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TIPS - Part 1

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Tips 1

Part: Part 1

Summary: Young girls can't get regular jobs - but they can work for tips.

Keywords: gg, Mg, Mgg, Ped, Lez, HJ, BJ, Cum, etc.

Date: 06/03/2017

[Author's Note]


"Hey there!" Val said cheerily.


Kelly looked around before realizing that Val had been talking to her. That in itself wasn't too unusual - Val was friendly to everyone. It was part of why almost everyone liked her.


But there were from two very different worlds. Val had it all. She was very pretty, her family was obviously well-off, and she had the type of personality that simply oozed self-confidence.


Kelly was pretty much the exact opposite. Two years younger, she was significantly smaller and less confident. More, her family operated barely above the poverty level, so she didn't have any of the pretty new clothes like Val did. And she sure as heck didn't have a body like Val's. Val was an early bloomer. Even at twelve she had the chest to justify a bra (at least during sports), and her hips had a decided curve. Even her legs were far more defined - not all lanky and coltish like Kelly's.


She'd also lucked out, getting blonde hair and blue eyes in contrast to Kelly's brunette hair and brown eyes. Most of all though, was the attitude. She was just comfortable with herself. She even wore makeup - a thing Kelly wouldn't dream of even if she could afford it! And there was no way she'd be caught dead in some of the outfits Val wore. Sometimes Kelly wondered that Val wasn't sent home to change. Not exactly scandalous, she nevertheless seemed to like to show as much of herself as she could get away with.


In short, Val was everything Kelly wished she was. So when she approached Kelly and sat down with her at the lunch room, Kelly was so surprised, she forgot how to talk.


"Val!" one of the cheerleader-table called. "Come here, we got a spot for you. You don't have to sit with Kelly!"


"I want to sit with Kelly," she retorted, turning back to Kelly with a grin.


Kelly's cheeks grew warm. She'd said it so loud the whole cafeteria could hear! Why was she sitting here anyway? This was the "loser" section!


"Hi!" the cheerful blonde said, holding one hand out. "I haven't really got to know you yet. I'm Val." She shook Kelly's trembling hand, apparently not noticing how damp and limp it was.


"Kelly," Kelly muttered. She was surprised she even remembered her name.


"Smelly Kelly," Carl said, walking by, making Kelly look away in shame. Carl wasn't the only bully in the school, but he was one of the ones who seemed to take particular delight in picking on Kelly.


"Carl! Hey man! Nice to see you!" Val said cheerfully. "C'mere!" She motioned him closer with one finger, then whispered something in his ear. Kelly was trying not to meet anyone's eyes, but she did catch the change in Carl's demeanor and the sudden flush to his cheeks before he hurried away.


She looked the question (still no voice), and Val leaned forward to answer. "I just told him that if he didn't stop picking on you, I'd tell everyone I offered him a blowjob - and found out he's got the smallest prick in the school!"


Kelly's eyes grew large with shock, then she erupted with laughter. She'd heard the rumors about Val - that she did things with boys - but counted it as jealous gossip by the girls and false bragging by the boys. There were rumors about all the girls. Even Kelly was said to have slept with a few boys - completely untrue of course. Val though - it was entirely believable. Not because she was a confirmed slut or anything, but because if she said it, no one would argue.


That loosened Kelly's tongue and warmed her to Val like nothing else could have. By the end of lunch, they were friends, and within a week, she and Val were known to be good friends, despite their divergent social strata.


It wasn't unusual for Val to buy gifts for her friends, whether it was an extra desert at lunch, or a coveted phone cover. She never seemed to be lacking for funds. So it wasn't too surprising when she showed her largess to her new friend. Kelly didn't like accepting gifts because she couldn't ever reciprocate, but Val wouldn't take "no" for an answer. Over a few months, the gifts got more extravagant to the point where Kelly could no longer keep her mouth shut.


"Oh, I can't," She said, sliding the box back across the table during lunch. Val had presented her with a silver bracelet for her tenth birthday. Real silver. It was too much. She wanted it, but it must have cost twenty bucks!


"Sure you can Kelly! You're my friend!" Val insisted, pushing it back to her.


