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Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Too Good To Be True 1

Part: Part 1

Summary: Start of series. A mysterious package is only the beginning.

Keywords: M, gg, Ped, Cons, Mast, Lez, Voy

Date: 06/22/2017

[Author's Note]


The package sat on his desk most of the day before Ted bothered with it. Usually he picked up his mail on the way to work, then went through it after lunch, giving his meal time to settle in peace, but today had been a bit more hectic than usual.

There wasn't anything particularly interesting about it. About the size of a book, plain brown wrapper, smudged return address from a cheap printer on glossy paper. Probably something he ordered and forgot.

The tablet closely resembled a Zon Tab 7" that he'd bought a year or so ago. He recalled how good a machine it was for under $50. Pulling it out of the package, he noticed immediately that there were no logos or advertising, no instructions, nothing but the tab - not even a charger or cord. He went through the box, and the packaging again, thinking he'd missed a little "Read me first" card or something. Nothing. Oh well.

He turned it on, and was surprised at how quickly the OS flashed to life. Apparently it had been shipped in sleep mode rather than shut down. Interesting. He wouldn't have thought it practical, but there it was. He didn't recognize the OS logo though, just a stylized KGW with a bit of animation to show it was loading.

Then the screen cleared and a message appeared. "Hello Ted. This is a personal message, and you'll want to read it in private. Please press the power button to put me back to sleep until home and have about an hour of private time for us. Alternately, you can hold the button down for several seconds, and this tablet with wipe itself completely, and we'll never bother you again. Your call."

"Well I'll be damned," he muttered. Obviously it was intended for him specifically. Whoever had sent it to him knew his name and set up the device to call him by it. Hackers? Unlikely. Some sort of spear phishing ploy? Impossible to tell - yet. The safe bet would be to ... suddenly the screen changed.

"Please do one or the other now Ted. I'm going to start showing porn now, and you don't want Miss Gimble to see!" Behind the words, the screen filled with a picture of a pretty young woman bending over, presenting herself wholly, her smooth pussy spread open by her hands as she looked back over her shoulder grinning.

It took a couple of seconds to get over the shock that the machine even knew about Miss Gimble - the local HR Nazi who was straight out of Feminazi training camp. She'd already called a couple of his fellow employees to task for desktop pictures that weren't prudish enough for her tastes. He fumbled for the button, pressing it briefly. He was intrigued, and didn't want to wipe it - yet. If nothing else, that young lady was a real looker, and he hoped he'd be able to snatch the pic for his extensive collection.

Fortunately, it was already late afternoon, Friday, and he'd already planned on leaving a bit early. So he only had about an hour before he was on the way home. Good thing too, because his curiosity was killing him. Luckily Rose was spending the night with a friend tonight, going home with them straight from school, so he took the tablet out, plopped on the sofa, and pushed the button.

"Welcome back Ted," the screen read. "This may take a little while, so get comfortable. I'll wait." There was a smiley-face, indicating the writer was being funny. Obviously he wasn't going anywhere. He pushed the "Continue" button.

The screen was filled by the same picture of the lovely lass from earlier. Ted grinned. She was a looker all right! He didn't get to really examine her at work, but now that he took the time, he saw that she really was a beaut. Young and lithe, with light red hair streaming down, her eyes twinkling with merriment as she exposed herself to the photographer - obviously she was the kind of girl who enjoyed showing herself off. And her pussy was immaculate. Completely devoid of hairs, a pale pink with a glint that spoke of juices. He could feel his member swelling at the sight - it was very much the type of girls he liked to look at while masturbating.

"You like staring at my cunny Ted, you pervy old pervert?" the girl asked in a voice sweet as nectar. Then to his surprise, the "photo" animated into a video and she straightened up, turning to face him, her smile widening as if she knew the shock he was feeling.

She was indeed the type he liked - no question. Small breasts. Very small. And as the camera zoomed in so he could see better, he realized that she could not possibly be of legal age. His cock swelled fully as she smiled at him and said, "You're probably rock-hard now Teddy-bear. I hope it's not too uncomfortable - but we did tell you to get comfy!" She giggled like a little girl, and he reduced his age estimate even further. The girl couldn't be more than fourteen.

