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The Happy MILF

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: The Happy MILF

Part: Part 1

Summary: Juan was the luckiest boy in the world, with a MILF to fuck whose husband not only understood, but encouraged. But y'know, if one boy-toy is good, six is better!

Keywords: MFmmmbbb (45/35/13/13/13/12/11/10), Ageplay, Teen, Preteen, PT, Pedo, Straight

Date: 08/08/2016

[This is a complete story in One Part ]

[Requested storyline. Quite condensed due to size constraints. To do this storyline justice, it would have to be about five times this long.]


"Mmm... lower honey, if you don't mind."


Juan didn't mind. Not one little bit! At 35, Mrs. Nemo was still gorgeous. With dark blonde hair framing her pretty face and accentuating her warm brown eyes, she was almost pretty enough that one might fail to notice her figure. Almost but not quite. Standing 5'5" and all of a buck-fifteen, it was hard to fathom where she got her curves from. Especially the top curves, which weighed in at 38D's.


Juan knew thought. The fact was that she had very little padding elsewhere. She was one of those women who worked hard to maintain a firm body, and it showed in the fact that she could still fit into her wedding dress - or probably even her old high school cheer leading outfit! He knew this because he was often given the opportunity to feel that body. Directly.


"Oh yes, sweetie, that's better," she cooed in that silky voice, her body undulating slightly under his oil-slicked hands.


His hands worked her lower back, smearing the sun-tan oil around, kneading it into her skin. It was a thrill for him of course. At thirteen, Juan rarely got this close to a barely-clothed girl - much less a barely-clothed woman! And he figured on continuing that trend while helping his Uncle Emilio with his grounds keeping business over the summer. It was hard work, but Emilio paid him a bit and it got him out of the house. It also got him into the rich neighborhoods, where he and his uncle worked, largely unseen by the clients.


Mrs. Helen had seen him though. On his very first visit, she'd offered him a glass of lemonade and had started talking to the boy. Juan had been nervous at first, but she seemed so nice, and he'd warmed to her quickly enough. Emilio had warned him to keep things on the down-low because they were supposed to be invisible. But when a client actually talked to him, he was to be polite and respectful and do whatever they asked. Juan had, and Mrs. Helen took to chatting with him regularly, befriending the boy. So when Mrs. Helen asked Emilio to "borrow" him one day for "extra chores for extra pay", neither Emilio nor Juan thought twice about it.


As it turned out, there was a lot of "extra work" the Nemo's needed done, and it became a regular thing for Emilio to leave his nephew to earn a few extra coins while he moved on to the next job, swinging back for him on his way home. Most of the extra work was light and easy - a nice change from the hard grounds keeping his uncle usually had him doing. And Mr. and Mrs. Nemo were both nice to him. They soon became quite comfortable around each other - so much so that Mrs. Nemo didn't even seem to mind the boy nearby when she was sunbathing.


The first time it'd happened, Juan had been shocked. Not at the nudity - he'd seen scantily-clad women before of course. But at the fact that this beautiful woman had gone back into the house in her usual casual attire, and come back out a few minutes later wearing a bikini. And to make it even more scandalous, her husband had been out doing some chore or other. But he'd taken it in stride. If she didn't care, why would he? Only by the time he left that day, he had a stiff neck from trying to look, while looking like he wasn't looking. He was pretty sure she'd caught him staring a few times, but she didn't say anything.


The second time was on his very next visit - and on every subsequent visit. It soon became apparent that Mrs. Nemo not only didn't mind him present, she even seemed to enjoy his looking at her. Most of the time when she "caught" him staring, she just smiled before returning to her book or tablet. They were friendly smiles. Warm smiles. Even welcoming smiles, and Juan became bolder about his ogling her until he didn't even pretend to not look, nor did she pretend to mind him looking. Even when Mr. Nemo was around she wordlessly encouraged the boy to look, and it seemed, so did Mr. Nemo. It was as if the couple enjoyed the young boy looking at her increasingly-naked body.