Kelly finally broke down and told her - barely holding back the tears - how much it bothered her accepting gifts she could never reciprocate. "I'm not like you Val," she finished. "I don't have a rich family. I don't get an allowance. I'm sorry, but I just can't keep taking from you like this!"


Val looked at her a long time, and Kelly was certain that it was the end of their friendship before she spoke in a low voice. "Kelly? Can you keep a secret? I mean, a really serious secret?" After receiving affirmation, she went on, taking a deep breath. "It's not true Kel. My family isn't rich. In fact, we're probably broker than yours. I don't get an allowance either."


This puzzled Kelly. "But then... how do you...?" Then she got it. "Oh Val! You gotta give it back! If you get caught stealing stuff..." she looked at the bracelet box meaningfully.


Val just laughed. "Silly!" she said. "I didn't steal anything! I just have a job is all!


"Oh!" Kelly laughed with relief. She'd been really worried there for a minuted. But then it dawned on her - Val was a couple of years older than her, but even twelve-year-olds couldn't have jobs. She'd looked into it last summer in the hopes of earning a little money to help her family out. Aside from odd jobs for cash by friends or family, there was simply nothing she could think of which would earn Val enough money to pay for all the clothes, makeup, extra treats, and gifts she lavished on Kelly and her other friends. She frowned. "What kinda job?"


Val grinned. "It's a secret."


Kelly understood. "Oh, okay. I get it. If I had a good job, I wouldn't wanna share either."


"Oh, that's not it," Val said, grinning mysteriously. "It's just that it's super secret. Heck, I kinda wish I could tell you about it! You're my friend! It's for tips. And it's not much, but it adds up." She looked wistful, as if she really did wish she could tell Kelly.


"Don't worry about it Val. I get it. If I wanted to do it too, that would mean less money for you."


"Hardly!" Val said. "There's way more work than I can do! It's just... well it's secret, and you probably wouldn't want to do that kinda work anyway."


"Why not?"


"Well, it's kinda icky. I mean, I thought it was at first. But it's really not bad - even kinda fun after you get use to it. But... well, it's not really legal, and it's super secret, and I know how you always follow rules..."


While true enough, nobody likes to be told they're a square. And besides, under Val's influence, Kelly had been lightening up about that sort of thing. Val wasn't so much a "bad influence" as a moderating one. Still, she didn't want to do anything actually "bad".


"You're not... stealing, you said. You're not like, a drug mule are you?"


Val laughed again. "No, nothing like that. Nothing that would hurt anyone, or cause anyone to be upset. It's illegal, not bad. You know there are plenty of dumb laws that nobody pays attention to - like speed limits, or no-skating areas."


"Well if it's not bad," Kelly shrugged, "why wouldn't I wanna do it?"


Val looked around, then leaned in close. "Cos it's naughty!" she said, pulling back to see Kelly's reaction.


Kelly's eyes grew wide with surprise. "You're not..."


Val laughed again, "No! Jesus Kelly! Just a little naughty!"


"Oh." She looked thoughtful as she mulled that over. She'd done some naughty things. Kissing and stuff. And she'd been getting more adventurous lately, since meeting Val. For a couple of weeks, she'd even had a boyfriend who she'd kiss with and even let him see her naughty places one afternoon when nobody else had been around. She'd liked the way he looked at her - it made her feel good. But it had only been a couple of minutes, and someone had come by before he'd got to show her his parts in return, which had been a bummer.


"Well if you're doing it, it can't be so bad, right?" she said, noting Val's amusement. It was almost like a challenge. "I bet I could do it too!"


Val looked at her a long time. "I don't know if you can Kelly."


"I can! I can do anything you can!" she huffed. She was getting annoyed at her friend's thinking she couldn't.


"Oh yeah?" Val said. "Heck, I bet you can't! And I can prove I can do stuff you won't!"


"Prove it!" Kelly challenged.


"Fine! Kiss me."


Kelly froze. She had not expected that! Was that what Val was doing for money? No, that wasn't illegal - it wasn't even yucky. She'd kissed her friends before once or twice, before she'd ever kissed boys.


