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CICI SEES - Part 2

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Cici Sees 2

Part: Part 2

Summary: In Part 2 Cici naps with daddy, then mommy comes home and she gets an eyeful of her parents' kinkiness.

Keywords: MF, Mf(8), voy, exhib, mast

Date: 02/10/2015

[ Note: A request was made to write more on this one without her aging. No prob. However, Cici plays a fairly small role in this episode. Sorry, that's just the way it evolved! She'll have plenty of activity in later episodes though. ]




I fumbled with making her bed for a bit before I answered, trying to get my thoughts straightened out. On the one hand, I was a firm believer in plenty of cuddles and physical closeness with children. On the other, I was now fully aware of Cici as a sexual being. I was pretty sure my subconscious didn't give a damn about her being only eight, and would likely fondle her in my sleep. Assuming of course, that I didn't give into my dastardly urges and do it while I was awake.


My so-called "innocent" girl seemed to be aware of why I was hedging, and offered to "help", if that's what you want to call it.


"It's kay daddy. I knows you mite be hornied, but if you climb on me in my sleeps, I will beat you off!" She held her tiny little fists up to emphasize the danger of my being beaten and made a cute little mean-face. I don't know if she actually knew that telling me she'd beat me off sounded very much like an offer for a hand job - she didn't smile or let on, but like I said, kids are conniving. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if she was playing me. Kids don't get much chance to one-up their parents, so they take every opportunity they can. So I didn't really have any other option than to pretend to take it the way she nominally intended.


"Oh my! Please don't beat me up honey! I'm so scared!" I said mockingly as I continued to make her bed, the thought of those little hands stroking my member dancing in the back of my mind. "Tell ya what funny-bunny, you don't beat me up, and I'll let you nap with me till mom gets home. Fair enough?" Charlie's plane should be landing in an hour or two. Surely I should be able to control myself that long, whatever the provocation!


"Yay!" she cried happily, scooping up several of her stuffed animals to bring with her to my bed - like she didn't have enough in there already! I watched her nearly-naked form disappear down the hallway as I tucked in the sheets, then followed her.


It really wasn't as bad as I'd expected. Once I got her into one of my t-shirts so her tiny chest was no longer in view, and her panties were hidden by the hem as if she was wearing a white dress, she wasn't completely sexual to me anymore. It was weird actually. Plus she wasn't acting the little minx anymore. We laid in bed together cuddling with her head on my shoulder, watching TV for an hour or so, and I was able to get mentally engaged in the show enough that I wasn't even aroused anymore.


Cici eventually slid to sleep, and I relaxed, feeling like I'd dodged a bullet. I still had a semi-stiffy, and probably would until I got off, but at least it wasn't a burning need. I tried to slip off to the restroom to rub one out a couple of times, but each time Cici gripped me tightly in her sleep like I was some sort of oversized teddy bear, and the last thing I wanted to do was risk waking her. So I pulled out the old relaxation techniques I'd learned at management retreats and eventually fell to sleep myself.


It must've been a couple of hours later when I awoke, hard as a rock, with my cock being tended to by my lovely wife. That wasn't too unusual - she liked to surprise me like that sometimes when we'd been apart a while. She might get some on the side, but she actually did love me and miss me when we were apart. And she probably didn't get as much as she liked. I always suspected she felt a little guilty when she fucked around on her trips. Even though she knew I did a little side-work too, I think she refrained. Maybe she felt that as a model she got more opportunity than me, so was trying to be fair. I don't know.


What I do know is that her mouth felt wonderful as her warm wet tongue slid up and down my shaft. And my body was quivering with arousal. If she wasn't careful, she'd waste her favorite lotion by drinking it! Not that I couldn't make more, of course. The way my balls were churning, I could probably fill her mouth and in ten minutes be ready for more. But there was something nagging at the edge of my attention. Something about sex. Some reason she shouldn't be doing that.


Have you ever tried to think - actually THINK - while a beautiful woman's sucking your cock? It ain't easy! But finally I remembered - Cici was in bed with me... with us! I tried to push my wife away from my turgid cock, opening my eyes to look around. The room was dimly lit - Charlie hates to make love in the dark. It probably has to do with her exhibitionistic streak, but I think she also enjoys visual stimulation. At any rate, we had a number of dimmers and "candle" lights (the same flickering light without the smoke and wax and danger of burning the house down), and she'd set things to be bright enough to see easily but still be "romantically dim". It was nice, and she looked lovely - the very model of a nubile young lady. In the dimness, with her body, she could have passed for a fourteen year old.


