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Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Returning Home 2

Part: Part 2

Summary: Rick and Trish go to a swing club, and find a like-minded couple to join them.

Keywords: MFMFg, Rom, Con, Ageplay, Swing, Rom, Con, Mast, Bi, Creampie, Voy, Exhib

Date: 05/28/2017

[Author's Note]


[In Part 1, Rick returned to his childhood neighborhood and reunited with Trish, his childhood sweetheart. In the process, he discovered that Trish had some odd ideas about child rearing, and had taught her ten-year-old daughter Patty all about sex - as far as she could. She'd been looking for a suitable adult to teach her the male side from a caring and knowledgeable lover when Rick had shown up, so Rick got the job. though not interested in kids before then, Patty looked so much like Patty had when they'd been exploring sexual stuff as children, that he really couldn't resist the temptation - not that he'd tried hard. Part 1 ends after his first time with Patty (Trish also participating).


Part 2 begins several weeks later. Rick has moved in with Trish. Since Trish is well-off and can easily support them all, he's quit his old job to be with his one true love and her daughter (he'll find a job later). While Rick and Trish are deeply in love, there's a lot they don't know about each other as adults - people can change a lot in 17 years!]

"How come I can't go daddy?" Patty sniffled - a completely fake sniffle of course, and she didn't really expect it to fool anyone. It was added to emphasize the fact that she thought she was being treated unfairly.


Rick sighed. He'd gone from "Mr. Rick" to "Rick" to "Daddy" with considerable speed. Not that that was all on Patty. One of the many discoveries he'd made about her mother Trish in the last few weeks was that Trish had a pervy side that he'd only started to appreciate. The first time they'd gone to dinner she'd worn an outfit that was far more appropriate to a fifteen-year-old than a twenty-seven-year-old - and yet, she'd pulled it off, more-or-less. With her petite body and youthful looks, she could easily pass for sixteen.


So he didn't blame the maitre d' when he commented on how beautiful "his daughter" looked. What he didn't expect though was for Patty to ham it up, giggling and taking his arm. "Daddy's taking me out to dinner for my birthday," she'd said. "Guess how old I am?"


Probably more due to her "little girl" giggle and attitude, the man had guessed fifteen, and the way Trish's face had brightened up at that, Rick sure as heck wasn't going to say anything. For the rest of the evening, Trish played the role and he played along, though it got increasingly difficult as the dinner progressed. Apparently Trish's age-playing kink included sex-play.


Of course, she'd explained before that her first husband Tom, Patty's father, now deceased, had been much older than her when they'd started dating. In fact, he'd been forty-five, and Trish had been fifteen. And he'd taught her about daddy-daughter roleplaying. Since his passing seven years ago, she'd had nobody to engage in it with. So now that she had Rick, and Rick seemed amiable, she was diving in with a vengeance.


During the dinner, she'd made out with him - to the shock of several of the other patrons (though unsurprisingly, the maitre d' took it with aplomb). While doing so, she whispered in his ear about how horny it made her to turn on the other perverts in the room, who she then discreetly directed his attention to. Sure enough, several men, and a couple of women were watching them covertly with expressions ranging from sweet longing to feral lust as he kissed and fondled his "daughter" with increasing enthusiasm.


He found that the attention turned him on as well, and he looked for (and found) opportunities to show a few of them glimpses of her breasts and made it evident that he was rubbing her pussy under the table. By the time desert had arrived, Trish was in such a state that she finally just went down on him in the booth. While the other patrons couldn't actually see the event, it was obvious to anyone paying attention, and when she sat back up, wiping his cum from her lips into her mouth, three of the men suddenly excused themselves, making beeline runs to the restroom, while one of the women, who's hands were in her lap, made a gasping sound that could be nothing but a climax.


When they tried to pay the bill, the maitre d' explained that someone else had already paid it - and that he sincerely hoped they'd "come again". He smile was minuscule, but the twinkle in his eye was clear.


Ever since then, they'd played "daddy-daughter" many times, and Patty had joined in the fun, sometimes being Trish's "little sister". Of course, they had to be even more careful then. After all, a man making out with a (seeming) teenager was one thing. A man making out with a pre-teen was quite another. But Trish, as her "big sister" could get away with more - and did! The girls loved doing young-lez-sister roleplay so much he'd had to reign them in more than once.