"Fine. After school..."


"Now." Val looked at her expectantly. She obviously expected Kelly to back off and admit defeat. It was one thing to kiss a friend in private during a sleep-over. It was another thing entirely to kiss a girl in the lunch room where everyone could see. Her reputation...


Suddenly it dawned on Kelly that her reputation would actually get a huge boost if she did it. She wasn't exactly a prude, but it was common knowledge that boys went after girls who did wild things like that more than they did the recluses like her. And it would also show those other girls that she was closer to Val than any of them.


That made her pause again. "Uh, I'm not a..."


Val giggled. "I'm not a lesbian either, stupid. I just know you don't have the..."


She never got to finish, because Kelly leaned forward and kissed her, right on the lips, and held it there for several long seconds before sitting back. She could feel every eye in the lunchroom on them, and she knew her cheeks were red as a firetruck. But most of all, she was aware of Val's eyes looking deeply into hers. They held that gaze for a century or two, before Val finally grinned. "I'll talk to the boss."



The next several days were quite strange for Kelly. It was as if the entire school knew about the incident in the lunch room within seconds. And while kissing in public like that was generally frowned upon, it seemed that two girls kissing like that was not only excused, but encouraged. Well, not the kissing so much - they got a talking-to about that. But the assumed relationship was encouraged by just about everyone. In fact, that was the only reason they didn't get into real trouble. Nobody in the school administration wanted to be seen as discriminating against "such a beautiful thing".


While they weren't really "girlfriends", they kind of had to play the part now, at least for a little while, to avoid detention. So they held hands, and even kissed every now in then (though not on school grounds, of course). Kelly found that she actually enjoyed the attention, and even the kissing and hand-holding was kinda fun. Val even took it a little further - apparently testing her resolve - by running her hands over Kelly's body sometimes while they were kissing. In retaliation, Kelly did the same to her, again finding it more fun than she would have thought. She liked the way Val squirmed and made funny sounds, and her boobies were very interesting. She'd be getting her own soon, she hoped, so it was oddly comforting to be able to feel Val's and do a little experimenting.


Their talks became more intimate too, with Val sharing some of the things she'd done. She might not be a slut, but she had done a few things and was glad to have a friend she could share those experiences with. Like Kelly, she'd kissed girls and boys both, and she'd let boys see her private parts. But she'd also let a couple of boys touch her body - top part and bottom part - and she'd even given a "handy" to one boy.


The way she described that last was oddly appealing. Apparently she'd really enjoyed it a lot, describing it all in great detail. "His penis was so warm!" she enthused. "And so hard! You wouldn't believe it! And it started out kinda tan, but as I stroked him, it got more pink, then almost red, and I could tell he was gonna cum, and it was so cool - that I was going to make him cum! And then he did! Oh man Kelly, you gotta see that to believe it! His weenie was like, like surging in my hand, and then it was spurting out all over the place! And he was like, groaning and his hips were trying to help me stroke and he almost fell over cos his knees buckled. It's really cool to make a guy feel like that - it's like... like giving them some kinda really great gift!"


Kelly watched her as she was explaining all this, noting how her eyes got big, and her talking got faster. She was getting turned on just remembering it! To confirm, her eyes dropped down, and sure enough, Val's nipples were poking out. Kelly had been touching her own breasts lately, and had learned how that felt, to get excited, so that the nipples crinkled up tightly and felt so good when you touched them. On a self-dare, she reached out and gently squeezed one of Val's firm nipples.


"Ohhh," Val said, her body shivering, goose bumps covering her skin. She grinned at Kelly. "Guess I deserved that. Sorry, it's just so cool! You have got to try it!"


Kelly nodded. "Yeah, I guess I do. I don't have a boyfriend at the moment though."


"Oh, don't worry about that," Val said mysteriously. "You'll get your chance soon enough."



A couple of days later, Val told her at lunch that she'd finally talked her boss into letting Kelly try the work. After all the mystery, she was a little nervous, eager to try, and a little afraid she might not measure up, despite Val's repeated assurance that she'd be fine. "Don't worry Kelly, I'll be with you, showing you what to do. And if you don't like it, you don't have to do it again. You'll get the pay for the one anyway, kay?"