And it was increasingly naked. What had started out as a relatively modest bikini for sunbathing, got changed out for something less, and then again for something even smaller. Bikini changed to Mini-Bikini, and finally to Micro-Bikini! Not only that, but she would spend large amounts of time spreading on tanning oils, her hands sliding over her skin in ways that would make even the most jaded man take notice. Juan spent most of the time at the Nemo's with a perpetual erection - fortunately hidden by his jeans, of course, but sometimes growing quite uncomfortable to the point that he'd have to "rub one out" in the restroom while taking a "potty break".


That would have been bad enough, but on top of everything else, she would occasionally ask him to rub oil on her back. The first time, her husband had been off on another errand, so at least there was a nominal excuse. But the second time he was right inside, and she could have called him. She didn't though, and Juan didn't either. By fourth or fifth time, it seemed natural not to panic when, in the midst of rubbing her back, Zach walked out with fresh lemonades, saw his wife being oiled by the boy, and just grinned. "She has nice skin, doesn't she Juan?" he'd asked.


Guilt and oily hands had made Juan drop the glass, and there followed much apologizing, which both members of the couple laughed off. Zach went on to great lengths to tell the boy that it was perfectly okay, and that the appreciated Juan helping his wife out. And he retained that attitude as the bikinis grew smaller and the oiling moved from her back and shoulders to include her legs and ass. Eventually there was little of the woman's body that the boy's hands weren't quite familiar with, and still the husband didn't seem to mind. If anything, the 40-something man seemed to actually encourage the boy to touch his wife!


In actual fact, that was exactly true. Zach and Helen had been married for twenty-one years, and knew each other quite well. Unlike many couples, they'd actually discussed their sexual peccadilloes, discovering many points of common interest that served to keep their sexual fires well-stoked. One such was his wife's interest in young men. When they'd first discussed it some ten years earlier, she'd admitted to finding "young men" attractive in the "nearly legal" range - a not-too-uncommon fetish, he knew. Seventeen-year-old boys were often fit and sexy and desirable to women in the same way that girls of that age were attractive to most men of any age. But over the intervening years, that number had shrunk. Since they'd always enjoyed a deep level of trust and supported each other completely, he'd continued to encourage her to share her desires with him. They'd done some role-playing along those lines, but as he was in his 30's and 40's, it wasn't very convincing. Still, whenever she found a kid particularly sexy, he'd encourage her to talk about it while they made love, which invariably led to hotter-than-usual sex.


So when she'd come to him expressing her interest in Juan, he of course supported her completely - with the caveat that they'd have to play it careful. If the kid balked at any point, they'd have to pull out without hesitation. But she had a plan, and he was willing to go along with it unless and until. It was a good call on his part. The first time Juan had ogled her, she'd fucked Zach's brains out that night like her pussy was on fire. This happened again and again, with every bit of progress they made, and now he couldn't see Juan rubbing oil on his wife's thighs without getting an erection in anticipation of how she'd be that night.


Eventually though, even Helen's patience ran out. It was a warm summer morning, and Juan was driving her crazy as she lay on her stomach, his hands gliding down her back, rubbing the oil in. She could feel how wet she was, and knew that a more experienced man would know by her scent that she was horny as hell.


"Mmm... lower honey, if you don't mind."


Juan didn't mind. Not one little bit! He let his hand glide lower, until the fingertips were brushing against the "T" where the string around her waist connected with the string coming out from between her cheeks. He knew well that it would take relatively little motion to get glimpses of what lay between those cheeks, and he was contemplating excusing himself for a "restroom break". The oil on his hands would feel wonderful on his super-hard cock as he rubbed one out!


"You kids having fun?" Zach said from behind him, startling him. He'd been hoping for a glimpse between her cheeks again.


"He's driving me crazy," Helen said in a shaky voice as she flipped over. Both could clearly see how hard her nipples were as the poked lewdly from the scant covering. "I swear to God, if this boy was a few years older, I'd take him upstairs and make him a man!"