So since Trish called him "daddy" often enough, Patty had picked up on it as well. And in fact, since he'd be marrying Trish soon enough, that made sense. Patty had accepted him as her first male lover, and Trish had raised her to be level-headed enough to accept him also as her new father without the sex angle being an issue. He'd really worried about that - and still did. She might be reasonable at ten, but when her teenage hormones kicked in, things could get weird. Still, it was working well enough for now.


"I'm sorry honey," he explained, picking her up and holding her, letting her legs wrap around so she could grind her cunny against his hip-bone. Most kids did this unconsciously, but Patty was quite aware of what she was doing. "You know why though. Mommy and daddy are going to a swinger's club, and kids aren't allowed."


"That's so unfair," she pouted cutely. "I wanna swing too!"


In his experience thus far, that was true enough. Patty was quite an energetic and enthusiastic lover. In fact, she could probably wear out most of the other club patrons if she'd put her mind to it.


"Now honey," Trish said, having heard part of the discussion. "Don't be a pill. Do I need to get a sitter for you?"


Patty's eyes lit up. "The right sitter could be fun..." she mused.


"Which is exactly why you're not going to get one," Trish laughed. "Not unless and until Rick and I find and thoroughly screen him or her, to make sure that you raping them won't cause any problems!"


Patty rolled her eyes. "I wouldn't rape them momma," she said with disgust. "That would be sooo wrong! But I bet I could get 'em to play with me!" she giggled.


"Doubtless you could, punkin," Rick agreed. "And wind us up in jail, and you in 'protective' custody. No thank you!"


Patty sobered. She knew the score well enough, having discussed it with them at length. "Okay okay. I'll be good. It'll just be me an' the innernets tonight, since y'all will be all worn out by the time you get home."


"Maybe honey. It depends on if we find anyone we actually like. You know we're kind of choosy about who we play with. Anyway, don't forget to claim you're over eighteen if you hot-chat anyone. And if you cam, make sure you do it against the fake background and either don't show your face, or wear your mask. We sure as heck don't want anyone recognizing you, and you know the cops watch those shows too!"


She rolled her eyes. "I know, I know. I'm not a kid you know!"


Rick kissed her - in a very un-kid-like manner. "Actually, the problem is that you are a kid honey," he grinned. "A sexy, sweet, and very reasonable child, but a child nonetheless. Hence the cautions." He slid her down to the floor. "Have fun, just be careful. And I promise I'll save enough that when we get home, we can play a little bit too, okay?"


Her smile grew broad. "Okay!"


The club itself was carefully discreet. Trish had known about it for years, and had been invited several times, but never wanted to go alone. Now that she had Rick with her, it was one of the first things on her agenda.


For a change, this was one of the things Rick had some experience with which Trish had not. He'd been to a few such clubs - for some reason, most of his girlfriends had been kinkier-than-average - so he was familiar with the protocols. After making contact through the last person who'd invited Trish, he got the info on fees, dress code, the layout, rules, and schedule.


Like all such places, the rules were pretty simple - Be nice to everyone else, or else. Nudity was permitted on the dance floor and in the back section where the "rooms" were, but not in the lounge area or bar. Drugs and alcohol were not permitted, though you could have some before arriving, and if you went off-premises for a break. You'd be turned away if it seems like you'd had "too much" - and "too much" was at the sole discretion of the Hosts. And most important of all, "No" meant "no." This was one place where persistence would get you kicked out immediately. Like nude resorts, swing clubs were probably the politest, friendliest, and nicest people in the world. They had to be.


Since they were new, Katrina ("Trina" to her friends), the Hostess of the evening, sat down and chatted with them, had them sign the agreements, and got their cards activated. While not an actual interview, her questions and shrewd eyes made it clear that they were under scrutiny and evaluation, and it wasn't until she was satisfied that she gathered up the forms, handed them their cards, and said, "Let's do a walk-through, shall we?"


As expected, the place was nice. At the price of membership, it would have to be. But beyond that, it was comfortable and casual, as were the people there. Rick and Trish followed Trina as she pointed out the bar - a complete juice and smoothie bar - then walked them through the lounge making a few introductions here and there.