Text appeared at the bottom of the screen as the video froze. "If you would like to fap now, we can wait. Or we can continue on with business. Your call." Below were two buttons, "Fap" and "Continue".

As curious as he was, Ted hadn't gotten off in a couple of days, and this girl was extremely appealing to him. Even if she was somehow over eighteen, in his mind she wasn't, and it excited him greatly. Whoever had sent the tablet must know his preference for young ones - probably some website he'd been to. In fact, this whole thing was probably some lure to get him to sign up for some service where they'd quickly recoup the cost of the tablet. Of course, he'd never buy into that, but what the hell, he could at least enjoy one good fap with this little cutie as the star. If he was lucky, there'd even be more video! He tapped the "Fap" button.

"I'm Linda," the girl cooed, coming back to life while Ted fumbled with his belt and zipper. She moved gracefully, walking to the left where a bed appeared as the camera panned. She slid onto the satin sheets, her eyes never leaving his. Well, never leaving the camera lens - Ted knew full-well that trick! And yet, it still worked. He felt like she was looking at him, sharing with him her nakedness. She was probably a practiced cam-girl.

"You know Ted, others will see this video, but I'm really making it for you. Call it our introduction. Do you like my body Ted?" The camera zoomed and panned as the girl moved, displaying every part of her sensuously. "I know you're looking at me Ted - I can feel your eyes on my skin. I love showing off for older men like you. Boys my age are fun, but men like you really know how to treat a girl." She paused, as if reading something, then grinned.

"They told me that you like oral sex Ted! That means you're a good kisser too - two big plusses in my book! Would you like to lick my pussy Ted?" The camera panned down and zoomed in as the girl lay back, spreading her legs, her fingers spreading her puffy mound to expose her now-quite-obviously-wet pussy. Ted's mouth watered at the thought of licking such as beautiful cunny, tasting those juices, feeling the squeezes of her arousal as he thrust his tongue into her. He watched, mesmerized as the girl's finger pushed inside her tight little hole. "Oh Ted, I'd love to feel your tongue inside me! Maybe some day you can lick my cunny for real!"

Her finger began to move in and out, slick with her juices as the girl's arousal grew. She really got off on being watched all right, and Ted's mouth was hanging open as he watched, his own hand stroking his rock-hard member. "You want to lick my pussy Ted, I can tell!" the girl enthused. "Ohhh!" she groaned, her body shivering as a climax ran through her. "Oh daddy, you just made me cum! Do you mind if I call you daddy, Ted? My daddy teddy bear?" She was shifting on the bed, her juices drooling out as her fingers worked her pussy with growing passion. A second finger, then a third forced their way in, stretching her tiny hole lewdly.

"Oh daddy," she panted with a bit of a whine to her voice. "I'm going to cum daddy, and it's all for you! Can you cum on my pussy daddy? I love the feel of a man's hot cum spraying all over my little pussy-puss! Cum on my little thirteen-year-old pussy daddy! You can wipe off the screen later, I just want you to cum for me, I need it so bad daddy! Pleeeease?"

She didn't have to ask twice. Ted's cock was already leaking juices, soaking into his shorts as he stroked. Thirteen? His pulse hammered. Of course she wasn't, but ... God what a hot little fuck she was to even say it! In his mind she was thirteen, as she claimed, and that was all that mattered at the moment.

"Oh yes you dirty little cunt," he growled. "I'm gonna cum all over your pretty pink pussy, you teasing little slut!"

"Oh yes daddy!" the girl squealed. "Cum on my pretty pink pussy! I'll be your slut-daughter daddy! Oh my God daddy, cum for me and Imma cum for you! I'm so close! Do it daddy!"

