Ellen sighed. "Well, my parents were from a different world honey. In their world, what I was doing was sinful and horrible. My mom came in and slapped my hands away, then proceeded to lecture me about how I was sick, evil, bad girl for doing it, and that I was going to hell, and that I must never, ever, ever do it again. There were some threats, and even a few swats on the butt with a wooden spoon. It actually fucked me up pretty good. I had a hard time getting over that crap and ruined a few promising relationships before I did. Sex is important to relationships, you know."

Billy's shame was completely forgotten now, and compassion filled him for his mother's trials and tribulations. "I'm really sorry mom. And I'm glad you got over it. You did get over it?"

"Oh yes honey," she smiled. "I'm quite sexually free now - maybe even a bit more than normal." She winked at him playfully. "Truth be told, your ol' momma's a bit of a slut."

Billy blushed slightly, but seemed happy. They were sharing, really sharing, about important stuff, and he knew it. He also knew that it meant his mom though enough of him that he could handle it. She'd always been lavish in her praise of him, and he in turn had blossomed into a bright, happy child because of it. She'd also always encouraged him sate his curiosity, and had a long-standing policy to only speak truth to him. So she should have expected the question.

"I've heard that word momma, but I don't know what a slut actually is." He looked at her expectantly.

Well she'd brought it on herself. "To be honest honey, it varies a lot from person to person. And from situation to situation. But mostly it seems to mean 'a girl who's more sexually active than the speaker thinks is appropriate'."

He mulled this over. "So you... you do more sex than normal?" he asked.

"Oh God no!" she exclaimed. "In fact, I actually do less than average."

"Then how can you be a slut?" Billy asked, honestly puzzled.

"Ah. Uhm..." Ellen hemmed. Then she chided herself. The kid was probably going to find out eventually anyway, and with this development, probably sooner rather than later. She took a deep breath. "Well honey, because even though I don't do much sex, I do want a lot more of it than I get."

Billy surprised her with his response. Seriously, he said, "But momma, isn't that true of everyone?"

She leaned forward and kissed him on the forehead. "How did I get such a smart boy? And you're right. Most normal people want more sex than they get. That's because there's not always someone around to do it with - not someone they want to do it with anyway. That's why everyone masturbates, whether they admit it or not - and most don't admit it."

"So then you still do it? Still masturbate?" Billy asked.

"Of course honey," Ellen said. "We both do."

"Do you do it a lot?" he asked.

"Well... I don't know what you'd consider a lot. I... well, I guess you can know. I did it this afternoon." She could feel her own cheeks reddening at the admission. It was just lucky for her that he didn't know why!

"I knew it!" Billy exclaimed. "When I was walking down the hallway I heard you making the noises you make at night sometimes, and I wondered if you were doing it!" He was so proud of himself she didn't have the heart to deny it, and in the interest of honesty, probably wouldn't have anyway.

"Like I said, you're a smart kid," she said, tousling her hair, then sipping hurriedly from her glass of iced tea. Her mouth was suddenly quite dry.

After a bit more picking at their plates, Billy blurted out, "Mom? Can I ask you another question?"

"Of course you can honey," she said, just as she always did.

"Well... I never hear those sounds in the day... so you like, do it at night usually right?"

"That's right honey. If the sounds disturb you, I'll try to keep quiet."

Billy laughed. "No that ain't it. I like knowing you're making yourself feel good. But how come you did it in the daytime today instead of tonight?"

She took another sip, her mouth drier than ever. But Billy was looking at her expectantly, and she had to give him something. "I... uh... was just really horny honey." she finally mumbled.

"So was I!" Billy said happily! "After I finished from when you walked in, it was only a little bit before I had to do it again! I mean, I didn't mean to. I got dressed again and everything. But then I was reading comics and I heard you. And that made me think of you walking in, and my thing got hard and I had to rub it again. Only that time when I finished it was way better, cos I could hear you. And I kept thinking about you walking in and seeing me. Is that weird momma?"

"N-no sweetie," she said, fighting to keep her voice steady. Her son had been beating off to the sounds of her masturbating! She could feel the wetness between her legs and she clenched them tightly together to try to control it. She took another sip of tea and tried to give him an answer.