The lounge area surrounded the large dance floor on three sides, with a DJ alcove on the fourth. The music was mellow and gentle - they'd intentionally picked a "calm" night for their first visit - and the sound system and lighting first-rate. A few couples were dancing, and making out while the people in the lounge chatted and watched. While the dancers were clothed, some were also exhibitionist enough to enjoy more than just casual "dance" type making out. One woman had her low neckline spread wide for her partner to fondle her breasts, and another woman had her partner's stiff member in hand, slowly stroking him out in the open where everyone could see.


Trina watched their expressions as they took this all in, and nodded approval when they smiled appreciatively at the impromptu show. "Remember though, no messing up the stage. If your partner gets you off, fine, but it's up to you to keep things from getting messy." She pointed out the fluffy black towel discreetly but conveniently located all over the place.


Next she took them through the hall. It made a squared-off U-shape, connecting to either side of the lounge. Several doors and windows lined the walls, and Trina pointed out the "theme" rooms (Jungle, Disco, Cabana, Blacklight, Small-Group, Large-Group, and so on).


Most were self-explanatory and the windows on most had shutters on the inside so the occupants could decide whether they wanted to be watched or not - except for the Showroom, which had large windows on two sides. Both were crowded with looky-loos who were watching the three couples (or three men and three women anyway - no point in assuming!) inside getting it on with each other in various ways. Most of those watching were paired up and playing with each other as they watched.


The Small-Group and Large-Group rooms were open to anyone who wanted to go in. The only differences were the room size and the fact that the Large-Group room had two king-sized beds in it - each with several small groups doing various things together. Anyone could approach anyone in there (though of course, NO still meant NO). Most of them were standing and making out with their partners - most often multiple partners. As they watched for a few minutes, one girl who had one cock in each hand and one in her mouth paused to say something to another man who looked about to cum on her face. He smiled and moved off - apparently she hadn't wanted her makeup ruined so early in the evening. So instead he tapped on another guy's shoulder and said something. The guy dropped to his knees immediately, and let the first guy release in his mouth. Apparently they were friends. The first guy headed back toward the lounge, while the second stood back up and shared his mouthful of cum with the woman he'd been fondling before the interruption.


Finally, they strolled through the TV room - a large room with several large-screens showing various porn movies, and several large sofas where people were making out, fucking, and so on. Some were just watching the screens and the other people, while masturbating.


The last leg had several private rooms, which they could reserve, and a massage room where volunteers would give you a massage if you liked - happy endings were encouraged but not required.


Back at the lounge, Trina bade them farewell with a wink and a smile. "You seem like a nice couple," she said. "If you like it here, and want to look me up on some night when I'm not working, feel free. My dance card's pretty full, but you never know when I'll have an opening!"


They laughed at the pun, thanked her for the tour, and went to get smoothies before taking a table in the lounge area to soak up the ambience.


To Trish's surprise, nobody approached them. "Whats the matter Rick?" she asked, "Didn't I dress provocatively enough?"


Rick grinned, reaching out to cup her barely-contained breast, flicking his thumb across the clearly-erect nipple. "It's not that honey. Remember, they practice a higher level of consideration. They don't know us, but they know we're new and might not welcome any casual advance. But if you'll notice, people look over at us often enough. Wait until one you're interested in looks your way and give him a welcoming smile and nod him over. Or her," he grinned. "Or if you'd prefer, we can always make first contact."


"What I want," she said with some frustration, "is to rip your clothes off and straddle you in the middle of the dance floor!"


"Fair enough," he grinned, but would you settle for a dance instead?" Without waiting, he took her hand and led her to the dance floor. In moments they were lost to the music, the rhythmic lights, and each other. Trish's body pressed warmly against him, feeling his obvious arousal, her own growing in response.


Knowing her own proclivity for exhibitionism, he slid his hands down to cup her sweetly-rounded ass. Cupping and squeezing, then sliding his fingers along her crease as they danced. He could feel her heat growing through the fabric, so he began to bunch up the sheer fabric, raising the hem of her gown until her ass was exposed to all. Kneading the cheeks made her gasp in pleasure.


Oh God Rick, why did you let me wear panties tonight? If I'd have known we'd be doing this..."


"Not a problem honey," he said and released her. Kneeling down, he slid his hands up and as she grinned down at him, slid her panties down and helped her step out of them. With a smile he twirled them around on one finger before pocketing them. Several of the nearer tables clapped and to his surprise, Trish actually blushed!