But I was busy looking at the piled blankets and pillows on our California King, sure my little girl was snoozing nearby - or worse yet, watching her mother suck dick like some depraved whore. Another time and I would have found it appealing the way she fought to keep my cock in her mouth as I tried to push her away, but at the moment I was too afraid of what her reaction would be if she was caught in that situation by our daughter.


As it turned out, I needn't have worried. Once I warned my wife in a hushed whisper that Cici was in bed with us, she stopped, and we made a hurried investigation of every lump in the bed. No Cici. Apparently she'd slipped off to her own room sometime in the night. I laid back in relief.


The good news was that the scare had wakened me, and aroused Charlie even more. As I've said, she has a thing for sex in situations where she might be in danger of discovery, and we'd done plenty of that sort of thing. So the danger of being caught by our daughter was quickly converted to erotic titillation by us, and her mouth slid over my cock eagerly once more. Charlie was rightfully proud of her oral talents. She'd worked long and hard to develop them, and even though I'm a bit over average size, she had no difficulty at all taking me to the root when she wanted to - and she wanted to now. She was bobbing up and down on my cock like the best little whore in Texas, and my eyes drank in the sight as much as my nerve endings did.


As usual, Charlie loved the way I watched her, and she hammed it up a bit, rubbing her little boobies as she moaned and rubbed her pussy on my leg as she looked up into my eyes. It really was a sight to behold, and I could easily have shot off at any time. But I knew she'd want my lotion, so I held back, though I did have to warn her more than once to ease off a bit, or even my best intentions might not be enough. She did though, and the resulting blowjob was a work of art.


My leg was soaked by the time she was ready to release my cock from her talented mouth and climb up my body. When her mouth met mine, I could taste my own plentiful precum on her tongue, and she left a path of juices up my leg to where she now perched, straddling my tummy, kissing me deeply as my cock rubbed along the crack of her ass. Her hairless pussy felt wonderful - warm, and wet as she mashed it against my crotch, soaking me. Charlie is one of those girls who really does get off on giving head, and I have no doubt she could have cum just rubbing on my leg as she blew me, had she wanted to. But much like I held back for her, she also held back for me. She knew how much I loved it when she came gushing on my cock or on my mouth, and considered it a waste of her juices to let them just run into the sheets.


But both of us were getting pretty damned close to the point of no return now, and while we might just do the 69 thing another time, we'd been separated for a while this time, and wanted to FUCK. So I shifted my hips and she lifted herself a bit, and in a moment the head of my cock was pressed snugly against the tight, wet entrance of her love nest. With a shudder that went though both of us, she eased herself down, squeezing my cock into her soppy wet tunnel until her bare pussy was mashing firmly against my pubes. God that felt good!


We lay together there for a few moments, kissing and relishing the feeling of our bodies together, my arms wrapped around her, her legs squeezing my sides. I love her lithe, petite body, and once we started moving again, I used my hands to caress everywhere I could reach, from her firm, perky little breasts to the curve of her back and crease of her ass. My fingers slid over our slick join - I'll never get tired of feeling her pussy, whether there's a cock in it or not, and I marveled as always at how wet she got, making my fingers slide easily as I explored her. The room was thick with the scent of her juices, and when she started actually fucking me, I got to once again enjoy the feel of the droplets spraying off her pussy as I rammed her, landing cool on my thighs.


Fucking Charlie - or rather, in this position, her fucking me was never dull. Some men might prefer the Doggie position or the Missionary, and I loved both. But there's nothing to compare to the sight of a petite young lady atop you, bouncing up and down on your cock, arching her back as you maul her breasts. The sight is even sexier when the girl, like my Charlie, keeps her pubes gone so I can look down and clearly see my fat cock squeezing up into her bare pussy in perfect detail. It's like my own personal porn show, especially the way my wife moans and groans, crying out her pleasure as she cums on my cock, which she did several times. She was really worked up tonight! In fact, she was cumming so hard and so often I decided to give her an extra treat. After cumming hard on me for the third or fourth time, laying against my chest panting as I stroked her back, I slipped my hand down further and drilled my soaking finger deeply into her tight ass.