Kelly nodded, then had trouble concentrating for the rest of the afternoon. After school, the girls set out hand-in-hand to walk home together as they did several times each week now. But this time they continued off beyond the place they usually parted ways, eventually approaching a strip-mall from the back side, slipping through a gate in the back wall and skirting round the loading docks.


Val led her to a nondescript door in the cinder block wall. Glancing around to make sure nobody was watching, she pushed a button three times, then twice, then three times again. They could hear a soft ringing inside. There was a buzz-and-click, and she opened the door. They slipped inside, and Val closed the door, making sure it was locked by testing the handle. "Can't have any surprise visitors," she explained. "Don't worry, we can leave whenever we like - that button rings the bell, and they'll buzz us out."


The the room inside was about five feet wide and ten feet long, dimly lit. When the door swung closed, it took a few minutes for their eyes to adjust. There were a few plastic "patio furniture" chairs and tables scattered around, with piles of small folded towels on some of them, and there were five holes on the left-hand wall, about two feet apart. The place smelled a little like a hospital, and a little like a bathroom - clean, but the scent of disinfectant soap and such was there. A couple of feet above each of the holes was a button set into the wall, each with a small slot beside it. On the right wall were posters, and on the far 5' wall was another door.


As Kelly's eyes adapted, she saw the posters and gasped. Each one was a piece of naughty art, of people doing sex things together. She looked away quickly, but Val's mocking grin made her muster her courage and look again, forcing herself not to flinch. Of course she knew about all this stuff - she and Val had discussed much of it, at least in passing, but she'd never actually seen any of it before. Luckily none of it was real people. All the art seemed to be of that Japanese anime type.


"Over here," Val said, moving to the center of the left wall. Reaching up, she pushed the button, then she picked up one of the towels from a nearby table. Kelly walked over to see what was going on. Nothing happened.


"It takes a few minutes usually, especially the first one," Val explained. "They don't know we're here yet."


"Who doesn't?"


"I don't know."




"You'll see," Val said. "Just be patient."


Kelly rolled her eyes. "Is it okay if I sit? I think I got a rock in my shoe."


"Of course," Val said, watching her friend pull a chair closer, then sit, taking her shoe off. Sure enough, there was a pebble in there.


"Ah-hah!" Kelly said happily, plucking it out and grinning at Val. Suddenly she froze, staring beside Val. The older girl looked and grinned. There was now a cock sticking through the hole in front of her.


"There we go," she said happily. Without hesitating, she wrapped her hand around the penis and began to gently stroke it.


"WHAT THE HELL?" Kelly wanted to ask, but she had no voice. What actually came out was more like a small squeak. Her friend was just standing there, right in front of her, stroking some guy's cock! The incongruity of it was astonishing!


But when she looked from the penis to her friend, the look on Val's face was equally startling. The twelve-year-old beauty was looking at the penis with frank admiration. She almost seemed mesmerized by the thing! And her hands - she'd brought the other one into play as well - were caressing and caressing the member as it twitched, sometimes stroking it, sometimes running her fingers lightly along the length.


"Isn't it beautiful?" she said softly. "So big and fat and lovely! God I love doing this!"


Kelly had to admit that it was big. Way big. Way, way big. Val had to use both hands to stroke it. It was considerably bigger than it should be - and then she realized why. It wasn't a boy. That was a full-grown man's cock her friend was stroking!


Again Kelly was struck dumb with knowledge. In her wildest thoughts, she'd never, ever in a zillion years have imagined this was what Val did! Okay, sure, she'd stroked a boy's penis before - she'd said as much. But to stroke a grown man's penis? Holy shit! Then it occurred to her that this was the "illegal" bit. "Only a little bit illegal" my ass! she thought. This was like, totally, absolutely, completely illegal, immoral, wrong, perverse, and similar words she didn't even know.


Whatever. There was certainly no way she was going to participate! No way! Kelly sat there for several minutes, fuming. She was furious at her "friend" for bringing her here, but she couldn't exactly storm out. She didn't try it, but was sure that they weren't going to let that door open while there was a man's cock sticking out, being serviced by a little girl!