Taking her back into his arms, he chuckled. "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you honey," he said gently, nuzzling her neck. "Remember though, 'no means no' applies to me too. If you don't want me to do something, just say so."


"It's not that," she said, shivering in his embrace. "I just... I just recognized one of the men here."


She indicated where, and Rick looked, thought a moment, then realized. "Oh! It's one of your fans from the restaurant I took you that first night you played as my daughter!"


"Uh huh," she said, her voice husky with excitement. "Do you think he still thinks I'm underage?"


"No way darlin'. Remember all the checks the club made on us?"


"Well, I hope he's not mad at being fooled," she said.


"Judging by the look on his face, that's the last thing on his mind. In fact, I'll bet he's hoping to see something tonight he didn't get to see at the restaurant." He cupped her gown-covered posterior. "Shall I?"


"Only if you want everyone here to know what a slut you're out with," she said. "I can feel my juices trickling down my thighs!"


"Perfect," Rick said, and began working her gown up once more. As he exposed more of her legs, and then her ass, he danced them closer to the man they'd spotted, to make sure he got a good look.


The man's grin broadened, and he gave them a big "thumbs up" gesture. Rick was sure that if they'd been in a more rambunctious venue, he'd have hollered his approval as well.


"He likes you honey," Rick said, though she'd seen his reaction too.


Gently she bit his shoulder, a shiver running through her as she held him tight. Then she whispered throatily, "Show him more."


Rick grinned, turned her so the man got a clear view of her ass, then taking one cheek in each of his hands, spread her, exposing her ass and pussy to the man. He could feel her wetness with his fingertips, and was sure that he could bring her to climax with a touch - but he hadn't expected this and hadn't grabbed a towel before they'd gone to the dance floor.


Trish was beyond control though. She'd never been brazenly exposed to a stranger like this, and it sent surges through her. She cried out and her body began to shake as the excitement took her over the edge.


Rick didn't want to interrupt her climax, but also didn't want to make a mess. Fortunately, the guy was on his toes. He grabbed the folded towel he already had on his table and pressed it to Rick's hands. Rick grabbed it and thrust it up between Trish's legs, the touch of the soft terrycloth pushing her even further into orgasm as she came, hard, right there on the dance floor in front of everyone.


By the time she came to her senses, everyone on the dance floor with them, and everyone near enough to have seen, were softly applauding her performance. Her face was beet-red with a mix of arousal spent and embarrassment, though the embarrassment part was more habitual than real.


Rick held her up until her shaky legs could do so themselves, then turned her and guided her down the dance floor steps. Their savior motioned them to his table, it being nearby, and held the chair while she sat - after Rick lifted her hems and laid down a towel for her to sit on, lest she soak her pretty gown.


Leaving for a moment, he fetched their drinks from their previous table, which Trish took with grateful, shaking hands. After several gulps and a brief-but-merciless ice-headache, she smiled at the guy.


The guy's name, it turned out, was Gerry, and when his improbably-young wife returned from the bar where she'd been getting them fresh drinks, he introduced her as Lisa. Gerry explained to Lisa where they'd seen Rick and Trish before, and it took her only a moment before she broke out in a broad grin. "The little girl who sucked her daddy off at the restaurant!" She held her drink up to clink against Trish's. "Well done! Gerry was so turned on he had to run to the bathroom and rub one out - and then I had to give him head on the drive home, and then he fucked my like a rabbit all night! That was really hot! I'm sorry I missed your show just now. I barely turned around to see then end - and that was way over at the bar!" She pouted prettily.


The four of them hit it off immediately, and were soon swapping stories of sexual derring-do. It seemed that Gerry and Lisa played the "daddy-daughter" game as well, though usually just in the bedroom. Since Gerry was a well-known businessman, they had to be a little more discreet in public. But they freely admitted that they did such things often when traveling.


"There's almost nothing that gets my little Lisa here more worked up than turning on a bunch of pervy men who think she's too young for that sort of thing," Gerry said proudly. "Of course, it's a little more difficult to pull of now than when we first started dating!" He leaned forward conspiratorially. "Don't tell anyone, but I really robbed the cradle with this one. She was only seventeen when we started dating - a senior in high school, can you believe it!"