Juan's eyes bulged. Was she saying what it sounded like she was saying? Suddenly he found it difficult to breathe. His heart seemed to want to jump out of his throat and he felt dizzy. He was also terrified. It was one thing to let a boy rub oil on his wife, but what - if he understood it right - Mrs. Nemo was saying was true, how could the man not want to kill him? He looked at Mr. Nemo, fully prepared to apologize, run, or try to fight.


To his amazement, the guy was grinning, holding out a glass to his wife. "Yeah huh? Poor little you! I bet Juan here's at least twice as horny as you are! I bet his pecker's almost painfully hard! Hell, mine is, and I'm only watching him fondle you!" Zach knew his wife well enough to know that her words meant that she was ready, willing, and eager to give herself to the boy. And she knew she could trust him to support her play, and she was right. Besides, it was true - he was rock-hard. Over the weeks and months, he'd become conditioned to arousal whenever his wife was worked up over a young boy. So he'd back her play completely, and do everything he could to help it happen. He looked at Juan. "You seem shocked Juan. Didn't you know that Helen here loves to feel your hands on her? She enjoys it very much, and would love for you to touch her everywhere. But of course, if you don't want to..."


He left it there virtually certain he kid would take the bait. Hell, he'd seen the lust in the kid's eyes often enough, and knew damned well the boy beat off in the bathroom at least once every time he came over. Zach's only concern was that the kid would cum in his underpants before his wife even got a chance at the goodies. Casually, he sat down in one of the pool chairs, sipping his own iced tea, trying to put the kid at ease by his actions and gentle tone.


Juan was dumbfounded, but not stupid. If this was really happening, he sure as hell wasn't going to say "no"! Zach, as always, seemed friendly to him - not pissed at all - and Mrs. Helen's hand had moved to her nipple and was teasing it lightly as she watched the boy with an expression that could only be read as "hopeful". He gulped, took a deep breath, and looked Mr. Nemo in the eye. "I..." his voice cracked and he swallowed again. "I want to," he said. He'd wanted to say more, but the look on Mr. Nemo's face told him it was enough.


"Well then, go ahead!" he grinned. "Honey, I bet he'd like that top out of the way, would you mind?" But it was moot. The woman had already released the front clasp and her full, firm breasts were out in the open.


Juan turned to look... and so it began...



Today was the day, Juan could feel it in his bones. Well, one bone in particular. He'd been working for weeks to put together his "crew". First of course, he'd had to establish his bona fides, or his "boner-fides", as his friend Zach - formerly Mr. Nemo - liked to joke. To do that, Zach had supplied him with a cell phone, pre-loaded with a number of photos of his wife in gradually greater states of undress. The first several didn't show her face of course - that would come later, as would the photos that included Juan himself.


The three of them had discussed it in great detail after Helen - formerly Mrs. Nemo - and Juan had been fucking a while. Of course the first time had been horribly awkward for the boy - Zach had had to show him almost everything about sex. But he'd been a patient teacher, and Helen had been an excellent teacher's-aid. He'd shown the boy every part of her body and how best to stimulate it, stopping as-needed for Helen to suck Juan's cock until he exploded in her mouth and could focus on the next lesson. By the time his uncle had retrieved him, he'd been a very happy - and very tired - young man. "Young man" meaning he'd actually had his cock inside a woman's pussy.


He'd thought it would be the happiest day of his life, but he was wrong. He found that while the first time was amazing, things only got better with practice. The next time he visited to "do work", Zach had been absent and all pretense had been equally missing. As soon as Emilio left, Helen had taken the boy up to the master bedroom and they'd spent the next several hours doing things he'd only dreamed about. The woman was as insatiable as the thirteen-year-old boy, and once again he'd left completely exhausted.


