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Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Becky Rider

Part: Part 2

Summary: Becky gets another ride, and so does mom.

Keywords: MF, Fg(8) Mg(8), exhib, voy, ped, ageplay

Date: 12/22/2014

[Author's Note]


So yeah, okay. I know what I SHOULD have done. But sometimes it's not what you SHOULD do that matters. It's what you CAN do. And I was no more able to toss that scrap of fabric than I was able to flap my arms and fly to the moon. And I challenge any of you judgmental pricks to do any different under the circumstances!


First, they were just fucking cute. Plain white cotton, with pink piping around the edges, and a Hello Kitty face on the front, right above where her little treasure would be. I swear to God, if I ever saw a real woman wearing something that cute, I'll kiss her through them until she treated them like a coffee filter! Uh, okay, terrible analogy. You know what I mean though, she'd cum and I'd suck her juices through them. I'm not a fucking poet, give me a break!


Second, and equally important, she just smelled GOOD. I mean, those of us who love eating pussy generally like the "scent of a woman" in the truest sense. But even discounting my oral fixation, I do believe that dudes who DON'T like pussy would have found her scent sweet. It was almost candy-like in its sweetness, and it tasted as good as it smelled. Yeah, that's right, I checked. Don't tell me you wouldn't have!


Anyway, there was no real PROOF it was Becky. For all I know, Carol could have been frigging herself against the washing machine - I've seen women do that - and grabbed the first thing handy to sop up her mess. Don't tell me it couldn't happen. I've grabbed the first thing handy to clean up my messes before, and so have you. So fuck you. If I could pretend that's what happened, and it was actually Carol, then I could just enjoy them for what they were - a young woman's panties soaked in lovely pussy juice. More importantly, I could do what I did - run to my room and rub out one very much-needed climax while inhaling that scent!


I wish I could say that I imagined Carol. I tried. In fact, I guess for a while I did. But y'know, Becky was just so damned cute, and it's not every day a girl cums on your leg. Well, I don't know about you, but it sure as hell wasn't every day for me! And just re-imagining her squeezing thighs, and that oh-so-sweet sound she made when she came... Yeah, I fapped off more than once, and enjoyed every time!


So a couple of months go by, and the memory fades a bit - probably wore those memory cells out actually. I whacked off with Becky's panties in-hand and on-face at least once a day for those couple weeks. But time goes by, and even the most intense experiences fade. Becky wasn't forgotten, of course, but there were occasional offers and I wasn't exactly a monk. Life went back to usual, and even my masturbatory practices returned to their usually less-perverted tack. Then...


Ring-Ring! "Hello?" "Hi Dane, its Carol".


Did she have to tell me Carol who? Hell no. My pulse was racing the second I heard her voice. This was the pretty young mom of my pretty little rider! I took an extra second or two to try to still my racing pulse - and mind.


"Dane? Are you there?"


"Sorry, must be this cell phone. What can I do for you Carol?" Shit. What can I do for you and your kid, is what I meant! No I didn't. YES I DID! Crap.


"Well, I hate to admit it, but I think we got another virus."


YES!!! "Ah, that's too bad. Well it's only been a couple of months, and it shouldn't have gotten broken again. So I'll do this one gratis, and maybe we can figure out how you keep getting them and fix it. There's probably a hijacker or keylogger or something in there, and I may have missed it." I was babbling, but it was techno-babble, and nobody understands techno-babble anyway. I knew the machine was clean when I left, but if I didn't charge her for coming back, well, she might ask me to come back more often!


"Well at least let me cook you dinner. It's the least I can do, since I probably mucked it up."


We went back-and-forth a bit in the typical social dance, and I got the impression that in addition, she was being a little flirty with me. Cool! We decided I'd go over that evening about six. That'd give me time to shower after my last job, and give her time to cook.