Ted's libido shot up several more notches as she repeated his own words back at him. This was live? This little slut was diddling herself for him in real time? With a tremendous cry of passion, Ted erupted, his cum coursing out like a guyser, shooting high into the air, to splat back down on his chest, his legs, the couch, and of course the tablet, where the pretty little girl of his dreams was howling her own climax, while urging him on. "Oh yes daddy! Cum for little Linda! Cum all over my pussy! Every drop daddy! I want every drop! You sound so sexy and growly when you cum daddy! Oh my God I'm so glad I got to be the one for you to cum on first!" Her fingers blurred as she finger-fucked herself with abandon, her juices spraying onto the satin as she hit her full orgasm, thrashing around so the cameraman had to work to keep her in view.

It didn't matter. The way she was thrashing as she climaxed was as exciting to Ted as a close-up of her pussy would be. She was so small, petite, young, and sexy! And so focused on her orgasm as only a young woman could be (or so he'd always imagined). His own climax was spent, the stuff everywhere drooling down, but he just absently wiped the screen enough to watch Linda continue until she was finished.

It was quite a show, and Ted appreciated it as much for the subject as the content. When Linda was finally done, she lifted her head to look him in the eye (camera) again, and slid her shiny-wet fingers into her mouth, licking and sucking her juices lewdly. "Thanks daddy! You made me cum really good! Mwah!" she blew him a kiss and the screen faded to black.

Words appeared. "Please take your time and when you're ready to continue, press the power button. We will go into sleep mode again now, so you can clean up yourself and the screen." With that, the tablet blanked.

Ted did take his time. First he wiped up the mess with his clothes, stripping them off and then tossing them in the washing machine. Then he went to the kitchen and got something to drink - he was parched. As he chugged the juice, he enjoyed the way his body felt so relaxed after a good climax, the wet cum drying on his skin. Then he went and took a shower - not so much because of the cum, but because he always showered after work. It made him feel renewed, washing off the day's grime and bothers.

After drying himself, he donned his robe and made himself a snack of some left-over pizza before returning to the living room.

The tablet was a mess of course. He'd wiped the bulk of the cum off onto his clothes, but what had remained had dried, so he took a couple of minutes with a warm, damp cloth to clean it up. Then he took it to his bedroom. Just in case, he told himself.

Through all of this he'd been thinking about it. Obviously whoever sent the tablet knew his preferences. Like most people, he'd done some searched for underage porn, and had found that there was plenty of fake underage porn to be found. Pictures of young-looking girls, the camera angles and a bit of photoshopping helping to give the impression that they were actually under eighteen, though of course if they had been, the sites would have been taken down. He'd even found a few pics he was fairly sure were legit underage, but they were few, far-between, and of poor quality. Except for the nudist site pics, of course. But while those were better pics and had plenty of pics of naked kids, they weren't really sexual pics. Cute. Pretty even. But not designed to arouse.

Still, someone must have tracked him enough to find out his preferences and sent the device. So it was probably some specialist site. The more he thought about it, the more convinced he was that the girl - sexy as she was - must have in actuality been over eighteen after all. Still, she put on a stunning and convincing performance. He wasn't even completely certain it had been live. Maybe it was just his arousal and some careful scripting. Whatever the case though, it'd been superb. If the site wanted his business, he'd certainly be interested - depending on the price, of course. And he wasn't going to sign up for any automatic payments!

He punched the button, and the screen lit. "All better?" it said. "We hope you enjoyed yourself - but that's just the tip of the iceberg. We know you won't believe this, but we don't want your money. If we did, we'd already have it. Look:" Below that scrolled text. Ted's eyes widened in shock as he recognized his bank account numbers, his credit card numbers, his PIN numbers, and even some of his passwords. There was enough there that any hacker could have emptied his accounts with ease.

He tapped the "Continue" button at the bottom of the screen, and the screen wiped, with more text appearing. "We'd like your friendship Ted. We'd like you to join us. We have been vetting you for over a month, and we know you like the same thing we like - young sex. We're offering, and you can decline without fear. We are very well-connected with many wealthy, powerful people, companies, hackers, churches and governments. So we're not afraid that you'll try to turn us in - We know you're smart enough to see how futile that would be (and dangerous). So if you don't want to join us, we will let you go your way, sure that you won't tell." Another "Continue" button appeared. He tapped it.