So instead, she stared at the floor. That was boring. So she stared at the ceiling. Equally boring. She looked at the far wall, with the sex art on it. It dawned on her that every picture there was people having sex - and in every case it was a little girl (or girls) and a grown man (or men). Perverts! She looked the only other direction she could, seeing her friend jacking some guy off through a hole in the wall.


Val seemed to be completely into it, with a dreamy look to her eyes as she stroked the man's penis. It was kind of interesting. Aside from being gigantic - probably eight inches or so, it was smooth and tapered, with veins in it and interesting coloration gradiating from brown toward the base, to a sort of pink-brown up to the cap. Kelly knew that was called the "head" of the penis, and this guy's "head" was deep red, almost purple. Val's motions caused the skin to slide long the length as she stroked it, and from time to time she'd dab the tip with her towel, wiping off a bit of liquid before it fell to the floor.


"He's gonna cum soon," she said in a far-away voice. "I can feel his cock twitching. See it Kelly?"


Kelly shook her head. Somehow she'd moved closer while watching, probably to get a better look at the thing - merely out of curiosity of course. The question brought her round, but it also intrigued her. Val was right, she could see the member twitching at her touch, and she was having to dab it more often.


Val chuckled. "Isn't it beautiful? God I love this one. I've done this one before - lots of times, and trust me, he's gonna make a lot of cum! I can't wait!"


Kelly was puzzled. "Why does it matter how much?" she asked.


Val smiled. "Because it's kind of a compliment. Like... uh... like the more they cum, the better of a job you did? Cos if they cum a little bit, they liked it, but if they cum a lot, they loved it."


"Oh," Kelly nodded. That made sense, she supposed.


"Oh! He's cumming! Look at that!" Val squealed.


Sure enough, the penis in her hand was twitching more now. She could actually see it moving, like a muscle flexing. Val held the bunched-up towel against the tip, preventing the cum from getting loose, but also preventing Kelly from seeing it shoot out, which was somewhat disappointing. She also heard the man through the hole, grunting and groaning with excitement. The sound sent shivers down her spine. Val really was making the man feel crazy-good! And she was enjoying it too - the twelve-year-old handjob artist's nipples were hard and pointing out through her shirt like a couple of bullets.


Finally the man was done. "When a guy cums," Val explaining, still stroking him, but with far different strokes now. "His cock can get super-sensitive, but we still want to drain all the cum out. So we do it like this... long, slow strokes, squeezing, but not too hard. See?"


"Uh huh," Kelly said, shifting her position to get a good view. Val moved the towel away, holding it under the tip as she milked the monster, and Kelly got her first look at cum. It didn't seem very interesting - just some sort of off-white liquid with the apparent viscosity of warm honey. As the last few drops landed in the wet towel, the scent hit her. It wasn't unpleasant, but it wasn't mouth-watering either. Like a food you don't care about, but don't dislike either.


Val carefully wiped the tip, the released the penis, which withdrew from the hole. She looked at the towel with a grin. "Look at all that cum!" she said. Kelly looked. It didn't seem like that much to her. Maybe a quarter of a cup. But her friend seemed proud, so she agreed. "Yeah, that's a good, uh, bunch of it all right."


Val looked at her and burst out laughing. "It's a good 'load', silly."


"What-ever!" Kelly said, annoyed. It wasn't her fault if she didn't know the lingo.


"Don't worry," Val said, "you'll get the hang of it. I'll be here to help. Ready to try one now?"


Kelly realized suddenly that she'd changed her mind. Watching Val do it had altered her perspective on the whole thing. Her friend had brought great pleasure to a man, and it had enjoyed doing it. There was nothing wrong here. Why shouldn't she do it too? She'd like to make someone feel that good!


She shrugged non-committaly, and Val grinned. "You're not fooling me Kelly. You want to stroke a man's cock as much as I do!"


"You're a perv," Kelly said without conviction.


"You don't have to," Val said.


"Yeah, only I kinda do. At least once. You said it yourself, I have to at least try it, else I'll always wonder, right?"