The rest of the day was a blur, and showering, I thought about Carol. She was a hot little piece of tail, and I'd love to get her into the sack, so if her flirting turned serious, I'd be all over that! I had me an ulterior motive to toss her a freebie - I hoped she'd toss me some nookie! But my ulterior motive had an ulterior motive as well. If Carol and I hooked up, I might get to spend more time with Becky. Maybe she'd like another "horsie ride". I knew I was lying to myself about those panties and who soaked them, but it was a mind-game I had to play with myself to keep from going nuts. I kept pretending to myself that it had been Carol, because if her mom had REALLY given me her daughter's cum-soaked panties... well, I wouldn't be able to walk with a hard-on that stiff!


So I got ready, got my gear, and headed over. Bag over my shoulder, I rang the bell, and heard Carol's voice inside. "Becky, can you get the door please?" Shit. Breathe Dane, breathe! She probably doesn't even remember you - kids got NO attention span!


She answered the door wearing - I shit you not - the cutest little fluffy pink-and-white dress you ever saw. It looked like something out of a Shirley Temple movie - except that her hair was straight and in two long ponytails that cascaded over her shoulders. She saw me and, to my astonishment, threw open the door, yelled "Horsey!" and literally leaped into my arms. Well so much for not remembering! I didn't know whether to be afraid or delighted.


"I'm so sorry," Carol said as she came bustling out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on a towel. "She's been like this ever since I told her you were coming over for dinner. Come here kiddo!" she reached for the child, who had affixed herself to me with all the subtlety of a boa constrictor. Her arms and legs wrapped around me, and she pressed her face to my chest like she was never going to let go, and I had naturally reacted when she jumped up by slipping one hand around her back and the other under her behind to hold her up.


"It's okay," I said as it became evident from Carol's lack of success at prying her child from me. "I can hold her." Carol smiled approvingly - which was the last thing I'd expected. "Okay," she said with a mischievous grin. Dinner will be in about twenty. Will that be enough time to get the computer working properly?"


"Should be fine," I replied, carrying the kid along with me. I knew where the machine was, and proceeded to the room they used for it. Setting by laptop bag aside, I sat down, and Becky slid into my lap as though she belonged there. "Horsey ride?" she asked.


Carol laughed. "You should have known Dane. And you should have worn shorts!" I glanced over at her in stark disbelief, but she was already walking down the hall. What an ass that girl had on her though! I watched it wiggle until she turned the corner.


I was starting to hope that her mother knew exactly what her daughter had in mind - what I HOPED she had in mind anyway - and that maybe she didn't mind that her daughter got her jollies on my leg. Maybe those panties hadn't been a mistake after all. Part of me had known all along, it was just the "normal" part of me who'd tried to make it somehow a mistake.


Becky kept her squirming to a minimum as I fired up the machine and almost immediately found the problem. The hard drive was so full it could barely operate. She sat quietly while I worked, which was good for me, as it meant I could focus - at least a little bit. Shortly I found what had happened. Someone had made multiple copies of an entire subdirectory - like 50 copies, and that is what had filled the drive. I quickly did some comparisons to make sure the files were identical in all of the copies, so I wouldn't be removing anything unique. Then I deleted 49 of the copies. The machine ran much better once that was accomplished, and I grinned to Becky. "Looks like someone made a boo-boo and copied a bunch of files."


"Oh," she said, not really interested. "Horsey ride now?" she said hopefully, though not as hopeful as I was! "Sure," I said.


With a sound that was half giggle and half squeal, she spun around, facing me this time, her legs wrapping around my leg - the same leg as before. "Bouncy!" she ordered, and I complied.


Her giggles were like a shot of adrenaline, and her eyes widened as I started bouncing my leg. Her eyes got wide and her pupils dilated like a cat's. In a short time, her cheeks were flushing and she was bucking on my leg as before - she didn't even hide the fact that she was rubbing her pussy on my leg. Apparently last time she'd at least tried to make it look unintentional.


I was mesmerized. Not just by her raw sexuality, but by her frankness about it. She was completely unabashed and unafraid. Apparently she knew I was okay with it, and she held nothing back. She clung to my shirt with both hands and made the sweetest little "Uh! Uh!" sounds as she pushed her climax steadily closer. I could already feel her heat through my pants, and I was sure she was going to soak my leg as before. Watching her, my cock grew rock-hard, and I was sure I'd be making them soggy with precum, but I didn't care. Watching this little eight year old getting off on my leg was fucking amazing!