The screen filled with 24 small photos of young girls, boys, and adults in all manner of sexual contact. Ted's eyes bulged as he looked at each in turn. They were small on this screen of course, but they certainly did look convincing, and he was starting to believe that this wasn't some prank after all. He could feel his member swelling again at the sights of boys and girls fucking and sucking each other and adults. The size made it difficult to be sure, but he guessed the ages ranged from around nine to around fifteen (not counting the adults). Another "Continue" button took the center square, but he didn't really want to tap it and lose this lovely mosaic! Finally he did though, and once more text filled the screen.

"We've been around a long time Ted, so our roots run deep. Very deep. You would not be joining some fly-by-night porn group who could get rounded up and jailed any time. We're experienced, practiced. If you follow our guidelines, you would be perfectly safe to indulge in your carnal desires with children and like-minded adults. You have been classified as being primarily interested in the pre-teen (8-12) group, with a preference for females." He nodded as he read that. "You could, of course, indulge in other ages and genders as well. So what do you say Ted, are you interested?" Below that were two buttons, "Yes" and "No".

It seemed simple enough. Tapping the "Yes" button would be to admit that yes, he was keenly interested in this thing. He wasn't even sure what all was involved, but he was definitely interested! It sounded like it was more than just porn - like he might even be able to participate... the thought caused his cock to jump. What would that be like? Not just to see someone like Linda, but to actually, really lick that pussy? His cock jumped again, and he realized that it was fully-erect and a bead of precum was oozing down the side.

He chuckled as he collected the drop with a tissue. He was more excited by this prospect than he thought. He wasn't really clear on legalities, but he was fairly certain that what he'd already seen constituted entrapment, so it sort of had to be legit, didn't it? What the hell, he could always claim he'd meant to hit "No" and had missed. He tapped "Yes" and more text filled the screen.

"We're happy to hear that Ted. Linda is eager to meet you - no seriously. She loved the face you made when you came." Ted realized belatedly that the camera on the tablet must have been on, recording his climax. Hell, he was sure now that the mic had been on too. "She's an insatiable minx, and she wants to feel your tongue inside her pretty pink pussy - her words, not ours. However, before we go setting you up with dates with Linda and whomever else you want to play with, there's something you should know. Are you ready for a real shock? Take your time." Again, a "Continue" button was the only option.

Ted hesitated. He'd been through several shocks already, and wondered what could be left that they would think so shocking that he'd need time to prepare. He took a sip of his tea, braced himself, and tapped the button.

"You're not the only one who's interested in this sort of thing Ted. We have lots of boys and girls who are interested in sex with adults. Not surprising, we know. But what may surprise you is this one..." Below that was a picture of... his Rose!

Anger - no, rage tore through him. Was this all some elaborate ruse just to get his sweet daughter involved in some sort of child sex ring? His head throbbed with the heat of his anger. He'd kill each and every one of these bastards! He threw the tablet across the room, where it left a divot in the wall before falling to the carpet.

For several minutes he lay in bed, stewing, breathing hard as his anger threatened to explode in some form of violence. His head filled with half-formed schemes for tracking down the culprits. Drag his angel into the porn biz? Not on his watch! Gradually though, it occurred to him that if there was a way to track them down, it would have to start with the tablet. Grumpily he got up and crossed the room to pick it up.

As he neared it, he heard voices. It sounded like Rose and some other girl talking, though it was so quiet it was hard to tell. He picked up the tablet and saw he was right. He didn't recognize the other girl. Rose was ten, and this other girl looked a year or two older. They were sitting side-by-side on a bed in a girl's bedroom. By the angle, the camera had to be in the ceiling.

"Are you sure, Peggy?" Rose asked.

"Totally!" the other girl replied. "I wasn't sure about my dad either. I thought he totally didn't think of me that way. But then, when the time came, he was like a tiger!" She giggled. "I mean, he was so horny for me you wouldn't believe it!"

