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THE LLG FOREST (Intro) - Parts 1-3

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: THE LLG FOREST (Intro)

Part: Parts 1-3

Summary: When he stumbles across the fort in the woods, he thought the kids were just enjoying some innocent fun. Little did he know what was really going on there - or how he'd be drawn in!

Keywords: M, b, voy, mast, bb+, Mg, con, ped

Date: 03/28/2013

[Originally intended as the intro to a longer story which was to be primarily bi ped with variety as to who's with who. The intro may appear primarily bi/gay, but in the end I think you can see where it's headed.]




It wasn't a forest really, that's just what I called it. It was just a few miles of land set aside, to be left in its natural state as a reserve for wildlife. Because it was adjacent to the Little League Gaming area, and didn't really have a name of its own, it got called the LLG Forest. It was my job to keep an eye on it, but it was my duty to make sure that nobody found out just how wild the wildlife in it was!


Probably every boy goes through a phase while growing up where he builds forts. And most meet other like-minded youths and form clubs which inhabit those forts. So I wasn't particularly surprised when I found such a fort while tromping through the forest one day. It was pretty nice, as forts go, and it had the usual paraphernalia that kids accumulate in their forts. Snack stockpiles, toilet paper, various toys, trophies, odds and ends, even the skull of a chipmunk resting proudly on what was apparently the "show" shelf. It was only a matter of a few minutes to find the hidden cache, with the expected lighter, candles, a quarter pack of cigarettes that was far too stale for an actual smoker to want, and of course, the old, worn-out, torn-up, and very "used" stack of four porn magazines.


Obviously I was concerned. But I knew from my own childhood that taking the lighter wouldn't do any good - they'd just get another. So I noted the location of the fort carefully and made a few adjustments of the mostly-missing covering branches so I could see inside the fort from a nearby rock. I planned on keeping a special eye on the place. I figured I'd catch the kids who made the place, and give them some basic fire safety tips so they wouldn't burn the forest down.


Sure enough, a couple of days later, as I was making my rounds, I topped my lookout rock and saw that there was someone in the fort. It was cute little toe-headed boy of around ten or twelve. I was about to head down to the fort to talk to him when I realized that he had the magazines out and was looking at them.


Now I'm not a mean guy, and I surely didn't want to interrupt him if he was enjoying his privacy, so to speak. So I sat down on the rock to wait him out, figuring it wouldn't be more than a few minutes. Boys that age have no stamina. I sure didn't MEAN to watch him - heck, I didn't even expect him to be in a position to even see anything. When I was his age, rubbing one out was done as quickly and discretely as possible! But he didn't seem to be in any particular hurry, and he apparently felt perfectly safe as he pulled his pants down and laid back to rub himself!


Like I said, I had no intention whatsoever of watching some young kid rubbing his dick in the privacy of his own fort. And yet, my eyes were drawn there, as if magnetically. His little penis was so hard I swear that if you struck it, it would vibrate like a tuning fork! And it was SO very clear, with no hair to hide his cute little nads as he rubbed up and down with two fingers.


Nobody was more shocked than I when I realized that my own hand had somehow moved to my own solid erection as I watched the boy jacking off! And yet, it made sense. There were plenty of times I had done exactly that in my own youth, jacking off with friends as we looked at porn in our fort, trying to pretend we weren't sneaking peeks at each other's erections. But conditioned reflex or not, my cock was painfully hard, and I definitely needed to free it.


Nervously I looked around to make sure I was secluded and alone. I also needed to be careful because I didn't want my jangling tools to interrupt the young man from his own pleasure. I only hoped that he'd last long enough for me to get a nut too! As I carefully lowered my pants and freed my own throbbing erection, I watched the boy. He seemed in no hurry at all, lightly running his fingertips along his small-but very sexy erection as he leafed through the magazines.


When I finally wrapped my fingers around my shaft I had to actually bite my lip to keep from gasping out loud in pleasure! My God, I hadn't been this hard and sensitive in ... well, I don't know how long, but I was sure loving the feeling! Looking down, I saw that pre-cum was oozing freely from the tip of my cock in excited reaction to watching the boy stroking his meat.


Returning my eyes to the boy, I saw that he had quickened his pace, and was stroking his sweet little cock firmly now, the pleasure in his face obvious. My own hand matched his pace, and I could tell that we were both going to be coming pretty quickly. What I didn't expect was the intensity of my climax! Watching him stroking himself took me back in time to when jacking off was new to me and therefore incredibly exciting.


The boy's eyes closed, as his body stiffened, and I could tell that he was getting close. So was I! My God, here I was, jacking off in the woods while watching a little boy stroke himself, and I was going to pop my nut in under two minutes!


My eyes closed of their own volition, the image of that cute boy burned into my retinas as I pumped furiously at my tingling cock. And with a suddenness completely unexpected, I was shooting my seed into the wind! Sparks flew! My hand was a blur! My balls ached deliciously as they convulsed and spewed jet after jet of hot spray into the air!