"Uh! Uh! UHHHHHHH!" she cried out finally, and I felt her legs clenching and relaxing over and over as warm wetness seeped into the skin of my leg. I reached up to help hold her steady as she came, and her arms flew around my neck, holding me tight, like a lover in the throes of climax! It was almost heartbreakingly sweet - and cock-breakingly erotic!


Finally she sat there, trembling and panting in my ear, and I heard Carol behind me. "Damn, I wish I could get off that easy. Maybe you can give ME a horsey ride later?"


"No! Mine! Find your own horsey!" Becky complained, but she was just teasing, and we all laughed.


After Becky had calmed down a bit, Carol offered to take her off my hands, but Becky wanted to cuddle in my lap, and I was fine with that. More than fine - feeling her firm little behind on my turgid cock would be a nice sensation. So I held her there while I explained the issue with the computer to her mother.


Carol's cheeks reddened. "That's so stupid of me. I was trying to organize some of my home pictures, and I must have accidently dropped something on the keyboard or something."


"Oh, I doubt it. There was far too much data - you'd have to take an awful lot of pictures to use up all that space," I explained.


"Well it's not all pictures," she admitted. "I take a lot of home movies too." Her cheeks were pink again, and I got the impression there was more here than just some lame home movies. "I can show you after dinner," she offered, "if you want."


Holy shit yes I did! "Sure," I said, sounding bored. Home moves were supposed to be boring, after all.


Carol was a good cook, and we managed to keep the conversation mundane during the meal. It was actually kind of fun. Carol and Becky were very playful and easy with each other, the mother-daughter relationship that looked like best friends. And they welcomed me into the fray gladly, with plenty of good-natured banter and teasing - most of which was innocent. But throughout the entire meal, there was an undercurrent of sexual tension. My erection relaxed into a semi- but no further. He knew something was up. And Carol's nipples were erect throughout the meal. She caught me staring at them several times, and always pretended to be embarrassed, but it was clear that she thoroughly enjoyed my attention.


As for Becky, she hinted more than once about how much fun I was at "horsey rides" and encouraged her mother to take a ride too. It sounded for all the world like she wanted me and her mother to "hook up" tonight - and she made it pretty clear that she knew exactly what that meant!


I offered to help clean up, but Carol only took time enough for the basics, putting the food away and stacking the dishes for later washing. Then she looked at her little girl and told her that her show was on. The kid ran off to watch TV, but not before she came and gave me a big, firm hug, her hands reaching around and her face only inches from my obvious bulge. I swear to God she looked at it and smiled before running off!


"Jesus she's cute!" I told Carol as we walked back to the computer.


"That's one way to put it. Irresistible might be a better word though." She reached over and stroked my leg, where her little girl had drenched it. "These are still wet. I'd be happy to wash them for you if you like." She sighed. "It's a pretty common issue in this household. That little minx gets off on EVERYTHING. If you look in the living room, you'll notice the arms on the sofa have waterproof terrycloth covers on them."


"Jeez, really? She does that a lot?"


"Constantly," she said. Then she sighed. "But she comes by it honestly. Rarely a day goes by where I don't get off several times myself."


I looked at her with surprise. Her cheeks were burning, but again, I don't think it was shame or embarrassment. At least not completely. I didn't know what to say. After a moment's consideration, I realized that back when I was her age, I'd been just as horny, though back then, women barely admitted they had a libido. Still, I could show some solidarity. "I hear ya," I said. "Guys can't do it so often though. Once or twice a day is my usual fare." It was true too. If I wasn't getting laid, I was whacking off at least once a day. Sometimes, both!