For Zach's part, he found that he'd been wrong. His wife hadn't been as turned on as possible in their pre-Juan talks about her fucking kids. Once she started actually fucking the kid, her libido had gone into overdrive, and he'd barely got in the front door when she'd tackled her husband, straddled him, and sunk her freshly-multiply-fucked pussy on his cock. He felt like he could actually feel the boy's loads inside her, sloshing around his cock as she rode him hard to a climax that left them both sweaty and shaking - and an even larger load filling her cunt. That night Zach had performed three times - a feat he'd not managed in more than ten years - and still the woman wanted more! Fortunately, they had a selection of toys to work with, and by the time the next day rolled around, she was actually glad that Juan only showed up twice a week. Her pussy was sore! But she was ecstatic.


Everything was fine for a few weeks, but as it turned out, Helen was more than even two eager studs - one thirteen, one forty-five - could handle. She wanted more, and now that she'd had a sample of what a young boy could do, stamina-wise, she definitely wanted to try for a second. She and Zach discussed it, and the next time Juan visited - after they'd fucked her as thoroughly as they could manage - they brought him into the discussion as well, presenting him with their plan.


To be fair, Juan didn't really need any encouraging. For weeks he'd been getting thoroughly sexed by one of the prettiest, sexiest women he'd ever seen. So it was only natural that he'd want to brag about it. But he well knew that he couldn't. So when Zach and Helen offered him both the approval and the means to do so, he leaped at the chance. And so over the next several weeks, in addition to regular fucking, sucking, fisting, blowing, and so on, they also guided him in discovering and vetting prospective kids to join in the fun.


As it turned out, it was ridiculously easy to find boys who were willing to fuck a woman, but horribly difficult to find ones who could be trusted. The couple coached and drilled and questioned Juan in depth about his friends, telling him what pictures to show, what questions to ask, how to root out the liars. All boys lie about sex of course, but they needed to separate the usual lying among boys from lies which indicated actual dishonest tendencies.


Finally though, they had narrowed down the prospects to a "gang" of five more boys whom they all felt comfortable bringing into the game. The second they agreed on was Stu. A year younger than Juan, the twelve-year-old kid was tall and lanky, with chocolate-brown skin and a shy but sweet personality.


Next was Terry. Pretty much the opposite of Stu, Terry was also thirteen, but stocky. Beefy. Like most bigger boys, he was a bit pushy and bossy, but never crossed over to becoming a bully, and he didn't let his cadre become bullies either, which spoke well for his character.


Freddy was only eleven, but had already gotten something of a reputation for being the bad-boy type. His father was a biker, and he probably would be too, but at least he wasn't the scumbag type of biker. The guy had a real job and raised his son right, so Freddy, while superficially "bad", nevertheless had scruples, even if they were a bit on the questionable side by "polite society". Of all of them, Freddy was the only one who wasn't a virgin, having talked his babysitter into bed a few months back. Of course everyone thought he was lying, but Zach and Helen recognized the markers that indicated it was true.


The baby of the group was Mikey. A small, nerdy ten-year-old, Mikey was - as is often the case - a total pervert. He knew how to get around his parent's "internet protection" programs, and had feasted on the porn out there ravenously. Consequently, he had a few misconceptions about women and sex, but was otherwise fine. He was also quite eager to actually do all the things he'd read about, and had few limits about what he was willing to try. When Juan had first started "sounding him out", the kid had invited him over to jack off together while watching porn, and when Juan had mentioned that he might know someone who'd fuck them, he'd offered the older boy a blowjob if he could make it happen. Eager.


Finally there was Johnny, the "good boy" of the group. The son of a local Minister, he was a straight "A" student. At thirteen he was already planning on his college and sports career. But as is often the case, the "upstanding" exterior merely covered an interior of seething perversion. While not as clear on his sexual goals as Mikey, he was more than willing to fuck anything or anyone - a fact he'd already confessed to when he explained to Juan the joys that a warm cantaloupe with a hole in it could bring to a horny boy.


By the time the trio were satisfied, each of the other boys had been questioned, queried, cross-examined. They'd seen pictures of Helen's body, her face, and even videos clips of Juan fucking her, of her sucking his cock, and of Zach turning the camera on himself so he could say "Hi" as he videotaped the kid fucking his wife - proof that he was okay with the whole thing.