"And he was a pervy old man at thirty-six!" Lisa countered. "Taking advantage of a sweet, innocent little girl like me. The shame!"


They all laughed at that, then Rick countered, "I'm afraid I'm even worse. Trish here was only ten years old the first time I licked her pussy." Trish looked mortified, but Gerry and Lisa just looked thoughtful.


"You couldn't have been much more than a kid yourself," Gerry said. Trish looks young, but she has to be at least twenty-one to be in here...


"I'm twenty-five," Trish said, skimming off a couple of years out of habit.


"Well you look seventeen," Lisa said. "But Rick? You can't be much over thirty, tops."


"Well yeah, I'm really only a few years older than her," he admitted.


"Oh, so you were both kids!" Gerry said. "Lucky bastard! That's sexy as hell. I'll bet her little pussy was amazing at ten."


Rick and Trish exchanged glances. These two didn't seem to think young people having sex was a bad thing. Could they really have found kindred spirits in them?


"Smoother than a baby's bottom," Rick said, making everyone crack up. "Although, she keeps it so pristine, you can barely tell it from a ten-year-old's pussy now."


"Yeah, I bet!" Gerry said with obvious desire. "I only got a peek from behind, but what a peek!" He took his wife's hand and kissed it. "Lisa's the same way. It makes it a lot more believable in our play-acting when there's no hair to give it away."


"Oh?" Rick asked. "So she likes to play pre-pubescent? That's pretty kinky!"


"Yeah," Gerry agreed, "That's what makes it so fun." He stopped and frowned. "Hope that's not sharing too much."


Trish and Rick both chimed in at once, "Oh no! Not at all! Go on!"


Gerry grinned. "She loves to call me daddy, and I gotta tell you, there's nothing sexier than seeing my cock splitting her little pussy, or cumming on her bare mound." He looked at Rick and Trish, gauging their reactions, and when he saw they were favorable, he added, "Especially when she screams something naughty."


"Oh daddy, daddy!" Lisa chimed in, in a low - but very convincingly child-like voice, "You dun cummed all over my itty bitty cunny! Shame on you, you bad man!"


The grins on Rick's and Trish's faces told Lisa that she was a hit, and the already erect nipples poking through her own sheer blouse were joined by goosebumps as she leaned forward and whispered with a child-like lilt to her voice. "Thomtimes daddy lets other mens cum onna me too! It'th rilly warm an' gooey an feels supa nice when dey rubs it onna my boobies!"


Gerry and Lisa watched once more to see how their naughty play would be received. Trish sat there, her jaw slack, but Rick leaned back, acting nonchalant. "Well honey," he said to Trish. "We can go now." Lisa's face fell, but Rick held her eyes. "No need to stay - this little minx just made me cum in my shorts."


Lisa's face went from sad, to shocked, to overjoyed, to giggling like a little school girl in two seconds, while a look of fond pride covered Gerry's. Trish scolded him. "That was mean Rick. Just for that, I'm not going to ask her to teach me how to talk like that! You'll just have to keep pretending I'm thirteen!"


Rick coughed. "(Cough)Bullshit!Cough)," which made everyone at the table crack up again.


The couples chatted a while longer, through a couple of refills before the question on everyone's mind came up. They all obviously wanted to play together, but none of them were keen on doing it here - they wanted to get into some of their shared fetish - ageplaying - which really shouldn't be done here, for several reasons. The club would, of course, tolerate a certain amount of such activity. The school-girl fetish was quite common. But while ageplaying was fine at supposed high-school levels, the four of them wanted to go younger than that.


While Gerry and Lisa went to the bar "to get more drinks for them all" - an obvious ploy to talk together without Rick and Trish, while also giving the other couple a chance to talk - Trish said it first.


"Rick, I want to take these two home and fuck their brains out. And I want Patty to watch, and if they're game, to participate!"


"Yeah, but we can't be sure they'd be up for any actual play with a real child."


"No, dammit, we can't. God, but I wish there was some way to be sure!"


"Well, I have my phone. I can look them up in the sex-offender database..."


"Very funny. Not. But I want to play with them. If we can't host, maybe they can? Or maybe a motel?" she asked hopefully.


"No problem honey. I'll make reservations." Rick pulled out his phone and before the other couple got back, had confirmed reservations for the "Bridal Suite" at a nice hotel nearby.