Carol smiled and pulled a second chair up by the computer. We were close enough to be uncomfortable, but I was starting to think that we were going to end up in bed together tonight, the way she was acting. She left me in the control chair, and leaned over, putting her hand on my wet pants leg. She looked surprised, lifting it to her nose, then inhaled deeply, smiling. "Doesn't she smell yummy?" she asked?


Fuck. My half-sleeping cock lurched to full wakefulness. This young woman was complimenting the scent of her eight year old daughter's pussy! I wasn't going to disagree though. I nodded. "Very," I said with real feeling - which made her giggle, a sound not very different from her daughter's giggle. She put her hand right back on my wet pants leg and leaned forward to point to the screen. "There's the folder."


It couldn't be an accident that the way she leaned let me look straight down her top as it fell open. As I'd expected, her breasts were lovely indeed. Maybe an A or B cup - I don't know much about bra sizes, but I knew they were small - and so smooth and delicate, with long, crinkled nipples standing out as if they wanted some attention. Maybe they did. I knew I'd love to give them some attention, that was for sure!


I clicked on the folder, and as I'd surmised, many of the files were video rather than pictures. Video takes up a lot more hard drive space. And of course, one the folder opened, all the pictures generated thumbnail views after a few seconds, so it was obvious that a great many of them were nudes, or partial nudes, and included her, her daughter, or both. Fucking JACKPOT!


"Go ahead Dane," Carol said, her voice soft and husky, yet also somehow little-girlish. I clicked one open at random, and my eyes were greeted with a picture of her and Becky together in the bath tub together. They were naked, and my eyes boggled at how similar they looked, other than that Becky had straight hair and Carol had curly. It was like twins, separated by only a few years. And both were hot as hell! Okay, well Becky didn't really have a "sexy" body per se, but it was sexy to see her naked with her mother, and Carol's body was definitely hot as hell.


"Like it?" Carol asked softly?


"Oh hells yes," I replied. "You're both very pretty."


Suddenly I felt her hand slipping up my leg, immediately cupping my hardness. "Mmm... You do like! Go ahead and check out a few more."


I did. For the next ten minutes or so I clicked through pictures of Carol, Becky, or both. Over half were nude or partially nude, and many of those were decidedly sexual. There were pictures of Becky and Carol touching each other's breasts, and pussies, of Becky "nursing" on Carol's little breasts, of Carol "nursing" on Becky's even smaller ones, and of each or both doing some very provocative poses. I learned that Carol's pussy was as bare as Becky's, and both girls had exquisite cunnies and stunning asses. I also learned that it's possible to get TOO horny. My cock hurt.


"I... I should probably go home Carol," I said, looking for some excuse to get out of here and somewhere I could rub one out.


"I can't let you leave in that condition," she replied, squeezing my cock to make sure I understood what condition she meant. "At least let me take care of it for you - if you're not going to spend the night." When I didn't respond immediately, she looked worried. "You didn't waste it did you?"


I didn't get it. Then I did. "No," I grinned. "Still fully loaded, and more than ready to go off."


"Goody!" she squealed, getting up and taking my hand. She looked for all the world like a little girl who was trying to get her daddy to play with her as she tugged me down the hallway to her bedroom. I wasn't sure I should, but I knew damned well that I was gonna! But it was her home, and I didn't want to press.


That was fine with Carol. Apparently I'd somewhere given her the go-ahead, and she was going to go ahead! She pulled me into her bedroom, then made short work of peeling my clothes off, making all the appropriate "Ooh" and "Aah" noises. She made a big deal of my cock, which every man appreciates, but she didn't touch it as she undressed me. Instead, she pushed me back onto the bed so my cock was standing straight into the air while she undressed.


The chick was on fire. I've had women horny before, but this was something else. She didn't exactly attack me, but there was no denying she was going to fuck me. Anyone saying otherwise would be taking their life in their hands. Her cheeks were flushed, her nipples were rock-hard, and I could smell her scent in the air - very similar to her daughter's, making my mouth water and my cock try to grow even harder.


There was no more foreplay, she meant business. She climbed atop me, then fucking blew my mind all over again. In a voice that was entirely convincing as a twelve year old, she looked me in the eye and said, "Daddy, can I please put it inside me? I'm SOOOOOO horny!"