That really lit a fire under her. Her rest break interrupted, she was off and running like a mare once again, and I could tell that this one would be a crowning glory, so I wiggled the finger in her anus, spurring her on to her utmost. I had to. I was going to cum too, and I wanted to make sure this one would keep her for a while.


"Come on you nasty little slut," I urged her. "Ride my cock baby! Feel that finger in your ass! You know you want to cum for me, tell me so!"


"Yes daddy!" she cried, flailing her hair around as her little titties vibrated from her rapid bounces on my cock. Her pussy was like a vice, she was squeezing so tight in her excitement. "Your cock is so deep up inside me! You're going to make me cum, you dirty old man! GOD I love your cock! Oh God, oh God, oh GOD that finger feels like another cock in my ass! I'm going to cum all over you!" She screamed this last as she smacked down hard on my cock, held for a moment with her whole body frozen in the grips before the floodgates - literally - opened and I felt her pussy juices spraying down on me like a guyser.


I pulled my finger upwards, stretching her ass just the way she likes it as my arms gripped her tightly. Charlie loves to be held immobile when she's cumming, and I did that, continuing to encourage her through her climax with dirty talk. "That's it my little slut-girl! Cum all over my cock like the little whore you are! Come on baby girl, squeeze out every drop of that juice, I want it all! Don't you even fucking breathe until you've given me everything you've got!" I managed to smack her ass a couple of times with my free hand, making her body jerk and squeeze out a couple of extra spasms of pleasure before she just collapsed on top of me, panting as if she'd sprinted a mile.


But I knew that while she was spent, she wouldn't be happy if I didn't follow soon, and I wanted to paint her with my cum the way she loved best. So when she went limp, I flipped over, fucking her hard and dripping her own juices down on her, our bodies rubbing wetly together. She moaned weakly and tried to participate, but I didn't really need any more stimulation to get there. In seconds I was done, and I pulled my cock out of her soppy wet pussy, pumping it with my hand as I sprayed her body with stream after stream of hot cum. I felt like it would never stop, and after several jets, Charlie's eyes too widened with surprise as it just kept cumming and cumming. I've always had a good sized load, but this was twice my usual quota!


Then, just as I thought I was finally done, the corner of my eye caught movement in the mirror over my wife's head. I looked, and there was my little angle, Cici, peeking in the doorway, watching us fucking like maniacs! What's more, she had her hand down her panties and was getting herself off watching her daddy spraying her mom with hot cum!


They say men cannot have multiple orgasms, but I tell you that ain't true. When I saw my little eight-year-old daughter watching us fucking as she rubbed one out herself, my cock jerked and jumped and though I'd just cum like a geyser, it started spraying all over again as if I'd just started! My eyes were locked on the face of my little girl as she climaxed, and it was like I was cumming for her this time as I unloaded every last drop I had.


"Holy shit!" Charlie said as she looked down on her pussy, belly and chest. She looked like a bukkake victim. I've literally seen gang-bang girls less on them at the end. It was impressive. Her eyes were wide with wonder. "You really must've missed me honey!" she said happily. She was right, of course, but the truth is that the extra was my daughter's fault, not hers. Still, I wasn't going to tell her that!


"I sure did sweetie," I cooed, flopping down beside her in the sweat-, semen-, and juice-soaked bed. I began rubbing my cum into her soft, smooth skin, smearing it all over her body the way she likes. Charlie claims that cum is the best thing for her skin. Personally, I think that's bullshit, but hey, if it makes her happy... and I sure as hell don't mind. I think it's kind of sexy, even if it does mean she tastes like man-cum if we get into it again later.


Out of the corner of my eye though, I kept an eye on the doorway where my daughter still stood, holding herself up with one hand. She looked like her legs were weak from cumming while watching her parents getting all kinky, and I could clearly see the gleam of wetness on her legs. I wanted to tell her to get the fuck out of there before she got caught by her mom, but any motion I made in that direction would only alert Charlie instead. What made it even worse though, was that she was still rubbing her pussy - and looking straight at my cock.


Have you ever tried to get rid of an erection when a sexy little eight-year-old girl is staring at it and touching herself? I challenge anyone to manage it! The fucking thing just would NOT go limp, and while Charlie had had a really good cum, it was only a matter of time before she noticed my stiffy was still erect. I was afraid she'd think I'd taken Viagra or something. God help me if she found out I was still hard because her daughter was ogling my woody! I was going to have to have a talk with that girl...


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