The others rejoined them, and soon they were sipping and talking once again. Gerry brought up the question eventually.


"So Lisa and I really like you two, and we think you'd be a lot of fun to be with. We seem to have a lot in common, kinks-wise. But we know it's your first time here, and don't want to push..."


"Not at all," Trish said eagerly. "Rick and I were discussing the same thing. This probably isn't a good place, but we'd really like to... get to know you kids better." She grinned, acknowledging the intentional wording.


"Unfortunately," Gerry said, "our place is out. Our son is there, and there's no doubt in my mind that he'd try to spy on us if we brought another couple home. He's had his suspicions for a while now, I'm sure." He grinned. "And to be honest, he's got a real thing for his mother."


Lisa slapped his shoulder. "Gerry! Stop!"


"It's true love! You were the one who discovered our sex photos were re-arranged. And I'm pretty sure he hasn't been whacking off over me!'


"Don't be too sure," Lisa said, kissing his nose. "You're a sexy man. I masturbate over you quite often."


"By which she means," he said in an aside to Trish and Rick, "I lay down and she squats over my face, giving me a great view while she fingerfucks herself until she cums right into my mouth."


"Niiiice!" Rick said, looking over at Trish. "I'd love that honey!"


"You got it, stud," she said, grinning. Then turning back to Lisa, "You don't think he beats off to you? Why not, you're very sexy!"


Lisa shrugged. "Oh, he probably does. But I think he likes girls with bigger boobs than mine." She cupped them in her blouse, her nipples clearly visible. They were about the same size as Trish's - a small handful.


Trish pressed. "It doesn't bother you that he jacks off over you?"


"No, of course not. Why would it? It's pretty normal for a thirteen-year-old, isn't it?"


Trish grinned. "I guess not. I love it when guys jack off over me. I mean... when they jack off because of me."


"Don't fib," Rick laughed, turning to Lisa. "She likes it when men jack off over her too. She loves cum spraying on her - pretty much anywhere. But I'll tell you, I'd have whacked off over my mother if she looked like you. And this one," he gestured to Trish, "would get off on the idea of teen boys whacking off." He whispered, "She's a pervert!"


"Fuck you honey," Trish said sweetly, kissing him. "You just wish my daughter played with herself to pictures of you!"


"Oh?" Gerry asked, a bit too eagerly, "you have a daughter?"


"Yeah she does," Rick said. "Pretty little thing too. In fact, the first time I saw her, I thought it was Trish here, gone back in time to when I'd last seen her - she was ten then, same as Patty is now, and just as precocious."


"Heh heh," Gerry said nervously, "well you saw her mother at that age, she probably looks pretty similar."


"Oh, I did more than see her at ten," Rick grinned. "If Patty's pussy is as perfect as Trish's, it's a crime not to put it on posters! I know her ass is as fine - I've seen her in our pool." He neglected to mention that they usually swam nude at home.


"I've seen it," Trish chimed in. "It's perfect as mine ever was. I don't have any nudes of course, but would you like to see her?"


It was almost comical the way Gerry tried to not look too eager, though his eyes were afire with eager desire. When Trish pulled out her photo sleeve, he took it with trembling hands.


Gerry and Lisa poured over the pictures. There were only a half-dozen, but Trish loved her daughter's body dearly, so four of those six were more than a little risque, exposing all but a little of her sweet body.


"Good lord," Lisa said. "If I could have that body for a night, Gerry would die of dehydration from cumming so much!"


Trish beamed proudly. "Sorry kids, but her body's taken - though she has been known to share it."


"She's sexually active?" Gerry asked, eagerly surprised. "At ten years old? Damn! I wish I was ten again!"


"Yeah... well she wouldn't want you then," Rick said, grinning. "She likes older boys. In fact, I suspect they're not all boys."


"Girls?" Lisa asked in a trembling voice.


"Probably that too," Trish said, "but Rick meant grown-up boys. My little girl's got a thing for men."


"She likes men... and she's sexually active? Doesn't that bother you?"


"Well, better that, than some prick teenager who doesn't know what he's doing and won't treat her right!" Trish said with some anger.


"Amen sister," Lisa said, giving her a high-five. "Remember Gerry, I liked older men too - lucky for you! And for your information," she added to Trish, "I wasn't really seventeen, I was barely sixteen when this pervert seduced me!"