The next part was more ticklish. How to get the parents of six kids to let them stay over with a pervert couple for a night of debauchery? Clearly there would be lying involved, but how? It wasn't like Zach and Helen could let their neighbors see six kids - all male - come over one night, and leave the next morning!


It took a little doing, but they managed. Zach rented a cabin - easy enough in the off-season, and worked up an overnight "field trip" for the boys to a museum a way off, far enough that it made more sense to stay over than to make the trip in one day. Supplemented with "official forms" on school letterhead, they even charged the parents a small fee to cover food and lodging (at a group rate, of course). To sweeten the deal, they made it on a Friday night. Helen was convinced it was all too transparent, that the parents would see through it. But Zach explained that most parents would be so delighted to have an unexpected Friday night free that they wouldn't look too closely at the details. He was right.


The ride to the cabin was pure torture for the boys - Juan because his cock was so hard it ached. After all, he'd been fucking Helen for a while now, and knew what they were in for. The other kids though, in the time it took to get there, were busy fighting off their doubts and fears. After all, how could it possibly be true that this beautiful woman, who they'd actually met now (she was driving the van) would be doing sexual things with them? Of them all, only Freddy seemed at ease, though that could have been just part of his bad-boy facade.


When they saw the secluded cabin of course, every horror movie they'd ever seen came to mind. Was this a couple of psychos who'd lured them here to be killed? They looked so nervous that Zach finally had to step up. "Okay boys, here we are. And yes, this really is your lucky day. There's two bedrooms plus the Master. Grab your bags and pick rooms - three to a room. Helen and I get the Master. Stow your gear and take showers. Helen and I will get some food ready and meet you out at the hot tub." The boys began to relax. Psycho killers didn't assign chores or tell you to wash behind your ears. They grabbed their overnight bags and made their way to the cabin when Zach called to them to stop.


"And boys, here's a little something to encourage proper bathing and no delays," he said. The boys turned around and saw that he was standing behind his wife, lifting her blouse up to show her gorgeous breasts. They stood there, stunned. It was one thing to see pictures, but this was real! Zach dropped the blouse. "Get going!" he said, and the boys scrambled.



Less than twenty minutes later, the boys arrived as a group at the hot tub. Zach was cooking on the grill while Helen was soaking in the bubbling water. Glimpses told the boys that she was topless, if not naked, and their swim trunks tented. All of them tried to hide it at first except for Juan, who stood upright, proudly letting the adults see his bulge.


"Lovely Juan!" Helen said, motioning him closer. Reaching up she gently ran her fingertip over the bulge, making the boy shiver with pleasure. "What a sweet cock you have Juan," she said. "I can hardly wait to suck it!"


Juan grinned at the other boys, who stood there, jaws hanging as he pulled his shorts down, exposing himself to the woman. Instead of screaming at him, or turning away, Helen reached up again, rising part-way out of the tub to reach the boy's cock, her wet breasts visible to all as she guided the boy's cock to her mouth. Slowly and deliberately she sucked the boy's penis between her lips, closing her eyes with obvious pleasure as Juan's hands moved down to hold her head as if he'd done this a thousand times before.


He'd been waiting so long for this. To be getting a blowjob from this beautiful woman, in front of his friends, was almost more than he could handle, and then it was more than he could handle. With a gasp of pleasure, his balls unleashed their load into the woman's mouth. Helen grunted, sucking the cum from his stiff dick with practiced lips and tongue. Beneath the water her fingers were plunged deep into her pussy and she came so hard she had to fight to keep her balance. She was sucking a thirteen-year-old boy's cock while five other young boys watched! It was every perverted dream she'd had for the past ten years all coming true at once, and the perversity of it inflamed every fiber of her being. Her pussy fluttered and squeezed her fingers so hard it hurt, her juices washing away in the water only to be replaced with a fresh flood, and the waves went on and on.