After a time, I realized I was panting with my spent pleasure. I gulped, reining it in, afraid that I'd made enough noise to disturb my unknowing inspiration. Fortunately, either I'd been quiet, or he'd been busy, because I watched his little hand blurring as he achieved his own climax. I noted with surprised delight that his own spray was so forceful that he had to use his other hand to block it from shooting himself in the face! I don't know why I was glad of it, but I had half thought he might be too young, and would have a dry-cum.


Watching him use the toilet paper to clean up his mess reminded me that I needed to clean myself up and more importantly, cover myself up! I did so. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything to wipe the cum off my cock, so I tucked it into my shorts and resigned myself to having a soggy walk back home.


By the time I'd finished QUITELY getting myself back together, the kid was gone.




Over the next month or so, I learned the patterns of the boys who used the fort. There were four of them, and the blonde boy seemed to be their leader and eldest. Two were obviously brothers, perhaps a year apart, and the last was the baby of the group, probably around eight or nine. I got to watch them all at various times, sometimes together, others alone - except for the brothers, who never showed up without each other.


It was no surprise at all to find that they not only jacked off with each other, they also jacked each other off from time to time. From my own such experiences, I knew they didn't think that to be gay, just fun. And except for the youngest, they all seemed to do it for each other only when asked. The little guy though, he was forever trying to "lend a hand" whenever any of the others were there. I suspected that he might grow up to be gay - or at least bi, as he seemed to enjoy jacking the others more than himself. Or maybe it was just because of the four, he was the only one who was still too young to spurt when he came. It didn't seem to reduce his enthusiasm for masturbation though! He whacked it at least as often as the rest!


And whack it they did! At least three times a week I got a show, and I suspect that had I been able to get there at the right times more often, I would have seen even more! Unfortunately, my duties required that I could only get there at the right times a few times a week. Weekends were the best though, because almost invariably, the entire group would be there, and I'd get an eyeful of four sexy boys jerking like crazy - sometimes several times!


More than once I was tempted to record the shows. But while I could claim watching was an accident, actually having video could be nothing less than premeditated peeping-tommery with kids as the focus. I'm pretty sure the law wouldn't let that slide! So I limited myself to watching. Besides, there's an intimacy to watching live shows that no recording could ever match.


From time to time I even helped. Like the time when the rain wiped out their supply of porn. It was heart-breaking when I watched them reach into their stash and pull out the soggy remains of their old mags. Worse yet, there was no show that day! So the next day, I went out and bought five new magazines, put them in a large zip-lock bag, and planted it on one of the trails they used to get to the fort. The jerking for the next several days was phenomenal as they ogled the new fare! And naturally, my own pleasure at their pleasure was well worth the small expense. From then on, they kept their porn in baggies, and from time to time, I'd hide another mag here or there. They found most of them without me having to re-plant them.


On a hunch, one time I left a gay magazine, thinking the little guy would find it appealing. Boy was I ever wrong! They ALL found it appealing! Apparently it had simply never occurred to them that they could do more with each other than just jacking off. Yeah, the little guy was far more interested in the gay stuff than the others, but they all tried their turn at sucking each other off, and I got to witness the whole first time! My arm was sore for a week after watching them that day, I can tell you!


As it turned out, the middle brothers didn't really enjoy it all that much. They tried it on each other, and obviously they enjoyed being on the receiving end. But neither really did it after that without some obvious argument. The older blonde boy would suck any of the others for the asking, but seemed to enjoy the youngest best because he apparently didn't really care for the taste of semen. And yes, the youngest obviously enjoyed both sucking cock AND the taste of cum. So the other three fed him often.


To be honest, strange thoughts were beginning to creep into my head while watching them. Now I've never been particularly attracted to kids sexually, and at first, I thought it was just me re-living some of the better parts of my childhood vicariously. But as time went on, I began to see the boys as sexual beings themselves. I found myself daydreaming about stroking their little cocks. Hell, let's be honest. When the little one was at it, I even thought about how much he seemed to enjoy sucking them, and I wondered if I would too. Since the thought made my cum like a fire hose the first time, I re-played it in my mind until my mouth began to water every time those boys would display their erections.


I am most definitely NOT gay - but for those boys, bi was certainly an option!


And yet, it never occurred to me that it was completely wrong to be watching and whacking off while a bunch of kids did their thing. If you had asked me if I was a pedophile, I'd have given you both a resounding "NO", and probably a punch in the nose as well.


That was, until Sarah.




It was just another day of debauchery in the forest. Being that it was a Saturday, I had arrived a little early at what I had come to call my "Hunting Blind". Over time, I had done a little transplanting and repositioning so that my perch was pretty well concealed, while I had made a few more adjustments to the fort to make sure I could see clearly but not be seen easily by the boys. Oh sure, if they'd have every actually LOOKED, they'd have been able to spot me, but fortunately for me, they were usually too busy, either playing, or "playing".


By this time, the Blind was sort of a fort in its own right. It was secluded, and I had stockpiled a few goodies of my own. Since the boys didn't always show up to give me a show, I had a few porn magazines; and since they often did, I had a supply of handi-wipes and lube. In addition, I had some snacks and a book or two, in case I felt like waiting a while just in case. I had even put in a couple of cushions that I'd rescued from the local Goodwill store, so I didn't have to sit on the ground - especially helpful when it was damp.