"That sounds amazing," Rose said, giggling a little bit herself. "What happened? I mean, how did you..."

Peggy laughed. "You mean how did I get my dad to admit he wanted to do sex things with me?" Rose nodded seriously. "It was actually pretty easy. A friend of mine sent him a recording of me admitting I wanted to do sex things with him."

"Oh my God," Rose said, "I'd totally die of embarrassment!"

"Yeah," Peggy said, "but I didn't know. All I knew was that overnight daddy's attitude about me changed. I mean, I'd been trying to get him to notice me for ever, and he never did. And then suddenly it seemed like he actually started seeing me. Not seeing me like a little girl, but seeing me like... like a... you know. Someone he might want to do things with."

Rose bounced eagerly. "So did you?"

Peggy poked her in the tummy, making her giggle. "Of course I did! As soon as I noticed he was noticing me, I started playing it up. Dressing less. It was fun, teasing him. I could totally tell he wanted me - he didn't even try to hide it. And that seemed a little weird, I mean, I didn't know why he didn't try to hide it. He didn't tell me till later that he saw the video."

"When did he tell you?"

"While I was sucking his cock!" Peggy said, busting out with laughter at Rose's shocked expression. "Oh come on Rose! He wanted me. I wanted him. Don't tell me that you wouldn't suck your daddy's cock if you had the chance!"

Rose's face was flushed red, but she came back gamely. "Well I wouldn't even know how."

"Totally not the point!" Peggy retorted. "You'd try, right?"

"Well, I guess..."

"Rose wants to suck her daddy's cock!" Peggy sang in the age-old sing-song. "Rose wants to suck her daddy's cock!"

"Shut up!" Rose said, miffed. "I do not!"

"Then why'd you say it?" Peggy laughed, then stopped and asked seriously. "You really wouldn't?"

"Well... yes... I would. But I don't... I mean, don't want to like you meant! I mean I do want to - you make it sound like so much fun!"

"Oh, it is! It's amazing! You got no idea how cool it is when your daddy's dick is in your mouth and you're making him feel so good that he can't help himself and he cums in your mouth!"

"Sounds icky," Rose said doubtfully.

"Totes not. I mean, it's not chocolate ice cream, but it's not bad. And wow, when you see his eyes when he cums in your mouth - it just makes me feel so wonderful! And besides, that's just the beginning."

"What do you mean?" Rose asked, thought she obviously knew.

"Well sucking him is fun and all. And I like doing it. But wait till you feel your daddy's mouth on your cunny! That's the most amazing feeling in the world! The first time my daddy's tongue pushed into my hole, I swear I thought I died and went to heaven! But you know what's even more amazing?"

"What," Rose said breathlessly, squirming. Clearly she liked the idea of her father's tongue in her cunny.

"What's even more amazing is when you look down there. I mean, there you are, feeling this amazingly good feeling, and then you look down and you see that your daddy is totally loving it too! Seriously! I've let other men lick me there too, and they just go cray-cray for it! I think it's cos pussies taste better."

Rose considered. "Can I tell you sunnin?"

"Of course Rosie! Ain't we been sharing all kinna stuff?"

She paused a moment, before blurting out, "I tasted mine." Her face turned red once again at the admission and she looked down, unable to look Peggy in the face.

Peggy paused, then in a low voice, gave Rose a verbal nudge. "Your what, Rosie honey?"

Rose gulped. "My... my pussy."

Peggy paused, as if considering this. "Wow," she finally said. "I didn't try tasting my pussy till I was eleven. You beat me, you brat!" Then she picked up a pillow and hit Rose on the head with it.

The release of tension caused Rose to respond and a brief pillow-fight broke out, leaving the girls panting and laying on the bed side-by-side. Rose was grinning like an idiot, her "secret" turned into a badge of honor. The girls chatted a bit about how they liked to touch themselves, becoming more graphic as they went. Over time it became clear that Peggy was gradually leading the conversation, while at the same time she was beginning to touch herself. She was obviously becoming aroused, and Rose was following her example. In time both girls were rubbing their nipples and crotches as they continued talking.