"Okay guys, who's up for some food?" Zach called out, finally breaking the spell. Helen's eyes opened. It took her a moment to find her way back to Earth, but as her mind un-fogged, she recognized the wisdom of her husband's interruption. She'd have been happy to take on the whole gang right here and now! But it was probably better to let them get some food - they'd need the energy soon enough. And it would help them to relax a bit, get to know her, so they'd be less nervous.


Lewdly she licked Juan's cock clean, in the open for all to see, before releasing it. "Thank you Juan," she said, smiling up at him. "Your cum is a delicious appetizer!" The other boys gasped, then gasped again as she climbed out of the hot tub, stark naked. She turned to face them. "Well boys, now do you believe this is happening?"


Zach laughed, and it was infectious. After they all got it out of their system, Helen donned a robe and focused on feeding the boys. While the dinner was good enough, the sexual tension was incredible, and Helen's pussy drooled constantly, much as the tenting in the boys' shorts never declined. And Helen played it up, complimenting and flirting with each of the boys in turn. For his part, Zach took pains to speak with them not as kids, but as young adults, encouraging them to look at her, talk openly, and relax. Before long, they were all touching her, and she them, lightly but openly. Helen's nipples were turgid, clearly on display through the terrycloth of the robe, while all the boys touched and looked, Mikey seemed to have a specific fascination for them, licking his lips often and gulping, as if salivating - because he was.


After everyone had eaten, Zach invited them all into the large tub to relax and let their food settle. Naturally several of them quoted the age-old superstition about not going into water for an hour, but all joined in after reassurances, and soon they were acting much more kid-like, splashing one another and playing on the water. It wasn't big enough for roughhousing or games, and the boys mostly tried to avoid contact with one another - and try for more contact with the naked woman in the pool with them. They didn't know what to do about Zach. Eventually Mikey slid over to the older man and tentatively reached out to touch his large member with a nervous smile. Clearly he was thinking that Zach might want some action too, and he was willing to try.


Zach smiled, reaching out to tousle his hair. "It's okay kid. I'm fine, really. You kids just go ahead and have fun with Helen. It's your night, not mine!" Then he gently pushed the kid back toward his wife. The boy looked back with a curious expression, possibly a touch of regret? But he turned his attention back to Helen and forgot Zach quickly. Zach mused. Should he have taken the boy up on it? He'd never really had a thing for boys - not even young ones. But he was getting pretty damned horny, and hell, it was a night for experimenting, right? Then he caught himself. No. This was Helen's night. She'd been - they'd been - working toward this for months.


They'd been in the tub for about a half hour - time enough for the food to settle - when Helen announced that she was "getting prune-y". Everyone stopped what they were doing. Instinctively they all knew what that meant! They watched Helen climb out of the pool, getting a great look at her firm ass and glimpses of her pussy as she moved, dried herself, and donned her robe. Then she stood there, looking at them for a moment with an amused grin. "Well? You guys coming, or what?"


The water boiled as the boys practically levitated out of the tub. In moments they were vigorously toweling themselves dry, their erections painfully obvious as their suits clung to them. Zach smiled, happy that none of them had accidentally wasted their seed by shooting off prematurely in the pool. It would have been easy enough - even-Zach felt he could have fired off with little more stimulation than the swirling waters!


Terry of course, pushed to the lead position, aside from Juan of course. He might be the leader type, but Juan was the #1 boy in this group. The rest fell in line behind Terry, with shy Stu naturally taking the lead position, behind even Mikey. He looked to Zach, as if inviting the man to go in front of him, but Zach just grinned and waved them on. "I got some clean-up to do down here. You kids have fun." He figured the boys would be more relaxed without him there anyway.


Helen led the line of boys to the master bedroom on shaky legs. It was really going to happen! She was going to get sex sexy boys into bed with her all at once! It was almost too much to believe, and yet here they were. There was the bed. She was on it. The boys were all around. She didn't know what to do - she wanted all of their cocks in her mouth all at once!