"That's my girl," Val said, leaning forward and kissing her.


Kelly smiled. She liked it when Val kissed her, and especially when she did it like this - not for show, but just cos they were such good friends.


Val got up and tossed the towel in a bin in the corner. Then she reached up and pulled two bills from the slot next to the button she'd originally pressed. It was a five and a one. Six bucks. Kelly's eyes widened.


"That's your tip? You got six whole dollars for... what... a few minutes work? For something you want to do anyway? That's just... stupid!"


Val grinned, handing the single to Kelly. "A regular hand-job is normally a five dollar tip. I'm thinking the extra buck is for you."


Kelly looked puzzled. "How come? I didn't do anything! And how did he even know I'm here?"


"Guys are weird sweetie. They get turned on by unexpected things. And the very idea of two girls together is a bigger turn on for them than you'd guess. Heck, knowing there were two little girls looking at his cock is probably what made him cum so much!" she explained. "And of course he knew you were here - well, not you, but another girl. You heard him through the hole, right? Well he has ears two, and could hear us talking."


Kelly shrugged, pocketing the buck. Her mind was already doing the math. Five dollars for a "hand job" - as Val called it. And she could probably do that two or three times without getting tired or being too late home. Maybe four. That would be twenty bucks in a single day! And if she could do this a few times a week... that could be like... forty- no. Sixty bucks a week? No wonder Val always had money to burn!


"My turn?" she asked.


Val pointed to the button closest to her, and Kelly pushed it. This time it was only a few minutes before a penis slid through the hole in the wall. Val moved over closer, standing right behind her friend, whispering in her ear. "Okay, first wrap your hand around it gently." Kelly did so. "Now move so your hand slides, making the skin move along the shaft."


It felt... odd. Not bad, just different. Like a snake a friend had let her hold once. It didn't feel like a snake, but it felt odd. The snake had felt odd. Neither were unpleasant, but both had been unfamiliar. And like holding the snake, Kelly soon grew used to the cock in her hand.


It wasn't as big as the one Val had stroked off, and the colors were somewhat different. There also seemed to be more of the loose skin, though she couldn't be sure, since she hadn't stroked the first one.


"Now let go and slide the tips of your fingers along it for a little bit," Val suggested.


Kelly did so, and to her surprise, the thing jumped and a dollop of cum dropped onto the floor. Val put her hand on Kelly's shoulder, preventing her from getting up to get a towel. "You go ahead, I'll get a couple of towels."


Kelly took the member back in her hand and stroked it some more. Without Val there, she felt like she was "flying solo", and felt pride at doing well. She could tell she was doing well, because the moaning from the other side of the wall expressed supreme pleasure. She could hear the man speaking, "That's right honey, stroke that hard man-cock. There's a good girl. What a sweet little slut you are!"


For a moment, she was shocked, then pissed. How dare he! And then she realized that the name was not only correct, but it made her feel good somehow. She squeezed his cock harder, eliciting a groan of pleasure. He liked that! She experimented with grip, stroke length, and speed, barely noticing when Val came back, using one towel to wipe up the spatter on the floor and pressing another into her hand.


Kelly saw that more was oozing out the tip, and caught it before it could drop, all without stopping the stroking. She was enjoying this! And then she felt Val behind her, whispering into her ear. "You like doing this, don't you honey? I can tell, it's obvious to anyone who looks!" To make her case, she ran her hands around Kelly's body to cup and rub her mostly- non-existent breasts.


Kelly gasped with pleasure. Her breasts might not truly exist yet, but her nipples sure as hell did, as did all the nerve endings thereabouts. Her gasp of pleasure was accompanied with a squeeze on the cock in her hand, and suddenly the cock was twitching as it expelled it's load into the air, arcing out and spatting on the floor.