"Lots of guys like the sounds a girl makes when she's doing sex honey," she started, but he interrupted.

"Do girls like hearing guys doing it too?"

"Yes honey. Some do. And before you ask, yes it's normal to get turned on when someone's watching you do sex things too."

"What about you momma," Billy asked, and she could see the lust boiling behind his eyes. The damn kid was getting as turned on by all this talk about sex as she was.

"Yes honey," she answered in a husky voice. "Yes, I like watching you do sex things too."

"Watching me?" Billy asked, surprised.

"I mean I like watching sex stuff," she corrected herself hurriedly.

"Is that why you did the masturbation this afternoon momma? Cos you saw me doing it?"

Damn! The kid was relentless! "Fine! Yes! Seeing you jacking off got me horny!" she said brusquely, immediately sorry at his hurt look. The kid was just trying to learn after all. "I'm sorry honey. I didn't mean to bark at you. Yes, seeing you doing it made me want to do it too."

Billy's smile grew broader. "That's really nice momma! You can watch me any time you wanna! I liked it a lot this afternoon - I kept thinking about it, hoping you'd walk in again. I even moved so if you walked in you'd get to see a lot better!"

Ellen gulped. "Uh, thank you honey, but it really wouldn't be appropriate."

But Billy wasn't listening. He was on a roll. "Can I see you do it sometimes too momma?" he asked. "I think I'd like that a lot. Even thinking about it makes me hard. Wanna see?"

God did she ever! But she couldn't tell him that!

Fortunately, she didn't have to. The kid slid out of his seat and without prompting, dropped trou right there at the dinner table. His cock sprung out, rock-hard and aiming upward, as if looking at her. She stared, unable to move.

"Don't ya like it momma?" Billy asked, sounding hurt.

Like it? Fuck! Without his hand in the way, she was getting a full, clear look at the kid's member - and it was beautiful beyond words.

"I do like it Billy," she said in a low tone. "Your cock is beautiful - shit!" She suddenly lunged forward to catch the drop of precum before it hit the carpet. She pulled her hand back, her palm wet and it was all she could do to keep from licking it.

"I'm sorry momma. It does that sometimes when I'm really close to spurting. I'm sorry it got on your hand, I know it's kinda yucky."

"It's not yucky son." She had a thought. She could disguise it as a "teaching moment". "In fact honey, some women actually like the taste of cum." She licked her palm, tasting her son's precum, finding it delicious.

"Whoa!" he said, his eyes like saucers. "That is so cool!" He reached down and touched the tip of his quivering penis, wetting his index finger and bringing it to his mouth. He made a face. "It don't taste all that great to me."

"Well it's an acquired taste," she explained, pulling her hand away from her mouth where she'd been licking repeatedly. The taste of him fired her desire for more, and the sight of his five-inch cock, out there in the air was making her crazy. She wanted to drop to her knees and take it in her mouth more than anything in the world!

As if reading her mind, he asked another question. "Mom? What's a blowjob?"

Ellen froze, then grinned, bowing to the inevitable. There was no way she was going to pass this chance!

"Why don't I just show you, son?" she asked sweetly as she slid out of the chair to her knees.

Naturally Billy didn't last one second after she'd taken him in her mouth, but that was fine with Ellen. The hot, salty cum spurted into her eager mouth and she savored and swallowed every bit while looking up at her son's climax-clenched face.

When he was done, he started to pull back, but she reached around and lightly smacked his behind and he happily pushed his penis fully into her mouth, where she used her tongue and suction to keep his erection rigid. When he'd settled down a bit she began giving him the full experience, licking and sucking his beautifully bare cock and balls. It was the perfect size for her, and she was able to take him fully, which both of them loved.

Sucking her son's cock, as wonderful as it was, was driving her crazy. She needed some relief too, and soon! A wicked thought occurred to her. He'd said he wanted to watch her...

"Honey? Momma's really horny now too."

"You need to masturbate momma? I can finish myself..." He seemed disappointed, which was understandable.