The boys didn't know what to do either. Juan was out of his element - he'd fucked her plenty of times, and had even erupted in her mouth in front of his friends. But now? What was the protocol? He'd already gone once...


To everyone's surprise, it was Johnny who took the lead. In one smooth motion he slipped his trunks off, his cock springing up like a diving board, and hopped onto the bed beside the grown woman. For thirteen he had a nice prick - smooth and hard, with balls already slightly fuzzy. The "good boy" moved up and stuck his dick in the woman's face. "You wanna suck my dick Helen?" he asked, trying to sound grown-up


"Oh fuck yes!" she panted enthusiastically, reaching for his pecker and stuffing it in her mouth. Johnny was shocked. Like most boys, he'd heard that some women like to suck dick, but he'd thought it was just a lie men tell to each other to feel better about "making" girls suck their dicks. After all, for every woman who supposedly likes it, there's at least twenty who thought it was gross or "icky" - at least in grade school. But here was proof positive that at least some women did it wholly and completely because they love doing it.


Instantly he was overcome with feelings he'd never had before. Sure, he'd jacked off - what thirteen-year-old hasn't? But this was a quantum leap beyond that. The feeling of her warm, wet mouth engulfing his member, the sight of her pretty face enraptured at feeling his cock slide against her tongue to probe the back of her throat, and yes, even the pride as the other boys gasped in surprise and awe at his bravado. All of these combined to override the boy's safeties, and he exploded in Helen's mouth almost immediately with a cry of pure shock and pleasure. "Oh Jesus Fucking Christ!" he shouted - the most horrific curse he'd ever heard his father the Minister utter. His seed scalded his urethra in its haste to shoot into the woman's mouth. And he was met with another surprise as she greedily gobbled it down. He could feel her throat working, gulping with each spurt - and then her hands were on his ass, pulling him even deeper into her mouth, until she'd engulfed not just his cock, but his balls as well! His cock was actually part-way down her throat! It was so amazing, if he could have cum again right then, he would have!


Feeling something soft against his leg, he looked down and saw that while Helen had been sucking his cock, Mikey had climbed aboard and latched onto her breast. His soft hair rubbed against Johnny's thigh as he sucked her nipple greedily, as if trying to devour it. The boy was clearly a tit-man, or tit-boy as the case may be, and he was in heaven sucking those large, firm breasts!


Not to be outdone, Terry climbed up and was trying to figure out Helen's pussy. Of course he had the general idea down, but actually touching one - he knew she was delicate down there, and he'd always had a bit of trouble with that. Being larger and stronger than most boys his age, he'd sometimes hit someone in play and had actually hurt them. He didn't want anything like that happening here! Luckily, Juan saw his quandary, and moved up to assist. He showed the boy how to spread her pussy. Helen was of course, simply drooling down there, and Terry's first reaction was to wipe it off like he would any other mess. But Juan laughed and showed him how to smear it over his fingers to let them slide into the woman's warm pussy easily. When he followed Juan's lead, his eyes grew wide. Her pussy felt amazing around his fingers! They squeezed and sucked his digits as if - well, as if her pussy was alive! He found that he liked the feeling - liked it very much, and when Helen lifted one leg and used her foot to push his hand more firmly into her, he took the hint. Two digits became three, then four, and before he knew it, his whole hand was inside her! It felt even more amazing! It was like... there were no words. The way her entrance gripped his wrist was incredible - it felt like it was sucking his hand!


"Pull it out Terry, then back in. Watch what happens." Juan, having done this with the woman before was eager to see what his friend thought of it. Terry did as he was asked, and was amazed all over again, watching the woman's pussy stretch as his hand pulled out. It took more effort than he thought, and he was momentarily worried he might pull too hard, but Juan told him to keep going, and shortly his hand pulled out, dripping with the milky sauce of the woman's juices, with more leaking out. Her pussy closed up tight though - so tight that he had to feel and push his fingers back in carefully. But open it did, and soon his hand was back in there again! It was incredible!