"God, I wish my daddy was here," Peggy finally said. "I could totally use his mouth on me right now!"

"Me too," Rose enthused, then stopped. "I mean, I guess..."

"Oh my God," Peggy said, "that's right, you don't even know what it feels like yet!" Rose shook her head, looking sad. "Well, I'm not your daddy," Peggy said, "but if you really wanna know what it feels like... I guess I can show you."

Rose's eyes widened. "What? No! Are you kidding?"

"Jeeze Rosie," Peggy said, "it's not like I haven't ever licked a girl's pussy before. Heck, you've tasted it too, it's not bad, right? But if you don't want me to, I understand. I mean, it's kinda gay."

"That's not very nice!" Rose scolded her. "And it's not true either. I know you're not gay, cos you like your dad!"

"Well, other men too," Peggy giggled. "But you're right. It's not gay, it's just... well, fun!" She looked at Rose with a grin. "Sure you don't want me to?"

Rose considered. She knew she was aroused, since she'd been touching herself for a while now, and she could feel the wetness between her legs. She squirmed, rubbing her legs together. Finally she reached a decision. "You won't tell anyone?" she asked.

Peggy laughed. "I should tell your daddy! But then he might get jealous cos I got to lick you there before he did!"

"Oh my God, you're such a..." Rose started, then faltered, not sure what word to use.

"Slut," Peggy supplied, then without warning, she reached between Rose's legs and gave the little girl's cunny a firm squeeze.

Rose squealed as she felt someone else touching her there for the first time. It was so much more intense than when she touched herself, and she could feel her juices flooding, soaking her panties. What she didn't notice was the way she rolled onto her back and spread her legs - she was too focused on the sensations going on between her legs.

Peggy didn't hesitate. In a flash she was kneeling between Rose's legs, sliding her skirts up and her panties down and off. Rose cooed happily at the touch of the cool air on her hot, wet flesh, while Peggy took her time admiring the younger girl's pussy. "You have a beautiful little puss-puss Rose. Your daddy's gonna love it when you finally let him play with it!" And in the next instant, her head dropped as she began to lick and suck the little girl's cunny juices greedily, sending Rose into paroxysms of screaming pleasure as she enjoyed the touch on a tongue on her nethers for the first time.

Ted cock erupted without him even touching it, spraying the wall and carpet with streams of hot semen. Since picking up the tablet and seeing what the girls were up to, he hadn't been able to look away, or even move. It was one thing to have some tablet tell him that his little girl wanted sex, it was a completely other thing to actually see her discussing sex with another girl - discussing sex WITH HIM! Not only that, but Rose had seemed very much in favor of the idea.

Ted had never in his life consciously thought of his little girl as a sexual being. But there was no denying the blatant sexuality of the little girl thrashing about on the bed, screaming out her pleasure as another young girl licked her pussy. It was as if he'd pushed all sexual thoughts of her into a closet for who-knew-how-long, and that closet door had suddenly burst. As Roses climax rang out, his own sex had reacted as well, and he'd unleashed his second huge load of the day.

And even still he couldn't move or look away from the screen. He leaned against the dripping wall as his weakened knees slowly gave out until he was sitting on the wet carpet watching his little girl get her pussy sucked.

Peggy wasn't just eating her pussy though, she would pause to encourage little Rosie to give voice to her desires. "Don't just scream Rose honey, tell me what you're thinking, what you want, what you need!"

Rose tried, but it took some more prompting. Still, it wasn't long before she was holding Peggy's head with both hands, her own legs in the air as she screamed out at the top of her lungs, "Eat my pussy! Oh Peggy, suck my pussy like my daddy! Oh my God you're making me cum again! Your face is so wet... like..."

"Like what?" Peggy prodded before diving back in.

"Like my daddy's?" Rose asked.

"Like your daddy's will be when..." Peggy prompted again.

