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PEEKERS - Part 4

Author: Dayvid Notellin (

Title: Peekers

Part: Part 4

Summary: More FapChat, this time with a special little co-pervert.

Keywords: M, f, mast, voy, exhib, cum

Date: 10/13/2015

[Author's Note]


There was no reply to my email, and she didn't return. A week went by. Two. I figured I'd blown it by sending her the picture, and I wrote her about a dozen apology notes, but never sent them. If she didn't want back-and-forth, then that'd only make matters worse. If she came back, it would be in her own time.


I, of course, continued with my usual routines, and often fantasized that she was there watching me, just out of sight of my cameras. It was thin entertainment though. Fortunately for me, I found another twist to FapChat. There were girls - a lot of them - who actually got off on pretending to be underage. Apparently it was a pretty common roleplay scenario, and supported my theory that girls were just as pervy as guys are. I actually stumbled on it by accident, looking at some of the connections available. As I perused the little descriptions, I noticed - not for the first time - that many of them were looking for a "daddy" to play with. Previously I'd always assumed they just had a thing for older men, or possibly had fantasies about their real fathers. But it'd simply never occurred to me that they'd want to play like they were still little girls. Until I saw that one that was a bit less circumspect:


"Hi daddy! I know you watch me when you think I'm sleeping. But you know what? I'm not really asleep! I'm touching myself for you daddy. Won't you touch yourself for me too? Please daddy... youre LITTLE girl needs you!"


Now FapChat, like many other places, claimed not to allow "age play" in the adverts. Naturally, you could do whatever you wanted in private. But no public statements like, "I want to play like a high school girl" and such. But if I was right, this chick wanted to roleplay like a young girl. My pulse pounded and I put in the request to connect.


Since FapChat is a pay-only system, they performed age verification through credit cards, so I knew she'd be an adult. But even so, the idea of a chick wanting to play like she wasn't was exciting. My cock was already swelling with the prospect. So I was disappointed when the connection was made and all it showed was a hand-printed sign.


"This is a role-play. If you want to play as my daddy, please put it away until the time is right."


I puzzled over this for a moment. FapChat is all about jacking off together, and in my experience, it was both proper and expected for me to have my cock out and hard when the connection was made. But this chick seemed to want to "roleplay", not just masturbate together. I wasn't sure that was what I wanted. I mulled it over for a moment, uncertain whether to go find someone more suitable.


Then she spoke. "Is you not sure whats you wants to do, daddy?" she asked in a soft, gentle voice that sounded YOUNG. My pulse raced. Was I really in contact with an underage person? No, surely not, but she sure had the voice down! I knew then that I wanted to play with her!


"Uh, I've never roleplayed here before - not like this."


"Does you wike wittle girls daddy?" she giggled. For God's sake, she actually giggled!


I could feel my face flushing. But also I was incredibly aroused. I forced myself to answer. "Well, uh, I guess, in fantasy... y'know..."


She tittered. "It's kay daddy!" Then in a more mature, but still high and soft, she said in an adult manner, "Don't worry about it. I'm over eighteen. This is just my pervy kink. You seem nice, so if you'd like to play, I'm fine with a novice. Just remember, anything I say in the roleplay is just part of the roleplay, okay?"


I relaxed. She WAS old enough. Thank God! I really did want to try this. "Okay. It just threw me a bit - you know, first-timer and all."


The young voice was back. "It's kay daddy. Imma virgin too!" Another giggle, then the mature-er voice. "Mind putting that beast away for a little bit?"


I looked down, realizing that my cock was standing up in full view of the camera. It wasn't going to go down anytime soon though. I looked around for something to hide it with. I didn't want to move my carefully positioned cameras. With a grin, I reached for a cowboy hat I had mostly for decoration, and placed it over my manhood.


Another giggle. "Ten gallons? I hope so!" Then the sign was removed, and I actually gasped in shock. This girl - she really WAS a girl, if she was over eighteen, it wasn't by much! - had dolled herself out in a cute little nightie. Her hair was all golden curls and she was sitting on a big bed littered with stuffed animals. Either she was very petite, or the animals were larger than normal, as were the pillows. She really did give the impression of being a little girl.


My mouth was dry. "Uh, how old..." I couldn't even finish the question.


She grinned hugely. "How old joo want me daddy? I can be from this many," she held one hand up, fingers spread, "to this many!" she held up the other hand and spread the fingers there too. Then she whispered, "I can be older too, but I'm not made up for it tonight, so if that's too young, give me an age and ten minutes."


My voice croaked, "No, that's fine. Uh, let's go with the top age." I could pretend she was ten, right? I mean, it was still horribly young, but... also incredibly exciting. To be jacking off with a ten-year-old girl? Even in imagination it was so incredibly WRONG - and so very exciting.


"Hi daddy!" she said, bouncing on the bed on her behind. By the looks of it, there was little under the nightie to bounce, which only led more realism to the play. "Did you come to tuck me in?"


