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PEEKERS - Part 2

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Peekers

Part: Part 2

Summary: Being peeked at once may be an accident. Being peeked at twice is on purpose!

Keywords: M, MF, f, mast, voy, exhib, cum

Date: 02/23/2015

[Author's Note]


The next several days were blissful hell for me. Hell because she never showed up again. Blissful because I imagined she did, and spent much of every night on FapChat, hoping she was watching, imagining she was watching, watching others, and basically living a pervert's fantasy. While my normal pattern - if I can be said to have one - was to Fap it out every night or two, my new "pattern" was to fap it out a couple times a night, starting earlier and finishing later than was usual. I'd start at dusk, and keep at it until nearly ten - far too late for a girl so young to be out anyway. But I couldn't help it. I kept it up on the off chance she might be watching.


It didn't happen though. And it kept not happening. But my perversion grew. I found myself becoming less interested in the buxom beauties of my own generation, and more interested in the younger, skinnier, and less well-endowed ladies available on FapChat. I make no excuses. I was at least as excited by my neighbor's youth as I was by her interest in watching me whack off, and in my imagination, the younger girls I was looking at were her age.


And yeah, her age was a problem. Even looking at girls her age naked could land me in jail. For the first time in my life, I found myself wishing I was a kid again! But the taboo of it was exciting. I'm not one of those assholes who wants to hurt kids or anything, and I'd never molest one against her (or his) will. But now that I had actual evidence that kids her age might actually be sexually active...


Only apparently I was wrong. She didn't show up again. I guessed maybe I could understand that. Why would a kid her age find an old fart like me interesting? Chances were that she wasn't watching for sexual thrills. She was probably watching me for the laughs. So after my fantasy cooled down for a couple of weeks, I slid gradually into my old habits and preferences.


I'd always had a particular fondness for chicks with around a C-cup, though I'd certainly never turn down a B- or D-cup. I didn't have much interest in the hugely over-sized breasts that some porn stars spend a fortune getting - they don't look real, and in my experience, they don't feel real either.


The other thing I've always loved is girls who shave down there. Partly this is because back when I was actually fairly sexually active myself, I loved nothing so much as going down on a chick, and the fucking hair (fucking hair?) always got in the way. Also, juices tended to get matted in there, resulting in clumps which were unappealing. But a nice smoothly-shaved pussy was always a pleasure, and one could lick her clean before, after, and several times in between. Plus, they just look a lot nicer. I'd been lucky in that most of my partners over the years were perfectly willing to go hairless - especially since I was willing to do so too. Also the fact that I was willing to keep them shaved clean was a plus. Shaving a friend can be some really amazing foreplay.


Even that sort of thing can be shared over video if one wants, and I had a friend who really got off on doing the whole routine for me. She'd come fresh from the shower, then do a slow, sensuous shave for me, right up close to the camera. Her pussy was delightful, and she preferred to go totally hairless (also my preference), so it took a while. During the process she'd watch me stroke myself while watching her, and she'd usually get herself off at least a couple of times in the process - and that was before the post-shaving oil-down!


But I play fair, and prefer to go bare myself, so after she finished one particular night, I repaid her in kind. I lathered myself up generously, and was shaving myself cautiously, glancing up to watch her working her lovely pussy with a waterproof (and oil-proof) dildo she really enjoys. The sight really kept me rock-hard, which is a plus when you're shaving, though the warm water and slippery suds helped too.


While shaving for her, I generally have the views reversed, so she's in the small window and I'm in the big one. With that configuration, it's sort of like having a magnifying mirror, which helps you see where you've missed. You have to reverse the camera so it acts like a mirror, but that's simple enough to do. Also, like I've said, I kind of enjoy seeing my junk up on the big screen. Who wouldn't? While my cock's not exactly small, seeing it expanded on a seventeen-inch screen makes it look like a monster. A slippery, smooth, sudsy monster that feels really good when you stroke it.


I was nearly finished, both with the shaving and with the build-up. My precum was drooling out regularly, and my friend's gasps of pleasure were telling me she was ready for the big one any moment. Well, another big one anyway. She was encouraging me to hurry up and finish shaving so I could oil-up and cum with her. I certainly didn't need any prompting!


I finished the last of the shaving, rinsed, toweled dry, and grabbed the baby oil. Believe me, baby oil is the BEST thing to put on a freshly shaved cock and balls! My hands were getting a little shaky as I smoothed the oil all over myself, making my cock nice and shiny and bringing out the colors as if it were still wet. Okay, I may be biased, but I think I've got a very sexy cock. My friend thought so too, and her little toy was buried deep and buzzing loud, though I could barely hear it over her moans.


When she came, I flipped the cameras so that I could watch her pussy up close and personal as she climaxed. Her oily pussy flexed and squeezed her toy and her fingers danced over her engorged clitoris, the oil making it easy to rub that nub without too much friction. She was going to need another shower, I mused, as her juices were flowing and splashing over her thighs from her ramming that dong in and out of her cunny with more force than I'd ever use on a delicate pussy!


I didn't want to interrupt her climax, so I held off until she was over her peak, and in that warm, dreamy after-cum place where she could really focus on watching me. We'd done this together enough times that I knew she, in her voyeuristic nature, wanted to actually WATCH me cum, just as I didn't want to be cumming myself while she was, as I'd have missed part of her lovely show.