"Anyway, I've never seen her with another man," Rick chimed in. Not saying she hasn't, just that if so, she's mighty careful.


"Well you better keep your eyes open," Gerry said. "She's a little doll. A real looker. And any men who have any sense that they've got a shot with her are going to try. Hell, I would! I mean, if I wasn't happily married - and if I was some sort of pervert."


"But I thought you were a pervert honey," Trish said. "Are you saying my daughter's not good enough for you?" She was teasing him, and everyone knew it. But Gerry wasn't about to take that laying down.


"I am a pervert, but a restrained one. And your daughter is certainly 'good enough' for me. If she'd have me, I'd take her in a heartbeat." He'd meant it as nothing more than a rebuttal and it would have been perfect, if his voice hadn't cracked at the end.


"Well," Trish said, "I'll tell you what. I'll check with her and see if she wants to fuck you. Fair enough?"


Gerry's face was red, though it was hard to say if it was embarrassment, arousal, or even anger - though one might suspect a mix of all three. "Fair enough," he said. Then he broke out in open laughter. "Damn you two play rough! I'm not sure we're up to your level."


"I don't know about other moms," Rick said, sipping his drink, "but I'll tell you one thing. There's no faster way to Trish's heart than to speak well of her daughter. You have, my friend, earned one hell of a fucking from her - Lisa allowing, of course." He grinned as Lisa nodded, obviously eager for that as well.


The four of them piled into Rick's car and headed for the hotel, but half way there, Trish leaned over and whispered in his ear, "Can we take them home?"


He looked at her. "You're sure?"


She nodded. "Absolutely."


"Guys?" Rick said, "Change of plans. If you're up for it, we can go to our place."


"But..." Gerry said, "I thought Patty was there."


"She is," Trish said. "And if it's okay with you, I'd like her to have the option to observe. I think it'd be good for her to see how four healthy-minded people can be together sexually without friction and heartache."


"Trish," Lisa said sadly, "I'm afraid you may have just made my husband waste his first load. He's not heavy into exhibitionism, but the thought of being watched by a ten-year-old may have been too much for him."


Everyone laughed, though Gerry confirmed that he had not wasted his load, and the band made record time back to the house.


"Honey, this is Lisa, and this is Gerry. They're friends we met at the sex club tonight." Trish laid her hand on Patty's shoulder. The girl had been watching a movie when they'd arrived, and was more than a little confused by the second couple coming home with her parents.


"Uh hi. Nice to meet you," she said, a little off-put by the way Gerry was looking at her.


"They're actually really nice," Rick said. "Gerry's just horny as hell, and largely because we showed him some pictures of you."


Patty's eyes widened, and shifted from Rick, to Gerry, to Lisa, and finally up to her mom. "Really momma?"


"Really honey. Daddy and I are going to have sex with them, and we told them you could watch if you want to. Of course you don't have to - you can go back to your movie..."


She didn't get to finish, as Patty was already running up the stairs. "Come ON you guys!" she yelled back over her shoulder.


"Kids," Trish shrugged.


When they got to the master bedroom, Patty was already naked in the middle of the bed, rubbing her shiny-wet pussy with her fingers. Lisa and Gerry stopped in their tracks at the sight, Rick almost running into them from behind.


"Young lady," Trish scolded, "I said you could WATCH."


"But momma!" Patty complained, but at the look at her mom's face, backed off. Then she looked forlorn and started to get up. "I don't think I can watch without rubbing myself." She headed for the door.


"I... uh... that is..." Gerry sputtered.


"What my husband is trying to say," Lisa chimed in, "is that we are okay if your daughter wants to play with herself while watching. It's really only fair. I don't think I could watch without playing with myself either!"


"Thank you!" Patty said, launching herself into Lisa's arms. The woman caught her expertly, hand sliding under her naked behind to hold her. "Oh my, she is a sexy little bundle," she said. Sliding her arm under the bare bum, she lifted her hand up to her eyes. "And quite wet," she grinned. Slowly, with her eyes on Trish to see if she'd object, she brought the wet fingers to her mouth and licked them. "And delicious," she finished.


"Hey! No fair!" Gerry complained, but Lisa brought her fingers up for him to sample, which he did. "Very yummy," he nodded to the little girl, making her grin hugely.


