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The Broadway Limited interr, Mf, BMWf

Chris’ Story MF, mc, nc, F solo

Crystal’s Persuasion interr, MF, MFF, Mdom, F solo, bd

Crystal’s Persuasion, Ch. 1 Crystal’s Persuasion, Ch. 2 Crystal’s Persuasion, Ch. 3
Crystal’s Persuasion, Ch. 4 Crystal’s Persuasion, Ch. 5 Crystal’s Persuasion, Ch. 6
Crystal’s Persuasion, Ch. 7 Crystal’s Persuasion, Ch. 8 Crystal’s Persuasion, Ch. 9
Crystal’s Persuasion, Ch. 10

Curse, The interr, MF, mc, nc

Demonangelspawn MFF, mc, nc, FF

Ensnared In A Tangled Web mc, nc, Fdom, FF, F mast

Eraser, The mc, nc, MF, MFF, FF, Mdom

Eraser, Prologue/Ch. 1 Eraser, Ch. 2 Eraser, Ch. 3 Eraser, Ch. 4
Eraser, Ch. 5 Eraser, Ch. 6 Eraser, Ch. 7 Eraser, Ch. 8
Eraser, Ch. 9 Eraser, Ch. 10 Eraser, Ch. 11

Eve’s Story mc, nc, Mdom, MF, f mast

FF, Incorporated mc, nc, MF, FF, Fdom, smoke fetish, FM

FF, Incorporated, Part 1 On Hiatus

Focus Group mc, nc, smoke fetish

Graduation Gift mc, nc, MF, FF, Fdom, Mdom

Graduation Gift, Part 1 Graduation Gift, Part 2

Honey’s Story MF, mc, nc, oral

Hypnotic Eye Beams mc, hyp, MF, FF, MFF, Fdom, Mdom

Hypnotic Eye Beams, Part 1 Hypnotic Eye Beams, Part 2 Hypnotic Eye Beams, Part 3
Hypnotic Eye Beams, Part 4 Hypnotic Eye Beams, Part 5 Hypnotic Eye Beams, Part 6
Hypnotic Eye Beams, Part 7

Innocent, The mc, nc, reprogram, Fdom, MF, F solo

Innocent, Part 1 Innocent, Part 2 Innocent, Part 3
Innocent, Part 4 Innocent, Part 5 Innocent, Part 6

Karen: An Unusual Love Story MF mast, rom

Klaire Goes On Holiday mc, nc, bdsm, Fdom, Mdom, MF, FF, MFF, smoke fetish

Klaire Goes On Holiday, Part 1 Klaire Goes On Holiday, Part 2 Klaire Goes On Holiday, Part 3
Klaire Goes On Holiday, Part 4 Klaire Goes On Holiday, Part 5 Klaire Goes On Holiday, Part 6
Klaire Goes On Holiday, Part 7

Made To Order mc, nc, Mdom, MF, smoke fetish

Made To Order, Part 1 Made To Order, Part 2 Made To Order, Part 3
Made To Order, Part 4 Made To Order, Part 5 Made To Order, Part 6
Made To Order, Part 7 Made To Order, Part 8 Made To Order, Part 9
Made To Order, Part 10 Made To Order, Part 11 Made To Order, Part 12
Made To Order, Part 13 Made To Order, Part 14 Made To Order, Part 15
Made To Order, Part 16 Made To Order, Part 17

Master Yes parody, mc, nc, MF, MFF

Master Yes, Part 1 Master Yes, Part 2

Night Music magic, vampire, MF, MFF, mc, nc, FF, mdom, MF rape, series

Night Music, Ch. 1 Night Music, Ch. 2 Night Music, Ch. 3 Night Music, Ch. 4 Night Music, Ch. 5
Night Music, Ch. 6 Night Music, Ch. 7 Night Music, Ch. 8 Night Music, Ch. 9 Night Music, Ch. 10
Night Music, Ch. 11 Night Music, Ch. 12 Night Music, Ch. 13 Night Music, Ch. 14

Penny interr, BMWF, cheat, cuckold

Penny, Part 1 Penny, Part 2

Queen Alice Fdom, FM rape, MF, FF

Reap the Whirlwindinterr, BMWF, IFBM, inc, Fdom, Mdom, nc, mc, fetish

Reap the Whirlwhind, Part 1 Reap the Whirlwhind, Part 2
Reap the Whirlwhind, Part 3 Reap the Whirlwhind, Part 4

Rites of Spring Fdom, Mdom, mc, bdsm, MF, FM, orgy, fetish

Satin Doll MF

Seduction of Yvonne Bauer, The mc, F solo, nc

Sorcerer, The MF, Mdom, F solo, mc, MFF, hyp

Sorcerer, Part 1 Sorcerer, Part 2 On Hiatus

Tales From The Institute, WC0006 MF, mc (in a funky kind of way), nc, MMF, solo, brief MM, orgy

WARPSMF, MFF, FF, mc, nc, smoke fetish

WARPS, Part 1 WARPS, Part 2 WARPS, Part 3
WARPS, Part 4 WARPS, Part 5 WARPS, Part 6
WARPS, Part 7

White Queen, Black KingMF, MFF, FF, Fdom, Mdom, interr, mc, nc, inc, smoke fetish

White Queen, Black King, Part 1 White Queen, Black King, Part 2
White Queen, Black King, Part 3 White Queen, Black King, Part 4
White Queen, Black King, Part 5

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