Rose grinned hugely. "Your face is wet as my daddy's is gonna be when I cover it wit my juicies!" she shouted, followed by a shriek as Peggy rewarded her with her tongue, batting the little girl's clitty mercilessly as the child screamed out in another huge rush of pleasure.

A grown man will never have the stamina of a couple of preteen girls. On the other hand, there's very little in this world more erotic that watching one preteen girl eat another preteen girl's pussy - especially when one of those girls is one's own daughter. So Ted wasn't terribly surprised when his cock rose once more to attention. His hand found it automatically - he was far too engrossed in the scene before him to look away. It didn't even register on him that he was sitting in a puddle of his own making. All that existed was his little girl and her little friend.

Even so, he didn't think he had another cum in him. That is, until Peggy asked Rose if she'd like to try eating pussy too - and the younger girl agreed. As Peggy moved aside, he got his first really good look at Rose's pussy - dark pink, shiny, and opened by Peggy's ministrations. It was a sight that would be burned into his memory forever, and it very nearly sent him into climax - would have, if it hadn't been quite so soon.

Instead, he watched as the girls shucked their clothes (at Peggy's suggestion) and then spent several minutes exploring one another's bodies with eyes, hands, and tongues. If it wasn't so arousing, it would have been sweet beyond words. Peggy clearly had a more developed body, but to Ted's eyes, his own daughter was a million times as lovely. Likewise Peggy had more experience, and she caressed and licked Rose as an experienced lover would.

On the other hand, Rose's inexperienced fumblings were endearing beyond belief. The way she touched the older girl's slight breasts so tentatively, how Peggy had to encourage her again and again to not be quite so light-touched, until she finally took Rose's head in her hands and pressed her tight against her breast and yelled, "Suck hard, dammit!" Rose was a quick learner though, and in a little while her mouth was working Peggy's breasts thoroughly, making the older girl squirm and squeal with pleasure.

Gently she guided Rose downward, over her tummy, and to the place between her legs. Rose looked up one last time. "I'm not sure what to do..." she said.

"Don't worry about it Rosie," Peggy panted. "You're doing fine, and you'll catch on quickly - I have no doubt. Just be fearless."

Rose nodded, her head dropping. From the camera angle Ted couldn't see exactly what Rose was doing, but whatever it was, it was sending the older girl into one shuddering climax after another.

Ted was filled with - in addition to lust, desire, and passion - a strange sort of pride. His little girl was sucking pussy like a pro, her first time out! And watching her do so was thrilling. Not only that, but the camera angle as Rose kneeled and bent down to lick and suck the older girl's pussy gave him an amazing view of her ass. The cries of the older girl's climaxes in tandem with the spectacular view finally sent him over the edge, and once more he was firing salvo after salvo of hot cum into the air, to land on his chest, stomach, thighs, and the tablet - and this time, it was his daughter's ass his cum was landing on - which only excited him more. There was no doubt in his mind any longer that he'd love to cover her actual ass with cum - or any other part of her. It was screamingly clear that his little girl was a slut of the highest order, and he could hardly wait to grant her desire to play with him.

By the time he was done cumming, Ted was almost incoherent. With groans like an old man, he dragged himself to his feet, to the nightstand where he downed his tea like a man dying of thirst. He threw the tablet onto the bed, collapsing beside it in exhaustion.

As he sank into sleep, he hear Linda's voice from the device, "So would you like to join us now?" she asked.

"Uh huh," Ted muttered.

"Is that a yes?" Linda's soft titter asked.

"Fuck yes," he finally got out before succumbing to exhaustion.

"Great," the words followed him into his dreams. "We'll be in touch shortly."


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3. There are a number of free anonymous emailer services out there. If you use one of these, PLEASE include the subject "Feedback_TooGood_1". A quick search found some examples:,,,,,

Note: I am not affiliated with any of the above, nor have I researched them thoroughly. I'm only offering them as some examples. Please do your own research according to your own security concerns. I take no responsibility your actions!


4. If you have another method to recommend, I'm all ears! Thanks!