I don't know how I didn't just shoot it up all over her as she towered above me, her naked little pussy only an inch above my cock head. I think if I didn't know for damned sure that I would soon be inside her, my little guy would have given up his load right there and then. As it was though, I couldn't talk at all. Seriously. If the room had been aflame, 911 would have been beyond me. But I could nod, and I did.


In that same little-girl voice, she squealed, "Yaaaay!" and with fingertips like fire, she positioned my cock and lowered herself onto me.


It was at once very easy, and very hard. On the one hand, this girl's pussy was SOAKING wet. And I mean, soaking like she had already cum - twice. I should have been able to slide right into her. On the other hand, the girl was TIGHT! I don't mean tight like, squeezing my cock, I mean tight like, couldn't even get it inside her. I don't think my cock's ever been harder, and yet, the pressure as she pushed down was almost enough to bend it!


I was about to ask her to stop. The pressures were mind-blowing, and I was pretty sure I was going to cum all over her pussy right then and there, when the head of my cock finally squeezed into her little hole. The back pressure was insane, and my cock - once it had breached her - shot up into her like a bullet, my hips involuntarily hunching up to ensure I got as far as I could. There was no resistance from the slick walls of her pussy, only a heat and pressure from her tightness.


Carol screamed. I can define the sound no other way. But it wasn't pain, it was pure, unadulterated pleasure - and joy. It was a joyful sound, as if she'd accomplished something incredible. While my hips had tried to push up into her, she dropped, forcing my cock all the way up inside her until I was buried and her bare little pussy was kissing my balls.


I would have cum there if I could have, the pleasure was so intense, but I think the squeezing was too much. Carol had no such issue though, and she howled as she came, her body shuddering and shaking like a big vibrator atop me. Her juices somehow managed to leak out of that tight fit and washed over my balls while I just laid back and watched in utter amazement. I'd never seen a girl cum so hard - at least, not without a couple of hours of foreplay and some serious oral with major clit sucking! But she did it with one entry thrust! It was like watching the goddess of sex herself!


After she was done cumming - which seemed to take a long time, she flopped forward atop me. Suddenly her pussy was loose enough to fuck as she hugged me tight, kissing me and saying, "Thank you Daddy!" over and over again. It was crazy, but it was also hot as hell. How often does a fourty-something man get a twenty-something petite, sexy girl to play out one of his naughtiest fantasies?


Fuck it. I know, I'm evil, but I played along. "That's right Carol! Daddy's gonna shoot his cum right up inside you! You been wanting my cock honey? I've been wanting your tight little pussy! Gonna fill your belly up with my cum baby girl. You want it, I want it, and I'm gonna fill my daughter's cunt with the same seeds that birthed her!"


I fucked up into her hard and fast, my hands gripping that firm little behind and squeezing tight. But that only got her going again. "Yes daddy! Fuck my little pussy! Come on daddy! Give me your hot cock! I need it daddy! I need to feel you cumming up inside my pussy!" She wasn't quiet and demure now, she was loud, demanding, and very much into her role. Her voice was that little-girl voice, but panting with desire. She wanted her daddy to fill her pussy with his cum and she wasn't going to take "no" for an answer.


Neither would she have to. Her squeezing had delayed my climax, but now that I could pound my cock into that fine, tight wet pussy, I could feel my balls preparing to launch every drop that had been building since I'd knocked on their door.


That reminded me of Becky. Holy shit, Becky! Carol had been loud, and I'd reacted in kind because I wasn't used to having a kid around. But Carol should have known better! Had we even closed the door to the bedroom?


I glanced over there, and knew what I'd see before I even saw it. Becky was standing in the doorway, watching us, her hand under her dress, rubbing frantically as she watched me fucking Carol.


I almost blacked out, my climax was so intense as I erupted, roaring my lust aloud, into her mother's - my daughter's - flowing pussy.


From far away, a part of my mind laughed that Becky wasn't the only "Rider" in the family!


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