"Or you can come with me," she smiled.

"Heck yeah!" he shouted excitedly, and in moments they were in her bedroom.

Even now she hesitated before undressing in front of him, but seeing him sitting there naked on her bed, stroking his cock and looking eagerly at her cured her of that hesitation. In moments they were naked on the bed together. She laid on her left side, right knee up to open herself at a forty-five-degree angle, wantonly displaying her pussy to her son. The very place he'd originated. The thought sent a shudder of perverse delight through her. Not only was she exposing herself to a child, but to the very child she'd grown inside her.

Logically she knew it wasn't true, but she felt like her womb itself was aroused, just as her nipples ached with the remembered pain of feeding him with them significantly longer than she should have. She leaned over and took him into her mouth once more - it just felt so right in there! - and propping herself on her left elbow, reached down with her right hand and spread her pussy open for him to see everything.

She was so wet it was hard to spread herself - everything was slippery. So she slid two digits in and spread herself even more. She moved them around while sucking and licking on his cock, pleasuring herself and him at the same time. This was a thousand times better than she'd imagined and she soon lost herself in the dual delights of boy-cock in her mouth and fingers in her pussy - with an audience. In moments she was cumming, her body jerking with spasms of pleasure and she had to release his cock in order to breathe.

"Jesus momma," Billy said in a low, worshipful tone. "That's amazing! It must feel really good huh? Can't feel as good as your mouth on me did! You got me close momma, I don't think I can wait much longer... do you got a towel or something?"

Ellen's own pleasure could wait. She reached over and pulled her son to her, laying down on her side and pulling him to where he could slide his cock in her mouth once more. Then with her hand, wet with her juices, she began to move his hip so that his cock slid in and out of her mouth.

Billy picked up on it almost immediately and with a grin, began to fuck her mouth, freeing up her hand to return to the boiling cunt below. She thrust her fingers in and began to fuck herself in time with the boy's thrusts into her mouth. She knew he would be cumming soon, and so would she - again.

"Oh GOD momma! It feels so good! I'm gonna 'splode momma! I can't hold back no more! Should I do it in your mouth?" Ellen shook nodded her head "yes" vigorously and Billy redoubled his efforts, his pelvis smacking against her face as he fucked her mouth.

With the first shot of cum on her tongue, Ellen switched from finger-fucking to rubbing her engorged clit and the change erupted in a mind-blowing climax roaring though her. Each shot of her son's cum seemed to cause a sympathetic eruption inside her and she was experiencing pleasure so profound that all else ceased to exist. She was an orgasm-machine, and a fuck-machine. A cock in one end, a pussy at the other, both erupting and filling her with pleasure unfathomable.

"Momma! Momma!" Billy cried worriedly. "Please momma, let go!" Ellen came back to Earth and realized she'd been sucking her son's cock with the same fervor that a starving wolf might devour a steak. She released it, looking at him bashfully. He was blurry. She wiped the tears from her eyes. That helped.

"Sorry Champ. I got kind of carried away there. I'll do better next time."

Billy's lethargic post-climax smile turned into a huge grin. "Maybe next time it won't be in your mouth?" he asked hopefully.


By the time Billy finished reading the story, he'd cum once and was well on the way to a second explosion. The very idea of his mother sucking his cock was indescribably exciting to him. After all, she was a very sexy woman. A MILF actually. In fact... A few taps on the tablet and he found her social media page, which contained several pictures of her. He scrolled down quickly and found the one he was looking for where she was in a bikini, doing a goofy pose. It had been a great day at the beach, but right now he was more interested in looking at her body and face, and especially her lips as he imagined them wrapped around his cock.

His climax, when it hit, was magnificent. His cock erupted with a fury backed by his complete submission into the fantasy of his mother sucking his cock. He imagined the look on her face as she gulped and swallowed, gulped and swallowed, until he was completely spent.

And he was completely spent. He fell back on his pillow, panting hard, his head swimming, his body relaxed beyond belief. He needed to clean up the cum he'd sprayed all over his chest and stomach, but that could wait, just a bit, till he got his breath back...