When she was ready though, I flipped my camera back to putting myself on the big screen. Sure, call me egotistical, but I did enjoy watching myself cum. I could still see her touching herself in the little window, of course, but she wasn't really doing much. She was far too interested in watching me stroke it in those long, smooth strokes that baby-oil and an audience encourages. And it did look hot, even if I do say so myself. I was loving the feeling, loving the sight, and loving the fact that this horny woman who'd just diddled herself for me was watching me getting off.


"Ooh baby, stroke that big fat cock for me," she cooed. She knew I loved her voice, and like most mutual J/O enthusiasts, she totally got into talking to me, urging me on when I was close to cumming. I'd done the same for her, of course, which is part of why she'd just cum so hard. I especially loved her voice just after she came, as she was now, where she had that breathy, panting, just-climaxed quality to it.


"That's right, you naughty slut," I replied in kind. Like many women, she enjoyed being called names during sex. "You just diddled yourself and came for me, right in front of my face! Now I'm going to do the same for you! You ready to see me cum, you naughty girl?"


"Ooh yesss!" she sighed. I could see her own fingers were working on her pussy. She'd discarded the dildo and had two fingers buried deep, with her oily palm mashing her slick clit. "Cum for me! Let me see that jizz shooting up in the air and... hey, what the hell?"


That wasn't according to script, and it threw me. "Huh?" I replied, my intellect somewhat hampered by the lack of blood reaching my brain.


"Is that someone in your back yard?" she asked.


I looked beyond my cock in the monitor. Yes. YES! My little friend was back! No, I couldn't make out much, but I could tell she was much closer this time. Hell, I could nearly make out her face in the dim light, and it may have been my imagination, but I thought I saw her arms in a position which looked like she might be touching herself!


It really didn't matter. In my mind, that little girl was watching me jack off, my cock big on the screen, and she was rubbing herself. I didn't care if it was true or not, it was real enough to me.


"Don't let on," I told my friend. "It's a neighbor who watches me sometimes." I wanted to tell my friend that it was a kid, but had no idea how she'd react.


"Oh wow," she said. "That's fucking hot! You got two girls ogling you as you whack it, you stud! If you don't cum a gallon, I'm going to be sooo disappointed!"


I laughed. "You just keep rubbing that sexy little pussy of yours like that, and I'm gonna cum a gallon for you, all right!" Also not entirely true. Yes, I was going to spew like nobody's business, but in my mind, the pussy I was watching on screen belonged to my little peeker. My hand slid up and down my cock, rubbing over the head with rapidly increasing tempo.


Maybe it was my imagination, but it seemed to me that the girl in the yard's arms moved faster as I did. I know my friend on the cam's fingers were going crazy, and her pussy was drooling. She seemed to be getting off on the fact that she was watching me being spied on by someone else. I wanted to ask her about it, but quite frankly, the climax building in my balls took my voice, my breath, and my complete focus.


I was grunting like a boar, my hand flying. My friend on the cam continued encouraging me, telling me how hot my cock looked, how sweet my precum must taste, whatever else she could come up with to push me over the brink, but in my mind, it was that little girl in my back yard talking to me, urging me on. The pressure built, and I swear the more I looked at the picture, the clearer her face became. She was panting, her own climax building with mine as she watched me stroke my grownup man-cock for her, showing her how an adult came, giving her the show she wanted so bad.


"OH FUCKING GOD! I'M CUMMING!" I roared, loud enough that she could have heard me in her own bedroom next door. My cum shot out like bullets racing along my cock, flying high into the air and landing I-cared-not-where. It went on and on as my eyes locked on the screen, in my mind our eyes locked as we both came, together, in a totally taboo, and utterly satisfying climax that seemed as if it would never end.


It did finally, of course, and by the time I was done, I was practically covered with cum. So was my chair arms, my keyboard, and half my desk. I didn't care. I was trying to breathe and trying not to pass out from the sheer pleasure. Every inch of me was tingling, there was a ringing in my ears, and my friend on the camera was bringing herself to another rockin' climax. Apparently she'd enjoyed my show more than usual - she'd told me earlier that she was completely cummed-out. Apparently she'd had one more, with the proper encouragement. That's one nice thing about cum sluts... they get off watching you get off.


My eyes were drawn to my friend's frantic fingers, and I enjoyed the sight of her climaxing once more, as well as the sounds. She howled like a banshee. I'd heard her cum that way before, and it was a real testament to her level of arousal. She usually only came that way when she had a butt-plug in place, giving her that extra level of stimulation.


When she was done, I tore my eyes from her pussy back to the big screen which displayed my gradually-declining cock, foamy with churned up cum, but there was no sight of my little peeker. That was okay though. Now I knew it hadn't been a one-time thing. It might not be nightly, or even weekly, but she apparently was interested in watching me more than once, and that was really exciting. Even though I'd never be able to actually acknowledge her existence - try explaining to the cops that you knew a little girl was watching you whack off and see what they say about it being her choice! No, they'd haul me off in handcuffs immediately. But as long as I never really "knew" she was watching, I couldn't really be held accountable for her peeking at me, now could I?


The real question was; how could I get a better look at her? I'd have sworn that she was touching herself while she watched me, but I knew how the mind worked. I had to know if it was real, or if I was just bullshitting myself. I needed a plan.


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