Before Kelly could react, Val spoke into her ear excitedly. "That's great Kelly! You're making him cum! Don't stop, keep stroking until he's done. Never stop once the man starts cumming. Not till he's done I mean. Dang, look at how far he's shooting! Your'e really making him cum good!" It was true too. The man's jets of cum were flying high and far, landing far from their origin point. Eventually the man's shouts of pleasure - Kelly hadn't realized they were shouts until they tapered off - faded. As they did, Val spoke up again. "Okay honey, ease off. Slow down. Less grip. Squeeze it out - just let it land on the floor now. Did you see how you made him cum? That was so perfect! Okay, gentler now... squeeze out the last drops... Okay, I think he's done." A low growling moan came from the hold as the penis withdrew.


Val handed her a towel, a huge grin on her face, and Kelly realized she had an even huger grin on her own face. Together they set about wiping up the man's cum. When they were done, Val reminded Kelly to collect her tip.


"Ten bucks?!" Kelly asked, amazed. "What the heck? That's awesome, but why?"


"Well, apparently he really liked your handjob," Val said, smirking. Then seeing her friend's puzzlement unabated, she explained.


"It's probably because you didn't make him cum into a towel," she said. "Apparently it feels better for them if they can just let loose and let fly."


"Then we should always let them!" Kelly said, eyeing the money greedily. If it would effectively double the fee, she was happy to wipe up the floor.


"Uh yeah, ideally. Unfortunately, if everyone sprays cum all over everywhere, pretty soon the room will be... uh... unpleasant. The cum's gotta go somewhere. I... uh..." she trailed off.


Kelly knew that trail-off as Val worrying about finishing a thought. "What? What is it you're not telling me?"


"Well," Val said, somewhat abashed. "There are some other things you can do with it - the cum I mean. And some things that feel even better for the guys that they pay even more for."


"What kinda things?" Kelly asked, eager to find more lucrative variations.


"Well, I could show you, but you might get embarrassed." Val said.


"Show me! Show me!" Kelly said.


Val shrugged. "Just remember, you asked me to." She reached up and pushed the button above her. Almost immediately a large black cock slid through the hole.


"Damn," Val said. "I didn't expect him so soon. Come and stroke him a bit, will you?"


Kelly was surprised at how eager she was to do so. This one was much bigger than her first, and her hand couldn't even get around it. The dark coloring was beautiful, and there was very little loose skin, making it difficult to stroke the length without rubbing the skin harshly. Still, her hands were soft, her touch light, and in moments a deep, pleasure-filled moaning came through the hole.


She didn't realize she'd been stroking the man for a couple minutes when Val tapped her shoulder, indicating she was ready to take over. Kelly felt a momentary pang - she didn't really want to let go. But she did, standing and turning - then stopping dead in her tracks. Her friend was now stark naked!


Val moved into place in front of the large black cock, and Kelly saw that Val's clothes were piled on one of the tables. She'd never seen her friend naked before, and was surprised at how much bigger Val's breasts looked than hers. In fact, she had a hard time taking her eyes off them as Val pulled up a chair, sitting directly in front of the large cock and stroking it with two hands. The girl knew what she was doing - the skin might not allow for long strokes, so she wrapped one hand about 1/3 of the way up, and the other about 2/3 of the way up, giving the man double the hand-job.


She began to stroke the cock as Kelly watched. Clearly the man was enjoying it very much, as it wasn't long before a dollop of precum was oozing from the tip. But instead of stopping and dabbing it with a towel, the young girl rubbed the tip of the cock against one breast in circles, keeping the precum from the floor and "painting" her left breast in a shiny circle.


A low moan filled the room, and it was a moment before Kelly realized it was her. Her own hand was squeezing her own nipple as she watched her friend rub a stranger's precum onto her chest. Val looked over and grinned. "Get undressed," she said simply, and Kelly did so, never letting her eyes lose sight of that magnificent member or the little girl stroking it against herself - she was rubbing the head all over her face and body now, leaving shiny wet trails, and the brazen sluttiness of it was like a spell on Kelly.


When she was naked, she pulled up a chair and the two girls used all four hands and both their bodies to stimulate the man, who was leaking copious amounts of cum onto their tiny breasts, cheeks, necks, and chests as they stroked and petted him.