"I did, uh, sweetie," I ad-libbed, fumbling for the right thing to say. Obviously she didn't want to just start with the sex, but just as obviously it was going to get there. How was she planning on taking it there though?


"But I'm not tired daddy!" she pouted. A cuter little pout I've never seen. "Can't we play our special game instead?"


"Uh, our special game?" I asked.


She giggled. "You know daddy, you guess what color pannies I'm wearin'!"


"Oh! Uh... white?" I had no idea.


"Nup! One point for me!" Guess again!


"Pink?" I guessed on the assumption that all little girls like pink. Don't ask me why I thought that.


"Nup!" she cried happily, wiggling in a very interesting manner.


"Blue?" I asked, showing my complete lack of imagination.


She broke out in peals of laughter. "Nup! I win! Neener neener!"


I was at a loss to know what to do. "Uh, congratulations?"


She giggled again, and in a low stage-whisper said, "You should ask me to show you."


Oh. Duh. I felt stupid. Of course. "Well then, sweetie," I asked, leading up to it, "what color panties do you have on?"


She played it perfectly. "Um, green - no blue! Uh, green and blue."


"Uh huh," I said, warming up to the play-acting. "I'm not sure I believe you honey. Maybe you better show daddy what panties you have on."


She gave that cute little pout, then looked down. "I'm sorry daddy. I cheated. I didn't wear any so I can win."


That sent a thrill through me. In a shaky voice I said, "Uh huh. For all I know, you're fibbing now and I really won with the first guess! Better show me honey."


"But daddy," she said in a not-really-very-whiney voice, "I don't got nothin' on under my nightie! You'd see my na-na!"


"Can't be helped honey. You fibbed. You admitted it. Now prove to me I didn't win." My cock was rock hard under the hat, and I yearned to touch myself. But the denial of that was its own exquisite pleasure.


She bit her lip, seeming to think it over. "Kay daddy, but please don't tell mommy I went to bed wif no pannies on again!" Then she pensively climbed onto her knees and slowly lifted the hem of her nightie. I found myself leaning forward, watching eagerly as more of her thin young legs were exposed to my sight. It seemed to take forever, but finally her little pussy came into view, and it was everything I'd hoped. Perfectly smooth. Not a hair. Just a cue ball bare cleft. I sucked in a deep breath.


"Daddy?" she said worriedly. "Is you okay?"


"Yes darling," I answered, fighting to keep my voice steady. "It's just that I've never seen such a pretty little puss-puss before honey."


She grinned shyly. "You fink so daddy?"


"I do honey. I really do. I'd love to get a closer look, if that would be okay."


She giggled and moved closer to the camera, giving me a better view.


It went on like that for a while. Gradually, under my encouragement and guidance, she exposed herself to my sight, eventually in toto. Her body was exquisite. She really WAS quite petite, and had, I guess, A-cup breasts under the nightie. Under my, her "daddy"'s guidance, she "learned" how to touch herself - ostensibly because I thought her pussy was so pretty, I wanted her to spread herself to show me more. And of course, once she touched herself, I "taught" her how to make that feel-good touch feel MUCH better.


By the time she returned the favor and asked to see "daddy's thing", it was already wet with the precum that had dribbled down. In fact, I could feel how it'd run down my balls and I was sitting in a little pool of the stuff. By the time I actually got to touch myself, she'd cum once, and I was fairly sure that I'd cum the second I touched it.


Surprisingly though, I didn't, and I got to "explain" to her how a man jacks off, and how he cums. And by the time I actually did so, her fingers were deep in her pussy and she was groaning like a little whore - still using that child-like voice though, which drove me fucking crazy. When I finally erupted, it was like someone had shoved a cum-filled firehose up my ass and it was spraying out my cock. I wasn't sure I was EVER going to stop!


Of course, I did finally stop, just in time to catch my "daughter's" final climax. I swear to God, the girl levitated off the bed - which was probably a good thing, as the bed was soaked. Her little back was arched so high I worried it might break, and when she finally hit her peak, practically her entire hand was buried in her child-like pussy as she screamed out her pleasure - all without using a "bad word!" It was a spectacular performance.


We were both panting and looking at the messes each other had made, trying to de-scramble our brains from the mind-fuck we'd just shared. I decided there and then that I was a true believer in ageplaying in this way, and vowed to work on my acting abilities.


Finally, my new playmate signed off, promising that I was welcome to be her daddy ANY time and blowing me a kiss before clicking off to take a shower. I looked down at my own cum-covered body and thought I should probably do the same. I was surprised at how late it was. I'd started about seven, and now it was nearly ten!


Oh well, if my little peeker was going to show up tonight, she'd have done so by now. With chagrin I realized that I hadn't even looked, and I glanced at the monitor. To my surprise, I saw her leaving my yard. She HAD been there. But what surprised me wasn't that as much as that she had someone with her!


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