By then, Freddy and Stu had climbed aboard, their cocks out, and Helen had one in each hand, Freddy's pale cock in wonderful contrast to Stu's chocolate member. She wanted them both in her mouth, and pulled them toward her as Johnny withdrew his member, falling back, exhausted. Neither Freddy nor Stu were comfortable with the idea of touching each other though, and arched their backs - they didn't want to kiss! Even so, Helen's greed for their cocks brought them both to her mouth. The heads touched, but the feel of her warm mouth and tongue was far more interesting, and they were so lost in those feelings that they didn't even notice when their penises rubbed against each other in her mouth. They didn't care - why would they? They were getting the most amazing sensations from a beautiful naked woman!


Mikey was going crazy on her tits, his cock rubbing on her thigh. Juan saw this and knew the boy would explode soon, so he pulled Terry back. "Out buddy, let Mikey in there." Terry started to complain - he loved the feel of the woman's pussy, but recognized that as amazing as it was, the pussy was meant for more than just fisting. He withdrew his hand, and Juan took Mikey's hips and guided him to the woman's pussy much as Zach had once done for him - it seemed lifetimes ago! By instinct, Mikey's cock found the woman's soppy wet pussy, and slid inside with no effort at all - she was well-lubed and well-stretched. Mikey lasted all of about ten seconds when his whole body shuddered violently with the explosion of his cock into her gushy pussy. And yet, violent as his climax was, the boy's mouth simply would not let go of her breast! He continued suckling her greedily as his nuts emptied into her pussy.


"Aw heck," Stu complained. "Mikey got his gunk in her! I wanted to fuck her!"


"What?" Terry said. "You mean you aren't going to fuck her now?"


"I don't want his cum on my unit!" the boy said uncertainly. "That's just nasty!"


"You're an idiot," Terry said, shaking his head. "Gimme a hand Juan," he said, and in a moment the two of them moved Mikey out of the missionary spot - the kid would not release her tit! His own cock penetrated the woman, and his amazement over the way she felt on his fingers and hand was gone with the deluge of sensations as her pussy embraced his cock. He fought bravely to hold back his excitement, but it was a losing battle. Between the feeling of her pussy around his cock and the sight of her body being used by Mikey, Stu and Freddy, he couldn't hold back. In moments his own load spewed into her, his own swimmers joining Mikey's in filling her soaking pussy.


Seeing Terry erupt into her, Freddy wanted in on the deal. Even while Terry was trying to get his mind together again, the "bad boy" shoved Terry aside and rammed his own cock into her. Having experienced a pussy before, he knew something of what to expect. Even so though, watching the way she was sucking that black cock between her soft pink lips was sexier than any porno. He knew he wouldn't last, so he doubled down. He began fucking her as hard and as fast as he could, sending spatters of pussy-juice and boy-cum flying and making the whole bed shake with his rampant rutting.


It had the desired effect, and Helen began to cum again, harder than ever before. She moaned around Stu's choc-cock while sucking it deep into her throat, and the combo had the expected result with the kid erupting into her throat with his own shaking, shuddering cries of pleasure. It was just in time too, as Freddy's passionate pummeling culminated with a huge gushing climax, filling the whorish woman's pussy with a third load of boy-cum.


The woman shivered and shook on the bed for several moments while the boys lay scattered around her like the remains after a battle, each spent by sensations beyond their wildest dreams - except for Mikey of course, who seemed to have developed lockjaw on the woman's breast and was still firmly attached. Eventually though, she came to her senses once again, and opened her eyes to see her husband standing in the doorway, camera in hand, taking in the carnage with a huge grin.


After a few minutes, he clapped his hands together. "Okay boys," he announced, "that's enough for now. Why don't you boys go get cleaned up?" Even through their exhaustion they found the energy to complain, but Zach cut them short. "Now, now boys. No whining - or Miss Helen here won't be giving you your dessert!"


To their credit, it only took them a moment to understand what that meant, and they left the room, grinning with anticipatory glee.


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