Obviously he couldn't withstand such an assault forever, and shouted out that he was getting close - that they should get ready. To Kelly's shock, Val leaned forward and took the tip of the huge member into her mouth, sucking gently, then pulling back and offering it to her. "If you don't want him to cum in your mouth, that's fine Kelly. Personally, I love it. I love it when a man cums in my mouth, and all over my body. And I know this guy will have loads for both. But you don't have to just cos I am."


Kelly guided the cock to her mouth, opened wide, and slipped it inside. It tasted... well it tasted like cum. But the feel of it, large and warm in her mouth. The knowledge that she was doing such a perverse thing - sucking a man's cock! A man she didn't know. A large black cock. And was seriously considering letting him cum in her mouth - that was an incredible turn-on. She'd never known what a complete, depraved slut she was!


"GONNA CUM SOON!" the man bellowed, and Val began kissing along the shaft while instructing Kelly. "Okay sweetie, when he fires, it's going to shoot fast into your mouth. You may be surprised, and that's okay. If you pull away, that's okay too, we'll just let it shoot his cum on your chest. That is, unless you want to reconsider, and let me take the shot!"


"Can't we share?" Kelly asked. Somehow it seemed even naughtier if they both got to suck and catch his cum.


Val laughed. "You're such a slut! Of course we can!" She turned and kissed Kelly, her tongue thrusting into the younger girl's mouth. At ten, Kelly wasn't an experienced kisser, but she was very worked up, and tried hard to follow Val's lead - and succeeded admirably.


Together they brought the cock to their joined mouths, their tongues rubbing each other and the fat head while their hands stroked and caressed the shaft.


"HERE IT CUMS!" the man shouted, though he need not have bothered. Both girls felt the cock jumping as it spasmed, firing a volley of molten cum against their tongues. Neither girl flinched, and the cum became part of their kiss as a second, third, fourth explosion followed the first. The cock was jumping about, and the girls got it on their faces as well, with cum drooling down their chests and into their laps as well. Shot five, six, seven, and subsequent spattered directly onto their tiny chests and tummies as they focused on their cummy-kiss.


As the last dribbles were sucked from the man's penis by Val, she let go and focused on her friend. She rubbed the cum all over her body, especially her breasts and tummy, then working her way down. Her cum-soaked hand slid easily between the little girl's thighs, which parted eagerly for her, and in a moment Kelly was screaming as Val's cum-covered digits pushed into her tiny-but-soaking pussy, rapidly pushing her over the edge of a massive, too-long-delayed climax. Her fingers continued their magic as Kelly flew up, peaked, and glided down the other side of one, two, then three orgasms - the final one leaving her breathless and panting, and in real danger of sliding out of her cum- and pussy-juice-soaked plastic chair.


When she finally came to her senses, it was to find Val guiding her to the door in the back wall, where they took a quick-but-sweet shower together, with much giggling, tickling, and playing with each other's prepubescent bodies as they washed off the man's cum.


After drying and then cleaning the room (plenty of cum and pussy juice had made it's way to the floor), Kelly reached up and checked the slot.


"Fifty bucks!" she exclaimed.


"Yeah," Val grinned. "Blowjobs are typically a twenty-five dollar tip, and that lucky stiff got a twofer!"


After getting dressed, Val escorted Kelly back to their usual separating spot, kissed her goodnight, and turned back for the rest of her journey. Rounding the same strip-mall, she entered the bar and made her way to the back room.


"Well?" she asked, "how'd it go?"


"See for yourself," the man there grinned. Pushing a button, the video started. Having been shot from the cameras hidden in the glory-hole room, the angles were not ideal, but they still captured the entire adventure of Kelly's first time in the room from start to blazing finish.


"Nice," said Val.


"Nice hell, we're going to make a mint on this one babygirl! You're the best fucking recruiter there ever was! Kelly is such a perfect little girl - she's not getting all old-and-curvy like you!" He laughed, tickling her as he tossed her on the bed.


As Val eagerly shimmied out of her clothes, her sweet little twelve-year-old body exposed before the man, she shot back, "I may not be the same little girl you started fucking, but you have to admit I'm a better lay now, right daddy?"


"You betcha, darlin," he said, sliding his hard cock easily into her well-lubricated little-girl cunt as he had so many times before.


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