"Billy... Wake up sweetie," his mother's voice drew him from his slumber. Was it time for school already? No, it was Saturday. Why was she waking him? Supper time?

Suddenly his blood ran cold as he realized he was laying naked on top of his bed, his penis rock-hard, standing straight up in the air. She had to have seen it! He was terrified of what would happen. Mom was going to kill him - or at the very least, ground him for a thousand years! Still, he couldn't feign sleep forever. He opened his eyes, looking sheepishly at his mother.

Ellen smiled warmly at her son. The fear on his face was so cute! And yes, she would have to punish him for getting into her stuff. When she'd got home and found the drawer open in her night stand, her own blood had run cold. But he hadn't answered when she called, so she'd peeked in his room - and found him zonked out cold, the tablet beside him displaying her bikini pic, his cum drying on his bare skin.

Even limp, his cock looked delicious, but she knew she couldn't do anything about it. Instead she picked up the device and closed the program displaying the photo - and revealing the program where she'd written her fantasies. He'd obviously been reading them while masturbating, which meant he must like the idea of them playing together as much as she did! Her panties drenched immediately at the thought, and she fought hard to keep herself under control. But he looked so cute, and sexy, and she knew what a deep sleeper he was...

Eventually she'd just had to touch it. Very slowly and gently she ran her finger over the cum-crusted cock, almost jumping back with surprise as it jerked, then began to grow quickly into a quiveringly-hard erection. It was beautiful! Glancing at his face to make sure he was still out of it, she touched it again, thrilling to the feel of her son's member beneath her fingertips.

"In for a penny..." she thought, then began to stroke it gently. Billy shifted a little bit, but snored on as she stroked her twelve-year-old boy until the tip of his penis began ooze precum. Her mouth watered, and it took little to convince herself that he'd sleep through it as she bent down to suck the juices from the tip. And almost nothing at all more to convince herself it would be fine if she sucked his whole cock. After all, she would be doing him a favor, cleaning up his mess like a good mother should!

Finally, it was just too much. She couldn't sample such a sweet morsel then deny herself the feast. But neither could she force it on him. She had to wake him and let him decide. And then she'd have to live with his decision. Sure, based on the evidence that he'd been whacking off to her own fantasies, it seemed like he might be up for the real thing - but many men have fantasies they'd never follow through with in real life. Hell, most men were squeamish about even slightly kinky things, however much they might claim the contrary. More than one man had declined trying anal, or B&D, or even just role-playing because when push came to shove, it scared them.

With all that in mind, she woke her son gently. Strictly speaking, she'd stacked the cards unintentionally by bringing the boy to full erection first. Men were often much more cooperative when they had their hard-on on! But still, she felt it had to be his choice.

Billy blinked away the sleep and looked at him like a rabbit staring at the headlights of a car about to run him down. It was just so cute; her heart went out to him.

"Relax son, it's okay. Really. You'll have to do some extra chores or something for using my personal property without my approval, but that's all." Billy gulped, nodded, and then with a sudden realization, tried to cover himself with his hands.

"Shhh... Easy honey. Don't worry, I've already seen it. Hell, I saw it before you did, silly! Don't think a little thing like an erect penis is going to freak me out. If that was the case, you'd have never been born!" She waited a moment to let that sink in, and when it did and Billy started to relax (but still kept his hands over his stiffy) she went on. "Anyway, you've already read some of my own fantasies, so you know what a naughty slut I am, right?" She winked to help him get over the crude language. After a moment he smiled. Finally he did.

"Okay then. Good boy! Now I just have one little question for you - and there is no wrong answer, so think it over, okay?" She waited until he nodded again.

"Okay then," she went on, her pulse hammering. "Your call. Would you like to help your horny ol' momma bring some of those fantasies to reality?" And a low, husky voice she added, "I promise I'll make it worth your while!"

Billy's answer, while not verbal, was sufficient to the task. He groaned deeply, his erection suddenly spewing hot cum all over his hands at the realization that he'd be doing things like that with his mother for real.

"I'll take that for a 'yes'," Ellen grinned, mouthwatering as she bent down to begin the cleanup.


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