Over the past few months, I'd pretty much gotten in the habit of showing up early on Saturdays. Sometimes it was a complete bust, but there were a few days where the boys put on an all-day show! Hence the extra supply of lube and lotion! You wouldn't think a man my age could actually cum four times in as many hours, but that just goes to show what you can accomplish with the right motivators!


So anyway, it was a nice, clear, sunny Saturday. The blonde and the brothers had shown up, and had found the new mag I'd hidden the night before. So all in all, it was looking to be a particularly exciting morning. The boys had stripped and were excitedly looking at the new magazine, and I had stripped and was watching them while stroking my throbbing cock.


The twig snap behind me was like a bullet to my brain. Suddenly I saw the scene as it really was. I was hidden, watching three under-aged children performing sex acts which I had encouraged, albeit circuitously. My cock was out and in my hand, and covered with lubricant. There was simply no way I was going to get out of this with my skin intact!


It was like a double-bullet to my brain when the little girl plopped her bottom on the cushion beside me to watch the show below too!


She looked to be about 12, and certainly not dressed for the woods, in a pretty little yellow sundress that set off her raven locks and bright blue eyes charmingly. She was basically the picture of the sweet, innocent young girl - except for the fact that she was watching the action below with a rapt attention and no surprise whatsoever.


Apparently I'd been frozen some time, because she looked over at me and giggled softly. In a voice that reeked of butterflies and candy, she said, "Sorry to surprise you mister! I've been watching you watching my brothers for a while now. I hope you don't mind!" And to add a little extra shock to my already overloaded system, she looked DIRECTLY at my cock (still stiff as a board with my hand wrapped around it and glistening with lube) and added, "And I've been watching you too!"


With that, she calmly turned her attention back to the action below.


Stunned doesn't come close. I simply had no idea what to do. Going from turned-on-as-hell to scared-as-hell to confused-as-hell left me a little dumbfounded. So I just sort of took her cue and returned my attention to the boys below.


Naturally, it didn't take long for the boys antics to recapture my attention, and since I was already stiff-and-stroking, my hand naturally went back to it as I watched. Sure, I was still freaking out six ways from Wednesday, but the girl just sat there quietly and didn't make a fuss. I figured that if she had wanted to, the slightest of screams would have alerted her brothers, and I'd have been totally fucked anyway.


Wait a minute... Her BROTHERS? I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye. Sure enough, I could see the family resemblance to the brothers below. And yet, here she was, watching them jack off! What the hell?


That was to be the least of my shocks for the day though. I didn't know who this girl was, but she sure had balls! She'd just invaded my fort, interrupting my intimate time like she had some right to... I was starting to work up a good boil, when she turned to face me and looked over at me with the sweetest grin you ever saw and whispered, "I'm sorry for disturbing you mister... I can go if you want me to."


That was when I noticed that a peculiar gleam that I've only seen in aroused women. Again I was at a loss for words. I stammered a bit.


"I'd like to stay and ... watch though - if you'll let me."


Her eyes shifted from the boys below to my own throbbing erection, out in plain sight, with my hand around it. She didn't look away, in fact, her eyes lit up like I'd just given her a box of candy. I swear to God I could FEEL her eyes on my cock, and it made my dick twitch with pure pleasure!


"Ah... uh... okay... I guess..." was all I could manage. That's what my mouth said. My cock was singing "halleluiah" under her scrutiny though! I don't know why, but having this little waif staring at my manhood was ...


"OH FUCK!" It was all I could do to chomp down and keep from screaming it out as my seed shot out in glorious delight under her gaze! And not just once, but over and over, a climax so intense it left me panting and shaking like a high school senior who'd just gotten his first piece! I saw stars, my entire body locked up, and I just CAME like there was no tomorrow!


As I came around and remembered where I was, I looked over to the little girl sheepishly, ready to apologize, my mind was blown all over again. She was sitting there, dress pulled up, hand down her panties, staring at my cock and rubbing herself furiously, with a frantic desire in her eyes that made me certain that she was about to cum too!


And did she ever! She stared at my dripping cock until the pleasure gripped her, and her eyes rolled back in her head. Her hand didn't slow a bit as her whole body started shaking. Purely by reflex, I wrapped my arm around her protectively, and it was like setting off a flare. Her free hand wrapped around me like a vice, she burried her face in my chest, and her whole body began shaking like an earthquake!


There was nothing I could do but hold her tight and ride out the storm, which seemed to go on and on, rising and falling, and rising again in intensity. Finally though, it ebbed, and she lay limp against me, her body trembling and covered with sweat. Her hand slipped out of her panties and wrapped around me and she hugged me tight, whimpering softly.


My heart melted. I could tell this was a girl who needed to be held, and so I did, gently caressing her, making little hush-hush noises, reassuring her softly that it was okay, and she was a good girl. Eventually she relaxed, and we just lay together for a time, both of us completely spent, and joined in the unspoken, but understood joining that comes from cumming together.



(Not yet written 03/28/2013)


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