The four adults were naked in no time, with Patty sitting in the middle of the bed playing with herself as Trish and Gerry paired up and Rick and Lisa paired up. Lisa's body was delightfully similar to Trish's, while Gerry's was in good shape, his cock slightly thicker but not quite as long as Rick's.


While he'd tried his best, Gerry hadn't got himself sunk even half-way into Trish's sopping wet pussy before the excitement of being watched closely by Patty while he penetrated her mother was too much. Not knowing if cumming inside was allowed, he pulled out and erupted all over Trish, covering her with line after line of hot cum, his climax prolonged and exaggerated by Patty, who reached over and scooped the first splat from her mother's chest with one finger, and popping it into her mouth to taste his cum. He may have cum twice that first time, the second predicated by the little girl's reaction to the first - there certainly was ample discharge to make the case for two climaxes.


Naturally everyone saw it, and Lisa completely lost it. "Fuck me daddy, fuck me daddy," she cried to Rick, habitually using her little-girl voice in her excitement. Rick thrust deep into his new friend's wife, stirring her insides with his hard cock as he rammed her hard.


"He's MY daddy, not yours!" Patty giggled, but that did nothing to quell the tide of terrible desire overcoming the group.


"Shut up you," Trisha growled, drawing her daughter to her breast, where the little girl began to suck and lick Gerry's cum from her skin. The way she went for it made it all to clear that she not only loved cum, but that she'd done this before.


"You bastard," he said to Rick. "You fuck her too, I bet!"


"Don't YOU wanna, Mr. Gerry?" Patty asked. Without waiting, she rolled over on top of her mother, still licking the man's cum from her skin while raising her ass, presenting herself to the man.


Gerry froze, his rock-hard cock still dripping cum onto Trish's leg. He looked at the others, all three giving him a nod before he could believe it. "Don't worry Gerry," Rick said gently, "she can take it. Believe me, I know."


With a howl, Lisa erupted, drenching Rick's cock and thighs with her explosion of juices. "Fuck that child," she shrieked at her husband as she grinded back against Rick, thrashing around on his cock. As her climax subsided, she shakily worked her way over to help Patty lick the cum from Trish's body. In moments she and Patty were sharing a cummy-kiss.


"Oh fuck," Gerry said, reaching down and taking the little girl's hips in his hands. His cock tip found her warm, wet entrance and he pushed slightly, worried about hurting her despite her daddy's assurance.


When he hesitated, Rick hauled off and smacked Gerry's ass, hard enough to shove his cock half-way deep into the little girl, who grunted into Lisa's mouth, but didn't complain. Instead, she pushed back. That was all the assurance Gerry needed. He pushed the rest of the way into the little girl's magically tight pussy. He couldn't believe that something so tight could fit him, and yet it did. In moments his man-sized cock was buried to the balls in the little girl.


Fortunately, he'd just cum massively, else he'd have shot off immediately. Even as it was, he lasted less than five minutes - but it was five minutes of pure bliss, for him and Patty both, culminating in an explosion that made the big-bang seem like a pop-gun, falling incoherently to the side once the spasms had stopped. The child's screams of pleasure were wont to make the ears ring.


Trish and Lisa immediately moved her around to where they could lick and suck her sweet, cum-filled pussy, kissing each other and the little girl's cunny with abandon as Rick tried hard not to explode yet. Pulling his cock from the drenched innards of his friend's wife, he offered it to the little girl, who eagerly took it, sucking hard.


His eruption was epic, and after the first shot, he pulled back so everyone could see him cumming into the little girl's cum-hungry mouth. Most of it got in there, making her coo with glee, though a couple of drops ran down her cheeks, where Rick leaned forward to lick them clean.


Everyone had cum, at least once, but Trish. Recovering, Patty recognized her mother's need, and did as she had so many times before, shoving her whole hand and half her arm into her mother's pussy, then pumping fast. The often-practiced exercise worked perfectly, and in moments the woman was cumming hard on her little girl's arm. When she was done, Patty moved in and began licking the woman's gaping pussy greedily, hungry for the juices she'd developed a taste for while still inside.


By the time the sun rose, all five of the lovers were exhausted and sore. But of course, ten-year-olds recover quickly!


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